Audrey in 24: Live Another Day
Audrey died in 24: Live Another Day's finale. Are you sad?

Audrey dies in 24: Live Another Day Finale – Thoughts?

Well that just happened. The writers really went there.

The majority of our readers predicted President Heller would die (41% of the vote), but it was his daughter Audrey instead that met her end after being shot by one of Cheng’s men. She was honored with the 12th silent clock of the series. Audrey’s death sent Jack on a rampage that ended with him decapitating Cheng Zhi with a samurai sword.

This moment has been foreshadowed for years with Heller telling Jack in the sixth season “Sooner or later you’re going to get back into the game, and my daughter is going to pay the price, like your wife did.”

Let us know what you thought about Audrey’s demise.

How do you feel about Audrey's death?


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Audrey as a character deserved better, writing-wise and happiness wise.

And Kim Raver needs an Emmy.

Still crying over here.

Agreed, C!

kiki vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 9:13 am
I also cannot help but remark that every one of Jack’s lady loves has taken a bullet in the abdomen– Teri, Renee and Audrey. The horror of this one is that Audrey was — frankly– a much more connected character to 24, spanned far more seasons and influenced Jack’s choices to a larger degree (arguably) than the others and so having her die so alone and so silently feels icky.

It really does feel icky. I know that last episode’s phone call was meant to be their goodbye, but this was horrible and rushed.

At least other characters that were killed abruptly got more than she did – Palmer’s death set S5 in motion, Tony was with Michelle when she died, Ryan Chappelle got some hardcore character development in his last hours. Audrey died alone in a dark park and all she got was Kate and one wordless tear. Who was she crying for? Will we ever know? (No.) Do we deserve to know? (IMO, yes.)

I would be the tiniest bit less upset about Audrey’s death if it meant some kind of closure scene with Jack and Heller/Mark/Audrey/ANYONE. The nihilism was strong last night and just leaving us with a cruel reminder of Heller’s speech at the end of S6 hurt.






BOOOO to Audreys death….Jack should have either been there or else talked to har as she passed on

Oh, look, Jack’s love interest is killed and he goes on a revenge spree.

Didn’t this only just happen in Season 8? How fucking derivative.

You can argue that much of ’24’ has been derivative of itself, but I like to thnk of them as beats played over to mirror, parallel, and echo similar beats played before. And besides, Jack has been a pretty dark character this year, so his rampage is true to his character this season…

What did you think of the episode in totality?

Audrey’s demise notwithstanding (you weren’t supposed to like it, that was the whole point people!), the ending of the episode and season overall was completely appropriate and true to both the spirit of the show and the character of jack Bauer overall;

The show has always been about fighting for the greater good whilst Jack Bauer has always been motivated by and about natural justice. He already admitted to both Audrey and Kate that his NYC rampage four years previously was ultimately about revenge, that it was a dreadful mistake that cost him his family and a future, and that he genuinely, sorrowfully regretted his actions after Renee’s murder.

The season began with his capture by the Americans (albeit intentionally on Jack’s part), and he now has a Presidential pardon to end that side of his fugitive status, and the season ended with his capture by the Russians; Jack now has to atone and do hard time for his actions, but he understands and accepts that now (judging by the almost-relief on his face, that the thing hanging over him for four years has happened, the weight has finally been lifted), hence natural justice has been served and the pre-NYC rampage Jack has returned and won out over the darker, hardened Jack of the last four years… he’s returned to the Jack we all knew was always there to begin with, he may have a very dubious immediate future to look forward to, but he’s Jack again.

Just my own humble, fallible, and subjective opinion/interpretation for what it’s worth…

Accepting the consequences of his actions was always of paramount importance, no argument here. That’s not my problem with the episode (or with the season, for that matter).

I’ll try and write something more cohesive later on after I’ve digested it better. I try very hard to separate myself from the visceral reaction I have to things. ‘Live Another Day’ should be judged on its own merits (as you have argued about other seasons so often in the past, Gerry). It wouldn’t be fair of me to condemn ‘Live Another Day’ on the basis that it was derivative when, I suppose, Season 8 was also derivative and I loved it.

‘Live Another Day’, despite its strong plotting, doesn’t sit well with me. It felt…overly mechanical, arbitrary, purposeless, gratuitous…

Out of curiousity, what exactly were you expecting of the finale? Besides a happy ending.

For me, it was a fitting end to the season, maybe not the series and the tragic tale of Jack Bauer. I honestly thought he was going to die, but it never happened. He just went up on that helicopter, relieved and happy, but facing a dark future. Is that the end of his story? Forever?

It tied up a great deal in a very short time-frame. And I’m frustrated that the writers kept changing parts of the ending as Yvonne said. They did the same thing in Season 8, and the lack of a secure direction showed a little.

At first, Audrey’s death seemed like a brilliant twist. It was beautifully acted and very shocking. But seeing Jack Bauer break down again, like a ghost realizing he took another soul on accident, and then going video game rampage and slicing off Cheng’s head, I mean, it was a little too over the top, and a little too 24 for 24. It stopped feeling brilliant after a while.

It’s going to take some time to mold this over, though. I’m only starting to really think about everything, and it might be nice to re-watch the season whole again and see if it tied together enough.

It didn’t feel like a blatant rehash of Day 8 to me. Obviously in some ways it was very similar, the woman Jack loved had been shot dead and he was gonna take out the people responsible.

But on Day 8 he was wantonly killing and effectively starting a war, (Chloe even had that line about how Renee wouldn’t want him to start a war in her name), but on Day 9 his objective was to get to the Big Bad in order to get him alive and STOP a war.

On Day 8 he took matters completely into his own hands. On Day 9, yes he did end up slaughtering the person responsible once again, but there’s the added layer of that having been something Audrey told him to do. When he did it “for Audrey” it wasn’t just because he wanted the revenge kill, it was also because it had essentially been her dying wish to him and he was gonna fullfil it. What must he have felt, being compelled to do this thing again when he has regrets about having done it the last time, but knowing he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t do the thing again.

I still wish they hadn’t have put him in that position because I really wanted Audrey to live, but I don’t dislike it on the premise of it feeling too re-hashy.

Revenge spree? Are you telling me if Audrey survived, Jack would have just went home in the middle of the mission, letting Cheng go and WW3 start?
No, I dont think so… The “revenge” part here is only how Jack felt inside, but Cheng and all of his goons would have been just as dead regardless of what happened to Audrey.
Well, maybe except the sword part though… but dead is dead.

Hm, not to be mean but this shouldn’t posted here yet. I understand the U.S. gets the episodes first but latin america doesn’t get it until tomorrow and other people get it later.

I understand that’s its a spoiler site but I feel it’s the same situation with those that read the interview where they gave this away and were asked no to post on this site.

24Spoilers did say that everything was fair game after the East Coast showing…

They did. But I saw that in the comments section of a webpage. I don’t remember them posting an article concerning finale spoilers (unless I just simply missed it- I have internet ADD so that is possible)…

They didn’t, but Chlojack asked if they could link it, and 24Spoilers asked them not to. The rest of us who found the article (including myself) were asked not to link or reference it and I will say that I didn’t see anyone outright posting it.

It was a promo from your region that spoiled Heller’s survival. Call it even? :)

Part of the appeal of Jack – and what draws viewers in to root for him – is that, as the writers and producers often said during the first 8 seasons, he is the classic tragic hero: a man driven to follow his convictions and morals even when they result in him enduring great personal losses while chasing the greater good of the public.

S1 took away Teri…
S2 took away Mason…
S3 took away Chappelle…
S4 took away Paul Raines…
S5 took away Tony (temporarily), Michelle and David Palmer….
S6 took away Curtis, Graem and his father…
S7 took away Buchanan….
S8 took away Renee….

So losing Audrey made sense in continuing tragedy in Jack’s life.

Chloe would have been infinitely more appropriate.

It would’ve. Were people actually expecting Audrey to live? Even if they were, her death was certainly a possibility that was on the radar. No one expected Chloe to die. She should’ve.

B-but who would the writers turn to then to cheat Jack through every situation?

Exactly – 24 does use a lot of cheats, amazing how we put up with them

Bradley Adams
July 15, 2014 at 6:17 am
I don’t think you understand what would happen to the writers if Chloe had died. I’m confident that fans would have gone Jack Bauer on them.

Fans are idiots.

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 10:04 pm
I am not even sure I have the right words– what the f just happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. Evan Katz & Manny Coto just committed treason, thats what happened!!!

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 10:54 pm
Agreed! Bastards

Haters gonna hate!

Bastards is too good a word for them!! 24 is 24, not 12! It was rushed! This was supposed to be tying up loose ends??? If bringing Audrey back just to kill her is what they call loose ends, then, they should be brought back and we should shoot them!!!— (This is NOT a real death threat people- I’m just that upset.)


OMG! Devastated., nfeel totally ripped off by 24 writers/producers! Was so excited when LAD was announced to ‘tie up loose ends!’ This tied up loose ends? Been waiting for months for Jack and Audrey to finally be reunited. Wanted Marc to die. What a waste of time! Beyond disppointed. Never want yo hear about 24 ever again. Horrible way to end things.

Wow, you are even madder than I am. I think I am just kind of numb.

With this kind of final episode I wish LAD never happened. Didn’t want Andrey to die.

I don’t even have words to explain how FURIOUS I am. I have never posted a comment on an online forum before but I need to release this anger. I have never been disappointed this much with 24 (not even when Renee died b/c that actually was for a reason and it tied well into the story). I was still sore with Renee’s death and now Audrey? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why did you even bring her back then?
I would have been sad but it would have made sense if Kate instead had died or got injured protecting Audrey. It would have had a similar effect on viewers while still not making the series SO PREDICTABLE and giving Audrey the ending she deserved. This season should not have happened! Now It’s feeling like a supernatural series where everyone Jack gets involved with ends up dying.

I totally agree.

