What did you think of 24: Live Another Day Episode 11?


The penultimate episode of 24: Live Another Day aired tonight. It was written by Robert Cochran and David Fury and directed by Jon Cassar.

Did it get you hyped for the finale next Monday? Vote in our polls and leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments below.

Thoughts on 24: Live Another Day Episode 11?

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The finale looks AWESOME!

That silenced gun fight in that embassy was one of the best firefights I’ve ever seen in 24’s history.

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 2:57 am
Yes I wonder how the Russians are responding to Jack attacking one of their other diplomatic properties.

It was awesome! Is the finale going to be two hours or one?

No it will only be one hour long, it will cover 12 hours

It will cover 13 hours

Got a feeling that old jack is gonna be a crazy man in episode 12……chloe is somehow gonna be a big part of the us getting out of this……but what is the grave decision that was hinted at that jack is gonna have to make????

Probably about whether he can save Audrey without jeopardizing national security. But I hope that’s not it, because they have done that before.

I wonder if it’s Jack’s body being brought home in the flag coffin. Really hope not…

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 10:15 pm
Who called it that Jack was gonna have to pick between saving Audrey or Chloe? I’m thinking that might be it….

I think the trailer gave enough hints that:
1) Jack will likely be forced to make a decision to save either Audrey or the President;
2) the casket with an American flag (probably being flown back to the US as we all suspected would be used to explain the time jump) rules out Chloe as the one to die.
3) Even though such a scenario sounds like the writers were watching the 2nd Batman movie to come up with an “either-or” scenario for the hero to choose from, I have a feeling that the Chinese force Jack to choose who to save and he ends up rescuing Audrey instead of her father.

The finale will have Chloe running through the woods getting caught in a snare, then stalked by a cougar. Does anyone really care about where the rest of the story goes?

I think that would be a very fitting end for the character and (possibly) the series. I mean a show like this will never really be over until Jack is dead. Other than that the fans will just keep begging / hoping for more. I’d love to see him go out as a hero, especially since everything is shaping up for him now. Talk about a tragic ending.

I’d rather not try to think that would happen :(

Lucie Sauriol
July 7, 2014 at 11:10 pm
I just hope this is not the end of 24.

Fans from all over the world simply love Jack and I would be so sad if he would not returned.

I hope you are wrong Daniel Shaw…..

We shall see next week… until then they keep us in suspense…… and I am so sad…..

I think I might just start looking all the épisodes all aover again starting with episode 1.

My guess is it’s just the body or bodies of the servicemen killed in the trial run drone strike at the start of the season. But a good shot to get our theories going.

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 10:09 pm
I am heartbroken there is only one more hour to go. This run has been amazing.

please tell me if Mark is finished……(arrested? )




because this episode was excellent.

Looks like Heller had a heart attack and he’s in the coffin?

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 10:20 pm
I’m thinking it’s not Heller in that coffin but maybe…..I’m worried it’s Audrey….or Mark if they want to sweep his role in the Russian involvement under the rug.

At this point, with Beaudreau being outed for his betrayal, would it really be seen as a tragic ending if he’s the one sacrificed? Really, Jack may shed a polite tear out of respect for Audrey but that death won’t be the kind of climactic ending the trailers are suggesting.

I’d place the odds of either Audrey or the President being the casualty at 50-50. I don’t see the point in Chloe being killed off – despite her history with Jack, she kind of became a peripheral character this season and not nearly as involved with Jack as what Kate was.

Except Jack needs to suffer the consequences of his actions during Season 8. The most appropriate consequence would be Chloe’s death. I feel like this whole episode was further hinting towards this outcome. The episode was a diversion and I think that was intentional. The real-time aspect of the show was in full force here. Jack’s detour with the Russians allowed Cheng to find out he was on the way and get away (which subsequently allowed him to get to Audrey).

How did Cheng get to Audrey? He was heading for the dock to get to his boat! How did he even know Audrey was going someplace for a meeting?

Writers (and evil villain logic) pretty much confirmed that Cheng has some kind of surveillance that let him track/follow Audrey.

WOW! This may have been the best episode of the season IMO. So much happened! Jack confronts mark, us and China going to war, Chloe escapes, Audrey’s trapped, TWO awesome firefights. Wow!

I love that everything is tied together. Mark forged the signature at the beginning of the season and it finally comes back to bite him now and tie directly into the plot. And what a perfect scenario for the finale. Having Cheng have Audrey!


A lot of us don’t watch the hugely spoiler filled previews intentionally and I feel like all I’ve been doing for the last 15 mins is turn my head away from the screen on twitter because people keep talking about it!

What’d you guys think!?

Then don’t go to a website named 24spoilers.com

This is one of the only (and best) sites to discuss the show with fellow fans. And seeing as theres a total other thread dedicated to talking about the preview, and this thread is supposed to be solely about peoples thoughts on the last episode, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for people not to spoil things.

It was good- could’ve been better, IDK why. I was expecting another surprise like Tony coming back. Look, I’m SORRY, ok?! What do you want from me?!

It was mostly lead up for the last episode. And I’m starting to doubt there’s even going to be a time jump. There’s a lot to be resolved next episode, and probably not much time for Jack and Audrey to go back to the US and for him to reunite with Kim and have a happily ever after ending.

My guess? Chloe gets away, and Jack dies killing Cheng. The funeral is not for Heller, but Jack, who sacrafises his life and makes every thing right. And Audrey, Heller and Mark if he’s still breathing tell about all of the heroic sacrafises Jack makes. And this might be where we see Kim again, maybe with her two children. The perfect send off for the series. Kiefer’s said he’s definitely done. Maybe he’s saying that because he knows he’s dead? And this whole “time jump” “we’re definitely not killing Jack” tidbits are meant to throw us off.

And at the very end, we see Kate taking her gun and going off somewhere, or something to that nature. A symbol of hope and Jack’s legacy living on in Kate Morgan, the perfect ending of 24 and a star vechicle for Yvonne’s spin off, possibly not even in the 24-hour format.

I think that would be a very fitting end for the character and (possibly) the series. I mean a show like this will never really be over until Jack is dead. Other than that the fans will just keep begging / hoping for more. I’d love to see him go out as a hero, especially since everything is shaping up for him now. Talk about a tragic ending.

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 10:24 pm
I’m not sure how JAck dying makes anything–let one everything–all right. Certainly not for Audrey or Heller or Chloe….

Jack talks with Chloe in the daytime after the time jump as well as the coffin being carried so unlikely he’s going to die. It could be Heller but I doubt they would put a spoiler like that in a promo. Hopefully a twist we won’t see coming.

It would be foolish to kill Jack. It makes absolutely no sense, Audrey, Heller and Kate will all be dead. Audrey and Kate will die in the park, Heller will get the news and collapse, and Jack will use the death of Audrey to make one hell of a revenge-firefight scene. My guess is Audrey and Kate die mid-operation, time jump to Chloe and Jack talking about finding the mole who leaked Audrey’s location to Cheng. Chloe will offer to help and Jack will tell her to ‘go home’. This will be the end, and everything will be closed with Jack on the hunt for the people responsible for Audrey’s death. Neatly wrapped, without the bow on top.

Since the finale goes from late night to next morning, and Jack tells Chloe in the daytime, “It’s time for you to go home.”, I think it’s safe to assume that Chloe is not gonna die during Day 9.

