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What did you think about the 24: Live Another Day Finale? Share your thoughts below.

What did you think of 24: Live Another Day Episode 12 (Finale)?

The final episode of 24: Live Another Day aired tonight. It was written by Manny Coto and Evan Katz and directed by Jon Cassar.

The big twist of the episode was Audrey being killed off. Last week we asked you to predict who will die in the finale and most thought it would be Heller – only 21% of you picked Audrey. The episode ends with Jack Bauer getting on a helicopter to Moscow and a second silent clock, leaving his future up in the air. Could a tenth season be set in Moscow?

We’ve got a bunch of polls for you to vote in, and we’d like to hear your comments as well. Did the writers nail the ending? Did you cry?

Thoughts on 24: Live Another Day Episode 12?

Prefer this to the original series finale? (Day 8)

How do you feel about Audrey's death?

Would this be a satisfying series finale?

We’ll have more polls in the coming days, along with a separate discussion thread asking about your thoughts on the season as a whole. We are doing it this way to prevent emotional knee-jerk reactions and give you the chance to gather your thoughts and re-watch episodes.

Finale Interviews

Here’s a roundup of interviews with the writers and director where you might get an idea of their thought process behind the finale.


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Wow, this may be the first time I have ever cried for a TV show. This did definitely not tie-up everything. What does the silent clock at the end mean?

I think the last silent clock is very similar to the one at the end of S6 – saved for very emotional moments.

U just might be right. I think Kate is going rogue to get Jack out in the next season (if there is one) and he then is left with Kim and granddaughter. Kate then becomes the new Jack Bauer.

Would love to see a new series with Jack but would be fine with Kate taking over if Keifer is not into it. I really like Yvonne that plays Kate.

the silent clock for jack’s eventual death :(

That’s my feeling of why it was used: the writers wanted to balance the scales so that the premise most would jump to (i.e. Jack surviving to live another season) is countered with some unspoken pessimism (i.e. Jack being escorted to his assumed life imprisonment/execution).

Nah, I never have for any show either but the Day 8 ending I almost did and they did a great job! They even had me convinced for a bit that Jack was definitely gonna die but then he gets away. I preferred the day 8 ending as it was way more satisfying. Day 9, at the same time, yes, frustrated that the Russians got Jack but they’ve sooooo blown the doors open for Day 10 already, I mean, come on! It’s gonna happen.

As others have said on here, would be rubbish if they just copied the Chinese scenario i.e. the Russians torturing Jack for a year or whatever.

Liked the Audrey death.

Yeh, as echoed on here the ship scene reminded me of Jack flipping out at the Drazens when he thought Kim was dead, but maybe that wasn’t the intention anyway. The fight between Jack and Cheng was cool, maybe a bit longer would’ve been great but still, maybe the best fight sequence of Day 9 (although my favourites are still Day 2, running up the wall and snapping the guy’s neck! WOW! Also the fight with the assassin with Tony unconscious in CTU medical bay as Jack catches the reflection of the assassin behind him in a knife or something – amazing fight scene).

Again on the Day 9 ending, as echoed on here, was expecting a big twist when the “generic” Russians turned up with Chloe and no one we knew from past seasons. Still, bring on Day 10. It shouldn’t copy any past ideas i.e. like the Chinese torturing Jack for a year, now the same thing with the Russians etc. I think when the show finally ends, it would be nice for Jack to have a happy ending and AT LEAST go back to his family.

i agree

Oh my god, I wish! I just want to finish a season with a smile on my face. You know…

Tony and Chloe reunite to save Jack, Tony is now black op mercenary, according to 24: Legacy, so he can do it, but only with Chloe help. And then Jack and Tony sacrifice themselves for saving Jack’s granddaughter Teri. In Season 1 Jack couldnt save his wife Teri, in final season 10 (or 11) he would do it. John Donovan could be President (Though i would prefer the total fantastic twist: mix of 24 and Designated Survivor, where Kiefer is a President, so he could be the leader of himself)

Lots of questions… One thing that they never resolved: What happened to the Air Force drone pilot at the beginning? I assume he was cleared but… Did I miss something?

My mom and I cried for a good long while. Thanks for the memories, 24.

Rest in peace, Audrey. You deserved better.

Agreed. She totally deserved better. I am still kind of numb.

The one silver lining is, this season has given me a lot of inspiration to write fanfic. I just published a new story tonight right before the episode, and I plan on writing an alternate ending to LAD in which Audrey doesn’t die, so stay tuned. Here’s my new story if anyone is interested: http://24-fanfic.livejournal.com/362780.html

Can’t wait to read it! I’m still a bit numb now.

Me too!

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 2:25 am
AgentRez please also post this in the other fanfic website!!!! I’m going to add more chapters to my story too but its sad because up until this episode, my Season 10 story wasn’t AU and everything could have still followed from LAD. Now with Audrey’s death its going to be sad writing more stuff. Well I’ve decided to end my own story that is full of closure and open ended at the same time.

I prefer the version where Kate saves Audrey, and Jack goes home to see his family.

Completely agree!

I think Kate and Jack were on their way to becoming involved.

It should have been Kate – not Audrey – Maybe Audrey shot not killed leaving us hanging. Jack & Audrey could have continued a distant relationship in the future because her husband ended up in the slammer. We thought it was a bad move.

If I were in charge I’d do a 24 spinoff with Kate Morgan….but I would also make the 24 feature films we were promised…with Jack Bauer. Hell, the first one can be filmed on location in Moscow now.

With help of released form solitary Tony and revived Chloe and Kate Jack can make finale appearance and save his 15 years old granddaughter Teri. He could save Teri in Season First, he would do it in Season Finale. May be by the cost of his own life.

Great series finale episode……. Can’t wait for the movie :P

Season 10 – 24: Escape From Moscow.

i agree with your idea matt and thank you audiens to keep your coment for 24 beacuse jack is not death and this is beause of you and your comments and your support of 24 and thanks of causer and writers that changed the story and i request please make 24 season10


Great episode, finale, and season. My main gripe was that it didn’t have closure as they said it would. My guess is they rewrote the ending in response to the success of the season, thereby leaving things open for Season 10.

Kiefer Sutherland said it wouldn’t be tied with a “red ribbon”. Cut the bullshit.

Well then by your logic, every season was tied up (albeit not with a red ribbon). Cut the bullshit.

Uhm, yeah. Every season of 24 could have been the last season and it would have worked fine. Jack’s wife dying: closure. President being attacked? Cliffhanger, but who cares. Closure enough for me. Jack crying for having a sucky life? Closure. Jack escaping after faking his own death? Closure. Jack kidnapped to be tortured for what he did last season? Cliffhanger, sure, but still, closure enough for me. Jack contemplating suicide? Closure. Jack facing death on a bed? Closure. Jack escaping once again? Closure. Jack willingly surrendering himself to the Russians for the things he’s done? Closure.

Seems like you are not in it for the characters, Will.

So the silent count at the end? Is that signaling that Jack is going to his death?

emotional scene……silent clock=do not equal death

There were some ‘Gladiator-like’ elements to the final few scenes:

– Hero suffers anguish over the loss of his love, who was killed by his archenemy
– Hero unleashes his anger through battle, including a decapitation with a sword and death of his archenemy
– After hero has secured peace for the general population, he surrenders to sure death (well, at least, the writers want us to think so…)

Tony will save Jack……somehow

Since the the writers had written several endings and finally decided that Jack would end up with the Russians, I think the clock is ticking towards the count down for day 10. I honestly believe that if plans were not in the works for a day 10, Jack would have rescued Chloe and they both would be on Air Force One.

I agree. This ending is a set up for another season. But Fox has to want it – so lets make sure we all go out and buy the DVD/Blu-ray, make that 2 DVD/Blu-rays, one to keep and one to give to a friend who has not seen 24.

support = watch tv episodes live, which has not been happening at a high level

That’s the conventional theory – but as all of the ratings watchers saw, the DVR recordings were sky-high and reinforced what many have said about a series like ’24’: it’s the type that spawned binge-watching without commercials and in succession. The commercials run by FOX for the forthcoming Blu-Ray even made references to being binge-ready so they clearly are going to consider the big picture of TOTAL viewership, not just live ratings.

that may be true that the total viewership is higher after factoring in DVR, but the $$$s that the network receives is from ads, and advertisers want people to watch the tv show live so they will see the ads for the next movie coming out this weekend etc.

plus, fewer eyeballs = fewer ad dollars = who’d be willing to make a tv show if there is not enough ads from revenue to support it?

But that is the challenge with all conventional network TV. So all things being equal, 24 continues to be a success by today’s standards

If they do another season with Kate as the central character it definitely should / could be about her helping to get Jack back

So much to process as this hour was jam packed. Should have been a 2hr finale. Some great performances by all the actors.

I almost thought jack was going to kill himself when he heard that Audrey died. Then he went into Bauer mode. Cheng’s death was epic.

Torn for president Heller William devane had some great scenes. Tragic ending for a great 24 character.

I was a little disappointed that after the time jump no one mentioned where Jack was and what he was doing. Did they all thibk he fell off the grid again? Kate appears to be done with the cia laying down her gun and walking out.

Jack seemed at peace with himself in the Russian chopper as he will no atone for the events of day 8. But this certainly can not be the end for him? Right??

Kate Morgan is in the same place Jack was after S1. He wanted no part of ctu as Kate seems to not want any part of cia.

Agreed – and even more foundation for how a 10th season could work: much like Chloe lured Jack out of hiding/seclusion with the news of the Palmer-Michelle-Tony hits, it seems very plausible that she would recruit Kate in S10 with news that Jack has been taken prisoner by the Russians and needs her help to rescue him.

The icing on the cake would be if Tony gets pulled back on such a mission to help Kate and Chloe on the mission to Moscow.

Chloe is still technically a fugitive and Belcheck is also, so they sneak into the US, and break Tony out of prison because during his years with Emerson he made contacts in Russia and they need him to use them to get them close to Jack. Easy Peasy to bring him back.

That momentary pause of Jack staring into space after hearing the news about Audrey, followed by his reaching for his pistol, was definitely intended to imply suicidal thoughts and despair – and was cleverly filmed in how hearing the voices of his pursuers suddenly snapped him back to the moment and a flood of rage. I thought Kiefer played that scene perfectly as only he can.

They brought back the old CTU ringtone, that for me made the entire season.

You’re a spoiled sport aren’t you? This was a great season all around.

What the hell are you blabbering about? I loved this season, up there with Day 5, just saying the ctu tine made it that bit more memorable.

Don’t you know that you’re not allowed to even hint at being anything other than completely knocked off your feet?

Well, my immediate reaction is that the finale was just awful. They brought back 24 because they felt like season eight didn’t provide enough closure, and this is what we get? I’m sorry, but the ending to season eight, the real series finale, was much more satisfying.

But I’ll pick it apart point by point, starting with the bullshit World War III stuff. It’s a trope of the show that the writers have fallen back on all too often. This time it was maybe a bit more compelling because we knew the conflict was basically already in motion as the action progressed in London, but it was still very “typical” and was resolved all too easily. It didn’t put me on the edge of my seat and instead felt like a cheap way to raise the stakes.

Indeed, that’s how the whole “putting Audrey in danger” thing felt too: Cheap. It’s like the writers completely take the audience for granted. How many times do we have to see Jack lose a love interest and go ballistic? I mean, last season we just saw the exact same thing with Renee. We saw it with Teri. We’ve seen Audrey in danger before and ending up catatonic. I just wasn’t impressed at all, and I honestly felt nothing when Audrey died. A lot of that is because, to me, it was so expected. I also blame it on the execution of her death (no pun intended), because, frankly, I thought it was poor. Her death was supposed to be the big emotional punch that came in this episode, yet she barely gets to say anything meaningful all hour. How much more moving would it have been if, as she was dying, she uttered the incomplete sentence “Tell Jack…” and then dies? As it stands, there was literally no real closure between Audrey and Jack. At least at the end of season six we got a very powerful goodbye between the two characters. I’m starting to think it should’ve been left at that. Also, while Kate’s reaction to Audrey’s death was beautiful, it really felt out of place because the two characters had nothing to do with each other. The disconnect between Audrey’s death and Jack really brought things down. I will admit that the final scene at the airport with Heller and Davies was great, mostly because it really got me thinking about Heller’s final words to Jack: “Sooner or later you’re going to get back into the game, and my daughter is going to pay the price, like your wife did.” But to be honest, I was a little disappointed that Heller wasn’t more angry at Jack. Have they forgotten how pissed Heller was in season six? It would’ve been a good reference to his past with Bauer.

Now let’s move on from Audrey. The Cheng confrontation? Boring. Really boring. Guns, guns, guns. If they were trying to echo the season one finale with Jack slaughtering the Drazens, they didn’t try very hard, because it absolutely did not pack the same emotional punch. It went way too fast, for one. Secondly, there was basically no reference to Jack and Cheng’s previous relationship. This is the guy who tortured Jack for two years. Where was the emotional weight of his death? Maybe him decapitating Cheng was supposed to be an “intense” kind of revenge, but I thought it was really hokey and gratuitous.

Now for the ending. What in the fucking Hell? Who do they think we are? They brought this show back, and the big surprise is that JACK FINDS HIMSELF IN RUSSIAN CUSTODY? Did they miss the end of season five? Do they think we give a fucking shit about this diplomatic garbage? Jack Bauer being unable to live a free life and being on the run was the perfect ending, and now we have our hero locked up with a bunch of uninspiring bad guys? I prayed, and I mean prayed, that whoever was on the phone with Jack when he discovered that Chloe was missing would end up being someone we knew. It really seemed like they were setting up the final scene to be a big twist like that. Maybe Tony? Maybe Phillip Bauer? Hell, anyone would’ve been better than “generic Russian.” How awful. Plus, Chloe wasn’t really missing for long enough to have it feel like the stakes were raised here. It never felt like she was in danger. And then the Jack-for-Chloe trade happens and she gets out unscathed? Boo. Audrey’s death was done so poorly that I thought they were saving the real drama for Chloe’s execution. I guess I got my hopes up. Still, it was nice that we got a good self-referential conversation between Jack and Chloe… except for the fact that it was basically RIPPED OFF directly from the end of season seven. Their conversation added nothing to the show because all I was thinking about was how similar it was to the last “ending.” And then, to top it all off, we get a silent clock as Jack looks out the window of a helicopter that’s flying him to prison. I guess 24: Redemption never happened.

Anyway, I don’t know how coherent this post has been, but God, I’m miffed. I don’t even get what this season was for. They basically have to do more 24 now, because I will be so pissed if they turned season eight’s perfectly appropriate series finale into a season finale, just to replace it with this. And don’t get me started on how they treated Heller in these last few episode. His scene on the tarmac was great, but I was hoping they kept him alive for a reason. They didn’t. He should’ve died at Wembley Stadium.


Anyway, have at me. Thoughtful criticism perturbs some people, so I don’t expect a warm reception.

I couldnt agree with you more, i feel the same way word for word.

As do I.

On one side of the coin, I kind of like that Audrey was killed because Cheng was able to get away while Jack was distracted by the Russians. Otherwise he would have intercepted Cheng and the Override Device much sooner and Cheng wouldn’t have been able to locate Audrey. This is Jack suffering the consequences of his actions during Season 8, which I think was always of paramount importance. I just don’t believe Audrey should have been the one to pay that price. It should have been Chloe. She had nothing left to live for and nothing to go back to in the States. It would have been an appropriate way thematically and symbolically to close out Jack’s story, I think.

Instead, we get a scenario that basically validates Heller’s comments to Jack in Season 6. “You’re cursed”. That is beyond depressing. The show took a step beyond cynicism today and has taken on an almost nihilistic quality. That’s a dangerous area to be in.

The show was already in cynicism and nihilism territory long before this season.
Anyway, hopefully you will finally realize why some of us really hated the completely overrated S8 last arc you keep on praising because we felt it passed that border of nihilism and cynicism you are talking about right there. It just happened sooner for some of us.

The difference is that at least Renee’s death served a purpose. You might not have liked that purpose but it was purpose nonetheless. Audrey’s death was just pointless.

You can count on my support Clayton. That was god fucking awful!

Frankly, the whole season has been fucking pointless. Evan and Manny have screwed it over royally.

This whole season has been an exercise in derivative-ness and gratuitousness. It has had nothing interesting to say in the least. Pointless.

I still think the season, overall, was “good.” But you’re right… story-wise, I now have zero idea why they bothered to reboot the show.

I won’t deny the plotting has been tight and solid overall. Just…pointless. I don’t see how anyone can excuse ‘Live Another Day’ of its glaring shortcomings on the basis that it was a ‘nostalgia trip’. It’s like, why the fuck are we lowering our standards to such an extent for a show that was once cutting edge?

Agreed, that phone call was the STUPIDEST thing ever. I men really wtf was the point in the tease?

“Who is this?”

Oh it’s just the boring ass russians, whoopdi friggin doo. Why leave mystery too it when it is the most obvious f-ing choice anyway?

It was like me telling someone there is a surprise in the loo and all it is is shit, obvious. If you are going to tease fans with such a thing, at least follow through with something that anyone in a coma couldn’t guess.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have loved the season until tonight, but I am so disappointed with how it ended.

I am going to try in the next couple weeks to write an alternate ending, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I wrote a new Jack/Audrey fanfic that I published earlier today, for those in need of a little bit of a lift: http://agentrez.livejournal.com/9993.html

AMEN. This post is GOLD. I agree with everything you said to the last letter. Hates this finale so much.

I completely agree with you. Disappointing end to a disappointing season. And I really hated this finale. For now I’m going to pretend 24 ended for good at the end of season 8, as it should have.

Fazil's Beard
July 15, 2014 at 1:22 am
I think I completely agree with your assessment of the Live Another Day finale, although I disagree that the season 8 finale would have been an adequate series finale; however, I hadn’t thought about it in as much detail as you included in your comment.

I would have expressed it in these terms, which I think could serve as a summary for your more thorough criticism (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about that): The plot of the episode felt very rushed.

And I agree that Jack’s raid on the ship was not exciting, but I think the problem was not necessarily that Jack and Belcheck used guns; rather, the problem was that Cheng’s thugs were all spread out, so it was really easy for Jack and Belcheck. At first it was easy because Chloe gave away the thugs’ location so Jack and Belcheck could sneak up on them, then later it was easy because Jack was pissed about Audrey’s death.

Fazil's Beard
July 15, 2014 at 1:26 am
I meant to go on to say that the problem of the Live Another Day finale being rushed could be expanded to the event series in general. Intuitively, I think they won’t, but if the writers do a Day 10, I hope they go back to 24 episodes.

normally I don’t fully agree with Clayton’s critical reviews but I agree for the finale as I hated that Andrey died. Why bring her character back only to kill her? For “closure”?

I could not agree more. No surprise, nothing unexpected. I think it was a great season but the finale was terrible. Just by looking at the Promo, someone who’s not even a 24 fan could have figured out what was going to happen. It was way too predictable.

I totally agree.

Pointless everything, season, finale… I can´t be more disappointed.

Agree with the most. Seriously. This is not a closure. And I would like to see an end Where Jack is happy, I guess he deserves it one day. I can’t handle that Jack always end in a horrible situation. Always! Even in the last season? C’mon!

claudia, i m on the same page.

New West Virginian
July 14, 2014 at 10:50 pm
This is so sad and depressing at the same time. Now Jack is probably going to be tortured for info, which he won’t give up, before he is killed by the Russians. It also makes no sense for him to surrender because after trying to start a war between the US and China they are in no position to demand Jack Bauer back. I wonder if Suvarov is still the President since wasn’t Taylor going to reveal everything. I’m surprised Jack didn’t do anything to try to escape he could have had the CIA there to take out the Russian agents the moment Chloe was safe. They had 12 hours notice of where the exchange site was the CIA could have gotten in position easily. It seems Jack doesn’t even want to go home and live in peace. He told Kate revenge didn’t get him anywhere but he still got revenge on Cheng (that was one of the best kills on 24 btw).

Now what if the Chinese government were to demand Cheng’s extradition, then it will be revealed how Jack executed him, well at least they can give the body back to the Chinese government and they can ID it, and probably won’t care that Jack killed him. Very interesting how there just happened to be a samurai sword on the ship, Some of y’all might say cause its a Chinese ship but its a Dutch-flagged ship according to Anatol Stolnavich and samurai swords are Japanese anyway.

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 10:50 pm
It was so heavy on the action sequences that we completely missed all the personal interaction and what little of it there was just wasn’t very satisfying.

1. Audrey dies SILENTLY on a park bench with Kate? WTF not only did the character deserve better but so did Kim Raver and DAMMIT so did we!

2. Heller says nothing to Jack? Nothing to Mark? Nothing to creepy Ron Clark? (and do not get me started on the “this is the up side of my disease” conversation with the PM)

3. Kate just hanging in her Star Trek (she wore red and survived?) sweater?

4. Ritter– actually got some good stuff in– too late to matter

5. Belchek– well let’s face it he is fabulous thank god for him

6. Mark– rat weasel just pathetic and sad at the end nothing about that come down felt good.

7. Cheng — righteous kill

8. Chloe– God so much left unsaid

9. Jack– spot on for all of the action brilliant with Chloe but again everything else that needed to happen never did UGH.

Mostly we as the audience were robbed of the things that were necessary for closure and for some way to make this all make sense.

I understand they wanted to leave a lot for S10 but by the time he gets back to the US Heller will have lost his mind and we cant get the correct almost father to wayward son conversation that had to happen and now never will.

Loss after loss after senseless loss and nothing feels ok about it and they did nothing to address this. Truthfully I am not sure why it got raves. Maybe I watch it for totally different reasons and I guess I must be in the minority.

You have seen the light!

If Audrey had to die in such a piss-poor way, you’re right: There NEEDED to be closure between Jack and Heller. We will never get it. It’s so disappointing, because as negative as it was, we did have closure before from season six.

Can I ask what you thought about Jack handing himself over to the Russians?

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 10:59 pm
That was perfect exactly right (except Logan was not in the jump seat across from him). Jack needed to be held accountable as much for himself as for anyone else and to do it in such a way that he frees his best friend — perfection…the hand squeeze they played it so so so well

As numb as I am right now, my mom and I chuckled at RedSweater!Kate. We were surprised at her choice of sweater, too.

I agree that we needed more personal interaction, but on a writing level it works. This is the way 24 (and Jack) have always operated – there is always more to be done, and Jack always has to keep moving. Otherwise, he’s a lost man with a gun.

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 11:06 pm
Numb too like LAD ADHD I am on action overload

So agree. Feel ripped off! No closure in LAD at all! He is worst off in a Russian prison then he was being on the run. Beyond disappointed.

So agree with Kiki. Fell ripped off

KiKi you and Agentrez are so right on target and what she wrote on her live journal was/is beautiful, now I need to hear/read the thoughts Mary is williing to share. This was so badly written; what a waste of time for them and us! Damn it! Someone please write us a better ending than what this was! The pits, it was just the pits at the end and so unnecessary!!!!

New West Virginian
July 14, 2014 at 10:52 pm
And how did the Russians know where Chloe was? In Season 5 the Chinese knew where Jack was because Graem told them. So I guess Suvarov is still in power and up to no good cause it seems like this new plot with the override also came from the top. Even though this was just 12 episodes, the Al-Harazi stuff feels like so long ago.

So this is what ’24’ receives after four years off the air and an eighth season of understated brilliance…

…If is this the end of ’24’ then what a pitiful way for it to go out.

Yes, completely agree!!!

I guess the hater are not real fans………

You’re fucking kidding, right?

Real fans?! Go fuck yourself!

Jack handed Chloe something when he held her hand.

Tracking device! Remember how he had something like that implanted?

Clayton, you summed it all up!!! Big letdown after they built us up for the finale…..Almost has to be a Season 10 or movie.

Its funny that Jack’s reaction in the chopper is similar to his reaction in the chopper in 24: Redemption.

Agreed. This honestly felt like the middle act of a three-act play.

Getting belated closure on Cheng was great and the Heller aftermath was well handled. That said, this was a rather conventional finale that reprised too many past elements.

First of all, Audrey’s death isn’t that big a play, because they effectively played that string at the end of S6 only to magically make her non-catatonic so she could participate in the revival series. With regard to its impact on Jack, it’s too reminiscent of Renee’s death from only the previous season to function as the Big Moment of the finale.

Jack being taken by the Russians is the same thing as him being taken by the Chinese in S5. It’s just Mr. Gibbs instead of Cheng this time. Over fifty percent of “24” has concluded with Jack captured or in exile at this point. There was nothing they could have done that would have been less inspired.

The final arc was in retrospect too same-y as well. Yet another McGuffin (they even threw up their hands and called it the override) that threatens to start WWIII. It’s interchangeable with the Cypress audio from S2 or the chip from S6. The highlight was Cheng, who I was desperate to see return, but beyond bringing him back they didn’t have much to do other than assigning him a generic villain plan and killing him dead this time.

It was all fine, but there was nothing really courageous or interesting happening here. Even the time jump was handled in a shockingly mundane fashion, to give everyone some grieving time. This season was “24” doing what it knows, and doing it really well. But they took zero risks, which makes for a disappointing climax. (I felt similarly about Season 8.)

To speak to your last line, I don’t think LAD was ever aiming to take incredible risks, outside of doing the nontraditional 24-episode format. It wasn’t meant to be a total nostalgia trip either, but it was “closure” for the show – whether we liked it or not.

I’m still sad, but basically what I’m saying is that I don’t think it was disappointing in that the writers and everyone on the show failed to accomplish what they set out to do.

Total disappointment. Season was on a roll until tonight. Audrey death was predictable and not shocking at all. One scene, plus two phone calls with Jack and the obligatory silent clock. What a waste of a character and story line. The time jump was nothing more than laziness on the part of the directors. They could not figure out how to do the time jump so they gave us that? The best part of the hour was the reference to Tony on the DVD commercial. Now they really need another season to give the show closure. It needs to be 24 episodes or we will get cheated again with a lazy time jump.

Here’s a possible twist the writers planned ahead: the forthcoming DVD scenes that explain what happened to Tony were created to set the stage for his explained return in S10!

All you people that are griping and complaining………….please!!! Please stop!

First….I consider myself one of the truest 24 fan there could ever be! I have watched every season 1-8 at least 10 times! The writers and producers have given us a American treasure in 24! And this season did not disappoint. I’m truly thankful that I started watching this show over 10 years ago. It has brought me so many highs and lows. And for that I am truly grateful.

So please stop with the knit picking and truly enjoy one of the best programs in television history.

Season 10………….. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

Aw, how cute. Do you also believe the earth is 5,000 years old?

Dem rose-colored spectacles…

Well aren’t you condescending. Are you trying to bring others down because you didn’t enjoy the finale as much as we did? Get over yourself. lollll

Maybe you haven’t been following along (obviously perception isn’t your strong suit if you enjoyed this finale), but the people who are being critical are the ones being hated on. In my long episode breakdown, I did not say one thing to negatively judge the character of individuals who disagree. It’s them who are being haters here.

