Jon Cassar at 24 Series Finale Party in 2010
Jon Cassar at (the original) 24 Series Finale Party in 2010

Jon Cassar: “more fitting” and “complete” finale than Day 8

24 Director and Executive Producer Jon Cassar believes he and the writers crafted a better ending than the one we saw four years ago in Day 8.

“I think it was more fitting than the end of Season 8. It feels more complete than 8,” says Cassar, who also recently directed Kiefer and Donald Sutherland in the upcoming big-screen Western Forsaken, in which the son and father play a son and father. “That ending had a kind of finality to it, too, but there’s just something about this year… I think we teed it up right, and the writers teed it up right, and I think it paid off better. So if this is end, this is the end. I would be comfortable with it.”

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Cassar, you clueless, deluded bellend!

Bellend is an awesome word.

I feel there needs to be an extra hour or so it just finished too early I prefer complete closure.

I swear to God, Cassar comes off as “I wasn’t involved in Season 8 which therefore makes it shit and unauthentic”. I just cannot comprehend this.

It’s obvious that there will be a season 10 because of the 7 minute solitary video about Tony Almeida in prison

And the glasses to help him break out

And there’s a possibility that for some reason George Mason is alive because of the goddamn credits. The credits ruined it for me in season 7, because it said in the first episode of season 7 Carlos Bernard.
I cried
And now it said Xander Berkely, this is George Masons name so the man on the phone to miss Diaz

It’s obvious that there will be a season 10 because of the 7 minute solitary video about Tony Almeida in prison

And the glasses to help him break out

And there’s a possibility that for some reason George Mason is alive because of the goddamn credits. The credits ruined it for me in season 7, because it said in the first episode of season 7 Carlos Bernard.

I cried.

And now it said Xander Berkely, this is George Masons name so the man on the phone to miss Diaz in the 7 minute video is probably George Mason.

He could of died in 3 ways

A nuclear explosion
Radiation poisoning
Or a plane crashing

It would be rather odd but it does fit in

I completely agree. It was perfect closure. I never got that sense with the season 8 finale, which worked fine as a season finale but not as a series one. Jack on the run was just open-ended, unresolved, and was obviously there to lead into the movie that never happened.

But Jack being handed over to the Russians? That works for me, and I completely agree with Jon Cassar. It had a sense of finality to it, and in a way it’s what Jack never had a problem with. Ever since season 1, he was always willing to sacrifice himself. He never cared about going to prison, or dying for someone else, dying to stop something from happening, etc. Except now, it finally happened.

And he really did seem at peace on the helicopter. I think it’s a suitable ending for Jack Bauer, albeit an unexpected one. And it also works because this can be the end of Jack Bauer’s story, or they could just as easily pick up with a season 10. Either way, unlike the season 8 ending, it provides closure.

I couldn’t be more satisfied. At this point, if 24 continues? Then great. If not? Then I’m happy with the ending. And I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I see where you are coming from. And when I got the episode on iTunes this morning, I re-watched it and noticed kind of a relaxed feel to Jack, kind of him thinking “well this has always been my fate.”

However as a fan of the show I can’t help but want some sort of happy ending. And by happy ending I mean Jack finally getting to rest, whether that be him dying in a way that we actually see and not have to guess his fate as this ending sets up or if they bring back 24 for another season maybe seeing Kate come to his rescue and while Jack is still the primary lead charter you can see a definite transition into Kate becoming the central character in a new 24 era. I don’t know maybe I have a wild imagination, but as an audience member I feel just a little bit cheated at the end.

I’m not “hating ” on your post. I like where you are coming from I was truly hoping for a little bit more from a character who time and time again gets America and himself out of the most stickiest of situations.

I think the S9 fnale was much better than the S8 finale. In terms of making the series finite – I don’t think either were great. However – S8 felt way way more finite than S9.

S8 – Jack as a free man on the run (lone wold scenario).
S9 – Jack as a captured man to be tortured for the rest of his life.

