24: Live Another Day Episode 9 Promo

Crazy stuff, right? Now we know what Mary Lynn Rajskub meant by “outrageous things are happening” in the ninth episode. Take a look at the action-packed promo for the ninth episode of 24: Live Another Day. Jack wants just one thing, payback.

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So it looks like Heller really is dead…

Nope. It would be inappropriate for any show or movie to show the president being dying that way.

Well perhaps…everyone thinks he’s dead but he is not.

How could he not be dead? That whole episode could not have been more final if they tried.

Was he given a silent clock?

No, but Mason only got one when he left CTU, David Palmer didn’t get one, Michelle Dessler, Paul Raines, etc. These were all very emotional deaths for characters on the show that deeply affected the story as well, just like Heller. I think he’s gone.

Palmer and Michelle Dessler died at the start of the episode though so wouldn’t have made sense to have a silent clock because 40 minutes would have passed by then

Mason got one halfway through the episode. Don’t we know by now that 24 doesn’t follow many rules?

You gotta open up your eyes, Mary. The writers have shown an innate ability to surprise us, again and again, so there’s no such thing as certainty.

Believe me, I know they do. That’s part of why I watch. :) But there’s just no way they did all that to make Heller still alive.

Did they really have to show Jack killing Margot’s son in the promo?

As someone mentioned on IMDB – Naveed is shown in some of the behind-the-scene pics of the final episode. If I recall, Heller was too (not sure).

Yea, and unless both of them are brought back, I don’t think they’re bluffing about Heller…

He should NOT be brought back. He went out perfectly.

I agree completely. I think it’d be a bit of a blow if he was to somehow survive.

Guys – an interesting theory from someone on IMDb:


Especially: “the mother is going back on her word in the preview “

The mother might not go back on her word in the promo but the one really in control of the drones is her son, Ian, who is going to be the real problem now.

OH MY GOD everyone keeps calling her son Naveed, his damn name is Ian you idiots.

Daniel, I don’t think that was that nice of you to say that. I apologise for my mistake.

Dude, I really could not possibly care any less.

Stop being such a miserable pratt

They were bluffing. A bunch of William Devane pictures from the set all surfaced only in the last week but they were all taken earlier, probably designed to throw us off so the death would be shocking.

Honestly I’m surprised at how many people think Heller is still alive. I’d say around 70% of the comments on this website are claiming that ‘they know Heller is still alive!”

Having Heller come back would simply ruin what was an amazing episode, (and as I’ve previously said, my now all time favorite) 9x08. It would be exactly like having Ryan Chappelle come back after 3x18 and saying, “Oh, Jack just fired a blank at the back of his head lel” and it would’ve sucked everything powerful out of that episode. If the writers take that path with this, then that will be tremendously disappointing. Plus, Chappelle and Heller’s deaths are both perfect for their characters. Chappelle, always hated by co-workers and viewers alike, was finally commiserable in his final episode, and Heller, always willing to put his country ahead of his own life, finally sacrificed himself in the line of duty…

Hopefully everything is how it seems and we can all look back at 3x18 and 9x08, the two best episodes of 24 in history.

Man, if you were here, I would give you my last chocolate bar. :) Totally agree with everything you said.

I agree completely but believe it or not the writers actually initially planned to fake Chappelle’s death and only make it appear that he was killed.

Somehow the idea got leaked onto a 24 spoiler website called “Ryan’s Report” so the writers decided to keep Chappelle dead as a result.

I don’t buy it but maybe just maybe the writers tried to do this idea again with Heller: build up an entire episode to a characters unavoidable death to sell the idea that he must be dead and ultimately seal the deal with a twist no one would expect down the road,

Like you said why would the writers devote an entire episode to Heller’s sacrifice just to spare him? If they did fake his death the audience would never have seen it coming.

The audience would never see a fake death coming on 24? No offense but I consider every death suspect on this show *laughs* A fake death is expected at this point.

