24: Live Another Day Episode 11 Promo

Here’s the promo for 24: Live Another Day Episode 11 which features a lot of crazy things happening.

Brazilian Promo

UK Promo

In the penultimate episode, Audrey pursues diplomatic channels to try to prevent a full-scale war. Meanwhile, Jack Bauer leads Kate Morgan and Mark Boudreau on a mission to locate their target before it’s too late and the world is changed forever.

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Wow. It looks like Cheng has spotted Jack on a surveillance camera. I completely forget how Jack left things with Cheng. Would it be likely that Cheng wants to get his hands on Jack?

And thank God Mark Boudreau has been arrested.

It ended with Jack saving his nephew from Cheng on that oil rig; Bill Buchanan took Cheng into custody and brought him to CTU at the end of Day 6. Chloe mentioned tonight that Cheng was “supposed to be rotting in prison.” I assume he got out and is on his own now. I’d take it he’s not too happy with Jack, since Jack is responsible for the burn on Cheng’s face, and putting him in prison.

Well it appears Jack and Kate handled the Russians lol.

at :22 is that Heller with a gun???

It’s not him. It’s a Russian guard.

Thank God for that! That’s all I’ve been worried about the past 4 to 6 episodes or so!

Can’t believe it’s the last episode before the “series finale”. Hate to wonder if Chloe won’t make it to the very end. My money’s on Cheng to get killed off in a bad, bad way and Jack gets caught between the Chinese and the Russians. With the finale in two weeks, let’s hope Jack Bauer gets a “happy ending” so that he can reunite with his daughter Kim if he’s going to make it out of London alive. Wonder if Fox is not going to do more of 24 (fingers still crossed).

When Chloe jumps off that train.. is it only me or is there someone else inside of it? Who could that be? At around 22 seconds….


You mean the guy wearing the helmet.

0:18 Look at Belcheck being all Secret Servicey…

That aint’ Belcheck is it? That’s a Russian security agent. I dunno’ what Belcheck would be doing in that scene with Mark Boudreau.

Belcheck’s unofficially Heller’s muscle, I guess. Makes sense to have him on board.

Doesn’t look like Belcheck BUT as it looks like Jack got away from the Russians, maybe Belcheck came to the rescue! Lets wait and see I guess.

The scenes for the promo are really all over the place, more so then usual, for example they have have Cheng’s men looking around in the woods and then show Chloe jumping from the train. Cheng’s men are probably looking for Chloe after she jumps the train. Also the Mark scenes are all over the place, first he is the Russian consulate and then the American one and back and forth, etc. Next week is all over the place, which makes sense since there are only two episodes left.

Is that Mark tackling with one of the Russians? Why are they going after the Russians at a time like that, is Cheng working with the Russians? I am guessing in order to get out of the mess he made, Mark will be helping Jack and Kate in the field.

Falling through the window? Yeah I think that’s Mark and the bald Russian guy who was standing beside him at the bottom of the stairs. And it looks like Mark has a gun that goes flying out of his hand? That does not bode well.

Is Cheng working for Russia?
What country benefits the most if China and USA are at war? Russia

This. Yep.

It’s starting to feel like their trying to redo Season 6, except this time do it right, still no Mandy sighting.

The more I watch this I am convinced that when Heller says
“I’m placing you under arrest for Treason”
He isn’t In fact talking to Mark but someone else.

My guess is that Jack makes Mark goes to see the Russain’s & Jack sneaks in convertly and them.

I watched that bit a bunch of times too, wondering if it was just deceptive editing. But you can see an arm in the foreground of the Mark shot that probably matches up with Heller’s arm as he’s leaning over him. And I THINK they might be in the same room as the one where Jack holds a gun on him? I reckon Mark gets arrested for treason, but they offer him an out if he helps them nail the Russians.

