24: Live Another Day sees big ratings increase with DVR playback

FOX has tweeted that last weeks episode of 24: Live Another Day had a large ratings increase when DVR playback was factored in.

Source Twitter thanks Rob


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Wow that sounds absolutely awesome – I think that could mean a greater possibility of 24 returning to our screens around the same time next year!?

Thank God.

A friend of mine is a TV writer and he told me that Howard Gordon vary recently said that this season is absolutely the last. I wish that was not true but I do understand where Howard is coming from. These days a 9 season run is almost unheard of. My guess is that, although there is no way Jack will be killed off, the view will be able to tell at the end of season 9 that this is it.

i wouldn’t mind if they ended the season with Jack giving his side of the story in front of a congressional hearing with the media present like what they did in Nikita

@itsbighead Thanks for spoiling Nikita.

I’m optimistic about a return, actually. If the quality of the show keeps up and the ratings really are this good (6 million watched it live… 40% of that is pretty substantial!), FOX will push for more. I mean, what else do they have?

And as much as HoGo might want to end it, he might not have a choice. Also, I tend to hold that Homeland has gotten irrevocably contrived. I can’t see it lasting as a project that Gordon gives his undivided attention too. 24 might be where the interesting story-telling is.

I think its smart that FOX aired it at a time where all the Fall TV Shows are wrapping up. It means more people will watch 24 since theres nothing good on TV to watch

I agree. I think we will start to see more people watch it live over the coming weeks because all the other shows are having their finales. Another advantage is having people already hooked on the show before other summer shows begin. We can see by these huge additional DVR numbers than 24 still has a large audience, and that’s not even taken into account the widespread international appeal. Plus Howard Gordon is not even the showrunner now – Evan and Manny are, which leads me to believe that they could easily renew their contracts and craft a new story without Howard.