Kiefer Sutherland in TV Guide Magazine: “we’re going for closure”

Kiefer Sutherland made the cover of TV Guide Magazine this week and we’ve got his interview here (along with behind the scenes photos from 24: Live Another Day’s 200th episode airing on Monday).

Kiefer Sutherland photo shoot for TV Guide
Kiefer Sutherland makes the cover of TV Guide Magazine

“I’ve spent a third of my career playing Jack Bauer,” Kiefer Sutherland says on the London set of 24: Live Another Day. Heading into the show’s 200th episode (6/16, 9/8c, Fox), the actor remains fully invested. “Jack is heroic for the reasons he’s always been–he’s completely committed, he’s got enormous integrity and he still slams through windows and doors to protect what he believes in.”

And he’s had plenty to contend with recently: a goth Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub), the return of ex Audrey (Kim Raver), the exposure of CIA honcho Steve Navarro (Benjamin Bratt) as a mole and a new terrorist mastermind (Michelle Fairley). The final four episodes will be just as challenging for Jack, Sutherland says. “We left Season 8 open-ended. Now we’re going for closure. And let me tell you, it ain’t gonna be tied up with a bow.”

  1. “I have my opinions about Jack Bauer, and sometimes the writers and producers are gracious enough to listen,” Sutherland says. “Then again, sometimes they’re not.”
  2. Outing Bratt’s character as the mole was “100 percent brilliant, says Sutherland (with Bratt). “It’s not in Ben’s persona–he’s the nicest guy in the world. But he plays evil to the hilt.”
  3. Together (mostly) since Season 1, executive producer Jon Cassar and Sutherland share a shorthand. “We live these characters” Sutherland says. “But it’s a role I absolutely love–or I wouldn’t be doing it.” (His own favorite TV heroes as a kid? Batman and Speed Racer.)
  4. The actor, preparing to swing through a window on a rope, compares the physicality of 24 to motorcycle racing. “It’s not a matter of if you’re going to get injured. It’s when. Luckily, we have an amazing stunt crew.” This season, he’s kept his injuries down to just a few bruises.
  5. “After the equivalent of 100 feature films, Jack Bauer is still tough, but I’m a little sore,” says Sutherland, recording dialogue in the studio.

You might also be interested in watching Kiefer Sutherland’s video interview.


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Good catch!

It certainly looks the same to me. Same window panes, blinds, and lamp in the corner (and what looks like a computer monitor in the center of the room).

Oh yeah, I was just about to post that! And it does probably reveal a interesting detail about a future episode.

They should put at least 5 more seasons my favorite tv show

I agree we want more seasons!

“We’re going for closure” (in case this is really it) but “we’re not going to tie it up with a bow” (in case this is not really it)?

I take it as it they are gonna tie it up as in all loose ends and it ain’t gonna be pretty (happy)… :(

Hmm, pretty hard to tie a bow on something when you’re into the nasty habit of introducing your big bad MUCH too late.

New West Virginian
June 13, 2014 at 1:33 am
I don’t think the villain at the end is necessarily the “big bad” like in Season 6 Fayed was the main villain in the first part and Cheng was the main villain in the second part but they had nothing to do with each other except that Cheng knew about the suitcase nukes and took advantage of the situation. The Salazars also didn’t work for Saunders and Samir Mehran didn’t technically work for Novakovich and Suvarov he was just assisted by them.

I don’t think we’re getting a “big bad” this year. Assuming Margot doesn’t make it the whole way, they’ve still got more than enough story with Navarro and Adrian Cross running around. Earlier in the day Cross said he wasn’t involved with Margot because they “don’t take action.” By now I think its safe to assume that’s a load of bull.

loretta Lemos
June 12, 2014 at 9:47 pm
Dear makers, just my two cents here.. still hoping to see a feature length film.. that will give closure for the fans. In any event.. fans really want to see Jacks saga FINALLY end in his happiness (i.e. ending up with Audrey and getting to be with his daughter and her family). Afterall.. remember how day 8 began? Let his fans cry with him in a final triumph.. And as for Kiefer not wanting to see an old Jack.. remember in Zorro with Anthony Hopkins? An aging Zorro trained a younger protege.. and that younger hero took over, releasing the first of these action icons. Here’s hoping.. with Mr Sutherlands cooperation.. we see a dramatic and touching end to his story without an abrupt closing that can only be brought on if you finish with just an end to day 9.