They shat on us, called us names, and told us to “please stop!!!!!” discussing the show. I don’t know about you, but I grew up learning that everyone has different tastes. If you can’t accept different opinions and instead attempt to shut down discourse because you are unwilling to engage the points maturely, you are, frankly, not suited to be having conversations on the internet. Respect is important, but unfortunately for many of the people in your camp, it’s also a two-way street.

Clayton.They didn’t really watched 24 that they can’t understand how big and important Audrey’s death was.
1.Before her death jack lost his wife,Claudia Hernandez and Renee and he had to break up with Kate Warner.He didn’t have any choice.
2.At least Jack could be happy with Teri and they had Kim with each other but Jack couldn’t be with Audrey because every one hated him and couldn’t stand his happiness.After being addicted to heroin and losing his job,jack had no one but Audrey reminded him that he still has a life to continue(sth that mason told him)but he did dirty things in order to protect US out of the danger and Audrey couldn’t deal with it but after returning back,she could find out how strong and important jack was for her,even she came to China to rescue her.
3.Neither Renee nor Claudia couldn’t be with Jack and make him happy as Audrey could.Jack could find another world with Audrey.
4.Even when Jack let Audrey go in S6,They both loved each other but Jack knew that he can’t be selfish just in order make himself satisfied.
5.Jack could rescue Chloe but he didn’t because he had no hope to continue.He could even tell Heller to get a pardon from Russians but he didn’t. After Audrey’s death he found no reason to be alive.
Finally,I think Chloe would be much better to die and if you ask me,season 10 must have a real hope for Jack to continue and without Audrey,I don’t think that he has any reason to continue.and also he knows that Kim and Chloe are safe unless he is in Russia.

OK, lets start a list of the other things in 24 that need a proper closure.:

1. Happy ending for Jack with Kim and family.
2. Tony out of prison back in service to his country.
3. Mandy captured and killed by Jack or better yet by Tony.
4. S7 cabal of anonymous conspirators exposed and brought to justice.

What else?

Howard Gordon’s head on a fucking spike for casually brushing off all the above.

Is HoGo responsible for this season though? I mean, he came up with an ‘idea’ or ‘concept’ but I get the impression Manny and Evan been been responsible for the direction the whole thing took.

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 11:29 pm
Jack is NEVER going to be HAPPY that is simply not in his wheel house. And, frankly, I do not think HoGo would know what to do with it.

Happy Jack= Dead Show

Who’s Wilson?

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 11:32 pm
Clayton– come on— you know the dude behind the Taylor’s backyard fence

2,3,4 Hell yes, #1 though, not sure he’ll ever get a happy ending

Really, dude? What the f*ck is “closure” for you people? Do you want Mike Novick too? Aaron Pierce? Tony’s rotting in prison for the shit he’s done. That’s CLOSURE. Mandy? Dude, you only remember her because she’s hot and they gave a random character a name. She could have been any nameless female assassin in each of the 3 appearances she had, and that would still be the same thing. There’s no need whatsoever to have that character return. Aaron Pierce is no longer SS and he already showed up without being on the service. STOP IT.

As for the S7 “bad guy”, as far as I could tell, he went to jail. That’s closure.

To me, closure is all about bringing a character’s arc to an emotionally fulfilling conclusion. It’s a case by case basis for each fan, which is why finales are so polarizing. This is why some people who lack empathy or open-mindedness (such as a few people who have posted on this page) resort to being condescending douchebags because they believe everyone should think the same way they do.

I felt proper or effective closure was brought to the following characters and their arcs:
– Teri Bauer
– Kim Bauer
– George Mason (best closure in the series)
– Nina Myers
– Sherry Palmer (S3 did one thing right: amazing closure across the board. If the finale had been more climactic the series could’ve ended here.)
– Ryan Chapelle (especially given his gradual warming up to Jack over S3 and his shift into a likable, but misunderstood, character who bore a lot of the corporate and political stress of CTU, which can change a man dramatically. I have a feeling he was like Jack at some point but was broken, hence why he had no friends family etc. and ended up with a desk job)
– David Palmer
– Tony Almeida
– Mandy
– Alan Wilson/Sentox cabal
– Wayne Palmer
– Noah Daniels (loved his final scene in Redemption)
– Alison Taylor (fantastic closure)
– Kate Morgan
– Heller’s personal arc (conditional, see below)
– Chloe O’Brian (a fantastic arc that now feels concluded)

These characters didn’t really have true closure but I’m not too bothered by it because it may have benefited the plot otherwise:
– Michelle Dessler
– Behrooz Araz and a bunch of other minor supporting characters (Simone, Benjamin Bratt’s character, etc.)
– Edgar
– Curtis
– Max cabal (unless you count the awesome 24: The Game story, which is closure enough. touched upon enough in S3.)
– Belcheck (I have a feeling more is to come with him)

Bad closure/no closure/unfulfilling closure:
– Graem (making him Jack’s brother was stupid, but his entire final scenes in S6 were pathetically bad and made me almost give up the show. I was beyond offended by the way this was handled. Even Sutherland’s acting was poor and forced during that sequence. Bad, bad writing – not saying I could do any better though.)
– Heller’s interpersonal arc (his relationships with Mark and Jack in particular)
– Eric Ritter (why the hell did you make him a main cast member if you’re going to waste the actor)
– Audrey
– Jack Bauer (we’re missing his final act. What we have witnessed is to me the climax of his middle act, which began when he fell in love with Audrey. The first 3 seasons were all about him coming to terms with the job he was entrusted to do. Seasons 4-9 have been all about his gradual fall from grace, starting with having to kill Paul, get captured/tortured by the Chinese, go into exile, lose Renee and then Audrey, revenge streaks, etc. This middle act has been his failed attempts to be normal as well as the gradual peeling away of everybody around him. A slow, painful, incremental decent into nihilism.). He’s in a slightly better place in Season 9 (he regained favor with the USA) but he still has to make amends with the Russians and atone for his sins.

What the hell is closure for you? Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida were living their happy ending. They “died” in S5 because of their connection to Jack. That’s closure to me.

And Audrey being alive and be rescued by jack and also being revealed that Suvarov is working wit

Distraction of princess Audrey is gone. He saves twit Chloe yet again. Maybe now they will get back to business.

It’s interesting to see the difference in reactions from the show’s most dedicated fans, and critics/casual fans. Audrey’s death was spoiled for me, so it lost the impact it could have had. I feel bad that she didn’t have a final scene with her father or Jack. The performances were excellent tonight though.

Who are you counting as the most dedicated fans and who are you counting as casual? I tend to believe the biggest fans of this show actually appreciate its true potential and are appropriately disappointed when the producers do not make good on this potential…


Bingo. I’ve been watching this show since 2001 and I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as disappointed as I am now (that includes Season 6, folks).

I’m disappointed because this is honestly the first time I’ve ever felt “used” watching 24. It’s hard to explain because, as I said above, I still think the season was good… but it didn’t resonate, and I just don’t understand it. I feel used because I frankly feel like the only reason FOX brought this thing back was for the money. The story used to come first. Jack Bauer is just going through the motions.

It didn’t even resonate in the way Season 6 did (even though that resonated in a ‘bad’ way).

At least the day seemed to mean something for Jack. Like it or not, he was betrayed by his whole family and forced to say goodbye to Audrey.

What happened in season nine? He came back to stop a terrorist attack because he wanted to and lost Audrey in the process, but it didn’t really matter that much he she hadn’t been a part of his life for practically a decade anyway.

The season didn’t end how you wanted to, and that makes you feel used?

This season was very meaningful in the context of the whole series. Jack comes out of hiding to save Heller and Audrey as he feels he owes it to them. Despite this, he loses Audrey, but avenges her by killing Cheng (who he has a deep history with as well). We see how much he values his last friend Chloe when he traded himself to the Russians and takes responsibility for what happened in season 8. We are left off with him in the hands of the Russians.

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 11:26 pm
Seriously? There is a pecking order? True fans vs. casual and we must all come with creds? Are we living in the land of the Sneetches?

Everyone is entitled to their point of view. And as everyone who is a “true” fan of this show knows, your point of view will change over time as things settle,

I, for example, was never that big a fan of Season 2 the cougar killed it for me for years, but its one of my top seasons now because I focus on the strengths that now I can see.

If I did not love these characters so much and if I hadn’t been yearning for Jack to have closure — meaningful closure with Heller and Audrey– I would not care and I would — in fact– have loved this season. Its only because these people have a deep connection and complex past with Jack that I feel everyone deserved more.

I am mourning the missed opportunity that would have made this so much better even with the losses.

Exactly, having an opinion doesn’t make you more or less of a fan, everyone likes different things from this show, for example, to me, if they have had the guts to kill Jack in that last scene, it would have been the perfect ending, nevertheless, some people would have said that it was a horrible ending, and that’s the way opinions work, don’t try to act like any point of view is absolute, specially when it’s drawn so shortly after the events, let them sink, and since it is obvious now that there’ll be another season let’s see how it all plays out.

I would’ve liked it if Jack had been killed in the end. It would’ve felt like enough closure to make up for the severely loose threads (Jack and Heller, Jack and Kate, etc.)

That comment wasn’t meant to insult anyone’s opinions. I just thought it was interesting that critics, who don’t have the same emotional investment in the show/characters raved about the episode. The “casual fans” I referenced are the 125+ people who voted this episode a 9.7 over on IMDB (this rating could go down). It’s just interesting that the reactions could be so different (like the critics watched a different show).

BTW, I didn’t love the episode either, nor was I defending it. That was just an observation about contrast in reactions. That’s it.

Recently my other fave show of late killed one of my fave characters, assassinated his character in more ways that one really, and made other characters act OOC in the process, and the whole show came incredibly close to jumping the shark IMO. Some fans still loved it, didn’t see a problem with it at all, but I was in the camp of fans that felt like the show we loved had been thrown in the trash and I was incredibly upset about the whole hot mess. I’m still gonna keep watching that show, but my relationship with it is seriously strained right now.

So I’m not about to tell people they’re “not real fans” or any of that crap if they didn’t think this finale was stellar. It’s possible to criticise a piece of media and not be a “hater” (that word gets thrown around SO much in fandom and I can’t stand it). When shows (and characters) mean a lot to us, we have strong reactions both positive and negative when we see how the story plays out, and any and all reactions are totally valid and people should be able to express them without being told to STFU and go away.

Personally, I’m currently in a state of being overwhelmed by ALL THE FEELS and can’t really form coherent comments on what I did and didn’t like about the ep. Overall I’m pretty sure I enjoyed the hell out of it, even though it made me weep, but some of the points people have said they didn’t like, I can see where they’re coming from even if I may not completely agree with their POV. Discussion forums would be terribly dull if everyone always shared the same opinion.

“I am mourning the missed opportunity that would have made this so much better even with the losses.”

Well put KiKi, I feel like I am bleeding out from expectations I had from previews and comments along with what the stated view of why they even had this “Day” closures. So where were they Ho Jo and company!???

I disagree with all the people who think Jack didn’t get closure with Audrey. He did as soon as Audrey told him in their last phone call that she could never hate him and never has. That was his closure. He could stop feeling guilty for not staying with her when she was in a catatonic state. As much as he still loved her, I don’t think Jack ever expected to get back together again with Audrey.

Big disappointment. I think we deserve better. It should been two hours.

Now that Im back from a neighbors house thanks to DTV here on LI going out @858PM est, My thoughts about the episode: ABSOLUTELY DIGUSTED with the Audrey death scene as Jack should have been there when it happened. THEN going off with the Russians would have been his way of saying I’m sorry to Heller. As it is the ending made NO SENSE as why did no one know what Jack was doing or where he was going…..CIA tactial teams were on the way to the docks I believe yet no one even Kate was wondering where he was???BOOOO to that!! Also Russian helicopter flying around English air space and how did we pull that one off??? To me this so sets up season 10 in several ways…somehow Tony will be involved with Chloe and hopefully Belchek In a covert operation to free Jack with Kate’s help from the CIA because ………(fill in the blank on what crisis you feel the need to insert here) and Jack will be the only one that can do it…….while Im thinking out loud lets have the Russians kidnap his grandson for not being able to get info out of him…….Season 10 could begin with Chloe going to Kate for help as she promised Jack to look in on his family…some they will get Tony to help which may be the reason for a rogue oeration as Kate could be in hot water for Tony. Anyway, was it a great episode …no was it the worst of all time…no did any one get the closure we were looking for…no all we got was Jack and Chloe back “together” on their terms an ONE HELLUVA setup for a season 10 that I pray will be 24 hours with all episodes in REAL TIME!!

It sucked but they did leave it open for season 10.
This is where they will bring back Tony Almeida .
Tony will be redeemed by somehow saving Jack from the Russian prison .
Why would they include a special part in the 24 LAD DVD on Tony Almeida’s fate ???
However , I don’t think we will have season 10 next year , I think it will be back in 2016.

I think good return date would be the fall of 2015 – for say 16 episodes. Maybe they can get a better way to incorporate time jumps instead of one big one with 10 minutes to go.

Unfortunately, we don’t know entirely if all of the references Kiefer made to his age and the physical toll the series takes on him were honest admissions of wanting to end his role in the series or just some propaganda to bargain with FOX on another season’s salary (or some combination thereof).

However, one has to believe there is some merit in Kiefer not wanting to play an action hero approaching 50 – so if another season is on tap for the series, I have to believe it will happen sooner rather than later.

Palmer's Ghost
July 14, 2014 at 11:22 pm
Jack going to Russia didn’t feel like much “closure” , there’s no way they wrote that without a continuation in mind. Btw, did anyone notice if they guy who shot Audrey was on the boat during Jack’s rampage?

I didn’t really get a chance to check because it came so stupidly out of left field.

This is the worst finale i can think of

Years ago, I once said that, “The worst thing that could happen to someone is to lose their child; the only thing worse is losing your memory.”

Man, I feel for Heller.

Obviously there are no guarantees about what may be coming (another season/movie/nothing) but I watch this season and I think to myself that all we heard from Kiefer Sutherland was that this was a closure season. Coto and others were vague about it, but maybe this was the plan from the beginning to pull us in to see the pseudo finale, but really this is gearing up for something where Chloe and Belcheck seek out Kate to in essence save Jack a quarter or so thru season 10 and then all together they head back to America.

Idk I’m spitballing cuz I don’t want Jack to be dead.

After episodes 9,10, and 11 being 3 of the best in the series, I have to say, that they dropped the ball on this one. it’s like, in their haste, greed got the better of them. they should have had David Fury write the finale. like I said earlier, season 10… and there will be a season 10, should start as Jackes plane lands in Moscow, a few hours later, then the shit could possibly actually hit the fan

I’m starting to revise my opinion of the finale into more negative territory. This needed to be a two-hour finale. This season finale had the least amount of closure to date, with the exception of Cheng and Audrey. Yet Kiefer/the writers said they were “aiming for closure”. Clearly they were either messing with us or they failed.

Look, I have no problem with how they ended it per se, but this felt like a season finale and not a series finale. Lost and TNG (two of my favorite shows) had nice, satisfying series finales. This was overall a wonderful season and on paper a great episode, but there will need to be more for this series to truly feel complete.

By “series” I mean 24 as a whole. The reason Lost and TNG are two of my three favorite shows are because they are complete packages with a clear beginning, middle, and end. 24 has been an amazing run but we don’t have closure yet.

LOST ended perfectly. What a complete and brilliant story that was (I know we’re in the vocal minority there).

Yes, you are. :p

Expectations, Clayton. It’s all to do with expectations. :D

I agree. Lost felt like such an amazing, complete package. I didn’t watch the series over 6 seasons, though; I watched it in a month or two.

I binge-watched Seasons 1-4 in 2008. I watched Seasons 5 and 6 week by week. Amazing experience. I understand why people were disappointed by it, but I was in it for the characters.

Same. That’s why I sometimes beat my head against the wall with 24: so much potential to have perfect characters but it’s squandered at times. Luckily we fans can read between the lines and can derive enough enjoyment out of the character arcs.

I agree with you, LOST had a perfect ending and is one of the better seasons finales out there. How some of the on island stuff was wrapped us was a bit rushed (Flock etc.) but the purgatory stuff was very well handled and pushed the ‘its about the characters’ side of things to where it needed to be. Loved it.

As for this finale, I think people had their expectations a little too high for a 40 minute episode. I knew as soon as Episode 11 got about halfway in we were not going to get the closure people wanted from 12 so I enjoyed it for what it was. I do think that Kiefer and friends made it out to be the last one to attract more attention which hopefully worked. I do firmly believe with Kevin Mcnelly (Mr. Gibbs) making that appearance at the end he was brought in on purpose to be a supporting antagonist of sorts in the next season. If the next season brings us something along those lines, a continuation of where LAD left us I think we’ll all see it in a more positive light.

But I agree if they planned this to be the series finale with Jack just facing some consequences I’d be pretty disappointed. As much of anemesis Cheng Zhi may be, I always saw him as the villain associated with the Audrey/Heller aspect of the show then Jack’s overall greatest villain so it was fitting he was there as they closed that chapter. With Heller, resigning (it would be silly to have him return and I don’t think he will. Devane is pretty old now and its done).

On that note, ‘All Good Things…’ was damn perfect too. You’ve got good taste in my opinion, Tyler. :)

Thanks! Like I said, I really enjoyed this season, this episode, and what Audrey’s death and the Chloe exchange mean for Jack as a character and coming to realize she’s the only person he has left. But it didn’t quite feel like a series finale. I think a two-hour movie could wrap this whole thing up, not in a bow but in a way that makes the series feel complete.

A movie may be the best way to wrap this up. What if there’s a terrorist attack on Russia and the Russians have Jack Bauer assist and that ends up getting him pardoned? (Or he dies…honestly this series probably needs to end with Jack dying. It would be the best way to handle it.)

Palmer's Ghost
July 14, 2014 at 11:54 pm
The only way they can really end the Russian storyline is a season 6 type deal where the Russians pardon Jack. If he escapes, they will just keep coming.

Here’s a question: Is it Mark’s fault Audrey’s dead (at least partially)?

I think that forging the President’s signature paved the way, but really, when he gave the Russians Jack’s comm link, that really did it. The Russians literally crashed Jack’s plans, one of Cheng’s men caught Jack on camera, and it really went downhill from there.

If you want to get technical, it was actually Jack’s fault. It’s Jack’s fault they were after him in the first place.

I agree. Bad shit follows Jack wherever he goes. Even if it’s not explicitly his fault, he’s always the common denominator. In the end, that has to count for something.

Enjoyed the ending completely. Jack will never get a happy ending so I’m fine with Audrey dying, This is not a love story so don’t expect any long goodbyes between Jack and Audrey, If Jack or Chloe died in the ending, everyone will still be complaining just as loudly. The good thing is Jack did not die, he’s still out there. The Russians did not even check if he had a tracker device on him or anything. Hope S10 comes next year…

I wouldn’t be complaining if Chloe had died…

If there is a season 10, and there darn better be, Belchek MUST be in it.

Agreed, Belcheck is boss

Can’t wait to read Mary’s comments on this…

Especially since a lot of people here had a big problem with Aubrey dying, but wouldn’t have cared and/or wished her character bit the bullet.

Amazing mini series . I really hope that for the DVD they film a special feature to let us see what happens to Jack in Russia

Well, if the writers/producers really want to spike the DVD/BluRay sales and simultaneously bring closure in black-and-white fashion, that would be one way of doing it. However, I don’t see that happening.

Things I liked and disliked about the finale (+ and – bullet points)

+ Closed almost perfectly. Jack goes crazy, mentions Audrey, and then gives Cheng a fitting death.
+ Death by sword.
– Lack of monologue with Cheng. Maybe a monologue would’ve been appropriate here. That’s why the Jack and Nina arc will always be far superior: he let her know how he felt about what she did.

+ Good move, fitting death, appropriate reactions. Necessary for the overall arc of the series due to what Heller said during Season 6.
+ Particular shout-out to Kate and the way she reacted. Amazing actress too; you really felt for her. She felt like she let Jack down, That scene in the car from E11 was so important to set this up and make it a believable reaction. Her resignation was a brilliant stroke (more on this later).
– We really needed a scene with Jack and Heller for closure, especially after what he foreshadowed in Season 6.
– She wasn’t particularly well written this season. She felt too much like a damsel in distress. Never really bought her relationship with Jack on all subconscious levels, but I went along for the ride.

+ Mystery man; clearly loyal to jack. Glad he remained a mystery to an extent. He’s honestly the person I trust the most out of all the surviving cast members outside of Jack, Kate, and Chloe. My guess is he was working undercover with the Mob and is sort of a Serbian version of Jack. He probably lost his family as well. They bonded.
– Would’ve been nice to throw us some kind of bone while still keeping him mysterious. Think how they handled (LOST SPOILERS)
Richard Alpert on Lost. His origin episode, Ab Aeterno, was a modern TV classic.

+ Making him head of the CIA district was a nice move, because it gave him something to do.
– Every character was important in some way, but I would’ve liked to see something he did matter in the scope of the plot.
– Sadly, he didn’t have enough to do this season on the whole. He was supposed to be that ambitious guy and a rival of Kate’s but we never really get enough resolution between them. A simple extra line or two would’ve gone a long way. Still, this is a very minor gripe. Reading between the lines is fun and I don’t mind a few loose ends (I’m a Lost and Twin Peaks fan after all).

+ Her resigning was perfect and logical. This day was profoundly hard on her, almost as hard as it was on Jack. But she could also be resigning to go after Jack: who knows!
+ Like I said, Yvonne did an amazing job this season and I would love to see her back for the next bout of 24. Believable reaction to Audrey’s death.
– A little more resolution with Eric would’ve been nice.
– We didn’t get a fulfilling scene between her and Jack. This would’ve been the perfect time for Jack to talk about what Heller had said all those years ago.

+ Perfect in every way, shape, and form, EXCEPT we don’t get that closure between him and Jack that is frankly necessary for this show to be complete.

General minus: 24 needs more internal consistency and continuity: past events need to be referenced more, and attention needs to be drawn to things that people said or the fact that there hasn’t been a complete presidential term in close to 16 in-universe years. It’s an almost unforgivable flaw that really prevents this show from living up to its full potential. Luckily we fans can read between the lines and can still enjoy the show even if everyone seems to have amnesia.

A true master stroke would’ve been that the Chinese wanted custody of Cheng – but Jack had already beheaded the man, so they go to war anyway. And it’s on Jack’s head (no pun intended) due to taking revenge.

Agreed. The whole time Jack had the sword against Cheng’s neck I was thinking “wow, Jack will finally pay for his thirst for revenge when he kills Cheng prematurely.”

I think they were trying to keep us guessing. I thought for a second the Chinese would ask for him. It was a pretty suspenseful scene. Though realistically, Jack should’ve waited for confirmation and maybe had a little bit of “fun” with Cheng in the meantime.

There are 2 ways of looking at this. If you think that this is it, then there is cause for some to be disappointed. But if you Are in the camp that season 10 will happen, then Jack saving Chloe the only way he could by turning himself over to the Russians is quite acceptable. When Kiefer spoke of closure back in May the final ending, which May gave been written, had changed. As far as audrey being killed, I saw this coming weeks ago when it was learned that a main good guy would die. I thought the way it was done, (a 2nd sniper) was well done. Now Jack and Kate have the opportunity to work together at CTU Los Angeles and develop feeling for eachother. Tony Chloe Kiim and possibly Mandy will return. Heller may or may not be , in some part, in the story. So all in all, things will be fine. I have no doubt that there will be a season 10. Hopefully it will be 24 episodes, for 12 just don’t work as well. Feel free to respond to my post, and if XAM replies, hopefully he or she can show a bit of class and stop with the 4 letter words.

I think Jack is done with women.

Can you PLEASE quit with the ‘Jack-Kate’ romance thing!? Disgusting.

How is it disgusting?! Why don’t you shove it. Plenty of people have as much as a 30 and 40 year age gap and still fall in love. And he’s not that much older than her, the actress is 31. Jack doesn’t have to be with women his age.

For someone that’s so against peoples’ comments and what they say, you’re a pretty rude person. Oh no, you can’t make a joke about an actress giving someone head because that’s sexist, wait, you want a woman to be with a guy 20 years older than her?! DISGUSTING. People can’t fall in love when they’re 20 years apart!

There’s a little hypocrisy there.

Agreed completely, RonnietheC, except the Jack and Kate thing, they’re too much alike. Kinda like brother and sister (to me anyway lol). Mandy’s an annoying ho-bag… she probably OD’ed, same goes with Heller’s screwed-up son Richard.

Looking forward to Season 10, with the addition of Tony.

I prefer that Jack escapes out of prison,faking his own death and looks for a real revenge for Audrey’s death and finds out that Suvarov was involved too,but if you ask me,there is still a possibility that Audrey is still alive(we didn’t see 12 hours and many things can happen in those hours just like what happened for Tony or even Jack)

This is for Audrey… you son of a bitch!

It’s interesting to read the (mostly) negative and visceral reactions on here, and more so when compared to the largely stellar and extremely positive responses the finale episode received from critics… unless you believe those were paid reviews as XAM no doubt will accuse them of being!

The finale has clearly and quickly become the dividing line with ’24’ fans; those who like it loved it, those who disliked it HATED it… all of which means the writers did their job and the studio is laughing, the internet is positively ablaze with debate over one of their shows. Mission accomplished, as Dubya once said.

Now onto Jack Bauer tearing up Moscow in 2016… I’m there already.

Gerry, while I’ve always appreciated your enthusiasm and optimism, I also wish you’d be a little more…balanced in your view of the show and/or this season.

I appreciate the sentiment, Brad good sir.

I believe I do have a balance when it comes to the show, and it is thus; it is JUST a show, it is entertainment, it is not important in the grand scheme of things… although it IS just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on and in polite society!

But it’s much too soon to pass final judgement on the current season, for that I’ll have to watch it from beginning to end a couple more times and let it all sink in, and I would recommend others do the same…

I’m probably an exception. I really enjoyed the episode and would easily give it an “A”, but it could’ve been an A+ if there was more closure between characters.

Judging by the majority of other people’s opinion elsewhere on the ‘net, it would appear that MOST reasoned and rational viewers (not fanboys/girls) not only liked but LOVED the finale, and thought it was emotional and thrilling and moving and ’24’ at it’s very, very best (which it most assuredly was)… not that you’d know that by many comments here!

This is the worst of the internet personified; everything is blown out of all proportion, every little detail is nitpicked to death, every perceived flaw is magnified in extremis, if it didn’t end how YOU wanted it to end, it’s a betrayal of the highest order, and the writers have committed outright treason… line them up and shoot them all, would that make some people here happy?

For what it’s worth, I think Manny Coto, Evan Katz, HoGo, and indeed all involved in writing the season deserve praise and plaudits, they brought back a show four years after it ended, and made it not only both familiar and fresh, but made it relevant again, made people sit up and take notice again, made people excited about ’24’ again, and gave people eight-and-a-half hours of unadulterated and utterly compelling televisual drama par excellence… and if me saying all that makes some here think I lack balance or objectivity, well just plain f**k it, I don’t care, not anymore… you all wanted more ’24’ and you got it, it was not only good but great, yet many still complain and moan and groan because it wasn’t how they would have ended the season, well just plain tough, life ain’t fair, here’s two cents, go buy yourselves a life.