I know what they almost did with Chappelle but half of that was probably about how far they could push the character of Jack. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the ones to leak it to Ryan’s Report just to use the lack of fan surprise as a reason to get Fox to allow them to really kill Chappelle or something. It wouldn’t be the first time they tested with some teases (anyone else remember Person TBD for the Day 6 finale?)

The point is that, sure, they could have faked Heller’s death. Absolutely. But now explain to me how they can ever kill him again. What’s a good death for Heller after they just wrote him an opera of one? We aren’t talking about characters we didn’t know who showed up after fake deaths– your Victor Drazens and what not. We aren’t talking about Tony Almeida whose story arc absolutely required Day 5 into Day 7. We’re talking about Heller here. Do you prefer him to live to next week so he can spend the last few hours of the day driving around with Belcheck because that’s about all he can do now. He’s no longer the President and if he’s still alive, he just destroyed his family with the decisions he put Mark and Jack in the position of having to make. There is no story left for Heller.

It’s not really believable (even with Heller’s condition) how the US’ policy of not negotiating with terrorists could be so easily flipped.

Dead or alive, Heller’s action sets a negative precedent and encourages more terrorists to “make deals.”

He resigned just prior to executing the deal–so he surrendered as a regular civilian.

I wonder if it could’ve been a hologram that Chloe could do, so maybe??? Hoping.

You’re an idiot.


I really hope they wrap up the Margot plotline this week and focus the rest of the season on the Chinese/Russian plots.

Down to the last four episodes of 24: Live Another Day and for Jack Bauer, payback is a you-know-what.

We’re all adults here. No problem saying “Bitch”. :D

really???? no silent clock?

If anything, Jack’s teary eyes are the final give away confirming Heller is dead. I still don’t understand why they won’t give a silent clock. But again a lot of things this season don’t exactly follow tradition. Maybe they want silent clock only in the final episode for the closure of the series or something like that.

New West Virginian
June 17, 2014 at 12:42 am
Yes it IS possible they’re saving the silent clock for the end, like if they load Heller’s casket for the trip back to the US.

I think that would be a nice touch.

Jack wouldn’t let the President die….there’s a twist a coming

1) not Jack’s call 2) it was for the greater good 3) HE’S DEAD, GET OVER IT

Every1’s entitled to their own opinions dude and no one is above mistakes. U GET OVA URSELF and stop cussing!

No he’s not

Jack is not infallible. This is why is he’s awesome.

Heller is not dead yet, Im guessing Chloe hacked the drone before they shot Heller, By simply put a fake video saying heller actually there making them fools.

Why on earth would err on the side of no-proof-whatsoever to just ASSUME that?

June 17, 2014 at 9:14 pm
That is a dope theory. A viable one too since the promo confirms that she hacked their feed. For all we know she hacked the feed, looped the video and Jack moved Heller.

If you watch the final scene again there’s only about two minutes from when Heller started walking onto the field until he got hit with the missile.

I don’t see how they could come up with such an elaborate plan and execute it in the span of two minutes.

South America’s FOX channel just showed a different preview from next episode and it shows Heller alive. The preview shows Jack and Belchek getting Heller into a van while Jack tells him to “let him do what he is best to”. So yeah, now the season totally sucks, just keep watching for the good times

Any proof of this?

Unfortunately the Fox LatinAmerican YouTube channel does not upload any preview, and previews are only shown after each episode and not between any series or movies on another schedule, so we’ll have to wait for next week.

There’s an article on this website that says major spoiler and that is it

OMFG what if Chloe faked the presidents death without anyone knowing

I don’t believe them ! Heller is still alive ! I wonder how UK will handle the death of Pr.Heller and if they are will still give Jack the permission to do what he is doing on their land ,,

You make an interesting point. The only person that can actually give an order really to have Jack Bauer operating as a ‘friendly’ is President Heller. With him gone, won’t these powers authorised to him be taken away? That’s unless Jack knows the Vice President.

