FOX CEO Peter Rice: 24 has “many stories left to tell”

FOX Executive Peter Rice
FOX Executive Peter Rice

FOX is holding their TCA 2014 executive session with FOX Chairman and CEO Peter Rice and there’s some very encouraging news for 24 fans.

Peter Rice said that although there’s been no specific conversation regarding the show returning for another season just yet, he “loved” 24: Live Another Day and has “always been a fan” of the show. He expects to sit down and talk with the producers at some point in the future. “I’d love to see another season of 24,” he said.

“We haven’t had a specific conversation about it coming back yet, but I’m sure we will in the future. It’s a wonderful franchise. When you look at the show itself, it has many more stories to tell. I think we need to sit down and talk to the creators,” said Rice.

Another interesting fact mentioned during their panel is that FOX has moved from C3 to C7 on half of their advertising deals. Previously, everything beyond the third day of DVR viewership went un-monetized but now they will be earning money for the entire first week of viewership. This means DVR performance now plays a much more important role.

24: Live Another Day has been an extremely strong performer on DVR showing a massive 87% increase in viewership.

And finally, recently promoted FOX executives Dana Walden and Gary Newman start their new position at the end of this month. 24 director and executive producer Jon Cassar said just last week “There’s no one that supported us more than Gary and Dana. They’ve just been our backbone through all of this. So I’m sure, first of all, if there is another one, it’s going to come from their office first before it comes from anywhere. They couldn’t have been better to us through all the years.”

It seems this show has a lot of supporters inside the network, now they just need to have some meetings with the cast and crew and see whether a deal can be worked out.

Here’s some tweets from the panel:


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Many stories left to tell?

If this season was any indication, that most certainly is *not* the case.

Jack being taken to moscow, could make for some interesting 24 story lines..

I wholeheartedly agree there’s many stories left to tell.

Question is, will they actually tell them or will they REtell the same 3 basic stories they’ve stuck with throughout the entire run?

July 20, 2014 at 4:07 pm
XAM, I would guess the 3 basic stories the writers of 24 keep sticking with that you’re referring to are Jack Bauer’s love interests being killed off, the revelation of a mole and the sitting U.S. President never getting killed off during a season. I would agree that the writers of 24 have overdone it with 2 of those 3 subjects. But, I like it that there are moles in every season.

Sorry for the late reply Jack. I was referring to the basic overall plots i.e.

– Stop an assassination
– Stop a terrorist attack
– Stop a war

Oh wait, stop the presses everyone, XAM has something critical to say about the writing on 24. Shocker there!

Does it bother you?


Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 4:29 pm
Ok how would you bring her back?

It would only make sense if Audrey needed to fake her death like Jack did in Day 4: and it would be possible and a nice bookend–Jack did it to her, she returned the favor…..

What if Heller discovered Mark was putting a hit on Audrey or the Russian agent Mr. Mustache gave the green light for a hit if Cheng didn’t follow through? Or if Cheng has a partner that wants to kill her no matter what…..or the mysterious Veep was in cahoots with Mark somehow……

Then Heller arranges to work with Kate to set up Audrey with a fake death — I understand there was No Time to set this up but if Jack can plan his fake death with Tony Chloe and Michelle getting up to speed in mere minutes then so can Audrey…..

Heller has her fake killed off so she can live free of Mark or Cheng or veep or Russian retribution…

Hellers reaction still reads authentic because he really won’t see her again or if he does he won’t recognize her but he is giving her a chance at a free life ….

Then in Day 10 Kate Chloe and Audrey team up to get Jack back…. Or Kate and Chloe get him back and they bump into Audrey accidentally at the very end of Day 10 setting up Day 11……

I think there are many explanations as to how and why her death could have been faked; but I’ve learned my lesson to not expect that much from these writers anymore, especially when it concerns the women on this show.

Kyle Diamond Jones
July 31, 2014 at 3:29 pm
That would be the worst season ever….. …….. ……….

I made a page for best season of 24. Vote here: for your favourite season.

A prequel scene (as an extra on the DVD) would be nice.

Scenes which show how Jack planned the whole CIA and special division thing, and another scene to explain how Chloe got there in the first place.

Many stories? Sure! Many original stories? hahaha not if they keep the same showrunners who just need to rehash things over and over and over again.

What if the next 24 was somehow related to the current plane crash ?
”While jack is in prison, being tortured for weeks.. He get’s told by russian oppertives, that his family died on a plane crash, Shotdown by russian weapons!.. Jack totally devastated, Having lost everything that he loved, He breaks out of prison and goes after the men responsible, And make sure that they get what they deserve… The earth will fall down on them, and they won’t know whats coming to them!”

Samurai Snake
July 20, 2014 at 2:37 pm
Too soon, man.

Wasn’t even meant to hurt. I was just thinking about 24’s past, This would also be politically interesting, and it would be up to date, and you can have jack somewhere else outside of LA And London

Politically interesting is a fictitious story, not one based on a terrible tragedy that has many political repercussions in real life.

That sounds positively garbage.

Yes thanks Peter Rice.

Sounds like a very good chance for another limited series. But it would be nice if they did another personal/small scale season like season 1 again.

Samurai Snake
July 21, 2014 at 6:27 am
They said some time ago that LAD was going to be like that.
You see what happened.

I’m very confused about the people who rule Fox…what are the fonctions of Rice, CEO of course, but of what? Fox Tv? and Walden ? and Newman ? Can someone explain that to me please ?

Catherine sweetie, Peter Rice is CEO of FOX Filmed Entertainment which is the umbrella organization that oversees and co-ordinates all filmed content for the company (television, films, etc), whilst Dana Walden and Gary Newman are running the television division of that operation.

Hope that makes things clearer…

Thanks sweetie

Thanks Gerry <3

I’d love to see another season of 24 very soon with Kiefer Sutherland, and all the cast from Live Another Day – Kate Morgan, Chloe O’Brian, I wouldn’t even mind Navarro to be seen in it. Please have Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) and Kim Bauer (Elisha Cuthbert).

Why make another season?

LAD’s screenplay was catastrophic, based only on recycling what the best and worst have been done in the previously seasons. Maybe the worst season of 24, near the S6. Great work for the showrunners!

