24: Live Another Day Episode 12 Ratings
How did 24: Live Another Day Episode 12 do in the ratings? Find out below.

24: Live Another Day Ratings Rise for Finale

As expected, 24: Live Another Day ratings rose for the finale. The show earned a 1.7 for the final episode, up three tenths from last week’s 1.4 adults 18-49 rating and the highest viewership for the season since the May 5th premiere.

One interesting discussion point is Gary Newman and Dana Walden taking over at Fox yesterday. They’ve been very supportive of this show and with the inconclusive ending (which was apparently changed last minute) it seems another season might be likely.

Half Hour Breakdowns: (fast affiliate results)
9:00PM: 6.50 million (#2), A18-49: 1.7/ 5 (#1t)
9:30PM: 6.44 million (#2), A18-49: 1.6/ 5 (#2t)

Ratings Analysis

This post will eventually be updated with UK ratings, Live+3 and Live+7 ratings etc.


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Wow I was hoping it would be hitting the 8,9 million mark

خیلی خوب بود فصل 9 امیدوارم فصل 10 هم بیاد

Na, it wouldn’t hit those ratings. This is up pretty big though compared to last week’s episode and the DVR numbers will also make it a nice bump. DVD/Blu-Ray sales will also come into play I suspect. Honestly, for weeks I’ve been thinking this was it, but now I’m thinking we may get one more season. Keifer’s gotta want to do it and the writers have to meet again. Idk if we’ll get one in 2015, but somewhere between 2015-2016 I think we’ll be seeing another one.

As I recall, the premiere got something around 8 million (live) viewers, and now the finale had 6.5 million. I honestly don’t think that’s bad considering most shows experience a much worse drop-off from premiere to finale.

Call me an apologist too, but the TV viewing landscape has changed so dramatically since 4 years ago. People DVR everything nowadays, so live TV viewership is on the decline while DVR viewership is on the rise. Me personally, I taped/DVRd every 24 episode and watched it days later on my own time, until I saw a tweet after a Season episode “RIP Renee.” That spoiler made me realize that I could no longer avoid spoilers due to social media which is why I watched this season live; nonetheless, many other people don’t, and I bet the actual audience for the series was significantly higher than the 6.5 million would have you believe.

Does that matter to FOX? Probably not, as people have stated, it’s the live viewing that counts. Even so, still hoping for a Season 10.

Good to know that the ending was changed at the last minute. My guess is it went from conclusive to inconclusive after Fox saw the numbers and are seriously considering renewing it. I just hope the writers think of (or are suggested) a story to get Dana and Gary pumped for summer 2015.

I was thinking an interesting place you could have Jack would be to have him seemingly allied with the Russians after Heller negotiates his extradition back to the U.S. But then Heller gets assassinated just as he is about to resign, and Jack has to avoid the Russians so he can find out who is responsible and why.

I think the finale should take place no more than a week after day 9. I dont want to go through another Jack gets tortured for a long time again. Have the VP take over for Heller and negotiate a peace with the Russians to get Jack back (I know it was done in season 6 but find a different route to take).

Can we assume that the characters got some shut eye during that time jump? Could be an excuse to start the next season immediately after this one for the first time ever.

Like I wrote before under a different topic, that time jump was bizarre and almost a slap in the face of the series formula. To go from the night events of Cheng’s and Audrey’s death, where Jack was on his way to a Russian rendezvous and Kate on her way back to CIA, to the morning after – as if the 12 hours in between were null and void – was plain sloppy and illogical.

Heller sends Tony, Chloe and Kate to Russia to break jack out and are successful until some other terrorist threat to Russia happens effecting the united states. The team then goes saves the day and gains Russia’s thanks by being allowed to go home. Depending on the Vice this would probably happen soon after day 9.

That has the beginnings of a good storyline IMO – it’d be similar to the team approach of Jack, Tony & Bill in S7 and could put a reverse end to the Russian arc.

To make Chloe relevant again and to steer clear of the repeated formulas (political assassination attempts, nuclear war, bio weapons), I’d like the threat to center more around cyberterrorism. The drone override kind of scratched the surface but in the end was too similar to the S4 and S7 threats. I keep going back to the 4th ‘Die Hard’ movie that centered around a plot to break down all of the security systems used by government that trickled down to major utilities, transportation, financial, law enforcement. There were multiple ways the villain used technology to wreak havoc. It would seem ’24’s history of seeking cutting-edge technology would fit such an approach. And for those who lament that there’s no action associated with fighting cyberterrorism, go watch that ‘Die Hard’ movie. There was tons of action!

I dunno that we’ll ever see Heller being involved again. He gave Jack his pardon, so he’s free to come back to the US any time without threat of persecution. But even if Heller wasn’t ill and about to retire the Presidency, I just dunno that he’d try to get Jack out of Russia. Heller knows Jack well enough to know that he wouldn’t WANT to be gotten out of Russia, he doesn’t want to be absolved, he wants to face the consequences. Does anyone other than Chloe and Belchek even know that Jack’s gone to Russia?

So I think the only way Jack is getting out of Russian jail is if the Russians cut a deal with him of their own accord. He helps save their country somehow, and his debt is repaid, he’s free to go, (but it’s a suicide mission so the Russians don’t really expect him to end up free, they expect him to end up dead, so having him do this job for them is a double win as far as they’re concerned). Maybe the threat is American, maybe it’s someone Tony associated with, so he has valuable contacts and inside knowledge. Maybe Kate’s brought in to work with Tony to keep him in line because no one knows if he’s really trustworthy. Maybe Belchek’s been hanging out in or near Moscow just in case a day comes when Jack needs him again. And Chloe is tech support to coordinate the efforts of Jack/Belchek in Russia and Tony/Kate in the US.


I expected more from this season finale, but it was still amazing. :)

*I meant ratings, not season finale.

The season finale was amazing and excellent but shame Audrey was killed of.

If a season 10 happens, can we have the 24 episodes format back please :) if not then I will just have to put up with 12 episodes again, better then nothing as I want 24 to return.

Maybe, season 10 can start in Russia where Kate and Chloe help Jack? :)

When will this be updated with UK ratings?

It was updated but forgot to remove the bottom portion. 24LAD had 461,000 finale viewers in UK.