24: Live Another Day Episode 12 Preview (Finale)

Spoiler-free preview of 24: Live Another Day Episode 12. Jack enlists Kate to help Audrey — but can he get to Cheng in time to avert war?

via Fox Broadcasting / YouTube

“Things are getting really crazy toward the end of the final episode. There’s lots of shocks and surprises.” – Mary Lynn Rajskub

“We really hope that fans will love where this season comes to. We worked hard to build to this moment. We hope that people will not only be thrilled and excited, but also moved by the ending.” – Manny Coto

Source FOX Broadcasting


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I see there is a few new clips in there

Serious wood over this!

Really hope Cheng Zhi gets killed off in the finale.

Audrey is dead

Defiantly moved! so moved that I wanna see another season!!! Please comeback!

the writers talk about not repeating scenes already done like Jack torturing a suspect then the go and kill Audrey with a gunshot like oh, that’s not been done before. Kill Teri with a gun, and Renee’ now Audrey. booooooo!

i loved this season, third favorite in the series, so… uhm… season 10?

congratulations for this! very good season!

Best regards from Portugal!

I’m left in suspense. I hope there is episode 13 to complete it.

Audrey is already dead.


Audrey must be replace with … someone
Jack Now nothing……………….

this one of the best season i ever enjoyed,jeck you are the best,please make season 10

I home next one is in Russia hmm