Audrey´s character deserved a lot more. This last season meh. Pointless everything.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 2:54 am
I lost all hope after the silent clock for Audrey. There was no way she didn’t really die. And Jack obviously wanted to be taken at the end. They had 12 hours to have a CIA team there to extract him if he wanted to be extracted.

However I do have to say Cheng’s death was one of the best on the show.

Micah Mahaffey
July 15, 2014 at 5:57 am
I think completely opposite! It was stellar and amazing! Solid TV!

I agree! This show was better off ending at Season 8. They just made things worse! That number is now a bad word as far as I’m concerned. Never want to hear it again.

I dont know how they can continue from here… that’s all she wrote I figure… unless the next season starts about 9 hours later in Russia somewhere, Jack escapes and kills everyone who gets in his way, ending with him flaying Suvarov. I want more, but it’s hard to imagine how they’d do it without it being dumb. FAWK!!!!

I’m a grown man and can’t stop crying. Why Audrey!??? You bastard writers! Why???!!

i also confused why killed audrey is she was the sacrifice..or is it really 24 style that someone must be dead every season.. Audrey deserved better than than .. Jack can never be happy ….well i’m wishing someday that they can be together again in one show.. cmon admit it their chemistry was so damn good… but all in all i would say congratulation to the whole casts of 24 … you made me cry..

Season 10. Here we come !

Her character deserved better. They pretty much had her in the background all season and only gave her heavy breathing with Jack and marital spats with Mark, then killed her off in like 5 seconds.

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 10:19 pm
So in other words, Audrey had a typical day on 24?

It was a perfect ending to 24. That is what its always been about sacrifice. Oh and William Devane Emmy award.

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 10:38 pm
I am finding it really really hard to swallow the whole “this is the upside of alzheimers” part of that. Its just so awful on so many levels

I didn’t really see it as “upside of Alzeimers”, in fact quite the opposite. He would WANT to remember his daughter and how she died…but he won’t be able to. He’ll go on existing with no recollection of this significant loss he’s suffered, and that just feels WRONG because how can a parent be living when their child is dead and the parent is completely unaware of how his child lived and died. Does it diminish the significance of her being lost if even her own father has no idea about it? That’s a heartbeaking thing for Heller to be contemplating. He knows that he has to make the absolute most of this last moment he has with Audrey because soon he won’t even remember he had this moment, and how depressing is that that he has to immerse himself in this terrible event and savour every moment of it as it’s happening like it’s a precious moment for them together when it’s really such a horrible moment of loss that’s one sided. To me, I felt like the way he said it was very matter of fact and hopeless, not like he was considering it a bonus that he’ll forget.

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 7:41 am
I didn’t mean that Heller was filming a positive PSA about the disease if course he isn’t.

I meant that the purpose of this specific scene is to allow the audience to process Audrey’s death by hearing what Heller has to say and this could have been a scene that gave us closure and reflected the great relationship between father and daughter who were so close to each other and had been through so much together.

instead the writers chose to focus on the fact that Heller would be getting over the death because soon he won’t even remember he had a daughter –of course it’s sad it’s brutal its am inhuman disease

Audrey dies after being terrorized by Cheng after having said not one word after having not heard the voice of anyone she loved in her final half hour of life and the one person who might have been able to provide something to us sums up this vibrant life that had been thru so much and was such a huge part of this show by essentially saying he won’t even remember her a year from now .

you summed my sentiments exactly….i was hoping Heller would focus on Audrey as well, not the disease….but he did it beautifully. devane is a tremendous actor.

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 10:24 pm
Absolutely he was great it’s the context that is unbearable

For me, the way he spoke about the woman in the photo on his desk, that did enough to emphasise their bond and that he was proud of the wonderful woman she was. The way he walked over and put his hand on her coffin to walk beside her spoke volumes.

When a fave character of mine recently died on another show, his “funeral” was a 2 minute scene with no dialogue and people shoveling dirt on his grave, and that made me a tad livid because I found it disrespectful to give the character such a pisspoor send off, so compared to that standard, what we got for Audrey’s send off was satisfying to me. I can understand why those who loved her would have hoped for a bit more of a eulogy for her though.

So sad for what happened. If I were a new fan, this wouldn’t be something terrible, but everyone who’s watching the serie from the beginning, knows that after everything she passed through to find jack, she deserved a better end, they couldn’t even solve their story in this season. Boring. Audrey didn’t have the space she deserved it.

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 10:08 am
Yes exactly this!

If I were a newbie this season would have been thrilling and amazing but sadly I’m not and therefore I feel cheated

Well, so the ending from Jack’s point of view is very much like the ending of S5. You can bet that Chloe’s life mission will be to get Jack out of the Russian prison. I was one of those who expected Audrey would die. Was the tear falling from Audrey’s eye while dying a tear for Jack? We will never know.

No, we won’t. But from a story point of view, it was something we deserved to know. Sometimes the things that are left unsaid are appropriate poetic. This isn’t one of them. Go ahead and kill Audrey, if you must (although I don’t think it was a very inspired course of action), but by God, give the character some closure first.

The phone call between Jack and Audrey in episode 11 was as much closure as they will ever get.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to find the right words to explain the shock and disappointment I’m feeling. I totally get that Jack is supposed to be a tragic hero who loses everything he loves, but even for Jack there has to be an exception. There has to be the possibility for him to find happiness. No human could endure losing so much and still function. Audrey has always been one of my favorite characters and I’ve always been a fan of her with Jack. This just isn’t right. I would’ve been okay with pretty much any other character dying, but not her. I agree with what others have said: Audrey deserved better for the hell she’s been through. The episode in its entirety, however, was absolutely fantastic.

Audrey’s death seemed like a cheap cop out, as if the writers weren’t sure how else to end the season. If she had lived, they’d have to think of a way to continue her and Jack’s relationship, which is what her introduction into this season was obviously building up to.

And clearly, they needed to give Jack a reason to go on a rampage… as if Jack really needed another reason.

Why even bring her back into this season just to have her die? She was already “lost” to Jack. From that interview with Yvonne, she mentioned they went through multiple versions of the finale, so obviously this was not very well-thought out in advance.

New West Virginian
July 14, 2014 at 10:41 pm
Jack didn’t need a reason to go on a rampage, he needed to kill all those guys anyway in order to get to Cheng and stop the war.

I get that.

So mad that Eclipse Magazine spoiled Audrey’s death. Dammit!

Kiki Vanderway
July 14, 2014 at 11:14 pm
I was fine with it…I had accepted it….but then they put in front of me the one thing —the one thing that made this day unbearable….

which was no interaction between Audrey and Jack, no opportunity for Audrey to even get one single word out….UGH it would have taken so little even an open com with an uplink into CIA HQ or to Jack’s comm.
one measly minute– is that too much to ask?????

They had that in the previous ep, while Audrey was riding to her meeting. Audrey and Jack reviewed their feelings for one another and Audrey forgave him.

I was sorry she died, but I think the writers wanted to leave themselves an opening for continuing the show and failed to take a/the big risk. They wanted to keep both Jack and Chloe, and wanted to keep Kate, too. I think they should have killed one or two of those three and left Audrey alive.

Part of me hates that Jack and Audrey didn’t get to interact at all in this ep.

Part of me thinks their final phone call was a perfect final interaction for them.

But part of me really wanted the face to face actual declaration of love.

But part of me loves that the “love” went unspoken because somehow that makes it more powerful.

I’m somewhat conflicted over how it was handled, but at the end of the day, I’m really just heartbroken that she’s gone. *SIGH*

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 7:45 am
The problem with ending on the phone call was they were both talking about different things and so that wasn’t really a place where they connected. Jack was talking about having to take Mark down she was talking about Cheng.

Quite true, it wasn’t a proper goodbye and at the pragmatic level, they were talking about different things. But she did say to him, “I could never hate you. I never hated you,” in a way that showed her affection for him. It was an emotional scene that stated how she felt for him, and, judging his response, stated how he felt for her. I felt they did connect, however imperfectly.

Agreed, Harold. It’s a fair point that they weren’t talking about the exact same situations so the conversation was a bit off kilter, but for me the big take away from that scene was that they made peace because she was able to tell him that she never hated him, and even though it went unspoken, they both knew in that moment that they still loved each other. Whatever other confusion there was with that phone call, there was no confusion that they loved each other.

Kiki Vanderway
July 16, 2014 at 3:05 pm
Except she dies never knowing about Mark or Cheng so totally pointless in retrospect. Jack knows Audrey didn’t hate him. Maybe its nice to hear her say so out loud but seems like an odd afterthought of a scene.

I guess Heller is right all along. Jack is cursed as everything he touches dies, and now due to his involvement with Cheng, Audrey got into the crossfire, and dies from it.

If Heller has anyone to blame for Audrey’s death, it’s Mark. If Mark hadn’t tipped off the Russians Jack and Kate would have been able to stop Cheng before he sent the command to attack the Chinese ship, and Audrey never would have been in danger. It wasn’t Jack’s fault…if he hadn’t been involved they would have set a sniper on Audrey anyway to use her as leverage against her father and get the CIA to stand down.

That’s the thing I dislike most about her dying, that Jack’s “curse” lives on. It was such a great moment when he railed on Heller for having said it to him, and now here’s another person Jack loves ending up dead. There’s this feeling of complete lack of hope, and that makes me sad.

The thing is, she didn’t really die because of her attachment to Jack. If Jack hadn’t been in the picture, Cheng could have done the same thing to get her father to order the CIA to stand down and let Cheng go. That would have been a much more interesting storyline, IMO – the president having to choose between his daughter and the fate of the free world, and having to turn to the man he once believed was a danger for help saving her. I am working on a fanfic now that will rewrite the finale that way.

Technically no, her death isn’t on Jack’s head. But if I’m Jack, and people I love keep dying, I’m gonna start believing that I really am cursed. Maybe that’s part of why he was cool with going to Russia, because he figures the further away from Kim he is, the safer she’ll be.