For my part, I liked this season a great deal, I have no real complaints or major deal-breaking criticisms (and I HAVE criticized some decisions in the past, like the entire Kim Bauer subplot in Season 2 or how the writers fumbled the ball big-time with the plotting of Season 6), I’m totally fine with how it ended, it felt appropriate, earned, and logical, and it did one thing I never thought would happen… make me genuinely glad if FOX announce a new limited series, make me wish this isn’t the end, make me genuinely pumped for another go-around with Jack in the near future, and that is an accomplishment in itself.

Just like Kim at the end of Season 7, having been re-aquainted again with Jack, I’m just not ready to let him go again… and it that makes me appear less than balanced in my view of the show or this season, then so be it, here’s another two cents, do with it as you will…

Here endeth the lesson.

You don’t have to be a complete and utter cunt….people have their opinions. That’s the beautiful thing about opinions, they’re different between individuals. You generalized the reactions way too much. DURH DAH SOME PEOPLE HATED SOMEAH PEOPLE LOVE ITH IF YOU DONTH LOVE ITH YOU STUPID GET A LIFETH. Um, no. The people that disliked, criticsed, and even hated the finale are not brainless apes as you seem say.

Personally, I thought it was a good season with a sub-par to bad finale. There were good parts of the finale, such as the emmy worthy perfomances from everyone, the fact of Audrey’s death actually being a surprise because it seemed so predicatble, and the general closure of the story.

That said…Audrey’s death was the first part of the episode where it seemed off. For me, I disliked it for several reasons. First; Well, the fans that watched her in S4-6 were and myself were expecting more from her character. She had very little to do in this season and was mostly just the tug of war rope between Jack and Mark. And finally, finally when her character is getting some dialogue and having a major role, she gets kidnapped again..which has happened to her every season.

When you watch a tv show like this, it’s usually a given to have some suspension of disbelief. We’ve already endured Kim being in danger so many times, but that was somehow different because in every season she was in, the situations were very varied. In season 1 she was kidnapped and then captured late by the Drazens. This seemed realistic and reasonable given the circumstances of the story.

In S2, we get Kim running from damn near everyone, but something’s different. She’s more independant and selfless, risking her safety to save Megan numerous times. In S3, S5, S7, she continues to be in dangerous situations but it’s varied and meaningful enough that we can ignore how realisticly so many horrible things wouldn’t happen to the same person. In fact, that can be said for a lot of aspects in 24- like Tony almost dying 10 times and Jack Bauer being a super human killing machine.

We can forgive these aspects because it entertains us, or some of us. 24 has always been an over the top show, but the realism element was always there, and that’s what set it apart from being a cartoon. No matter how many times there’s a mole or this city is going to explode or a secret evil foreign organization obtains weapons that do this or that, we might roll our eyes a little, but it’s still fun and enjoyable and at this point almost nostalgic.

But all Audrey pretty much did was serve as an old character returning, being a girl to the 2 more important male characters to fight over, and dying and being a major death. Oh, and getting kidnapped and being helpless, like she was in Seasons 4, 5, and 6.

It was well-executed to an extent, but the execution was also unrealistic and seemed like a fuck you from the writers. It’s not the concept of Audrey dying necessarily, it’s the way she died. It seemed rushed, unplanned, and cartoony, like the writers had just said “hey wait, let’s kill that character because she’s important and that way Jack can go badass Jack and kill everyone brutally and fans will want more and we can get rich off of another season. Oh and don’t forget the silent clock, we want that thing also. What’s her name again?”

Compare her death to the death of Renee, almost the same but different in key components- well, it was slower and had a bigger impact on the rest of the season due to there being 7 episodes left. It brought more truth to what Heller said about Jack being cursed than Audrey’s death. That’s the thing. Her death didn’t seem important or meaningful. It was just there for the sake of a death.

The scene with Kiefer breaking down and crying was excelent. That look in his eyes said it all- the pure darkness and hopelessness of him losing another woman he loved deeply. He didn’t even seem that suprised, just horrified and broken. And then…well, he went crazy video game Jack and just shot everyone. And that was ok, and his fight with Cheng was ok. Calling him a rat was ok. But then saying “This is for Audrey you son of a bitch” or whatever and decapitating him with a sword was eye rolling as hell, even for 24 standards.

Remember David Palmer’s death? That death was quick and seemed mostly there for shock value, yet it still honored the character to a degree and set the course for the entire season. Michelle’s death set the course for Tony’s fall from grace. And Audrey’s death was a cheap reminder that Jack can’t have a happy ending and the world sucks. Um…k?

Kim Raver should’ve had more to do, or at least more lines in this season. Hell, if she died in the middle of the season or in the beginning, that would’ve been more fulfilling than what we got. For an episode that had already way too much stuffed into it and going on, it seemed like the writers killing Audrey was too much in 1 episode. It was, simply put, tacked on.

Personally, I didn’t care about a happy ending. I just wanted a satisfying ending that mattered, because some of us crazy people were a little under the impression that, you know, this might be the end of 24 and Jack Bauer. But it’s starting to become clear to me that they care less about story and more about money and milking the franchise as much as humanly possible while killing off just enough main characters to keep fans watching.

Ugh, if this really is the cliffhanger to another season, they better reveal something soon. All that teasing of this and that and Tony might come back, no tricked ya, hey buy the DVDs they have Tony, well we might come back but we might not is getting tedious. I’m not waiting another 4 years for some movie like I did with Season 8. If that’s the case I probably won’t even watch it.

Now, I understand that you and others dissagree and have bright views to share, which makes it all the more important that we reframe from having hate wars and throwing insults at every corner. I was ticked off by your insults, but if you can express an opinion without personal attacks, I will do my best to do the same.

Agreed, Gerry. Sure got a rise out of that fella ^. Positively on telenovela mode, in dire need of some tranqs. By the way, nice Untouchables reference there at the end.

Can’t wait for Jack to rub Putin’s shiny bald head for luck in Season 10. Gonna be a hell of a time in Moscow.

You seem like an intelligent, not ghetto individual. And I’m sure he appreciates you sucking his dick.

Good, let the hate flow right through you! Then suck your own dick, Spencey. :-)

Nah, I have girls for that. ;) Krisy.

That’s great, man. Same here! Peace.

This is a bit of a rant I’ve been typing up in the middle of the night, so I can’t guarantee its coherence:

Gerry, I don’t agree and I don’t think you’re being fair. For me, it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘nitpicking’ things to death or blowing things out of proportion or trying to impose the ending I ‘wanted’ on the ending we ultimately got. I mean, shit, I’m the guy who’s *in love* with the ending of LOST and that was so far from what I was expecting or wanting. I’m a natural optimist. I’m a ‘glass half-full’ kind of guy. I’m always looking for the value in something even when others don’t see it or dismiss it.

You know this, man. I’m the first in line to come out and defend Season 8 from the majority of fans who express their disdain or apathy towards it. You’ve voiced your support in the past on this particular matter for which I am thankful. It’s great to know there are other people out there who appreciate Season 8 for the myriad things it accomplished. So are you sure what I have to say is invalid because it doesn’t conform to the positive ‘consensus’? My criticism of the finale – and of Live Another Day in general – is based on comparing it with the originally intended *series* finale from 4 years ago.

Season 8 closed out the show perfectly. It really did. Do you know why? It wasn’t just because it returned to the micro-scale and character-driven roots of the show. It wasn’t just because there was no great emphasis on WMDs (the fuel rods and the dirty bomb were just devices as a means of luring Hassan out in order to capture and assassinate him) or the threat of World War III. It wasn’t just because the whole season was framed around a single concept – the ‘peace agreement’ – rather than a bunch of arbitrary and increasingly ridiculous ‘terrorist’ plots like Seasons 2, 4, 6 and 7. It was because for the first time since Season 1, which showed an African-American on the cusp of becoming President, there were a few shining moments of genuine idealism.

“Lasting peace cannot simply be political. It has to be born out of trust and honesty and understanding and most importantly, a will on both sides to move forward.”

What a wonderful sentiment to end on. For a show that was otherwise almost entirely cynical in the way it dealt with tragedy, death and betrayal, that heartfelt message from Jack to his daughter was striking in the most profound way. Of course, there are other things as well; Jack’s downfall in the season was foreshadowed by Stephen Saunders back in Day 3, Jack’s path was mirrored by Tony’s in Season 7, Jack’s quest for restoration which started in Season 7 continued with his attempt to restore Renee whose predicament he felt responsible for, the final scene is shared between the two most iconic characters whose relationship is one of the purest in the show’s history, etc, etc.

What’s more, the final episode reflected on the ‘truth’ of 24 through the character arcs of Jack and President Taylor. It is a truth echoed by Jack himself way back in the Pilot and, again, in the final episode of Season 7:

“You can look the other way once, and it’s no big deal, except it makes it easier for you to compromise the next time, and pretty soon that’s all you’re doing; compromising, because that’s the way you think things are done.”

“It always starts off with a small step and before you know it you’re running as fast as you can in the wrong direction just to justify why you started in the first place”.

So many characters throughout the show have fallen from grace and lost everything because they took that one step and couldn’t turn back. It is fitting, then, that at the very end of the series both Jack and President Taylor are able to restore their moral compasses just in time.

All of this was as thematically full-circle as you could possibly get.

So, Gerry, if you agree with the above assessment of Season 8, how can you possible look at Live Another Day in totality and not see it as anything other than predictable, mechanical, arbitrary, and pointless with nothing of any real value to say and whose only effect is to dilute the profundity and significance of Season 8? What was the *point* of it all? What was the *point* of bringing back the show after four years if there was nothing interesting or meaningful or new or conclusive to say about any of the characters or the world at large?

In the end, it just boils down to: Jack killed some people and Jack lost another love interest.

Sorry Brad, haven’t been on this thread since Tuesday morning, didn’t know you had replied until you stated so on the other thread, so here goes;

I believe ‘Live Another Day’ worked with regards to jack’s character because he was in a dark and lonely place after Renee’s murder, he was essentially still in that place at the beginning of the current season, but as it went on, he took responsibility for his actions in Season 8 and discovered just how valuable Chloe was to him; after saying he had no friends right to her face at the beginning of the season, it ends with him saying to her face she was his best and only friend… he had emerged from his dark night of the soul, taking responsibility for his rampage in NYC instead of blaming it on someone else, by handing himself over to the Russians he was serving both the greater good and the cause of natural justice, he was the pre-Renee murder Jack Bauer again, he had come full circle, that is called character development and I thought it was a touching and affecting moment, but I understand, acknowlege, and respect other contrary and dissenting opinions, we don’t see the same thing(s) the same way.

Just to clarify one thing though, sincerest and humblest apologies if you thought I was taking a shot at you specifically, Brad good sir, for I was most certainly not, but reading back my post, it appears very much so that I am, that was NOT my intent and just want to clear the air between us, long may you continue to post here.

It’s not a problem, Gerry dude! :)

I agree that Jack taking responsibility for his actions was important, but I feel like giving himself up to the Russians would have had more impact if he hadn’t essentially been forced into it to save Chloe. If he’d done it on his own accord with Chloe trying to convince him not to…that would have been more effective to me.

I’m wondering if Jack voluntarily handing himself over to the Russkies was one of the alternative endings they considered, that would have been a REALLY powerful ending for sure, but I’m guessing they chose the prisoner swap ending so they could show Jack’s genuine concern for Chloe and the fact he sacrifices his freedom for her, thereby restoring what they had prior to that day’s events.

The ending was only good IF there is another season, so that Jack in Russia can be resolved. If there are no more seasons of 24, then it was terrible IMO.


Agreed. It’s a conditional “A” for me.

The finale was certainly not nearly as bad as some of the profanity on here

Here’s how I’d rank the 24 series finales:

1. Season 2 – the third greatest season finale in the history of TV as far as I’m concerned (The Best of Both Worlds would be my number 1, and Through the Looking Glass my number two. I do like other shows than TNG/24/TP/Lost but I need to watch more good TV.) One of the all-time great 24 shootouts in the stadium, a fitting climax with appropriate music and tension, some tender, sweet moments with Kim/Kate, and the big twist with Palmer made this a classic event.

2. Season 1 – my fourth favorite season finale of all time. This one is hampered only slightly due to some semi-loose ends that I wanted answered to (which were thankfully tied up in later seasons). Really, this could easily be number one on the list, but I just loved how climactic Season 2 felt. The twist at the end was fantastic.

3. Season 5 – fulfilling. The first episode had the epic climax, and the second episode was all about the characters. Great all around. However, some things were too forced (magic final nerve gas canister, magic escape by Bierko, the 15-second sex scene).

4. Season 9/Live Another Day – one of the best action sequences I’ve seen in a long time. Fittingly climactic with some major twists and a great time jump. Lots of loose ends prevent it from being higher.

5. Season 7 – I wanted to rank this higher. These top 5 finales are all satisfying enough on some level, and they all score A’s.

huge gap

6. Season 8 – anticlimactic, but to be expected: the arc leading up to the finale was arguably 24’s best run of episodes. Only a semi-fulfilling series finale: was clearly meant to be a season finale only. B+ finale.

huge gap

7. Season 4 – the fake-death was great at the time and the Mandy sequence was excellent. Anticlimactic final battle: super, super shame on the writers for having it be only TWO TERRORISTS. Seriously, lame. Season finales need to be climactic. I’d still give it a B or B-.

8. Season 6 – bad closure with Cheng (redeemed in Season 9). Oil rig sequence was mediocre because all they do is shoot as explosions to insta-kill Cheng’s men. In Season 9 they actually went through a complex infiltration with the same number of men, making it lightyears better. The Heller scenes are amazing in hindsight and that’s why I now put this ahead of Season 3. C+ but only for the Heller scenes; would’ve been a C- otherwise.

9. Season 3 – anticlimactic and just plain bad. The breakdown was nice but there was just no climax to this season. Incredibly disappointing considering how good the second half of the season had been. D.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 6:59 pm
I have to disagree. The Season 8 finale was my least favorite and the second half of Season 8 and the second of Season 7 were the worst stretches of episodes on the show, though they were still good compared to other shows. Season 4 was kinda slow and I was looking forward to a serious showdown between Jack and Marwan which didn’t happen. I actually did like the Season 3 finale, CTU having to chase down the last courier. The second half of Season 3 was great with lots of action and emotional scenes as well.

This is a perfectly depressing ending to a perfectly depressing show. I enjoyed it 100% percent and had a really good laugh when Audrey died. It became even funnier when Jack got taken again. Now every one left alive is perfectly depressed it’s a perfect set up for another depressing season of 24. I honestly cannot wait.

Seriously though, I feel rather sad that this season turned out very poorly in the end. It’s really not just the finale that is bad. Too many things happening and the producers’ greed for another season ruined what could have been the most emotional and fitting closure for 24.

I got very hyped up with LAD precisely because I was very pissed with Day 8’s ending and had high hopes they will use these 12 episodes to fix that. And in the end it only served to wrap up the Audrey/Heller storyline, and very poorly if I may add. As for Jack and Chloe, they actually ended up in much worse place than before. At this point instead of feeling sorry for them I can only give out a very tired sigh “not again”. That’s how I really feel, tired, not angry, not sad, but very tired and disappointed.

And if Kate became the star for another show, we can predict what will happen, she will keep being tortured both mentally and physically and will end up alone and miserable. Every 24 hours is the worst day of someone’s life. I will keep that in mind so well and only ever watch this show again if I’m in a sadistic mood. Watching nice people you care about continuously suffer? Sure, bring them on!

I honestly hope 24 never got picked up ever again. It’s bad as it is.

So we never found out who the Vice President was.

I didn’t want Audrey to die…but I guess it was pretty predictable by now. Every woman Jack cared about ends up with a bullet in her chest.

was Heller kind of smiling when standing next to her casket?

PO'd at writers
July 15, 2014 at 1:02 am
This is the worst possible ending that even a monkey could have conjured up. Pointless, without any semblance of closure. Get leaving the story somewhat open-ended but there could have been at least dozens of ways to end an otherwise spectacular season. Way to take the unprecedented ratings and turn the show into a POS. If there is another season, you’ve lost a big fan.

I’ve been a fan from literally day 1 hour 1 and will always be. I need time to process, but for this moment I’m pissed on multiple levels, but in the end and in my gut since episode 6 of LAD I’ve known this wasn’t the real end. Anyone who’s been their since hour 1 aired in real time back in 2001 knows that this isn’t over. But dammit I’m still pissed.

I consider myself a loyal fan of this show, it is my favorite and I’ve watched it and loved it since it came out on 2001, but I can’t help it, I’m disappointed by this ending.

Maybe it’s because I thought it would be the series finale they’ve been promising us since the movie that never happened, instead they gave us yet another season finale and now we are once again praying to God Fox will give them the chance to end the story once and for all.

Don’t get me wrong, if it was up to me, I would give “24” 24 more seasons, but given how hard it was to get this alleged final season to be ordered, I think the producers shouldn’t have gambled on the possibility of having another one and they should have considered it indeed the end of the show and closed the story properly.

Not to mention the fact that the ending is a stupid mix between the S5 and Redemption endings.

And just because you are a true loyal fan of the show that doesn’t mean you have to like absolutely everything they do, quite the contrary, it gives you the prerogative of disliking something you consider wasn’t that good.

In my case, I would have chosen a totally different ending, but within the ending that they gave us, I would have liked it more if Jack had a secret bomb with him to blown himself up along with the Russians, anything instead of this tasteless inconclusive ending.

I do hope they give the show a tenth season, what I don’t like is finding myself once again in this position of “hoping” they could get the chance to close the story… again!

I respect every opinion, I just hope you can all understand and respect mine.

“My name is Cheng Zhi!”

What a great line.


New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 7:02 pm
That was one of the best Jack kills on 24. Don’t know why there just happened to be a samurai sword there lol. Samurai swords are Japanese not Chinese and besides that’s a Dutch ship with a Russian crew.

Next year on 24… The clock ticks down to Jack’s execution by the Russians. A who’s who of 24 ensemble return to save our hero including Tony, Chloe, Chase, Kate, Brother Palmer, Kim, and a blind Ricky Shroader. We will learn that Jack is right where he needs to be. Scores will be settled in the name of David Palmer against Suberoff and his cronies who have been puppet masters in the events of the last 5 seasons. Shades of 24: Ghost Protocol.

Of course President Devane, the only world leader bat shit crazy enough to sanction said mission, did so previously on 24 during the missing 12:15.

I don’t know what to say here. I’m going through such a range of emotions.

I loved so much about this finale. But I almost wish I didn’t read the comments on here because they made me see flaws I probably wouldn’t have noticed before lol. I disliked the killing of Audrey. But not because Jack has lost everything and everyone and he deserves happiness (Although that’s a good point)…but I disliked it because it really served no purpose at all. And the more I think about it the more upset I get with the writers.

To be fair it DID have some foreshadowing and it did have a lead up dramatically. But really her dying and her living would’ve accomplished the exact same result. Maybe if her dying somehow compelled Jack to give himself up it would’ve helped but as it stands nothing story wise was gained from this.

I didn’t mind it too much on first viewing but as I think about it…yes it does feel very cheap and feels merely like shock value.

And while I thought the ending scene was a good scene. It did not feel dramatic enough for what could be the series finale. When I think of the beautiful pacing, acting and score from the season 8 finale, I realize how much this lacks.

To be fair, I think people are being very harsh on this finale because basically THIS is the episode that had the responsibility of leaving 24 in a different place than it was before this reboot. People were willing to accept and enjoy that 24 was back earlier this season, but now at the finale I think people were expecting the whole season to be leading to something important. And I don’t know if it did.

This post makes it seem like I disliked the finale more than I did. I did enjoy it a lot and think the ending scene and heller’s scenes were great. Also Audrey’s death was handled well (except it IS pretty terrible that a new character is with her in her final moments and that Jack had to find out via phone call)

Overall I think this season as a whole was very solid but there were a lot of arcs that felt rushed. I think 16 hours would’ve been the best amount of time…

Urgh I wish we could just spend ten minutes with the writers! lol

Also I want to add that I think people would’ve had a much different response to this finale had they done what they traditionally do and aired episodes 11 and 12 together.

Things like Jack and Audrey’s phone call (their closure) with Kate overhearing and thinking about Adam (which I think was why she volunteered to save audrey and felt so devastated) would’ve tied some of the emotion together and made the story feel more complete.

I don’t think it should be under emphasized what a different effect it is watching the final episode as a stand alone episode. We’ve never seen this before for 24 it’s always been a two parter.

It hasn’t *always* been a two-parter. But you’re right. Maybe it would have felt more cohesive.

Palmer's Ghost
July 15, 2014 at 1:20 am
I really don’t see how this can be viewed as a definitive ending, I don’t feel like we should assume Jack’s dead..
From a Yahoo Tv interview-

Now that he’s been captured by the Russians (again), where do you see the saga of Jack Bauer going from here? There was talk about this miniseries spinning into an actual TV series. What’s the plan?

Coto: There actually is no plan. This was conceived as an ending. This is not to say there won’t be anything else, but right now, this is the end. I will point out that, as Jack walks off, there is a silent clock. I’ll let you make of that what you will.

Great, so we have to assume Jack is dead… unless Fox picks the series up for a tenth season! XD

They actually consider this a fitting ending? The ending was great, no doubt, but only if this isn’t the last. Season ending, great. Series ending, terrible.

My favorite moment from the finale: Jack Bauer goes all Batman/Dark Knight mode and his whole yelling and screaming attitude to take down a whole army of Chinese and Russian terrorists. I was very happy to see Cheng Zhi finally bit the dust or getting his head decapitated by Jack Bauer after all the evil things he went through and paying the price for his sins when he ordered to kill Audrey (Kleenex). What a great way to end the series on a high note but I really don’t know what the future holds for Chloe O’Brian, Kate Morgan and President Heller. As for Jack Bauer, well I guess he made the ultimate sacrifice as he now surrenders himself to the Russians for all the bad things he went through in Season 8 (New York City). I hope that this really the end for 24 and this is truly a “series” finale that the network should consider but as of right now, this is really THE END (cue silent clock).

Palmer's Ghost
July 15, 2014 at 1:34 am
I feel like season 8 was a more definitive end that LAD, are the Russians going to torture him like China did? Give Jack a show trial for the world to see? Will Heller get him out? Is Suvarov still around? The only thing Jack gained from LAD was that the U.S. government won’t come after him, I am glad however, they just didn’t forget about the Russians stopping at nothing to get him.

I don’t think he’s going to be tortured. That would be dumb.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Jack is actually being legitimately locked away in a Russian prison somewhere. Nothing clandestine. I hope not. There was a sense of relief on his face in those final moments which I found quite stirring.

A lot could’ve happened in those 12 hours. Or maybe he’s just glad he’s being held accountable for his sins, as the writers said. They were comparing him to Jesus spending 3 days in Hell or something to that extent.

I think so. I just think he’s kind of relieved not having to run anymore.

First time I comment here… Damn, was that an awesome finale!

So my goofy question is : was anybody expecting a quickening, you know, Duncan McLeod style ? (CTRL + F : no, not so far apparently…)

Gabriel (France)

Fazil's Beard
July 15, 2014 at 1:59 am
I hope this isn’t the series finale, though I guess I would consider it a slightly better potential series finale than season 8’s finale. In the season 8 finale, some one-episode, one-name (which I don’t even remember now) thug was about to execute Jack behind some old run-down building when at the last minute he got saved by a phone call from President Taylor. Then President Taylor asked to speak to Jack, and she told him he better get the heck out of Dodge before American or Russian authorities catch up to him.

At Least in the Live Another Day finale, Jack got to kick some ass and give up his freedom on his own terms. He could have decided to let the Russians have Chloe, but he chose to take her place. He was in control.

That said, I hope we haven’t seen the last of Jack Bauer because I don’t want to think that Jack ends up in Siberia or a prison in Moscow and that’s the end of his story. I don’t know if I think Jack has to have a happy ending, but I think it shouldn’t be quite as depressing as a prison in Russia. A lot of people say Jack can’t possibly be happy, but I think he looked pretty happy at the beginning of Day 8. Hours before the beginning of Day 8, Jack took his granddaughter to the zoo! I don’t know if you’d exactly call Jack happy at the beginning of Redemption, but I would be satisfied if my last image of Jack was something similar to that.

I hope Day 10 returns to Los Angeles, I don’t think I want it to be set in Moscow. Since Kiefer has said in interviews that he’s getting old, he doesn’t think he’ll be able to be Jack Bauer much longer, I would be okay if Jack Bauer were to not appear in every episode of Day 10. I think his importance to the series could be gradually decreased.

One more random thought: I don’t think Audrey’s death was done very artfully, but I’m pleasantly surprised that it happened. I hope that clears the way for Kate Warner to return for Day 10!

Palmer's Ghost
July 15, 2014 at 2:11 am
I think Kate and Diane Huxley are Jack’s only love interests alive at this point.

Fazil's Beard
July 15, 2014 at 2:30 am
By my count, those two and Marilyn Bauer.

Fazil's Beard
July 15, 2014 at 2:48 am
I just wondered, do you think they’ll be less likely to bring back Kate Warner if they choose to bring back Kate Morgan? I ask not because I’m suggesting that Kate Morgan is likely to be Jack’s next love interest but because they would then have two major characters with the same first name in the same season. It might get confusing for casual viewers. Have they ever done that before? For example, I know there’ve been several Alan’s in the series, some in the same season (Alan York, Alan Hayes, and Alan Morgan Day 1, Alan Tanner and Alan Wilson Day 7) but usually all but one of them turns out to be a very minor character. And I don’t know if any two characters with the same first name have ever appeared in the same episode before…?

Related question: are there any other Jack’s in the 24 series besides Jack Bauer? Jack’s not a really unusual name, you’d think he would’ve encountered somebody else with the same first name in 204 episodes ;)

kiki vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 9:20 am
And Kate Warner….

Yeah, that’s what I meant, Kate Warner. I wasn’t counting Kate Morgan as one of Jack’s love interests. Is that what you meant, kiki vanderway?

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 12:08 pm

Jack dumped all those girls. The ones that really mattered to him, the ones he wanted to be with but could not (Teri, Renee and Audrey) are all dead now. No point in wasting time in temporary love interests that happened so back in the past.

before episode 12 all was good then they put the obvious ending with audrey death and jack bauer captured and possible death,dammit people i know the story is supposed to carry a serious tone but is it some universal law for it to not have a good or happy ending !

For those of you that liked the season until the finale, then hated the finale, then ended up hating the entire season, then wishing Chloe died instead of Audrey, then wishing death on the producers, and then wishing 24 never returns; I have some great news: starting next week, two hours of Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay died in 7x14

Anyone else feel the 12 hour timeskip was such a cop out? With all the hype from Coto/Katz AMA and the many finale script changes, you’d think this episode was going to have such epic twists and an interesting use of timeskips. Instead, we get a 12-hour jump within one commercial break and Audrey’s death…

This is exactly how some of us predicted the time jump would be used since mid-season. It felt like the only smooth and logical way to do it.