Thank goodness that by any standard that matters your opinion is out of the mainstream. Here is the rankings for the show:

Comparing it to Season 6 is disgraceful. It was one of the better seasons. It was much better than Season 8 and Season 3 certainly.

I would love to see another season, but what more can they do with Season 10? We have seen it all at this point. Unless they decide to kill of Jack Bauer at the end….

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 4:11 pm
I’m not sure I could take another depressing season like 9.

I’m afraid to find out what they have in store for Chloe or Tony or Kim… be careful what you wish for….

It took this same creative team only one hour to taint the legacy of the prior 203 hours of an amazing show….

Bring back Tony for season 10 and Aaron Pierce, Chase,

Aaron coming back would be awesome as long as he lives!

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 4:32 pm
With the way it’s been going Aaron would have a terminal brain tumor that would cause him to massacre what’s left of Jack’s family…..

Followed by the killing of Jack’s returning love interest Diane Huxley.

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 10:26 pm
At the hands of his nephew Josh

Who then also kills everyone’s favorite character, Marilyn Bauer.

Kiki Vanderway
July 21, 2014 at 9:31 am
Cause if it’s not one thing…’s your mother

Deborah Zawacki
July 20, 2014 at 4:36 pm
Here’s my idea: after the various tortures and whatever ….. Jack is left for dead either in a building or a street or on a road….he is picked up by a Russian Orthodox priest or monk and is taken to a monastery in some remote location and after he is healed up he asks to stay. This is a silent order so a robed penitent Jack spends several years toiling and praying and finding some sort of inner peace and reconciliation with his past life. Somehow he is discovered by the bad guys and he has to get the monks to help him escape and we discover a whole underground network of Russian expats below the monastery with a way to contact Chloe, who seems to have a reputation. Internationally. Kate and Chloe have been learning Russian intensively and travel as Nuns in order to blend in…..

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 4:39 pm
And Mother Superior is Audrey after her fake death is revealed and Jack who has spent years totally silent unspeaking (again) is brought before Mother Audrey and his first words are……

“I don’t even know where to begin…..”

……. I’m not seeing it…..

Still hoping that there no plans for another 24 but if it does, it’s going to be its last.

Steven Gibson
July 20, 2014 at 4:48 pm
The more they do the better absolutely love the show, no complaints, if I wasn’t happy I wouldn’t watch, so far I’ve loved every season, got them all on dvd and have watched more times than I can say lol,

I would like a season 10 but NOT with Coto and Katz as writters and showrunners !

A more personal season, not “save the world” again, just save Jack.
And as “a stunning twist” Jack comes back home !

A more personal story for Jack would be better suited to a two-hour feature film than a limited series, if only Peter Rice would make good on his support for the franchise and give them a decent $40m+ budget to go make one… haven’t the roughly 15 million viewers per episode (live +7 numbers) of this past season shown them that ’24’ still has massive broad appeal?

I feel the need to defend the ending of ‘Live Another Day’ again from some here lambasting it, just because it wasn’t the ending YOU would have chosen does not make it a lousy ending, for sure it was clearly the bleakest ending of any ’24’ season to date, almost no character came out of it well and unscathed, but it was an emotional and affecting conclusion that felt earned, appropriate, and logical… all this talk of Coto and Katz destroying the franchise is just hyperbole, the overwhelmingly positive reaction from most critics and viewers to the season attests to it’s quality, but different strokes for different folks and all that…

I would say it’s likely near certain that ’24’ will return, either in 2016 or 2017 (at latest), Kiefer may be tired and wanting a rest after the hard slog of the season, but give it six months to a year and he’ll start to miss playing Jack again, wondering aloud how he’s getting on in Russia and maybe even start floating story and/or character ideas with HoGo, and then before long, we’re off to the races again! Personally, I haven’t yet given up on the possibility of the movie, but after the nightmare they had last time in trying to get it greenlit, plus the fact that FOX Television evidently holds ’24’ in much better regard than their counterpart feature film division does, means they’re better to stick with the limited series format, more so considering they have such big support in their corner from it’s new head honco Ms Walden…

I see you haven’t read or responded to my reply in the Episode 12 thread, Gerry…

I disagree. I thought Coto and Katz did an excellent job with this season (especially the finale, which is actually one of my all-time favorite episodes of “24”). They were much, much better as showrunners than Howard Gordon ever was, and, based on interviews I read, seem to have a clearer understanding and passion for the show and its characters.

Although I’m skeptical about “24” possibly returning, I would be down with Evan and Manny headlining again. The sterling critical reaction to LAD—especially considering how universally panned S8 was—must mean they did something right.

P.S. I’m with Gerry—give everyone involved a break. If the show were to return, waiting more than a year would be a boon.

A fall 2015 or January 16 release date would be ideal, IMO.

Manny and Evan understand the basic mechanics of the show but it’s mostly surface-level stuff. LAD suffered from Howard Gordon’s absence.

Brad, I’ve posted a reply to your very eloquent post on the Episode 12 thread, hope it’s to your satisfaction..

‘Live Another Day’ didn’t suffer from the absence of HoGo because there was NO absence of HoGo to begin with; Gordon himself co-ran the season with Manny Coto and Evan Katz, he sat in on executive meetings, on casting sessions, and on story conferences, he just didn’t supervise the editing process as he had before because of his frankly insane schedule with other shows. And don’t forget or underestimate the involvement of co-creator Bob Cochran who came out of retirement to work on the season, if anyone understands ’24’ it’s he, and he was a co-executive producer, so the idea of Coto and Katz somehow veering ’24’ off course by themselves frankly doesn’t hold water…

I suppose it’s really hard to say. You’re right, Coto and Katz aren’t the sole individuals responsible for the perceived successes or failures of LAD. I’m not sure we can with any confidence just how involved Howard Gordon was though. We know he provided the overall idea for the season and it’s clear from interviews he had some involvement, but it’s not entirely clear how extensive.

