MAJOR SPOILER for 24: Live Another Day Episode 9

Team 24 has recorded the Latin American promo of 24: Live Another Day and it’s got a huge spoilerific surprise. Click below to watch the promo.

Note: Please keep all discussion regarding this promo in this post ONLY. Not everyone watches the promos (especially foreign ones) so please be courteous to those people and don’t spoil it in other comment threads.

President Heller is alive! Somehow his death was staged and this was all a ruse. Many fans predicted something was off due to the lack of a silent clock and they appear to have been proven correct.

The US promo was cleverly edited to make it look like Jack was telling Kate to get in the car, but this Latin American promo reveals that Jack was truly speaking to Heller. It seems that Belcheck is going to guard The President while Jack goes into the field and takes care of business.

Now we know what Mary Lynn Rajskub was referring to in her interview where she said “outrageous and over-the-top” things happen in the ninth episode. Rajskub emailed Howard Gordon saying “Oh my God, I can’t even believe what is happening right now!” after receiving this script.

It also explains Branko Tomovic’s recent interview where he promised “the best is yet to come” for Belcheck.

And 24 writer David Fury replied to a fan tweet yesterday with this mysterious tease:

More proof: 24 cast member Ross McCall tweeted this photo on June 10th during the final days of filming – you can see Devane in their group shot. Three days later he tweeted this photo during his final day of filming and you can see again Devane standing on his left. Director Jon Cassar shared this Instagram photo the same day and smartly left Devane out of it, but when you compare both photos you can tell it’s from the same scene.

What do you think about this twist? Any theories on how they managed to fake Heller’s death? Does it change your opinion of the eighth episode at all?


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Thank you! I’m sure many will appreciate this.

Now this is a pretty major development to the story. Looks like Belcheck will be taking care of Heller for the next hour or so.

A bit of a blunder by FOX may I say… or maybe not? Perhaps they didn’t expect much talk about whether Heller died or not & underestimated how much people would discuss this.

Heller has cheated death more than Jack Bauer. Can’t wait to see how they pull it off.

I’ll bet Chloe hacked into the system at the last minute and inserted an image of Heller instead – remember the movie “Speed” where they ran a film loop to deceive Dennis Hopper while they evacuated the bus? Chloe hacked into the system, grabbed the image of Heller from the sensors, looped it, told Jack to get Heller off the field.

Heller might not have needed to get off the field at all if Chloe got control of the drones and somehow created a simulated target lock/missile firing. Everything Margot and Ian saw on screen could have been fake.

Nevermind about that. Forgot that we actually did see an explosion on the field.

If any one noticed when Heller walked on to the field there was no white markings. However on the drone field there was…

I haven’t been this excited, this giddy, this energized for a new ’24’ episode since… well, EVER! There is to be no Day 10, and that’s official, for how could there be? If they pull off this twist to end all twists, they’ve topped the untoppable, if they pull this off, there can no longer be any doubt; ’24’ is the single greatest programme in the history of this or any other universe known to man or martian!

Don’t want to sound hyperbolic but…

I’m not sure about this one, interested to see how they explain it. I’ve rewatched that final scene several times and I don’t see any possible way to fake Heller’s death in the short time they had (less than two minutes).

This is either going to be a brilliant twist or a jump the shark moment.

My theory is Chloe hacked the camera feed. They only thought they were looking at Heller.

That’s my theory as well – Right before the end of episode split screen, Chloe is saying “Jack? Jack!” while Jack has the phone down. She figured out one of the feeds was the video feed. At that point she hacks the feed and loops it once it is over the stadium. Margot and Ian are over looking at the missiles when it happens so it isn’t directly obvious at the loop point (although that part would be luck).

Years ago it was said that FOX had one definitive rule on 24 plot points – you cannot assassinate a sitting president, hence when Air Force One crashed in Day Four (?), POTUS was just severely injured, right on the cusp of dying, but did not die directly in the plane crash (he went between seasons 4 and 5).

No surprise at all. The fact that it wasn’t a silent clock gave it away. There was also something I didn’t notice until the 7th viewing. When Heller started to walk out to the pitch, Chloe began to yell at Jack but Jack didn’t pay any attention once Heller started to walk. We never saw Jack for those 2+ minutes between Heller walking out and the missile going off. That and we didn’t see Heller outside the drone camera feed once Margot saw him.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Sigh. I hope there’s a damn good reason why they’re keeping him around in this story because otherwise this is the single dumbest twist 24 has ever produced.

Have faith, Mary sweetie… they mapped out the broad strokes of the season in advance, I think they know how, where, and why all the pieces fit in place… at least, i hope so…

If – and it’s still a big IF – they pull this off, I’ll never doubt them again, regardless of whether there’s another season or not.

I have faith, sweetie. That’s why I’ll watch next week. But the only way to really redeem this is for Jack to have saved Heller against his will (since Heller was pretty hep on dying this way) and that would be a darker Jack who has another agenda (like giving Heller to Margot for the last of the drones or something which he needs for his own plan) and that’s the one thing I’m not sure the show has the balls to really do. *shrug* Hopefully, I’m as wrong about that as I was about Heller being dead.

If it’s epic and impressive, it’ll be the first true 24 surprise in pretty much forever. If it sucks, it’s be the biggest disappointment they’ve ever created. Gotta give them credit for going big or going home at least.

“Go big or go home” just about sums this up; it really is THE narrative highwire act of all narrative highwire acts the ’24’ writers have attempted to date… should it succeed, this season will go down as the BEST bar none, should they fall short… it’s a LONG way down!!!

I’m just glad and more than a little relieved the silent clock omission WASN’T a mistake after all :-D…


Shame though. If they had actually gotten away with keeping this secret and no spoilers were leaked…it would have been the best twist the show has had in a decade.

Like Alan York / Marie Warner quality. I never would have seen it coming.

I have to admit that I’m starting to warm up to this idea… :)

I don’t get why do you think this is so “unbelievable”. As someone said, Chloe could easily looped the feed on Margot’s drones, I wasn’t a Fan of the Idea but at least now we know that Mary is homeless (she did bet her house if she was wrong on Heller being dead).

JK, don’t take this as is the end of the world, it was a very big possibility because of how open it was and that Chloe could easily loop the feed.

My being homeless is an enormous twist that at least half this board did not see coming. :) Am happy to be wrong and enjoy the surprises. If none of you offer me shelter, I’m sure I can move in with Mark Boudreau since I think I’m his only fan and he’s soon to be crazy single lol.

Lol, that is pretty hilarious. Hey, at least if her father is not dead you can go back to your regularly scheduled Audrey bashing.

Hey now, it’s all in good fun. Audrey’s not my favorite but she’s not my least favorite by a long shot. I think she’s super entertaining in all her slapping, sobbing glory. :)

Don’t forget about the Russian storyline! President Heller being alive gives me hope for Jack. Really Heller’s probably the only man powerful enough to get the Russians to back off of Jack, or if it goes public that Jack saved the President he’ll be praised as a hero and that might get the Russians to stand down. No clue how everything play out, but Heller being alive is good for Jack’s future.

But Heller does not look too happy in that trailer. Jack just kept him from dying the way he wanted to. Are we so sure that Heller’s not going to regret the hell out of that presidential pardon decision he just made?

How powerful would a dead person be. As a. as far as the world is concerned Heller is dead and will have to stay that way for a bit. Even If not dead he resigned as president so what power would he have. Plus when new of his condition comes out that power is made even less.

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I am quite disappointed by this twist. But in any case I will keep watching to see where it leads. Just not going to be positive right now. It could potentially still be good, I just don’t see how ATM.

I don’t mean to spam but I totally forgot something that may come into play as we hit the final arc of the season.

Jack is preventing these attacks because he wants to protect Audrey. He promised her that at the end of S6 and mentioned this in either ep 1 or 2 of this season. Jack hates Heller for: A not getting him out of China and B. for not letting Jack take Audrey with him. He broke in and aimed a gun at Heller willing to shoot him dead. Heller was someone Jack had respect for and Heller just gave him the business.

When Jack left he didn’t say anything to Heller. Just a angry look.

Point is I don’t think Jack is being 100% hero. Maybe he’s in on the assassination plot. There has no on screen interaction between Margot and Jack at all. Jack just wants to protect Audrey and not her dad because of what happened in S6.

Not saying it’s “cut and dry” but that sounds like a twist that would cause the actors to freak out once they read the ep 11 script.

Was there an article I missed about the ep 11 script? I was aware of what Mary Lynn had said about episode 9 being crazy, but I’ve not seen anything concerning the last 3 episodes (aside from the time jump that’s coming and people’s alliances being revealed).

Kim Raver said “They sent me episode 11 and I literally gasped out loud. Even being on the show, the writers are so good that they create moments where it’s still a page turner.”

Jack tried like crazy to save Heller. I think he finally relented knowing it was the only way, but then was able to save him thanks to Chloe. This allows him to be a hero to Audrey

Are we sure Jack did this for Audrey? Look at what they set up with the Al-Harazis last week– Margot versus Ian. Margot is batsh!t insane but she just might be the most honorable character on the show right now. She wants to dump the drones in the channel and keep her word to Heller. Ian? Not so into dumping the drones. This promo has Margot with a gun on Ian– he’s the next of her kids to betray her. What if Ian is the equivalent to that kid who worked for Starkwood and saved the last canister of the virus for Tony? He saves the last drone for Jack. (And now I’m singing that to the tune of “Save the Last Dance for Me.” I clearly need more coffee.)