There are so many cool directions they could take the series now.

The Russians aren’t going to treat Jack like the Chinese; it would be horrifically sloppy and absurd writing and a waste of potential. Everyone knows Jack won’t break. They want to try and execute him.

Or, at least certain elements of the government/former President Suberov do. These are the same elements that were behind Cheng (and, of course, the whole plot of Season 8 as we all know). The “good” elements in the Russian government have started taking control, and they see Jack as a valuable asset.

A 4-hour special where Jack can help the Russians in exchange for his freedom and returning to the US (where he was pardoned this past season) would be terrific. The Russians would drop all charges if he helps them with something (and this works because the Russian government is now being run by elements who don’t hate him). The mini-series/movie/next season doesn’t have to take place in Russia (at least not entirely); it can take place in a third-world country with Russian interests, sort of like how Redemption took place in Africa. I’m thinking a two-night, 4-hour special covering a 24-hour period with two time jumps.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 2:34 am
I also have a fanfic idea for the Kate Morgan version of Redemption. it’s a story I’ve always wanted to write but with different characters in it and its motivated by current events too. Kate is working for a private security company advising allied personnel in the Middle East. The plot will involve Palestinian terrorists holding an Israeli high school hostage and Kate is caught in the scene. She has to stop the hostage takers as well as deal with a connected plot by Islamic terrorists to seize nuclear weapons and use them against the US. Nice exotic settings in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Gaza City.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 2:29 am
The ending was way too repetitive, Jack loses everything again and is taken away, just like Season 5. It seems Jack really wants to be captured by the Russians now, even though he had 4 years to be taken by them, before he found out about the threat to Heller. The fact that Jack now wanted to be taken is the only explanation of why they didn’t have the CIA at the exchange site with Chloe and have the other agents take out the Russian agents after Chloe is safe.

They can easily get Jack back. Belchek must have a phone and they can easily track the helicopter before it leaves UK airspace. Its still a long flight to Russia and most of it is over NATO territory.

Teri No, I'm So Sorry
July 15, 2014 at 2:29 am
Jack Bauer, like any other human being, needs some semblance of hope to keep going. Otherwise he’d be dead or would’ve killed himself on the boat when he heard of Audrey’s death. I don’t like how the writers seem locked into this “Everything Jack touches must die” mentality. There should always be the possibility of a happy ending for Jack.

If 24 is to succeed, it needs to keep a core of main characters concentric to the plot. Just as Seasons 1-3 had Tony, Michelle, Kim (meh), the Palmers; and Seasons 4-6 had Bill, Chloe, Curtis, the Logans, Edgar and Karen (albeit briefly) and others returning for more than just one season. The characters had a much more believable and natural chemistry because you could assume they spent some time with each other both on the screen and off.

24 started declining in Season 6 in part because they brought in “a stable of new characters” that was supposed to liven up the show and give them more options, maybe attract new viewers. But for those diehard fans who have watched the show from S1E1, it’s depressing knowing that they would discard characters after only one season – Nadia Yassir, Tom Lennox, Noah “Powers Boothe” Daniels, Larry Moss, Brian Hastings — etc. What’s the incentive even to care about these characters if we know Chris Diamontopalusosaurus only gets 9 episodes? Why even give Gewinkibe Abbikinagbebebe (that name tho) main cast billing if he’s going to have ten lines all season? People have already mentioned that Kate’s reaction to Audrey’s death was not very credible…and I’d agree…had she even met her before all season?

I understand Audrey’s death and I accept it was pivotal to the emotion of this last episode…I thought for the most part it was very well executed…but 24 needs to (1) build around a group of characters without killing them off – it gets redundant and loses significance and (2) stop playing with this “there’s no hope for Jack Bauer” theme. He’s supposed to be a hero.

And is it just me or did those Russian guys that took Jack away not seem intimidating at all? They didn’t try to cuff him or tie him up or anything. Very friendly hostage exchange.

I don’t think Kate was crying for Audrey. She was crying for what that loss would have meant to Jack after overhearing their phone call in the previous episode and because she knows a little bit about how that feels having lost her husband.

very much agree with this!

I agree. I think there’s something going on here that we’re not really aware of. But then again, I don’t think the Russians are going to be barbarians like Cheng’s men. Naturally Moscow won’t be pleasant but that could be for any number of reasons.

Agreed. They need to have a smaller main cast with flexible guest stars. To me, the main cast this season was Jack, Heller, Audrey, Mark, Chloe, and Kate. Everyone else was supporting.

But then again, they need to keep it open-ended and unpredictable so that “big-name” characters can be killed off or made into moles or whatever.

Maria Kimberly
July 15, 2014 at 4:58 am

I Thought Kates emotional apology to Jack and dealing with Audreys death was completely believable and wonderfully played by Yvonne. She knows Jack has feelings for Audrey knows thanks to Marks outburst that Audrey loves him and she has recently lost her own husband and so will be well aware of the feelings of loss.
That plus the fact that she told Jack that she would Keep her safe she obviously feels that she let him down.

I’m very surprised that no one else found the lame way the time jump was handled as odd and completely brushed off by the writers – after all of the speculation of how the 12 hour leap from episode 11 to episode 12 was going to be handled, they decided to just treat it as “the morning after”???? Really? Right after: 1) Jack kills Cheng and gets the phone call to meet somewhere else in London with hardly any travel time; and 2) Kate’s retrieval of Audrey’s body? Those were two powerful events and the writers just chopped 12 hours out of the aftermath, when both characters would have been wrapped in emotion and self-analysis, to shift to a scene that played like the next day at work without any hint of the night before.

It really supported the fears most of us had when the writers admitted after the 8th or 9th episode that they hadn’t figured out how to deal with the missing 12 hours of a day and had been plodding along on the normal back-to-back hour format of old. The theories many of us expected to be used – of a trip overseas to the US explaining the time gap were a lot more thought out than what the writers ended up boxing themselves in with. Felt very poorly planned and crafted IMO.

Having said all that, it also begs the question IMO if the only real reasons the writers and Gordon chose 12 hours were not because of giving themselves more “creative freedom” to allow time to speed up or slow down as needed but likely because:
1) the network wasn’t willing to endorse paying for 24 episodes instead of 12;
2) Kiefer and Gordon wanted to reunite and more bucks but not the long haul as in the past; and
3) everyone wanted several months on location in Europe.

If the series does continue, something tells me the writers learned a lesson about a 12-episode format. I would have expected Gordon to know better, considering how successfully he has managed to make ‘Homeland’ fill out 12 shows each season without expanding or cutting too much irrelevant stuff.

I think I prefer “24” in this 12-episode format. The problem was that episodes 2-5 needed to be of faster pacing so that the finale had more room to breathe (and more closure given between characters).

I haven’t properly processed all the ups and downs of the ep yet, but one thing I can say without a doubt that they did perfectly IMO was Jack and Chloe. Her wanting a chance to prove herself to him. His acceptance in the end that he does indeed have a best friend in her. Nothing will ever surpass their final conversation on Day 8, but for the journey they took them on on Day 9, I thought they wrapped it up really well and their final scene was spot on.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 2:38 am
Back when Chloe said she was Jack’s only friend, Audrey was still alive. And does Jack really not consider Belchek a friend?

I noticed that in the end Jack says Chloe’s his “best” friend not his only one.

Jack has been in a very dark place even before 24:LAD. He’s worked with that arms dealer Rask, and God knows who else he’s worked with, and what else happened in the space of 4 years. Hiding out in Europe, sleeping on streets. He doesn’t consider Belchek, Chloe, not anyone to be his friend; Audrey – out of the question – she was alive and well with Mark. The only reason why he resurfaced was his sense of selflessness to rescue Chloe and and warn about Heller’s assassination attempt. That’s pretty much it. Because yes, everyone he loves or comes close to ends up dead or ruined. Whether Heller said that Jack is cursed or not, he always believes that he is the common denominator, and it’s true, he is. It’s not wholly his fault, but he’s the type of man who carries everything in the world on his shoulders. And this is not some “money-hungry producers’ TV trope” as others here are saying out of frustration or intense hate over a show, a lot of the veterans I know suffer from these thoughts and feelings of being in a “curse”, part of some psychological trauma (PTSD), which 24 excels in showing Jack’s thoughts and feelings at the end of each day. Not just Jack’s, but everyone else in law enforcement, from the President right down to the foot soldier. It’s the brain’s way of coping with past traumas, “let’s cut our losses before (more) shit even happens”, hence the frequent opting of an isolation route… It’s sad, but it’s real, unfortunately. This explains Jack’s sad smile as he boarded the copter, it goes back full circle to when 24:LAD starts. Alone. Isolated. In his own terms.

Intense, as usual. I hated the ending but only because we don’t know if there’s going to be another season and/or movie(s). If this was truly the end of the series then it really sucks to have so much mystery around the ending. I felt like Season 8’s ending was definitely more conclusive to wrap up the series. It’s almost as if they ended it this way fully expecting to continue the series. If they knew this was going to be the last episode of the series, I would’ve really had liked to see them finally give Jack a peaceful closing moment since his entire life has been one continuous struggle since the first season.

As for Audrey dying, I really didn’t think it would hit me that hard, but tying it together with Heller’s Alzheimer’s disease and the fact that he soon won’t even be able to remember he had a daughter at all was definitely heartbreaking to think about. I mean, wow. I actually felt like Heller’s situation was a bigger tragedy than Audrey’s death.

BTW, for those bringing up whether the silent clock at the end meant Jack is dead, Jon Cassar already confirmed that “Jack is still out there” and isn’t dead.


So, overall, I just wish there was a little more closure to things. If this winds up simply being a season finale and not a series finale, though, then things will be a little easier to stomach.

That interview with Cassar was very informative IMO – and definitely explained some of the thinking that they had for why scenes went the way they did.

But the last part really stands out:

So, Jack’s definitely not flying off to his death, right? Kate and Chloe have to go save him! Given the open ending, do you feel there’s still life in the franchise?

Cassar: I wasn’t really sure there was life in the franchise after Season 8, and I proved mysef wrong. It’s so hard to say, especially with TV audiences. Usually, there’s a real decline year by year of watching a show. Rarely do ratings go up; they usually go down. The fact that we came out after such a long absence and still struck a nerve and were relevant, I think it’s pretty exciting. In saying all that, it’s really hard to think we might not come back. It’s really hard to say, “This is it.” So, it’s always a possibility.

Obviously, Cassar would love to do another run of the show. Now it remains to be seen if Kiefer feels the same way and if they can persuade FOX to buy into it.

Something does seem fishy about the way this whole thing has played out. In May they said they were going to closure, but then they saw that the ratings remained solid (and the finale episodes hadn’t been written yet). Then they rewrite the ending sequence and turn it into something open-ended with a ton of question marks (Russian behavior, the missing hours/vague character closure, etc.)

The trolls and morons infesting this page right now will probably laugh and point at me for my “false hope” and my “inability to accept the ending” but please kindly watch the endings to Breaking Bad, Lost, Star Trek: The Next Generation, hell even Twin Peaks with all its loose ends. 24 hasn’t even come close to anything on that level in terms of a legit series finale.

I hope you’re right. I’d like to see them take another crack at it.

I’m very curious to see if there are any “alternate endings” as part of the traditional gamut of deleted scenes included in the DVDs.

As everyone knows, the DVD for S1 had the alternate ending of Teri surviving in a happy final scene and was included with the producers explaining how they tested the actual ending against the proposed happy ending.

I agree, honestly I was expecting to see a “next year on 24” promo from FOX at 9:59 before the house closed out, and I thought that would’ve been a creative way to announce they were coming back for another season. Almost makes me wonder if they ended it this way to purposely try and get the fans to pressure FOX into doing another season since there’s still so much mystery surrounding everything. If they had given it a concrete series ending then there would obviously be zero chance of another season. It would be nice, though, to see Jack finally get a hero’s sendoff that finally gets him some peace.

bring on some more you’re just getting started, so much more can be done with the continuation….i loved the comeback! good job

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 2:39 am
Maybe the twist is that Jack purposely is going to Russia to go after the people behind Cheng? To defeat the Russian faction? We still don’t know how high up the Russian government this goes. President Suvarov himself was bad in Season 8 but in LAD Jack tells Kate he’s not sure if Anatol’s actions were actually approved by the Russian government. They did make it clear Cheng wasn’t working for the Chinese government, maybe so 24 is not banned in China.

I kind of got the impression Anatol was working outside Russian authority. He mentioned Mihkail Novakovitch as a ‘good friend’ which means he had a personal stake in apprehending Bauer. I can’t possibly see how Suvarov could still be in power after the events of Day 8. Like Jack said to Mark, Anatol was a ‘covert intelligence operator’ and not an official figure of the Russian government.

That’s my perception too – that the Russian contingents chasing Jack since S8 ended are more of an underground or rebel faction of the government that lost corrupt allies in S8 and want to hand out their own illegal justice, as opposed to the official Russian government in command.

I don’t know how the elected cycles work in Russia but it also seems like Suvarov, who was the President in S5, would not still be in power now.

Therein lies potential for a future storyline: the Russians in power would be willing to let Jack go if he helps them chase down some rogues or something to that effect.

Fazil's Beard
July 15, 2014 at 3:33 am
Suvarov might mirror the real-life Vladimir Putin. He was president of Russia for a long time, then somebody else was president for a few years, and now he’s president again.

Palmer's Ghost
July 15, 2014 at 2:58 am
I want the Russian storyline to be wrapped in a way that doesn’t still have it hanging above Jack’s head like the china one was, something to cause complete forgiveness from the Russian government.

Even though I have not seen this episode (have to wait until Wednesday) I am afraid my curiosity got the better of me and I had to spoil it for myself. No matter, I don’t care really. But I get the gist of what happened.

What seems so unfair is that once again the Russians seem to have gotten away with everything, as they apparently did in S8, with no real damage to themselves (if that is not so, please tell me!). Also, this attitude towards the Russians is kind of like things were in the cold-war, portraying them as evil and beyond redemption. Maybe this line was taken given what has happened in Crimea and Ukraine.

I can’t write too much without actually seeing it but I think the ending for Jack is in keeping with so many other series endings for him, plus it’s ambiguous enough for there to be plenty of potential for a follow-on series, which to me is more important. The writers could have done something unequivocal to him where there wouldn’t have been any chance of follow on (he could have been permanently damaged physically for example) but this way, there are exciting possibilities for how he would escape and what he would then do.

Although got his revenge to some extent in S8 for what the Russians did to him personally (Renee Walker), Jack, always on the side of justice, has plenty of reasons to bring about true justice for all the despicable acts they have carried out and root out everyone involved. Again, I don’t know how this issue was dealt with in the finale, so forgive me if it was addressed.

In any event, if the various parties are still willing (and this ending suggests that they are), I think there are terrific possibilities for 24’s return, and that is more important to me than how this particular season ended. Most previous seasons ended sadly for Jack, so why should this be any different?

I will see what it all feels like when I have actually seen the finale, but for now, viva 24!

This is the best season of 24. So many tears in finale. Audrey and Chloe are good people. Why is one of them have to die …

Hope this best season won’t be considered as a farewell party to 24.

Thought it was a brilliant episode personally. The scene with Heller talking about not recognising Audrey in the photo was heartbreaking I thought.

The only thing I didn’t like was Jack being captured by the Russians. Definitely had a bit of a “been there done that” feeling about it. If that turned out to be the finale of all 24 it would be rather disappointing because it’s even less final than the ending of season 8 was.

I prefer this ending of Jack being captured by Russian. Because if Jack ended up happy ending with his family, there is no chance of season 10. Hope the next season 10 will be the happy ending for Jack.

yes they change the story to keep jack buear live!and the clock is not 00:00:00!its mean 24 season10 coming soon!?

i agree with your idea matt and thank you audiens to keep your coment for 24 beacuse jack is not death and this is beause of you and your comments and your support of 24 and thanks of causer and writers that changed the story and my request is please make 24 season10

I have a question. What happened to Mark after he showed Jack the live feed of Audrey? Jack seemed to run off to Cheng, while Kate seemed to run off to Chloe, so who was watching Mark? Did he just stay there until the police arrive?

Chloe and Belcheck actually make a good couple!

Dunno if I see Chloe becoming romantically involved with a former mobster, but I do like to think that after that final scene they went to a pub somewhere and shared “this one time, me and Jack” stories.


After this “finale” i never watching again a “single” episode of 24…
I start watch this show 13 years ago, and for me this series has always given strong emotions.
But this time i find it unacceptable the Audrey’s death, a character would have been very useful for a possible “sequel” of the series…
I think this time the authors have exaggerated, taking a step is not absolutely necessary.

Alexander of Hong Kong
July 15, 2014 at 5:02 am
YA…Everyone was killed, except Chloe and Tony from the very beginning and multiple seasons.

Maria Kimberly
July 15, 2014 at 4:49 am
Hey there, i did not read all comments so i might repeat, what has been said.

So here is my take:

– Where was the final twist? Audrey? Russians? This was no twist at all….it was totally predictable even from watching the preview…..
– I am sure sad, that Audrey is dead. But it is repetitive. Teri, Rene, Audrey…we got the point. But life is not ALWAYS the same. There would have be so much possible ways to go. Like Audrey killing herself, because she has a 2nd failed marriage, and the horror of going back to that fear with Cheng was too much on her, ect….so many possible ways….but no….a bullet…BAM…this was lame…
– Hellers speech was great, i give the final that….
– why they did not bring back someone we know for the final scene is beyond my understanding. Just “someone” from the russians was very lame also….

All in all…good emotions, but bad twist…. I´ll give it a “C” at max….

and if it is the end of 24…..i will change to “E” :-)

Alexander of Hong Kong
July 15, 2014 at 5:01 am
The first time they shooted behind the russian, I thought would be someone we knew…
But nothing! I have many question marks on my head: “Who the hell is this guy?”

My thoughts during that scene…

“please don’t be Russian, please don’t be Russian, please don’t be Russian”

”we chust want you mister Bauer”

“Ohhhh FUCK you!”

Alexander of Hong Kong
July 15, 2014 at 4:56 am
Quite disappointed because the plot is so repetitive. Jack’s girl dead and Jack caught by foreign country.
Why don’t just leave Audrey alive? or let Jack die?
With President Heller resign, I can’t figure out who still can be the next President from old character..
It would be strange for me if there are next season…

what kind of closure is that? I really wish it’s TONY on the other end of the phone instead of some f**king Russians.
I almost thought that he was going to blow the helicopter and himself up with a C-4 tied to his body. If that’s the series ending I would accept it.
The current ending? The only way I would forgive it is a Season 10.

Besides, was Jack thinking about SUICIDE when he pulled out his P30 after knowing Audrey’s death?

I felt the same thought going on in his mind – he was close to putting his tragic life to an end.

Hey you guys! I’m a huge fan of the show and just wanted to say (if this is the end) I’ve enjoyed the ebbs and flows of the series, because it’s kinda like the X-Files 2.0 for me in general. I understand the divisive nature of the finale and how the nihilistic aspects might be off putting. But I don’t see it that way. For me Jack Bauer has been a tragic character and ever since the season one dvd promo where Kiefer says “Jack Bauer is a man always trying to do the right thing, without the nessesary means to do so” I’ve always expected a downbeat ending for the character in the long run, and in an odd way I see this as a redemption for the sins created by the writers and season 8. Jack is taking responsibility for his actions and learning from the sins of his past much like other characters this entire season, and while I understand you might not agree with me, or even shun me. I found the finale cathartic in a way most shows don’t give me in their final hours.

How can a man possibly handle all that pain – poor Jack.It’s awful that he is always in the same bad situation of losing someone he loves, and Heller – with the perspective of not remembering his own daughter – awful future is coming. I hope the writer’s give him a positive emotion in the future but for now I can see so many possible scenarios for the next season. Hope they’ll announce the news on the comic-con panel.

I’m the guy that wishes the Star Wars series ended with the “Empire Strikes Back” because I like melancholy endings, but for better or worse. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this universe and Jack Bauer.

Gosh, I guess this shows that Jack truly is cursed. He came back this time to try and save Heller for Audrey and she ended up dead in the process. I’m sad for Audrey, I always thought she was a strong character who could stand alone, not just as Jack’s “love”. Awful to see her death as rushed, repetitive and seemingly pointless. Disappointed!

It might be because I’ve never liked Audrey as a character. But with that being said I’d completely disagree that’s why Jack “came back”. Jack has always put his country above all, even over ones he loves and I took that away from him trying to help with the crisis this day. And yes the format is repetitive, but so is any show that last longer than five season let alone nine. It’s the law of deminishing returns. Maybe we should be at fault to a certain degree in expecting something new again, and again.

He told Audrey that he became back for her and to a lesser extent her father. Margot wasn’t even a threat to American lives.

I’m sorry. I’m not used to commenting on message boards and posted my reply under this comment . Sorry ;)

Oh and can I just say Oliver I’m not trying to change your or anyone else’s opinion on the finale or season in general. I’m just stating my thoughts on it, and don’t wanna come off like a jerk in anyway shape or form.

Yeah I get that he said that. And that maybe he meant it to a degree, but the entire scenario Margo presented threatened more than the country she was attacking, and it was maybe more of her personal attack towards Heller and the impending “WW3” that sprung jack into action. He never seemed to seek redemption in my eyes and maybe just wanted to atone for his sins and past history with them. That’s kinda why I like the season in general because the current theme of the sins or past coming back to haunt these character presented in the season ran through almost every character.

This theme justifies Jack saying that his reason for coming back was a personal one. It wasn’t just more of the same. Unfortunately, I don’t think that this was executed well, given what happened to Audrey.

I really didnt think they used the time jump wisely. They should have used it travel to nearby cities. The death of Audrey seems more like lazy writing. That being said, this finale was better than season 8

I ageee about both kinda, but the show and writers have been guilty of worse offesese. The way Agent Walkers character was handled in season eight still irks me.

If the writers had somehow exonerated Jack from taking justice into his own hands and killing all those Russians four years ago then they would have sent the message that Jack can never be held accountable for anything he does wrong.

I’m totally OK with this ending, which at least leaves the potential for season 10, or a feature film.

And if we don’t get those, then the ending is ambiguous.

And if Jack breaks out somehow then he at least paid a penalty of some sort for his lawlessness in season 8.

You wouldn’t expect Tony to be spared prison for all the awful things he did, would you?

And if Jack is executed then who welcomes death more than him personally?

This is just me. But I kinda took the line “you won’t enjoy much of Moscow” and Jack getting into the chopper as a complete death sentence and acceptance on his part of his fate for Chloe’s life. He’d gladly die for his friend after everything that happened twelve how’s ago. Maybe I’m just Debbie Downer but I kinda liked it’s bittersweet nature. It’s all Jack had left to give…

Jack told the Russians that if they did anything to Chloe or his family that he would make sure there’d be hell to pay. So, basically, that’s him saying he can escape or overpower them anytime they want, but he’s sacrificing himself for Chloe and his family.

Completely disappointed for “this” finale..
The “action” sequence was good, even the “final” duel with Cheng….
But i don’t understand why (the authors) kill Audrey…
For me is a completely nonsense resolution for the “Heller storyline”.
And i think that a character like Audrey deserve a better ending than the actual, plus she could be a “potential” resource for a new season.

What an ending???!! Jack killed a guy with a Butcher Knife and a sword. That was a bad ass bunch of killing.

Audrey’s death was so sad. I really wanted for at some point her and Jack being together. It would have been a great way to start off day 10 (yeah, it’s gonna happen). Jack pulled out his handgun and was going to kill himself over it! He was crushed and you could see it. Poor Jack. I feel day 10 should go a bit better for him.

I enjoyed so much of the episode. But I think the best scene had to be Heller talking to the Prime Minister. God that was amazing. Him talking about not remembering any of this. Remembering his daughter dying in such awful fashion… It was crushing. That made the entire episode for me.

All-in-all, I really liked this. This entire day went about the way I figured it would, and I enjoyed it. Then add the fact that Tony will be in the Bluray extras… I feel a day 10 is due next year, back in LA, and will do a fitting job ending the saga of 24!

I thought the reaction to Audrey’s death by Kate was really good and so what they had no connection? She that same very day blamed herself for her husband taking his own life because she didn’t believe him.. she developed a friendship with Bauer and knew how much Audrey meant to him from the last phone call between the 2 of them. She knows how much Audrey meant to Jack and blamed herself for Audrey much like she blamed herself for Adam killing himself. I thought it was well done and made alot of sense

Why does people hate this episode? I mean, i respect everyones opinion, but i really don’t understand how people can’t find this episode enertaining… Anyway, i loved it! (WANT SEASON 10), Jack cuts Cheng head off was amazing, the Audrey death and Heller’s reaction was really sad, the only thing i was a little dissapointed with was how Chloe got cought, i think they should have explained a little bit more of how that happend. The last scene with Jack and the russians was amazing, because now they sort of HAS to make more 24!!!!!!!!

Overall, i really loved this season, heres how i would rank these seasons:

1. Season 5
2. Season 4
3. Season 9/Live Another Day
4. Season 7
5. Season 1
6. Season 8
7. Season 3
8. Season 6
9. Season 2 – Before anyone hates me, i still like this season alot!!

No hate, I agree with leaving season 2 at the bottom.

Nice ranking, but I would move season 2 in the season 6 spot. Season 6 was a downside for me, but hey, I will still watch it…:)

All these people that are saying that the finale didn’t live up to their expectations, and the fact that they felt ‘used’ because it didn’t end how they wanted, will be back if there is going to be another season… then complain again as to how it didn’t end their way.

Bingo! You can’t please them all!

I’m a “True fan”, and I hated this ep, and the whole season…
Terrible, Terrible ending. why jack should just get captured by Russians so cheaply like this?
I think they had some kind of magic skills to find chloe.

I’m pretending that this day of jack’s life never existed. the hell.
The only thing that touched my senses was cate informing jack about the death. she played great.

Jack at the end talking to the Russian said if something were to happen to anyone he knows he would burn down his whole world.. I believe and am hoping for a season 10! They also didn’t let Kate kill Steve which needed to happen. Lots of stuff open. Another season coming..?

As a finale it was rather lackluster I have to say, there was nothing there that could not be predicted. Well maybe Cheng dying Highlander style. But the rest of it was pretty hum drum. I for one could care less Audrey died, I saw it coming and was kind of glad she did. Now, if they come back, maybe they can do something with Jack other than have him have to always save the damsel in distress.

The time jump was kind of pointless too. Just a wrap up like any other season with a few hours gone by, whoopi.

All and all I enjoyed it, but there was no surprises and it was pretty much the same old same old, not that there is anything wrong with that. But nothing really impressive happened.

The biggest failed moment for me was having the phone call with “who is this?” and leaving it open, only to find out it was the stupid Russians, which was the first guess of anyone. I didn’t need it to be Tony, hell it could have been Mitch Anderson for all I care, just if they were going to leave it ominous, do something friggin worth the pay off, not “oh, it’s just the russians” whoopi.