He’s not going to be tortured…

This is why we can’t have good things. GTFO, Jon.

go away hater

Next time you cross the road M, don’t bother looking!

I kind of feel bad for people who accept everything they’re given and think everything is beautiful. It means that the truly beautiful things in their world go underappreciated.

CTU Agent Bauer
July 15, 2014 at 11:12 pm
How is anyone’s opinion better than anyone else’s? This post is just back and forth, “I hated the finale because of A and you should to” or “I loved the finale because of B and you’re not a real fan if you don’t agree”. It’s ok if you loved it and it’s ok if you didn’t. Life goes on. Btw I liked the finale but do wish it had more closure, but again that is my “opinion”.

Micah Mahaffey
July 15, 2014 at 3:45 pm
The 24 Live Another Day finale was fantastic!! Wow! The season as a whole was brilliant, intense, sad, epic, twisted, and exciting to watch! I think this season goes down as one of my top favorites! What a great comeback to be off the air for 4 years then just show up and be as good as it was! 10/10!

it was perfect the hater are probably not even real fans at all

Are you fucking serious? Not real fans? Then I suppose you are what? The realist of the real. Give me a break. This finale was dire horse shit. The ending was dire horse shit.

So, FANS who disliked this finale are ‘haters’? So, criticism is no longer valid unless it is positive? Take Jon Cassar’s pecker out of your mouth for a moment and think. Is a ‘fan’ someone who loves something regardless of its merit, or is a ‘fan’ someone who constantly wants their favourite show to strive for better, and holds them accountable when they mess it up?

So, you enjoyed this piece of shit. Good for you. You’ve every right to. And I’m not stopping you. Nor is anybody else. I’m not going to sit here and say that ‘so and so is not a real fan because…’ and all that rubbish. But I will say this. I have watched this show since the day it first aired. Hour one, Day one. I have been a loyal fan/viewer since then, I have lived this shows ups and downs, I have invested much of my time into watching, discussing, enjoying and (god forbid) even criticising this series, and I thought this finale was pathetic. The worst finale in the show’s entire run. So, I guess you can colour me “not a real fan”.

A fan loves or hates what he/she wants… respect your opinion even though i will never understand why anyone would hate Season 9, but that could be said about me to having Season 2 as my least favorite…

Have you got a few hours, and are you sitting comfortably? Just kidding… But yes, for the record, I am massively disappointed by LAD as a whole. The first half of the Season (sans Episode 1, though even that wasn’t ‘great’) was tired, dull, predictable and dragged out; and managed to boast almost every tried and tested 24 cliché and trope than you could imagine. Throughout the first half of this Season, the only thing I really liked was Stephen Fry as the British PM. And for me, it’s sort of saying something if the best thing about 24 is Stephen fucking Fry. That said, the second half of LAD did pick up a lot, and I actually enjoyed them a great deal (good, solid episodes) all the way up to Cheng rearing his ugly head. Still fairly formulaic and run-of-the-mill 24, but it did feel like they kicked things up a notch after the first half of the season; and there were a couple of genuine original moments to boot (Jack being chased by the drone through London streets. Fantastic even). But, then we got to episode 11 and 12, and we drop down in the dregs again. Pointless, tried predictable rubbish, and that’s being generous with it, in my opinion. Hated the ending so much it hurts. So overall, I rate this as one of 24s weakest ever Seasons, and definitely the weakest ever finale (with a small spattering of greatness in the middle of it all). Personally, these should have been some of the tightest, most well written, well directed, and perfectly paced episodes of 24 ever. That was the idea at least. That with 12 episodes and half the time, they could trim the fat and stop wasting time with silly stuff. Unfortunately, they seemed to forget this idea almost straight away and started wasting time. A lot. If this was the USP of this mini-Season was the above, then they flat out failed to deliver. And for me, unfortunately, the outright shoddiness of the finale and ending is even tainting some of the better parts and episodes of LAD that I DID think were good (it really is that bad).