And I for one am looking forward to reading because your first work of Audrey as seen through Jacks eyes was, telling, poignant and very touching. Most of all because what these damnedable 24 writers did to Audrey and Jack borders on being heresy if not a down right lazy cop out! I am so angry at what they did I am not even sure I’ll buy the DVD because through it all I’ll know it is pointless. Damn it all 24 writers you are absolute rat bastards for what you’ve done to Audrey; a pox and a plague on all of your houses!!!

That is why President Heller now does commercials selling gold & silver.

New West Virginian
July 14, 2014 at 10:43 pm
How did Cheng even know that Jack knew he was going to board the ship or that Jack even had any idea where he was? It made more sense for Cheng to make demands to Heller to make sure the government backs off.

In season 10 Jack and Kate will become each others love interest. Makes with Audrey gone, this makes total sense.

UGH, for the love of god, why does everyone want Jack and Kate to get together? No. Just no. Jack doesn’t need to date every damn female on the show. Then they’d all be dead within a few seasons. Plus Kate isn’t right for Jack anyway. No one is at this point.

That would mean Kate would die at some point in time in season 10 though!!!

EXACTLY! And what is it with Jack and obligatory love interests? Bauer is a badass, but when it comes to the ladies he’s not exactly Cary Grant or James Bond. His love scene with Renee was awkward as fuck!

Yet everyone wanted Jack and Audrey to end up together?

NO more damn love interests for Jack. So stupid to add any more. Teri, Audrey, Renee, Nina, all dead, no need for more. And yeah that seen with Renee was awkward as feck

There was also Claudia Hernandez, the girlfriend of drug lord Hector Salazar from S3, who had an affair with Jack, and wound up getting killed in the gunfire while trying to escape from Hector’s compound in the truck with Jack and Chase.

I would really love to hear what Kim Raver thinks about this very sad turn of events.

me too.. i would love to hear what kim will say about her being killed in the series..

Would have been a perfect ending had they not killed Audrey. She could have been seen walking with the president onto Air Force One and spent the next season helping Chloe, Belcheck, and Kate searching for and rescuing Jack. Could have tied in season 7 as the Wilson group is helping Russia, so possibly tied in Tony getting out to help (wierd I know). Anyway, season ten could have ended with a happy reunion with Jack getting off the plane and Kim and Audrey waiting for him. Oh well, guess that won’t happen. All in all, a great episode, with exception of Audrey dying. Not tooo happy right now, but thanks for the season!!!!

I agree. It would have been so much better if she hadn’t died. It added nothing to the show, and it would have been awesome to have her in the next season pushing for the government to get Jack back. I am so mad that she is gone and now I feel like I don’t even care that much if they do another season, even though the way they ended it there kind of has to be.

I was just telling a friend of mine the same thing. I’m not sure I could watch it with Audrey gone. I don’t think Jack even wants to be rescued at this point.

Serena, I feel the exact same way. I watched seasons 7 and 8 but they weren’t the same without her, and right now I feel like I just don’t care if they do another season or not, even though I think they have to if they want closure. Her death served no purpose and was so rushed and I feel really cheated.

totally agreed! me too im kind of lost interest to 24 because of what happened to audrey.. it could have been different if she still alive but what to do.. i dont know if im going to hate the writters or what. sighhh…

I was afraid this would happen, but I still hoped they would let her live through this horrible day. Audrey was one of the most tragic characters on the show and killing her off like this was really devastating and unfair. it’s hard for me to find proper words words to describe what i was feeling at the moment of her death, to be honest it never occurred to me that the fictional death would move me like that. But Audrey was different, Jack and her sacrifices so much for each other, and besides obligatory killing of Jack’s love interest in almost every seasons became a really brutal tradition, and I would say repetitive as well.
watching other seasons without her and knowing that she is somewhere and could possibly resurface again was one thing, but anticipating another season with knowledge that she will never return….. I really don’t think I want to see another one without her. to me, Audrey was the most important woman in Jack’s life and there was special sometimes unseen but strongest bond between them.
I’m disappointing and devastated after the final episode

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 2:50 am
I also agree that Jack has lost all hope and doesn’t even want to be rescued. There was 12 hours between Chloe being taken and the prisoner exchange. Jack could have had a CIA team on site ready to take out all the Russian operatives the moment Chloe was safe. The trailer was also misleading when Jack threatens that their world will come down around them I thought he was talking to Cheng about Audrey. I wonder if the Russians will add Jack’s invasion of the Anatol residence to his “crimes”.

I have to wonder, if they’d wanted this to be THE END for the show, if Audrey might have lived. Like how they shot the alternate ending with Teri still alive, which would have been a happy ending for Jack had the show not continued.

It would have been interesting to see her in Day 10 trying to get him back. There could have been some emotional conflict because Jack’s where he believes he should be now because of things he’s guilty of, so would it be selfish for Audrey to try and bring him back so they could be together? Would he resent her at all if she succeeded? Honestly, I think something like that might be sadder to watch than her death, at least the way it happened, she died with their love still strong even though they weren’t together. But no matter his reaction, it would have been an empowering moment for her as an individual to go into the lion’s den once again to get him back, after what she suffered through the last time she tried. So I definitely think there was potential for future story line for her.

Though, if she were still alive would Jack have so readily given himself up to the Russians? Unlikely IMO. Jack even knows now that Audrey’s husband accepts that she loves HIM, so Mark wouldn’t even be standing in the way. Having Jack have to choose if being with Audrey was a thing he could live with if he knew it meant Chloe’s death would have been just as heartbreaking as what we got.

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 7:55 am
Except Jack wouldn’t do that he would not allow Chloe to stay captured simply so he could have Audrey. ( and her life would have been so up in the air he may never have gotten together with her)

Jack has never made the easy decision and he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he had .

That also is the only way he is mentally going to be able to move on is to recognize that he made a hard decision to come forward to save Heller for Audrey and his nation. He leaves only having saved Heller (and the rest of the world but that wasn’t his motivation)

he had no choice but to try but doing so set a different wrecking ball in motion if he stayed silent the drone attack might have taken out Heller and Audrey anyway

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 3:00 pm
Chloe actually IS kind of responsible for everything. Yes, Adrian Cross misled her about his true goals, but she STILL knew what she was doing was illegal. Wanting revenge on the government she thinks killed her family still didn’t justify doing illegal things.

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 8:55 pm
How far to you go back to assign blame? Why only point to illegal activities as a causal link in this horrible chain reaction?

Heller actually is kind of to blame too for being so ambitious he ran for President, for having Audrey on staff and in London, for hiring Mark for giving Mark responsibilities leading him to cover up drone attacks, etc….

The blame game is endless it has no beginning or end unless you can start to think about things differently

If that had happened, it would have felt even more like the end of S5 and what we were told happened to Audrey between S5 and S6!

No thanks

I’m so disappointed and sad. That was not a good finale. Audrey and jack were so cute together. If 24 comes back, you have to bring Audrey back somehow.

If you watch 24 for cute, you’re watching the wrong show lol

July 14, 2014 at 11:42 pm
I’m so very sad that the writers of 24 decided to kill off Audrey. She was Jack’s real true love and she deserved a much better fate than what the writers of 24 gave to her. It’s now so obvious that the writers of 24 don’t want Jack to ever find true everlasting happiness with a woman. In the far past, the writers of 24 have had Jack’s wife Teri killed off and Jack’s girlfriends Renee Walker and Claudia Hernandez killed off too. I really thought that Audrey was brought back this season to be truly happily reunited with Jack, I was completely wrong on that prediction. Audrey was brought back to get killed off just like all of Jack’s other former loves.

July 14, 2014 at 11:47 pm
The writers of 24 have made Jack Bauer into such a tragic character and it’s just amazing that he still has the will to go on. Jack has experienced tons of heartbreak and tons of devastation and tons of torture. How much more can a man take?

I thought the same thing. I was hoping they brought Audrey back to give Jack a chance at happiness, not to further prove that everything Jack touches ends up dead. I wanted something different for them.

The ironic thing is, she wasn’t even killed because of Jack. If he hadn’t been involved, Cheng could have done the exact same thing to blackmail the president into getting the CIA to stand down and let him escape. If there’s anyone to blame it’s Mark – if he hadn’t given Jack’s location to the Russians in episode 10, Jack and Kate probably would have gotten to Cheng before he launched the override device and Audrey would have never been in danger. Kind of ironic that the golden boy Heller trusted with his daughter ended up causing her death.

I very strongly dislike Mark. Which is my (kind of) nice way of saying I hate that weasel. All he did was get in the way.

Watched the episode on Friday, so wasn’t exactly spoiled, and yes this is a spoiler website, but the title of the article on the homepage is really a bit much.

Bradley Adams
July 15, 2014 at 7:48 pm
How did you watch the episode on Friday?

I found it quite funny. I mean the writers must have been so annoyed that among Jack’s significant love interests, Audrey got away from death at the end of S6 (even with a full blown catatonia!), they had to bring her back just to right the wrong, lol.

Anyway, true to the form, all male writing crew of 24 stuffed yet another female character into the fridge for no other reason to make the male characters angry and sad. God forbid if the women in this show actually die for a cause or something worthwhile.

Their reasoning?

Probably the usual shite “but this is 24”.

It’s awful. I think it also felt off because Audrey was basically a glorified extra all season. Her only reason for being there was to explore the dynamics of her relationship with Jack, yet we hardly got any of that. Instead she died in a park, miles a way from Jack, after uttering maybe five sentences to him the entire day.

I’m not a big Audrey fan, but gosh… if they had to kill, they could’ve at least made it satisfying.

Seriously. So gratuitous and cheap and disgusting her death was.

And all because Audrey was retarded enough to expose herself in the middle of a fucking park while Cheng was on the loose!

Very sad. The next time I watch Days 4-9, it will have a totally different feel to them knowing what happens to Audrey down the road, and everytime I see Cheng I will wish Jack had not let him survive. :(

She deserved better, rest in peace.

hated it.. but LOVED Jack’s tantrum after it… This is for Audrey… you son of a bitch!