I think the biggest problem is, no matter how much they deny, all involved wanted a season 10, so they didn’t make it as one balls to the wall limited series, instead just another season with 12 episodes instead of ten. It’s like Under the Dome and other “limited series” that come on. They do good, so limited becomes not so limited and $$$$$ wins out, making things tacked on or not as satisfying as they could be.

But as for a season 10:

Opens in a prison, Belcheck is there, causes a riot, grabs a brooding Tony, breaks him out. Tony is like wtf and then sees Chloe in a van. They need Tony’s contacts he made when in with Emerson to get them into Russia and free Jack. But now all are fugitives and the cabal have another plan, but with Tony loose they think he will ruin it so goes after them. The group spends the first 6 episodes fighting them and getting out of LA. Then 12 hours pass, in moscow, save jack and they have to get out of there.

Or other way around, already have tony, in moscow to save jack. Save him, spend first 6 getting out of Russia, fly to LA. But it is under siege by the cabal. Plane is shot down and they parachute out, they sneak into the city and end Wilson once and for all for the next 6 episodes.

Who knows, that just came to mind. But knowing the writers they’ll forget Jack was even in Russian prison if day 10 comes to be.

Again I enjoyed it, but it was nothing new.

*instead of 10, meant 24 lol

If they did something like that for Season 10 I would be very happy indeed.

Just be nice if they did something a little different for once, but oh no. It will most likely be Jack has to help the Russians stop a threat for him to be free, kind of crap.

For me, this season went straight to the toilet after Jack tossed Margot out the window. It was phenomenal up to that point. But what was THIS? Jack’s love is killed (again), he and Chloe have a little friendship moment (again), there’s a prisoner exchange (again), Jack’s taken off to a foreign country to face probably torture (again). I mean come the hell on. I really did enjoy most of this season, but if this is the ending they were going to stick us with, they should have left well enough alone with Season 8. I’m sorry, but seriously, this was just lame. I didn’t even like the Cheng death. Quick and pat. Nothing “oh hell yes” about it at all. I was expecting sometimes big after ALL the suffering Cheng caused him…maybe Jack to run at him, shoot him in both legs and both arms and then in the chest…get the facial recognition as he’s gasping his last breaths, then watch him die from pain and shock. I know that would have been pretty extreme, but Jesus…we DESERVED that with this guy. It’s been since Season freaking FOUR that we’ve needed Jack to off this one. And he kills the love of Jack’s LIFE? It even made me roll my eyes when he threatened the Russian later. His world will come crashing down, Jack? Really? Meaning what? You’ll shoot him? Or hurt him? I mean…you beheaded the man responsible for killing Audrey…so I guess if this guy hurts your best friend…he’s REALLY in for it, right? I’m sorry, I’m let down by this finale…in so many ways. Sigh.

It was amazing!
I think Jack Bauer will back and next season will be in RUSSIA!
I hope that jack back very soon.

I expected something better for the final scene, especially after that mysterious call Jack got.

The finale delivered and once again left open the possibility of more. Who wasn’t numb at the end? Jack lost another love, but saved the woman who never failed him or doubted him. And Cheng, well that was just Kill Bill III and so satisfying. Heller’s final words to the British PM were stunning in their finality and acceptance. My reaction was more about the feelings of loss for the show, rather than critical of the way it ended. You? http://tvruckus.com/2014/07/15/24-live-another-day-finale-recap-oh-mama-can-this-really-be-the-end/

I haven’t read through every single post, but i believe it may have been mentioned a couple of times, but why does everyone assume he is either going to be killed or tortured or jailed by the Russians? I didn’t exactly like the ending either, but I think it is open ended enough that you can use your imagination to infer into it whatever you want to. someone mentioned the exchange was too “nice”, and I agree. Compare to what the Chinese did to him, yes of course that was a sneak attack, but he was still beaten pretty good. The Russians didn’t even cuff him. Didn’t they think he might try something once on the helicopter? He prob could’ve taken out everyone on that chopper with his bare hands. That makes you wonder that something might be going on.

The line about not liking Moscow isn’t too telling either. I think they are going to force him to do work for them honestly and not kill him. That will be his punishment. Perhaps even force him to assassinate the new Russian president? You can envision it any way you would like. Suvarov is calling the shots and wants Jack to do his work for him because they’ve seen what he can do.

I don’t know, just speculating that you can derive anything you want from the ending. It’s not cut and dry that he is dead or going to be tortured or whatever. Clever, even if somewhat unsatisfying

Lessons we Learnt

If you date a Jack, you probably die.

Chloe can do com, anyplace and anytime.

The writers do not know squat about the military. Chinese proposed invasion of Okinawa could not occur in the 24 timeframe of the show.

It is not good to be president.

Never a happy ending.

I am sure there is more.

What happened to the override device?

Jack didn’t die, so that gives me hope for another season. Really hated to see it end so quickly!

I think we felt the full-effects of only having a 12-episode S9 with this finale. Everything seemed rushed. Which left it feeling cheap, pointless, unresolved and unsatisfying for finale.

Since there we many changes to the finale’s script, I believe that the finale ended up being something completely different than what the writers started S9 to be. My hunch is that as the ratings continued to do very well for S9, they realized that they can pull off at least another season. So, they changed the finale and the purpose of S9 from giving closure to being a bridge for S10.

Let’s say it this way & all agree… if there is no S10, then this finale (and the entire S9) was a complete waste of time! Even if there is a S10, again, I feel like the 12 episodes really rushed S9 and didn’t allow for the character development like I had hoped for.

I’ve already seen Jack’s love get shot, leading him to go on a killing spree with Renee last season. I’ve already seen Jack be taken by a country to torture him for an unknown amount of time with China.

Closure is desired because 24 is a story… there should be an ending. The 2 options for closure for 24 is either: Jack is killed heroically or Jack is happy with Kim & grandchildren.

Those are my 2 cents.

Mary, what did you think of the finale?

Okay two questions…. When the engineer at the CIA office was discussing the override device didn’t he say something about its ability to control not just the U.S. military operations but others as well? If so then what happened to the override device once Cheng was killed? Are we to assume that Jack handed it over to some trustworthy athority before going after Chloe or could it come into play in a future season with someone using it to get the Russians to let Jack go free?

If Chloe got her hands on the device and used it to have Russians attack themselves that could be a way to force the hands of the “mobster” Russians they continue to show.

I really hope we get a 10th season but if not I am extremely happy with all the hours of programming we have gotten already. Many other shows have ended a series in worse fashion and though I’d prefer something different… this was still a good enough ending for me. Just my two cents.

I’m sure after Fox comes at him with money, and he realizes that people don’t really like his movies (yeah, it’s true), he will sign on for one final battle. He HAS to see Kim one last time. There is no way this has to be the end.

These kinda talks are usually negotiation tactics by the actor.

Kiki Vanderway
July 16, 2014 at 1:03 pm
Right and so look for another article in the near future from the writer/HoGo or other producers on how the franchise can run with Kate Morgan in first position and how 24 can survive without Jack Bauer (whether true or not) as the counter negotiation tactic against the actor…..

Mark tells jack that Audrey loves him. Jack is furious and tells mark to shut up.

What am I missing?

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 9:37 pm
The fact that he loved her too and was on the verge of hopeless despair knowing that he has no alternative here…. Jack is under a presidential order and must carry on and doesn’t need that rat weasel traitor who truly doesn’t get it –how his actions placed his wife firmly in the cross hairs, how Jack would never have placed Audrey at risk to sooth his own ego, that while Mark swivels and whines Jack would gladly and happily give his life so she may live but must instead save the world….

That was a big moment for Mark, actually admitting that his wife loves Jack to the man’s face.

It was a great line for Jack because even though it was a simple response, there was a bit of,”I know, and you saying it right now is NOT HELPING me to think clearly about this situation because I love her right back.”…and a bit of, “I didn’t hear HER say that to me, so I don’t wanna hear YOU say it,”…topped off with some, “After what you’ve done to me today, when half an hour ago you were cool with me being sent away so Audrey would never see me again, you don’t get to say THAT to me now, asshole.”

So credit to Mark for manning up and being honest, but he really shoulda kept his mouth shut. Poor Mark, always digging his hole deeper.

Kiki Vanderway
July 16, 2014 at 7:57 am
Admittedly I hate the rat so I am likely to see his actions as negatively as possible but I also think it was a little of:”you son of a hitch, you have manipulated everyone around you, including Heller and Audrey, and how dare you try and pull that crap with me.”

I’m so glad that Audrey died. She was such a complete whiner, she had no chemistry with
Jack, she had the worst development. She pathetic. Pathetic and obnoxious.

Many Renee fans considered that payback for Audrey lovers and Renee haters for laughing at Renee’s death and wanting Audrey back. Now that Audrey’s dead, now us Renee fans will be laughing at her death.

To all Audrey fans, consider us Renee’s fan even.

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 9:48 pm
Certainly you are entitled to promote your favored girl but at least do it without blinders on.

Kiefer has unbelievable chemistry with everyone they pair him with. It’s not a question of ability or even fine acting….nor is it about who is standing opposite him…. he can turn on a light switch from a 100 yards away ….it’s biology hard wired and undeniable.

And there is no question he had great chemistry with Annie Wersching but he and Kim Raver had a very long history together on this show and just lit up the screen when they worked together.

Go back and watch the S4 prequel see if you can find the one on you tube where the music is softer so you can actually hear what they are say to each other …Such a great, hot scene and then tell me they had no chemistry together together…..

I think it was a great ending to a great season but only if there is a season 10. This was no way to end the show forever.

I wasn’t happy with Audrey dying and President Heller surviving. It did give us an opportunity for a great scene from Heller at the end, but I don’t think it was the right ending for Audrey.

First problem now is we all know that President Heller probably won’t be in the future of the show, since his character won’t be capable of doing anything useful. And for one of the shows greatest all time characters, an off screen death doesn’t do him justice.

Also with Audrey dead and Heller out of the picture there will be no return for Mark, and maybe his character could have been more if Audrey had survived and found out the truth about him.

What the ending did do though was provide some characters room for a new story. Chloe will obviously want to get Jack out of Russian prison, and Kate will either be no longer part of the government (but maybe a covert CIA operative). Plus I think the fact that there has been talk of Tony, means that if the story continues then he will probably be a part of it.

When the sites were talking about someone from Jack’s past catching up in the ‘final big twist’, I was hoping for someone fans would actually recognise. Especially when there are plenty of characters who disappeared from the show between seasons and not confirmed as dead…

But I’m hoping for a 10th season… even if it’s only 12 episodes like LAD, it could be Jack’s Russian prison break followed by a time jump flying to wherever he needs to go to prevent the latest international crisis. Plus there’s a chance of a Jack, Kate, Chloe (and maybe Tony too) working outside of the government, maybe going after Suvarov for ordering Renee’s death and maybe being part of the Cheng/Stolnovich operation.

After a couple of hours of reflection after watching the finale, I’ve gone through all of the emotions that you all have so here are my thoughts:

– Audrey dying was sad but she was never going to end up with Jack especially given her marriage (albeit on the rocks) to Mark. Someone said before in a previous post that Jack got closure when he spoke to her in Ep 11. Jack can’t have a love interest, just a best friend, Chloe.

– Jack handing himself over to the Russians certainly opens up another season. This is not closure and I’d hate to read about it on a comic book. I hope Fox and the writers can make up a deal for another season(s) as this 12 episode format works in my view.

I rated this episode as ‘good’ for the poll and not awesome as per previous episodes as I was expecting a happy ending and closure since I thought that this was the end. So, let’s see a fitting finish to the series next year.

I want to add that I prefer the 24 episode format but I don’t think it’ll fly with new viewers. There’s a minority of us who love it but I don’t think other people can handle it.

Just added another poll asking whether this ending would serve as a satisfying series finale. Meaning if this was the last episode ever, would you be satisfied with what we got? Curious to see the responses.

I wasn’t a fan of this finale personally. I plan to rewatch it later tonight and see if my opinion changes at all, but I’m very disappointed with this episode.

Maria Kimberly
July 15, 2014 at 4:29 pm

July 15, 2014 at 2:23 pm
Maybe the thing to do next is a made-for-TV movie, like 24:redemption, that is only about getting Jack out of Russia and off the Russian wanted list. That plot would be perfect sized for a TV movie. Not only busting Jack out of prison but also getting Russia to back off of Jack. Perhaps Chloe has a backup copy of some of Adrian’s stolen files and these files incriminate the Russian govt. That would make Russia back off by threatening to release it the public.

Then after the TV movie do another 12-episode event series. But they should move fast on getting the TV movie on the air – by next summer – with the new starting in fall 2015.

Here is the absolute best review that I have seen on last nights finale. I agree 100% with what Entertainment Weekly said, and here it is:

24 is a very noisy television show. For one, the show is structured around the sound of a ticking clock—it maintains the show’s rhythm. This clock serves not only to provide the series with structure and order, but with each tick it also reminds us of just how disorderly the world of 24 is and how close it is to full chaos if Jack doesn’t succeed in time. Additionally, most 24 episodes (especially this season finale) feature a musical score that runs throughout the episode along with the sound of gunfire and explosions. Essentially, there is a rarely a quiet moment.
It is because 24 is such a noisy that the silent clock is so important when it comes to honoring the passing of beloved characters. The silent clock helps mark a rest in the runaway plot and allows a moment for the death to register with the audience. It marks one of the few moments when there is nothing else happening on the show and there is just complete silence—something that is rare on 24.
All of this is a roundabout way of getting at what really stuck out in 24: Live Another Day‘s excellent finale: how important sound is to this show. Composer Sean Callery’s score plays an important role in creating tension, does a fair amount of the emotional heavy lifting, and helps make these character’s emotional responses more impactful.
Tonight, the silent clock made an appearance after the death of Jack’s onetime lover Audrey Raines (Kim Raver). At the end of last week’s episode, one of Cheng’s men had a sniper rifle trained on Audrey, and Cheng told her that if she moved or tried to contact anyone, he would shoot her. In tonight’s episode, Kate (Yvonne Strahovski) goes to Audrey’s aid, while Jack, Belcheck, and Chloe go after Cheng. Kate and her team take out Cheng’s sniper, and it looks as though Audrey is out of the woods. As they start to leave the scene, however, another one Cheng’s men appears out of nowhere and starts shooting at the party, and poor Audrey catches a bullet in the ensuing gunfight.
It’s highly unlikely that a death on 24 will ever resonate as well as the deaths of Jack’s wife, Terry, in season 1 and David Palmer in the fifth season. However, Audrey’s death is still rather powerful as we see her slowly die in Kate’s arms as Kate keeps pleading, “stay with me.” The character might not have been well liked, but it was hard not to be moved by her passing, mostly due to—once again—that music as well as Raver’s superb performance.
Even more poignant, however, were Jack and President Heller’s reaction. Audrey’s death brings both men—who both stand quite tall and are forces to be reckoned—to the ground. Jack found out about Audrey’s death midway through his assault on Cheng’s escape boat. After Kate tells him, he slowly sinks to the ground and Jack’s pain is all over Kiefer’s face. In that moment Jack Bauer disappears, and we’re left with a man who seems to finally have been defeated by the world and is considering taking his life (Jack takes out his pistol). It’s not only Audrey’s death that crushes Jack, but the fact that he has lost almost everyone close to him. Creating, maintaining, and restoring any kind of order normally comes with a price, and we’re reminded of that in this moment. This already exceptional scene is further elevated by the score, which mirrors Jack’s emotions. The music feels just as lost as Jack, but that all changes when Jack hears Cheng’s men approaching: rage stars to fill his face as the music rises.
What happens next is very reminiscent of 24‘s eighth season, which saw also Jack losing it and going on a killing spree. Here, Jack takes out all of Cheng’s men with his gun and makes his way to Cheng’s location. Cheng and Jack’s hand-to-hand combat scene is expertly choreographed. After giving the Chinese evidence that Cheng was the one who attacked their ship, Jack beheads Cheng with a sword, a moment which is followed by another one of the episode’s few quiet moments (but obviously, Cheng doesn’t receive the honor of the silent clock). Although this sequence was too similar to Jack’s rampage in the eighth season, it still works because the writers do a great job of setting it up. By the time Jack beheads Cheng, the moment definitely feels earned.
The President’s reaction to Audrey’s death is even more heartbreaking. When he first hears the news, he collapses to the ground. However, it is not until after the episode’s 12 hour jump that we understand just how tragic Audrey’s death is for him. Talking to the Prime Minister (Stephen Fry), Heller admits that not only will he soon forget about Audrey and her death, but he’ll soon not be able to remember anything. This exchange helps draw a nice comparison between Heller and Jack: Which man is more unfortunate? The one who will forget every memory, both happy and sad, or the one who is forced to live with his pain, but also has a few good moments to look back on? It seems as though 24 is saying both are okay: Ignorance will bring some bliss to Heller, and Jack will have his relationship with Chloe to hold on to.
Although Chloe and Jack’s relationship reminds us of just how tragic the world of 24 is, it also helps the show end on a hopeful note. At the beginning of the episode, Chloe has to convince Jack to let her help capture Cheng and reminds him that she is in fact Jack’s only remaining friend. It’s a tragic, yet valid point, and one that Jack doesn’t accept until he turns himself over to the Russians at the end of the episode to save her. In a moment that echoed their final goodbye back in 2010 and pulled at heart strings everywhere, Jack thanks Chloe again for all that she has done for him over the years. Knowing he will always have Chloe in his corner allows Jack to turn himself into the Russians with something of a smile on his face.
Overall, 24: Live Another Day gave 12 great episodes and reminded us all why we fell in love with the show way back in 2001 when it premiered. There’s no word yet on whether or not we’ll see another season, but the writers have definitely shown that they are up to the task of bringing Jack Bauer into this post-war-on-terrorism world.

This is still the best show on TV hands down.

Again I ask, anyone see the override?

This is a big qualm I have with it too. Cheng had this devastatingly powerful device for two hours, and the only thing he did was blow up a Chinese carrier?

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 9:50 pm
Oh yeah that

Micah Mahaffey
July 15, 2014 at 3:28 pm
The 24 Live Another Day finale was fantastic!! Wow! The season as a whole was brilliant, intense, sad, epic, twisted, and exciting to watch! I think this season goes down as one of my top favorites! What a great comeback to be off the air for 4 years then just show up and be as good as it was! 10/10!

Teri No, I'm So Sorry
July 15, 2014 at 4:10 pm
Also, hands down one of my favorite lines of the episode. About two minutes in:

Jack: [on having to go after Cheng and risk Audrey’s life] “There’s no other choice.” [I’m paraphrasing]

Mark: “She loves you.”

Jack: “SHUT UP!”

I laughed.

Imagine if there is season 10 and Tony is the one who gets Jack out of prison. I want to see that!

Mary where are you? Looking forward to your insight.

I think most of you here are disappointed because we don;t know if we’re going to see Jack and 24 ever again, if season 10 was already confirmed it would be totally different, we would already know that Jack is going to be ok, now we know nothing and we’re sad it’s over… :(

Yes & No… part of my disappointment with the finale is due to the expectation I had in the beginning of the season. That this would wrap things up (albeit, not with a bow)… but after 4 years off, I had expected some sort of resolve in Jack’s life.

This is why I think the new owners of Fox (who are fans of 24) might of had something to do with the changes to the finale in order to keep the series going. But, if Jack isn’t coming back (as reported by the dishnation.com), then this was a horrible way to end his part in 24. I would’ve preferred him just being on the run, after S8. We don’t even know where Jack is going in Moscow… don’t know if he’s to be tortured or turned into a Russian spy, or what. The point is… S9 closes with him on a helicopter. No closure.

IF there is a S10 and Jack’s story continues (& eventually closure is given), then I’ll be ok with this finale. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for a S10 (with 24 episodes), b/c this is one of the greatest TV shows ever!

I suppose Jack was giving himself up since he was already suicidal over Audry, but instead of going back to being tortured or prison I’d like to have seen more fight in him: After Chloe and Belcheck drive away the helocopter door comes open and people are falling out, then it spins out and crashes levaing us wondering if Jack gout out of that, and then we to see he did somehow.

I don’t recall seeing anyone recovering the override device from Cheng.

I think this would have been a cool ending.

At the beginning of the season Jack had these “buttons” on his skin that were locaters. what if he had another that was a detonator.

He gets into the helicopter. It just so happens Suvarov is there (highly doubt in real life this would happen. What president would show up for one man). But let me keep going. Suvarov is in the helicopter waiting. Jack sits stares blankly presses the button, blowing himself up along with Suvarov. Ultimately Jack wins and he gets back at everyone who ever came after him in Season 8.

Gimme feedback.

I thout about him doing something like blowin up the choppa but we need Jack around for more comebacks. He’s not too old for the part but the ticking clock never stops.

Did Chloe get pardoned too? Because jack told her to look in on his family when she can.

I posted this on another discussion just before as well, but this is something I’m wondering about. So many questions about what’s next for Chloe after this. There should be charges for Open Cell stuff, but she sorta helped save the world today, which was hopefully included in Kate’s report, so are the authorities cool with her now or not?

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 6:47 pm
I think if we really trace it back, Heller might be partly to blame for Audrey’s death if he didn’t push Jack away in Season 6. Now if Heller let Jack and Audrey get back together after Season 6, Season 7 and the first half of Season 8 will probably have still happened since Jack would still have been in DC during the Senate hearings (Redemption probably wouldn’t have happened). And he still would have been infected and went to New York for treatment. However if he and Audrey had been together, he wouldn’t have grown THAT attached to Renee that he would go on a rampage against the Russians. So Season 8 would have ended with Hassan’s death, and Jack goes home to Audrey.

If Jack didn’t have to go on the run, Chloe wouldn’t have been fired from CTU for helping him, so she wouldn’t have gone to work for Adrian Cross, and without her expertise the override device wouldn’t have been made. So in a way all this happened because Heller pushed Jack away from Audrey in Season 8.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 6:49 pm
And Jack is ALSO to blame for going on his rampage over Renee because that led to Chloe helping him, being fired, and working for Adrian and helping him make the override. So in a way, both Heller and Jack are responsible for Audrey’s death, and for everything that happened this season.

Everything that happened after season 3 was Wayne Palmer’s fault. Had he not had the affair with Julia Milliken, David Palmer would have had a second term and Logan never would have been the president. Blame Wayne.

I say this every time I watch Season 3… His mistake caused a chain reaction that affected seasons 4-6

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 9:32 pm
I’ve never looked at it this way thanks for pointing it out. I always considered the Alan Miliken thing one of those pointless subplots from the early seasons, like Keith Palmer, but it actually all fits in now. But if you go back to the beginning, if David Palmer never ordered Operation Nightfall…..

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 7:07 pm
Kate IS my third favorite female on the show after Audrey and Michelle. It would be cool to have new episodes with her but I don’t want to see her suffer the say the writers made Jack suffer. So I guess for this season Ritter is the only one who gets a happy ending he actually ends up better than when he first started since he’s probably being promoted. Chloe just survives but says goodbye to Jack, and her family is still dead.

i loved it but i think they will release another season .. i think would be in Moscow .. maybe Toni almida will back and i think renee walker can back in season 10 cuz her death wasn’t 100% true

There we definitely be a 10th season: Jack is not dead for one.
They wouldn’t have gone to all the hard work and expense after 4 years to just do one 12 episode series. We still have the main characters (minus Audrey now), Carlos Bernard will be reprising his role in order to appear in the next series, it would be a pointless extra on the DVD if something didn’t come of it.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack hadn’t set the “Russian Capture” up in order for it to appear like he had been captured. Jack, Kate, Chloe and Tony will be back. Keep an eye out for 24: Resurrection.

I hated Audrey dying, and was so annoyed by what I thought was a cheap way to force some emotion and tragedy into the finale, that it just ruined the rest of the episode for me and I could no longer suspend my disbelief enough to just sit back and enjoy it. So count me among those who were not impressed by the ending.

But dammit if I’m not starting to come around on Audrey having to die. I thought it was pointless at the time, but upon further reflection… Jack knew he had to make a choice between saving Audrey and saving the world – he couldn’t do both. His first instinct was to save Audrey, until Kate reminded him of Heller’s order to get Cheng. Duty, and the president’s order, came first – he had to be willing to sacrifice Audrey to save the world. Mark, on the other hand, wanted him to save Audrey, WWIII be damned – but then Mark has been wrong about everything.

And of course there was Heller’s comment in S6, predicting that someday Jack would be back and Audrey would end up paying the ultimate price. As angry as Heller was then, I think he wasn’t as angry upon Jack’s return in LAD because, in a way, maybe he knew that time of reckoning had finally come and was resigned to it. Only Jack could save them all from this situation, and Heller – perhaps subconsciously or unknowingly – had no choice but to choose Jack over Audrey, to be willing to sacrifice Audrey to the fate he had predicted, in order to allow Jack to help save countless other lives. Mark, who didn’t get it, tried to thwart Jack to save Audrey – and we see how well that turned out for him, and how it would have turned out for the whole world if he had succeeded.

All of that said… while I’ve made peace with Audrey dying within the context of this season, I still hate it within the context of the series. It makes S9 seem just completely pointless to me. Why bring Audrey and Heller back after all these years, just to torture them and destroy the entire family in the end? Heller is doomed, Audrey is dead, and Mark is headed to prison essentially for the crime of trying to protect Audrey. As inconclusive as the end of S6 was, I preferred imagining whatever became of Audrey and Heller, than seeing them come back only to meet miserable ends.

I was never a big fan of the Audrey character, but the fact that Jack liked her was enough to make me like her, for his sake. Bringing her back from the dead, essentially, just to kill her again just seemed needlessly torturous to Jack, and to viewers.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 9:35 pm
I think even if Jack had gone to save Audrey, even he wouldn’t have known about the second shooter, who probably fired at Audrey before he even fired at the men escorting her. The way this turned out with the other gunman there was no way she could have been saved. and they actually let Audrey’s killer get away in that car, they could at least have him been shot down too.

Disagree that Jack wouldn’t have considered a second shooter. Kate should have considered a second shooter. As I sat watching them stroll through the park, I thought “WTF are you people doing? Stay alert, hustle, and get outta there ASAP!” I guess they just felt like Audrey wasn’t that vital of a kill for Cheng to bother with the second shooter, but sometimes it pays to be paranoid.

I like this train of thought. I also feel like it was an emotional ploy by the writers instead of having a meaningful death as part of the already occuring story line or having no death. Jack and Audrey’s goodbye in S6 was heartbreaking even though it didn’t involve a death. 24 does death so much that Audrey’s didn’t hold the significance it should have and didn’t set her apart from Teri and Renee’s storylines like I think she deserved.

July 15, 2014 at 8:04 pm
There is a big missing piece of information: What actually occurred during the 12 hour time jump ? 12 hours is a lot of time – plenty of time for Jack to prepare a plan – some kind of a plan. I can not believe that just a few minutes before Jack met the helicopter to swap himself for Chloe, the Russians called Jack on his cell. What happened at the CIA during the 12 hours? Did they go out to breakfast at the local Denny’s or just spend the time catching up with paper work? I don’t think so. I think a lot significant things happened that we were purposely not shown. Jack has a plan. Did Jack and Kate talk to plan something like they did to get Navarro to spill the beans? The writers could use the missing 12 hours to explain a lot – as a background for S10.