I don’t think it’s safe to say that. She could die after the time jump. Also, Jack, you’re hilarious. Yeah, it’s time for Chloe to go home to her husband and her son– oh wait…

Agreed – granted, it’s just a short video clip but it strongly suggests that when Jack says that to her, he’s putting her on a plane back to the US – and when she says to him, “I’m probably the only friend you have left”, she’s probably trying to persuade him to join her on trip back to US.

As to whether the end finds Jack going back to the US, I could see the writers going either way: using the pardon from Heller to happily reunite with Kim, or going back into seclusion and hiding as a loner running from a cursed past.

A thought just popped in my head….where is the President’s physician?? He is always reaching for his pills…..even Palmer had his doctor by his side in Day 3, Ann. It may be him in that coffin…

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 10:36 pm
Well Palmer was sleeping with his doc so not sure it’s the same thing

The President should have his physician close to him at all times. Heller is always shown popping pills himself. And in episode 10 Audrey scolded him for taking a drink. He will collapse next episode because of this and all the stress he is undergoing.

Where are the promotional photos??

Consider me underwhelmed. Not because of Cheng, as I still think the personal connection between him, Jack, and Audrey is compelling (and I liked what they did with his character last episode), but because we’ve gotten back into typical 24. Audrey’s in trouble? Boo-friggin’-hoo. The Russians are involved? Never seen that before. WMD threat has transitioned into hokey World War III threat? That’s original.

I dunno. This week just felt off. The pacing was strange. Maybe it’s because I saw it as one of those wasted hours where nothing gets done. The sting operation with Mark didn’t amount to anything. He didn’t even die. So it’s like… what was the point? If they could’ve made something come out of these events that really resonated with viewers, I’d understand… but jeeze! This is the penultimate episode! I felt like the show really raised the stakes at the end of episode 10, but episode 11 just… prolonged the stakes, and it kind of brought the drama down a level. At least that’s the impression I got.

Agreed, glad I’m not the only person that was underwhelmed. Couldn’t quite nail down why, but you’re right, this was all standard 24 finale material. Audrey’s in trouble, the Russians are about to start war, they’re running out of time. Oh my good, because we haven’t seen that before.

This episode wasn’t my favorite either and didn’t really have many good character moments. Chloe had one cool action scene, but did little else, while Kate was almost Jack’s silent partner in this one. I did enjoy the phone conversation between Jack and Audrey though.

The writers obviously played up Kim Raver’s innate skill at commanding tears in any scene but I thought the more subtle, and suggestive, scene was when the cameras rolled to show Kate’s look in listening to Jack talk to Audrey. One could interpret it as either envy because of her own husband’s death – or jealousy due to feelings she may be developing for Jack.

I still think Kate may be the best female character to ever come in Jack’s life – she has a little more backbone than Renee, more independence than Kate Warner and more inner strength and resilience than Audrey, Teri or Kim.

If the series does continue for another season, I hope they team Jack and Kate up even if as just working partners.

Audrey, not an agent, went to china and risked her life and her sanity to save Jack. She was tortured physically, mentally and emotionally and not only survived it but is now thriving and functioning again. Audrey has resilience and inner strength to spare.

Agreed, glad I’m not the only person that was underwhelmed. Couldn’t quite nail down why, but you’re right, this was all standard 24 finale material. Audrey’s in trouble, the Russians are about to start war, they’re running out of time. Oh my god, because we haven’t seen that before.

I don’t get this comment at all. You could say this about every season since season 3 if you wanted to.

Season 4 finale-Oh a nuke might go off havent seen that before
Season 5 final-Oh a nuclear sub might launch an attack and Jack has to save a recording havent seen that before

etc etc.

And if you’re going to complain about the fact that “they’re running out of time” to stop a threat, then maybe you’re watching the wrong show? The whole point of 24 is a race against the clock to stop a threat.

I really don’t get what people expect from this show. Sorry if this seems agressive it wasn’t meant to be. I just feel like everyone has these impossible standards for every episode

I don’t have impossible standards. I just wish they would have a more fresh story. And poor Audrey, always being held hostage lol.

Sorry Clayton you’re entitled to your opinion but…WHAT!? Nothing happened?

-China is retaliating from last week’s attack.
-Chloe escaped Cheng’s custody
-Jack and President discover Cheng’s involved
-Jack and the president discovered Mark’s shadyness which has been prominent since the very beginning of the season
-Discovered the Russians are behind it all along
-Russian dudes dead
-Audrey is kidnapped by Cheng
-Epic firefights and fun ensue
-The world is about to go to war, Cheng has Audrey, Jack needs to stop the attacks AND rescue Audrey AND get revenge

If you don’t think this episode was raising the stakes well…I don’t really know what else you wanted. I loved this. I feel like the WW3 threat feels more real and intense this season because it actually is happening unlike other seasons where they just talk about it. Chinese carrier is down and China has destroyed the US satellites.

I also loved it because they’re making it personal for Jack in the best possible way. Tying in a common foe between him and Audrey.

Awesome stuff imo.

I guess there will always be some hater over this episode…haters will be haters

Hating and being underwhelmed are different things. Sheesh. What is with the anti-critical no-brainery?

Yes, “things happened,” but that doesn’t mean we find ourselves at an especially different place at the end of episode 11 compared to episode 10. Yes, I will admit that the development with Audrey is markedly different, but all the things listed above are just very small things that could’ve been resolved in one-off lines.

– China is retaliating from last week’s attack

Well, no duh! We kind of understood that would be the case at the end of episode 10, and I expect the “World War III” threat will continue in episode 12 in the exact same way we already saw this episode. So, in that regard, episode 11 was a holding episode that just drew out the tension.

– Chloe escaped Cheng’s custody

Well, yeah, she did. But she’s still in danger. Instead of being with Cheng, she’s just laying in gully so that the writers can stretch it out to the finale. So let’s say Chloe is rescued or returns sometime around the 1/3 mark of next episode. Why couldn’t she have escaped Cheng in some different way and gotten back to Jack THIS hour? Things have changed superficially for Chloe, but not meaningfully.

– Jack and the President discover Cheng’s involved

Yes, they do. And it took a whole minute of the episode. Ignore it and consider the other 42 minutes. This scene could’ve taken place at any time.

– Jack and the President discover Mark’s shadiness

Okay, I’ll give you this one. But for it to play out the way it did (having Jack Bauer go on an operation that just takes him in a big circle) sucks! Plus, if this is the great conclusion to the forged signature story they’ve been building ALL SEASON, it ain’t very satisfying.

– Discovered the Russians are behind it all along

Yeah, and that’s sucky and cliched. Not to mention, again, that this development did not take much time.

– Russian dudes dead
– Epic firefights

So what? Who cares?

I just think this episode didn’t get us very far compared to what we’ve been used to. Over the course of episode 10, Navarro was caught, interrogated, and broken, Jack was attacked by Russians, Adrian Cross took Chloe on an adventure across London, his whole techie crew was assassinated, CHENG ZHI returned (!), Adrian died, and a United States sub committed an act of war. WOW.

This episode did not move things along, which honestly makes it feel like this Cheng story arch will have less than two episodes of solid material. Ironically, by dragging things out and wasting time, the finale actually seems like it will be rushed.