So sad!! :(

Jack is already having a difficult time to have a simple life.. Audrey is his only hope and he’s one true love..

BIG SPOILERS AHEAD down the road !!!!!

Season 10, Jack Bauer with Kate Morgan, and she is killed by again Evan Katz & Manny Coto.

Period. No negotiations. End of discussion.

Silent clock again. Don’t say I have not told you about this!

Season 10… Chloe comes back. And she and Jack say goodbye to each other again. And the president is Mike Novick. And Kate kisses Jack and she’s killed by Mandy and gets a silent clock. Jack Bauer gets really mad and has a bleak ending.

The writers tease us with their piss on their fans, hoping they can make a Season 11 and make another paycheck while they sit their fat asses in their mansions and high five eachother. Fucking BITCHES.

No. Everyone is right. Fuck this. Fuck Audrey’s death. Fuck 24. Right now they’re saying ohhhh uhhh I don’t know maybe we’ll return if the fans want moooore. Let’s do the opposite of that and boycott the series.

They heard of when we all complained about Season 6. They should hear us even louder this time.

For me, it wasn’t about Audrey’s death. It was the way they did it, right after she got rescued. It felt cruel, like they were just mocking us. That’s what I feel like this is- the writers mocking us, not giving the audience what they want and purposely manipulating them into wanting another season so they can convince the network to milk the franchise further.

NO. NO MORE. They’ll never learn their lesson. All the writers care about is money. I say no more 24! I don’t want a 15 and 1/2 episode in Europe with Jack killing 200 people and losing another girlfriend. It’s just the same recycled stuff, and it always will be. If they had killed Audrey in a better fashion that actually HONORED her character, then maybe.

But instead, after a whole SEASON of her doing nothing and having no lines, she just gets shot and dies, to give Jack an excuse to go on another rampage. An unhappy ending? Fine. A bleak ending? Fine. But this was stupid and badly executed.

Well I agree with brad in this case Another cliffhanger I knew we were going to see…… Jack is officially branded a fugitive for the rest of his life Yes the president gave him a pardon but he basically didn’t except it. this season better then 8 had a massive dark tone. it’s like the writers took the grey area in season 8 & painted 9 darker Jack was darker chloe was darker she finally had a physical scene & escaped from cheng. I really wish there would be something to bridge this seasons gap cause I’d love to see one. So I don’t care what anyone says this season came back strong & the once again left it opened ended. I loved this episode better the season 8’s last one. I think they did an awesome job on these 12…… Kinda like brad stated Jack’s actions in season 8 have cost him immensely…… I don’t think he can go back. So even tho he was cleared by the U.S he’s still technically wanted by everyone else.

I’m so glad that Audrey died. She was a complete whiner, she had no chemistry with Jack, she had the worst character development. She was pathetic.

Consider that payback on every Audrey lover who laughed at Renee’s death. Now me and every other Renee fan will be laughing back at them.

yet Audrey will always be the no.1 love for jack. Renee do not even come closer to that. you cant change that fact. doesnt matter how many time they bring back audrey alive and kill again.

This should have been posted as a headline before west coast aired, and I shouldn’t have visited the site right before the episode began…

should NOT, I meant

I just can’t believe the writers did the whole sniper/shot/bleeding out thing again after doing it just last season with Renee. That was a really lame death.

Strahovski’s performance was great in that scene, but Kate had zero history with Audrey so even that kind of fell flat.

Yeah, I did not buy Kate’s reaction to Audrey or her sad phone call to Jack. They made it look like as if Kate owed Jack that save with all those “I am so sorry”s when there was no history between Kate and Jack-Audrey.

I totally bought Kate’s response to her death. If you watch episode 11 you see Kate overhearing Jack’s phone call and realizing how much they care about each other. She probably was thinking about her husband as well during this. Her saving Audrey was a way for her to make right and at least help Jack to be reunited with his love interest. At least that’s how I viewed it.

Agreed, Bleepboop. Had Kate not witnessed that phone call, then I’d agree that her reaction to Audrey dying was out of place. But she DID witness that phone call, and though she only heard one side of it, it established for her that Jack loved Audrey and some serious crap had happened between them but it never changed how he felt about her. That resonates with Kate strongly because of what happened between her and Adam, his believing that she’d given up believing in him. So she absolutely knows that Audrey means a LOT to Jack, and Kate had this opportunity to reunite them, which would maybe kinda feel like some personal redemption after what happened with Adam. But Kate blew it and had an emotional reaction as a result.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 3:07 pm
Well Kate knew how much Audrey meant to Jack, and additionally Audrey IS the President’s daughter so Kate obviously felt like a total failure even though she couldn’t have known about the other shooter. The thing is I think Audrey’s killer even got away in that car and wasn’t even killed himself.

And what’s even more insulting is that Jack had to find out OVER THE PHONE from freaking Kate (who Audrey didn’t even know) instead of being with her. It was just a terrible, cheap scene in every way.

Agreed. They should have given her something to say, at least. I was expecting her to try and talk, like a “Tell Jack” or something.
I liked Kate’s reaction but I agree it felt out of place because she did not know Audrey.

I love it when we agree. <3

Angelika Kanis
July 15, 2014 at 2:26 am
How could they!

I enjoyed the season because let’s face it, some 24 is better than no 24. That said, Audrey’s death was the typical shock value ploy that has become the norm these days on most tv shows.

My biggest issue is the incredibly unlikely set of circumstances that brought Cheng into the picture. While I can imagine that he was waiting around for Cross, it’s not like you could actually reasonably expect that Cross would be able to get the override device from a corrupt CIA agent who just happened to get exposed by a coworker on the same day as an off grid former CTU agent comes out of hiding to stop a terrorist plot and reclaim the device. Add to it that Audrey decides to “buy some extra time” by putting herself in harms way while Cheng and his goons are out there. The worst part is that even if her now deceased friend had been able to take that information to her father, there’s no way it could have been analyzed and passed on to the right people in time. The Chinese were already crossing over into the restricted waters within just a few minutes of the park festivities. So that whole trip was pretty useless.

I’ll just hope they bring Tony back (but don’t kill him) to save Jack and drink coffee from the Cubs mug.

I never post on these things but I am just beside myself with disappointment and sadness over Audrey’s death. Her and Jack were supposed to be together, and it’s awful how little time they had together in this season. SO DISAPOINTING!!! It felt like the finale was so rushed that there was hardly time to fully play out the story lines. Audrey deserved way more and Jack should’ve been with her.

Furthermore, the thing that always drew me in was that even though Jack was out there doing crazy things and saving the world, he was also a normal guy who had feelings. Now I wouldn’t want to watch another season because there’d be nothing to balance out his violence. I have to agree with what others have said that this season feels cheap and gratuitous. Sorry 24, you might have lost a fan tonight.

The show has no soul anymore. Why would anyone want another season?

For a better ending.

After this “finale” i never watching again a “single” episode of 24…
I start watch this show 13 years ago, and for me this series has always given strong emotions.
But this time i find it unacceptable the Audrey’s death, a character would have been very useful for a possible “sequel” of the series…
I think this time the authors have exaggerated, taking a step is not absolutely necessary.

All you people who say you are done with 24…. Whenever they do another season y’all will be back for another day. The Audrey situation could have easily been handled better but other than that I loved this season of 24. Well now that Audrey is gone maybe Chloe has a shot. :P

I’ll watch it out of curiosity, which is decidedly different than actually hoping for its return. I don’t expect the series to ever be wrapped up in a satisfying way; that time has come and gone.

Despite the good run from eps 6-9 I HATE this season with a passion.

Having said that though, I’d be lying if I said I’d never watch again. Once season 10 comes on I’ll be there either pleasantly surprised, or tearing it to shreds. I’m a real glutton for punishment when it comes to 24 and many other fans are the same.

Very very disappointed with everything.

Wondering why they brought back Audrey´s character. Only one scene with Jack and Audrey.

Nothing new with the last season.

– Very disappointed with Audrey’s death!
– I always thought she was a strong character who could exist without being just Jack’s “love” and this season especially being the daughter of the President and married to Mark, she obviously had her own life and story and didn’t need Jack to exist on the show. I would have liked to see more of her and watch her be strong.
– I did adore the Jack and Audrey relationship but am not kidding myself with this show – I wasn’t expecting them to be together/living happily ever after but I think there would have been numerous situations for them to end it that didn’t involve her death.
– I guess it lead to Jack willingly handing himself over to the Russians. If Audrey was still around, perhaps he wouldn’t have done that so willingly? Maybe if he went anyway she wouldn’t have been able to live her life knowing that he was in this state and ended up going after him? Who knows.
– Losing Audrey is maybe Jack’s biggest loss on the entire series? I kind of liked the hint of suicide but his rampage and handover to the Russians would have probably happened anyway knowing Jack, so not sure if he did anything he wasn’t going to do anyway.
– I feel like they threw the death in there to create emotional turmoil in what may be the last episode of 24 ever, but to me it did feel rushed, repetitive and meaningless. They had already located Cheng, she didn’t lead them there… She didn’t play a role in avoiding the US vs China role, it was a meaningless side story.
– I really enjoy having a few long time 24 characters not being dead. I liked they kept Audrey alive all these years. Not everyone has to die – in fact, sometimes not dying makes it even more emotional (e.g. Audrey at the end of season 6)
– Poor Heller. His approach was heartbreaking. He was taking comfort in the fact that his mind would deteriorate so quickly that he would hopefully never have to really deal with his child’s death.
– Even though Mark was a weasel, it was kind of sad that he wasn’t with Audrey’s body flying home. He loved her, even though he didn’t express it as she/the audience would have always liked.
– I don’t know! I guess Jack really is kind of cursed. He can save his country time and time again but the people he loves die one by one.