Again, I respectfully disagree. I give Howard Gordon props on the story arc for this season, which was compelling and very tightly plotted. But considering Howard Gordon’s role in the disaster that was season eight (which he headed up), and his relative absence in the day-to-day affairs of LAD, I can only surmise that his hands-off approach benefitted “24” creatively.

This is only my opinion, though. I understand you may have been disappointed by LAD. I was not, and actually regard it as one of my favorite seasons to date. It’s certainly one of the best-written (and HoGo didn’t write any of the episodes). Manny and Evan did a great job.

As disappointed as I was by LAD, I don’t actually *hate* it. There are aspects of it I like a great deal and I have no doubt my opinion of the whole thing will change, either for better or worse, as time goes on. I, too, was initially disappointed by Season 8, but over time, I found it had an abundance of great qualities and now, believe it or not, it is my second favorite season of the show.

Alas, differences of opinion. :)

Okay, so I was both right AND wrong on HoGo’s full involvement in the running of the past season, just tracked down the IGN interview that was in mind, and in it, HoGo specifies how involved he was;

On this other stuff… Evan and Manny are really shouldering a lot of the showrunning, the day-to-day stuff [on 24] — I just have to take off my plate things like casting; I don’t do as much. I’m not going to be able to do as much editing as I’ve done in the past. So those things I just can’t do. But my value to all of those enterprises, really, is in the writers room, mostly.

Samurai Snake
July 21, 2014 at 6:30 am
I wish he was involved more.
Because LAD just feels off somehow.

Can anyone think of a male actor who would play Jack Bauer, if Kiefer Sutherland doesn’t want to do it anymore

If Kiefer decides not to….

Then 24 might as well have ended with Live Another Day. No Jackie, No Watchy.

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 6:01 pm
Chris Pine

NO. No Kiefer, no freaking Jack. But we can still have 24 with Yvonne.

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 6:34 pm
I’m not saying in in favor of anyone else in that role– I don’t think you can swap out one Jack for another…. They hit casting pay dirt and it’s the perfect marriage of actor and part….you get no arguments from me on this point Kiefer is Jack Bauer and I have nothing but tremendous respect for him in this role it’s absolute perfection….,

I took the question as an abstract one– not a real one.

I’m saying if you were casting today there is an actor that I think could bring a similar level of intensity and could carry the show on his back and that would be Chris Pine….

’24’ can’t survive without Kiefer/Jack UNLESS the writers bring back Carlos/Tony as a substitute. Even then, I wonder if Rice’s posture ends up in Kiefer getting greedy for a big payday like he got during the series’ hey-day.

Kate can’t carry the show on her own but she could help reinforce it in a secondary role like she had this season.

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 7:08 pm
I’m not sure the pay would be the driver– my guess is what would matter more is to make sure the reputation for excellence stays in place….if he stays he stays to help the show remain on top or go out with high marks….

Fuck no. Jack is the entire point of watching.

Not that I’m advocating such a move, but I’ve always thought Stephen Dorff would have made a great alternative Jack Bauer if Kiefer hadn’t done it, and still would if Kiefer decided not to do it anymore…

If Kiefer doesn’t want to return for an entire season, you can imagine 2 or 3 episodes in the beginning, where Kate and Belcheck and Chloe go on a mission to get him out of his gulag….And Tony too it’ll be fine.

About the feature film, people who go to theaters are not necessarily the same people who watch TV, I guess that’s what probably scares Fox

I don’t think they would recast Jack Bauer; however, I think 24 could continue without Kiefer Sutherland/Jack Bauer, starring a new hero like Kate Morgan, Cole Ortiz, or somebody else.

……#BringBackTony lol

Bring back Tony Almeida in Season 10 PLEASE!

Only way another season of 24 would happen is if Kiefer Sutherland was 100% behind playing Jack Bauer again .

Amen – and it will bear watching just how much conviction Kiefer had in his age being a big deterrent to continuing on. But if he can rake in top salary for another 12 shows, maybe he’s willing to subject his body to the training and physical requirements.

It’s admirable that Kiefer prides himself on doing the heavy lifting himself. I love it when an actor is clearly committed to and invested in their role the way he is with Jack.

Dear Kiefer, it won’t sully the integrity of your performance if you use a stunt guy for the really strenuous stuff, so if that’s a legit concern, suck it up and get on with it.

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 6:41 pm
They need to do more than change the episode count they have to revamp completely otherwise the show is in real danger of becoming a parody of itself……such a fine line and I agree get the writers out of there …Manny Coto has killed two great shows with stupid finales

Hollywood 90028
July 20, 2014 at 9:18 pm
What two finales are you speaking of because if your talking about Enterprise.

Manny Cotto wasn’t responsible forThese are the Voyages the Enterprise finale.
That was Berman and Braga.

And as for LAD majority of critics and fans agree it was excellent

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 10:02 pm
I’m specifically talking about Dexter

That Dexter finale was awful.

"24" For Life
July 20, 2014 at 7:17 pm
Audrey Raines is “Dead” and that’s “All” there is to it! Any true follower of 24 that pays close attention to the story lines of the show from it’s Genesis, was supposed to know it was “Over” and the end of the line for Audrey. Wasn’t it obvious that she no longer had any “Real Value” to Jack other than a love interest (And we all know “Too Well” what happens to wives and love interests of Jack don’t we!) I would be somewhat annoyed if down the road when the show returns, that we come to find out that they did the unthinkable and somehow resurrected her character. She died in the arms of Agent Morgan and that’s “The End” of it! While were on this subject, if there was a character that the writers made a mistake on and wrote out of the show, it would “Definitely” have to be Renee Walker. She was “Amazing” and had so much “Script Value” to Jack and the show as a whole, and not because she was romantically involved with Jack. She was an excellent agent in the field and was able to handle herself magnificently. The writers did not make many mistakes with this show; but that was “Definitely” one of them in my opinion!

here we go again .. another jealous renee fan blabbering about how good renee was in a irrelevant post where actually people are talking about audrey.
ok let me tell you something man .. we have jack bauer there to kick some ass. he is the action hero of the show. but this show is also has some romance in it. if you look at every season of 24, it had romantic aspect of it also. and it’s audrey who had the best chemistry and long lasting love story with jack. people love her as jack’s best love interest. and jack loves her more than any of his previous love interests which is obvious. since the show will not last for another 5 or six seasons , and it’s very close to total end of series(jack is getting any younger), people want and expect her to be around and jack to have some peace when it ends. thats why they want her back(even though i dont think it will happen) .
Renee was nice to in season 7 and she kicking some ass was interesting. but in season 8 , she was pretty flat and boring and she had no purpose there because the show will always rely around jack and his action. so we dont need a female bauer. because jack will do just fine. so all jack want is a great love for jack who would balance his life, who will keep jack’s humanity and would give purpose for his life. and this roll can not be done greatly by anyone else except audrey judging by their history . and this is why people want her back.