Who is Cheng working with? He just sent a Chinese air carrier to the bottom of the Sea, so it is unthinkable he is actually working for them. Who played this little game before. Only one did….
Could it be Jack’s dad? He is supposed to be dead, like Jack was at one at one time along with Tony Almeida and most recently President Heller. His being alive would then be just “another resurrection” on 24…. and after all, Phillip Bauer worked with Cheng before.
Go slowly and watch the frame at 0:22 of the promo video. Who is the man sitting on the floor? Not a clear view, but To me that is Jack’s dad.
If he is not, well….. At least it’s a theory LOL !!!

I have several posts on this site alluding to Philp Bauer being behind the Chinese involvement. Most people respond that the actor would never play that role again. Watch 6-24 and you will notice that Jack left Papa Bauer next to a boat that he could have used to make his way to the Chinese sub. He had plenty of time to get on the boat before the explosion.

So Jack uses Boudreau to get into the Russian Consulate in London (because Jack in consulates is always a fantastic idea) and they get to Anatol because Anatol knows how to contact Cheng, who is working for the Russians and has escaped with the override device and Chloe? Onto a train because nothing’s funnier than an override device stolen and put on a train after Day 4 began with an override device being stolen *from* a train.

What were thoughts on the episode, Mary? Any predictions for the final two episodes?

Hmmmm…. :) Should I go out on a real limb and say I think Cheng Zhi’s going to die? *giggles*

Alexander Sirius
July 1, 2014 at 12:05 pm
I told my friend Cross have connection with Chinese and the device. I can’t believe I guessed all correct!!
But with Chinese came out, I think LAD should have a full 24-episode-season rather than twelve!

sekweyama ben kenneth
July 1, 2014 at 1:00 pm
Lets dem bring back philip bauer 24 gona be more interesting tv show ever&ever

Alexander Sirius
July 1, 2014 at 2:12 pm
how about charles logan?

Looks like Jack got rid of the Russians rather quickly……..suprising as I thought that they not the Chinese would be his real problem…….is Tony gonna show up out of nowhere…and a wild thought will Jac k wind up with Kate not Audrey….hope not …I like Kate but I love Audrey

Kate has more important things to do in the overall 24 story than become another of Jack’s doomed love interests.

Jack loves Kate . I can see you eyes with the conversation

He gave his daughter those looks, too.

I promise you Mark frames Ron

Thought the same.

We know that Renee was much younger than Jack. Kate can take that position in the life of Jack, as he was acquitted for the murder of Russians agreed with his girlfriend in New York

Oh, so Kate and Renee are just interchangeable love interests. I see how it is.

Hi everyone.

This week’s episode will air tonight on the brazilian Fox Channel. As soon as the promo comes up on the official youtube channel I’ll be uploading to my channel and posting the link here.

True gent, Gabriel!

Thank you :)

No problem, guys.

It usually takes two days for the promo to be up, so as soon as I catch it it’ll be here.


Thanks for posting that Gabriel. :D

Kiki Vanderway
July 1, 2014 at 9:36 pm
I love Audrey in full vengeance mode — oh yeah go ahead ” Jack do what has to be done”…RUT ROH what does she think has to be done???? ( she also wanted to off Henedrson way before Jack thought it was a good idea– but eventually he came around to her line of thinking)

It reminded me of “do what you have to do” when Jack is interrogating her. I feel like she’s telling Jack to do whatever he needs to do to Mark to get information. This is the world’s healthiest marriage.

Kiki Vanderway
July 1, 2014 at 10:36 pm
Mary have you been following Rembert Browne’s snartasic reviews of LAD?

I have not! Looks like I have some new reading material for the weekend. :) Thanks for the tip.

Kiki Vanderway
July 2, 2014 at 9:51 pm
You are in for a treat!

Thanks for that I loved it, it reminded me of an old 24 forum where a poster had the same idea for previous seasons.

Me too! Reminded me of season 5 when she thought Henderson killed her father- “I don’t care how far I have to go or what I have to do, do you understand me Jack?”