I agree, we have a right to criticize the show. It doesn’t make us “haters”. And when you say “if you don’t like it stop watching” well if you don’t like our comments stop replying. :P

I get what you’re saying. And to be clear I’m not in the “if you don’t like it stop watching” boat. I’ve never said that. However when people say things like “oh there’s a terrorist threat and jacks running out of time big whoop” that’s when I feel like people are expecting something other than what the show is supposed to be.

That being said you make some good points and I agree with a bunch of them to an extent. While I by no means think this was a filler episode, I do think more progressed in episode 10. This was a lot of fun though IMO

Why is everyone so damn stuck on this “typical 24” criticism. The elements of this show are what we fell in love with 13 years ago. I know it can be formulaic. But now, we don’t get blindsided by twists, we see a twist coming and are left to figure out what it will be. It’s still fun, still suspenseful, still typical 24

I don’t see how this excuses any show from ‘going through the motions’. ’24’ was once cutting edge. Now it’s just…derivative. I don’t know if that’s the appropriate word to use, but I feel like it’s just nowhere near as ambitious or as bold as it used to be. ‘Live Another Day’ is plotted exceptionally well but that’s just kind of it. I don’t know. The problem could be to do with expectations. I just think something better could have been done with Live Another Day aside from a ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation.

Believe it or not, there ARE shows that stay true to what they are… AND YET different things happen every season. Imagine that!

What shows are they? Shows that had a 2 or 3 year run? After 9 years many repeat themselves at some point. I wish it was more original too, but at some point you can only go so far.

Say what you will about it, but LOST, which ran for six years, was constantly re-inventing itself.

True and i enjoyed it right until the ending, so dumb. But then Lost had the ability to go sci fi and pretty much to the friggin moon, 24 kinda is restricted there.

Clayton, while I don’t think I feel as strongly about it as you do, I also felt a little bit let down during this episode. The last three episodes have been so edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting intense, that this episode almost felt like going from the highway to a residential area. I found myself wondering how in the world they could wrap all this up in the next hour. Yes, it covers 13 hours, but it’s only 1 hour of TV time, and there is still a LOT to wrap up. Jack doesn’t even know where Cheng is yet! But you know what? If that’s my biggest complaint about this season, I’d say it’s been a pretty damn amazing season! One of my favorites, to be honest! Oh, and one more thing: Remember, Jack is talking to Chloe during the daylight. So I would take that to mean that not only is that not Jack in the coffin, but it wouldn’t be Chloe either. The other thing is, if whoever is in the coffin, is someone who died under unnatural or suspicious circumstances in London, no way would the body have been arranged to be flown home to the US so soon after the murder. So I’m really thinking that it might be President Heller in the casket, who died of a heart attack, no investigation necessary, they could fly his body right home. Just a thought……

July 7, 2014 at 10:19 pm
I thought the pacing was too fast at first, i.e. the plot seemed to resolve too quickly but its finish was outstanding. Great episode. My opinion of Mark Boudreau was raised when he admitted the forgery and sincerely tried to help Jack. I thought Audrey’s reaction to hearing Cheng’s voice on her phone was good; she seemed scared but more in control than I would expect given who it was. Obviously, Cheng is kidnapping Audrey to make Jack back off of the investigation.

There was another close up scene of Heller’s medication bottle like there was in an early episode. I still there is something wrong with Heller medicine.

I am gladly awaiting the demise of Cheng next week.

We know there will be a
flag-draped coffin
next week. The big mystery is
who’s body is in the coffin

This episode was Nuke-yoo-lar!

Jack will save Chloe over Audrey I think… The
casket probably belongs to Mark

I’m thinking it’s Mark Boudreau, or maybe it’s Major Shepherd and is just there to throw us off.

In the case of Mark, I guess it would be to save face a bit and not it make the public aware of what he did.

In the case of Major Shepherd, they may be more than one coffin, but they just show one to get us all speculating as to whether it’s Heller, Audrey…etc.

I love this show.

Also, the best moment was not guns and action and blah blah blah. It was Audrey and Jack’s phone call.

I think it was getting a little misty on my end of the TV.

“I could never hate you” and “and I never have hated you”?

true love right there.

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 10:28 pm
Loved the.look on Kate’s face….yup you are not the only person with a lot going on and such an interesting counter to the last car ride with Jack talking about Renee. What is Kate thinking now?

She’s thinking, “Jack, I’m right here for you if you need me”….;-)

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 6:57 pm
Not — paraphrasing from Wizzard of Oz. “My [ your lovers] come and go so quickly here!” ?

Agreed. Loved that scene. Will probably watch it 100 times. Really hope she doesn’t die and they get to see each other again at the end.

Agreed. The phone conversation between Jack and Audrey was the highlight of the episode.

Even though I knew she wasn’t gonna say that she loved him after saying she’s never hated him, I wanted her to say it so bad, but it’s almost even better that she didn’t, because she didn’t HAVE to.

His face when he discovered that she’d been right there and heard his call to Heller. He was so straight up and matter of fact about Cheng in that call, and had he known Audrey could hear it, he would have done it differently, because he wouldn’t want that tonne of bricks just dropped on her out of the blue.

He resurfaced today to save Heller FOR HER *dramatic pause* oh yeah and he also thinks Heller’s a good guy in his own right too.

His pre-emptive apology for what he might have to do and he doesn’t want her hating him, and her saying she’s never hated him and to do whatever it takes, carries so much weight because of what happened with Paul, and though Audrey doesn’t know it, Jack’s gonna have words with her current husband too. Even though so many people have judged Jack harshly for his motivations and his methods, she understands and accepts him as is.

If they kill Audrey I will actually be pissed because I OTP the hell outta these two, and after this scene and the hour 5 scene, I need them reunited so bad it hurts.

If I have one complaint about this season it’s been that there hasn’t been nearly enough scenes between Jack and Audrey. I wish we could have seen a little bit more of Audrey also. Kinda disappointed because I love Audrey and Jack.

I don´t think that Audrey dies, maybe Mark or Heller. And sadly I don´t think that Audrey and Jack end up together..

Just fucking awesome! Audrey, Kate and Heller are all dead, Jack and Chloe will survive. It is the only way to completely ‘wrap’ up all story lines neatly.

The writers aren’t ballsy to do that, but that would be epic and actually surprising. Here’s hoping.

I agree, where the heck is Jack and Audrey’s phone call on the list?!

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 10:32 pm
Anyone have better insight into how he last episode connects into Jon Cassar’s tweets of the final shooting days and what looked like a ship and a port?

Promo showed
Jack+Belchek attacking the ship where Cheng is located.

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 10:45 pm
Ah missed that thanks

Cheng’s planned getaway with the help of the Russians. He was told to go to the port and get on a boat to get away, so Jack will come for him.

That’s where he was heading when Chloe escaped – so how/why did he end up in the park where Audrey met her Chinese diplomat friend? That seemed like an inexplicable and illogical twist IMO.

Cheng isn’t in the park. Just one sniper. Cheng is looking at what the sniper sees on a tablet in the back of the truck.

The Jack and Audrey phone call scene was very well done…it very well may be the last time these 2 speak. I am going back and forth as to
who is in that coffin….either Heller or Audrey.

Just added Jack and Audrey’s phone call as the sixth poll option. Sorry for missing it, had to rush this initial post and poll as there’s a ton of traffic right now and I’m struggling to just to keep the websites server running.