The thread is actually about the FOX chair and the future of 24, not your beloved Audrey, LAD Fan. And get over your high horse as if everyone loves Audrey, there was always a sizeable amount of people who did not like or care about the character even before Renee existed.

And I agree with ’24 for Life’, 24 is actually a counter-terrorism show so the more characters who are actually doing counter-terrorism work like Renee, the better the show it would be instead of flat and boring love interests like Audrey who were only there to be rescued over and over and over by Jack. Audrey as a character did not deserve to have such a long tenure wasted in the show for her in the first place. So in essence she did not really deserve better than dying as a victim which was her usual character.

And whatever script value and potential Audrey had in the show, Renee already had that potential and then some more. It was pretty obvious from the season the writers cannot even write anything for Audrey, even her usual romance story with Jack.

yeah well . renee was ok in season 7. but in season 8 she looked like a wet rat and just ran around behind jack like a little girl without any puporse and writers had nothing else to give her and that’s why they RIGHTLY killed her. even kate with only 12 episode has more popularity than renee even though they played same sort of role. open your eyes man . if the writers wanted, they could have made audrey into more than just a love interest for jack. because kim raver could do and have done any kind of character ( her credits are way better than Anne). i want you to go watch NCIS LA episode RED 1 and 2 for action scenes involving Kim Raver and how bad ass she was. it’s all up to writers. they can make any character interesting if they want to. what script potential renee had ?? come on and tell me. just go shoot around along with jack bauer blah blah blah yeah haven’t scene that for friggin 2 season of her doing that ? what potential had other than that ? my point is jack bauer is enough for some kick ass action role . no female jack bauer needed. but since this show also give priority for some romance , that part can be done perfectly by audrey than renee. coz chemistry between renee and jack was ZERO. audrey may be just a love interest for jack but do you know that love story resulted in many action scene we came to love in 24 right . you know their love story gave emotional value for those action scenes and made it more meaningful. majority of people think that season 5 , 4 or 6 are the best seasons and yeah funny in those are the season where the audrey was with jack and they had emotional relationship. they are people like you exist who hate her because may be you guys want just action without any romance or feeling involved. probably you would love the movie ROBO COP year? fair enough. there will be always sizable people who hate a character ofcouse but there are many people who loves her. why not go to any of the 24 social media fan site and ask “what people think of Audrey’s death” or “which death was more shocking or what ever ” or check it out for example this to see fans answer for what is the most shocking death in 24 history —->

PS i was not talking about whole thread. scroll up and see there is a message from some one about audrey’s death. but “24 for life” brought renee into it. that what i was talking about.. why need to bring renee in the message where people talking about audrey ? jealous much .. blah .. renee could not even last for atlease 2 seasons .. 1.6 season and she gone . rightly so

Since the start of 24, we’ve lost quite a few main characters along the way. Which main character’s death impacted you most?

I don’t know why I am responding a poster who cannot even put a coherent paragraph without resorting to ad hominem attacks like ‘Robocop’ fans, but I am a glutton for punishment I suppose.

The fact that they introduced Kate Morgan who plays a similar role like Renee in the show actually proves my point. The show and the writers actually need a female agent and sidekick who follows Jack’s playbook because in the end this show is about counter-terrorism first not some run of the mill love story. The fact they immediately brought back another female agent right after Renee’s death just shows what a waste of potential Renee’s death was because they just started everything over instead of continuing a partner relationship Jack already had a history with. From field partner who had to make questionable moral choices to love partner , Renee could have done everything in the show.

And I disagree with Jack And Renee with you. Their chemistry as field partners were great a lot more so than Jack had with Kate with this season (who looked two separate individuals in the same scene rather than field partners). And in S8, Jack and Renee were just hooking up, so they should not be tearing each other with looks at each scene, then you would complain that it would be too much. And it is not like Annie and Kiefer cannot play a pair who were deeply in love (if they let her live) if you actually watch their other work. They are more than competent actors for that.

And Kim Raver was never going to play a gun-blazing heroine in the show after the way she was introduced the way in S4 nor did we expect her to kick ass with a gun. She could have still kicked ass a diplomatic liaison (which was supposed to be her job) in the show but still she could not because the writers never saw her more than a victim. So she died a proper death as a victim. Sure, Audrey had a long tenure in the show. And she significantly underperformed it.

I know Audrey has her fans. My point was you are making it sound as if she was loved by everyone in the fanbase. She wasn’t, if you go to same 24 facebook page you are linking me and check the messages about Kim Raver returning to 24 LAD months ago, you will see the sizeable negative reaction there as well. It is like you just see the messages you want to see.