As for Season 2, we can certainly both agree there. :)

I wouldn’t say it is my least favourite, but one of the weaker Seasons of the show. Almost certainly. To be honest, Season 6 is SO bad, it just has to rank lower than 2 for me, and I do like some of the elements of Day 2. The first half is definitely executed better than the second, and I like the presidential storyline. But, it definitely doesn’t rank too highly for me, that said, so we can definitely find some common ground there.

Don’t attack the show and don’t comment on it better to say nothin

Yeah, of course. Better instead to just bleat like a sheep, and unthinkingly, unquestioningly adore the show as if it is completely infallible. It’s exactly that kind of ridiculous, ignorant attitude that allows the writers to get away with stuff like this. It is exactly that kind of thinking that has caused the writers to become utterly complacent with this show, and afraid to take any sort of a risk anymore. The same kind of thinking that allows them to churn out the same formulaic, tired and repetitive turds and call them episodes. The same kind of thinking that means the creative team now treat the fans (both old and new alike) as complete dumbasses who can’t be arsed to sit through, or remember previous Seasons of the show; because they are so deathly afraid of the possibility of confusing or alienating new viewers.

Out of interest, M, what did you think of Day 6? This is probably a pointless question, but still. You know, of all your talk of “don’t attack the show… haters… not real fans”, etc., etc., I’m willing to bet high stakes that you are one of those same fans that whined and bitched like a wimp when Tony died in Day 5. Possibly even to Manny Coto himself on his blog, as many ignorant pieces of detritus did. Because, after all, how dare the writers make you feel uncomfortable whilst watching this show.

And that is essentially my point: it’s all become far too complacent and comfortable. The creators are in a happy little rut doing what they do, and they ain’t changing it. Little do they realise that that rut is fast filling up with pig shit, but they are too lazy to care to move.

God shut the fuck up you whiny cunt it’s just complaining with you how about say some things you do like for a change you annoying dickfucker

Soooo… would all you true fans still support the show if the next season was just Jack masturbating in a field?

I agree and disagree with his comments based on two separate points of view.

AGREE –> Ever since the finale of Season 1, the writers of 24 chose to make it a dark show about an anti-hero, tragic figure in Jack Bauer. They could have opted for the alternative, which is Teri being alive and them living happily ever after despite the events of that day. But instead, Jack’s 24 hour nightmare culminated in the ultimate sacrifice, his own wife. That set the tone for the show. Jack going home and living happily ever after with Kim – while it might be satisfying to some, it goes against the show’s whole premise. However, Jack sacrificing himself one last time for his one and only (“best”) friend, voluntarily, and handing himself over to the Russians could easily be looked at as him walking to his death. He knows he won’t escape Moscow. One of the last people to even know who he is and know of the debt that the US owes him – Heller – will soon not even remember his own name. For that reason, one may believe this marks the end of Jack’s story. He sacrifices himself for Chloe and embarks on a long, painful journey towards his ultimate death.

DISAGREE – “Closure” has many different interpretations. As stated above, if you believe Jack just dies in Russia, maybe the ending is closure. But “closure” also implies that the story has been told, wrapped up, and that’s it, aside from the Behrooz’s and Simone’s of the world. This ending doesn’t give us that. In my mind it’s perfectly analogous to Season 5’s ending with some minor tweaks (i.e. voluntarily handing himself over vs. being kidnapped). If Season 5 had been the series finale, would we have been satisfied? I wouldn’t have. Which is why I also don’t think you can end a show like 24 without perfectly articulating what happens to Jack; the whole Soprano’s ending, aka “Jack hands himself over to the Russians – maybe he lives, maybe he dies” doesn’t provide ANY sense of closure.

Clearly I could go either way. But i’m inclined to disagree more than agree. If this truly was 24’s idea of closure, then why not just have the Russians execute Jack right then and there? Same basic idea (Jack sacrifices himself for Chloe) except now we have closure, as tragic as it may be. I think that the writers deviated from their originally composed idea in order to make this ending more “open ended” per se, thus giving them an option for Season 10. Could be wrong, just a gut feeling.

agreed!!! felt a little like they made their decision to end it that way so they could have another season or 10 lol, rather than actually providing closure. If that’s the case, it lacks integrity on the part of the story tellers

I absolutely agree with Jon Cassar. It’s a satisfying finale, but not a series finale. I think that the writers always left 24 with an open ending. It was never a complete closure. This season, I felt that there was some sort of closure with Jack finally accepting his fate and surrendering himself to the Russians, without harm.