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 10:44 pm
If we do not say this enough Thank You.

Yes, thank you for this site!

Yeah, Bro. Awesome job. I just hope you get to do it again with another fresh season.

Thank you. It’s appreciated.

I wish I knew about this site beforw LAD. Thanks for the great work. Hopefully we will have one moe season.

It is also worth noting that there must be a mole, how did Cheng know where Audrey was? They may reveal or infer about another leak either in the White House or the CIA.

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 11:23 pm
It’s a valid observation. When I first heard the shots I wondered whether Cheng was watching the Chinese embassy but realized that he had to.have been watching Audrey once he realized Jack.was in play.

I was also very leery, on another post, about Audrey leaving the safety of Embassy which acts as the White House when the president is in residence! It was too dangerous for consideration and neither she nor her dad seemed to give it a second thought. But I guess the writers did need to have a final venue to jerk Jacks chain.

If there’s a mole I bet it’s Ron Clark, Hellers assistant. I have a feeling he’s tampered with his meds as well. Would make sense as to how Cheng knew of Audrey’s location

My guess: Jack and Brownbeck will gain intelligence VIA Chloe that will allow them to intercept both Cheng and the Override Device at the Pier. While Agent Morgan will run a counter-operation to secure the President’s daughter, Agent Morgan will flank the sniper allowing Audrey to run, she may die, they may both, unknown. Mark’s Assistant will tamper with the President’s medicine, and assassinate him (the preview shows the Assistant smirking and letting Heller fall). Jack will hear mid-operation that Heller (and Audrey, and Kate are dead [stretching it]). He will kill Cheng and get the device back. We will time jump to an airfield where Jack will have a stern conversation with Chloe about something.

Well, if Heller does suffer a heart attack in the finale and is the one in the casket, maybe the angle of his assistant tampering with his medications has some merit as a theory….

I actually got the impression that Audrey’s contact betrayed her. I don’t know… there was something off about their interactions.

I didn’t get that sense. She was killed too, although that doesn’t necessarily mean she was innocent. But I think it’s more likely that Cheng had either someone on the inside or just had a way to monitor Audrey’s Secret Service tracker or something.

Another favorite scene… Jack calling Boudreau an idiot!!!

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 11:06 pm
Yes agreed every now and then Jack expresses himself in an unexpected way

Yes, that was awesome. :D

The season started nice and all, but at this point, it’s only a rehash of previous seasons. Jack involved in a different city with a female agent as partner, check S7. Heller and Audrey in the same boring storyline, check S4. Audrey’s ex/husband being involved against Jack? Check S4. Russians wanting Jack? Check S8. Chinese wanting Jack? Check all seasons after S4. Cheng in possession of a device to screw the US? Check S6. Former friend of Jack’s work whose gone to the dark side at the start of the season, proven to be a good guy, but later joined or be part of the bad guys only to later turn out to be an actually good guy mislead? Check S7.

Boringly repetitive, even by 24’s standards.

Oops, forgot one. Mole? Check every 24 season.

Kiki Vanderway
July 7, 2014 at 11:14 pm
Your point being…….?

I personally love to find connections and links on many levels. It’s up to you to either embrace and enjoy it or turn off the TV.

On one level the call to Audrey made me breathless l love these two because when they interact it’s magic…

on the other hand it’s funny on some level too because I’m also thinking when Jack says things are gonna start to happen and I don’t want you to hate me forever that it was really only the first time he used her husband to uncover key info in enemy territory (McClenan Forrester S4) that ultimately led to his death that Audrey was upset….so.sit tight Jack, Audrey knows what’s coming and she’s cool with it…..go ahead, Jack do what you gotta do (S5)

I’ve actually forgiven it too, because I feel like this season is a bit of a greatest hits season, and they’ve pulled off a lot of the hits better than they did the first time.

Why I didn’t like this episode is because I feel like it sagged and did not allow the characters to explore new territory WITHIN the old twists. If you get what I mean…

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 12:13 am
Yes I do understand its a fair point.

so Heller had a drink in episode 10… Ive been wondering if that was misdirection, or if they were hoping it would get missed for the most part… but the trailer shows Heller falling, so Im starting to move to the Heller dies side of things… Also… it kinda looked like maybe Jack is gonna shoot himself… I cant wait to see this last episode!!!

July 7, 2014 at 11:16 pm
hi I’m awesome ya.

July 7, 2014 at 11:18 pm
Here is a major major major spoiler below. Only click the box if you want to know.

Tony Almeida returns to 24. James Heller dies and Keith Palmer (the guy who killed the person who raped his sister that was a major topic in season 1 and David Palmer’s son) becomes president.

That isn’t plausible. Palmer’s son would be in his mid-20s by now, hardly the age fitting a President.

Palmer’s son would be pushing 40

Tony return??? How?? He’s villain???

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 7:03 pm
Not according to most 24fanatics he is simply misunderstood and wasn’t given an opportunity to explain everything and another widely held opinion is Tony hasn’t done anything that Jack himself hasn’t done but Jack gets forgiven and Tony gets jail time.

In all fairness sometimes the writers write themselves into a box and can’t get out and I feel they did a much deeper dive with Tony in Day7 than was necessary so extracting him from it and providing a third chance to get it right would sit much better with the audience. Who doesn’t miss Carlos Bernard?

*points at this post and jumps up and down showering it with confetti* :)

Count me in as underwhelmed.

I was thrilled with the run of episodes from 6 to last week, but when Cheng resurfaced my enthusiasm dropped like a rock.

This week it dropped even further still when my worst case scenario happened. The fat Russian dude who looks oh-so conveniently evil just happens to be working with Cheng *big sigh*. So 2 people who had legitimate claims to bring Bauer to justice for crimes against their respective countries JUST HAPPEN to turn into evil, international terrorists working together on the same day! I despair at just how stupid the whole setup is. And I guess the Russians don’t remember Cheng attempting to steal their technology back in day 6? Fucks sake, the writing is contemptibly sloppy the more I think of it, just bloody awful!

Talking of awful…

Audrey willingly going to an open, public park after hearing Cheng was back and on the loose? I despair, I really do!

This whole LAD experience has been bittersweet, but I’m finally ready to bid good riddance to this show after the finale next week.

sorry but I want it to keep going if you hate it don’t watch there still million of fans who wants more of 24

Don’t like don’t watch, that ol chestnut eh?

How original!

Actually, XAM, yes, “that ol’ chestnut” actually does seem to have merit here. I have read your blathering posts all over these boards, spewing your hatred over everything that this season has become in your eyes. All I keep thinking to myself is, wow, you sure to spend a GREAT deal of time and energy, and focus, on a show you are so vehemently proclaiming to despise. I’m wondering why you feel the need to give up so many minutes of each day, just to repeat yourself and your disappointment in the 24:LAD series. It baffles me.

Having the series run long still destroys the integrity of the series, even if you choose not to watch.

That being said, I’m not AS pessimistic as XAM. I’ll wait and see what they do with episode 12 before I can say whether or not I want another season.

It’s not whether or not you want another season. It’s whether or not the producers will give you one.

I kind of agree. Hopefully the *true* series finale will bring some unexpected stuff.