I don’t want to see Jacks saga end at all.

I’m really becoming annoyed with Kiefer’s perpetual ‘buzzkill’ stance about this show – all of the doom-and-gloom hints and veiled references to the show not continuing on after this 12 episode stint just smack of either some sadistic tease played on the show’s loyal fanbase or of some poorly thought-out one-night stand effort without any real planning or commitment.

Even his quotes here the same kind of mind game – he loves the character and playing the role but him boasting about “closure” (as compared to S8 ending) just reeks of him predicting a fatal end for Jack.

I agree and I wonder is all that “it’s over…I’m too old..” isn’t just money-talk !!

Part of my frustration in trying to understand why Kiefer agreed to do the series again while hyping how much the first 8 seasons meant to him, etc. is that it seems he came out of “retirement” just for the money – not unlike all those rock stars who fade into obscurity by trying other things after a successful run, only to realize they can make big bucks by revisiting what made them popular. He might have been paid OK for the mediocre ‘Touch’ series and random movies he appeared in since S8 ended but if all he intended to do was another 12 episodes of ’24’, his pessimism about the future of the series suggests he came back only for the money – not for the fans or because he really missed the character and cast.

His so called, “pessimism” is anything but.

When they ended Season 8, it was with the intention of ending the series and capping it all off with a 24 trilogy of films. But when they pitched the film, 20th Century Fox film division turned them down on the budget they requested to make it happen. So time went by and they came up with the idea of a mini-season to cap off the series (in place of the films) to give 24 a proper closure they were intending with the films.

They could still make the films and/or another mini-season, but this Live Another Day is for all intents and purposes made to be an ending.

How is making a final send-off “pessimistic”? How do you see it as a negative? I would see plans for it to go on and on as a raping of the series. CSI-ing 24 would be disrespectful to what it is.

Some of the people here want procedural crap. To that notion I give a big hearty FUCK YOU.

June 13, 2014 at 2:58 pm
X, watch your filthy and inappropriate language on this message board. 24 fans from all over the world are reading these comments on here. The final sentence in your post was totally uncalled for. You obviously didn’t read the “Comments Policy” for this website.

People all over the world are dying.

They’re just words. Live with it.

I think they already confirmed that Jack won’t be killed off.

Getting a proper closure with LAD is a wise choice, and given what we’ve seen so far, they are doing a phenomenal job. I for one would be perfectly happy with this season as a proper ending to this fantastic series.

No movies, please. End it here. If the story of the planned movies needs to be told (which I think LAD is replacing them) then do it in a mini-season. But they are likely already doing that here.

Please let this be the real end. It would be stupid to leave it open to intend to do the movies again when that’s what happened for the first ending.

From everything that’s been said, this is the end … but they would be foolish to say they are “never” coming back because they already came back this time as a series when they thought they were done.

My greatest fear for 24 is that it’ll turn into a never-ending CSI with tons of spinoffs. All great stories have an ending.

I’m 100% sure after reading all the interviews the last 2 months that Jack isn’t going to die per say. I know we won’t get a Chloe/Jack conversation again like the one at the end of S8. I do think Jack ends up back in the states. Like Heller signed a pardon before going to turn himself over to Margot. The whole Russia subplot is a smoke screen.

This season is told through Kate’s POV which means she survives for sure…or they could swerve us and have Jack waking up from a dream during S1 while playing chess with Kim meaning everything that happened was a big nightmare.

I would be ok with that.

“This is Federal Agent Jack Bauer. And this was the longest dream of my life.”

Does that mean this is gonna be the series finale? I want this show to keep going, pardon Jack and let the truth come out about the involvement in the Russians. We all want this show to keep going!!