So many parallels between this season and season 5 when it comes to J&A…

She sounds straight up determined, no uncertainty in her voice at all, so I reckon she’s talking about him going after Cheng.

I hope it’s about Cheng. Jack’s like, so, over torturing Audrey’s husbands lol.

Aaron Pierce is the VP… Mark my words.

If Aaron Pierce is VP i will shit myself.

One of the best Characters on this show. And I thought it was whack they didint write him into season 8. As he would have been the only character besides Jack to be in every season.

That would be fitting to bring him back with all these other character revives, Heller, Audrey, Chang lol

Alex of Hong Kong
July 2, 2014 at 1:40 pm
How about Chase Edmund?

As promised, Here’s the brazilian promo for next week’s episode:


Thank you!

That “Kill him,” has gotta be for Cheng, (“Bring me that fucker’s head on a platter, Jack, plz and thank you.”), but it sounds like Jack hasn’t spoken to Audrey and Co about that yet, so where did they get the info? Did the Chinese President end up believing Heller and offer up their own intelligence info about Cheng being on UK soil?

Wheres the latin american trailer?

Maybe the kill him was for Mark?

Confirmed: Why Cheng had the override device created (if this is posted elsewhere….sorry).


Can’t you just imagine Cheng in jail…
“They just have to time it right, they’re coming”…
“Any day now, they’ll come for me”…
“I swear they’ll show up when you least expect it”…
“No rly, they’re totes coming”…
“I think”…
“Guys? Where you at? Guys?”…

Mary Lynn did an interview today and they showed a clip and how Chloe escapes the Chinese. It is a cool Chloe action scene.


YAY Action!Chloe!! :-)

FINALLY Chloe kicks some arse

Hard to believe Chloe has never been taken hostage to help terrorists with technology before. Her husband Morris did but he was a drunk coward. This is basically the last thing the writers have left to do with Chloe… but will she make it out alive?

Yes she did, just seen the promo

Seriously still no jack and Audrey?!?!?! They are one of my OTP’s – Kim Raver didn’t just reprise her role to do what she has done so far, Jack and Audrey were a card to draw more viewers in, If these two don’t end up together I’m going to be super pissed!

Here, here!!!!! Very disappointing so far!

I am with you. I really want to see more Jack/Audrey interaction. From the preview it looks like we will get at least a phone call next week.

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 8:09 am
This whole series is all about the foreplay and delaying gratification for Jack.. And they always take their time. And even when a path to the end game can be cleared it’s still not a sure bet the poor boy can get there.

They never give us straight up happy happy. Season 5 is the perfect illustration of 24’s ability to provide an entire year of frustrating J&A teasers right up to the very end when Jack getsthisclosetohappiness only to have it snatched away with no way to explain it to her.

No doubt we will get more of them and more of them together but I’m thinking the end notes are going to leave us all unsatisfied.

I agree with Kiki. We are suppose to think that, since Jack received a presidential pardon, he can go home a free man after the crisis is over. As much as we would all like the final scene to be Jack reuniting with his daughter and grand children, the writers will not let that happen. Kiefer recently stated that, unlike season 8 where the finale was open-ended, this one will certainly feel like a coda for Jack Bauer, and that we should not expect it to end with a bow.

I think Jack will help Chloe escape prosecution, rehash of season 8 but reversed.

Helping them beat Margot, saving the President’s life in the process, probably scored her some pardon points to stack against her Open Cell related crimes. (If Jack’s gonna be forced into accepting his pardon, it’s fair if Chloe gets one too.). Maybe the icing on the pardon cake could be her agreeing to help them sort through all the OC stuff that the authorities would probably want to dissect once they get their hands on it.

She started the day refusing to give the CIA information about OC and could end the day explaining everything to them, maybe even with the prospect of getting her old job back in the future. (Assuming she survives Day 9.)

But the trouble here is that, Chole will not survive the day.

Sounds possible, good thoughts.


Updated post with the UK promo which is quite spoilery. Cheng isn’t playing around! I guess we know what Kim Raver was talking about when she gasped out loud.