Anyway, there are a few thoughts. I have loved 24 and Audrey for years but I feel the whole Audrey death scenario was flawed on many levels (unrealistic-president’s daughter assassinated in a park at nigh?, rushed, repetitive, meaningless etc, see above) and I guess I was hoping for more for her.

Re: “I really enjoy having a few long time 24 characters not being dead”, I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I feel like the show is inadvertently feeding a frenzy by killing off so many major characters – it makes fans frantically cling to the relatively few longtime characters who are still alive.

I may be in the minority, but I frankly don’t particularly care if I never see Tony return. Yes, he was a good character, but I feel like his story is over – just because he’s still alive doesn’t mean he HAS to come back. Similarly, just because Audrey was still alive didn’t mean she had to be brought back – they couldn’t leave well enough alone and just let her be. They had to bring her back, and then kill her, so now the fans who clamor for every living character’s return can no longer do so for her.

And then there’s Mandy, Aaron Pierce and the like – incredibly minor characters, but just because they’re still alive, there are those who are begging for their return. In other thread, someone was even advocating for Kate Warner’s return. Seriously? Come on. These characters’ failure to die does not in itself make them compelling enough to warrant return appearances.

Re. Tony – enjoyable character but I am also happy to leave that character there. Besides, he already died, we mourned him and then he came back…

24 is thought provoking and leaves a lot of things up for interpretation not only by their often open ended endings but the essence of the show itself – as 24 only covers a DAY at a time (we have only witnesses 9 days of Jack’s life!) it leaves the audience to make up some back story themselves. You naturally fill in some things about the characters before and after each season. For me, this means that the long time characters are well crafted on the show and also well thought about in my head leading to a bit of attachment/care for them. When the show kills everyone off it is a lot to take. The characters go through a lot, leaving them with a bittersweet ending can have just as much emotional impact as a death. So while open ended conclusions for characters can cause lack of closure, in some instances, they are much better than another death. There have been so many deaths they lose meaning – Audrey’s death and Jack’s reaction should have been ultimate 24 but instead I felt it was repetitive and didn’t feel much.

Chloe has Hurley-levels of immunity. They can kill just about everyone, but they won’t kill her.

It’s actually disgusting. Arguably, a character like her dying is the only one who’d have an appropriate emotional punch. Audrey’s death was just numbing and unfortunate, because we’ve seen it a million times.

Bradley Adams
July 15, 2014 at 7:50 pm
Yeah but if you kill Chloe then the writers would probably get bricks thrown through their windows.

Does anyone know who the lead Russian was in the final scene to whom Jack surrendered? Has he been seen before? If not I suppose he could be either a mob type guy or government intelligence type.

Kevin McNally – awesome actor wasted on a generic and shite character! Particularly great in “The Mill”.

Well, we haven’t seen an interaction between Jack and Kate after the death of Audrey so there will be room for that if season 10 occurs. Assuming season 10 will happen, i think it will result in either Jack’s or Kate’s death reaching the series to its final conclusion. Season 9 finale isn’t suited for a series finale because it leaves some things unclosed. And i would really like to see Jack’s daughter again, perhaps in the last scene of the series if Jack survives till that.

Everyone stop complaining about Audrey’s death it really was bound to happen sometime. She escaped death 4 times in 24 (season 4-6).

We’re not complaining about Audrey’s death (let’s be real, we all saw that one coming if we watched the promos), just how it was handled.

Kiki Vanderway
July 18, 2014 at 2:10 pm

I was always a fan of the Jack -Audrey relationship and was thrilled to see that she would be back this season even though I knew there would be some obstacles.

Some thoughts: Their one scene together in episode 5 you see the pain that these people who wanted to be together who life had pulled apart. Audrey’s line “I don’t even know where to begin” says everything.
I wish they had had more scenes other than a couple of phone calls but the plot kind of kept them separate.

I didn’t think they would end up together (I actually thought that Jack might end the season exactly as he did) but that the possibility of it would be there.

Audrey’s death was very tragic since it appeared she was safe and then this killer shoots her with a pistol in front of several CIA agents (it played out great but logically it was a little far fetched that the killer would have taken such a big risk). Her reaction to the shot is priceless as the pain and shock came over her. Kate’s desperate attempts to save Audrey only made it more tragic. I had trouble sleeping last night just seeing that look on her face and I rarely have that kind of reaction to a TV or movie death. It’s only make believe but this is extremely heartbreaking.

Mark’s earlier scene in which Jack mistakenly makes him believe he would sacrifice Audrey for the greater good is also painful in which his attempt to save his wife is by telling Jack “she loves you”, which is obviously true. Jack’s reaction is exactly what he has been trying to suppress, his love for Audrey, who he had given up years before but never gotten over.

The way the show treats her death, with Ron finding out but not telling Heller until after the crisis is over is nice and Heller’s remarks while Audrey’s body is being loaded onto Air Force One are very moving. The show made excellent use of Heller this year. I do feel that Jack should have been revealed to have been watching her coffin from a distance as a tribute.

Jack’s final call to Audrey in the penultimate episode recalls his last chat with Teri in the penultimate episode in Season 1. Jack’s rage in going after Cheng recalls him going after Victor Drazen after falsely believing that Kim had been killed in Season 1.

In conclusion I do not feel that Audrey needed to die and I wish we had seen more scenes of her and Jack together this year but the episode was extremely well made and the season will rank as one of the best. I do take solace in that the aftermath of Audrey’s death was handled tastefully.

“Audrey’s line “I don’t even know where to begin” says everything.”

Same line Jack said to her, Day 5, hour 5, first time she saw him after his faked death. It was perfect that they re-used the line on Day 9. It made me believe that their story was going to continue. Considering how Day 5 ended, I shoulda known as soon as Cheng showed up that they wouldn’t end up properly reunited after all. *sigh*

Audrey’s death didn’t actually bothered me, it’s just the sense that there is a pattern in every season of the show that has never changed. That’s why it didn’t have the taste of previous significal deaths in the series because it was a twist in the plot that we have actually seen many times before. That could also be because there wasn’t much intreraction between Jack and Audrey during the season. In a sense it would be a logical assumption that Jack seemed less devastated by Audrey’s death in comparison with his reactions when Renee died in season 8. Slaughtering Cheng and his men wasn’t totally an act of revenge fo Audrey, he would go for that either way. It was for Audrey as well but not just for her. For example i think Jack would have killed Cheng even if Audrey hadn’t died. All in all, the final episode might have been the best of this season and the season in general was quite good for me and lived up to my expectations. I liked the emotion betwwen Jack and Chloe and Heller also was used in a really smart way this season. In my opinion, they should go for season 10 but in that case, they should officially regard it from the start as the last season of the show and work with that fact. This would give the proper farewell to Jack Bauer and 24 for good.

Jack killed Margot even though he had saved Heller and had no history with her. So yes, I would think that he would have killed Cheng no matter what, especially as Audrey asked him to do just that. So I agree that Audrey’s death added very little to Cheng’s death scene.

Even if Season 10 were to be promoted as a proper conclusion, would that be the truth? They basically did just that this season, at least at first. Also, the fewer old characters are involved, the less impactful the end can be. For that matter, I’m fairly indifferent to whether or not Tony can redeem himself at this point.

The death scene was sad, but the reaction by the other characters wasn’t very good in my opinion.

When I heard the final action set piece would be at the docks, I thought it was a nice subtle nod to the Season 1 finale – I didn’t think they would re-create that scene word for word when telling Jack about Kim/Audrey’s death.

Also, William Devane was given a beautiful speech and scene to perform, and he did it as chirpy as he always is. I totally didn’t believe his grief at all, also the way Jack got over it afterwards was unbelievable as well.

You fans are so clever to notice no silent clock at the end of the 200th “epic” episode. Aren’t you complaining no silent clock in Season 9? Now here you go!!!

The writers are pissed off: If we don’t kill this Heller, we kill another!!! (Audrey Heller before marrying to Raines)

Boom! If the first sniper is down, they send another. Boom! If Kate Morgan kills the 2nd, we send moarrrrrr until Audrey is dead!

Why is Audrey expendable? Because she has a substitution: Kate Morgan. Kate said to Jack on phone: OH, I am so so so sorry!!! I let Audrey to be killed so that I can be with you in Season 10. I am Renee Walker version 2.0.

Why Chloe is not killed? Because no one can substitute for her. Not yet. Gavin is GREAT! But Jack can’t be with him unless Jack Bauer is turned gay by the Russians in Season 10. If the Russians can manage that, the writers can afford to kill Chloe.

Now we know the so-called stunning twist is always killing someone expendable off. Oh my God!!! I am so fond of Yvonne!!! Please don’t kill her in Season 10.

Boooooom! Silent clock again, as expected.

Right now, Chloe might be the second most important character in the show after Jack. She first appeared in season 3 but she is the only character to appear in 7 seasons putting even Tony Almeida behind who appeared in 6 seasons so far. So, along with Jack, she is one of the very few “old” characters of the show. If Chloe dies, Jack won’t have anyone in the series to link him with the past seasons, now that Audrey is dead and Heller, Tony and Kim Bauer “gone” and that leaves Jack alone with a whole new characters. (I don’t believe we will ever see Heller again). That would make the show pretty lame, it would only had some potential only in the last season.

Now what could bring Jack back this time. He knows that Chloe and his family are safe as long as he stays with Russians. Could killing Chloe or Kim early in a season 10 be an actual possibility? Pretty like how it happended in season 5. Imagine, first scene, Chloe or Kim dies and that leads Jack to his final rampage and the conclusion of 24.

I agree that Jack only having Kim’s family and Chloe to care about is lame. I disagree that any of these characters dying would make the situation better…

it wouldn’t make the situation better, it’s just that, if any of these characters die eventually, that will happen either in a season 10 or it won’t happen at all. Every season has a death so far, so who is going to die next? Kate? That would be exactly a Renee version 2 indeed and we’d better not see this coming at all. Unless of course they are going to kill Jack and put Kim’s family and Chloe behind. If there’s going to be a season 10, whatever they do, whoever they kill, they have to do it in a smart way. Or they could put that pattern in the corner.

