Michelle Fairley: 24 writers “did a nice job” with Margot

Michelle Fairley at a Game of Thrones event
Michelle Fairley at a Game of Thrones event

Another interview with Michelle Fairley, this time from TVLine. She talks about getting the role after Judy Davis had to bow out, and how her death scene was actually filmed. Again, there’s Game of Thrones spoilers in their article.

Judy Davis abruptly exited the role of Margot just as production started. Who knew who, to call in a favor and pull you in in a pinch?
You know, I just have fantastic agents. Honestly, I have no idea how that happened, but thankfully they got on the case and got talking to [executive producers] Jon [Cassar] and Kiefer [Sutherland].

Would you have liked to see Margot at least smack Jack good before she met her maker? Maybe get in a punch?
I would have loved for her to have had a big fight with him across the room, but she ain’t that sort of woman, unfortunately. [Laughs] But the writers did a nice job with it, the suddenness of it. When you come up against Jack Bauer, you know exactly what’s going to happen.

Once Margot’s body hit the sidewalk, was that actually you laying there or simply a stunt double?
No, that was me!

Really? From that high-up camera angle it could have been anybody. I’m surprised that put you through that.
Oh, no, no, no…. We watched this brilliant, young 24-year-old woman dressed up as me jump out of that window, her hands cuffed behind her back as well– and once they get that shot from different angles, they go, “OK, get in the shot.” [Laughs] And I come in and lie on the ground.

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Margot definitely paid the price for her sins. Wonder what’s next for Michelle Fairley? She was so great on Game of Thrones (never watched the show ’cause I don’t have HBO).

Trust me, you’re not missing anything, it’s pornographic filth (as is par the course with HBO)… if they dropped the gratuitous nudity, profanity, and gory violence, they’d have nothing!

You think she was great on a show you never watched?

It’s a shame for Margot Al-Harazi’s character, but what a way to go. She was a brilliant villain and a memorable one, alongside Christopher Henderson and Charles Logan.

Kiki Vanderway
June 25, 2014 at 7:39 pm
Yes kick ass wonderful job#

Kudos to 24spoilers.com for posting some exit interviews. I can’t explain it, but reading Michelle Fairley’s thoughts on her character and her story arc have helped to calm some of the uneasiness I had about episode 9 and the episodes to come. She’s always so gracious and praises the people she works with, so I can only hope that after a fantastic villain like Margot, Jack Bauer’s next foe will really be one for the ages.