Kiefer Sutherland: “I focus on this season as being the last”

TV Guide Magazine has interviewed Kiefer Sutherland during their cover photo shoot. Here’s the video along with our transcript of some of his responses.

How are you most like Jack Bauer?

I can tell you what I really like about Jack Bauer – to say that I have these things in common with him would be gauche. The single thing I love about Jack Bauer is his integrity. I think he has a moral compass that is unadjustable. He will be put in the most horrific circumstances and will do at great sacrifice to himself what he thinks is the correct thing to do. And that’s something I admire in people and something I hope to be.

How long would you like to play Jack Bauer?

I think at some point it’s going to be embarrassing to watch Jack Bauer with a cane. I focus on this season as being the last. It’s wonderful as an actor to kind of prepare for that. There’s also a real sadness in it, and I’ve already gone through it once. But it’s been an amazing experience this season.

What do you like about shooting in England?

One of the really fitting things about shooting in England has been the fact that England was really responsible for the initial success of 24. It took us half a season to really acquire an American audience, whereas in England it was really successful out of the gate, and I think that’s one of the reasons why we actually got picked up. I think it’s very fitting that we’re shooting this last season here and rounding it up.

What do you like most about playing Jack Bauer?

It’s impossible to answer. This is something that’s truly changed my life. I have a picture of my daughter when I started 24 and she was twelve years old, and I have a picture of when I finished 24 the first time [Season 8 in 2010] where she was graduating from NYU. The people that I’ve met through the course of making this show, the people I’ve met on the street that have enjoyed the show, all of those experiences have been fantastic. I cannot begin to tell you how many different reasons. It’s been fantastic to have had this opportunity.

Source TV Guide Magazine


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It’s good that he’s not ruling it out altogether like in past interviews.

Hopefully that is a sign that Jack doesn’t die by the end of Day 9.

That would be a grave mistake that I guarantee the writers would regret right afterwards, (but Fox also probably wouldn’t let the writers kill him off, anyway.)

Another thing I’ve thought about, and this is just a thought so don’t completely bash me for this, but I’ve noticed that Kiefer has been complaining that he doesn’t want Jack Bauer with a cane, etc. If the dreadful and most likely inevitable Kate Morgan spin off happens, why couldn’t Jack make an appearance or two, or if he’s pardoned at the end of Day 9, work as a CIA director or handler or something? Something that doesn’t require getting into physical shape to do. Yeah, it wouldn’t be the same Jack Bauer that we all know, but he would be retired in a way that Jack would’ve always wanted, right? Plus, in my opinion, this would be a better way of ‘passing the torch’ than just building Jack up for nine seasons, killing him, then making Kate the star…

I like that idea, and it would give the writers freedom to bring Jack Bauer back if a spinoff failed horribly. But I think the danger of keeping Kiefer active in the plot is that the audience would never fully accept Kate (or whoever was leading the spinoff).

Many fans would be hoping and constantly thinking about Jack going back out in the field, then be disappointed if he sat behind a desk all day. It would just take focus away from the new lead.

It’s more risky, but I think the only way a spinoff series works is if Jack Bauer gets killed and the new lead is avenging his death. The audience would hopefully be invested in seeing Jack’s killer brought to justice, and characters like Kim and Chloe could still appear.

Not me, if they kill Jack, I won’t watch any spin off…I think I’m not the only one !

You probably say that Catherine but you’d be oh so intrigued to see what it’s like! I’m sure all ’24’ fans would watch a spin off, even if they think it’s the worst thing that could happen to the show.

Not only would Catherine likely not watch a Kate Morgan-led ’24’ series, I wouldn’t either… and I’m betting a lot of other viewers wouldn’t. The audience has far too much invested in Jack Bauer to shift their allegiences to a new character, it’s nothing against Yvonne Strahovski, it’s just that Kiefer represents something that was the perfect alignment of actor and character, they really captured lightning in the bottle with him and that would simply not be the same with a new lead in a new series.

I for one hope that ‘Live Another Day’ is Jack’s and ’24’s swansong, sure it would be great to have more seasons, but the longer they go on, the harder it is to remain as great as it still is, they came into this current season with a full tank of gas, let’s have them end it in like manner, on top of their game and with the ’24’ legacy, reputation, and public goodwill firmly intact… and besides, I really, really want Jack to have a happy ending, he’s more than earned it… and then some!


I’ve been suggesting that for a while – that, if Kiefer can’t or doesn’t want to handle the physical regimen he normally did, then the show could maybe work with him assuming more of the leader role a la Buchanan, either in the field with a team of support special ops or in a command center.

If the writers think for a second that they can continue the show without Kiefer, they’re deluding themselves. I wouldn’t have any interest in watching a spin-off, especially with a female like Morgan that is already hard to believe in her co-starring role.

Sounds pretty clear to me he is ruling out – yet again – any chance of him coming back, even if the series were to do another 12-episode run.

ofcourse no one would want a show like 24 to end but understand kim Bauer has another child a boy(Jack Bauer jnr)thats for next generation to come.My hope is that 24 ends with HONOUR it deserve.Everyone who has participated on 24 family has done a GREAT JOB

ofcourse no one would want a show like 24 to end but understand kim Bauer has another child a boy(Jack Bauer jnr)thats for next generation to come.My hope is that 24 ends with HONOUR it deserve.Everyone who has participated in 24 family has done a GREAT JOB!!!

Jack Bauer is #1 on my list. Hope July 14th is going to be the end for 24 again perhaps.

“I focus on this season as being the last”
I think that’s hinting this season may not actually being the last?

After watching Jack rudely boss British people around and twat innocent motorists in the face before carjacking them, I have to say it’s quite amazing just how nice and polite Le Kief is in real life.

All I know is we will find out whether 24 will be renewed for season 10 possibly by the summer press tour next month or if not sometime by May 2015. Fox has said if another event series came along, it would air in 18-24 months after season 9 ended which would mean January-July 2016! A decision would have to be made before May 2015 so writers have a lot of time to craft the season.

I think President Heller pardoning Jack completely was a mistake. I could have enjoyed a season where Jack is on trial and Kate Morgan is the one out there doing stuff.

Seriously, Jack Bauer is 24. There would be no 24 without Jack. I don’t care about Kate Morgan. She’s not strong enough to be a 24 lead. There should not be a 24 spin off. If Kate Morgan is going to be a lead in something, then the show should be completely different and have nothing to do with 24. I won’t be watching it either. And, imho, Jack Bauer is far from needing a cane. Besides, he could still perform covert ops that are less physical. More like British spy films. More intellectual until it’s time to interrogate them of course… lol.