Now, we’re back to where we were a couple of weeks ago with is Jack up to something else, is he trying to get his hands on the drone technology for another endgame. Buying his freedom from the Russians? Luring out the Chinese so he can get revenge on Cheng? Something to do with his family in trouble? All of the above?

I’m on board with Heller being alive if it reveals that Jack has another agenda because I kind of think the entire day doesn’t make sense if he isn’t at least a litttttttle bad right now. :) I think it’d be really impressive if the show finally went there, so here’s hopin’.

I don’t think it shows Jack having any other agenda. However, I do think that whatever he did to save Heller might ultimately turn out to have been a mistake. Here’s what I think happened: Jack watches Heller walk out to the field, Chloe is yelling “Jack, Jack” into the phone. After the camera cut away from them, Jack turns back to Chloe on the phone and Chloe tells him that one of the other two streams controls the camera on the drone and she can do something that would essentially rewind it by a minute or two so that what they see is delayed. Jack asks Chloe how certain she is that it will work, Chloe says nothing is certain but she thinks she can do it. Jack has less than a minute to make a decision, doesn’t really have time to fully weigh the risks of what will happen if Margot realizes she has been deceived, and makes a split second decision to get the president off the field. I’m sure his decision was motivated in part by his guilt over causing Audrey even more pain than he already has, but it was also motivated by his reluctance to have a US president, especially one he respects so much, be blown to pieces by a terrorist, and part of it was just his inability to ever accept defeat. I really don’t think he had any more sinister reason than that. That said, it could turn out that he made a big mistake, because Margot may realize she was deceived and release another drone on civilians, which is precisely what Heller was trying to avoid by sacrificing himself.

You could well be right and I have no doubt that he had a ton of conflict over how Heller wanted to die. Heller’s his adopted father figure, there’s Audrey to consider, the fact that Heller was the President (kinda sorta anyway lol) and everything. Absolutely. I’m not saying that saving Heller proves Jack has another agenda but I think all the other details the day has put out there that implied this that we kind of overlooked over the last few hours may begin to come back starting, oh, about now.

June 18, 2014 at 11:39 pm
There were some fans of 24 that posted comments online earlier this week saying that Episode 8 of “24: Live Another Day” was their all time favorite episode of 24. I wouldn’t be surprised if those particular fans of 24 all change their minds next week when James Heller is revealed to still be alive. It’s now confirmed that FOX or the writers of 24 are too scared to ever kill off Heller. It would have been great for 24 if Heller had gone out a hero by sacrificing his own life in an attempt to save thousands and thousands of lives. Heller said himself in Episode 8 that in one year from now, he might not even recognize anyone. This twist will really hurt the legacy of the villainous Margot Al-Harazi. If Heller had died in Episode 8, Margot would have gone down in 24 history as the only villain to kill a current U.S. President on screen during an episode. Heller’s resignation didn’t take effect until seconds after that drone strike occurred.

Agreed. I don’t think the reveal that Heller’s alive necessarily takes anything away from episode 8 so much as it has me going into episode 9 under a huge cloud of cynicism. My knee-jerk reaction is that this feels gimmicky.

As for Margot, we all know in a battle of Jack vs. terrorist, Jack’s gonna win. And I have no doubt when the showdown finally happens, Michelle Fairley will play it brilliantly and hopefully be given an epic on-screen death (Red Wedding, anyone?). But if this is 24’s last bow, I thought they’d finally give us an adversary who pulls off the unthinkable. We’ve already seen how Margot reacted to Navid’s attempted double-cross and Simone’s disobedience. Looks like London’s been put in even greater danger now.

I don’t think it takes away from the amazing 8th episode. One great thing is now Kate’s interrogation of Simone actually wound up not being for nothing. Without the information from Simone, Jack and Chloe could not have saved Heller.

I’ll admit that a part of me was hoping that Margot would be one step ahead of the CIA again. She had surveillance cameras in Simone’s bedroom, so I thought she would have heard everything Navid told Simone and had her henchmen swap out the disc. Or that she would have booby trapped the country estate in case Simone gave up Margot’s location. I’m still confused about the whole Rask storyline, especially since Margot has been so meticulous in her planning that it seems shoddy that her dealings with Rask can all be traced back to Simone’s cell phone – which is still in the hands of the EMTs & was never analyzed for any useful info?

I remember in an interview, Michelle Fairley said that Margot takes people at their word and implied that it could lead to her undoing. So, in retrospect, it’s interesting that Margot swore on the soul of her dead husband, but she didn’t demand that Heller swear on something he holds sacred.

I liked that Naveed was able to get one thing past Margot and that it might well be the one thing that ultimately saves a bazillion lives. It saves the character from being a colossal idiot (if a noble and awesome one.)

The Rask and Margot transactions purposefully don’t add up– someone tweeted David Fury about them after the Rask episode and he said that Margot and Rask have not had contact in over a year and when they did, it wasn’t about the drones. So, Fury seems to be telling us that Jack faked those transactions and a current connection between Margot and Rask. Which ties into suspicions that Jack has his own agenda here and is playing quite a few people to get closer to his own endgame. Which makes the whole day more fun and make more sense, IMO, when you consider how much of an enormous stretch a lot of this is so far. Margot’s device designer just happened to work with the only person Jack can trust to help him stop the threat? The flight key magically has the override code on it only after Jack gets his hands on it at the Embassy? Jack “intercepted intelligence” on this threat exactly, uh, *how* again? And this day just so happens to involve the Chinese and possibly the Russians if they start connecting this stuff together right when Jack tells Morgan he’s been Batman-ing around cleaning up corruption and then gets revenge on Rask in the process of today? Hmmm… sounds like someone reread the Almeida playbook lately. :)

I figured Margot & Ian were too busy discussing the security buffer on Margot’s video, but I’m still surprised she didn’t rig the house with explosives before she left.

I’ve been suspicious from the start how Jack intercepted data about this threat. And how everyone just happens to be in London. I really thought I’d had some sort of brain glitch re: the Rask-Margot connection. I figured if Rask was associated with any of the Al-Harazi’s that it would be Simone, based on her Interpol file mentioning her involvement in bombings in Germany. Interesting how there was no Interpol file on Ian, and I’m suspecting we’ll be finding out a lot more about him and his motivations in the next episode.

Also, how on earth did Jack know that Chloe was being held by Special Activities, information that Jordan, a CIA employee, had to hack into to get? And does anyone else find it suspicious that he knew she was being held by special activities but didn’t know that her family had been murdered?

AgentRez– I absolutely find all of that suspicious. I’m of the opinion that– gulp– Jack might have set Chloe up to the extent that he anonymously tipped off Special Activities to her location just so he could go rescue her. If he did that to Chloe, then I hope she finally just loses it with him. Chloe’s put up with more than enough of his b.s..

No one either has mentioned how Chloe got out of prison in the first place. I feel like that might play a part going forward.

I have been wondering as well how Chloe got out of prison. However, since the producers have always been terrible about explaining the back story, I feel like most of these things are probably not going to get explained.

I think that while Jack will ultimately stop Margot, he may not be able to do so without her successfully executing at least one more attack on civilians. I think it’s going to be a punch-in-the-stomach episode in that fans will initially be very excited to see that Heller survived, but by the end of the episode Jack will realize that whatever he and Chloe did to save Heller was a mistake, because Margot will figure it out and kill more civilians that she otherwise seemed genuinely inclined to spare. This will be especially interesting because Jack has been in the position that he would be putting Heller in, deprived of the ability to sacrifice himself to spare others (for example, in season 6 when Doyle thwarted Jack’s plan to blow himself up to save Audrey without giving the Chinese the component). This is kind of an interesting angle that they have not really taken before, so I am intrigued at the very least. Two days ago, I really wanted Heller to still be alive, but some people on here kind of convinced me that it was better that he got to go out a hero and that him being alive would sort of diminish all of the emotion of episode 8, so I have mixed feelings now. Part of me feels like anyone who has tried on 3 separate occasions to sacrifice himself for the good of the country ought to be able to go out on his own terms. But for Audrey’s sake I am happy…I hope Jack gets to be the one to tell her that her father is still alive.

I really like the idea that saving Heller could have consequences that unfortunately harm innocent people that Jack and co. then have to live with. That would be really interesting.

I agree that Heller’s death should have been his own call. Jack, whatever you’re on, it’s time to go back to rehab. (Unless you’re doing something to help characters I like even more than Heller, then carry on lol.)

New West Virginian
June 21, 2014 at 6:21 pm
Even if more civilians are at risk I don’t think Jack will regret saving Heller. Remember in Season 8 he along with Taylor was willing to risk New York being blown up rather than hand Hassan over to Samir Mehran. Technically it was Rob Weiss and General Brucker who saved New York City because after Samir got Hassan he did order Tarin to turn off the bomb.

Seriously. Better be a good explanation. Most view this season as bad-ass old school 24. This might change all of that.

Dammit, Chloe! I can’t believe a promo with such a massive spoiler was ever allowed to air.

Not that I was hoping for Heller’s death, but this twist is feeling like a jump the shark moment right now. Between Heller’s Alzheimer’s and his (seeming) determination to sacrifice himself to spare more lives, his resignation letter and putting everything in place for the transition of power, granting Jack a presidential pardon, & a tender goodbye to his daughter, and what had seemed to be a ballsy move by the 24 team for the 200th episode, I’m completely confused. It’s mind-boggling a) how they pulled off faking Heller’s death & b) why all the buildup if he was never going to go through with it?

Yeah, the United States does not negotiate with terrorists, yada yada yada. Heller earlier voiced concern about Margot having the moral high ground, and if the “so-called terrorist” seems willing to keep her word, I feel like this twist detracts from Heller’s heroism if he agreed to her terms in bad faith. So, did Jack pull Heller out of Wembley against the president’s will? Or was Heller never really going to give himself up in the first place?