I agree to being a bit underwhelmed too. I expected more to happen. Plus having the russians and cheng working together is lazy arse story telling. Let’s just bring all of Jack’s enemies together at once.

I could understand it if the season was just about Jack. All the people he’s pissed off that are alive come back to get him and him alone, no terror plots. But to have it all worked together, kind of lame and an easy way out.

Still enjoyed the episode though, just wished there was a bit more to it I guess.

I’m thinking more like Kate, she’s trying to save Audrey for jack and gets killed in the cross fire. Some how jack had to make a choice between the 2, after all she was the only one that believed in him and helped him get this far.

Why are there spoiler tags on a site called 24 spoilers? If people can’t take spoilers, they shouldn’t be on this site.

This just in. So sorry Tony fans…


They were fucking with you all along.

God damn. Bitches.

That’s too bad. I really hope they could bring him back to wrap things up, but I guess there’s not enough time for that.

The only thing I absolutely hate in this episode is putting Audrey in danger again. It makes sense as a plot since Cheng is the villain here, and having him keep an eye on Audrey in order to use her as leverage is imaginable. This is similar to Day 7 Tony keeping an eye on Kim. But unless this whole plot gets resolved as satisfyingly as Day 7 Kim plot I won’t be happy at all. I find this whole development as cliche as it can be. It is highly repetitive and may end up with the entire boring “miserable Jack lonely since his love died ending” once again.

And mind you, I’m not saying I am against tragic endings. In fact, I could accept pretty much anyone dying on this show except Audrey. Not because I love her character so much or I’m a huge Audrey/Jack shipper, but simply because WAY TOO MANY female love interests of male action heroes have died, wife killing and love killing is just so overused and have in fact been use in this show in the past. I don’t care if it is done right or have good plots, if Audrey dies I would not cry but laugh at the stupidity of the plot. That’s why. I love 24 so much and to find myself mocking its plot in the end would be insulting in so many ways.

Of course right now they haven’t kill her yet, I’m just saying how I would find it unacceptable if she ends up dead next week(which is still highly possible by the looks of it). I really hope they don’t do it but that’s all I can do right now, hope.

I’m 100% sure Audrey’s not dying. It’s not happening.

She’s been through too much as a characters. Taken prisoner, lost her husband, got stabbed and almost bled to death, got captured and tortured by the Chinese, barely recovered from that. To kill her would just be too harsh. The only characters that survive this series are the ones that go through really bad things- Tony in prison, Erin Driscol losing her daughter, Sean Hillinger in jail, Henry with a dead child and the other in jail, Allison Taylor on house arrest. To survive this show you’re going to go through things that would make people wish they were dead. That’s why Kate and Chloe will survive.

Plus, I’m just annoyed that Audrey’s captured again. Like, really? For the 12th time? Ugh. She’s had nothing to do for most of the season, and right when her character’s getting good she’s captured againnn.

Technically, she wasn’t stabbed – Henderson cut her artery in S5.

Anyway, one could also adopt the view as a writer that Audrey’s character has been a tormented one who’s had to suffer in the pursuit of love – and that a tragic death may be fitting as a way to out her at peace. It’s not dissimilar to the theories all of the people thinking Jack should be killed off – the tragic hero always willing to sacrifice for others and never finding peace of his own.

Actually, yeah. I think part of my frustration with this is the Audrey kidnapping. Not only is it cliched, but I think it’s extremely disrespectful to the character. The world has changed a lot in the 13 years since 24 first aired, and objectifying women in the BS “damsel in distress” role is old, unoriginal, insulting, and not at all clever.

I can understand why some might wanna just roll their eyes at Audrey being in trouble again. Personally though, I like the way they did it.

I thought her reaction to finding out Cheng was alive was spot on. Then despite it having an effect on her knowing he was still out there, she still stuck with it and kept doing her job, which showed her strength, determination and ability to cope. Then came the phone call, and it was Cheng’s voice right in her ear that stopped her in her tracks. I found that realistic because I’m quite sure he got up close and spoke right in her ear many a time in China, and having him talk to her like that again now was a horrible flashback, and she’s only human, so it broke her (at least for now) and she obeyed.

So it doesn’t bother me that he’s got her cornered and she’s in trouble again, because it’s hitting some compelling emotional notes IMO.

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 7:09 pm
I agree the ever perilous predicaments poor Audrey gets subjected to is quite ridiculous. On the otherhand, this is what 24 is all about and without a deep personal connection to the person in peril we ready wouldn’t care about whether Jack could get there on time or what price he will pay to save the day. And the number of folks he cares about who we also care about is a very small number.

I vote next season (please God let’s make that happen) Jack gets in trouble and Kate and Chloe and Audrey (assuming they all make it past day 9) have to rescue him……

Since howard Gordon has publically said that there is a possibity for a future show with the Kate Morgan character, she cannot be killed next week. Furthermore, Jack will live because future options, no matter how remote, must be left open. For that reason, Chloe will most likely survive. So that leaves heller and Audrey, and either one or both will die.

I remember watching the DVD special features of ‘Gladiator’ and hearing Russell Crowe joke with director Ridley Scott about the ill-fated decision of killing off the hero, thereby forbidding any sequels.

It makes me think that, despite all of the negative innuendos that Kiefer and Cassar have dropped to day, the network won’t condone killing off the hero until the ratings are in and a decision of whether the series should go on or not is made. It’s just poor business to kill off the golden goose prematurely.

Unless Mr Gordon was covering for a plot twist!. I hope this is not the case and Kate does survive to LAD. She’s been a great character addition to the show and Yvonne Strahovski has done a brilliant job with the character. It will really spoil the end for me if Kate’s killed off.

This season’s 24 has been the best if not one of the best I’ve ever seen in years. Can’t wait to see how it all ends next week. Jack Bauer, Chloe O’Brian and Kate Morgan are going to make it to the end but I hate to see if Audrey is going to get killed off and we better hope that Cheng Zhi will get killed off in the final hour which of course “won’t occur in real time” because there will be a “time jump” for the first time in 24 history. I predict that Jack Bauer will have a “happy ending” if his daughter Kim re-appears in the “series” finale next week.

I’m sure others caught on or maybe it was the lack of sleep but did jack apologize for things that might make audrey hate him? As in things he was going to do, not that he has done during the day? Also, how did Jack know so much about the the russian that Mark was helping in getting jack back?

Prior series.

“Things have gotten complicated. Some things are gonna happen…and I just don’t want you to hate me forever.” He said this when he was on his way to confront Mark about having sold him out to the Russians. He was totally thinking of what happened with Paul when he said it.

As to how Jack knew so much about the Russian guy, I’d say he just put the pieces together and figured it out. I did enjoy him calling Mark an idiot, but to fair, there’s no way Mark would have known the type of person he was really dealing with. Accurately judging people’s character doesn’t appear to be one of Mark’s skills.

Kiki Vanderway
July 8, 2014 at 7:13 pm
Yes he was apologizing in advance for putting a plan into motion that will result in killing Audrey’s other husband.

As with throwing terrorists out the window, Jack will in all likelihood also be 2 for 2 in the dispatching of Audrey’s husbands.

I think IF a main character dies, President Heller gets to be the hero and the public never knows about his condition.

Thought that was one of the weakest episodes of the series personally. Found it all very predictable and run of the mill. Definitely felt like it should have been half of a 2-part episode rather than a standalone as well.