You must realize that if there will ever be a day 10 on FOX, the decision has nothing to do with Keifer. He could beg to do another season but the decision would be made by Howard Gordon, and Dana Walden, the president of FOX TV. Howard Gordon has already said that LAD is absolutely the last season of 24, and after a 9 season run that actually spanned 13 years, in this day and age there is no way FOX is going to continue 24, since the ratings are good but not great. So it is logical, as Keifer said, that LAD has a good satisfying ending (closure) but not tied up with a bow (Jack will remain alive)

After Season 8 which was the end of 24, really hope that they don’t want to do more 24 because one limited series is good enough and I don’t want to be like one of those network execs like Fox. 24: Live Another Day should go out with a bang and an ending that we still won’t know until the finale on July 14th.

Where did Howard Gordon say that LAD is the last season? Him and the writers, plus Mary Lynn have said they are open to doing more seasons! Even if this is the last season, maybe they will consider bringing back 24 for two hour TV movies like they did with 24 redemption, except the 24 TV movies would take place every year. Or maybe, they will finally greenlight the 24 movie! Howard Gordon always said, as long as there is a story to tell, they are excited to make 24, and the fans embrace the show, then there is no reason not to do another 24! So just because he said to the writer privately, this is the last season, he was probably just saying that, just siding at the err of caution

There has been nothing official saying this is the last season or not

June 13, 2014 at 3:16 pm
I predict that the final scene in this season’s finale will be Jack and Audrey romantically embracing each other and officially becoming a couple again for real to live happily ever after together. Jack deserves to finally have a happy ending to a season. I think that this will be the only twelve episode season that 24 will ever have, but, I wouldn’t be surprised if a 24 two hour movie is made at some point in the future. 24 will obviously never have another 24 episode season. It would be marvelous if Kiefer Sutherland reprises his iconic role as Jack Bauer again for a future 24 project, but I won’t be mad if “24: Live Another Day” turns out to be the final 24 project. This ninth season of 24 has been spectacular so far and it would be very difficult for a 24 movie or a tenth season of 24 to top the ninth season in terms of quality.

That’s the way it should end, but sadly, I believe the only thing we will see on this season’s finale is the lifeless corpse of Jack Bauer…

…and then we get 24: The Kate Morgan Chronicles, which is what we all want, right!?


June 13, 2014 at 3:51 pm
Time jump – (an eye rolling) whatever, they should just make 24: LAD episodes 13-24! They can call it another mini series…who cares, but it has really been action packed with only 12 episodes.

Howard Gordon has not said anything officially, but a good friend of mine who is a TV script writer recently told me that one of the writers on his team is very close with Howard, and Howard told him about 4 weeks ago that this is absolutely the last season of 24. As much as I would like to see a season 10 that would be billed as the final season and would be a full 24 week show, logically it’s just not going to happen. Also, as much as I like season 9, it seams like it just started and it is 5 weeks from ending. I sorely miss a full 24 episode season.

^Yeah, but a good friend of mine who is also a TV script writer recently told me that one of the writers on his team is very close with Howard, and Howard told him about 4 weeks ago that this they have already planned out seasons 10, 11 and 12. So this absolutely won’t be the last season of 24!

See how easy it is to say anything on someone elses behalf?

June 13, 2014 at 10:36 pm
That would be cool if they could bring back tony somehow if they have another season before it ends. Also would be cool seeing mr.d sutherland.. Kiefers dad in it.

Will and Ronnie… did Howard Gordon actually say that? You are right? If Howard did not say anything officially, then it’s easy for someone else to lie on his behalf. These writers r giving two opposite answers! How do u know those answers r true?! The stories do not match up

All I know is we will find out whether 24 will be renewed for season 10 possibly by the summer press tour next month or if not sometime by May 2015. Fox has said if another event series came along, it would air in 18-24 months after season 9 ended which would mean January-July 2016! A decision would have to be made before May 2015 so writers have a lot of time to craft the season.

Well I’m a little well I guess I wouldn’t say worried But not sure what to think about what ending they will leave fans with. The key word there is “leave” btw I mean they better not have Jack get either Captured by the Russians or be put in custody & then call that closure……? I just don’t wanna see the ending & then be left with What???. I’m honestly feel I’m going to be disappointed & left with a red flag.

Where did you get this picture of Kiefer? Is it a TV Guide photo shoot?