Don’t agree. I liked last nights finale a lot, but the ending of season 8 felt way more like closure to me. Having seen last nights ep I’m convinced we’ll be getting more

I think fans will be 50/50 split on this topic always. I’ve been a fan since the pilot. I agree it works as a series finale with the silent clock because you could interpret the ending as Jack died in Russia after LAD. Characters like Chloe, Belcheck, etc. live on.

It also doesn’t work because ultimately fans want to see Jack reunite with his family, especially the grandson he has yet to meet, and “be happy.” However, the writers have said that 24 is ultimately a tragedy.

I don’t think Jack will ever get the “happy ending” that many fans crave because it wouldn’t fit. It would come off as too hokey or fake or people would wonder when he’s going to get dragged into the next crisis.

Agree completely. I think that many fans who constantly bemoan the fact that Jack never has a happy ending would honestly feel dissatisfied if the series finally ended with Jack living happily ever after. It sounds nice after all he’s been through, but it’s just not the theme or premise of the show. That alone surely isn’t justification for NOT doing it, but still, something to me just wouldn’t seem quite right about Jack just going back to being a grandpa and not “getting back in the game” so to speak.

Fazil's Beard
July 15, 2014 at 7:34 pm
Everybody gets old and becomes a grandpa (or grandma) eventually if they live long enough. As much as he may want to, Jack’s body won’t let him keep going back into the field indefinitely.

I agree, I don’t want it to be a truly “happy ending” where Jack goes home with Kim and the grandkids smiling from ear to ear as a rainbow appears over the horizon. That would feel hokey.

On the other hand, I don’t agree that Jack is doomed to living on the run, not ever having any contact with anybody he cares about, or that he has to end up in a communist prison (again, never having any contact with anybody he cares about), and those are the only fates possible for him.

Remember the ending to Day 3? Jack sat down behind the steering wheel and cried like a baby. He made sacrifices that day, that wasn’t a happy ending; however, I would be satisfied with a series finale like that because I know that Jack’s done his penance, and he’s not going to just live happily ever after, but the rest of his life doesn’t have to be joyless, either.

I agree with Jack Ryan’s comment. Jack Bauer is a tragic hero. He will never have a normal life or a happy ending because of his sacrifices and his patriotism towards his country. He will always do the right thing for the greater good, no matter what the cost.

If 24 returns for another season, it’s most likely to have a “final season” with 12 or possibly 24 episodes.

I was never a huge fan of the Day 8 finale but I thought that ending worked much better as a series finale. The Jack and Chloe scene was much more emotional, the colorful graffiti location was memorable and iconic, the final imagery with Jack looking up at the drone and his face becoming static, the final words being “Shut it down”, the clock ticking down to 0.

Live Another Day’s ending just felt like a poor mish-mash of several previous finales. The final shot of Jack on a helicopter and the silent clock was lifted straight out of 24: Redemption which just feels lazy.

So let’s summarize the few facts we now know:

– At the end, the Russians could have executed Jack onsite (or Jack could have been wired with explosives, committed suicide and destroyed the helicopter) but instead the Russians took him for some undisclosed reason – trial, prison, torture, clandestine mission, etc. – take a guess but the point is that immediate execution was not on the table – there is/was a reason for Jack to be taken alive
– MLR says its a matter of when; not if there is another season or a movie
– The LAD DVD set will provide an update on Tony (no doubt they show us he regrets a bunch of his actions to set the stage for his redemption and inclusion in 24’s future).
– Ratings have been good and improving
– We know that YS said the finale changed a bunch – probably to create this open ended ending leaving the door wide open for more 24
– New leadership at Fox likes 24