Serious question here
Should Jack really be leading another armed attack on a foreign embassy?
Isn’t that what got him in trouble in the first place?

When did he do that?

Season 4 and Season 8. Not sure if they were an embassy per se, but similiar.

Did anyone else catch Kate refer to Mark as Martin in the car scene with Jack?

Also, should Jack really be leading an armed raid on a foreign embassy?
Isn’t that what got him in so much trouble in the first place?

*not an embassy

I am the only that “believe” in a good ending for Jack and Audrey?
After 8 seasons of “problems” finally they can stay togheter…

You are not the only one. A lot of us are very much hoping for it. I’m just trying not to get my hopes up because the show has broken my heart so many times, especially with Jack and Audrey.

That’s exactly how I feel about it too. Before they killed Renee I thought she’s safe too because she’s such a strong women and it just feels wrong to kill her off, look what they did.

I thought they would never kill of Audrey as well because all the things she’s been through and it doesn’t make sense to just bring her back and do that. But I dare not to keep my hopes up too high. This show is sadistic and likes to torture Jack and kill his women, it’s just what it is. Maybe they will be merciful this time? Maybe they won’t, but we won’t know until the last minute.

The writers and producers, and Kieffer himself, have all said that 24 will never be about happy endings. Jack Bauer is the ultimate “tragic hero,” who sacrifices everything, and expects nothing in return. To get your hopes up about a love interest having a happy ending with Jack is only going to lead you to despair. It just won’t happen, because it’s not supposed to.

After watching the preview for the finale many times, I believe Jack will have to chose save Audrey or Chloe. Kate Morgan saves Audrey but Chang kills Chloe. Who’s in the coffin? Maybe Jack gets killed along with Chang and save the US from going to war.

Chang and his men are going to be at the same place Jack, Chloe and the other guy going to be so, maybe Chang will take Chloe hostage again and tell Jack if he gives up, he will release Chloe and that’s when Jack tells Chloe it’s time to go home. Which means Jack and Chloe have a gun battle with Chang and it becomes like the Alamo … everyone dies.

We never found out what happened to Margot’s daughter.

I don’t really care – she was a cardboard character anyway and not worth prolonging the storyline for.

Uh, what? Simone was one of the highlights of the day. Try Navarro if you need a cardboard character…

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 3:05 am
I do wonder if Behrooz is mentoring her and helping her get through their similar life experiences.

What about if Heller does die, and we jump forward to LA, with jack and Audrey and Kim back together, whilst president Keith Palmer thanks Jack for his service to America, the pardon still stands and he is free to go…..Whilst Kate is asked to become the new Director of CTU Los Angeles.
Would love that.

To become President of the U.S., one has to be 35 years old. Keith Palmer would not be this old. He’d be in his mid to late 20s.

The actor who plays Keith is 43 years old, and remember LAD is set about 18 yeast after season 1. He would have been about 20 in season 1

Yeah, Keith was 20 in S1. 18.5 years have passed, so in that time, when he turned 25 in 2009, he could become a Congressman, possibly his Dad’s former seat. In 2014, he could become Senator, also possibly his Dad’s former seat. In 2019 (1 year after Day 8 & 3 years before LAD), he was eligible for President/Vice President. So, it’s unlikely, but highly plausible that in the 2020 election REPUBLICAN James Heller picked DEMOCRAT Keith Palmer to be his VEEP (maybe for bipartisan support), and now, in LAD 2022, 38 year old Vice President Keith Palmer is about to become not only the 53rd President of the USA, but the USA’s youngest president, 4 years younger than the youngest President ever, Teddy Roosevelt (42). And his Presidency will truly be the American dynasty, w/ a dad, brother, and son as POTUS. Kind of like the Bushes if Jeb becomes POTUS (or the Adams’, had Sam Adams been POTUS).

CTU was disbanded per S7 – but I could see Kate being reinstated with the FBI or CIA.

brought back
. At least in

Is there any need for spoiler tags

Maybe they said what they said because they haven’t seen S8 yet, so that’s why there’s spoiler tags.

Although you’re probably right, CIA is probably more likely than CTU

Good ending for Jack… With Audrey, Kim and her daughter.

I really hope so much…

July 8, 2014 at 12:45 pm
and her son too,,,,this was revealed in ep 1 or 2

I think Mark will die next week. It allows him go out with honor, and leaves other doors open.

All I can say is I am SO glad this show came back, absoluetly love it, makes my week

i love/ enjoyed this season so much. buut i think 24 has explored all the possiblities, options and stories out there that a real time action series can offer. so fans might gradually find further more seasons boring and might loss fans and get cancelled again . so i believe this show should end in a high note next week with a happy ending for jack. that would be great

I totally agree with you. I think that 24 should end with this season.

Let’s say that the producers have enough energy in them to make a tenth and final season. Let’s just have that theory in mind for a second. If that happens, then it would need to address some loose ends that were more or less answered in the previous seasons. I, for one, am open to it. However, if it does end next week, I would be happy as well. Just as long as it goes on a high note.

I think president Heller dies and vice president Heller becomes president. (vice president RICHARD HELLER!) Okay…that was just a joke for Mary’s benefit. Next week is a 13 hour episode. (10 PM – 11 AM) I think that the first 45 minutes or so takes place in London, then there is a 12 hour plane ride to L.A., and the last 15 minutes or so takes place in L.A. As I mentioned above, Kate absolutely lives, and for the reasons given above, so does Jack and Chloe. So either Heller and/or Audrey does not make it. I know that we (most of us) would love to see 24 continue with Kiefer, no one more so that I.
But the difference between 24 and almost every other show is that there have been 9 plus seasons equalling almost 140 hours not counting time for commercials. That equates to one hell of a lot of comming up with stories, and writing scripts. Think about that. Compare it to the 24 James Bond films that, over a 50 year period, consisted of about 50 hours of story and script!
I think that when Howard Gordon and Keifer say that this is it, odds are great that it is so. Hopefully we will enjoy the last episode next week and let Jack and the gang live on in our memories….and on DVD and downloads.

I just really want Jack to have AT LEAST a semi-happy ending for once.

Any ending with Audrey dying would be absolutely ridiculous and would make the show seem like a complete joke to me.

Is it possible the casket is for the US soldiers that died in the drone attack?

Wouldn’t the ultimate twist in 24 history be Jack finishing the day and achieving his objectives with no personal losses.

Exactly. It’s possible for him to be a “tragic hero” (as the writers love to call him) without killing every single person he loves. It’s just so repetitive at this point.

Oh yes! A happy ending of 24 is indeed the biggest twist ever. It is one big reason why I personally like Season 7 the best, the ending with Kim and Jack is just so peaceful and hopeful. The ideal ending of LAD for me would be similar to the final moments of Day 5 WITHOUT the Jack snatching twist.


There are so many unanswered questions. What happened to Martha Logan? Aaron pierce? allison taylor? tony?

EK: Martha Logan is alive and well. She’s being tended to by Aaron Pierce. Allison Taylor did some jail time and Tony Almeida is still in jail. There will be a DVD extra scene on the box set coming out soon that tells you more about Tony Almeida’s fate.

“There will be a DVD extra scene on the box set coming out soon that tells you more about Tony Almeida’s fate. We talked about brining Tony Almeida back. We love Carlos Bernard and felt his character deserves a third act.” – Evan Katz

UOW!! Tony Almeida is back in Season 10! I’m believe!!!