Heller was clearly ready to die. Whatever happened likely happened in the last minute of the episode, meaning it was literally a last minute twist thanks to Jack & Chloe. If you’re pissed that Heller is alive, be pissed at Jack & Chloe, or be pissed at the writers.

Wouldn’t say I’m pissed (will wait-and-see how the plot twist is explained next episode), just baffled. Based on Heller’s willingness to sacrifice himself, I would have thought that his response to Jack & Chloe’s last minute plan would be to tell them to use their counter hacking ability to make sure Margot destroys the drones or disable the missile-launching system so no more attacks take place. But given that Heller’s resignation wasn’t effective til 7:00, I can’t see Jack forcibly dragging the president out of the stadium.
Also, why put Audrey on the emotional rollercoaster of thinking she’d lost her father without getting a chance to say goodbye only to bring him back so she can watch him deteriorate from Alzheimer’s?
Will try to reserve judgment til we see next week’s episode.

“I can’t see Jack forcibly dragging the president out of the stadium.”

If it means saving the President, who also happens to be Audrey’s father, then yep, I can see Jack dragging him if necessary. I’ve got this image of Jack tearing onto the field, screaming at Heller to get outta there NOW, and Heller’s completely confused and refusing to move, and Jack ends up dragging him out of targeting range and throwing him on the ground with one second to spare. Then Jack gets yelled at.

I feel like Jack has too much respect for the Office of the President to ever lay a hand on the president – does that count as assault? Jack absolutely disagrees with the president’s plan, but he (and Mark) seemed to have the attitude of “what the president says, goes”.

Ah but you forget… Heller’s no longer the President.

What time did Heller’s resignation goes into effect? I don’t have an American Constitutional Law textbook in front of me at the moment, but wouldn’t a resignation letter have to be submitted to and accepted by both chambers of the US Congress?

Do we have a presidential succession crisis on our hands?

I think we totally do. I think it was Bob on the main 9.08 episode page who pointed out that the resignation would have to be accepted so kudos to him for getting to a place that the rest of didn’t get to until days later.

“I feel like Jack has too much respect for the Office of the President to ever lay a hand on the president – does that count as assault?”

Doubt it can be classified as assault if it’s done in the process of saving his life. Surely Secret Service are allowed to lay their hands on the President to force him out of the way of an imminent physical threat if necessary? Jack could be accused of defying a direct Presidential order if he dragged Heller away, but not assault.

I think it’s kind of funny how quickly the circumstances of this change with Heller’s resignation. Jack goes from saving the life of the President to kidnapping his ex-girlfriend’s Alzheimer’s-ridden elderly father in the difference of 6:59 and 7:00pm lol

I can’t get over how dumb this is. I’ll say I was wrong if it’s a good explanation, but I don’t see any sorta plausible one. And I had that ep as a “10”.

Yeah, I thought the eighth episode was really well done and that Heller had a cool death and went out on his own terms. Now the milestone 200th episode will likely be remembered as a gimmick (unless there’s a great explanation).

And he’s already resigned as President so I’m not sure what’s going to happen there.

The writers did want to kill the POTUS during season 4 (plane crash) but fox managers said that the network would never allow that.

The 24 team told in an interview that this was the only intervention ever made to the creative process. As you can see, even if they wanted to, they wouldn’t be allowed to kill Heller.

How do you know Heller is alive. That promo does not mean Heller is alive. Fox could have just shown that promo to trick us fans. Or maybe they faked his death in episode 8, only to kill him off in episode 9.

Fox would not air a major spoiler like this. Plus one of the writers said they death is pretty cut and dry.

People need to stop complaining and just wait to watch the episode before making assumptions like this

I’m glad Heller is not dead but I still have to say that I’m disappointed. I thought Heller’s death was epic and really brought something different to 24, now that he actually faked his death I’m a little bit worried how it would play out. If this doesn’t play out well it would be disaster for LAD…
If the writers didn’t want Heller out of the game they could have placed his death in ep11 or 12 with a proper memorial AND a silent clock, instead of FAKING his death.
Plus, is it possible that they shot multiple plots just like they did with the ending of Season 1?

Just because he’s not dead now that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll still be alive by the end of the day. There are probably more examples of this sort of fakeout, but off the top of my head I’m thinking Milo. Dude who isn’t a trained field agent gets caught in the middle of a full on shoot out and escapes with just a shot in the arm. Several hours later, BOOM, sudden bullet in the face when he’s in the CTU office and he’s gone.

With Heller surviving this, they have the opportunity for another scene between him and Audrey where she’s pissed and he explains where he was coming from and she ends up more understanding. Also, now that his resignation is in effect starting at the top of the next hour, he’s definitely no longer President. So they could kill him for real a few hours down the line and this time there’s proper closure with Audrey and they’re not killing the current President. Give him a big action scene moment where he tries to take someone down and ends up dying himself in the process. Send him out in a truly heroic blaze of glory, (as opposed to standing still waiting to be targeted), this time with the silent clock.

This could make the whole thing even more dramatic. Good theory.

But still, Heller has to die in the end to work this out.

Phee, you bringing up Milo reminds me of something that we might have just missed in this last episode, as the Jordan plot reminds me of Milo and Nadia. Did 9.08 completely fake us out entirely here with deaths in general? I feel like most of us probably think that Jordan is still alive because we can’t yet see how else Kate could find out about her husband. But there are other ways so what if it’s that Heller is still alive but Jordan is really dead? We might have just been so blindsided by Heller’s death that we missed Jordan’s death entirely.

I don’t know being prepared to die to save hundreds possibly thousands of lives seems pretty heroic to me.

Belcheck’s really proven to be the ensemble darkhorse/unsung hero of the season hasn’t he?

He would seem that way. But he duped Chloe and held all of Open Cell hostage and all we know about the guy is that Jack likes to talk dirty to him in Serbian. I’m not so sure yet that he’s a Big Damn Hero.

Well…crap. I really don’t know how to feel about this.

I’m pissed that it was spoiled for me (from another thread on another site). That would have been an amazing WTF moment.

Yawn, the drone has missed Heller’s artery I suppose.
This is how you go from an A episode to an F in mere minutes.

I don’t like that at all, if Heller survives, he will live miserably with his desease (as he told Jack) instead to die in a blaze of glory…

It could be fake as there is no way fox would allow it to show that promo at all

Actually it makes sense.

In the promo, Ian said someone had hacked into their feed and can see whatever they can. Chloe must have implanted something in their system, so that the Heller they saw in the screen was actually the image a few dozens of seconds ago.

Note that in the last two minutes in episode 8, we only see Heller from Margot’s side. We don’t know what exactly is happening in Wembley Stadium on site.

I timed it out earlier. The entire scene (from when Heller started walking onto the field until Margot launched the missile) lasted just 2 minutes and 20 seconds total.

The first half of that we saw Heller physically in Wembley Stadium. It took 45 seconds for him to reach the middle of the field and then there was 20 seconds of him standing there (taking off his glasses and hat etc). After that it cuts to Ian/Margot for the next half. There was only 1 minute and 9 seconds from the last time we see Heller physically standing in the field until the drone fired on him.

Can anyone actually come up with a plausible scenario that works with this extremely short time frame?

There isn’t really any plausible scenario other than deus ex machina. The fact is Chloe had to control every image Ian was watching even when he zoomed in to see Heller clearly for facial recognition (something that cannot be done by using just recorded video, you need optical zoom for that). And Jack, Chloe and Heller all had to cooperate within one and half minute. Only way she might do in time would be juxtaposing the footage from Wembley stadium security cameras over drone feed perfectly, but I highly doubt videos from different sources would be compatible.

The real question is as a viewer, are you willing to suspend for disbelief for this fake-out or not?

The biggest problem of all this image/video planting thing is that Chole didn’t even know Heller was there at the Wembly Stadium. She simply thought she was stopping Margot from attacking civilians but she had no idea that she was saving the president’s life.

So even if she did get into the system, Jack needed to explain the Heller situation to her(which would shock her and probably slow her down), she had to find image/video that match the scene and place it into Ian’s system. And all these happened in less than 2 minutes?

Anyway, if fans can work out a theory that is actually what happened, this is not 24. The writers will make sure that none of us came up with the correct theory, else they wouldn’t have created this plot in the first place.

I replayed that part, and it is indeed a little more than 60 seconds.

40:15 James leaves Jack and starts walking towards the center of the pitch
41:32 James has taken off his glasses and looks up
41:42 Drones arrives at Wembley
41:50 Ian and Margot have their first visual of James
41:58 Margot says “move in closer”, and a cut scene on the monitor
42:10 Facial recognition is acquired
42:42 Missile is fired and destruction shows on screen

We can assume during 40:15 – 41:25, Chole has taken control of the drone. Or at the very least, she can control the video stream Margot sees on screen.

IMHO, during the time when they do facial recognition and Margot asks for execution, Chloe has enough time to take a video clip, and asks Jack to evacuate James. It is natural in 24 that every second counts, so we must assume they can do more than what we can imagine in any short time frame.

The only thing remotely plausible that I can think of is if the one who actually faked it is not Chloe but Ian.

Let’s say Ian is working with Jack. Neither Jack nor Ian ever anticipated Heller surrendering himself to Margot, let alone Margot keeping her word about the deal that the two of them had worked out. Heller was never supposed to be in this much jeopardy and Jack legitimately does not want to see him die, especially in this way. Jack thinks that Margot won’t keep her word– he believes that she will attack again anyway so he buys time to get to her by calling Ian after Heller walks onto the pitch and telling him to fake confirmation of Heller still on the pitch a minute or so after Heller actually was. Ian uses the facial recognition software in the drone program to confirm to Margot that Heller is really there because he *was* there, a minute earlier. In that extra minute, Jack forces Heller off the pitch before Margot actually fires.