I agree with MLR and it sounds like Season 10 odds are tilting in our favor. I also would wager that Season 10 includes Tony (I’m not one of these babbling Tony groupies – just sayin it makes sense to me). Now the wait begins…..tick…….tock

All valid points. Not necessarily going to jump the gun and say that Tony’s inclusion in the DVD set is a sign that he WILL be in Season 10 (if there is one). My guess is that the writers saw how passionate Tony fans were and felt obligated to give them some sense of closure (I am, admittedly, a big Tony fan). I’d love to see him again in a full season, but I honestly have NO IDEA how the writers would be able to incorporate him into a storyline that involved Jack and the Russians.

Otherwise, I agree with your basic analysis and premise: the writers purposely changed the ending for a reason, and they purposely opted not to have the Russians execute Jack Bauer on the spot. If the true intention was for this to be the decisive end of the series, then why have Jack fly away to his death with the expectation being that he would ultimately die, rather than just providing us with the “closure” we want?

With that being said, I understand where some of the finale criticism is coming from. Similar to Season 8, many people said it wasn’t a true “series” finale because it set up for a movie rather than ending on its own terms. If the producers edited the LAD finale to set up for a Season 10, then yeah, maybe it is a little lazy and a little short-sighted. Nonetheless, (maybe i’m in the minority here), I loved the finale.

the minority are the one who hate the finale……he accepted his fate but he was smiling so it obvious he plan something that would avoid the russian from killing him

Yeah I didn’t love the finale. Audrey’s death and the ending scene were very hard to accept. But I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback to the finale on other websites. TV Line readers gave the finale an average grade an A- and IMDB voters have given the episode an 9.4 rating so far. It’s not like the reaction to the Dexter finale, which has a 4.9 IMDB rating, and received negative reviews from most critics, blogs, and fans.

Despite the comments of the producers, the ending didn’t really provide much closure at all. Whether the show is a tragic story or not, the only way to provide closure would be to either have Jack reunite with his family with some peace of mind, or kill him. So either you could give the show happy closure or sad closure. What we saw last night was not closure, but a sort of vague set up for another season.

I have a feeling that they were probably leaning towards the total, complete happy ending a few months ago, but the response to the show seems to have grown by a lot as the season has gone on. The interest to do another season seems to be higher now so I would be surprised if the show doesn’t come back again. Because let’s face it, Jack stuck in some sort of uncertain state of affairs in Russia is not the way the fans want to remember the show by.

I totally agree with you.
I think that during the next Comi-con (scheduled for this 27 July) we have some “news” about 24 World…

My problem with the season 8 finale. 2 hour finale.

1st hour Jack kicks ass and is ready to kill Suvarov.
2nd hour primarily focuses on the Presidents’ of the peace conference countries and all we see of Jack is him being captured, he bites a guys ear, then he gets attacked again and is about to be shot, then the President saves him.

Where the Season 9 finale is great is that Jack is in control of his destiny the entire time. Jack decides to save Chloe, Jack decides to go after Cheng.

I have mixed feelings about the finale scene. Emotional? Yes. Awesome? Yes, of course, but as a finale scene for the entire series, im not sure. It pretty much felt like an ending that was setting up a new season, WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING, so…

But overall, i really liked Live Another Day from start to finish, not disappointed at all!

why do no one think there is no season 10…….it has been set up that it is going to happen…they would have use a alternative ending if they knew from Fox a renewal is not certain

I’m not sure, because last time we knew Jack is on the run and if Jack doesn’t want to be found he won’t be, he had a life, now he’s going to prison… And Audrey was alive