Surely “a third act” must amount to more than just a DVD extra scene, yes? YES??? A Tonyrific Day 10 would kinda sorta make my life. *crosses all available appendages* Meanwhile, I can’t wait for that DVD scene!

Tonnnnnnny…. save us from Cheng, god. It’s like they decided to recreate all the pain of Day 6/The Forever Writer’s Strike/Day 7 all over again. ;)

Love the silencer gunfire of Jack and Kate at the Russian compound. The pain etched face of Bauer during call with Audrey was worth the price of admission. No greater tragic figure on TV than Jack, a man who loves but can’t deliver because of choices he makes. http://tvruckus.com/2014/07/08/will-jack-bauer-save-both-audrey-and-chloe-on-24-live-another-day-finale/

Chloe O’Brian and Mark Boudreau stole the show this week.

– For Chloe, I have seen her do some impressive things over the past decade in 24, but this has to be one of my favourite moments when she uses that pipe against Cheng’s men in order to escape his custody and falls down into the woods. I knew her character changed, but I did not expect that to happen.

– Tate Donovan shows why he is one of the strongest characters on 24 because of his fantastic acting and his ability to play a conflicted character so well. He thought he was doing his country a service by handing Jack Bauer to the Russians, only to know that Anatol Stolnavich was a covert intelligence operator, and not the Deputy Foreign Minister like we believed him to be. I am amazed by how Mark was trying to do the right thing, but in vain. President Heller had every right to be angry by his deception.

Tate Donovan is the MVP of this entire day.

Kiki Vanderway
July 10, 2014 at 6:18 am
Even I, despite my loathing this weasel character must concede this point. Tate Donovan has played it with perfection– his facial expressions are brilliant showing everything from smug righteousness to sheer panic and everything between. He never had to utter a sound to let us know what he was feeling and thinking.

( that being said. I also think Yvonne Strahovski and Michelle Fairley kicked ass this season.).

I truly believe Jack and Chloe will make it. They are the only 2 main stars. I believe Audrey, Mark and Heller will all make too and Audrey will stay with Mark. Here’s the tricky part. I believe Jack with the help of Chloe will fake his death and he will finally be at peace. He will get to start over new and finally be happy. I do believe Chloe will be with him to. I believe that coffin will be Jack’s but ah ha he’s not dead. I could have sworn that Mary Lynn said something about Jack and Chloe being together in another life on her Twitter once. When asked the question of whether she ends up with Jack or not.

No way Audrey will stay with Mark if they both make it out of this alive. That marriage was already suffering before this day started, and is totally over by this point. Chloe and Jack would never be involved romantically, either; she’s his best friend and partner, and always has his back – it’s not a romantic relationship.

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 1:40 pm
Jack already faked his death so they won’t do that again. Plus we’ve also had others like Tony and Cheng fake their deaths as well. Jack also won’t get captured and taken away cause that’s been done too. I think the only options are to kill Jack or give him a happy ending without it being repetitive.

Or I could be completely wrong! Lol!

July 8, 2014 at 3:16 pm
I’m thinking that Reggie Jackson should be called in as an assassin from Cheng uttering “I must kill the Bauer!” XD

Well putting Audrey with Jack would be boring. Jmo!

yeah well it wont be boring for majority of fans going by the comments and facebook message of the fans i read,

Who thinks Suvarov is the man behind the Russian influence? There’s no way moustache was working alone with Cheng.

Does anyone feel that, after the crisis has been averted, the Russians will step in and ruin Jack’s “happy” ending? Could this be the “unthinkable and grave decision” — his life for the world? Or something new completely that could potentially lead into S.10? Please respond!

Cheers, all!

I bet Suvarov will order someone to kill Chole to make Jack suffer…….we don’t know if he is still president or not

I think you’re right with the Russians being at the grave decision Jack has to make.

Maybe they get their hands on Chloe and Jack decides to trade himself to them for her.

definitely the Russian are involve……..but that would make them two in a row they are involve in a conspiracy against the USA……if there is a season 10 I hope Jack go to Moscow and comfort Suvarov in person

July 9, 2014 at 3:51 pm
“comfort Suvarov in person”

Jack: There there, Yuri. Sorry I almost blew your head off.

There should be Day 10! With Jack, Tony and Kate, perfect couple for a new season!

What’s wrong with Belcheck though? I mean, you have a deadly assassin and you barely use him (only as a driver lol)? I hope he at least has the opportunity to kick som ass in the finale and hopefully feature him more prominently in Day 10

President Heller gets a heart attack. Jack will make what Audrey asks and kills Cheng. Kate saves Audrey. Russians wont forget -> Jack needs to go underground and Audrey also because she loves Jack and will go with him. Chloe goes back home and the coffin will be empty but named for the Audrey.

I will refer to this episode as the ‘suspension of disbelief’ episode. I thought the previous week’s episode was amazing except for the last few moments where ’24’ stretched my imagination too far by having the U.S fire on the Chinese submarine without getting at least 3 confirmations to do so. That kind of order has to come from the President. It was simply lazy writing by ’24’. This week’s episode continued that ‘stretch the imagination too far’ trend:

1. The Chinese are so quick to start WWIII that they won’t give the U.S a couple of hours to show that Cheng was behind the submarine attacks?
2. What evidence did Jack have that showed that Cheng was working with the Russians?
3. The Russian villain attempts to start a war between the U.S and China and just hangs around in his home immediately afterwards where he can easily be found? And then he lets Bordoeux into his home?
4. Chloe out-muscles a car full of chinese terrorists to get out of the car?
5. Immediately after Audrey displays utter fear that Cheng is still alive, she agrees to meet someone outside in the middle of the night? Cheng locates Audrey immediately?
6. The Audrey kidnapping was sooo predicatable.

I had been really enjoying the last few episodes of ’24’ but this episode was a let down for me.

I agree with you. all of your points. unfortunetly, if I wanted to rate this season, it’ll be the worsest one, because everything was rushed out.

I have to agree with all that as well.

From episode 6 to episode 10 was fantastic stuff! Then the whole thing went straight down the shitter real quick when Cheng appeared.

Just awful!

I didn’t have a problem with the idea of Cheng re-appearing. I like his character and the actor (he also played the villain in the Rush Hour movie). I just think that ’24’ has now asked us to stretch our imagination too far with some of the stuff that occured in this episode. I am still hopeful though that the season will end on a high note.

New West Virginian
July 9, 2014 at 11:49 pm
The only thing that really doesn’t make sense is the coincidence of Anatol Stolnavich happening to receive the forged rendition order and learn that Jack’s in London, on the same day he’s plotting to use the override device to start a war between the US and China. And remember Anatol and Cheng weren’t even sure they would even get the override except also by coincidence, this is the day Navarro’s corruption was discovered and they used the situation to reacquire the device. I do think there’s been a LOT of coincidences on this day.

You guys are ridiculous. Just be happy that we even got another season of 24 to begin with. I agree that this isn’t the best season, but I don’t see it as the worst. I’ve enjoyed every episode just as much as I ever have. Stop complaining and just enjoy the show.

July 9, 2014 at 12:43 pm
It would be ridiculous if Audrey dies…
After “many” years of tragic ending i think that Jack deserve a happy moment…

For me, 24 is the best TV series period and this season has been awesome. I really hope we get more 24 in the future.