Where to start? So many emotions running in my veins right now, so many thoughts racing in my mind about this season finale. It all comes down to one word: satisfying.

This was the strongest season finale of 24 since the first, the third and the fifth seasons. It’s a bit of throwback to the eighth’s finale, but done in a much more organic and natural manner. At the end of the day, it was all about Jack and Chloe’s friendship. I was glad to witness that first hand. Also, Jack surrending himself to the Russians caught me off guard. I did not expect him to do that, not after what happened in the eighth season. Surrending himself like this, peacefully and harmlessly, was a proof of good writing there. He finally accepts his fate and seems quite calm, like the eye of the storm has passed so to speak. I am glad they went in that direction.

Audrey’s death was expected, but it was still a tragic and depressing death nevertheless. It probably goes in my top five deaths, along with Bill Buchanan, Ryan Chapelle, Renee Walker and Teri Bauer. Sure, some people here think that her death might have been too gratuituous. Granted, it felt a bit awkward killing her off like this, but from the writers’ perspective, I completely understand. Audrey’s character went through a lot, mostly during the sixth season. This is the writers’ way of giving her some closure and freedom after everything that happened to her. As far as the other characters’ reactions go, the one that really stunned me was Kate’s. I did not expect her to be affected like that after her death. She probably thought that after what happened with her husband and Jordan Reed, she failed once again to prevent another death, in this case Audrey. Jack’s emotional downward spiral was short, but brilliantly portrayed. When I saw him taking the gun in his hand… my first thought was: he is going to kill himself. However, that all changed when the Chinese came to kill him. His killing spree was a bit like in the eighth season, but it had some of the first season’s charm to it. The way he reacted was perfect, just unbelievable. Kiefer Sutherland knows the meaning of the word “drama”. Enough said. His fight with Cheng Zhi was epic. His death was gruesome, mind you, but certainly one of the best in 24. Mark’s reaction was expected, but Tate Donovan really played that well. I feel bad for his character though. He was trying to do what was right for his country and that came back to haunt him. However, Heller’s reaction was amazing. What surprised me the most is his resoluteness to accept what happened to him, his daughter, his Chief of Staff, his disease, etc. He didn’t hold anything back and he accepted that there was “nothing anyone could do”. William Devane showed why he played a resigned character such as James Heller. His daughter’s death just added to the factors of inevitability for what’s to come for him.

In short, 24: Live Another Day is the strongest season since the fifth season. I did like the sixth, the seventh and the eighth ones, but this season adds more realism and feels more fluid than the other ones. This finale proves it. One nit-pick: more character development for Belcheck, General Coburn, Jordan Reed, Steve Navarro and Simone Al-Harazi. 24 always had that problem of leaving no breathing room for potentially amazing characters. Not saying that Belcheck and al. were out of place. They were great, specially Belcheck. I just wish that there was more story to tell for these characters.

Also, if the Russians truly only wanted Jack (obviously they don’t say this until after the exchange) but can’t Jack assume this and think Chloe is too valuable to them to be dead. Jack then constructs his own plan.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 9:41 pm
I wonder what the Russians are taking him to Moscow for. They should know by now that Jack won’t break. Yet they didn’t just kill him on the spot. They just want to torture him to death?

Is there any information they need to torture out of him? They want him for the Day 8 rampage, and he’s not gonna deny having done any of that. I think the only reason they’ll have to torture him will be for retribution, so considering how he hacked up Pavel (sidenote: I liked that one of the dead boat goons was also a Pavel, nice nostalgic shoutout), Jack might be in for some serious pain.

Sorry, but I simply don’t agree with all those fans (because, if they saw the whole series, they are fans, apart from enjoying the entire show) that thought that the finale, or LAD, was awful.

My heart and mind were in the show until the last second on that chopper.

Congratulations 24 crew!! You made it again. I’ll be waiting for that S10.
Jack has proved to be my hero again.

It was a good final Of they would make Another season, what appearentaly is not gonna happen. This is the point. A terrible END after ten years.

I can’t believe all this positive talk about LAD. I have watched 24 since the start and I really lost interest a few seasons ago – really can’t even remember them at this point so I can’t say which season. I thought this was one of the most fake seasons yet and to my surprise tonight it ended skipping 13 hours. I somehow missed this was a 12 part series and not 24 (who would have thought? it’s always been 24 hours!!!) and that was just the icing on the cake. What I really got a good laugh out of was that most of this 12 part series has been about was recovering this device that the terrorists were going to use to cause harm to everyone. After Jack captures Chang there is not a single thing mentioned about this device – it literally disappeared from the story. It’s what the whole freaking show was supposed to be about!!! What a terrible ending. 24 needs to end with this. It’s time.

I don’t see how people are crying over the ending at all. You’re missing the point of the last scene. For once, Jack saved someone he cared about deeply from being killed. That line during Ep 2 where Jack said he didn’t have any friends was so emotional to him and the long time viewers but this time he saved someone that was his friend. He got his closure because of no death. He made sure by having his right hand man cover Chloe. That’s why Jack was smiling.

I’m perfectly fine if there are no more 24s because in the end Jack..won.

I completely agree with you and wish others would warm up to this way of thinking!

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 9:54 pm
This is probably the most depressing out of ALL the finales, along with Season 8 maybe. Audrey dies, Heller’s condition keeps on worsening, Jack is taken to Russia, and Chloe goes home with nothing, all alone, and Kate can’t stand being an agent anymore. Don’t know what happens to Belchek but he doesn’t seem to be a happy guy either.

So the only people who get a good ending are Ritter and the mercenary who killed Audrey!

Yes, very depressing. Agree with you. Hope they make Another season, even if it has 12 or less episodes, I just would like a good closure after these ten years watching And waiting for it!

All of you who struggle with the last scene, look at it like the end of an episode. For this is what it is… You will be watching S10E01… When? Like Tony said: “You will find out soon enough”.

Now, stop crying and learn how you become a hero.

All of you who struggle with the last scene, look at it like the end of an episode. For this is what it is… You will be watching S10E01… When? Like Tony said: “You will find out soon enough”.

Now, stop crying and learn how to become a hero.

Not sure if they will make Another season. This is the point.

Does anyone know if there will be another season? Or is this just the end of all 24 series?
Great episode, the last one I mean, and all the season in general by the way.

The silent clock at the end killed me :c

I don’t understand why the Russians at the helicopter didn’t search Jack or after the exchange was over Belcheck could have taken them out. That last scene looked really rushed in a way to still have the possibility of more 24 in the future.

I really didn’t like the ending of this one I think you should have ended it with Jack being able to go back home to his family. And not have to worry about any thing ever again. But I still wish you would bring it back all together for this is the only show that I have ever enjoyed and look forward to watching every week

Completely agree! Just not sure if they will make Another season one day…what makes me feel sad, Because season 9 didn’t have a good closure.

There will be a season 10. With Kate, Belcheck, Jack and Tony. Wait till the DVD bonus feature about Tony and you’ll see it all fits.

I don’t know if it helps but… Remember day 8 finale? the final clock? It was a special clock that ended on 00:00:00 announcing the end of the series. This time, it was the same clock that marks the end of this hour and the beginning of the next one (like any other episode of 24) Could the writers be teasing to more 24? or they just skipped this detail?

Is not a big deal, but i thought it was worth to mention it.

needs to be a season where the day starts with jack in russian prison and does some task to get out and ends in LA. 24 needs to end with jack in LA

I’ve been thinking about the finale for 24 hours now and I still have such conflicted feelings – I think it will always be like that.

Jack does succeed in saving the country/countries as seems to be his life purpose. He does go to Russia to willingly and happily pay for his sins – the sins that landed him there but also symbolic of all of his sins and the death and destruction that seems to follow him around. The Chloe/Jack moment at the end was beautiful but no more beautiful than the similar moment in S8. I appreciate that it was his last sacrifice, for his friend but the moment didn’t hold enough significance for me to change the mood from everyone else’s storylines…

I did not enjoy how season 9 officially screwed every single character. Jack is more heartbroken than ever especially as he told Audrey he wanted to rescue Heller “for her” – well he sure did but Heller’s going to die soon anyway and oops, now Audrey is also dead. Chloe is alive sure but she has a dead husband, child and no life to run back to. Audrey is dead – I think her character deserved better than a rushed, meaningless, illogical, emotional ploy of a death. Getting one last phone call with Jack was important for Jack’s character but for Audrey, although seeing Jack again I’m sure was amazing for her – not worth dying for. Mark (I’m not saying I was a fan) actually wasn’t that “bad” but now he was a dead wife he loved and is up for treason charges for a country he loves. Heller has a dead child and his Alzheimers will ruin him sooner rather than later, and I bet he is willing it to because of the pain he’s in re. Audrey. Kate who was only introduced this season didn’t escape heartbreak as her husband’s storyline was woven in, a friend died, she was betrayed by another friend, she couldn’t save Audrey for Jack or for Heller or for the USA (Who I’m sure would be rocked by her death – as any president’s child dying would in our society)…

So, I really did enjoy this season. I will always maintain that 24 is filled with action and suspense and is not like any other show, even though you sometimes have to excuse the recycled storylines and insanity of some plot lines (we love it, come on). I really feel like they killed all hope this season and whilst a lot of characters did get closure, it was worse than the open endedness (before S9 I imagined Heller for example as a powerful politician still or retired but still powerful with a probably recovered daughter) left by previous seasons…

It is so integral that Jack is “superhuman” and can handle personal loss after loss after loss yet still come back to save the country for the greater good but the other characters don’t possess this (That’s what makes Jack who he is) so to see all of them burned to the ground in one way or another was a little heartbreaking for a non superhuman audience.

I approached the finale unsure of what to expect, what the outcome would be. For once I wasn’t even certain Cheng would be stopped.

I felt the episode had the dramatic impact it was going for. Audrey’s death, Cheng’s execution, Heller’s speech at the airfield.

The time jump worked for me. I felt that it didn’t disrupt the narrative and allowed the repercussions to be effectively felt. We saw everyone having the time to process what happened.

I for one am feeling that there will be a 10th season, for several reasons.
1) The ending being changed and the added support of FOX.
2) The comic con panel a week after the finale, for a season that’s supposedly just ‘done’ it seems far too high profile for a DVD release
3) On said DVD release, the inclusion of Tony. The part with him in may be a fan service, or like the prequels of previous seasons.

Hello people !

Do we have information about the 24 : LAD Soundtrack ? I absolutely loved the episode 8 soundtrack and would love to re-listen it ? Is it out yet ?

Thank you guys.

About the silent clocks:

As I said in a previous comment (https://www.24spoilers.com/2014/06/16/24-live-another-day-episode-8-discussion/#comment-28031)
So far:

– The “dead” breathing, means that he/she is still alive. (Palmer, Renee in S7)
– Music means sacrifice. (Mason, Jack in Sangala, Bill, Renee in S8. This last one, I have to think a little more over it)
– Crying means execution. (Teri, Omar Hassan, Renee in S8)

– Train whistle. (Jack killing Chappelle)
– Waves. (Jack leaving Audrey)

So, as it is written on http://24.wikia.com/wiki/Silent_clock:

11. Music fading and Kate Morgan crying is heard following Audrey Boudreau’s death.
12. Music fading is heard as Jack leaves London for Russia.

So, Jack’s clock, it’s easy to catch whay it was there.

Audrey’s… it was a similar situation like Renee’s in season 8. So, we just have to think about it. It’s kind of a sacrifice, because they stood up for something, and they’ve got killed.

Also, Kate crying, means execution, so it’s exactly the same picture as it’s in S8 with Renee.

“Problem” solved…

Carey Lambert
July 16, 2014 at 8:38 am
When Jack was sitting there, gun drawn, contemplating Audrey’s death and his next move, the only thought that came to mind was, “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war”!

One thing that really stuck with me was the lack of a single mention of the override device in the whole episode, I mean proving Cheng Zhi was still alive is all well and good but if I was China I’d want to learn about the device he had supposedly used much more. We don’t even know if Jack recovered it from the ship .. definitely rushed I think. Give us the full 24 episodes next time!! :)

My idea for a day 10, if there is one:

Episodes 1-4: Kate, Chloe, and Belcheck break Jack out of prison in Moscow
12 hour time jump
Episode 5: Jack, Kate, Chloe, and Belcheck on a plane headed towards LA. (it’s a 13 hour flight)
Episodes 6-12: Rest of the season takes place in Los Angeles

Jack Bauer does not get a happy ending, that has been part of the show since the beginning so people complaining about that in my opinion do not understand the show. But Jack leaving with the Russians with a smile on his face was him at peace with his decision, making sure the people he loves are safe.

Never was a fan of Audrey so her dying was not a big factor for me, but William Devane’s and Kiefer Sutherland’s performances when finding out about her death was just heartbreaking and well done by the both of them.

The ending with Chloe and Jack showing how strong their friendship is and how much they would sacrifice for each other has become one of the core parts of this show and I am glad it was one of the last things we saw. I prefer the Season 8 ending just because it left Jack on the run, but free, and it felt more final. This ending leaves some room for a return season or movie. I prefer finality, but overall a great Season 9.

Kiki Vanderway
July 16, 2014 at 1:39 pm
Fran– exactly! Jack is a tragic figure confronting an unwinnable scenario. This is day in and day out the main conceit of the show.

We already know its gonna get bad, as bad as you can imagine. We know he will score huge victories and take massive losses. I agree that anyone expecting anything less than that to happen is watching a totally different show.

And I also agree– who knew by comparison the hot mess that was Season 8 would start to look better? More authentic to this show?

I even can buy in on Audrey not staying in place as the BauerBoo.

My love of that character comes straight from the fact that Jack loves her and her presence on this planet is meaningful to him and they are amazing on screen together.

But the reality is she and he have not been together for over ten years. That is a looong time to carry a torch. Audrey remarried, Jack had Renee. They were not going to go from hello to let me serve you breakfast in bed in any 12 or 24 hour cycle and that expectation was very unrealistic.

What the core team here blew, missed entirely totally f’d up was that the Heller family for Jack was his family of choice and they needed to connect to one another and say some critical things in order to square the last decade or so of the interconnected life they shared (mostly physically apart but mentally joined).

Having been cut off from his family of origin (Kim and company) or having had to cut away the rest of his family (Dad, brother, nephew) he substituted the Hellers who reciprocated for long enough that they formed a new family for him. Heller was no David Palmer but close enough to it that Jack respected and loved him as a father figure.

The complications of hard decisions, betrayals, life and death and loss of freedom, the enormous stakes, the connection, the abandonment, the need to forgive and be forgiven, the yearning for love, for family for life all wrapped itself up in the relationships between Heller, Audrey and Jack.

Jack never got a chance to thank Audrey for coming after him in China, he never got a chance to tell her what she has meant to him all these years. Heller never had a chance to give Jack absolution for his sins and the bad consequences he had caused (and I don’t mean a pardon) and forgive him as Jack needed to be forgiven, to take back the words that have scarred him for life. Audrey never said to her father that the choices she made were the right ones, that she did it for love and that she hoped he would have been proud of her instead of disappointed and to not blame Jack. Audrey and Jack never had a chance to put Cheng behind them. Audrey dies never knowing about Mark and never knowing about Cheng making their last phone call less important.

The meet in E5 of D9 started in the right place– I hear you married, is he good to you are you happy because that would have started the conversation right and it should have continued from there– but then it quickly devolved into a morality play about D8 — and looking back why did they spend this precious time as writers focusing on Renee and her story instead of Jack and Audrey’s?

I get that the Russian Rampage was key to where they are now and what will happen next but that has so little to do with their past that even though I loved it when it aired– I look back on it really as such a missed opportunity given the fact that it was the only time they met face to face.

With just a few minutes of dialogue thrown in here or there the writers could have given us true closure– a conversation with Audrey, one with Heller and we would be ok letting them go.

Why couldn’t they have set it up for Audrey to help dispatch Cheng and then die? Why again the assassin with the bullet in the abdomen for a lady love of Jack’s so unnecessary to do it that way– at least Teri and Renee died with Jack and I have no explanation for why they treated Audrey so shabbily. Because even if she wasn’t your favorite girl, she was Jack’s and she was a much bigger part of the show.

But as it is we are left with Jack having lost the connection with Audrey and Heller and Heller, the only member of Jack’s family of choice (Richard doesn’t count) left alive who won’t remember him or Audrey in a year. Sad sad sad.

Kiki I understand all your points. i was heart broken too. i dont think audrey is not Writers favourite girl . if not she woudnt have survived 4 seasons. it just because they have so much time constrained this year. audrey is always in the office and jack in the field. so the show structured in that way. if want to see jack , he has to come to hellers’s office and see her. to come to heller’s office they have to make a reason for jack to go there. to create the whole scene regarding that will eat some time out of those 43 min. since it’s fundamentally a action show , they have to allocate more time for action scenes. so if this season had 24 episode we would have definitely seen all the above you mentioned. in the final hour they had so much time constrained, it would have eat so much time for jack to come try saving audrey , then she dies in her arms then go meet cheng zee to kill him. so i blame it on the time constrain. but i do believe killing audrey was unnecessary. i dont think teh show will be back. so atleast we can be happy we saw some audrey scene in the very last episode of the show which could true for other jack;’s love. and in the last finale it’s because of audrey’s death , he did just surrender to russian and accepted his sad fate . remember when jack was in the same position and the hostage situation in one of the previous season, , he had a sniper set up and kill all the hostage taker and rescued the hostage. but he did not want to do any action such that this time and he just accepted the offer and accepted his fate . because he was broke by audrey;s dead. even if you want to go one further step and consider the fact that he took the hand gun out and trying to kill him self a for moment , made me believe he was kind of fed up of his life was like a sort of suicidal when he get on that helicopter

damn why cant i edit messages after i post them in this site?? damn it .. please read my next message .. not this one


Kiki I understand all your points. i was heart broken too. i dont think audrey is not Writers favourite girl . if not she woudnt have survived 4 seasons. it just because they had so much time constrained this year. audrey is always in the office and jack is in the field. too bad the show structured in that way. jack has to come to hellers’s office and see her. to come to heller’s office they have to make a reason for jack to go there. to create the whole scene regarding that will eat some time out of those 43 min. since it’s fundamentally a action show , they have to allocate more time for action scenes. so if this season had 24 episode we would have definitely seen all the above you mentioned. in the final hour they had so much time constrain. it would have eat so much time of those 43 min for jack to go try to save audrey first , then she dies in his arms with an emotional scene then he go meet cheng zee to kill him. so i blame it on the time constrain. but i do believe killing audrey was unnecessary. i dont think the show will be back. so atleast we can be happy we saw some audrey scene in the very last episode of the show which was not true for other jack;’s love. and in the finale it’s because of audrey’s death , jack just surrendered to russian and accepted his sad fate . remember when jack was in the hostage situation in one of the previous season. , he had a sniper set up and kill all the hostage taker and rescued the hostage. but he did not want to do any action such that this time and he just accepted the offer and accepted his fate . because he was broke by audrey;s dead. even if you want to go one further step, i can tell you that we should consider the fact that he took the hand gun out and trying to kill him self for moment when he got the phone call about audrey which made me believe he was kind of fed up of his life,. and he was in a sort of suicidal mode when he get on that helicopter. so we can be happy that since its a tragic show, that last tragic which was in his mine was audrey’s. person who he was thinking about when the show finished was audrey.

Kiki Vanderway
July 17, 2014 at 7:29 am
Thank you Justin!

This is the first thing anyone has said that helps me somewhat understand why the last three episodes unfolded as they did. I was still stuck on why the writers brought Audrey and Heller back only to give them such tragic life circumstances and endings but your analysis of how the situation got Jack to the end point is helpful…..

No worries on the English I have an evil auto correct function that sabotages my posts all the time….

An unhandcuffed Jack Bauer on a helicopter with a few Russians? I don’t think they’d ever make it to Moscow. When the fighting starts they either all die in a chopper crash or all the Russians die and Jack flies off into the sunset!

Jack Bauer weaseling his way out of accepting the consequences of his actions during Season 8?

That would utterly destroy the character.

We’ve agreed on most things about this episode, Brad, but I guess I kind of feel like Jack has already paid for his actions in a different kind of way. If he was just some normal schmo, I’d agree that he needs to do time, but I think the character has gotten to a point where we can almost forgive him.

That being said, if the show really was aiming to show that Jack was ready to accept responsibility for his actions, I think it would’ve been much more powerful if Jack handed himself over to the Russians without being forced to do it for Chloe’s benefit. That scene at the end would’ve been much more powerful if Chloe was desperately trying to stop him from going but Jack managed to convince her as to why he needed to do it.

“Eight years ago when I came back from China, James Heller told me that that everything I touched ended up dead. That I should stay away from Audrey. I was furious. [Pause.] But he was right, Chloe. Somewhere down the line, I lost my way. I’ve tried to come back; I’ve tried to do what’s right. I see now that this is the only way to ever make things right. I’m sorry.”

That’s true. Wow, that’s a great piece of hypothetical dialogue.

Thanks haha. We should try and do the fanfic that never got done over at the 24 Community!

I love 24 and loved this episode. Not sure if I liked Audrey being killed off. As she was though. I would have killed off Jack at the end. I know people will hate me for saying that! But He lost his last love and then was able to avenge her death and then he gave himself over to the Russians to save Chloe his best friend. For dramatic effect I would have ended it with the. Russians just shooting jack dead and then the silent clock. He made the ultimate sacrifice giving his life to save Chloe’s.

So now I want 24: Requiem, where they let Jack die a hero or return to his family! But NOT THIS open endings anymore!!!

Not sure if this has been posted here, but Yvonne Strahovski confirmed her participation in this year’s Comic Con panel. Wonder if this increases the chances of a season 10:


If you noticed in the last shot right before the clock, he was looking right in the camera as if to say, “I’m about to go Jack Bauer on their asses.”

He was not looking right into the camera.

Yes he was. You couldn’t see his right eye that well due to the lighting, but his left eye definitely was looking into the camera right before the clock.

No, he wasn’t.

July 18, 2014 at 11:09 am
He really wasn’t.
But Jack’s expressions during those last few seconds are interesting. He looks somewhat relieved, then unsure or concerned.

Wow, really surprised about most of opinions. I thought it was a great episode. I knew someone was going to die, but not who or when. So I found it very thrilling. I’ve never been an Audrey fan, maybe that’s why I’m not that sad. Someone has to die in 24, so Im glad it wasn’t Chloe.

As already said, the end was OK for a Season Finale, not for a Series Finale. But I truly believe we’re gonna get more episodes. Season 8 wasn’t great, but the end was very good. LAD was better, but the final scene was kinda “meh”, too much like Redemption.

If the series is over, then I’m disappointed. I wouldn’t like the very end, but enjoyed the trip.

I’ve scrolled through the 400 comments on here and it appears that 90% of the people on here either really liked the episode or really hated it. Not much in between. It’s great to see that people are so passionate about this show. I’m wondering how many of the people that hated the episode would feel differently if Jack and Audrey would have rode off into the sunset at the end. I don’t feel as passionately about this specific episode as others here do. I thought it was good, not great. I thought Heller nailed it. I didn’t mind Audrey getting killed because I found her character to be annoying in seasons 6 and 9.

This kind of finale would have really bothered me when I was in my 20s but I’m almost 40 and I’ve now come to expect that this is how TV shows have evolved (whether you like it or not). As a whole, this season met my expectations. It wasn’t as good as my favorite seasons but it was much better than the weaker seasons.

Kiki Vanderway
July 16, 2014 at 10:20 pm
I never expected Jack and Audrey to ride into the sunset, it’s not that kind of show. But the show also ignored the connection between Jack and the Heller family in this last episode. The last call between them had Jack talking about Mark and Audrey talking about Cheng. Audrey dies without the comfort of a loved one as a scared rabbit pinned down waiting to be executed no attempt to do anything more with her character like tying up Penelope Pit stop to the train track and what hung the train chugging at her. She dies not even knowing about Mark or Cheng. Then Heller sails out of London squaring the events of the day by rationalizing that this time next year he won’t even remember his daughter let alone what happened to her. Brutally sad beyond words and hopeless and pointless ugh.

What felt wrong about this episode was that there was no attempt to be innovative nor provide closure for the past.

Audrey gets gut shot– third lover to go that same way– all by assassins why?
Jack goes on a revenge spree and kills a lot of people
Jack trades his life for someone else’s
Jack is off to another place to be tortured
Jack gets into a helicopter, there is a silent clock and
Chloe is left standing there having to clean up his mess and check on his family cause he won’t be there to do it himself.

I hope in an (extra) alternative ending in the blu-ray release…
Like they did with the S1 dvd-version (with Teri survive).
Maybe they can change Audrey’s fate and reunite with Jack…

I thought the best part about Audrey dying was Heller’s reaction. That is the best moment of the season by far, and it was incredibly emotional.

I cried.

You also have to know the words Heller said at the end of S6 came true. Jack’s mission the entire Redemption movie-S9 despite what threat was going on was to prove Heller wrong.

In the end Jack sacrificed his freedom for Chloe and his family. He got peace knowing Chloe wasn’t going to die because of him like Audrey did. The Russians promised not to mess with his family so Jack knew his curse was going to kill the people left he cared about. As long as he’s not around them, nothing bad would happen.

You got closure between Jack and Audrey from their last telephone call. She told Jack that she didn’t hate him. He conceded that Audrey moved on and was happier. Jack fulfilled Audrey’s last wish by killing Cheng. “Do what you have to do then kill him” Jack could have killed Cheng before the video transmission. So he got confirmation then killed Cheng.

Here is my season rankings in order starting with my favourite. And how greater I prefer one to another







A fitting end I thought worthy if the fantastic 24 writers, producers, directors and of course the actors!!

It was just too short though with only 12 episodes but loved every single one which as usual kept me gagging for more!

I knew a big character would get killed off as that’s 24-style!…I did guess Audrey because poor old Jack never quite gets his suburbia ending god love him!!

Awfully sad at the end watching him walk off to his fate but a true hero to the end of which I’m grateful we know is left open for another season or that film you keep promising us!!!…Moscow bound I’m sure!
I’m always available to be Jacks love interest if you need me…I’m pretty hot…pretty fit…can do a killer Russian accent and be the perfect pairing for Bauer…I’ll await your call then! Ha lol Lucy M x

the show needs to end in LA and the last episode should symbolize that jack will be countering terrorists until he is too old, but also representing he will have no actual life. that to me is the perfect bittersweet ending the show needs. with that being said, notice how both jack and tony are now in prison… imagine the dvd extra curving that in and somehow they end up in the same jail…. maybe not by coincidence either.

the show needs to end in LA and the last episode should symbolize that jack will be countering terrorists until he is too old, but also representing he will have no actual life until retirement. that to me is the perfect bittersweet ending the show needs since theyll never kill off jack. with that being said, notice how both jack and tony are now in prison… imagine the dvd extra curving that in and somehow they end up in the same jail…. maybe not by coincidence either.

also the fact that they said they were changing the ending a bunch, chose this ending which happens to be a cliffhanger, that to me gaurantees another season. if fox didnt give the go ahead for 10 i think the writers respect the show too much to end on a cliffhanger of this magnitude. much more than s8. and jacks last dialogue absolutely foreshadows continuing events.