The Russians have gotten off easy — literatlly — with murder…twice. First, they masterminded the plot in which the IRK operatives came close to exploding a radiological device in midtown Manhattan, which led to the death of President Hassan, of the peace talks and of Jack’s lover, Renee, at the end Day 8. Jack went on rampage against the Russians, but it was he who wound up on the run for 4 years for exposing the Ruskies’ complicity and punishing them for it and more! In the just concluded Day 9, it is again the Russians who were behind Cheng Zhi and the plot to start a war between the US and China. Jack saves the day by averting the war and beheading Cheng, but in the process he loses another lover, Audrey. With nothing left to live for, he happily agrees to turn himself over to the Russians to save his only remaining friend, Chloe. Hardly a satisfying “closure” as Cassar claims. Rather, Jack turning himself over to the Russians was purposely scripted in to set up Day 10, when Jack is finally going to give the Russians their due…very hard. The plot is probably again going to be weaved in with a current diplomatic crisis or world event, which will likely be the trouble in the Ukraine and the Russians involvement in it. The CIA will be sent on some cover operation in Russia and Ukraine, with Kate Morgan leading the team. During this operation, Jack will be freed from Russian captivity, setting up the stage for his Armageddon-like revenge against the Russians in Moscow. Jack may die in the process (blowing himself up with the Kremlin) or escape to live happily ever after with Kim and Kate Morgan. Either ending would be a nice, tight closure. But the saga of Jack Bauer will not end end until he gives it hard to the Ruskies, and where better to do that then on Russian soil? The Russians taking Jack to Russia at the end of Day 9 sets up the stage for the ultimate Day 10: Armageddon in Moscow. Besides, who ever stops counting at 9? Day 10 may be another series or the long-promised motion picture, but there will be a Day10. You read it here first!

This is not a “satisfying” or “complete” finale to 24 at all. There absolutely should be another season. Don’t get me wrong, Live Another Day as a whole was fantastic and one of the best seasons Also, I get that part of the scope of Jack Bauer and 24 is that its a tragedy, but, after 9 seasons and losing almost everyone and everything around him isnt it about time the writers gave Jack a reason to want to fight to live? Over the past season finales he’s now been captured twice (s9, s5), ran away in some form 3 times (s8, s6, s4), cried in the car (s3), been on his deathbed (s7), saw his wife dead (s1) not to mention all the love interests he’s lost. Some have been mentioning a reunion with Kim and them playing their chess game as a closer. The show can still be badass and have a satisfying close like that.

I just wanna be clear with everyone not that it matters. I was fine with the ending I don’t agree that it completes the season & they call it closure……… This is where a bridge on the DVD should come in like previous season DVD’s the audience is just supposed to by that Jack has to spend the rest of his life in Russia??? c’mon why provide an open ended season If everyone working on the show is going to remain fickle……. It really sounds like they don’t know what they want…….

I’m very curious to see if the forthcoming DVD will include: 1) the alternate endings the writers considered before settling on the final one; and 2) any “prequel” view to S10 if FOX’s decision to renew the series for one more season is announced before the DVD is released (which might hint at Jack escaping from the Russians or some plot where they let him go under certain conditions i.e. he complete a mission for them).

Was listening to a podcast and someone summed it up quite simply: this didn’t feel like a “series” finale because it left you wondering what was next for Jack. We wanna see where exactly he’s off to, and what’s gonna happen to him there.

It’s funny because we have a better idea of that this time, but Day 8’s ending still felt more final IMO, even though there were more options for where he’d go and what he’d do back then.

Maybe the fact that it matches so well with the end of Redemption contributes to it not feeling final, because Redemption had a very definite, “to be continued…” on it and then we saw what came next, so we’re anticipating it this time too.

I like that at the end of Day 9, Jack feels like he’s where he should be. Whatever waits on the end of that helicopter ride, he actually smiled as he went to that fate because it feels right to him. He wasn’t dragged away in cuffs, he was calm and compliant.

But sometimes I just wanna slap him because he doesn’t think he deserves the happy, peaceful ending, at home with the fam. And that belief of his makes me sad, because after all the good he’s done, the sacrifices he’s made, hell yes he deserves the happy ending. So even if he thinks the Day 9 ending is what he’s earned, I just don’t agree with him.

Day 9 didn’t give us closure for Chloe. Her family is dead, her partner is dead, all her friends are dead, except for her best friend who she’s just seen for the last time. Are there warrants for her due to things she did with Open Cell? Or can she freely go back to the US and start her life over? And if so, what would that new life for her be? I need to know what’s next for her. I need to know that she’s gonna be OK.