The fact that they have managed to not say the VP’s name while talking about him in a couple of separate conversations over two episodes says we probably know who it is. It’s kind of late in the game for a new character to establish a relationship with Jack, someone’s got to be there who knows Jack’s history, and Heller wasn’t stupid. He probably had a VP he was reasonably sure he could trust, unlike pretty much every president in 24 history. He was suggesting that Mark should try to work for the VP in the last episode, which means the VP can’t be all that bad a guy. It would also add weight to the story. Considering that the rendition order and the Russians are going to factor big time into the end game, the only really appropriate choice would be Ethan Kanin.

Is it Vice President Keeler or is it Vice President Palmer?

shawn parrington
June 17, 2014 at 4:41 am
ok guys remember back when jack had to kill and agent, and everyone thought this can not be and it happened? this is what makes 24 an amaizing show, this is the same as the assination of president palmer, we all kept waiting to see palmer walk through the doors, Heller is dead, that makes for great reviews, the real problem we have here is they can not possibly make this the last season of 24! Jack must live forever! end of story :-)

Everyone watched the same show. There is no way Chloe faked the death of the president. The missle hit right in the center of the field. We saw the missle hit the field first. Then we saw the missle’s explosion on the drone’s camera. Heller is dead. RIP. We went out the way he wanted to. He could of been a great president in 24. To bad it was short lived.

In the TV Guide interview Manny Cotowas asked if there is any way Heller survived, and his reply was “no, it is pretty cut and dry.” Also, Mary is right on with her assesment as to the idea that the VP is someone we have seen before, but it is not EK. The VP is a woman, and Mary knows to whom I refer!

Who do you think? lol

Spoiler alert: Ethan Kanin in drag is not Edgar’s mom, Ronnie. We’ve been over this.

New West Virginian
June 17, 2014 at 10:04 pm
Where did you hear the VP is a woman? If it’s a woman I think Karen Hayes is probably the only realistic possibility even though she was more of an agent than a politician. I highly doubt its Taylor after everything that’s happened in her administration. Unless Martha Logan somehow recovered.

The VP isn’t a woman. It’s a man by the conversations had in the show– Heller says ‘he’/’him’ when talking about the VP. RonnieTheC is hot for Edgar’s mom so she is always a potential to come back in every scenario, apparently. :)

Manny Coto also gave an interview after 6x14 where he “confirmed” that Audrey was dead and talked at length about how the producers decided to kill her off in abstentia. Just sayin’

Here’s hoping president Heller ends up alive despite everything we’ve seen, he is/was a perfect presidential character.

BTW, I believe Episode 9 will be one of the all-time greatest, if not THE greatest.

Noooooo, we have another Jack :( Things are gonna’ get confusing around here!

I think if Heller ends up being alive, the whole of Episode 8 will be for nothing & it could take away from the realism immensely. The fact that a drone killed the President is unrealistic enough as it is without Chloe somehow manipulating the feed etc etc.

Exactly right. :D

I agree. As much as I like Heller, for the season to be credible, he needs to be dead.

I think Heller was far from perfect, which made him all the more interesting.

Karen Hayes
Sandra Palmer (no way – that’s stupid, sorry)
Lynne Kresge
long shot – Allison Taylor demoted after her actions in Season 8 (also stupid)

No, No, No & No!

The VP is a man based on the conversations the characters have had about him so far. RonnieTheC thinks that Edgar Stiles’ mom is going to reappear at any moment lol so that’s why the female character thing.

New West Virginian
June 17, 2014 at 10:06 pm
Vice President Behrooz Araz!

At least we’d all have great ringtones.

What crazy comments. Of course the pres is dead. They couldn’t have been more obvious unless they put a note on the screen – “See, he blowed up real good”.

And someone would have said: “But they put that note up there to trick us!!!” ;)

Is it next Monday yet? The waiting is going to drive me nuts!