Shippers really get on my tits, so I’m glad Audrey’s death pissed them off.

However, I DON’T think Audrey should have died. I think first of all they shouldn’t have made Mark the weasely shithouse that he was, they should have ultimately made him a decent, heroic man and have Jack witness that, so he could have a final goodbye scene with Audrey to tell her she has a stand up husband and their marriage is worth saving.

THAT would’ve been the classy way to end it, as it is I agree with people that call her death gratuitous. Jack STILL could’ve had his “this is for Audrey” line without her dying, ‘cos believe it or not we fans aren’t all fucking newcomers or goldfish, we KNOW what Cheng has done to Audrey in China.

I don’t like how Jack having to save Chloe basically diluted the importance of Audrey’s death. He should have just surrendered himself to the Russians willingly, if it had to happen at all.

I found the inclusion of Audrey in the series unsatisfactory. She was an accessory, reacting other than acting…until the final two episodes with her undercover move to get to her Chinese diplomatic contact. She was there as another way for Jack to try to make amends and to ultimately break his heart when he couldn’t save her. The death seemed part of the accessorizing.

Her death wasn’t surprising, but still tragic. It was slow-paced, but it reminded us how Audrey was such a fragile character, more so after what happened in the sixth season. Kim Raver deserves an Emmy nomination this year for 24: Live Another Day. She wasn’t that omnipresent in this season, but the few scenes with her were brilliant.

R.I.P. Audrey Raines.

A great character with an undeserving death…

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 3:18 pm
Maybe Audrey’s death is what convinced Jack to sacrifice himself at the end and allow himself to be taken to Russia. Remember he had 4 years to just turn himself in to them, before he found out about Margot’s plot against Heller. Even after the Russians kidnapped Chloe, Jack had 12 hours to work with the CIA and have a team in place at the exchange site, they could have easily taken out all the Russians once Chloe was safe. In the end I think Audrey’s death made Jack lose all hope to the point he doesn’t mind being executed or even tortured to death in Russia.

Deborah Zawacki
July 15, 2014 at 4:40 pm
I don’t mean to add a duh to it..but why the heck wasn’t she wearing a vest of some kind?

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 9:50 pm
Actually I never thought of that till you brought it up. Maybe she wasn’t expecting to be placed in that situation, just a covert meeting, but to think of it as the President’s daughter with a Secret Service detail she WOULD logically be wearing a vest.

I would have ranked this episode very highly if it wasn’t for her death, the action and stuff was great and Cheng’s death was one of the best Jack kills ever but Jack deserved to be with Audrey. I would have minded it less if Kate had died instead, or even if Chloe was killed.

Kiki Vanderway
July 15, 2014 at 9:55 pm
Given the track record of gut shot girlfriends (3/3) any female standing next to him really should invest heavily in a Kevlar accented wardrobe….

Audrey suffered through the series more than any other character but Jack.

I didn’t see it coming at all, but I kinda liked it.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 9:51 pm
Well Tony suffered a lot too maybe even more than Audrey.

I think I just hoped for more for Audrey. For me, she was Jack’s one true love of the entire 24 series but also her own character, and I would have liked to see that honoured in giving her a different fate? Instead she got the same gunshot death as Teri and Renee leading to Jack going on a rampage. Some sort of farewell before Jack went off to Russia (I believe he wold have done this anyway/wanted to do it regardless – and I am in support of this as a season/series finale) between the two of them could have been equally as heartbreaking as Audrey’s death. I also dislike that she died in this odd sort of unrealistic side story – I got the feeling that was just all set up to kill her and create emotion and didn’t flow as part of the real story. Maybe I would have liked to see her die for something?

Although – let’s say that Jack went to Russia anyway, Heller had a quick demise and relationship with Mark stayed the same or they broke up – maybe all of that heartache would have been too much for Audrey. Maybe death was the way for her to end this day in peace.

I don’t think death could be a “proper” way for Audrey to escape problems…..
My pov is that she hoped a future with Jack… Even Mark notice that…
Plus, after the shot, she start crying….
Obviously that was not the fate that she wanted to….

I noticed the tear too. She was horrified and she knew that she would never see Jack again. Notice her last words “Is Jack ok?”

One day later, and Audrey’s death is still very depressing. I think it’s one of the saddest deaths in 24 history, as it affected so many characters. Jack, Heller, Mark, Chloe, and even Kate who didn’t know her, but lost her career as a result were all really wrecked from Audrey’s death.

Me too…
Everytime i think about what her happened i be come sad…
Audrey character deserve major respect…
Her death is completely useless for me, i mean she died for “nothing”.

I was feeling pretty down about it too. The length of time that we have known Audrey plays into it. It was sad when Teri died but we had only known her for a year (I have always watched the series as it aired). When Rene died we had known for a little over a year but Jack and Audrey were together at the beginning of Season 4 which aired over nine years ago. Raver’s chemistry with Sutherland allowed the producers to really grow the relationship. Jack was a little distant with Audrey (sending her away when she came to see him earlier this season and only speaking to her by phone a couple of times) I think to protect her since there was never any doubt how much he still felt for her. Audrey also never had a chance to talk to Jack after she recovered and probably had no memory of their brief time together in Season 6. So when Mark spoke of her unresolved feelings for Jack he was exactly right.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 7:17 pm
I think if we really trace it back, Heller might be partly to blame for Audrey’s death if he didn’t push Jack away in Season 6. Now if Heller let Jack and Audrey get back together after Season 6, Season 7 and the first half of Season 8 will probably have still happened since Jack would still have been in DC during the Senate hearings (Redemption probably wouldn’t have happened). And he still would have been infected and went to New York for treatment. However if he and Audrey had been together, he wouldn’t have grown THAT attached to Renee that he would go on a rampage against the Russians. So Season 8 would have ended with Hassan’s death, and Jack goes home to Audrey.

If Jack didn’t have to go on the run, Chloe wouldn’t have been fired from CTU for helping him, so she wouldn’t have gone to work for Adrian Cross, and without her expertise the override device wouldn’t have been made. So in a way all this happened because Heller pushed Jack away from Audrey in Season 8.

They needed to have Audry die in order to give the show a big dramatic ending – otherwise it was lacking a punchline, it would have ended and we would have felt like nothing really significant happened in the show. Now the writers can look forward to another season.

I really liked her character – sorry to see her go.

The problem with her death is that it was not a dramatic death or death scence. It was just a death. Nothing dramatic about it. Lazy work by the writers but not as lazy as the lame time jump. 11 great episodes and the worst final episode in 24 history.

New West Virginian
July 15, 2014 at 9:52 pm
It would have been better if Heller had died in the stadium, and Audrey survives and Jack and Audrey have to deal with the aftermath of the President’s death.

Yes. The fact that this didn’t happen feels like a cop-out, especially after the finale. Heller sacrificing himself would have made the remaining episodes much different.

Of course it is not the closure we all (especially shippers) wanted. I think the only good ending Jack got was in season 3. Well, somehow good – he was fired, but he found new job plus Audrey. After that all we got was tragic after tragic – what did we expect from this season? A mercy that Jack would walk into the sunset? Nope. And that’s sad. Jack would never be happy.

Despite the fact of Audrey’s death, which I hated so much… I think the good part is at least she died with both of them know that she had never hated him. Not good for Jack though. Damn.

I’m sad to loose another character. It’s the same shocking state, which I’ve got after Teri’s death, Mason’s death.. Michelle, Edgar, Bill, Renee.. now Audrey. Unexpected and shocking. But that’s ’24’. It was always ‘good’ in unexpecting kills.

What a lack of originalty !!
They ” killed” her 2 times in season 6, and the Jack’s farewell to her was heartbreaking. Better they keep their love story that way.
Besides it’s pointless. Teri’s death leads to an harder Jack in season 2, Renee’s death is the origin of the last arc of the season 8…but Audrey’s death ? No need to that to have Jack kill Chang !
I’m very disapointed by this episode

Would Jack have undoubtedly killed Cheng if not for Audrey’s death?

Before the ep aired I’d been wondering about that, due to regrets over how he dealt with the Russians. He only really needed to capture Cheng alive, maybe would have been better if he’d remained alive so he could be questioned in case there was useful information inside that head that Jack removed. Had Audrey remained alive, I’m sure she’d have understood that, maybe even regretted her insistence that he be killed ASAP. I reckon he probably went the extra mile and killed Cheng because it had been Audrey’s dying wish to him. That makes this kill different to Novakovich & Co, because Jack didn’t just decide to do it of his own accord.

This a 24 cliche “Jack’s lover must die”. It happened before when Teri died in season 1 and Rene Walker died in season 8.

Audrey’s death was not neccesary at all! The writers make a wrong decision when they choose to kill her off.

Agreed 100%. Not only was it repetitive, it was too rushed to have the proper emotional impact. I am so mad that I am working on a fanfic that rewrites the finale in a way that may or may not end happily for Jack and Audrey, but at the very least will give them proper closure.

Does anyone else feel cheated by the fact that Audrey never found about what Mark did to Jack?

I think that would’ve absolutely broken her. So I’m glad the writers at least spared her from that

I feel very cheated about that. I was looking forward to her reaction the entire season.

I have to say, though, I did kind of feel bad for Mark in the end, even though I think her death was more his fault than Jack’s. Now that the season is over and we know he didn’t have some other hidden agenda, it is clear that for all his faults, he really did love her. I kind of have to feel bad for anyone whose wife is killed and who is arrested for treason in a span of 2 hours.

I feel for Mark a lot. He loved her a lot and did make decisions to protect her. I imagine she loved him too – of course not in that same soul mate way that she loved Jack but throughout the season I did buy that she cared about Mark. It was very upsetting to me that he didn’t fly back with her body to the USA and that he was still under those charges. I know he did a terrible thing but in the end I feel he was punished too harshly.