This could also account for why Ian looks a little nervous when Margot insists that she fire the drone and how much he’s trying to cover for it and delay a little bit. Saying it’s a trick, etc. Ian telling Margot that someone hacked into their systems is so that he’s covered from suspicion if Margot finds out after the fact that Heller is still alive.

Wow, I hadn’t thought of that. It’s probably a stretch but it would be a cool twist. But what would Jack’s end game be? Surely he does not want to see Margot kill a bunch of innocent civilians…what agenda would your theory support?

Jack doesn’t want innocent civilians killed, agreed. And he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to people he cares about (Heller, Audrey, Chloe) or even people related to people he cares about– if I’m right that he has another end game here, I don’t think Boudreau has a clue about it. Jack protected Mark from any fallout by keeping him in the dark, which is also protecting Audrey in a roundabout way by protecting her husband.

If you want to get fun with names and symbolism as well, there’s also that Ian = John and Jack is a nickname derived from John, so the show’s already linked these two together in that kind of way. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done fun stuff like that, either. It also creates a *really* interesting twist to two paralleling stories they’ve already been playing with today: the Heller family versus the Al-Harazi family. Margot and Heller parallel one another– two characters with opposite end games from opposite sides of pretty much every debate except they’re not all that dissimilar people. They’re both probably the most honorable characters on the show and they even have similar backstories. (Had kid(s) with first spouse who died; married someone else who was therefore stepparent to kid(s) and who raised them more than biological dead first spouse; second spouse’s death traumatized them both; married daughter w/issues, etc..) In essence, the two stories have already been paralleling themselves all day. Naveed and Mark are the rebellious son-in-laws taking things into their own hands to protect the woman they married at the potential expense of their mother-in-law/father-in-law. They contrast because Naveed didn’t believe in Margot but Mark adores Heller but it’s the same basic story. In that parallel? Jack is *already* the Ian. The one who seems the most steadfast and loyal but maybe, just maybe, that’s a whole lot of smoke and mirrors..

I had a theory that would support this that I threw out the window an episode or two ago because I didn’t think the show would go there but Heller not being dead kind of makes me think they will so here goes the short version…

Jack’s spent the last year or so of his working for Rask doing exactly what he told Morgan a few hours ago that he’s been doing– using his position to take out evil organizations and expose corruption without a government affiliation. He doesn’t think he’s ever going to have an opportunity to have his say about what happened on Day 8 and he wants to take responsibility for murdering the Russian diplomats but he can’t, in good conscience, turn himself in until he can right the various injustices of his life. He knows that if he hands himself over to the Russians, they’ll likely kill him and if he dies without fixing all the messes he’s made in his life, he’ll be dying for nothing. So, he takes out a human trafficking ring (like the one that hurt Inessa from Day 5, a major mistake Jack made in the past by not prioritizing that girl). He takes out an international drug cartel (that I would bet was run by Ramon Salazar’s kids.) Even if these things don’t specifically tie to Jack’s past in a directly connected way, they are atonements for mistakes he’s made– examples of things he’s left unfinished. So what else would Jack have to do before he could turn himself over to the Russians? He’d have to make it right with Tony (and we’ve had so many hints that he’s about to pop up here that they might as well just tell us), he’d have to avenge what happened to both himself and Audrey by taking out Cheng Zhi, he’d have to know that his family and Chloe were safe and not in danger, he’d have to pay Heller back for the pain he’d caused him over what happened to Audrey which wasn’t exactly Jack’s fault but is something he feels guilty over, and he’d have to make it right with the Russians. He’d have to do something to (ironically) save the Russians to atone for having killed Novakovich and the rest at the same time as he has to expose what really happened on Day 8 so that the Russians would be held accountable and justice would exist for the deaths of Renee and Hassan.

So my theory is that Jack piggy-backed onto a situation (Margot’s plan) that he could then exploit in such a way as it creates a further situation to meet his own personal end game. (Much in the way that Tony jumped onto the stop Starkwood plan that helped him also get to Wilson.) Stopping the drones gets Jack’s honor back with Heller and makes things right between them while also saving Heller and Audrey’s lives, in atonement for everything that went on with Audrey being kidnapped. (It also saves the life of Mark Boudreau, which is Jack’s atonement to Audrey for having been the one to make the decision that killed Paul Raines.) The drones have ties to the Chinese who are going to blame the Russians for the attacks to cover up their own involvement. Jack exposes the connection between Margot and Cheng Zhi and gets revenge on the man who tortured him and justice for Audrey. I think Tony’s been in a Russian prison cell for the last four and a half years in Jack’s place. Pardoned after Day 7, helped Jack get out of the country after Day 8, is how Chloe got a reduced prison sentence because he took the hit for her as a kind of karmic atonement for his own family, and then he got renditioned on over to the Russians in lieu of Jack in order to prevent an international incident following Day 8. Only Jack didn’t know until fairly recently and now part of his plan is to trade something to the Russians (drone technology? proof of the Chinese going to frame them? himself?) in exchange for Tony’s freedom. That’s the big damn Tony surprise– that Jack’s just done the Tony plan *for* Tony, while avenging Audrey, taking out the big bads of their lives, and getting his honor back. His plan’s a one-stop shop back to awesome.

Wow, you have put a LOT of thought into this.

I’ve actually had this theory for years that Audrey knew Tony was alive when nobody else did (between seasons 5 and 6), because he was either helping her look for Jack or was pretending to do so to serve his own ends. Chloe told Jack in season 6 that Audrey had been going through “back channels” trying to get Jack out of China – Tony would have been the perfect “back channel,” especially since everyone thought he was dead. That would also explain why Tony seemed to know about Audrey’s condition in season 7 when it appears that it wasn’t public knowledge – maybe he was keeping tabs on her because she knew he was alive and was afraid she could compromise him.

I don’t know if any of that could be plausibly worked into Live Another Day with only 4 hours left, but it has given me material for 2 fanfictions!

Trying to figure out other people’s plots is kind of nerdy fun for writers. :)

On the contrary, I think there is now *so much* damn plot happening on the show right now that some of it has to all cross together into one big plot just because they only have four hours left. The Chinese and the Russians tying together (which is also Day 6-ish) and being related to the Margot plot is kind of the only way I can think of for them to start to knot all of it together. And if Jack was involved in kind of helping it all along? Then the loose ends suddenly make more sense.

I really hope you didnt imply what i think about…

That’s a totally awesome theory Mary, and I really hope you’re right because that would be an absolutely perfect way to end 24 – the right way to end it. Wow, hope it happens

Might explain why Ian was unsuccessful in killing Jack, Kate, and Simone by drone when they were in the car?

Oh, nice point. I didn’t even think of that. Maybe Ian is just the smartest of Margot’s kids and was laying on the psychopathic kind of thick with her so she’d not suspect that he might have another agenda. Bad things happen to people Margot suspects, after all.

I just finished watching Ep. 8 and during the drone strike on Heller, for the first time I questioned Ian’s loyalty to his mother. I don’t think he wanted to give “control” of the drone over to his mother because deep down he is not as fanatical as his mother and realizes killing the President of the United States is just NOT a good idea. Maybe he wanted to do something at the last second so the drone target would have been off; that’s why he seemed to hesitate to give control over to his mother. I don’t believe though he is working with Jack or anyone else. I just believe he is not a cold blooded killer like his mother and she probably scares the crap out of him so he will do as she says.

I actually think it could be the opposite: he could be MORE fanatical than his mother, and thus not willing to go along with destroying the rest of the drones.

Maybe they did it this way, though I’m not into computers and CGI:
(1) Chloe (a) knows that the CIA guys are going to Margot’s place to look for the computer-drone disk, and (b) knows from Jack that Heller is going to the field to be missiled to death by Margot.
(2) While they are looking for that disc, Chloe has TIME to prepare her fake video of Heller to LATER upload into Margot’s drone-computer to fool Margot.
(3) The CIA guys find Simone’s husband’s disc and they then upload it to Chloe.
(4) Chloe finally unravels the workings of the disc, enters Margot’s drone computer, and inserts the phony images of Heller.
(5) Heller actually thought he was going to his death, but Jack drags him away.
(6) Kaboom!

It is really plausible since drone feed can be recorded, as we saw when Heller watched Margot crawling from the bombing in which her husband died. So Chloe could get into the camera system and use the recording function to get a frame of Heller standing in the field and loop it so Margot and son actually see Heller

The real question is as a viewer, are you willing to suspend for disbelief for this fake-out or not?
I am sorry but the answer is no in my case partly because as the time is so limited 1 minute for Chloe to hack the feed, loop enough video (if she just delays the video for 10 seconds that would mean it is either stopped for 10 seconds or just instantly goes back 10 seconds both of which would be noticed by Margot/Ian). Even Usain Bolt could not have got from Where Jack was to the centre of the pitch picked up A struggling Heller and carried/dragged him to safety in the time needed. Plus you factor in Jack probably asking Heller to come with him Heller saying no, arguing and then Jack nocking him out so he can carry him.

As expected then! I’m surprised so many people thought he was gonna be dead. The lack of a silent clock was a massive hint that all was not as it seemed. Jon Cassar in particular knows how much attention fans pay to that kinda thing

If they had actually gotten away with keeping this secret and no spoilers were leaked…it would have been the best twist the show has had in a decade.