Give me a name!!!
July 16, 2014 at 9:22 pm
To all the people complaining about the lack of closure in this season…it’s that kind of ending that makes it that much more likely that we’ll get more 24!!! A 10th season etc… So stop complaining! The writers keep loose ends on purpose.

Kiki Vanderway
July 16, 2014 at 9:52 pm
I think you are misunderstanding the issue. We know the stuff that is left hanging out will make it easier to launch 10.

And thank goodness for Belchek and Kate who left all of us wanting to see more of them.

And I do not even mind that we have dispatched the Cheng Geng and are paying the price with the Russians.

This means if we get there, D10 starts with a new slate (although, of course, this being 24 the team being what it is Almeida and Wilson will very likely show up so not quite a clean slate)

The franchise needed to clean house and put ghosts to bed.

If we get to a next time we have a good format, fans are ready for something new and the shorter series time frame is helpful in that regard.

That being said, because of the massive casualties there are literally just a handful of people that are still alive and matter to this show. They are all survivors, have played key roles in the past and allow Jack to stay connected to something worth living for.

When you eliminate half of the very small number of people in that group you must do so in a way that is not repetitive, lazy and incomprehensible. Why are we dusting off same old same old?

It is not so much that they did what they did— it was how they did what they did– it was done cheaply and with a spectacular lack of imagination or care.

We all want this to launch to the next phase– if it does it without a ton of baggage great! But if you are going to pack everything away so you can start a new journey, do it with class and heart.

Wow, you know, the 24 producers have always maintained that this is a tragic story, and not to expect happy endings, but oh boy did they take that to new levels in this season finale (yes, I say season, because I do believe they will have one more season, calling it the last from day 1)!! Audrey is dead, Chloe has to go back to a life of mourning her dead husband and son, Jack is being tortured by the Russians, Mark Beaudreau just lost his wife, and is being charged with treason, President Heller is suffering from the horrors of Alzheimer’s (Bravo to William Devane for that final speech to the British PM, I do not believe there is a more heartfelt and moving monologue in the entire series), Kate appears to have resigned from the CIA, and now has to come to terms with what happened to her husband, and how she believes she let Jack down by losing Audrey. There’s not a happy character in the bunch at the end of this season, it was just crazy!! I have to say, one of the best season finales in the entire series, up there with seasons 1, 2, and 5. I was impressed, and I also crave more 24!!!

I thought it was sad when you killed off Audrey. I was shocked to see jack going with that Moscow thud, Jack should off went after Audrey’s husband and have a few choice words. I really want Jack to be with Audrey. And now that won’t happen
Feeling sad

Now that I think of it, since Evan and manny recycle ideas a lot, they should have had mark boudreau in the CIA hospital somehow and jack should have brought in antol if he hadn’t been killed at the house so jack could raise the kill count of Audrey’s husbands to 2.

New West Virginian
July 17, 2014 at 1:06 am
I don’t understand why Jack wants to atone for his “sins” in Season 8. While what he did was stupid and out of character, going on his revenge spree, Novakovich did indeed arrange for Omar Hassan to be killed, helped smuggle the nuclear fuel rods into the US and was also indirectly responsible for Renee’s death. I also wonder how the Russians even know that Jack tried to kill Suvarov, I thought only CTU knew that, maybe even just Chloe and Cole. Everyone that Jack killed in Season 8 deserved it. And Anatol Stolnavich definitely deserved to die too after working with Cheng to start a war. And wasn’t Taylor going to put everything about Suvarov out in the open so how can the Russians even still demand Jack be handed over?

I do think that Jack sacrificed Audrey or at least chose the mission over her cause he could have saved her first. To think of it Jack could have saved Audrey and then used the helicopter to go to the ship and stop Cheng, who by that time would have no leverage anymore.

When you think about it yeah, he could’ve saved Audrey first. Cheng was escaping on a big, cumbersome freighter, not a fucking rocket powered speedboat.

When Jack decided not to go after Audrey himself, I knew she was doomed. One of the first times we’ve seen Jack do this – he always puts her/his loved ones first.
Also, I found it weird (maybe because this episode was so rushed) that he didn’t inform Heller of the situation. Heller, like Jack, wants to put the mission above all else but for her – I expect there would have been some changes to the plan. Jack just sends Kate (who he just met) out there to go get Audrey? Kate could have gone after Cheng?

Kiki Vanderway
July 17, 2014 at 7:34 am
Jack never puts Audrey first– even in Season 4 when he ignored Erin Driscoll’s orders and went after the terrorists holding Heller and Audrey– he rescued Heller first the show has a long line of events –too numerous to repeat here where to save the greater good Jack has to sacrifice a loved one.

He didn’t need to stop Cheng escaping on his slow boat to Russian– if that was the issue he easily could have gotten to Audrey but the time element was he needed to get proof that Cheng was alive to President Wei before the ship’s passed the perimeter of there would have been war.

I would say that “Live Another Day” was much better than the fiasco that was Day 8, which in my view was the worst bit of 24 to be produced to date (unless one counts “Redemption,” which is the absolute bottom of the barrel). However, there wasn’t really a single element in it that those of us who have been following 24 since Day 1 haven’t seen before, basically reconfirming my suspicion that I’ve had for a while that the writers basically ran out of new ideas after Day 5. Jack is rogue at the outset and has to regain the trust of the people he has to work with – that’s never been the situation at the beginning of a season of 24 before, except for every single one apart from Days 1 and 3 (when this didn’t happen until later in the day). Jack has to race against the clock to prevent a major war – Day 2 and Day 6. Somebody Jack loves is killed and sends him into a vengeful rage – Days 1 and 8. Jack is taken prisoner by a foreign government, leaving his fate uncertain – Day 5. I could go on.

The other thing is that the writers seem to have lost the ability to script those “little moments” that don’t necessarily advance the bigger story, but which gave the early seasons a greater emotional impact. I’m thinking of when Mandy the assassin is reduced to tears by the death of her girlfriend, while she stands in the crosshairs, in Day 1. I love the conversation that Senator Palmer has with the two vandals who break his windows in Day 1. I love the final moments between Jack and Chappelle in Day 3. I love Michelle’s farewell to Gael, also in Day 3 (probably my favorite season). I love the look on Lynn McGill’s face as he helplessly watches a fellow CTU agent die, in Day 5. And I love it when Assad says “You’ve taken the wrong path, Shaheed” as he kills the friend who betrayed him in Day 6. In recent seasons such moments seem to have fallen by the wayside.

I’m sure I will watch another season of 24 if they decide to make more, but I really wish the writers would be more daring and creative if they do that, and not just keep repeating themselves. In 12 episodes they managed to repeat the exact same formula they’ve been using since Day 1: Jack goes up against an enemy, Jack goes rogue, Jack discovers that the enemy he’s fighting is really just a mask for a much greater and more dangerous enemy, Jack destroys the enemy, Jack makes a personal sacrifice for the greater good. They have never deviated from this (well, ok, Day 4 only had a single enemy), even though this is the second “reboot” of the show they’ve announced (the first, if people recall, was with Day 7, when it turned out that the only thing that was really changed was that LA was no longer the backdrop). I had hoped that cutting the time in half would have led the writers to approach 24 from a new angle, but they really didn’t, we just got the same basic storyline but compressed.

I thought that the 24: LAD’s season finale was great! The sequence of events were exciting to watch. First we saw Jack throw Margot out of the window, and now we see Jack beheading Cheng. Classic.

I liked Audrey’s death, it was pretty much shocking to see who died, and Heller’s speech at the end was sad.

The ending of it, well I liked season 8’s ending better because I felt like it was more sad compared to LAD’s ending. Don’t get me wrong, I did like the ending of LAD, and glad that it gives somewhat of a closure but enough to continue with the series with another season, or maybe a movie!!

Just for fun let’s name the next 24 event series….

24: ADHD: (Another Damn Horrible Day)
24: ROT (Return of Tony)
24: DAM (Dude, Another Mole!)
24: BAD (Bauer’s Angry, Dammit!)
24: KALI (Kill Another Love Interest)
24: RAP (Recycle Another Plot)

Kiki Vanderway
July 17, 2014 at 12:16 pm
Holy s–t you are awesome!!!!

Yes to all of them let’s start work on the promo posters!

Kiki Vanderway
July 17, 2014 at 12:19 pm
Of course at the very end last series in the run when Jack is retired would be

24: Covered in Ben-Gay (CIBG)

Hahaha! Love it. :D

I’m not disappointed because I know that it’s not the end. I’m also glad they killed Horseface Raines.

Well, I’m glad they killed
YOU. FU!!!!!!!!

Pharisorn Wong
July 17, 2014 at 12:41 pm
I loved this series i am followed from season one untill season 9. I am waiting for this season so this series will go on. I love it.

Still looking for the override device!!

Maybe the override device will show up in S10, along with a satisfying finale :-)

Having just seen the finale (2 days later here in the UK), although I knew the outcome, there sure were some powerful moments. Also a ludicrous piece of artistic licence, if I can call it that.

To get the 75 miles from London to Southampton (I live there) in 15 minutes, well, I think travelling at 300mph might have got Jack a speeding ticket! Ah well.

Apart from that, along with many others here, I felt the ending was unoriginal and disappointing, but a nice touch as regards the friendship between Jack & Chloe.

Cheng’s treatment was spectacular; Heller’s speech was moving; Audrey’s death was sad, but I really didn’t see the point of bringing her back in the first place. I’d sooner she’d been left as a vegetable at the end of S6. Now THAT was a poignant moment, when Jack said goodbye to her then.

I wouldn’t rate this episode as awesome, although it did have some awesome moments. However, it’s a fantastic lead into a subsequent series, although I gather Kiefer’s not at all keen. Maybe if they throw enough money at him, he’ll change his mind! Let’s face it, Jack Bauer is by far his greatest portrayal out of everything he’s ever done.

Goodbye 24 – I really really hope that this is not the end.

The smart money is on a 10th season to be aired, as much as I love the show it really should be the last.
If I was able to pick how the next 12 episode season would go I would like it to be like this:

Jack has been in Russia 2 years, he’s been kept alive due to his contacts he’s made over the last four years on the run.

Jack is currently in a Russian Blacksite in Asia, completely cut off and being moved around regularly. (akin to Victor Drazen in season 1) This is due to keeping him off the American’s radar and not keeping him in Russia adds a sense of denial to avoid political scandal after the events of Season 9 with Antol siding with Cheng.

The season opens with Jack not broken, not like season 6’s start, but at peace. His has accepted his fate and is prepared to endure whatever comes his way. The Russian’s still hope to gather some intelligence one day out of him, but currently can’t.

Jack is to be moved, a somewhat empathetic guard chats with Jack on his way to transporting. Asking why he doesn’t want to tell them what he knows, he can see his family. Jack smiles and merely mentions that his family are better off without him. The guard says he can’t possibly think that.
Next Jack is being transported. The convoy loads Jack onto one truck, and another hooded prisoner onto the second. shortly into their journey the convoy is attacked. Jack has an opportunity to escape, a guards weapon falls near his feet. He goes to pick it up, but then he leans back and closes his eyes. gunshots and shouting are heard in the background. Jack merely closes his eyes and braces for death.
A hand grabs him. it’s Belcheck, who appears to be the hooded prisoner, he grabs Jack who is reluctant and Belcheck makes a remark in saying he needs to clear his debt with Jack.
He is taken away from the convoy.
Jack is taken to an airfield. On the way Belcheck explains that he’s been sent by the US with a small team to retrieve him. There is a new pathological weapon that is now on US soil, the only known living person who knows what the leader looks like is Jack when he met him wit Rask. A deadline has been broadcast across the internet that if the US doesn’t release all illegally detained terror suspects held over the globe a major city will be attacked.
At the airfield there is a small team, who is led by Tony.
It appears the terrorists published a list of top detainees which appear to have come from Alan Wilson, who has since been found murdered and tortured upon negotiating his release after season 7.
With Tony still having ties to levels of Wison’s organisation and Jack with the arms dealer who brokered the deal in the US. Tony knew that Wilson had this contact who also helped set up the deal with Juma and Jonas Hodges, Graem and the Bierko and also the ones with the organisation who helped fund the Drazen operation to kill Palmer for their own gains and to help get someone they could influence in office, when that failed the moved on setting sights into the Logan administration.

Time Jump 12 hours as they fly to the US.

Tony, Jack and Belcheck enlist Chloe and Kate to work together on a covert operation. With the corruption in the government Jack and Tony agree its the only way they can operate.

During the course of the season they manage to secure the agent losing Belcheck on the way, but realize that the threat won’t be done until the main culprit is caught before he leaves the country.
Jack and Tony catch up with him, Tony is badly injured, paralyzing him from the waste down.
Jack finally catches the culprit and gets stabbed, he pulls out the knife to kill the mastermind, causing his wound to bleed out. Kate comes up to him, he says he’s fine, hiding the full extent of the wound, asking her to check on Tony.

He lays realising that medical attention won’t get there on time he asks Chloe to let him speak to Kim. They have an emotional reunion. The clock ticks with Jack at peace again.

As much as I would like to see a season 10, and as much as the “new” ending to LAD points to a season 10, the more I think about it, the more I see it not happening. Howard Gordon has 3 shows either happening now or soon to be broadcast, and I think the earliest a season 10 can happen is 2016. At this point in time, 24 cannot afford to take another year off. Furthermore, I really think Kiefer is not interested in a 10th season of 24, especially if it a few years down the road. So a movie is the only other possibility. Since FOX owns the rights to everything 24, they would have to be willing to do a movie. I, for one, do not want a movie, for there can’t be much of a story in a 2 hour movie when we are all used to seeing a 16 hour story each season (except for LAD which was 8 hours). I think FOX would have to throw a huge amount of money at Kiefer to get him to do 12 more hours, and Howard Gordon would have to clear his schedule to start a January 2015 shoot. HG has been involved since its inception, so I don’t see 24 happening in any format without him. I hope it happens but I honestly don’t think so.

July 18, 2014 at 2:40 pm
Maybe the 24 show runner role needs to be turned over to some one else who does have the time and can concentrate on 24. Evan? Manny? Jon?

July 18, 2014 at 3:40 pm
Actually, HoGo was not the showrunner for LAD. Manny & Evan were and also together they wrote both the premiere and finale. This is actually the first season where HoGo did not write a single episode. He was listed as Executive Producer for each episode, though.

Howard Gordon had very little involvement in the day to day operation of 24 this season – he was/is mainly focused on the new FX series Tyrant. Howard was responsible for getting the show back on the air but Evan Katz and Manny Coto were the co-showrunners this year.

Say what you will about Howard Gordon, I think 24 always benefited from his presence and LAD suffers from his absence. He understood the show and had an awareness of its history . Evan and Manny might be in touch with the basic mechanics but it’s all kind of surface-level stuff.

Maybe I’m just naive, but I reckon talking Kiefer into it would be the least of their obstacles to get another season. I know he talks about getting older, but if I’m a Kiefer Sutherland and have a character like Jack Bauer who’s such a part of me, I’d jump at the chance to keep playing that character. Granted he’d wanna be paid what he feels he deserves, and given the brand that is Jack, I’m sure he doesn’t come cheap, but I can’t see him being so steadfast and money hungry that he’d let the number on his paycheque prevent the continuation of the story if all the other pieces were falling into place to make it happen.

July 18, 2014 at 3:42 pm
Oh, I was a bit slow there with my reply. ha.

Evan and Manny both seemed up for another season, so I think it could continue. It might be nice if they get some new writers on board for the next season, if there is one.

I enjoyed the finale per se, although I did find the ending far less emotional than season 8. It seemed more like a season finale than a series finale (which is possibly the point)

I thought Audrey’s death was perfect, it reminded me of
Omar’s death in ‘The Wire'

in that despite it being the death of a main character, this is still ‘real’ life and death is rarely cinematic or fitting, it can creep out of nowhere in the most unexpected of circumstances.

The interchange between Jack & Kate earlier where Jack says he has to go after Audrey and Kate persuades him she is up to protecting her herself really adds weight to the scene too:

She persuaded Jack to let her go to Audrey, and she failed Jack, failed Audrey and failed herself, which then had a knock on effect for Jack, as he trusted Kate to do the job, so he feels the guilt of his decision added to the sheer grief of losing Audrey.

One twist I would have liked to have seen play out is that maybe the Russians at the end where not as clear cut bad guys as we thought?

When they say “we just want you Jack, that’s all we’ve always wanted” my immediate reaction was “what if it’s NOT to torture or kill him but use him for some mission or task?”

Of course that’s moot because they implied Chloe’s kidnapping was violent due to the blood although they must have given her a shower and cleaned her up in those 12 hours too! Plus they implied that Jack would not enjoy Moscow.

some off the cuff ideas:

The main Russian is actually a deep cover agent for the US, using his cover to get Jack into Moscow for a secret US mission on Russian soil.

The main Russian is actually bad, and someone on his team is US deep cover (like the departed) and then uses his position in the gang to inform Jack of some mission in Russia or gets him back to the US.

It would also be a cool reversal on the mole plot device, WE know who the mole is but the bad guys dont, and we dont want the mole to be found out, plus the mole could die at any point adding extra drama unlike Jack who we know always survives.

just some thoughts!

“The main Russian is actually a deep cover agent for the US, using his cover to get Jack into Moscow for a secret US mission on Russian soil.”

I’d get a kick outta that on a meta level because the guy who played that Russian is the guy who played Gibbs in PotC, loyal friend to Captain Jack Sparrow. ;-)

If season 10 doesn’t come out this site website will fade back into irrelevance, there would be no reason to check the website everyday… even now that is happening.

Here is my idea of how Season 10 should play out, I wrote it to be as official as possible in the normal FOX Press Release form they would write for each 24 Season Premiere.

I choose random names, and actors/actress that came to mind from imdb for all the new characters listed in the press release. Same goes for the subtitle names of the Season. Don’t judge please, they are just there as a placeholder for the press release for my story outline.

I hope you guys like it :) , I got a good portion of the story outlined already so someone let FOX know!!! lol

FOX’s “24” Premieres with a Special Two-Night Event Sunday May 10, 2015, and Monday May 11, 2015

The groundbreaking, addictive, Emmy Award-winning television series 24 returns for one final season. First premiering in November 2001, the historic series overcame all the odds against it, and became a global phenomenon around the world. However, all good things eventually come to an end, and the countdown clock has started on this historic series as it makes its final curtain call with a special two-night premiere event beginning Sunday, May 10, 2015, and Monday May 11, 2015.

A special “prologue” two hour featured television film entitled “24: Retribution” will debut on Sunday, May 10 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX, followed by a two hour premiere event on Monday, May 11 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) for Season 10 of 24 entitled “24: One Last Day”. The season will unfold without repeats, airing all originals at its regular time every Monday night (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX through the series finale in September.

”24: Retribution premieres Sunday, May 10 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX”

Served as a prologue towards the final season of 24, “24: Retribution” shows how Jack Bauer returns home for 24’s final season. It will bridge the gap between the events of Season 9 “24: Live Another Day” and Season 10 “24: One Last Day” as a special two hour featured television film, and for the first time ever, “24: Retribution” will be the first time in 24 history that it will break away from its real time format. The featured television film will still be everything you know about 24, but without the restrictions of a 24 hour day.

Set in Moscow, Russia, “24: Retribution” picks up six months after the events of “24: Live Another Day”. Series hero JACK BAUER (Kiefer Sutherland) is now imprisoned far from home for his past crimes against the Russian government. The day starts with Bauer awaiting to be transported to his final hearing for his trial. During his incarceration Bauer stumbles upon vital information that pertains to Russia’s national security . Tensions begin to run high when Russian separatists led by RUSEV KORSHUNOV (Gary Oldman) plan on assassinating President DMITRY MATVEYEV (Olek Krupa), who replaced former President YURI SUVAROV (Nick Jameson) when Suvarov was forced to step down after being investigated for conspiracy charges.

At the same time, a special black ops team from the United States has been assembled by high level officials working behind the US President’s back. The black ops team is deployed into Russian territory with the sole purpose of assassinating Bauer when word of his trial is about to end. Considered a high risk prisoner and a expendable federal agent with vital information that could hurt United States security, a hit is put on Jack. With the clock ticking, no allies, no resources and no one to trust, it’s up to Bauer alone to figure out what to do, and to prevent another disastrous day from occurring for a country that has hated him for years. At the same time Jack must also avoid being taken out by people from his own country as well.

“24: Retribution also stars SVR Agent NATASHA ZAKHAROVA (Yuliya Snigir), Black Ops Solider DESH MARSHALL (Joey Ansah), and Blacks Ops Commander VINCENT KENNEX (Karl Urban)

”24 Season 10 “One Last Day” premieres Monday, May 11 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX”

Retaining the real-time, nail biting, fast -paced format with split screens and interweaving storylines, 24 makes its final mark on television history. Be there to witness the end of an era with all 24 episodes of “24: One Last Day”.

Two years have passed since the events of 24 Season 9 “Live Another Day”, as the series returns home to Los Angeles where it all started. JACK BAUER (Kiefer Sutherland) is back for one last day. Now free and pardon for all crimes by both the Russian government and the United States government, Jack is trying to fit back into living a normal life. Thought to have finally escaped his past life as federal agent Jack Bauer, his past begins to come back to haunt him. The threat isn’t just big this time, it’s personal also. A lunch meeting with his daughter KIM BAUER (Elisha Cuthbert) and her family goes wrong when they are targeted by unknown assailants looking for Jack. With his family attacked and kidnapped, Jack is thrust back into action to save the only family he has left. Enlisting the help of his long time friend and colleague CHLOE O’BRIAN (Mary Lynn Rajskub) and friend BELCHECK (Branko Tomovic) they set off on figuring out who is targeting Jack and his family.

Simultaneously occurring at the same time, a possible terrorist attack is imminent in Los Angeles. It is up to CTU Los Angeles, led by Special Agent in Charge MATTHEW DAVIDSON (Lance Reddick) and Director of Field Operations KATE MORGAN (Yvonne Strahovski) to prevent an attack from happening. They are also joined by Analyst RILEY STRAND (Meghan Ory), Analyst DAVID AZEVEDO (Alessandro Juliani), and Field Agent JOHNATHAN INGRAM (Dominic West). Meanwhile President RICHARD WALDEN (Jamey Sheridan) is in Los Angeles for the funeral of former President James Heller, who Walden served under as Vice President before Heller stepped down due to his Alzheimer’s disease. President Walden is joined in Los Angeles by his Chief of Staff RON CLARK (Ross McCall), and his family.

Being no coincidence that Jack’s family is kidnapped at the same time that a possible terrorist attack is on the horizon, a collision course is set that connects it all and leads Jack Bauer back into action to prevent a major terrorist attack from occurring. Pressed for time and answers, Jack eventually resorts to enlisting the help of his former friend and colleague TONY ALMEIDA (Carlos Bernard) who is currently serving a long prison sentence for his crimes during Season 7. Realizing Tony is the key to finding his family, and preventing a possible terrorist attack, Tony is brought out of prison to reunite with Jack and their allies for one final mission.

24, created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, is a production of 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television in association with Teakwood Lane Productions. Howard Gordon, Jon Cassar, Evan Katz, David Fury, Manny Coto, Brannon Braga, Brad Turner, Alex Gansa, Kiefer Sutherland and Brian Grazer are executive producers while Chip Johannessen and Patrick Harbinson serve as co-executive producers.

Awesome! Email fox with this!! That would be a perfect ending to the show. That could not have been the series finale ending we saw on LAD. That ending was redone as a season finale, not series finale.

Thank you! Even if I did e-mail them, they would probably just ignore it. I probably should tweet this to Howard Gordon or something lol.

try it! you’ve got nothing to lose!

Hello 24 fans,
I’ve just spent the past few hours reading old and new posts because I MISS “24”!!
Good plots, bad plots, missing elements, crazy characters, lack of continuity, tragic characters, time jumps, rehashed story lines and overworked cheap tricks–NONE OF THAT MATTERS. I will watch 24 until I can’t anymore. Monday nights are just not the same….

Jack Bauer is the most complex, complicated and controversial character to come along in about 50 years and I miss seeing him. Chloe is a genuis and the best poster girl for “learning to code’ and IT careers for women. And, may I add, the casting of all minorities in meaningful roles has been a first on many levels–David and Sherry Palmer were an amazing team and I loved Jack’s relationship with the President!

When it’s all said and done, Jack loves his country and wants to serve and will do whatever it takes to keep it safe and free. He’s a flawed patriot with a heart who, for the past decade, has made us care about him and his adventures–and if you doubt that, go backand re-read the nearly 500 or so posts on all things “24.”
I’m lookiing forward to more….goodnight!

I kinda lost myself for a moment reading that, like it was actually going to happen.

First of all, Retribution sounds fantastic.

Season 10, fantastic until you introduced all the same tired old dreck that’s been dragging 24 down all these years.

New president, new agency head, new agent with a past. In Jack Bauer’s last season, should we REALLY bring ourselves to give a flying fuck about all these uninspired reskin characters? No doubt the president would have to face “tough decisions” during the day – don’t care, fuck off! Fuck the generic and shitty threats too. Unless the threat puts a character we care about in jeopardy, nobody cares! Question; what was more tense, edge of your seat stuff?

a: The drones threatening Heller
b: The drones threatening Waterloo station


All of this is a compliment to you, you understand. Everything you wrote that was great in that synopsis came from you, the tired old tropes I was ranting about just now come from them.

You and Mary have great writing talent, and I’d gladly watch/read anything you guys write. Let’s hope one day it happens (assuming you yourself would want such a thing).

Thank you XAM for the kind words! I always had a passion for brainstorming story lines, and would pursue it, but don’t know where to start. I’m currently majoring in something else for school. I wouldn’t mind doing it also, or just on the side, i’ll just have to see where life takes me.

Anyway, I agree with you about the same old dreck 24 has suffered from over the years, and even used for my idea of a season 10. I understand where the writers are coming from, when they mention they would only make another 24 if the story was right. After making this show for that many seasons, and focusing on the same character, there can only be so much more story and situations you can do that can justify a 12/24 episode season that will have enough drama/action to entertain the audience. Not to mention, you also have to write with the “real-time” constraint, and being able to have other characters that aren’t Jack Bauer (who the show revolves around) with a role that would make sense, and satisfy the audience. This is especially important for returning characters also that have been in the show before, that aren’t Jack Bauer.

So when I wrote my idea for Season 10 above, I had to really think of how plausible it would be that Chole, Kim Bauer, and Kate Morgan are all in LA, at the same time Jack is in LA. Kim lives in LA, Chole has lived in LA before so it would make sense she would/could be living there again. Kate was the reason I had a CTU LA in my story. She needed to be working with another agency or even the CIA again to introduce her back into the story. This is why CTU or some sort of government agency has to be there again. It just felt out of place for her to pop up living in LA and to miraculously be there to help Jack, someone she only knew for 12 hours (Live Another Day). Sure, I could just ignore Kate and not have used her in Season 10, but she was a fan favorite of mine and many others, and I want her back!