The same with me, next Monday looks like eternity

Look at the bright side – the show airs on Monday, that mean the weekend last forever :)

Forget Heller…

Characters Who Can’t Possibly Really Be Dead:

-Morris O’Brian.
I’d buy it if it had just been Prescott but killing off a former main character off-screen is just a little unbelievable. Add in that it’s suuuuuch a suspicious death… a car accident at night with only one witness who conveniently didn’t really see anything? On the one night Chloe doesn’t pick Press up from soccer practice? I think Prescott could well be really dead but Morris is a whole other ballgame.

-Muhammed Al-Harazi.

There would be nothing more ironic than Margot having launched a revenge mission for a man who is really still alive. There are date discrepancies as to when this drone attack happened (smacks of Operation Nightfall) and one attack did leave survivors, including Margot herself. It’s clear that if Margot’s husband is still alive, she doesn’t know about it. Boudreau even admitted to a U.S. coverup involved in the drone attack– maybe there is more to this than we already know (or that he even knows at this point.) Maybe the U.S. has Al-Harazi and has this whole time. Or something.

I disagree about Morris. Wayne Palmer was recurring in Seasons 3 and 4, and promoted to a main character in Season 6. At the end of Day 6, he was still alive, but died sometime off-screen between Day 6 and Redemption. I don’t think Morris’s death is any less suspect because it happened off-screen.

Correction: Recurring in Seasons 3 and 5.

Alex– I disagree about your example of Wayne for one major reason: Wayne’s death was a plotline on 24. They said many times that if they gave Wayne that adrenaline that he’d suffer consequences from which he would in all likelihood not recover. The fact that he wasn’t officially dead onscreen by the end of Day 6 doesn’t change the fact that he was given a whole story surrounding his death and was as good as dead when we left him. That is completely different than a major recurring character being murdered off-screen under suspicious circumstances.

Your example of Wayne though illustrates just how this Morris situation just *never* happens on 24. If the closest we can come to something comparable is Wayne out of dozens of characters, it kind of emphasizes my point.

And I disagree that if the best we can do is come up with that something like Morris’s death has never happened on 24 before, and therefore can’t now, it emphasizes my point.

Agree to differ, I suppose?

Always. :)

I thought the government did it to her because she somehow got away with a short punishment for helping Jack at the end of Day 8. They couldn’t get Jack’s location out of her, so they thought this would be a nice punishment, like countless dirty CIA assassinations we’ve heard about in the past century? That’s the way I look at their deaths: a result of her actions.

I think they’re as a result of her actions but you think the U.S. government did it? That’s pretty dark. I thought she was saying the Russians killed her family because of what she knew about the Day 8 conspiracy. Jack doesn’t worry about his own family because Navarro just told him, like, an hour or so earlier that Kim had another kid, so he assumes they’re fine.

True, but Chloe was directly involved and they knew where she was, so maybe they were attempting to use this as leverage against her, or to show her that “resistance is futile”? I don’t know. Like I said, that’s just how I took it, but I don’t know if they’ll ever tell us. :/ I hope they do.

You sure that Jack has another grandson? I thought that was a bluff from Navarro. Because the screenshot of Jacks family, killcount etc. in episode 1 or 2 doesn’t show another grandkid.

Did they say on screen that Wayne Palmer died after season 6? When? I don’t remember that.

I think Morris is really dead in no small part BECAUSE we got a Prescott death as well. Faking the death of a lone adult in a car crash is totally doable, (we’ve even seen it done before) but including Prescott makes it feel legit IMO. If Morris was the true target and they wanted to fake kill him, there were so many ways he could have been taken out, rather than being targeted while he was with Prescott, in a situation like a car crash that would have been closely investigated.

I can easily believe that Morris and Prescott were the intended target of that accident all along, because someone (Adrian) wanted to get to Chloe and her family were standing in the way so they had to be eliminated. If so, then holding Morris captive wouldn’t be worth the trouble, because just killing him would do the job of making Chloe vulnerable just fine.

Also, I love me some Morris so no disrespect intended, but within the context of what we’ve seen for Day 9, I can’t imagine him being important and valuable and worth anyone’s trouble to kidnap him and fake his death so they could use him.