We didn’t really get closure with Kate, she handed in her badge and ended a chapter in her life and walked off to…what next? We know she’s a bit like Jack, and Jack never could walk away from the job without being drawn back in, so I expect the same with her and would like to see how that happens.

We don’t have closure for Tony, and I know we’re gonna get some of him on the dvd, but let’s be real, that won’t feel like closure, it’ll just leave us hankering for more Tony in the future.

All things considered, I feel that this worked well as a season finale, it wrapped things up well and our hero is content, so there’s the “closure”. But as far as the series goes, it still feels open ended IMO.

There’s one big difference obviously to the ‘Redemption’ comparison: that movie was shot as a bridge while the writers strike occurred, with the full guarantee that once the strike ended, the show would resume for its 7th season.

This finale has no such guarantee.

Obviously it is open ended But NOT closure season Leaving the audience to believe Jack has to spend the rest of his life in Russia is not closure….. It’s in Jacks nature to be fine with dieing & accept the reality of a situation But that doesn’t give him or the open ending closure…. He was fine with dieing when a became infected He was fine with almost dieing when he was in china……. There’s more they can show the audience. But to leave him in Russia is not closure……. That’s like saying a U.S solider held captive in a foreign prison gives that solider closure …. Not the samething @ all.

They should do another season
2 episodes set in moscow (the season starting where it ended.. Jack on the heli, being brought to moscow, he someway or another escapes.. after torturing some russians off course.. He returns to LA… Beep Beep ***Time Jump*** 13 hours later.. Jacks plane lands in LA, He needs to find his daughter,grandkids and cloe, But as it turns out the russian president is holding them captive, since jack escaped. Jack goes on the run to find the people he cares for..all means neccesary, but he can’t do it alone, he asks the president to let tony almeida go, because he needs help! why will tony work with jack? Because he simply has no choice, because he could also rot in prison for the rest of his life. He helps jack, and they both find jacks family, and cloe.. And the final shot is jack bauer, finally laying on a couch.. falling asleep.. and the screen fades to black!

needs to be a season where the day starts with jack in russian prison and does some task to get out and ends in LA. 24 needs to end in LA

If they do another season, I think they first four episodes should be set in Moscow, and be about the prison break. Then they board a flight to LA and the story picks up 12 hours later. After the time skip, they’d still have another hour of Jack on a plane (flights from Moscow to LA are 13 hours). But cool things can happen when Jack Bauer is on a plane. :D

There are obviously two polar opposite views to take IMO: the first is to accept and expect the worst always for a beloved character whose fate always was linked to tragedy and desolation. For those who saw Jack’s destiny that way, no matter what he did good, the S9 finale, with its implied path to his execution, was tailor-made and in sync with that outlook.

The other side – which also seemed to apply to Audrey in a smaller range – is that Jack’s faced enough tragedy and loss despite all of his heroic and martyr-like deeds and he’s entitled to some final peace and happiness when his (and the series) end arrives. Maybe it’s not the storybook happy ending but at least being able to live free and without turmoil – a simple return to his home and daughter would have thus felt more fulfilling as an ending for those who shared the suffering of Jack over 9 seasons.

Personally, while I understand the first view, I’m a subscriber to the second view. I thought the more appropriate ending, if it really was the end of the series and character, was to use the time-jump more logically for a trip back to the US with his presidential pardon.

Well they clearly dunno if it’s the end or not. obviously.

We want season 10 Cassar! Just continue the series!

Season 10 without Cassar would be great!

Of course Cassar didn’t realise day 8 !!

Day 8 had real closure: Jack saying good bye and thank you to Chloe through a screen was like he thanks all the fans then his face fades and the countdown to zero , all was perfect.

Day 9 ends like Redemption, not very original it’s a cliffhanger not a closure IMO

I just watched the original series finale.