Then we have the Kim being a victim story line, but Jack honestly only cares about the family he has left (Kim, his granddaughter Teri, Kim’s husband Stephen and their newborn baby), and his best friend Chloe. Audrey was in that conversation also, but we all know what happened there. Jack even said it himself in Live Another Day that he only surfaced today out of hiding after four years for Audrey and President Heller. These were two people he cared about, Audrey especially after all she’s been through because of Jack’s line of work. Heller was a man that Jack just simply respected, and felt bad for what he put his daughter through. If it was any President, or anyone else aside from Jack’s family or Chloe that was the threat, Jack would probably have done nothing. Maybe a simple mention at the CIA/FBI tip line and called it a day, but I don’t think he would’ve intervene the way he did in Live Another Day.

This goes back to the story of another season for 24. Jack’s done with field work, he doesn’t work for the government anymore. Hell, he hasn’t officially work for the government since Season 4. From that point on he was only working on temporarily basis, or allowed by the U.S. President to work in the field, and all those times he only went along to save the day because something personal drew him back:

Season 5: President Palmer’s Assassination, Tony & Michelle attacked/murdered, and Chloe asking for help because she was next.

Season 6: Cleaning up the mess his family made (Philip Bauer/Grahem Bauer), Saving Audrey, and his nephew Josh

Season 7: Finding out about Tony being alive, then found out about Tony’s deep cover with Bill etc.

Season 8: Honestly, he was reluctant to help here, but it wasn’t until Episode 2 when he was about to leave with Kim and not help, that his own daughter told him to stay and help, and that it was the right thing. Well the rest is history, and eventually when Renee was murdered it was personal which lead to his crazy rampage.

Season 9: Audrey/Heller

So, the pattern is that something personal has to be in it for him to see it through. Which is why involving his family (Kim, granddaugher etc.) for my season 10 idea just made the most sense. It would definitely get Jack to go back to do what he does best to save his family. I actually envisioned having Kim & Stephen hospitalize from the attack, and only his grand daughter (Teri) & his new grand daughter/son (mentioned in Live Another Day) be the ones kidnapped. That way it’s not Kim again lol.

The rest of my story line idea involves bringing back the U.S. government conspiracy story line. (Season 5-7) People like ex-President Charles Logan, Walter Cummings, Christopher Henderson, Philip Bauer, Grahem Bauer, Jonas Hodges, and Allan Wilson etc. were involved with this high group of U.S. individuals who have pulling the strings behind the scenes. Making deals with terrorist, and doing things they felt would be in the best interests of the United States in their eyes. There were plenty more of these individuals, and not all of them have been brought to justice. I wanted to point out two things from Season 5 and Season 7 on why they would be the perfect final villains to wrap up 24:

1.) During Season 5, when Jack was interrogating Christopher Henderson at CTU about the recording device of Logan, Henderson said he would help, but he wanted immunity and Jack’s help to disappear like Jack did after Season 4. Jack then mentioned something along the lines, that he wants the name of the co-conspirators that are working with Logan. Henderson replies with this “You can’t touch them, but they can touch you”. He’s essentially stating they are untouchable because the person at the top is more than one individual, and everyone is anonymous or something.

2.) During Season 7, prior to Alan Wilson and Cara meeting with Tony & Jack before the finale episode, we see Wilson on some sort of anonymous video conference call. There seem to be like 7-12 individuals on that call, and everyone’s identity was blocked off. We assumed Wilson was in charge of this conspiracy group, but he may as well be another small cog in a bigger machine. Which is exactly what Jonas Hodges said when he was arrested, he says quote “My only crime is that I’m trying to protect my country! You think this ends with me?! I’m just a small cog in a very big machine”. This machine hasn’t been explored, and yes Wilson was arrested at the end of Season 7, but I don’t think he gave up everyone because honestly he probably didn’t even know who he was working for lol.

The material has been planted in past seasons, and it would make sense these people are the people involved with Jack’s kidnapping, and also why Jack goes to Tony for help. This helps bring Tony back into the story. My idea for Tony would be based on two themes for him redemption and closure. He may only be helping Jack, because the same people who are trying to ruin Jack’s life, ruined his already. He needs closure in his life that these people will pay for what they did, and at the same he can redeem himself from the horrible things he did in the past.

All I know is that for a show like 24 that I have watched since 2001, it means a lot to me to get proper closure for it. I don’t feel that closure or satisfaction with Live Another Day, so there better another season even if I have to write it! Haha

So Vice-President Walden (Jamey Sheridan) returns from the dead after a fatal heart attack in S2 on ‘Homeland’ to become the new President on ’24’?

Sure, Howard Gordon is involved with both shows but recycling characters doesn’t seem to be his M.O.

Finally, this season 9 was really bad! In screenplay, near to the season 6.
The end is a mix of the season 5 and Redemption ! That’s no clever from the showrunners !
The end of 24 should be in season 8.
“Person of Interest” outstrip the last seasons of 24, especially LAD.


I usually think opinions are subjective. However, I just don’t see logically how you could be right. There are plenty fo critics that ranked the seasons and they have all put Season 9 in their top 5. The show has a 9.0 ranking from viewers much higher than most seasons and they had a plot line with the drone strikes that was fresh and relevant. Also the Adrian Cross story and how it parallels Edward Snowden it was a very clever season. Kate Morgan gets a case as 2nd best 24 character ever along with the likes of Tony Almeida, Bill Buchanan, and Nena. I just don’t get what planet you are from with your comments I’m shocked.

You think Kate could arguably be the show’s 2nd best character? That the drone threat was *fresh*? I’m wondering what planet *you* are from.

Pitiful stereotyped terrorist Margot, ridiculous Cheng’s return with not a good line to say, the worst Kiefer’s acting in most of his scenes, Cross’ character never exploited, Dexter’s girl friend just a insipid Renee Walker…
The drones is used like a nuclear bomb or a gaz : there is nothing “fresh” in it ! Never there is a attempt to understand and reflect this particular weapon: it’s just kill people like always.
The time lap is used like a scam (we understand now why the writers couldn’t do a movie of two hours representing 24 hours.)
Damn that the episode 9.08 look like to a poor copy of the 3.18.

The ending is the same than the season 5 with Jack going to foreign prison: we have already seen that ! If the screenwriters was again wrtite Jack’s fake death like season 4, everyone will speak of plagiarism or already-seen.

Even Callery’s music don’t save this abyssal scenario of non-originality, like he did in season 6.

This day 9 is a failure, all seems fake. That’s why this season came close to the quality of the S6, maybe the showrunners beat their record of mediocrity this year.
Even if a season 10 come true (and unfortunately I think he will), never it will cross to the quality of the first five seasons.

I don’t care if some put this bad season in their top 5, everyone has his own explatation of the story and characters ; if they want to see bad reflections of what it’s has been done in the previously seasons, good for them!
I prefer watch good original TV show, and it is clear “Person of Interest” is one of them, no longer 24.

Ok, let me just say that I *love* 24. But now that I’ve had time to reflect, LAD was really pointless. Bad writing, so many plot holes, reused storylines from previous seasons, brining old & beloved characters back just to ruin them…

24 was brought back because people were unhappy with season 8’s ending because there were so many loose ends. Well, this finale was even worse in that aspect. And Audrey’s death was completely unnecessary. The writers have become sadists when it comes to Jack, and the show has really lost its soul.

This should have been the definitive last season of 24, and the writers should have kept their word and actually given the characters closure.

I made a toptens.com page for best season of 24 vote here. http://www.thetoptens.com/165792/ for your favourite season.

Wow, there’s no bigger 24 fan then me! Seriously, this is my favorite show!! PLEASE bring back another season! But make it 24 episodes again. I don’t ever want this show to end! Jack Bauer is the #1 character on earth! Ahhhh I love you kiefer<3
I know 24 is really not about happy endings but maybe next season ( S10) especially if it might be the last one, which i REALLY hope not, Please make it less painful. I think jack has earned it! Come'on I wanna have a good feeling at the end of the season ;-)
24 CANNOT END!!!!!!

Karen Pasquinelli
July 20, 2014 at 11:22 pm
Ditto Renee Walker you said what I feel. Thanks

Karen Pasquinelli
July 20, 2014 at 11:19 pm
24 is my very favorite show. I am going to miss it. I hope they bring it back I hate when it ends, it is like going thru withdrawals…lol. I cried when Audrey died and when they took Jack away that was so very sad.

Upon watching it again I did still enjoy it, but also still had the same major gripes- Audrey’s tame death and Jack’s outro passage.

I was expecting Jack to have planted himself with explosives to detonate once in the air to avoid what awaits him in Moscow and, having watched it a second time round, I think it would have been a great way to tie up the series- having atoned for his S8 spree by preventing WW3, then setting himself free after the loss of Audrey and all catastrophes that have followed him around, but knowing Chloe and his family is safe.

Why are so many people fascinated with this idea of Jack blowing himself to smithereens to avoid facing the consequences of his actions during Season 8? How does that make the character redeemable or even likable?

It would not alter my views on Jack- imo the guy is a legend whatever he does- but I merely suggested that, TO ME, it would be an interesting and entertaining way to end the series, whilst answering many of the questions every ’24’ finale poses.

What does fascinate me, however, is how a certain number of individuals on this site believe it’s a worthwhile cause to insinuate that the SUBJECTIVE, personal views of fellow posters are wrong at every opportunity….

I was actually asking out of genuine curiosity…

That’s by no means the perfect ending, even in my head, but it was certainly a scenario that I thought might happen as I saw it unfold first time around. I thought the writers may have felt that that particular ending would have given Jack closure and peace of mind as it would likely prevent further damage to his loved ones that still exist. It wasn’t so much that I thought it would be heroic or justified.

I personally believe the S4 ending would have been the best way possible to finish the show. Jack gets his freedom, and it’s probably only in his ‘apparent’ death that he could be recognised for all the good that he’s done.

I love 24. I have never missed an episode, but business is business. I think it was somewhat of a test to see if there is still money in the series. They knew they could sell enough advertising on episode 9, (due to the success of the preceding episodes) to make a little. They watch and see how the viewership goes.., if good, they come back, sell more advertising, and continue to make money. If not, they have their answer. Looks to me, (according to the live viewership numbers), this may have been the last of Jack. It’s one thing to watch it live, and have to see the ads, its another thing to DVR the show, and then skip through the ads. I have friends in the business and believe me, the advertisers understand this, and are not happy about it.

Biggest Fan 24
July 21, 2014 at 10:29 pm
We need another episode — enough said!

Hello 24 fans,
I’ve just spent the past few hours reading old and new posts because I MISS “24″!!
Good plots, bad plots, missing elements, crazy characters, lack of continuity, tragic characters, time jumps, rehashed story lines and overworked cheap tricks–NONE OF THAT MATTERS. I will watch 24 until I can’t anymore. Monday nights are just not the same….

Jack Bauer is the most complex, complicated and controversial character to come along in about 50 years and I miss seeing him. Chloe is a genuis and the best poster girl for “learning to code’ and IT careers for women. And, may I add, the casting of all minorities in meaningful roles has been a first on many levels–David and Sherry Palmer were an amazing team and I loved Jack’s relationship with the President!

When it’s all said and done, Jack loves his country and wants to serve and will do whatever it takes to keep it safe and free. He’s a flawed patriot with a heart who, for the past decade, has made us care about him and his adventures–and if you doubt that, go back and re-read the nearly 500 or so posts on all things “24.”

I’m lookiing forward to more….goodnight!

I liked the ending, but after having seen the complete season again nonstop, I have to admit that there were a lot of flaws. But first the things I liked from the finale:

– Jack, Belchek and Chloe working together again. If there is another season of 24 after this one, it would be great to see these three working together again, since despite not learning much about Belcheck, he does seem to fit with Chloe and Jack as member of their team.

-Heller’s speech about forgetting everything was really touching. I actually felt sad for the character but happy at the same time because he would eventually forget the pain of his daughter dying, even if it means losing all of his memories about her.

-Jack decapitating Cheng. It always upset me that Jack didn’t kill Cheng at the end of Season 6, but I am glad we got closure on that.

-While Kate didn’t have too much to do this episode, I did enjoy the few scenes where she was in.

-The final exchange between Chloe and Jack, where Jack admits that yes, Chloe is indeed his best friend. I remember the first time I saw Chloe in S3 I wasn’t too fond of her character but I really did feel sorry for her at the end as I felt she had lost a lot too.

-The final scene with the chopper taking off and Jack looking sad(mad?). Loved the score and the silent clock at the end.

But there are also things I didn’t enjoy as much:

-Jack on a rampage…again. I understand that Jack would be upset about Audrey’s death, but he had already gone on a rampage in Season 8 over Renee’s death and in Season 1 when Nina told him his daughter died. I think that it would have been better if Jack had Cheng in custody, finds about her death, and then had proceeded to beat the living snot out of the guy.

-The russians kidnapping Chloe. How did they know that Chloe was helping Jack, and that Jack would trade his life for hers? Had they been keeping an eye on them during the day?

-Mark not being able to see Audrey. I understand the guy was wrong in forging the signature for Jack’s apprehension order but come on, he deserved to at least see his wife. She’s dead, and I really did feel throughout the whole season that Mark really did love Audrey.

-The time jump. I think it should have been used more creatively, I mean, the transition was nice, and I can sort of understand why they jumped 12 hours, since we had to see Heller, Mark and Kate’s outcome, but come on, would the Russians really give Jack 12 hours to get ready for the exchange. They know the guy is not your common agent (or ex-agent), and that when pressured he can retaliate in a very swift way.

-Audrey’s death. It felt…unneeded. I understand that was the shocking twist, but….it didn’t really feel shocking at all. And Jack turning himself over to the russians was also not much of a twist, since it was mentioned in many episodes of 24:LAD.

-Jack losing another love interest? Enough, please no more of this. It worked well in Season 8 because we saw how his relation with Renee somehow started in Season 7 and picked up in Season 8, so it had impact. Audrey had been gone since season 6 and truthfully it really ended feeling like Audrey’s character was brought back just to be killed. I’m glad that Jack and Kate didn’t end up having feelings for each other and instead had more of a mentor-apprentice relationship throughout the season.

Other than that it was a decent finale. Much better than season 8’s that’s for sure. I wasn’t really expecting a happy ending, as 24 has the trend of going for a sad ending, so it was good to get the ending we got. Also, it seemed fair that Jack would pay for going on his killing spree, as it felt fair after he kept Tony from avenging Michelle and his unborn son.

Great show, and as usual left hanging—– Will there be another. YES. I sure hope so.

Great show, and as usual left hanging. But believe we know what happens. Let see another series. It is a fantastic show.

tharindu nadeesankha
July 23, 2014 at 1:57 am
This show is grate. but fox need to sponsor more money for action events that took place in this show. show is totally awesome. next time make lot advance this show. more action, more fights, best camera technology.

time for a

We were Told Years ago there would be a
Lets do it!!!!!!!!!!!

To ’24’ Spoilers: Can you set up a thread for people to rank their favorite seasons and provide their reasoning. Thanks!!!

Yes, probably within the next week. I wanted to give people a bit of time to rewatch Live Another Day first.

Brian Chicago
July 24, 2014 at 3:05 pm

Mary Lynn Rajskub was interviewed on Q104.3 in NYC this morning and revealed the following about the final scene and Chloe’s fate:
“Up until the moment before we shot the end of episode 12 it was changed ‘You’re dead, you’re not dead, you’re dead, you’re not dead.”

Here’s a link to the video of her entire interview:

First off I would like to say I love 24. I hated the season ending to 8. After all that Jack went through and all he did for his country it should of had a different ending. He was losing everything and in season 8 he started to gain it back. I wish the season would of ended with him getting off a plane and his grand daughter running into his arms. That would have been the perfect ending.

I was happy to see Audrey die. Because I was happy to see anyone die – except for Jack.
Thank you to the writers for bringing Jack Bauer back to our screens.
I have loved every season.
Here’s hoping they are inspired by a story for day 10. Whatever it is, I will be watching, and loving every minute.


New West Virginian
July 28, 2014 at 2:09 am

I wrote this alternative finale, it’s two chapters. It starts with the same scene with Jack, Mark, and Kate but diverges from there. I think its a lot better ending than the ending they gave us. I really hated the last episode which was a shame cause the acting was great but I just hated the script.

Absolutely perfect…
From my pov creators need to think about an alternative finale for this season..
Expecially if this is the “last” season of 24..


I loved it! So much better than what the writers gave us on TV. Part of me would have liked to have seen Kate live on to be further mentored by Jack so she could begin to come into her own. This would let him actually have the time he deserves with an ease of mind because he won’t stand down if he thinks the job isn’t being handle well.

This season as awesome.It showed again jack struggle to protect people but its ending was not good.JACK SURRENDERED HIMSELF BECAUSE HE HAD NOTHING TO LIVE,SO PLEASE RETURN AUDREY BACK.We didn’t see 12 hours and there can be a room for her.WE WANT OUR HERO HAPPY.every thing comes back to his first place,so bring jack to his first place when he had his daughter and his lover together.If you want a way out of hell for jack,you should make that will in his heart and that will can Audrey.RETURN HER BACK

Six months later and Audrey’s death still brings me to tears. So sad. Re-watched all the Jack/Audrey scenes since Season 4. Re-connected with the depth of their feelings. How devastated he was at the end of Seadon 4, that she loved him but couldn’t accept what he was and how it broke his heart. Followed by the agony she lived through believing he was dead, after his ‘death’ and she realized she couldn’t be apart. The reunion in season five. The raw emotions ‘i never stopped loving you, not for one second” “then don’t go away again Jack, Please”. Jack giving up the sacred ‘tape’ to Christopher to save Audrey spoke volumes of who the priority was for him. The incredible expression of love and happiness on Audrey’s face when Jack heads over to take the dammed phone call at the end of Season five – so meaningfull of how deep their connection was. Jack’s reaction when he’s told Audrey is dead after following him to China to find him. Beyond devastated! She ‘thought he was worth it’ when others, including her powerful father didn’t. So touching! The look on his face when he sees her again and appreciates what she went through in China for her love of him. When she places her hand in his when she is so lost/hurt/bewildered and he is trying to reach her while in that horrible state she was in. That final scene in season six that just breaks your heart thinking its over for them was so tragic already. Beginning of season seven where he tells his friend that he’s been wandering the world aimlessly – no purpose in his life…. I don’t know why but the Jack/Audrey story line just pulled at my hearstrings like no other tv series romance has ever done. It. Leaves you sad that their strong love for each other is constantly doomed and how devastating it is for them. Then along comes season 9 – initially meant to end the series better than season eight did. Audrey is back! All of us Sudrey fans re-energized and so convinced the reason is reunion, happiness, love finds a way to prevail…. You know she doesn’t love Mark, you know Audrey and Jack still pine for each other, you know they can still touch each other’s hearts. You know they need to get back together.. For them, for the fans of the romance, even for the storyline of 24 as a whole. And they fucking kill her, in the most rushed, shocking way! And he shows total devastation for like ten seconds! He woul have gotten Cheng and killed him for Audrey anyways – because she asked him to and he would do anything for her! I think the writers/producers started season nine with the likelyhood of a reunion then got greedy for setting up another season and lost total focus on their own rationale of closing 24 with a better ending then season eight. That greed took over and sent the storyline down river to the detriment of us Audrey/Jack reunion fans. They could have kept her alive with the story line of her Father needing her to look after him and setting up a possible one day down the road “time” for Jack/Audrey finally being together. Was that asking too much? Hehas sacrificed so much, saved so many people, does he really need to be kicked down all the time? There has to be hope! For Jack to carry on, for us Audrey/Jack fans to stay plugged in. Now i am plugged out. Don’t bother doing another season. Won’t watch it. No remaining interest. There is no point to rescuing Jack from Russia to come back yto an empty life. Yes his daughter is family but is living her life. She is not the ‘life has meaning again’ forever for Jack. Audrey was. And she’s gone forever. Damm you writers/producers, damm you!

Normally,I agree with horrible endings for jack,but after losing all the people he cared about and all what he has done,he needs at least die happily or live happily.If you see,you can understand that we have 2 kinds of heroes:1-heroes dying with proud and save the people who care about like Michael Scofield,Walter White,Maximus in Gladiator 2-heroes who finally reach peace and happiness like :Ezio,Max Payne(after Max Payne 3)but jack didn’t finish like that.The reason why he Surrendered himself to Russians was not for saving Chloe,because he could use CIA team in order to rescue her and asks Heller to find a way to be not followed by Russians.Heller could do that for him but Jack didn’t because he had no hope to be alive.After Audrey’s death,Jack wanted to commit suicide but he remembered that he owed her to kill Cheng and after that Jack didn’t know what to do.There are lots of reasons why Audrey hadn’t to be killed and she could survive and why we need her and why she can be back in the next possible season:
1-From the first season,Jack lost every people whom he cared about and Audrey was one of the last characters that remained for Jack and after her death,Jack even lost himself.yes his daughter is still alive but Kim has her own life and was happy,even thought she couldn’t see her father for long years.Jack could have his own life so why Audrey didn’t survive?
2-24 has became repetitive.All time we saw some one that Jack loves is going to be killed or being in danger like :Teri,Claudia Hernandez and Renee.I guess we all hoped for sth new in 24 but again we saw that same old idea,S5 was the best season mostly because of new ideas(killing David Palmer,Michelle and Tony,president of US being involved in terrorist attacks and many other new things),but this season was much like S8 where Jack went into a rampage because of someone whom he loved and now she is dead,so they could get Jack sth that he deserved all these years.
3-Actually,Jack was much stronger than he needed a woman beside himself,but 24 should be also closer to the reality that Jack found sth in Audrey that he couldn’t find in even Renee(remember the beginning of S4 where Jack told Audrey that he couldn’t have this kind of connection with someone after Teri’s death)and even when he had to disappear,he couldn’t forget her and even after a year and half they found out that that they still love each other and it even became much stronger than before.They both suffered badly,if you see you can find out that at least Jack could be happy with Teri and they both raised Kim with each other and could be together for a long time.Jack couldn’t be with Renee even 1 day but he didn’t really try hard to be with her but Jack tried really hard to be with Audrey and couldn’t be with her even 1 day and after all these years,when Jack thinks he finally reached her,he lost her and the worst thing is that Audrey couldn’t say goodbye to Jack nor Heller and Jack was not close to her.
4-Even for Max Payne who lost his wife,his daughter,Mona and many of his friends,there was a happy ending.Max didn’t suffer like Jack.So the people who say that Jack will not have a happy ending,so what is the use of making S9?Jack has already lost his freedom,his daughter,his lover,his honour and his respect.and if in S10 they’re going to kill Jack,so why you didn’t finish 24 in S7?Jack could die in peace and see his daughter for the last time and it was much more closer to reality(that biological weapon could kill Jack).And if it’s going to be finished with Jack seeing Kim and his grand children,so why you made S8 and S9?Jack could be fit in return back to LA with Kim.In season 10,Jack must take sth much more than reaching Kim and the others.
5-For most of us Tony was a dead character after S7,so how you can connect Tony’s escape with Jack’s status in Russia.Jack doesn’t want to be released(i told the reason before).You can make an alternative ending in stead of making another season.
6-If Jack wants to be out he should have a reason for it and i prefer to think that he escapes out of prison and fakes his own death in order to find who’s really behind Audrey’s death.It can make sense and a real hope for Jack to continue because in Russia they will torture him to death or execute him for what ever he has done.
7-Audrey died 12 hours before S9 ends,so many thing can happen in those hours(she can be gotten by Russians and be rescued by them(like sth that happened for tony)to use her against Jack.Maybe Jack told Heller he will go for revenge,so he surrendered himself to Russian and finds out that Audrey is still alive.
8-If you wanted to bring her back just in order to kill her,so why you didn’t kill her in S6?Audrey was already gone for Jack.I know the way it began between jack and Audrey was not good.9 years have passed after S6,but it is obvious that they have some feelings.Jack left Audrey just because of herself and there was always a place for Audrey for Jack
9-Chloe or Kate would be more appropriate for the tragic death for the season which they’ve called final season.
finally,Audrey’s death was complete wrong move but there is still a hope for her to return back.SO BRING AUDREY BACK.BECAUSE WITHOUT AUDREY ,THERE IS NO JACK AND WITHOUT JACK THERE IS NO 24(and also make the last season 24 episodes)

In addition,I want to complain about the plot of stories of some last seasons.Before S6,all seasons had great plot with great endings but after season 6,we couldn’t find special innovates that 24 used to use it.The only season that i liked after,was season 7(most of it was because of tony).In this season,the plot was great but last 2 episodes were really bad).
1-Why Cheng didn’t kill Chloe.He didn’t need Chloe anymore.24 like I said has became too repetitive and killing Chloe could make a big shock in fans(like David Palmer,Michelle and Tony’s death).I can guess that how the fans were shocked after those deaths but it was a real surprise and real strong basis for rest of S5 and even for next seasons,so I don’t think the fans gonna be angry about her death as Audrey’s death.Many of big and strong characters were killed but Chloe is still alive and she didn’t really loose sth before this season(that she lost Morris and Prescott).I loved her character once,specially for S5,S6,S8 and even S7 and 4 but in this season,she was pretty dark and she had nothing to loose and her death could have made the finale more tragic than Audrey’s death.
2-How Cheng knew where Audrey is going?He had to have a mole in White house and for the man who supposedly was dead for almost 3 years,it is hard to believe that he can find a mole.If we consider that There was a mole,Who was the mole?
3-After saving Audrey,Why Kate and her team didn’t clear the park as soon as they could?She is the president of US’ daughter,so they had to clear the area asap.
4-If we consider Audrey is dead.How Russian operations knew where Chloe is?All of Cheng’s men were dead.
5-I hope writers read our comments and think a bit.They say that 24 is ultimately a tragic story but it should be real more than tragic.If you were Jack and you see everyone you care about will be dead and you will watch all of their death,how can you live?Certainly you would commit suicide and this story has became such a specter that we can’t believe it.Even in the worst situations there is room for hope and as Kiefer Sutherland said,we want to say goodbye to Jack Bauer.The story will be over when Jack is dead or happy with his family and if Jack is going to be killed,All these stories and murder of George Mason,Paul Raines,David Palmer,Michelle,Bill and somehow Ryan Chapelle(the people died because of Jack)was for nothing.If you want a happy ending,it was useless to make Solitary.Tony was dead for Jack but Audrey was still alive for him.I myself love Tony more than everyone except Jack and I was happy to see him again,but I love Jack most and happy ending could wonder all of us but in a good way(like S5 with deaths of all I’ve said before).I hope they make an alternative ending or find a way to bring back Audrey in probable last season).We remember that how Jack became devastated after Teri’s death and he wanted to commit suicide,but he didn’t .Actually after Audrey’s death Jack commit suicide by giving himself to Russians,so happy ending can be good also.Everyone makes mistake but repairing the mistakes is sth that professionals can do it.You were professional that you made 24 in a historic way,so repair your mistakes.And at last thank all of you about 24