I could believe that Al-Harazi isn’t really dead. Or even Margot’s first husband, who we don’t have any info on other than *checking the wikia* he died when Simone and Ian were 3 and 5 years old. Margot associated with left-wing groups when she was studying at Cambridge. Wouldn’t it be a trip if Adrian ended up being her first husband?

We don’t know if they’ve ever interacted in present day, do we? I guess she’d know he exists considering she was using one of his geek posse. But who’s to say that Adrian Cross isn’t an alias because he fake died years ago and abandoned his family? And now he’s trying to undermine Margot somehow with his shady deals in an attempt to free his children from her? It’s quite the crack theory, but really, why even give Margot a first (dead?) husband. Her story would have still worked just fine if Al-Harazi was her only husband and the bio father of her kids. But they went and gave her a first (dead?) husband. And we know nothing about Adrian’s history, (but safe to say he hung out with leftie groups in his college days). And everything will have to tie together somehow, but right now it seems that Navarro and Adrian’s shady dealings aren’t related to the Margot drone plot. Unless they ARE somehow, because Adrian’s the middle man. Hmmmm…

There’s always the possibility that Morris faked his own and his son’s death to get away from Chloe. Since she is the one that is most involved in sensitive events surrounding Jack. And Adrian may have helped Morris to do that. Or in the other scenario he is connected to their actual death.

The problem for me now is with the limited amount of episodes left, I don’t think there’s enough time for any sort of good closure with Chloe’s character. And that really worries me somehow.

To be honest, I think you guys are over analyzing Morris’ death here. I understand that Carlo Rota was part of the main cast at one point, and that the way Morris died was different, but so were the first few episodes of the season. Episodes 1 and 2 didn’t give us much back-story on what Jack and Chloe were doing or what they had gone through over the last four years, which in any other season, would’ve been established within the first episode. I think they killed Morris and Prescott for the sole reason of making Chloe hardened and more like Jack, which was the outcome.

I can’t see Morris popping up in the last four episodes of the series, because it really wouldn’t fit into the plot unless there’s some kind of connection with Margot or the framing of Adam Morgan. But hey, anything could happen at this point…

Oh they absolutely did it to harden up Chloe. The moment when she tells Jack about it was really emotional because Jack knows how much that hurts and Chloe is one of the last people alive that he’d wish that pain on and it sucks that she can now relate to him on that level.

But just the fact that they had Chloe say that she knows the reason for it makes me think there’s something more to it. He’s definitely dead IMO, but I call shenanigans on the reason.

The only possibility is if Chloe managed to crack into the drones and put them in training mode!! This is is the only change Heller has of surviving the attack! Monday is really far to wait for this!

Every1’s entitled to their opinions. YOU GET OVA dt! U must rily be taking heller’s death badly…weirdo!

Fox always had this thing about not killing off activate presidents, the addition of him resigning before he dies just adds to the reality of his death

based off of that “sneak” preview……Heller is GONE! But Jack is about to kick much tail!

South America’s FOX channel just showed a different preview from next episode and it shows Heller alive. The preview shows Jack and Belchek getting Heller into a van while Jack tells him to “let him do what he is best to”. So yeah, now the season totally sucks, just keep watching for the good times

So Jack the English major says a line like “let him do what he is best to”, which does not make any sense whatsoever and also sounds somewhat similar to the line Jack does say to Kate Morgan in the U.S. promo? No offense, man, but I think you might just be trying to stir the pot here.



I like the idea of Mohammed being alive kinda like victor Drazen from season 1.

If heller is alive, then we will find out in ep 9. Why would margot use the last drone for an attack then? (As per this promo)She didn’t keep her word.

Looks like Ian might be the one that saves the last drone and double-crosses his mother.

And even though he survived, he ain’t the US president no more, he resigned

The resignation would have been effective after two hours….