Sorry, also, I feel like maybe they started 24 out trying to turn Audrey against Mark, have Mark against Jack, have Heller and Audrey on Jack’s side, have some hope for Jack and Audrey (whatever “hope” means) to reunite or at least make amends (Jack in the earlier seasons for me was a more hopeful, good character who wanted a normal life and had faith that he was a good person. This is when a J/A future was hopeful. Later Jack especially S8 – hello – he goes to a different place and there is no hope left for him to live a happy, normal life ever again. I think maybe even Audrey accepted that they’d never be together but they both would have been craving closure for years) and the Audrey finding out about Mark thing was on the cards but then you see the writers had the brilliant idea to kill Audrey so you see this change in storyline. I really disagree with killing Audrey, it was not fitting.

I guess in a way it might have made things easier for her, no guilt about still loving Jack and wanting to be with him if she knew what Mark had done.

But she’d still have felt strongly about Mark’s betrayal and how he was someone she didn’t truly know, so considering what happened, I think it’s a bit of a blessing that she didn’t have that troubling her mind at the end on top of everything else. Now that I’m thinking about it, there’s a similar theme there to what happened with Kate and Adam. Not the same exact situation, but one spouse dying while the other has a false impression of who they are. Wonder if that occurred to Kate at all.

Anyway, would I have liked to see Audrey tear Mark a new one and have him realise she’s not the fragile creature he’s treated her as? Hell yes! But I’m OK with her not having known due to what happened.

Is it true that there is another ending in whitch Jack isn’t taken by the Russians but, instead, he is reunited with his daughter? I heard this was actually the original ending but they showed the alternative one, the one we all saw.

I hope in an (extra) alternative ending in the blu-ray release…
Like they did with the S1 dvd-version (with Teri survive).
Maybe they can change Audrey’s fate and reunite with Jack…

That’s exactly what I’m hoping for with the Blu-Ray/DVD release. Because if that was one of he alternates (Audrey surviving), that’ll be the ending that I choose to accept.

I’m such a big fan of Audrey. I really can’t believe she’s dead. I’m going to tweet to writers and say #BringBackAudrey!!!

Fuck you writers. I’ m so done with you.

I think that if we asked for an alternative “closure”, probably they put in the outcoming blu ray…
Afterall they change the “finale” until last minute…..

I do not think she is really dead. I think this is a plot for something that is going to happen next season.

I don’t think Audrey is dead. I think she’s really alive!! Bring Audrey back!!

Mary Jo McGuire
July 16, 2014 at 10:02 pm
The writers knew we would be mad. They don’t care.

I am just glad Jack is still alive. And I don’t think Chloe would be able to live with the knowledge that Jack traded his freedom for her life. Chloe would obviously spend her life trying to free Jack.

They could free him for another day, And his love for Kim and her children is still at truth in his heart. Don’t be killing off Kim and the kids……could we PLEASE end with Jack being happy?

He was a great grandpa. Loved that scene with him falling asleep on the couch with litte Terrie.

I just want Jack to be alive and happy.

So grateful that the author of Life writes stories that end up with good overcoming evil. Praise God!

Sorry that Audrey died. The tear was for Jack. No doubt.


New West Virginian
July 17, 2014 at 12:47 am
Jack had happy endings in season 2, 3, and 7 and an open ending in 6 so it wasn’t out of the question to have Audrey survive and her and Jack get back together this season. This would have been a great episode if Audrey hadn’t died. Jack would have killed everyone including Cheng anyway, and it doesn’t make sense he would just give himself up to the Russians he had 4 years to do that.

Jack had stuff to do in those 4 years, he was still taking down badguys, doing some personal penance. He couldn’t do those things if the Russians had him. He did some good in that time, and now the opportunity presented itself for him to answer directly to people he committed crimes against. As far as he’s concerned, the stars have aligned and the time and place is right now. Even Audrey’s death is a factor because she’s not there to tempt him to not go to his fate in Russia. That’s all he feels is left for him to do now.

I love 24, I really do. But this finale left me hugely underwhelmed. For me, Audrey dying was not a great choice, no need imo, but at the same time I don’t think it’s realistic to expect that every dying person has perfect closure so how it happened is not the end of the world to me. The concept itself was just unnecessary and, were they to continue, the writers seem to have shot themselves in the foot by losing one of the few remaining integral characters who has a lengthy history and is interconnected with most plot lines and characters. Moving forward with Audrey makes far more sense to me, and would ultimately make the show more cohesive …

But where was the intrigue, the suspense, the shocking twist(s)?? Whilst we fans are used to 24 reusing plots and themes, which is fine providing there are noticeable differentiators and that it is fitting for that purpose, the writers have still shown a remarkable ability to toss in some top surprises and gut-wrenching moments amidst the filler- Chapelle’s finale the best ever 24 line for me, Mason’s ending not far behind. But there are lots more. However, there was nothing here that we didn’t expect, which is a great shame. The intelligence factor of the whole show seems to have deteriorated- or did it ever exist? Maybe I am simply now used to modern TV/films produced with out-of-this-world budgets and technology, and for which years and spent in the making.

I repeat though, I am an addict and nothing will stop me watching more- of which I desperately hope there is. I am certainly in the camp that feels the only suitable ending for complete series closure is Jack’s death, so I hope we get to this at some stage. 24 led by Kate Morgan is a terrible thought- Jack Bauer IS 24! The ending has to be truly EPIC though, and if they keep taking away the shows greatest second-tier characters, it will prove hard to build to such a climax on an emotional level….

Muriel Scheuer
July 17, 2014 at 3:41 pm
I liked the LAD season… until Audrey’s death. I HATE AUDREY’S DEATH ANT I HATE THE FINALE EPISODE.
I really hope that Audrey is not really dead (as they did for Tony) and that they will bring her back as they did in S6 and in LAD. I was a big fan of 24 until this last episode and if Audrey isn’t bring back in a new season, I’m not sure to look for 24 again.
So, #BringBackAudrey !

If 24 returns for another season, I’m going to keep tweeting #BringBackAudrey!!!

Incredible disappointment. No sense what-so-ever for Audriy’s death. Crappy writing. Rushed ending and too much left unresolved. It felt like a cash grab for Hollywood. Ridiculous. Really.

Kiki Vanderway
July 18, 2014 at 12:48 pm
Thank you for that link…..I still do not get the point of bringing heller and Audrey back only to snuff them in the most awful way by having such a depressing end to both Heller and Audrey stories but it’s nice to know lots of people agree

First, if there is another season, I think it’s going to be up to us, the fans, if we want Audrey back. Comic con is coming up, the writers will be there. We have to speak up! #BringBackAudrey

I want to ask a question to all fans: why on earth Audrey married Mark ! she went out her vegetal state, and she knew Jack was alive somwhere and she did nothing to find him ? while she went to China to save him ! and instead of that she marries another man she doesn’t love, it’s obvious in all the season !
I hoped the writers said something about that…all Audrey’s arc was a botched job !!

Kiki Vanderway
July 18, 2014 at 2:10 pm
It was a botched job read the link clojack has in the post above good analysis.

Mark is a cleaner and a doer and had her fathers blessing. At some point his take charge attitude was probably welcomed and not smothering. When we see Mark he is stressed out from having to cover up for Heller and dealing with a more assertive wife who is stepping on his toes telling him what the best thing is for her father and giving him support even if Mark disagrees with the president about what to do. He was probably ok sorta at one point in time.

Audrey could not go to Jack not could Jack go to her.

The time live appears to indicate she was still not well in Day 7 so although by day 8 she was ok it was too late.

As the defacto First Lady to a political figure running for president and then being president Audrey could not go out and find a man wanted for treason — it would have placed her and her father and Jack in a no win situation. If she finds him he has to turn himself in or she joins him as a fugitive if he finds her he has to turn himself in its an unwinnable premise.

Clever answer Thanks !

Stupidest decision ever!!!!!!

I had thoroughly enjoyed this season until the finale which I found very depressing. The nature of the show is that there are many tragic events, of course, but usually at the end there are some positives, or a ray of hope, for a couple of the characters, but not here. They stopped the war, but the key characters were all in despair.

My favourite ending was series four, when jack literally walked into the sunset despite the heartbreak of leaving audrey behind. I expected something similar this time.

The series was conceived to bring final closure. It could have been great with an alternative (bittersweet) ending.

Audrey was portrayed as one of the more gentle characters so killing her so brutally left bad taste in my mouth. I’m sure I saw interviews with kim raver and a writer in which they suggested audrey was brought back with the lntenlltion of her and jack finally reuniting. That could have been done, and overall ending still need not have been saccharine. What was the point in bringing back audrey and Heller for both to meet such a tragic end. There had been few scenes with jack and audrey interacting, but they were brilliantly done. What a shame to spoil that with such a brutal ending.

Of all the characters,I thought neither audrey nor kim would ever be killed.

Kim Raver was amazing this season, I wonder what she thought of the ending. Would be interested to know.

Very sadistic to have all Jack’s partners,who were all vulnerable characters,shot dead.

Very disappointed with the writers for choosing this end, did not expect sunshine and roses but this was too much. Who watches to be completely depressed at the end?

Kudos to kim raver and William Devine especially.

Dear writers: Why did you even bother to bring Audrey back if you are just going to kill her off in the end, anyway?? I am so upset right now, I can’t believe what happened! Do you know how many times I replayed the scene where Jack says goodbye to Audrey when she was recovering from her traumatic experience? And now, she’s back? And hope, that maybe Jack will FINALLY have one good thing in his life? I mean, the guy only saved the world, how many times?? You are lazy, first of all to only have 12 episodes to a so-called FINALE season. I thought my husband was joking when he said this is the last episode (before we sat down to watch it). You are sadistic and cruel! I think that someone should chop your head off with a sword just like Jack did to Cheng, which was, by the way, the only so-called closure in the whole freaking series.
In my little fantasy world, Kate saves Audrey, and Jack and Audrey run off together in the sunset and finally have their peace. They live the rest of their lives on a tropical island with Jack’s daughter and granddaughter visiting on holidays. Jack finally has something good happen to him, his reward for all of his sacrifice and they are happy and at peace. That is my 24 ending.