And about your PS, wow, it is actually you who has so much insecurity and jealousy. So what if someone brought Renee into the picture in a thread about 24’s future and practically said she should not have been killed because she had plenty of potential for 24’s future (and for stories to tell like FOX’s chair said)? It is actually ’24 for life’ who was posting a more relevant message to this thread than you. Are you even than insecure about someone posting a paragraph in this site?

anyways this show spent 6 seasons without any side kick, without female jack bauer and if you have a look, most of the 24 success was achieved within those seasons. so that’s a strong evidence that this show will do just fine without a female side kick like renee.
many people agree that season 8 is the worst. season 7 is not the best of the best. both season had female side kick renee. yet it didnt produce the best. so 24 can be awesome even without female jack bauer.
i think since you are a renee fan , you are biased. you are too blind to see the incredible work of kim raver in 24. she did perfectly what she was asked by the writers. i remember the picture from jack and audrey emotional reunion scene was the most liked picture in the 24 official facebook page even though this show is about action. so what ever you think it doesnt matter because majority of people do believe she was such a good addition to the show. whatever you blabbering doesnt matter because she will be always one of the biggest character of the show and much bigger character than renee. even the writers said ” they were going for an emotion” in the LAD finale. so first they thought of killing off jack but changed it and then they assessed whose death would give the similar affect / or biggest shock for the fans of the show and who would the fan think it would be impossible to kill off. so they decided it’s audrey and it will give the biggest shock for the fans so they chose her. so it gives you a picture how much the writers value her. whether the show will come back for another season or not is uncertain so killing off her wasnt the problem for the writers since not much more season to look for in the future.
yeah i know some people didnt like kim raver back in this season. these vocal but minority fans are 99% of time are rennee fans just like you. no doubt .. because i have seen many negative comments about audrey and when i made conversation with them , 99% of time i came to know they were the renee fans and that’s one of the reason why i could not stand renee fans or renee. bcause just because renee is dead, they hate all the other female leads on the show who jack care about (specially audrey). so frigging immature it is. i am pretty sure your simply one among those people. so i have nothing to say to you anymore. so bye bye

Thank you for proving for my point that you are nothing but insecure and immature poster who tries to dismiss people’s opinions because they are Renee fans as if that invalidates their arguments.

And I dislike Audrey long before Renee appeared in the show so take your blinders elsewhere. Anyway I can make the same ad-hominem attacks like you that since you are an Audrey fan, you are biased and cannot just the show objectively but I am not going to lower myself to your level.

why do i have to be insecure’s only renee fan like you are insecure and jealous because renee is jack’s sloppy second and always consider less important to jack compared to audrey. audrey is his most important love interest and that’s the fact so i have nothing to be insecure about it. you or her or any of her fan for that matter. it’s you who feel insecure coz you know the fact that she will always be considered after audrey and many others when consider the people who meant the most for jack. so it’s you and your type of renee fans who are jealous and insecure so you feel like you need to put audrey’s character down so you can feel better about your renee character

Yeah, because the only criteria to judge the quality of the character is if she is a better or worse love interest for Jack. So what if Audrey was not a love interest for Jack, you know the answer no one would give a damn about her because she never really had a character of her own to care about.

Renee had done a lot more in her one and half season to differentiate herself from just being Jack’s love interest in the show. I don’t have anything to be insecure because first and foremost, I wanted her to be a field agent who were chasing terrorists and her character getting developed based on her moral choices, not by being some flat and boring love interest like Audrey. Renee was delivering what I wanted in the show, too bad they wasted that potential by using her a disposable love interest like Teri and Audrey now. What ’24 for Life’ and I were pointing out was her potential in the role of a counter-terrorist agent, of course that flew just over your head because you are so fixated on ‘who is Jack’s true love?’ question in a counter-terrorism show. We already know the answer and that was Teri anyway, not your beloved Audrey.

jack cheated on terry .. they had problems . blahhh .. you dont always marry your true love.
but mate you frigging lost the plot. you say “Renee had done a lot more in her one and half season to differentiate herself from just being Jack’s love interest in the show”..mate she played just another agent. that all in it. the writers wanted a character who play both an agent and a love interest for jack. and she just plated that., that doesnt mean she did something that the TV world never seen before like you make it out to be. how many CSIs show and shows such as mentalist we have seen where the action hero and the action heroine hook up and have a love story but also they play police officers or FBI agents and kick some criminals ass s .. yeah she just done that. and its nothing sort of miracle that TV world never seen before.
mate !! it’s up to writers to make a character awesome or bad. you say that Renee had lot of potential and i could say same thing about audrey character. rather than just kill her off, they could have gave her a story line something like ” chinese flipped her and they made her mind into some kind of trance. and so she secretly working for Chinese, and jack finds out and he have to save the world but his feeling for audrey cloud his judgement and so on they could explore that possibility further and that would be really something new that 24 never explored and would be something totally a different story line. there are endless lead they could have taken with the audrey character. it all depended on good writing.
but with renee, they have explored all the potential.. that is being an agent and a love interest. writers did not know what else to go further with her character so they killed her off in season 8. watch season 8 again .. before she was killed off , she became so irrelevant for 24. her character had more value after she dead compared to before she was dead
and you said audrey was killed off because the writers didnt know what to do with her character since she was just a love interest. still they could have done much better and further explore her story starting with how she brought back to life, if mark had any hidden agenda, what happened within last 4 years and so on. but since it’s only 12 episode format , LAD had so much time constrain to explore many other possibilities. 12 episode format definitely doesnt give any room for a romantic story to be told or to explore other things about other characters in the show and due to the huge time constrain, it has to concentrate on jack only and his actions and his story. there for many characters who dont work with jack in the field become irrelevant so audrey became irrelevant so she was killed off. but i doubt it would have been the case if the LAD had 24 episodes. anyways i am not gonna agree with you doesnt matter how much you cry about the holiness about renee character and and you not gonna agree my view about audrey so our argument become pointless. so i wont bother to see or reply to you if you write me back .. so we leave it at that.

I agree with you. Renee Walker was perfect for Jack. It was a mistake to kill the CHARACTER. And if is she NOT died? If is a FAKE death????

yeah Few looks in season 7 and a sex scene season 8 and renee is PERRRFECT for jack ey?? jack never told that he loveed Renee. on the other hand he said many times that he loved audrey and they even have their own 24 Theme music for FFS .. you can not even compare jack’s love for audrey to renee’s casual sex.
like some one said in one message board,
jack went little insane over a woman he barely knew . due to that he lost a woman he actually loved. ENOUGH SAID

My opinion is I want them to bring Audrey back. I like her character. #BringBackAudrey

If the question is about what characters would you include en S10, I would say that these cannot be absent:

– Charles and Martha Logan
– Tony
– Aaron
– Mandy

I would love to see Mandy working along with Logan.
And because Jack is in Russia, this is the perfect place to bring Logan back.

Logan is dead after he blew his brains out, and from the line in Season 7 it appears Martha is dead as well.