Like Alan York / Marie Warner quality. I never would have seen it coming.

Maybe I’m being pedantic but if you watch the scene again very closely, you will see that Heller’s arms i.e. hands in his pockets and things like that are edited a little strangely.

I think that Chloe hacked the drone and as soon as they received the facial recognition that it was Heller she looped the footage of him standing on the pitch, zipping up his jacket, putting his hands in his pockets and looking up to the sky.

That would give Jack enough time to run in and get him out of there while Margot is taking control of the drone from her son.

We only ever the explosion after the missile hits the pitch, we never saw Heller himself get hit if you watch closely.

It’s not the most absurd 24 twist and it’s the only explanation that I’d buy. Anything else would be jumping the shark.

I don’t really see how it takes away from the last episode. You are supposed to watch and feel as if it’s Heller’s final goodbye to the franchise. And it worked beautifully. Now we’ll see how they take us on the next part of the journey.

I still think it might have been more interesting to actually deal with the fallout of an assassinated president, but I think this direction could be good too. As much as I was harping on the people who used the “no silent clock” thing as evidence… they started to convince me by the end. I don’t know if I’m glad they were right or not… time will tell.

I’m also not glad that I read this spoiler, but let’s face it… I never would have passed it by. :P

Going to jump on your bandwagon and mea culpa a little here myself, since I think I went as far as to promise someone my house if Heller was still alive next week :) (To that person: I’m only co-owner of it at this point so I can’t keep my word. Twist! :))

I still think we might see Heller die by day’s end because, yeah, the day all builds on itself to go somewhere and there’s actually an interesting kind of poetry in Heller believing he’s going to die and wanting to die in this way and this being it for him but then Jack essentially robs him of that. Ultimately, that’s actually more compelling already, before we even know the details of what’s going on, than Heller actually dying at the end of the last episode.

‘I don’t really see how it takes away from the last episode. You are supposed to watch and feel as if it’s Heller’s final goodbye to the franchise. And it worked beautifully. Now we’ll see how they take us on the next part of the journey.’
And now all that was wasted as he has not said goodbye to the franchise. Taken a really great hour and now we find that 55 mins of it was a waste.
The other point is if we do see Heller die before the end why no other end would be as good as this one was. So more compelling, I really disagree.


June 19, 2014 at 8:05 am
Maybe the Latin American promo is not a mistake and maybe the US promo is not a mistake either. There is a possible explanation that would be totally ground breaking and innovative. We all have heard of alternate endings (e.g. 24 season 1). Wouldn’t it be cool if they filmed 2 alternate last 4 episodes – and showed each one in different parts of the world. US gets the story line where Heller is dead. Latin America gets the story line where he is alive. Now of course the DVD/BD release would include both alternative last 4 episodes.

The only reasonable explanation is the drone was never fired. Chloe hacked into the system, took control of the drone, and created the illusion that they had locked onto their target, fired the missile, and killed Heller. The preview said they lost control of the drone.

Battlestar Galactica’s opening miniseries had a scene where it looked like the President, Apollo and others had died in a nuclear explosion aboard their ship. Then it turned out Apollo had pulled some kind of maneuver to make it look like they had been hit, but they were fine. Chloe hacking the system would be similar to that.

There’s a bit of a problem with that Chlo though.. the final scene before switching to Margot is of Wembley Stadium (not through the eyes of a drone) with the explosion hitting it.

Ah yes, you’re right. Just went back to watch it.

If any one noticed when Heller walked on to the field there was no white markings. However on the drone field there was…I will let you decide…

WOW is all I can say. Cant wait to see how it all plays out…

I’m so happy to read all this. It vindicates me. For days I have been predicting that Heller is alive. I gave 9 reasons for believing it here:

I think the image of Heller was CGI inserted by Chloe into Margot’s computer, and the firing of the missile into the stadium field was real. Because for jack’s plan to work (fool Margot into destroying the other drones), there would have to be real news reports of the explosion at the field.

That’s a good point. The missile was definitely fired, so somehow, Chloe had to hack the system into making it look like Heller was killed. Since Belcheck is shown with Jack and Heller in the next episode, I think he may have been the one to get Heller out of there. Perhaps he drove the car into the stadium and quickly drove Heller out of there.

If that were the case, wouldn’t we see tire and skid marks in the field when it panned out to show the explosion?

Belcheck would’ve had to be there already as well, and I can’t think of any good reason for that. Jack already had everything necessary (helicopter, gate code and numbers for Wembley Stadium) so there wasn’t any need for him to call on Belcheck for assistance.

Unless the mysterious Belcheck was there all along because he’s the only one who knows what Jack is truly up to and whatever that is requires Heller to not die at Wembley. What about that “I’ll call you” the hour before. “I’ll call you (when we get to the next stage of our plan)”? These two together busted Chloe out of the CIA earlier in the day and completely played her into thinking that they did it for nothing more than because she needed to be rescued. I think the show has been planting stuff all day that suggests Jack is up to something and the Heller is still alive moment next week is going to start to reveal it. It’s the ‘and then Tony emerged from the fireball to pick up the last canister of the virus from that obnoxious kid’ moment. *crosses fingers and hopes*

Whatever the explanation, I hope they actually show Heller’s rescue/escape. Wonder if Margot will go back and check just to ensure Heller was killed, just as she did with the empty vehicle in episode 7.

He might have called on Belcheck for assistance because he was waiting to see if Chloe could do anything with the information Naveed had buried and might have anticipated a situation where he could save Heller but would have to make it look like he was dead. Plus, when they left for the stadium Jack didn’t know about the pardon. He might have had Belchek there to help him disappear again now that he might no longer be needed to stop the threat.

Very possible that Belcheck’s just Jack’s lift from Wembley.

I sort of feel bad for Belcheck. Being Jack’s boyfriend is the *worst*. All it is dealing with people from his past and getting arrested by MI:5 and chauffeuring around suicidal ex-presidents. And what does he get? Nothing more than an “I’ll call you.” Belcheck, baby, move on! You deserve more, all murder tattoos aside!

if you look at the latin promo, heller looks emotionless like a cardboard cut out . may be some one edited the promo video ?

In the promo Jack says “Mr. President, get in the car…”

He looks truly pissed, IMO. It’s awesome.

even before last episode was aired, i predicted that heller is not dead. since even in the promo they were trying to convince everyone as if heller is 100% dead. in tv world, when trying to convice in this way, it always the opposite is true.

now i believe that president heller being alive will be kept secret. i think mark will be arguing that the president heller indeed sign the order for jack to be handed over to russians. in the final episode, when jack about to be transferred to russians, the heller will appeared and mark will be caught read handed.

very bright LAD fan. Sounds good.

One quibble I have with the show is that the Russian guy had no way of assuming that the President did not sign the order of transfer. Mark should not have caved in the way he did. He could have said that the president changed his mind or that the order had been signed and then torn up.

But what about Jack’s pardon? Can he be transferred to the Russians if he had been pardoned?

The poor VP is going to be like what the hell is all of this? lol

New West Virginian
June 19, 2014 at 11:43 pm
IN one of the earlier episodes, the Russian deputy foreign minister had the forged rendition order in his hand with Mark’s forged signature so they can’t say its been torn up. But Heller’s pardon came afterward so it would make sense he didn’t want to turn Jack over.

LAD Fan, I salute you. You are right that the more they lay it on thick on TV, the less true it often is. I kind of love that the bulk of the posters on this site (myself included) were totally had. Proves the show can still kick. :)

An awful cheat.

Well, isn’t this interesting! Can’t wait to see how it all unfoils!

I just hope they have a really good and credible story for Heller, because now he is just a old “dead” guy with Alzheimer that Belcheck has to drive around with. He is no longer the president, so what are they actually gonna use him for other than arrange a surprise party for Audrey? I assume he will come into play regarding the pardon, Mark and the russians, but again, his powers would be very limited.
I guess they have a plan :)

I now really want this surprise party for Audrey lol. Heller’s like “Dammit, Belcheck, you forgot to pick up the balloons!” and Mark wants to know why there are two cakes for Audrey when his is obviously so much better than Jack’s.

Haha! Maybe that’s what the time skip will be used for. Audrey’s surprise party. :P

Totally! Right before the jump there is a splitscreen that has a major spoiler of Tony meticulously curling ribbons around a box containing an ‘I Heart London’ mug. It’s all foreshadowing for Audrey running off with Tony at the end of the day. Girl knows where the loyalty’s at ;)

Haha! Perfect ending for 24. :D

I think that is the best idea ever. ROFL

Almost as interesting as the show itself is the reaction of so many people on this board. Let me preface my comments by saying that 24 is my favorite show of all time. I have loved every season including LAD. Folks, it’s a TV show! If you wanted to, you could analyze every hour of every season and find events that just are not plausable. But doing so, at least for me, would take the enjoyment out of 24. In reality, 24 is probably more far fetched than any other show that comes to mind. But so what! It’s like L.A. …….WE LOVE IT! I hope Heller is alive because I like the character. Simple and easy as that. But whatever happens and however it is scripted, just sit back and enjoy it, for we all only have 4 more hours of 24, and then the show is history. I realize that everyone has the right to post whatever they want on this boaard, and I respect that. I just hate it when some of the crying reaches the level of a San Jose Sharks fan! (well, almost). Incidentally, GO KINGS GO!

And a bonus, RonnieTheC? Now it seems perfectly plausible that Edgar’s mom could turn up at any moment! :)

Mary, you could not be more wrong. Just who do you think that was dressed up as an elderly man standing in the middle of Wembly stadium? Mama Styles!