I think that’s a great twist. Not sure what you mean by the season totally sucking now

Because from what we were shown in S9E08, this ‘twist’ would make no logical sense. Heller walked out onto the field and was blown up within two to three minutes. There is no way that he could’ve avoided the drone’s explosion, (he couldn’t have quickly ran away from the blast; he’s 76 years old.) Also, this whole Chloe theory that she looped the drone’s video doesn’t make sense to me either. So what, Heller walked out onto the field for a second and then walked right back over to Jack twenty seconds later? And if this was all planned out, why did Jack and Heller act all emotional in their final scene if it was, in fact, not their last one? AND…even if Chloe was able to quickly hack in and be like, “Jack, I got it, get Heller outta there!” and Jack yelled, “Mr. President get outta there!” or something along those lines, it STILL would be illogical because we would’ve seen him running away from the explosion when it happened and he STILL wouldn’t have been able to avoid the blast since he’s nearly 80 freakin years old. The twist wouldn’t make any sense unless the footage they showed us of him walking out to the field was completely fake, (which doesn’t fit the style of the show at all) or it wasn’t in real time and he did have time to avoid the drone, (which STILL wouldn’t be like the show.) A twist would plainly disregard all logic whatsoever, unless Jack and Chloe found a way teleport Heller out of the drone’s way…of course.

Also, as many have said on here before me, why build up a character’s death so well and then ruin it afterwards? Heller even said, “This is my time to go.” Why would the writers put that line in the script if they knew that it wouldn’t mean anything in the next episode?

On the topic of the whole Jack reaction shots and final clock, sure it could’ve been edited better, but I didn’t mind it. I feel like the whole episode, and especially the last ten minutes, was still very well done and blew me away.

Do I think Heller will come back? I sure hope not, but I wouldn’t put it past the writers either. All of these behind the scenes pics that have resurfaced today have made me unsure if Heller actually died, which confusing us might be the writers’ intent, but it’s not like they haven’t made mistakes in the past, either…

If that is indeed correct that Heller survived – and I can’t wait to see how they managed that one! – it would almost certainly explain a number of things;

* Mary Lynn Rajskub’s reported utter disbelief what the writers pulled off in Episode 9 upon reading the script.
* The reason we got a ticking clock not a silent clock.
* Margot’s “nnnoooo!” in that promo; she realizes she’s been royally duped.
* The new drone attacks shown in that above promo. Margot back on the attack
* FOX’s ban on the death of a sitting president on their network shows seemingly being overridden had Heller died; his resignation takes effect from the beginning of Episode 9, he was still President had he been killed at Wembley, he wasn’t so FOX’s ban was not overridden.

And all this after I wrote a long and (I thought) eloquent treatise on the ’24 Showrunners Dicuss Shocking Death’ thread on this site… way to go ’24’ writers, LOL!

“The reason we got a ticking clock not a silent clock.” – Could’ve been an editing mistake. Yeah, yeah, I know the directors sit down with the editors and all of that, but these guys have been away from 24 for four years. Also, maybe it’s a philosophical thing, like Heller could actually have been the villain while Margot was the hero for killing the man who murdered innocents with drones. Yeah it’s a stretch, but so is Heller still being alive…

“Margot’s “nnnoooo!” in that promo.” – Because Jack throws her son Ian out of the window. Why Fox would show us that in the ad is beyond me.

“The new drone attacks shown in that above promo.” – That is the same exact footage from the previous episode.

“FOX’s ban on the death of a sitting president on their network shows seemingly being overridden had Heller died; his resignation takes effect from the beginning of Episode 9, he was still President had he been killed at Wembley, he wasn’t so FOX’s ban was not overridden.” – Although this is true, I still think that was a way of getting out of the loophole.

Of course I could be wrong and Heller is in fact alive…

If Ian really dies after getting thrown out that window then it proves they’re doing some things just to screw around with us, since the actor was posting pictures apparently from filming the finale. If he dies next week, we know he’s helping to keep us guessing. Just like all the William Devane pictures that surfaced in the last week in order to keep us from thinking that Heller was really going to die.