24 crews are awesome i think they should bring up season 10 by shifting the story line to the south east nations that’s US – North Korean issues with the middle east and the middle east using S.Korea as a CTU base. THATS MY SUGGESTION

If you look at the promo for the next episode at 0:23 just pause and play.. you’ll see Jack is trading himself for cloe.

Jack and Audrey’s phone call was THE highlight of this episode. And one of the best moment of the entire season. I have thought from the very beginning that Audrey is Jacks main motivation for coming back, saving the President, etc… They love each other so much and it literally hurts to watch them together. I am so scared Audrey is going to die my stomach hurts. I want her and Jack to be together but I’m afraid that won’t happen. Can hardly wait till Monday. For a 24 fan from the beginning this finale is utterly EPIC!

July 10, 2014 at 10:53 am
I noticed a lot of people complain about how Audrey has been captured for the [insert ridiculous number here]th time. As far as I remember she was captured once in Day 4, once in Day 5 and then the Cheng saga in Day 6.

To compare this, Jack was captured by the Drazens in Day 1, by Kingsley’s men in Day 2, by Ramon in Day 3 on the plane, by Marwan in Day 4, by Erwich’s men in Day 5, by Cheng in Day 5, by Fayed in Day 6, by Dubaku’s brother in Redemption, by Tony in Day 7, by Bazhaev in Day 8 and probably a few times I cannot remember right now.

So I don’t think Audrey being captured for the 4th time is as big a deal as people make it out to be, as long as it provides us with an exciting finale. But we’ll have to wait and see.


kiki vanderway
July 10, 2014 at 3:51 pm
In all fairness, Jack let himself be captured in half of those examples. Not to mention as a covert operative, we expect him to be in the line of fire and subject to that type of bad luck. We do not expect that a DOD liaison/white house staffer will be subject to the same.

I think it’s exasperating because it’s not “Audrey’s in trouble again, ugh” so much as “24 is using this season’s token/fated female love interest as the bargaining chip/damsel du jour again, ugh”. I don’t think it’s bad that 24 is getting into its old-school groove and that yes, a show that’s 13 years old is going to be dated, but my inner feminist is still sad that most female characters on this show don’t get to be badasses forever (or really very much).

It’s a fantastic and ballsy thing for the writers to do plot-wise, because it’s definitely ramping up the anticipation/drama in my mind. I can’t wait for Monday night.

July 10, 2014 at 7:00 pm
I find 24’s had a pretty good balance when it comes to damsels in distress versus badass girlpower, compared to other shows.

Yeah, there are the Kim Bauers and Audreys, but Mandy, Nina, Michelle, Renee and Kate Morgan were/are pretty badass characters. Despite Renee being a bit of a mess in the early Day 8 hours and her demise later that day, she did agree to go back undercover of her own free will and kicked some terrorist ass. Michelle is another one who, despite being captured in Day 3, showed she was capable of getting out of it herself (but let herself get captured again for Jack’s plan to work.) Kim got out of her Day 7 trouble on her own, too.

And let’s not forget that men get captured, too. Morris with the powerdrill in Day 6, Heller in Day 4, Hassan in Day 8, Chase in Day 3 (he was freed by a woman even), Josh in Day 6 (a few times), Tony in Day 4 (captured by a woman)…

I know it’s a much hated trope when women get captured to lure out the hero , but it’s pretty even on 24, and, well, our hero on 24 happens to be male, so a female to rescue just makes the most sense.

So it doesn’t bother me that much.

Kiki Vanderway
July 10, 2014 at 8:57 pm
It’s more complicated than that.

24 consistently writes complex, smart, interesting women. The best on series tv.

Whether they are villianesses, first ladies, techies, field agents, love interests— rarely does 24 serve cheesecake and eye candy (I know Kim Bauer came close a few seasons). It’s not that they are as easy to define as badasses.

Yes Renee was messy(batshit crazy and fun to watch as well) – frankly ALL of them are messy from Teri to Sheri to Nina, Martha, Michelle, Chloe, Janice, Renee, Pres. Taylor, Margo, Dina, Karen, Audrey and Kate and so many minor ones too and guess what? that just makes them human and compelling to watch.

As a counterpoint the men come off kind of flat and a little one note. There are exceptions– of course– but I think if anything this show does a better job writing women than men.

It’s not that Audrey is a weak woman it’s that to compel Jack to do what he needs to do the writers seem unable to find a storyline that launches us out of the gate that doesn’t involve the distressed damsel or the vengeful boyfriend.

Day1 Teri and Kim and Teri….Day 4 Audrey….Day 5 Audrey….Day 6 Audrey….Day 7….Kim and Renee ….Day 8 Renee ….Day 9 Chloe and Audrey. Even in Day 3 we had Jane Saunders used in reverse damsel– on he dad as the villain but same end result.

So in order to get us there…to get Jack there… the women folk end up in a perilous circumstances that feel contrived. I think that is the the irritant that creates the dissatisfaction with relying on that story arc as the propellant for Jack.

This series is just amazing. The flag draped coffin has to be Heller. I really hope it continues into another season.

Just saw this on TV Line. Eeek! Can’t wait!

What are the chances we will see another season of 24? —Ron
I for a moment feared they were nonexistent, after hearing third-hand about some interview where Kiefer Sutherland allegedly said he’s getting too old for this… stuff. But once I found his actual quotes, I see that he never went nearly that far. EP Manny Coto, meanwhile, said in a Reddit AMA this week, “As of now, there are no plans to continue the show next year but we remain open to the possibility. We had a great time doing it this year and would love to take another crack at it.” So, I’d say the chances are better than 50-50. UPDATE: I screened the finale on Thursday afternoon, and it is no less than fantastic. Your heart will race, your eyes will well up, your fists will pump, you will wish it lasted longer. (And yes, it accounts for the 12 “missing” hours.) All told, a gripping, emotional finish to one of the TV season’s great comeback stories.

More raves about the finale from critics who prescreened it today:

@TVMcGee: The #24LAD finale is an absolute powerhouse. Great action and reservoirs of unexpected emotion.

Kel Kendrick ‏@TVKel
#NoSpoilers but the finale of #24LAD is the best episode of the run!

Marisa Roffman ‏@marisaroffman
Just finished the #24LAD finale. Wow. I have a specific emotion, but it might be too spoilery.So curious to see what you guys think on Mon.

Kiki Vanderway
July 10, 2014 at 10:58 pm
Thanks for posting this– now how will I get thru the next 4 days before we get to see it?

I know right? This wait feels endless!

Kiki Vanderway
July 11, 2014 at 2:39 pm
Yes but then again the post LAD depression will be far worse than the pre-finale anxiety

Okay let’s be honest… either Jack, Mark, Chloe, Audrey, or James will die! Which one if not more than one will die! Also I believe that Tony will be back! just a thought

I doubt Audrey will die because if she does, it will be hard for the writers to introduce a new, realistic love interest for Jack in potential future seasons. He will have already lost Teri, Renee, and now Audrey – all dead. I think it’s more likely to be Chloe, because this would be a huge, emotional twist, but there could still be another season with Jack and Kate alive.

Anyone else think Jack slipped something to Chloe when he held her hand at the end? Maybe a chip or tracking device?