Has anyone heard from Mary? I haven’t seen a single post from her since the finale.

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 8:14 pm
No one has seen a post from her….hopefully she will turn up soon…We miss her!

as for Martha and Charles neither is officially dead– they hinted Martha committed suicide and Charles has brain damage but not overtly that they are dead…..

Her head literally exploded after that finale last week, the forensics team are currently sifting through the debris as we speak, the explosion blew the windows out, the doors off the hinges, and made young children cry…

… Mary I mean, not Martha Logan…

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 11:43 pm
Well I hope not! Poor Mary!

I asked the question to David Fury on Twitter “is Logan alive” and he answers “yes”

I asked the question to David Fury on Twitter “is Logan alive” and his answer was “yes”

He may be alive. But probably with severe brain damage. That’s what you usually get when you shoot yourself in the head. Unless you die, of course.

Kiki Vanderway
July 21, 2014 at 5:37 pm
Ok but reality and 24 plot points do not usually go hand in hand… He is fine if TPTB want it that way..,,,

Neither Charles or Martha are confirmed dead.

The medics working on him suggested he’d likely live but suffer brain damage, which I thought was quite fitting really, because any plan of Charles Logan’s will fall apart and not get him what he was aiming for. It really does suck to be that guy. If Day 10 would involve the Russian government, if Suvarov were still in charge, I’d love to see Logan have a role as well.

All we know about Martha is Olivia’s vague, “It must have been hard on you, what happened to her.” Could mean she died, could just be a reference to her breakdown and going to jail for attempted murder. Think it was implied in that recent AMA that she’s still alive, and the wiki lists her as alive.

Aaron and Mandy would be fun bonuses in a Day 10, but Tony is the big MUST have, which I’m sure they’re aware of if they went to the trouble of writing and shooting the scene for the DVD which may well serve as a Day 10 prequel. Even if as Rice says there haven’t been official talks or contracts signed, surely there must have been unofficial talks or I can’t imagine he’d be talking about it in such confident terms.

He’s not dead. Probably the russians found a way to recover him. Maybe he will pretend to be disabled, something like Stephen Hawking and at the end of the season we find out that this was all orchestrated… How about that? It would be nice.

Well, just make a 10th to close it nicely. It always bothered me that HIMYM and X-Files ended with a 9th season.

But I agree, they should end it with a personal plot, not this save the world bullshit.

I’m tired of no one believing Jack, especially after everything he’s done.

At absolute most, ‘The X Files’ should have ended after it’s eighth season; not only was it something of a return to form, the two-part finale wrapped everything up as neatly, as cleanly, and as gracefully as could be expected… they then completely blew it by making the pointless ninth season which killed the franchise stone dead, save for an intelligent, understated, and genuinely underrated second movie six years later which actually served as a nice little coda to the saga but also as a fitting punctuation mark on Mulder and Scully’s relationship (however wrongheaded it was to have them become romantically involved in the first place).

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 10:14 pm
I thought they touted LAD as a more personal personal ending… they can keep their
“More personal storyline”- give me high international conflict, threats of world doom and inter-agency intrigue and keep the girlfriends, daughters and grandchildren behind closed doors…. it just doesn’t work well…or they have forgotten how to make it work well without relying on repetitive story arcs and cheap shock value emotional tricks….

I’ve always wondered who Nina Myers was working for in Day 1; she herself said she didn’t work for the Drazens, and she spoke with a woman who told her to go to Germany.

Obviously have no idea how that kind of a storyline would work with Jack being in a Russian prison now; in any event, I think a Season 10 should definitely be smaller-scale and personal. There’s only so many bio, nuclear, world war 3 type disasters that Jack can stop.

They dropped that just like they dropped the Wilson cabal, and the Max storyline, for TV viewers anyway. After the day is done they just seem to chuck things they used away.

Mr. Rice is definitely right, 24 does have many stories left to tell. If there’s a Season 10, I hope they can achieve the following:

1. Tie up all the loose ends from previous 9 days, such as Alan Wilson Organization, Nina’s organization, Mandy, Max from S2.
2. Clarify all the characters fates left unknown, such as Palmer’s adviser Lynne from S2, John Keeler, Martha Logan, Wayne Palmer, Karen Hayes, Allison Taylor, and so on.
3. Let Tony return and redeem himself.
4. Give Jack a happy ending he deserves.

Samurai Snake
July 21, 2014 at 6:32 am
They already tied up Max’s story in 24: The Game.

Well, then, the rest.

I agree for the most part, but I don’t think the Alan Wilson storyline will be revisited as they implied in Season 8 that Renee broke him. I’m also not dying to know what happened to Lynne from Season 2, but that’s just me. The 24 writers said in an interview that they don’t think Keeler is “with us,” so i’m assuming that means he eventually died in the plane crash. Wayne Palmer died too; in 24 Redemption, Noah Daniels is seen reading a newspaper and if you look at the screenshot of the newspaper it mentions how Palmer died (if you google 24 Wiki and find Wayne Palmer’s writeup, you will probably get the screenshot).

I would be interested to see Allison Taylor, Martha Logan, and most certainly Tony.

One interesting thought I had: what if Logan didn’t die as a result of trying to commit suicide in the Season 8 finale? He has ties to the Russians. I’m sure that a Season 10 idea could somehow bring Logan back into the fold to try regarding Jack’s imprisonment.

It’s never made clear in the show that whether Renee broke Wilson or broken by him, while I tend to think the latter one, I think it should be made clear. And I think it’s cheap to break Wilson off-screen, considering his roles in the whole events happened from Day 4 to Day 7.
As for Wayne Palmer’s fate, and those who’re responsible for his death should also be made clear. Personally I always feel the writers are hinting that Noah Daniels is part of the conspiracy throughout S6 to S8.
It’s too early to say whether there can be a S10, but if there is, i think to tie up all loose ends is a great way to bring back old audince while attracting new ones. It can also make 24 great show, even greater than it already is! And if you think really carefully, the writers actually have a lot of ways to achieve that, only if they’re willing to do that.