Why would they keep their scripts confidential and lockdown a lot of the sets if they were allowing the actors to post whatever pictures they wanted on Twitter?

New West Virginian
June 18, 2014 at 1:11 am
Maybe that picture with Chloe and Cheng was to throw us off too, who knows? Maybe that picture wasn’t even real and was photoshopped.

Carlo Rota also tweeted that he was in London a few weeks ago…

Given the way 24 films, Liam Garrigon (Ian) could have been there to do some pickups, looping (post production audio), or even a reshoot for episode 9. They filmed this way all season long, so he could have easily been there to do something for episode 9.

For William Devane, couldn’t he have returned to London for the wrap party? Maybe he got there a few days early and wanted to be there on set. Or perhaps they filmed additional scenes of Heller to be inserted later (ie archived videos of one Heller’s speeches, to be shown at a memorial service).

Very true, Chlojack.

Didn’t even think about those angles. Awesome analysis Chlojack, and I seriously hope you’re right…

Yeah I hope so too. I recall Jon Cassar tweeting that they were still shooting 7/8 while doing the 9/10 pair (probably mostly episode 8 for the night scenes). So it makes sense that 9/10 would have overlapped with 11/12.

vaughn ramdeen
June 18, 2014 at 12:26 am
Heller is alive. Just saw teaser #2.

where is the teaser then……..would be nice if someone post it!

Starting to think there isn’t one yet…

maybe it does not exist……I don’t think the writer would bring him back might pissed some fans off……



With only three episodes remaining, Jack Bauer’s harrowing day crescendos as he pursues final leads at all costs. The emotional toll of the day’s events escalates when Kate Morgan learns the truth about her husband and Audrey confronts Boudreau about his duplicity. Making matters incredibly worse, the scope of the terror threat widens and the potential devastation reaches new heights in the all-new “Day 9: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM” episode of 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY on Monday, June 30 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TWF-910) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer; Yvonne Strahovski as Kate Morgan; Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian; Kim Raver as Audrey Boudreau; William Devane as James Heller; Benjamin Bratt as Steve Navarro; Tate Donovan as Mark Boudreau; Michael Wincott as Adrian Cross; Gbenga Akinnagbe as Erik Ritter and Giles Matthey as Jordan Reed


Hellers alive. Jack was dreaming and wakes up and Pam finds Bobby taking a shower….oh wait that was Dallas.

…which is the same show that was remade featuring Carlos Bernard!

********************CONFIRMED CONSPIRACY********************

I knew Tony was coming back somehow.

New West Virginian
June 18, 2014 at 1:10 am
So here is my prediction……

Some of the secrets that Navarro sold to China involved drone technology, after all the CIA and CTU both fly drones like we’ve seen in past seasons. The Chinese in turn used this intelligence to help Margot in her attacks. It was mentioned that the Chinese didn’t want the base treaty renewed and a terrorist drone attack on British soil would convince the British government not to cooperate with the US drone program. The Chinese still want to do something to make sure the treaty is not renewed, at the same time Navarro is going to do everything he can to cover his own ass, maybe even help the Chinese more in exchange for their protection (like Philip Bauer did).

That is a very logical prediction and I think it makes sense.

At the beginning of the season I assumed that all the references to the Chinese had something to do with the whole Audrey/season 6 plotline, but now I am thinking that might not be the case. I was initially thinking that Mark could have been an agent for the Chinese for years and that was what motivated him to hold Audrey’s hand and “bring her back” for three years when he didn’t even know her before she went to China, but I am thinking that is less likely now, because there is enough interesting plot stuff going on with both of them.

Your theory would be a good way of making the Chinese side plot tie into the story but without adding more layers of big bads behind the big bad. If your theory is right, I am thinking that Navarro and Cross probably did not know that the Chinese were selling the technology to Margot, because there are too many things that would not add up about either of them being involved with Margot’s scheme (Navarro reinstating Kate in episode 2, him being at the site of the explosion in episode 5, Cross leaving Chloe alive and unattended knowing she was helping Jack try to stop Margot).

