24: Live Another Day Episode 5 Promo

Here’s the promo for 24: Live Another Day episode 5. Margot reveals her demands while Jack and Kate join forces to prevent the impending drone attack in London.


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it would be finally be nice if Jack and the CIA work together not against each other…..

Same old story………….”Jack, this country is in your debt”, and somehow he is still a criminal

It looks like Jack is in the same room with the president…I guess that means next week he gets to see Audrey too. I am surprised they didn’t show that in the promo.

I find it interesting how the only thing we’ve seen of them together was that split-second moment. Makes me wonder what the dynamic really is when we do because they are showing so little.

Actually they did in a sec promo

So when will they start skipping time? It’s been 4 straight hours. They have 8 episodes to cover 20 hours.

Not sure on this but it seems like they’re going the first 7 episodes chronologically then doing one big time jump of 12 hours around the two-thirds mark of the day.

first 8 hours are nonstop, they didnt reveal when the skip will be but big stuff starts happening episode 9 and so on!

So if they do one big jump after 9.08, it’ll be twelve hours between 9.08 & 9.09… that’s more than enough time to fly the characters somewhere else…

I’m trying not to pay attention to real time, which is obviously difficult considering the show’s history.

”mr president i hope you reconsider my request,while you still have time”

”mr president i hope you reconsider my request,while you still have time” one word INCREDIBLE

I guessing he want to see Audrey? that is probably his request?

I don’t think so. I don’t think he would ask to see Audrey unless she wants to see him, I think his request is to go back into the field. But maybe it is to make some sort of presidential decision while Heller still has time, either before the attacks or before his condition gets worse.

I agree that his request isn’t Audrey but I also don’t think it’s as clear-cut as he wants to go back into the field. After everything Jack has been through, he made it clear that he wants to stop innocent people from dying and he was doing this because he owed the Hellers. Well, he just tried to save Heller and Heller threw him under the bus. Yet, if Jack is in the middle of this, then he’s going to be the only link they (the CIA, the President, everyone) have to stopping Margot. Which means if they want to stop the attacks, they’ll have to give Jack whatever he wants in order to do it. Jack’s primary driver is his family. I think his request is related to getting himself back home to them and may or may not have something to do with freeing Tony from prison. Like, tick tock Mr President, you wanna live? You want a bazillion innocent people to live? I get my best friend and to meet my grandson if I stop the attacks, deal? :)

You think Almeda will be in this season? That would be badass!!

I totally think he will be in this season. No doubts here whatsoever.

New West Virginian
May 21, 2014 at 10:48 pm
Jack won’t want Tony out of prison. Remember that Tony turned bad like Stephen Saunders did because of what the government did to him and what he’s been through. In Season 7, Tony tried to kill Jack and showed no mercy toward him. After all that I don’t think Tony is a redeemable character. That being said that was a bad move on the writers part, making Tony bad. I think they should have just had him and Michelle live happily ever and left it at that. Also I think there is something suspicious about Belchek I don’t know what it is but there’s just something fishy about him. Also the original previews made Belchek look like a terrorist.

I really do not understand this fascination with ’24’ characters ‘living happily ever after’.

I think the fascination isn’t simply for everything to be jolly, but to have somebody leave the show on a good note. Literally almost everyone in the series has died. After awhile, they have to let an important character have a happy ending or at least leave government work and live.

I guessing Kate has the flight key?

I think she does, too. I’m so feeling like the flight key is the biggest Macguffin ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if they finish decrypting it and there’s nothing on it and it was all this setup to get Jack to Heller.

Interestingly, it’s Episode 6 where we’ll be given answers “quite dramatically” with regards to Jack’s activities in the last four years.

Exactly. That stuff has to be set up a bit next week and then revealed the following week, so it almost has to have something to do with Margot. They aren’t going to be like… Jack and Belcheck got married and set up a shrimp shack in Acapulco.

I think Kate passed the flight key to Ritter when he gave her the handcuffs. I rewatched that scene and she used both hands to grab the cuffs, which was kind of strange.

oooh nice observation.

I guess Mr. President needs Jack’s help as they always do. You go Jack!

Mary, bringing Tony back that would be a bit weird considering Tony had a play to kill Kim in Season 7….but I see where you’re going with seeing his family again.

I think Tony’s story is over I’m afraid…unless the writers come up with something totally wtf

I don’t want to get into what did or didn’t happen in S7 all over again because it’s a whole big kettle of fish that always descends into an argument lol but Tony’s story is far from over, IMO. And whoever said Tony and Jack’s family were mutually exclusive, anyway? ;)

Check it out: Fox just released another promo on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I3EyQDWlSo.

So excited…I’ve waited 7 years for this! That said I am prepared to be disappointed because the promo is probably misleading.

Thanks for the link! This promo was even better than the first one.