Here’s a screenshot (the mention of Wayne’s death is the top paragraph in the middle)

Thank you. I know that. I still think it should be made clear in the show considering the importance of his role. And should also be made clear those who’re responsible for his death, maybe also part of Alan Wilson’s group, consdering after Noah Daniels take over the position, he’s eager to launch a war, avoid digging into Wayne’s assasination, meet Hodges once a week, and gave Logan pardon. And Olivia, who humiliated Daniels during the election by digging up his scandal, got set up by Wilson’s Group at the end of Day 7. I would it seems say Noah Daniels really has some deep connection with Wilson’s Group.

So, come on, Day 10, continue the Alan Wilson storyline and make Noah Daniels the big bad!! That’s what you’re paving your way to throughout S6 to S8. Don’t waste that and make 24 a greater show than it already is!! You have EVERY chance to achieve that now~!!!!!!

They should revisit the cabal, after having it run for so long only to have it just go poof, stupid! Also be nice to see Karen Hayes again, they just forgot all about her magically. Mike Novick, Aaron and Tony should be back, especially Tony. Logan maybe, but only so much he can do.

I still say the whole people trying to kill Wayne thing should have been revealed to be Sherry alive and well.

Lynne I could care less about though. Martha doesn’t add much of anything anymore. Not sure Taylor would either.

Mandy, yeah, be nice to have her show up.

Well, some characters don’t have to return, but their fate should be make clear by being mentioned by others maybe.

Caviar, for points 1 & 2, they’re never going to tie up all of those loose ends. I think if you’re lucky they might tie up the loose ends from the plot of one previous season, and they might clarify the fates of two characters whose fates are unknown. And IMHO, it’s good that they don’t tie up all the loose ends. For some characters, the most interesting parts of their stories are over, and it would be tedious and/or anticlimactic to show what happened to them next.

For point 4, I think it would feel hokey and inauthentic for Jack to have a “happy” ending, but I also hope Jack has a less sad ending than what he had for Days 8 and 9. After all the people he’s killed and the laws he’s broken for the greater good, he’s never going to come out smiling like he just won the lottery. I think a less sad outcome is more likely if Jack’s role is diminished. Maybe he can go home and live an eccentric but semi-normal rest-of-his-life if some other hero makes the hard decisions and pays the toughest consequences instead.

Well, at current situation, I can only say I have high hope for that, I mean tying up the loose ends. If they manage to do that, It would make reach a new level of greatness, and i hope they have some courage to try it. After all, the fans deserve that!!

Maybe Nina’s Organazation from S1 and Max from S2 are too old to tie up. But at least Wilson’s Group should not be left that vague. We should witness Jack (maybe with Tony) break it!!

Something to do with Wilson’s group seems the perfect way to bring Tony back in a relevant way. He went to a lot of trouble to research his way to Wilson, so it’s believable that he could have some information that could help with an investigation and earn himself a pardon and redemption through that process.

Damn Right! Tony did all the bad things in order to get close to Wilson. So Wilson’s group is really a perfect excuse to make him return and find his redemption.

And IMHO, Tony really shouldn’t end up as he is in S7, not the Tony we knew and loved.

“I think a less sad outcome is more likely if Jack’s role is diminished.”

Could be interesting to see him forced into retirement due to being disabled. I can’t see them ever killing him, (frankly with the number of times he’s escaped certain death I dunno how they could find a believable way to kill him), but having him lose a leg or something could be doable. I’d hope if they did that we got a season of him still helping with a mission from the sidelines (maybe playing mentor to Kate who’s the head of field ops) and being all frustrated that he physically can’t be in the field. Would give Kiefer a new aspect of the character to explore and would be a less physically taxing gig, double win. A physical disability could also get him moving in with his family, so he’d end up in “happy ending” territory but would still have some miserable issues to deal with, so it wouldn’t be a happy sappy ending and feel out of place for the show.

Off topic, but just moved the website to a brand new server, one that should be much faster. If you’re seeing this comment then you’re on the new server. Worked very hard over the last week to make this transition as smooth as possible with no downtime/issues, but there might be some kinks to work out still.

So if any of you folks come across errors or weirdness please report it so it can be fixed ASAP. Thanks!

Kiki Vanderway
July 20, 2014 at 11:46 pm
First–thank you for the upgrade!

Second some posts are disappearing then reappearing my guess is its the lag time on the switchover and it will get sorted out in the next couple of days

Yep it’s a temporary DNS cache issue and will sort itself out automatically (typically no more than a few hours depending on what ISP you use). No comments, posts, or images should’ve been lost during the switchover :)

And as for Olivia Taylor’s plotline from S7, it’s never made clear why the hitman killed Jonas Hodges even before she paid. I always feel there’s something bigger behind this and she’s been framed. Hope this puzzle can be resolved in S10, maybe tie up with the fall of Wilson organization.

That was made clear as a bell. He trusted she’d pay and only had a small window to do it. She can’t be framed when she ordered it to start with, no one knew she changed her mind, so she could not be framed. All her.

You could think that way, but it would be more interesting if she’s been set up, otherwise it would be very coincidental that Hodges was killed just at the time he could expose Wilson’s Group.

“24 still has many stories left to tell”

I’ve always been very on the fence regarding the renewal. Most of the time I don’t really want them to continue but some of the time that “What happened next!?” feeling creeps back up again.

This quote really feels to me like they want to renew it for another 12 episode season. Not sure why though. The ratings were merely okay by today’s network tv standards (by 2000s network tv standards, the ratings were terrible). And if they do want to renew it, only very strong resistance from Howard Gordon and/or Kiefer could stop FOX from doing it.

LAD was alright, not great.

If they do bring it back for one more it definitely has to be a more personal story for Jack for the proper closure on series.

My season rank….

1 (Fav)
8 (Eps 16 -24 I thought were some of the shows best)

Palmer's Ghost
July 21, 2014 at 1:23 am
I always wondered why they had such a hard time fitting Mandy back into the plot, it’s been 9 years since she appeared, she’s only a henchmen, not a lead villain and she got away with killing a lot of innocent people. Max was killed in a video game, kind of crappy, but the best were going to get. Alan Wilson and his organization’s fate was left so ambiguous, I just feel like were suppose to assume they are all caught and in prison. Even if Charles Logan did survive, he should be in a prison hospital for his role in the conspiracy, not to mention Jason Pillar’s murder. Maybe the U.S. government makes some sort of deal with Russia like they did with China for Jack’s release.