I also think that maybe the all threat could have been helped by the Russians or the Chineses as a trap targeting Jack. I mean, like everybody points it out (Chloe in Season 8, Kate here at the beginning), you can catch Jack only if he is willing to be caught.

So, you are a clever Russian / Chinese knowing well The Jack and you absolutly want to take revenge knowing you never gone find him since he is hiding so well, what can you do ?? I would say letting him know about a threat against the President, especially against Heller, is a pretty good way to assure his come back.

But to begin with, they must had an intel about his location, in London.

(sorry about my english i’m french!)

heller is dead. Otherwise there is no validity or clear motivation to declare Jack goes into payback mode.

payback mode. I really like this saying.

When Kim Raver was given the script for Episode 11: “I literally gasped out loud.” Heller will re-appear during this episode.

After all is said and done, let’s wait for next Monday. Heller might be alive: why isn’t Jack shown after the president walks away from him?
What was he left doing? Chloe opened a new window when Jack was talking to him just before the president walked away. What was that window?
Let’s wait for next Monday.

If somehow that “South American Promo” proves to be true and Heller is alive……………………………………..

Not going to ban the show of course but I’ll surely treat the rest of the season as a joke:)

Do you remember in i think it was season 6 when Heller drove off the edge of the cliff and was presumed dead until a couple of hrs l8 when he miraculously survived. Apparently there’s a big WTF moment in ep 11. Could it be that Heller survived?



With only three episodes remaining, Jack Bauer’s harrowing day crescendos as he pursues final leads at all costs. The emotional toll of the day’s events escalates when Kate Morgan learns the truth about her husband and Audrey confronts Boudreau about his duplicity. Making matters incredibly worse, the scope of the terror threat widens and the potential devastation reaches new heights in the all-new “Day 9: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM” episode of 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY on Monday, June 30 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TWF-910) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer; Yvonne Strahovski as Kate Morgan; Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian; Kim Raver as Audrey Boudreau; William Devane as James Heller; Benjamin Bratt as Steve Navarro; Tate Donovan as Mark Boudreau; Michael Wincott as Adrian Cross; Gbenga Akinnagbe as Erik Ritter and Giles Matthey as Jordan Reed


Hello, people. I don´t usually post here or any other site (I just read the comments) but now I feel compelled to do so in order to let you know that the South american promo that proves that Heller is alive IS REAL.

At the end of every new episode, Fox Latin America usually shows a very short clip about the following episode. This time, this clip showed Heller alive.

Furthermore, I can describe in detail what it showed: we see Margot´s son analysing something in front of a computer and telling her mother: “Something´s not right”. Next we see three people next to a car and Jack telling Heller exactly the following: “Please, Mr President, get in the car and let me do what I know how to do.” Heller looks reluctant to get in the car. And Belcheck is behind Jack opening the door of the car for the president to get in.

someone really need to post that South American promo because I don’t believe it one bit……

Ah crap, can the webmaster please remove my previous comment?

Sorry about that. Feel like an idiot.

Just pretend it wasn’t you, LOL

Remember Chloe couldn’t figure out what the 3 feeds were that she was trying to hack into? I believe jack and the pres told nobody anything from the start, because this was their plan. Chole would embed a false video in the correct feed, which would give time for the president to escape as soon as it was done. The pres plays dead and nobody knows but Jack.

According to Imdb,,Heller was in for 12 episodes……Im guessing that Chloe somehow hacked into Margo at the last second and Jack had time to pull him to safety…..so when Audreys husband tries to hand him to the Russians later…Heller returns and Jacks pardon takes effect …THEN Heller resigns…..my big question is when Jack flies back to LA which is a 9 hour difference from London, will Audrey be with him????????

Seriously can we please have some Jack and Audrey scenes?!?!?!?!

I only came back to watch 24 because I heard Kim Raver was reprising her role!