It is objectively better. It is more emotional. It provides closure. It feels important. It is iconic.

What’s more? It didn’t resort to cheap thrills in order to accomplish those things. No token deaths that only occur to “elevate the finale.” No ridiculous action sequences that rob us of valuable character development. No phony World War, but instead poignant commentary on peace. No telegraphed fakeout twists. No direct ripoffs from previous seasons.

Frankly, the season eight finale works because it never tried to be more than it was. It is beautiful and just as well-acted as anything in Live Another Day. I’m sorry, Mr. Cassar, but you’ve missed the mark.

I will always treat the season eight closer as the 24 finale.

Right there with you, Clayton. Perhaps what I liked most about Season 8’s finale is that there was a legitimate sense of idealism shining through – a rare sight from a story that has otherwise been almost entirely cynical. That seemed like the *right* note to end the show on.

“Lasting peace cannot simply be political. It has to be born out of trust and honesty and understanding and most importantly, a will on both sides to move forward.”

In fact, that whole unedited video message to Kim was just wonderful. Gah, thinking about this makes me want to forget LAD even happened.

*Raises glass* To season 8!

The fact Jon Cassar wasn’t there was one of the best things about it.

I don’t care about either S8 or S9 finales. They were not unsatisfying because the finale episodes sucked outright but because the preceding episodes would never lead a satisfying outcome in the finale for me. When there is nothing getting build up for something you care, it is difficult to get interested in the outcome in the end.

I would have taken S4 and S7 as series finales if it had happened that way though.

The season 5 finale could be the end of the show ? No, of course !

This Season 9 finale is overall the same than 5. Why the scriptwriters have wrote the same ending ?

The ending of the season 8 was better.

While I agree the Cheng part to the finale is more fitting I disagree that Russian captivity is more fitting. I’m sorry but Jack is our hero, yes he is cursed but still as an audience member I’d rather have clarity than deciding for myself whether or not Jack lives or dies.

I feel if you are still going down this road where the Russians take him then let Jack either go out his own way or at least an on screen death.

This ending was cool but as a fan I want to know my hero will be relatively ‘ok’ and the easiest way to do this is by having a normal countdown. That way it closes it out by saying Jack is in prison and at least you can still have the same decision making process about more seasons or none at all and the fans are happy either way.

Now I will say the dialogue between Jack and the Russian makes me 80% certain he is alive because why go to the trouble of saying all of the oh I’ll kill you and your gov’t if anything happens to my family or friends (I’m paraphrasing). And then the old Russian says you are going to enjoy Moscow but you’d know I was lying. So I’m leaning more towards torture and a life long prison sentence.

If this is the end.. then why didnt they end it (like in s8) by counting down to 0 hours.. This is not the end of 24.. I think we will see atleast one more day!

Ending was frustrating. I was stoked up to the time jump. Then I just got mad. It’s frustrating to me that he doesn’t want to be with his family. That he (who had no restraints and 12 hours to come with plan… and had a presidential pardon) made no effort to come up with an escape plan. One sniper no restraints. Would have been easy to get out of that alive with Chloe. Everything else I liked and over all definitely better than season 8 finale. That one just left me unsatisfied completely.

I think he does want to be with his familt but, y’know, Heller’s words are still at the forefront of his mind: “You’re cursed, Jack. Everything you touch, one way or another, ends up dead”. The further away he is from the people he loves the safer he thinks they are.

the show needs to end in LA and the last episode should symbolize that jack will be countering terrorists until he is too old, but also representing he will have no actual life until retirement. that to me is the perfect bittersweet ending the show needs since theyll never kill off jack. with that being said, notice how both jack and tony are now in prison… imagine the dvd extra curving that in and somehow they end up in the same jail…. maybe not by coincidence either.

also the fact that they said they were changing the ending a bunch, chose this ending which happens to be a cliffhanger, that to me gaurantees another season. if fox didnt give the go ahead for 10 i think the writers respect the show too much to end on a cliffhanger of this magnitude. much more than s8. and jacks last dialogue absolutely foreshadows continuing events.