24 should only be brought back as a full 24 episode season. LAD was too rushed during the last 4 episides. Also Tony Almeida is a must. I dont believe its a coincidence that the 3 least favorite seasons by the fans have been those without Almeida, 6, 8, LAD. Jack and Tony go together like PB & J. Imagine a season 10 in Chicago, and Jack needs access to someone from Tony’s past. Jack is forced to covertly break Tony out of prison to help him out. The series ends with Jack and Tony watching a cubs game at wrigley field and you see the 24 clock countdown the end of the season on the jumbo tron.

Umm. No. Seasons 6, 8, LAD aren’t the least favorite by everybody. I know a lot of people hated season 6, but most people I know liked 8 and LAD. I personally liked both of those, and I even liked 6 better than 3.

Ahaha I agree, Tony Almeida is loved by almost all 24 fans, and there are some great storylines to bringing him back! What’s to lose? I’m really hoping that the DVD feature on him is hinting that he’ll return in a season 10, otherwise there isn’t that much point in having the feature.

I’m in if they bring back Kevin McNally as a major player.

July 21, 2014 at 4:35 pm
Yes, this please. His character could be fun if they make him a big part of Day 10.

They (probably) have another season for “repair” some mistakes…


Another thing that comes to my mind, is that because they were changing the ending until the last moment, I think that they were wainting for some kind of confirmation that allows them to screen some open-finale for the entering of season 10.

Yes! #BringBackAudrey

A more personal plot line if there will be another season, more stories to tell Kate is on the hunt for the person who killed Audrey , Chloe is told that Morris and Prescott are still alive, a major human trafficking network has evolved Jack realizes that Kim and his grand daughter are caught in the middle

There just my wild ideas don’t take any notice

Me alegraaaa leer estooo, la serie puede seguirrr aqui un mega fannn siiiiii

translation: ” i am so glad to read this, the show can go on. Here there’s a huge fan, yeahh “

[b]”Politically interesting is a fictitious story, not one based on a terrible tragedy that has many political repercussions in real life.”

Replying to the person who posted this in July – we have just seen the final episode of the latest series in Australia.

Why not base the next Series on the current Malaysian Aircraft tragedy. Jack is already in Russia! Easy to mix fact and fiction.

Something should be done about the way things are being handled at the crash site anyway. [i][b]Sympathy for all those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.


could Abel Enrique translate into English

wouldn’t it be wonderful if Gary Oldman played the villain in season 10

does anyone know specifically know who Jack went with in the final scene of LAD were they FSB or Russian Mob

Kiki Vanderway
July 22, 2014 at 11:56 am
Mob doesn’t make sense– the. “all Moscow ever wanted was you” line gives me the impression was the emissary was governmental in nature even if Mr. ‘stache was rouge there at the end

This cannot be the end of 24, absolutely not!

Jack Bauer is an international hero and will be for a very long time to come. Life would not be the same if we knew that this was the very last series. We all need something to look forward to, and this is it!

They need to tie up the loose ends in one final 12 episode season.

The season should feature JB, Tony, Chloe, Heller, together with a few characters from LAD (definitely Morgan and Bordreau, but also Ritter).

I’d love them to end the series on a personal note, reuniting Tony, Jack and Chloe.

In my view as well, I think the Jack character has been through enough, and I can’t see Jack ending the series happily ever after as a grandfather. (The temptation to bring him back for another series/movie is too much).

I think the writers should start planning now, well ahead of the next series, on how they can let Jack go – a fitting finale to such an awesome action hero. That should then be the premise over which Season 10 revolves.

The 10th season doesn’t have to feature 12 episodes. I think 15 or 18 would be more proper.

No, because by now they know that the audience is back for them. They should do a complete-24-episode season.

Call it “24: Final Confrontation”

A 10th season of 24 should go back to a more smaller scale threat. Something more personal to Jack. Maybe Kim or one of her kids being abducted by someone from Jack’s past.


This time its personal!

I posted this on IGN a week or so ago.


Hey producers, here’s your premise:

24: Exile (Season 10)

One year after he was taken by the Russians, Jack Bauer’s execution date has arrived, and the whole world will play witness. Fearing the repercussions of an American being executed by the Russian government, the United States government has authorized a covert CIA team, led by the recently-returned Kate Morgan, to go into Moscow and rescue Jack Bauer. They have 24 hours to complete their mission before Jack is executed.

This premise is perfect because they can test Kate Morgan as a lead without completely getting rid of Jack Bauer. There is no terrorist threat. There is no political scandal. There is no mole. Just a mission to find Jack. The US launches the mission to prevent the embarrassment of Jack being executed by Russia, which they see as a statement to the world that they have power and will use it to get whatever they want.

All footage of Jack is seen through video, giving them the option of pulling a Hassan (from S8) where he’s been dead the entire time. If they do this, of course they witness him going ape-shit in the video and killing a bunch of people even in a storm of bullets.

If they don’t do that, Jack can be rescued and taken home, but restricted to an office at the resurrected CTU LA, with Kate as his lead field agent and Chloe as his tech lead. This option also gives the option for Tony to return to assist Jack in running CTU, because of his experience, and maybe somebody high up was sympathetic to his cause and released him.

I don’t know, just an idea.

And for the love of god, bring back Stephen Hopkins to direct the entire season.

Send the idea to Jon Cassar :P

Yeah, no. I’ll send John Cassar and Howard Gordon pre-written resignation letters for them to sign. Or I’ll just go all Boudreau and sign them myself. They need to go if this show has any hope of telling these “many stories.”

Totally agree. I hate Jon Cassar’s cheap and nasty style of direction with a pash, and as for Howard Gordon, I’m just dying to know what exactly that great new idea was that he pitched to Kief over the phone.

Larry Berman and Family
August 11, 2014 at 6:08 pm
24 is absolutely the best show on TV
PLEASE –we want another season