So the end of the season (series?) is an absolute dark ending, yes I know, 24 is a tragedy, but at the end of season 8, there was a little hope: a beautiful speech about peace from Jack, Chloe who saves him, and the villains are defeated.

Here Jack ends up prisoner and as the Russian says , they aren’t going to have much respect for the Geneva Convention!

Chloe has lost her husband, her son, her lover (who betrayed her).
Mark and Heller lost everything too.
Kate, already hurt by not supporting her husband, failed to protect Audrey, she resigns.
And the Russians who were responsible of Hassan’s and Renee’s deaths, and wanted to nuclearize New York in Season 8, get what they want: Jack Bauer!

It was very depressing….we need another season !!!

I just want them to bring Audrey back!!!!

Everybody dies in 24. Except jack and chloe. Get over it people about Audrey

Audrey should die a long time ago. Her character is idiotic and completely moronic. Just remeber season with her ex husband Paul. She loves Jack, but after couple of episodes she doesn’t love Jack and loves Paul (in that season, #4, Jack even saves her life when she is kidnapped along with her father)..Pathetic and unnecessary. She is just useless in hole series and should be gonne after season 4.
Her end comes far too late.

p.s. Kim Raver is really bad actress.

i am sure you are in the minority. going by the comments in social media sites, many people miss her and think it was unnecessary to kill her and heart broken by her death. and your final say about may be you are a renee fan?

i am not fan of renee. actually i think that hole series (all 9 seasons) could go without stupid love twists. jack bauer is much strong character and he doesn’t need women’s touch.

also, i am sure that i am in minority, but that is no argument..especially when most of the fans come from usa, and whole world knows how stupid americans are. so, completely irrelevant love stories are just taking precious time in episodes.

and once again..her acting is extremely poor and repulsive.

you are my jack
July 19, 2014 at 7:52 pm
i think she deserved a better death,not like that.
i think after her,jack’s daughter is the only person jack cares about

I think the writer’s instead of thinking outside the box decided to rely on old ideas instead! The death of Audrey was completely unnecessary and completely avoidable! I will have a video up on YouTube in a few days where I show I’ll the mistakes the writers made so stay tuned for that! I also put a video on YouTube where I created new scenes that changes Audrey’s faith and creates a completely different ending but would still allow for a new season!

July 20, 2014 at 4:13 pm
I totaly agree with your ending and it made me think that besides being hopeless, Audrey’s death and the entier final episode is full of stupid and unbeliveable, enormous, mistakes that even a six year old child wouldn’t have made :
1) as the daughter of the president of USA, she didn’t wear a bulletproof vest to go meeting someone in the middle of a park in the night… (Not beliveable).
2) Once the first sniper is killed, Kate and her team are gently talking and walking in that park instead of running Audrey in a securised place (with a bulletproof vest on her) (another incredible mistake),
3) Jack didn’t need Audrey’s death to want to kill Cheng so her death was totaly unnecessary at this point.
4) even if we admit she is dead, who really beleive that her death will not be taken as a war attack ??? She’s the President’s daughter, she is a politicaly involved in her father’s government as a member of his team, and her death should be considered only as a simple “collateral” lost ? Uncredible !

It would be better to consider that being alive, she may live her own life, involving or not (or sometimes) Jack as they do it since the 4th season.

I was hoping that Audrey and Jack would have run off together and then the season ends. Guess some happiness like that is not in the cards for Jack. I just wish they had not killed off Audrey.

I hope the directors go for another season and repair some mistakes (Audrey).
They can put an alternative ending version on the Blu-Ray release (like S1 dvd-version, with Teri survived), so they can reunite Jack and Audrey in the next “day”.


I’m ok with the “sad” ending for Jack…
The final scene with Chloe is fantastic, even the silent clock for Jack, leaving is destiny in a dark place…


The death of Audrey was COMPLETELY unnecessary and useless for the story.

The directors make an incredible mistake killing her…
I hope they find a (credible) way for get her back.


New West Virginian
July 28, 2014 at 3:20 am

Here is my alternative ending. Its interesting how when Audrey first appeared in season 4, some people really hated her and now everyone loves her. I’ve always liked Audrey and felt she was the perfect girl for Jack. Kate Warner and Diane should be glad they didn’t end up romantically involved with him!

What ever happened to happily ever after? Why is it that now even fairy tales have to have a dark side in the name of “reality”. Two people finding love and being together can also be reality.

I absolutely hated this ending because it just felt to me that the writers tried too hard to throw everyone a surprise. Sometimes, I like being able to predict what will happen. They don’t have to try so hard to fool fans.

I’ve been even trying to think of how they might bring her back. Maybe something along the lines of faking her death to flush out the bad guys or whatever.

Iike others have said jacks love gets killed off again, however this was the wrong move in my opinion . Jack has put his life on the line several times that you would of thought that he would get a break of happiness at some point and Audrey was a character that everybody loved. I also think that keeping audrey alive would of given more opportunoities for another season, it would of had more possible storylines to explore.

On another point i didnt like the fact that this series was only 12 episodes!!!!


I just got done watching LAD and I have to say that I am disappointed!!!!

Throughout the season we watched Jack and Audrey coming closer, wishing them their happy end (at least until the next crazy day comes up) and then … she DIES :-((((((

It was a great season with lots of twists and great Jack Bauer action. It just seems so depressing that yet another love of his had to die. Especially, because they seemed so perfect for each other and had developed such a special bond.

Honestly, I am still hoping, that Audrey didn’t really die and that they will put in another twist with the next season, that she had to “die” in order for Jack to willingly give himself up to the Russians and for the Chinese to think, that they don’t have any more leverage. PLEASE 24 WRITERS!!!!!!

Also, some sort of a last conversation between Jack and Heller and also Jack and Kate would have been nice. At least Cloe got a nice goodbye!!!!

Jack Bauer dont deserves this… after all his sacrifice. Another woman he love will be killed by that. Its so unfair. I hate those writers etc. who decided to kill Audrey! Jack bauer needs a Prize. Come on!

please return her back.In every season jack had disappointed endings.It was only season 2 that jack found peace and love of his friends and his sth with audrey that you did with Tony.Each big series needs big endings.Of course there is a season 10 but please end it happily.Jack is also a human but each time he sacrificed himself.She can be turned into Moscow in order to bother jack and finally Jack find peace and love again.Jack had lost everything

To be honest.if there is a 10th season,there should be sth that jack has hope for it.Writers wants to be real and reality is that jack has nothing for living.If he loved Kim and wanted to be back with her,he wouldn’t surrender himself to Russians.He could use CIA team to rescue chloe but he didn’t.In Russia he will be tortured by Russians and it will be better for him to suicide.Kate and Chloe are not the characters who can be loved by Jack,but Audrey is the exact person.It is possible for her to be alive because we didn’t see period of 12 hours.And i think kate will be really good for Tony.Let’s be honest.Tony is the real best friend of Jack.They have been friends even before day 1.In season 7 we took Tony’s personality out of him.He is going out but Jack won’t go?kate can fit michelle’s place for Tony but she is not good for Jack.Jack cried when lost Teri,Renee,Curtis,Bill,Paul Raines,David Palmer and Tony(as he thought he is dead).Even he cried when Nina told him about his daughter’s death,but when he heard Audreys’s death,he couldn’t cry.Because he found out his last chance for living is dead and Jack couldn’t love anyone more than Audrey in his life even though he left her long years ago.Heroes life are tragic but heroes are also huamn just like us.If you see,you can find out that heroes found peace and love at the end(even in real stories).If you want to make it tragic,chloe should be gone because she has nothing.She lost everything that she had but Jack and Tony can have sth they deserve.I hope that Alan Wilson be back and Tony can take his revenge from him and his corporation is destroyed by Jack and his friends.I still hope that Audrey is alive and Russians got him in order to force Jack to cooperate.Jack gets out of prison by Tony,Chloe,Kate and Belcheck’s help,stop Alan Wilson and get free from Russians and find out that Audrey is alive and she and kim waiting for him in a plane to go back to US.Only season 2 had good ending for Jack.In the other seasons,he couldn’t find peace.Maybe it is the last season,so please don’t screw it up.I love Chloe’s character but her character destroyed Renee and Audrey.I imagine that she will be killed by Mandy and Mandy will be killed by Kate.We all missed LA.We all missed happy Jack.We all missed Jack and Tony’s friendship.We all missed to see jack with the his friends,his daughter,his grand children,his son in law and his lover.Jack missed sth before and that is Audrey.I’m not a fan of their relationship but all of us are sad because we all saw Jack destroyed and hopeless.BRING AUDREY BACK

I found her death completely unnecessary; just writer’s cruelty toward the characters and the fans. I mean, what is the lesson to be taught? That there’s absolutely no reward for the amount of sacrifice that a hero like Jack Bauer makes for his people or his country? That there’s only punishment and pain? Moreover, if there’s not another season coming up next, then what is the purpose of her death? It could make more sense if her death marked a pivotal moment about Jack, just like when Renee Walker died, Jack went on a rampage and at least that served the purpose of him becoming a labeled enemy of the state. But Audrey’s death served NOTHING, other than tragedy.

Not only that, -she died because of a second shooter-. That was so dumb and pathetic… you’re telling me that CIA operatives managed to eliminate a sniper but failed to clear an area of potential threats?

It was just dumb and enraging altogether. Audrey’s death was in vain.

To me, Renee’s death was the most hard hitting since she was a great character and was Jack’s last chance at happiness. Audrey’s death while not as sad for me, just felt like a big ‘Fuck You’ to Jack and everything he had done on the past to save her.