Now I wish I never watched Jack Is Back.


It is obvious that Navarro & Co. are (seemingly) moving in on Margot, but it’s a trap. In Jack Is Back we see Navarro and his men standing on top of rubble after some place was blown to bits. This is it. It’s probably an end of episode surprise too. Oh well.

The great thing is we’re finally running out of footage from Jack is Back. *laughs* I think after this episode there won’t be anything else. I’m pretty astounded by how much stuff was spoiled in that special.

I actually think that Tony is going to be comingback at some point. Carlos Bernard tip toed around “an upcoming acting project” that he couldn’t talk about during his C2E2 panel last month with James Morrison (its one YouTube) and even mentioned that Tony’s story was still ongoing. He also made a point of saying that “I cannot comment on 24LAD” on his twitter feed, and of course there the David Fury and the entire writing staff dinner back in December. It might be just me, but this seems like a lot if hr wasn’t coming back at some point!!

*seconding everything you just said*

Kate rocks as once Chase did

but i wish jack will kiss kate

Yeah true that Jason, if he makes a comeback it should be pretty damn amazing! Kinda like his comeback in Season 4 when he saved Jack and Audrey from that security company

And Audrey owes Tony her life. So, there’s that.

About Tony’s return, I think that he’ll be back because they just put the last one of “the team” in brokenness: Chloe.

Jack and Tony were on the edge and now Chloe is also, so… they will be back together.

New West Virginian
May 21, 2014 at 10:41 pm
I think at least one drone attack on London WILL happen since that was part of the original Super Bowl commercial showing Jack and Chloe at the attack scene.

They said that this wasn’t anything to do with the actual storyline of Live Another Day – just a promo for the Super Bowl / a generic ad.

May 22, 2014 at 1:41 am
Im still going with the blonde girl is his kid. she is too clued on, seems to understand jack on a level no other can, and strikes a very close resembelence to kim…

in regards to skipping episodes there won’t be is the last thing i read. This entire season/series is actually set over 12 hours. Not 24. So the clock will not skip hours. It will be 12 hours chronologically.

I guess and this is a maybe, if this series does spectacularly well, then they may follow it up with an additional 12 hour mini series set straight after this one. This would be a first for 24 to have 2 seasons linked so closely timewise.

That is if Jack survives this series, i’ve read in a few places that they felt they didn’t end season 8 satisfactorily so wanted to fix that with this series.

So it’s possible Jack won’t survive this season, he may finally die a national hero.

No, they *will* be skipping hours. I have no idea where you read otherwise.

I think you’re getting confused with the fact that the series is now just 12 episodes – not 24. They have said several times and I think even one of the crew posted a pic which would suggest this is not a consecutive 12-hour run.

From what I have read they will start skipping hours after hour 8 which will be after 7:00 PM in London. One possibility, and I use the word possibility with much caution, of skipping hours is that it is POSSIBLE to bring Tony back for the 2nd half of the day. It takes 12 hours on the clock to fly commercially from the east coast to London. An air force jet can do it in less time. So if Tony is in an east coast prison and is pardoned by Heller, (on Jack’s request, or maybe demand), then it would be possible for Tony to show up in London. This is very far fetched, but you never know what the writers of this show can come up with. If Tony is brought back, I would bet my bottom dollar that he is on Jack’s side of things and gets redemption.
Also keep in mind that season 9 is the last go around for 24. (a friend of mine, a TV screen writer, told me that Howard Gordon said that this is absolutely the end, as did Kerifer on a recent talk show). Because of this, the writers have the opportunity to wrap a nice ribbon aroundthe series and bring things to a proper close that will satisfy the fans. This is another reason that there is no way that Jack is killed off. My only regert is that there is noway that they can bring back Edgar Styles’ mother, who is one of my all time favorite characters!

do you think jack will kiss kate ? it would be so great , i love them both

Victor Drayzen
May 26, 2014 at 8:46 am
It’s real simple to bring Tony back. They simply write into the story that he regrets his actions and has been helping the government by supplying information about the organizations he affiliated with when he was off the reservation. In this case, he feels he owes Jack too and would be glad to help.

I’m thinking that Tony will be back.

May 12, Carlos Bernard said here: https://twitter.com/CBernardsbull/status/465965772938829825
“Check out my latest post at http://Carlosbernardsblog.com

So I went and I saw this, quote: “Anytime we start a piece of work, we’re forced to stare at that empty canvas, piece of paper, tablet, etc. and trust that something is gonna flow out of us. And you know what? It usually does. Might initially be a piece of crap, but that’s a discussion for another day.”


Think about it….

Yeah, because the term “for another day” is never used by anyone unless they’re referring to 24: Live Another Day. Grow up, it means nothing.

Can’t we all just be decent to each other? He could’ve been kidding for all we know.