I dunno, man. That looked way more like Behrooz’s girlfriend’s mom to me. It would fit the parallels SO much more if it really was Mrs. Pendleton…

Speaking of Debbie, what if Dina actually gave her a sleeping potion and she woke up a few hours later? Leighton Meester appearing on the show would be a huge ratings boost. :D

Sleeping Beauty allusion! I’m all in! *giggles*

Hey, AgentRez, maybe this was what they were going for with Mark holding Audrey’s hand until she woke up from that coma. A parallel plot to a revival of sleeping Debbie. Margot *was* seen making tea… There clearly has to be something more to that.

Everyone needs to chill. They left the ending ambiguous on purpose so we would talk about it. Now that we know he lived, think of all the ways this furthers the plot. Margot will figure it out and make a last ditch effort to carry out an attack. Mark will have issues with that transfer order. And we still don’t know how Navarro and Cross are connected to everything. Not to mention how this turn impacts Audrey and Jack’s relationship.

I’m far more interested to learn how they will explain or show Jack saving Heller. With real time storytelling it seems tough to do a flashback or too much exposition. And what about the time jumps? This could turn out to be the best twist they’ve ever had.

All of you knuckleheads who thinks this ruins the show cause it isn’t “plausible” need to take a minute and remember what you are watching. It’s a show where a man saves the world on 9 different occasions all in 24 hours…

Sure I don’t want to be treated like an idiot by the writers, but we all agree that it isn’t a show that is trying to be super realistic. We’re trying to have fun and be thrilled. We make an agreement with our mind that we will suspend disbelief to a point. As long as the writers don’t go past that point, let’s just have fun.

Oh, man, oh man…

I hope they capture Margot and that she sees Heller alive. Can you imagine how much of a payback that’ll be?

I kind of hate it because I feel like the funny thing about this is that you have two characters in Margot and Heller who were actually going to work their stuff out. They were both going to keep their word but it’s the interference of others that kept them from doing that. It makes for an interesting plot but now it takes away power from Heller because it robs him of the ability to honor his word.

Jack, you got some ‘xplainin’ to do…

I have to agree with Mary on this one. I never had any doubts about Margot’s eventual demise, and I freely admit that my love for Michelle Fairley is interfering with my judgment at the moment. But as twisted as Margot may be, it seems like she really loved her husband and that she does have some sense of honor, however twisted. Her whole drive has been revenge and revenge on a specific person. I actually like that she appeared to hesitate for a moment before firing the missile. It made sense to me – she’s been planning her revenge for so long and to be on the brink of getting what she wants was overwhelming. And I don’t think she looked completely satisfied after she “killed” Heller. I can’t wait to see what Margot does next. She’s going to be mad as hell when she finds out Heller’s alive and/or Ian double-crosses her.

Your “I can’t wait to see what Margot does next.”

Yeah. That’s why, dammit, this twist becomes the best thing ever (right after we’re all done throwing stuff at the wall in annoyance lol).

I’m trying to remain open-minded about the twist. It could skyrocket episode 8 from best episode to BEST.EPISODE.EVER! if done well.

Whatever Margot does, I’ll be glued to my screen (that’s not just my love for Michelle Fairley talking). Based on what the producers said in this interview (, and assuming they’re talking about Margot, I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the gloves to come off. I always felt Margot would have some aces up her sleeve no matter what happened. The woman’s got the intelligence, financial resources, and revenge-fueled ambition to be a formidable foe.

Wish I could be as optimistic as the rest of you, although I will try.

If things turn out to get better, that’s great. If they don’t, well…

I still liked what Episode 8 set up with Heller’s death, but if there’s some amazing, unbelievable twists ahead then I will try to latch on and enjoy the final four episodes.

I really like how Margot hasn’t been a one-dimensional villain. She could have been really cartoonish but she’s not! Still hoping we find out more about her before Jack puts a bullet in her head. OT, but in the episode where she kills Naveed, I like how the camera went to her face for a split second after Naveed said Margot’s husband’s death didn’t justify any of what she was doing. Totally wrong thing to say, Naveed!

Really makes me wonder how Judy Davis would have played the role. What I like about Margot is that her revenge plot has been specific, not some vague anti-American manifesto. And maybe I tend to overanalyze characters, but I like how restrained and subtle she is. So when she does unleash, it’ll definitely have an impact. I’m with you on hoping we find out more about her before her demise, not to make her more sympathetic per se but b/c what little we know of her backstory is already fascinating.

Is it Monday yet?

I watched the end of hour 8 several times, and now some new questions have arisen.
Is Walt Cummings really dead? Have we seen the last of Charles Logan? Where is Brian Hastings these days? And why was there not a silent clock for the 2 dudes that were blackmailing Dana Walsh? Hopefully, Mary can enlighten me.

Logan is so not dead. I’m not even kidding with you here, Ronnie. :) But don’t think he’s popping up today.

Maxton and Neill never got silent clocks…

You will never see Logan again. As far as silent clocks go, if I am not mistaken, Tony and David Palmer did not get silent clocks because there was not a commerical break when they were killed. I am stating this from memory, but I could be wrong.

Here is how I explain how Chloe has time to do her magic regarding fooling Margot into thinking Heller was a sitting duck in the middle of the field (posted above too):

Maybe they did it this way, though I’m not into computers and CGI:
(1) Chloe (a) knows that the CIA guys are going to Margot’s place to look for the computer-drone disk, and (b) knows from Jack that Heller is going to the field to be missiled to death by Margot.
(2) While they are looking for that disc, Chloe has TIME to prepare her fake video of Heller to LATER upload into Margot’s drone-computer to fool Margot.
(3) The CIA guys find Simone’s husband’s disc and they then upload it to Chloe.
(4) Chloe finally unravels the workings of the disc, enters Margot’s drone computer, and inserts the phony images of Heller.
(5) Heller actually thought he was going to his death, but Jack drags him away.
(6) Kaboom!

For the person saying Jack is unable to accept defeat, remember he killed Ryan (his boss and someone he was close to) and chopped off Chase’s arm in S3. Old Jack was willing to die for a reason in S1 S3 S5 S6 S7 and S8.

The comic book that tells what Jack was up to between S8 and S9 is very dark. He was living with a woman that spoke russian I think. This isn’t the same Jack that we grew to love.

The signal was when Heller told Jack about the pardon. Jack didn’t seem to care. Heller also said the pardon was for any criminal activities that took place that day.
Jack told Chloe that he didn’t want to go back home. He told Fembauer that he wouldn’t make it through the day alive. Jack has communication devices implanted in his body.

There is something going on that we aren’t aware of or just turned a blind eye to. Case in point. In that preview Belcheck is there with Jack. Perhaps he’s using the fake assassination to really kidnap Heller for his own agenda.

Jack never told Chloe that he didn’t WANT to go back home. He said “there’s no going back for me,” meaning he had accepted that he would never get to go home. I also didn’t think that he didn’t care about the pardon – I think he didn’t really have time to process and he felt uncomfortable about getting it for doing something he didn’t think was right. He hasn’t really had time to process the reality of being a free man and able to go home.

You could be right about the rest of it though. It did seem odd to me that the producers were hyping up this “darker” Jack so much before the show began, but other than calling Simone a b*tch, he really doesn’t seem any darker or less righteous than he was before.

You don’t think he seems darker? Setting up Chloe at the start was pretty dark to me. When they’re in the van before they give her the phone with the transponder on it, Jack is acting. He’s playing the version of himself that Chloe used to know to convince her that nothing is wrong. It was… eerie. I thought one of the more chilling moments of this darker Jack we have today was the way he said “…so I was right” to Heller in that first scene of the two of them together. He’s colder. It’s not that we don’t see through it at times (like when he almost cries and tells Belcheck that he has no friends, etc..) but he’s definitely exactly what Mark said on the show and uncle carol did above– this is not the same man we once knew.

wasn’t Heller’s explosion a lot smaller than any other drone strike?

I will just wait and see that the next episode has in store for us. It doesn’t take away the brilliance of the last episode. However, if President Heller is still alive, there has to be a reason.

There does have to be a good reason. On the plus side? More Devane. This is never a bad thing. :)

This is awesome, absolutely awesome.
Make believe TV at it’s best ! Nothing’s believable on TV guys.
Remember when they brought Tony back from the dead.

So c’mon, just roll with it and have fun watching the last few episodes without getting your panties in a twist.

I would totally like to see a conversation happen between Belchek and President Heller

Hmm, I’m really glad I read the comments on this website. In retrospect, I think the episode definitely deliberately left the last 2 minutes ambiguous to leave open the possibility Heller is alive. The reason why I myself am so strongly attached the belief he is dead is not entirely based on what I saw but based on what I believe would make a good story. And that “good story” means Heller properly sacrificed himself and the rest of the episodes deal with that. When I could not see a better alternative, I felt frustrated by this twist.

But after reading a few comments, I think indeed there is a potential “even better story” than the version where Heller is dead. Whatever that better story is, it involves some hidden agenda from Jack and indicates he planned some bigger game that could lead to a blast in the conclusion of this series (Really enjoyed Mary’s theory here). I’m not sure what Jack is planning, but the perspective of him planning something beyond current events is very exciting.

Ultimately I think this could be a case where the writers either fail miserably or simply outdone themselves and delivers a product beyond perfection. “Heller dead” is the safer way to play out the story, “Heller alive” is much harder to handle, but if handled well, then we are in for a real treat. I’m now more excited about this show than ever!