Thank you for posting that. I have a feeling that the UK promo just gave away the cliffhanger ending of the episode.
It’s also pretty clear from that promo that
Cheng is working for the Russians
. Disappointing :(

no he is not…….the Russian storyline is separate, Mark is responsible for sending the Russian after Jack it just concidence that they show up when they are heading for Adrian Cross location

But Cheng is clearly talking to moustache man!

When I read the post about Kim Raven gasping out loud I was hoping it would be something better than
a gun held up to her
you get that in every episode well hopefully it is Tony returning I really want that to happen

Bradley Adams
July 7, 2014 at 3:05 pm
I really hope he doesn’t.

I don’t think Jack going after mustache man proves that Cheng is working for the Russians. It would be horribly convenient that the same Russian official who was pressing Mark for half the day is also involved in some nefarious plot. I think Jack just gets clearance from Heller to go after the Russians sent they basically sent a kill squad after him.

And agree – they probably gave away the cliffhanger ending to the episode. If Audrey is taken hostage by Cheng, you have very high stakes in the final hour.

Also, Chloe is not going to die in this episode. Mary-Lynn had the finale script.

The UK promo has audio that implies that a conversation regarding Jack is taking place between
Cheng and the Russian with the silly looking moustache

I know that promos can be cut to make certain shots look they’re all part of the same scene, case in point the promo for episode 9 that made it look like Jack was talking to Kate when in the actual episode he was speaking to Heller, but the audio makes it clear that those two characters are in cahoots.

Cheng and the fat Russian bastard being in cahoots was the absolute worst case scenario for me.

Like I said. Our final villains are not one, but TWO people who both had a legitimate beefs and reasons for bringing Bauer to justice… and now conveniently they’ve both become uber evil international terrorists who just happen to be working together… ON THE SAME DAY!

How very convenient, not to mention incredibly fucking stupid! I was on the verge of being sorry to see 24 go, now I bid it good riddance.

no no….despite what we have seen in the promos, Cheng and the Walrus looking Ruskie are not in cahoots. They are two different story line running parallel.

I want you to be right, or I’m going to have to cyberbully HoGo and the writers till they kill themselves in despair!

Bradley Adams
July 7, 2014 at 2:50 pm
Wow, that’s mature.

Hopefully you do first. Everyone here will cheer.

I’m way too good looking to ever consider such a thing.

I don’t necessarily see the issue here. It makes sense, (to me at least) that the Russian would want help from Cheng because of how much he studied Jack when he was in China. Also, I saw in a ’24 spoiler’ on Twitter that Cheng feels betrayed by China and that’s why he took down the carrier in the previous episode. It is plausible that he would turn on China by siding with one of the other two superpowers, and we already know from previous seasons that the U.S. is off of the table.

I’m also not ruling out the possibility that this promo has been edited to deceive us. Cheng’s reaction to Jack on the security footage at least makes him appear to be surprised at his presence in London.

Honestly, I can understand why they wrote in this twist if it is in fact true. If their plan all along was to give Jack the happy ending, they had get him with Audrey, and get the U.S. and Russia off his tail. So to do this, they had to

A) Have Mark forge Heller’s signature so that he will be gotten rid of by the end of the season
B) Have Heller pardon Jack
C) Have the mustached Russian get caught in the middle of an international conflict so that he will be reprimanded by Russia, and they will have no other alternative but to reward Jack, the man who stopped it all

They did the same thing with Anatoly Markov in Season 6, and I think that is what will happen here if the Russian is working with Cheng.

Honestly, having the plot go this direction is probably the only way to give Jack the happy ending, and that’s fine by me. :)

New West Virginian
July 7, 2014 at 7:46 pm
I hope Jack doesn’t attack the Russian Embassy that would be his FOURTH attack on a diplomatic mission.

I don’t think anything being done before bothers the writers for one second. It should though.

Clifton a Turner jr
July 7, 2014 at 9:50 pm