June 19, 2014 at 7:19 pm
It’s such a shame that FOX or the writers of 24 want James Heller to die from Alzheimer’s Disease instead of going out in a blaze of glory attempting to save thousands and thousands of lives. Keeping Heller alive after the devastating drone strike at Wembley Stadium is a huge mistake. Heller should have gone out in a blaze of glory. Very soon, Heller won’t recognize anyone. 24 is such a great show, but 24 will always be known as a TV Show that never had a current U.S. President killed on screen during an episode. Killing Heller off would have made this ninth season of 24 truly shocking and truly unique.


I just watched the episode again for the millionth time. I hope the writers have something great up their sleeve as I would have rather seen them kill off Heller instead of see him live with Alzheimers. The tunnel scene between Jack and Heller was AWESOME and Gallery’s score phenomenal and Heller giving Jack a pardon was a great touch. Adding the silent clock to the end of that episode would have made it the best episode ever. That could have lead into a “redemption’ type of episode like they teased in the preview by Jack getting revenge. However, I love being surprised and in typical 24 fashion, can’t WAIT till Monday to see which way they take us. They now have 4 episodes left to tie EVERYTHING together, including what I hope is tying up all lose ends from previous seasons if this truly is the end of 24. Jack finally going home and possibly being happy would be a great way to end what has been a terrific series.

I want Jack to go home at the end, too. Los Angeles and Tony and grandkids, dammit.

maybe while heller is hiding out without his “medicine” maybe he will realize that his condition isn’t as it appears, maybe someone is tampering with his medicine and that adds to the plot!

Possibly, remember one episode where Heller invited Jack into his office to talk….the camera lingered on a shot of Heller’s medication bottle sitting on the desk- indicating to me some significance.

Remember: Heller signed the pardon freeing Jack of any crimes he may commit during the day. (I’m not sure how that works when they’re in another country) but essentially Jack could kill the president himself and won’t go to jail for it.

I don’t think it works that way. Remember, the characters don’t know that everything is going to end in 24 hours. Plus, I don’t think a president can give a prospective pardon for a crime not yet committed (I think that part of season 2 was inaccurate legally), and certainly not a blank check to commit any crimes you want for the next 16 hours.

I think what Heller meant was that the pardon would cover the things Jack had already done that day – breaking Chloe out of Special Activities, assaulting CIA agents, shooting into the crowd of protestors at the embassy, taking hostages, uploading data to Open Cell, vehicle thefts, assaulting a Secret Service agent, etc.

Interesting point. In Heller’s office Jack removed the tracker form Heller’s arm. Heller said that tthe secret service probably would not be tracking him, but Jack wanted to make sure. Could be that part of Jack’s plan after faking Hellers death is to hide him.That’s why he took out the tracker. Also, at the very end of the show on split screen, you can see that Simone is still alive.

omg great point… oh, jack, what are you up to…

Here is another thought – I see Heller keeping the fact that he is still alive a secret – with Jack’s help of course His legacy would be intact, ie giving his life to save thousands and he can go live happily and in secret with Audrey (and maybe Jack?) for the rest of his life. No one would have to know that he had Altheimers or see him deteriorate in his final years. Ronald Reagan did it. His last 2 years in office his disease was progressing but no one really had a clue until he left office and then it all came out. Heller is too proud to let the American people see him deteriorate.

New West Virginian
June 19, 2014 at 11:50 pm
I don’t think Belchek’s character is well developed at all. We basically know nothing about him except that he was in the Serbian mob and that Jack saved his life. We don’t know anything about his backstory.

I don’t fully trust him. The fact that Jack trusts him says a lot, but Jack has been wrong before.

I have a feeling if its true heller is alive. that Jack will be the one to kill Heller, either as a ploy by Margo or a plea from Heller himself either way will Fox allow the Killing of a President

How did they manage to fake Heller’s death?
Chloe must have broken through the firewall. Margo and son were being fed a video replay when they launched the missile. If you go to the 42:15, 16 and 42:38, 39 marks and watch them in slow motion, you can see, albeit faintly, Heller zipping up his jacket (again) and putting his hands in his pockets (again), which is what he had done when he first walked out onto the field. Margo was fed a replay while Jack grabbed Heller.

Just went to rewatch and check closely…

We have the original glasses in pocket, zip up, hands in pockets. At this point Margot and Ian aren’t even over the top of the stadium yet.

When they DO get their first visual on Heller, it’s hard to see because the graphics of the targeting program are over the top, but there are two little white dots which are Heller’s hands, making the same glasses in pocket and zip up movements. When Margot says to zoom in closer, we even see the end of his hands going into his pockets more clearly.

Then there’s a far shot from behind Margot when she’s about to take over the joystick, so it’s not a closeup of the screen, but you can see it in the background, and there are his hands making the glasses in pocket and zip up movements again.

Then there’s a split screen with Margot closeup on one side, Heller with his hands in pockets on the other.

Then there’s that shot from behind Margot again, as things are starting to flash red on the screen as it locks on the target…and there are Heller’s hands moving AGAIN.

All told, we actually saw him zip up that jacket FOUR times. And because the original zip was even before the drone had a visual of him, that must be Wembley security camera footage that Chloe snagged and looped in, (I guess they have cameras in the rafters of that place to keep an eye on the field?) Which means there was even more time for Jack to get Heller out of the way. The visual evidence of it being a scam was there all along, but much like Margot and Ian, we were too tense to notice.

Security camera footage! It’s fiendish yet brilliant yet oh so simple… you don’t have any past relations called Sherlock, do you, Phee?

I’ll hang my hat on that being what the ’24’ writers have come up with…

Yawn, I wonder when you would valiantly start defending any stupid twist 24 writers would come up with like you always do.

LOL at people claiming Chloe faking the drone feed would be such a brilliant solution to the problem of saving Heller. If anything it is the problem itself. This is not your typical HD camcorder, we are talking about military grade night vision cameras on a moving drone where you have to adjust for panning, zooming and angles. How does Chloe adjust the footage from Wembley cameras to sth that would look believable from a drone in just 20 seconds? And what is the brilliant excuse for the missile camera that continuously zooms into Heller before the hit? Did Chloe fake not one but two cameras all in one minute?

It is some stupid deus ex machina to get a cheap twist for the sake of having a twist. I am not surprised that the writers have come up with that with their six grade tech logic, however.

And true to form, you automatically assume the worst about the ’24’ writers’ intentions and narrative choices…


And true to the form, you automatically assume the best about their intentions like you always do.

Any objective analysis would tell you the same thing.
This is a deus ex machina.

But yeah, whatever.

I disagree that this is a deus ex machina. We don’t even totally know yet how this was solved but any option any of us have suggested on this board so far all involve factors already in place in the story. A deus ex machina is when a seemingly unsolvable problem is solved in a story and then revealed to have been solved by something totally new to the story– something for which no groundwork had previously been laid down. That’s why deus ex machina’s feel like cheats sometimes. I don’t see this as that kind of twist. No matter how they solve this, the ingredients to solving it will have been right before our eyes and we just didn’t see it the first time around. If it was a deus ex machina, it would be solved by, like… and then Heller was beamed up to a spaceship for the moment of the drone strike because aliens exist in the 24 universe and Chloe has been working with them and ta-da! Heller’s alive! :) That? Would be a deus ex machina. Right now it just sounds like you’re feeling like the rest of us here to seem feel– kind of annoyed that we missed what was right in front of us.

It is a deus-ex machina if you give your audience a dialog like this

C: I isolated the drone module and managed to resolve the data pack into three streams. The one that actually controls the drone is impenetrable so far.
J: What about the other two?
C: They seem more vulnerable but I still can’t tell what their function is. I need more time.

and then let Chloe sort things out within seconds. Honestly, some people are so casual about Chloe hacking into a drone feed. Just putting a loopy video doesn’t solve anything. It creates an even bigger problem regarding how that video got there so fast and correctly when Chloe did not even look close in the first place.

But you are making a lot of assumptions with how they are going to solve this. We don’t know that Chloe had anything to do with it. Hell, for all we know? This could go as crazy as Open Cell being linked to the CIA earlier in the day for the express purpose of the new guy who is at Jordan’s computer right now being a mole who is in league with Jack who helped him fake Heller’s death. There are literally three different characters that we know of sitting in front of computers (Chloe, Ian, NewJordan) at the time of the drone strike and all their systems are linked together by groundwork already done in the plot.

For all we know? It was *Belcheck* who did this. He’s been shown to have some technical skills and he’s apparently in the parking lot when all this happens. If it was someone like Belcheck, then we’re not talking a minute to make this work– we’re talking from the moment that Jack knew for sure that Heller was getting himself to Wembley come hell or high water. If someone had been working on it for a half-hour, then I would think that would be more reasonable if then all they had to do in that final moment was insert footage of Heller on the pitch and loop it.

To just assume that it was Chloe who did it when Chloe was telling Jack that she needed more time and, as you say, the math is really wonky to think that she faked all this. She could have. They could still make that work if she was coming up with some backup plan all this time. But we still don’t know. So maybe it’s a little early to assume that it’s a deus ex machina.

I don’t by default assume the best, Ozgur, but I have 200 good reasons to cut them a lot of slack… the mileage the writers’ have gotten out of the format and the continued strength of the storytelling allows me to give them the benefit of the doubt.

If they blow the explanation for Heller’s survival, I’ll be the first to admit it, but I’m betting/hoping they won’t, it might be a stretch, completely OTT, and be utterly implausable in reality, but this isn’t reality, it’s what ’24’ does best, and if you stil haven’t realized that, you’re watching the wrong show.

Phee, you’re awesome. :) Great catch. I have to rewatch now.

I really wish that the writers had not kept Heller alive as I think it does nothing good for that character. Heller has not been shown to be a god president, he has been diagnosed with a Disease that effects his brain, he did a lousy speech to the British parliament (the bit that we saw was terrible), he learns that he was lied to about the drone strike that killed Margot’s husband finds out that about 20 innocent people including women and children died at the time (how many innocent lives lost for each terrorist killed is acceptable 20, 50 100?) Does nothing about does not deny in the press, or promise an investigation? No because all he wants is to get the agreement signed on this drone base, so he can quit and deteriorate in peace.
He finally does something good he is prepared to give up his own life to save the lives of possibly thousands of people, thus guaranteeing the support of Britain to get the base he wants, and they screw that up and now if word gets out that the US faked his death this basically guarantees more strikes against London, including possibly hundred of deaths, along with little hope of getting the support from Parliament.
Finally he is now confined to be hiding out or running away with the simple fact that he is not President. (Unless Jack calls Mark tells him to shred the resignation, and tell everyone that the President is just unavailable).
One quick thought, it would be funny if Margot posts the explosion on the internet and loads of people comment that it is clearly fake as they spot that the footage is looped.
I wanted this to be different for 24 and with this it just seems to same old story.

, I think Chloe was able to hack the drone and plant the video or manipulate the video feeds, that was why she was calling on Jack as the Heller was walking to the pitch. Remember it took about 1 minute befor the drone arrived while Hiller was waiting so there must have been a good time for Jack to run in and save Hiller.
2) Heller told Jack that he has a presidential pardon , but this will only take effect about an hour when Mark must have sent it to the VP, now, Mark will not like Jack to be alive so he will take the pardon out and discard it as soon as he hears that Hiller was killed. This will help him stay away from the Russian and the presidential signature that was forged will not be held againt him, and I believe that was one of the main reasons he even facilitated for Hiller to die.
3) remember 24 is not a love story so if you try to build up one it will be visited by a horrible crash, that then leads to the twist. When Hiller is later confirmed alive and the pardon was not upheld, Audrey will get mad with Mark and the married will come to an end but the president may not allow Jack near her also Jack may start having some things with Kate, so before Kate will know that her husband is innocent she might have gone far with Jack so Jack will be in between the two.
4) Adrian will later be the centre of the terror and he might convince chloe to come with him against Jack. Also I think Chloe may even have an idea of what Adrian was doing, that was why she said lets help jack so he can live us alone, also she said iistill believe that in what we are doing.
5) at the end Hiller will still die because he just “lived for another day”, and Jack wil be captured by the Russian as it happened with the Chinese, he will not die so that if they decide to act more 24 he can be available.
So when people say that it was not good for Hiller to be alive I think they are wrong cos if he was dead Mark will work free. And fox will not allow the president to be killed by terrorist as easy as that.

To everyone who is complaining about Heller living and how that fate is not as spectacular as his drone death: It’s not like we will see the Alzheimer’s effects this season. Sure if you wish to extrapolate his fate beyond what this story will cover, he has a miserable existence ahead of him. But for the purposes of Day 9, it will have no more impact than it has already. The whole plot point of his disease was to make episode 8 believable. He wouldn’t have the motivation to give himself up if he weren’t sick.

Besides, think of what other potential there is for this twist. Jack and Audrey. Jack can be the hero who saves her dad….AGAIN!!

And what is this mess about Jack being up to no good? C’mon people. The writers respect the viewers enough not to pull a stunt like that. Granted, we haven’t got the whole story on Jack and what he’s been up to, but I think we can assume that he has interest in helping to save Heller and Audrey out of respect for their history.

Can we all just calm down?

No one is saying Jack is evil. They’re saying he might up to no good for the purpose of doing some good. It’s possible his only motivation is saving Heller’s life but it is beginning to seem less likely when you factor in other clues the show has been dropping all day. The writers do respect the viewers which is why they can get away with crazy stuff like Heller isn’t really dead because, well, scroll up and look at everyone getting into analyzing the ins and outs of what they’re presenting. A good story makes people want to talk about it. No need for “calming down” when this is half the fun.

I am not sure we needed the Alzheimers to make it believable, but it did add to the story. The reason I say it wasn’t needed is that this is a character who has actively tried to kill himself for the greater good twice when he didn’t have Alzheimer’s or any reason not to want to live.

I’m angry. This basically nullifies all of the build-up to his death that we saw this week. Argh.

Does all of this remind anyone of season 4 after Mandy faked her/Tony’s death in 4.23? It truly appeared that they had died in the explosion until Jack listened to the audio feed over and over. Now we’re all watching the Heller scene over and over just like Jack and trying to figure out how he survived.

That was a great twist where one little subtle detail changed everything.

My favorite one was in Episode 1.07 where Jack shoots Nina at point blank range and then a couple minutes later we find out he put a flak jacket on her (when Tony was reviewing the security camera footage). That’s something the audience actually witnessed him do, but nobody realized it at the time. It seemed like Jack quickly threw a jacket over her to hide the fact that he was holding a gun to her back as they left CTU, but he was thinking ahead.

I hope this twist will live up to those.

Bradley Adams
June 21, 2014 at 6:35 pm
Yes but the Tony twist was good. It was a shocking moment and so it didn’t take away from the episode when it was revealed that he was still alive. And Tony is (until season 7) my favourite character from the entire show, so I coped with him surviving.

This one is ridiculous because they spent the entire hour emotionally building to his death. Imagine if Chappelle had survived his final episode. It would have been ridiculous. You can’t just build to a character’s death, then fake killing them. In fact, you shouldn’t leave them alive at all.

I was thinking about that too. To me, it really felt like a fakeout as soon as I saw it…the way they switched out the color and drone screen footage so fast, the way they showed the missile hit from such a far distance, the conversation between Jack and Chloe at the end of the episode, and the fact that we never saw Heller looking at the missile approaching or Jack watching him get blown up all seemed to me very reminiscent of the fake explosion with Tony in season 4. And the lack of a silent clock sort of confirmed to me that it was a fakeout, because while it is true that prior to season 7 not every character who died got one, since the beginning of season 7 they have made a point of using it every time a major character dies, almost as if to say “sorry guys, he/she is really dead.” I found it hard to believe that they would bring a character back from the dead based in part on him not getting a silent clock and then turn around and say the silent clock doesn’t matter. When I finished watching the episode, I was pretty convinced he wasn’t dead. On here and on Facebook, some of you convinced me that he really might be, but it really didn’t add up.

Fox just uploaded two more photos of President Heller to their press site, posted here (1, 2). They appear to be from the eighth episode (scenes we’ve seen pre-explosion) but the file name and description say otherwise.

The file name is 24LAD_EP9-SC903_DS-8802.jpg and the description says it’s from the “7:00 PM – 8:00 PM” hour (which is the correct hour for episode 9). The “SC903” part of the file name indicates that it’s the third scene of episode 9.

Now either this is a mistake, or perhaps the episode might begin with a flashback type scene?

That would be odd but I could see them doing that, just because of how different this twist has been for the series.

That would be cool. To the best of my knowledge they have only used a flashback once in 24 history: at the very end of season 1 when Jack found Teri dead.

Maybe they will have Margot and Ian review the live “feed” vs what they “appeared to see” in episode 8. They could use the review of the live feed to show what really happened to Heller.

Based on the USA preview, it looks like Jacks throws Ian out of the building.

I live in LatAm and saw the ad after the episode, so it’s true that President Heller is alive. It has now been removed out of air.

There is approx. 5 seconds of footage looped continuously while Jack gets Heller out of there, presumably Chloe did this though there are still unanswered questions… I made a few images to explain this after I watched it because I thought I saw something odd about the way Heller was moving throughout the whole scene. No idea if links are banned or if there is a way to embed images but if they are not… then use the links below to see.

As it’s in real time, I don’t think we’ll ever get to ‘see’ what happened exactly but any explanation along with these images should clear things up… apart from (possibly) where the looped footage actually came from.

At first I thought the episode was better for Heller dying but having looks very closely at it, it’s quite clever and I’m less angry about the misdirection than I was at first when I started reading about how Heller wasn’t dead. Let’s see how they explain it next week but looped footage is clearly at the heart of it.


Great analysis, Michael! Those are some very interesting observations.

As your image states though, it could simply be a case of poor continuity editing. One of the interviews regarding this episode said they were only allowed to bring four or five crew members onto the field, so I don’t think they shot much footage of this scene to begin with. The editor(s) of this episode may have had to repeat certain stuff out of necessity.

Thanks for replying, nice to see someone read it :)

Can’t wait to see the next episode!

Great observation Michael. Thanks for sharing.

Wow – great stuff. Thanks!!

Not sure if this might get explained in the next episode anyway, but does anyone find it strange that having Heller be at Wembley Stadium and a drone sent there at 7pm, wouldn’t this be a perfect time for the military to shoot it down since they know where it’s gonna be?

I think it would be the way to go if you wanted to ensure that all the other drones were immediately sent other locations and started bombing the cr*p out of London.

Heller’s plan to give himself up by 7pm at Wembley was never divulged to anyone other than Margot, Jack, & Mark.

Also, the drones are undetectable. In episode 5(?), Heller asked if the hijacked drones can be shot down & General Coburn explained that their stealth technology is so advanced that the US military can’t even track down its own drones. Now that the drones are flying over/near heavily-populated London, shooting them down (with their missile payload) would cause major damage.

I didn’t want to know about heller’s fate but when I clicked on google and I typed 24: Live Another day, that promo was the first listed.

Really annoying google sometimes for posting future spoilers.

Can’t wait to see US President James Q Heller alive & well in tonight’s episode and all of these theories as him having died finally laid to rest.

Well, this twist would have been really shocking if I didn’t know it was coming. I need to go on an Internet ban lol