New 24 Spoilers Design

We’re proud to launch the brand new design for! Over the last weeks we’ve moved to a faster and more reliable web server and today we debut our new theme. The site was completely rebuilt from scratch and we tried to strike a nice balance between making things fresh and keeping it familiar.

Literally every single element of the site has been tweaked or redone, but we’re going to walk you through a handful of the more notable changes.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new streamlined navigation bar at the top of the page. It takes up much less vertical screen space than before and floats at the top of the page as you scroll down.

Images are now higher resolution and quality, and they’ll show up at the very top of posts. Videos will also appear at the very top as well (here’s an example). This requires updating thousands of posts, so it will be a while before the older stories.

There’s larger more legible fonts, pull quotes for articles, sub-headline teaser text, redesigned audio and video players, and redesigned polls among other things.

Gallery Pages
Photo gallery pages (like this one) have a black background so you can better focus on the images themselves. The title and description are now positioned to the right of the photo so that you don’t have to scroll down to see the image details.

The other images are now represented with larger thumbnails. On mobile devices you can now swipe through the photos and on desktop browsers you can navigate with your left and right arrow keys.

We’ve got a daily newsletter in the sidebar that you can sign up for. This will send you a single email per day with a roundup of all our posts from that day. There’s an opt out link at the bottom of each email if you wish to stop receiving email updates. We respect your privacy – no spam, promise.

Mobile Support
We’ve always worked hard to make sure the site works on mobile. You can now search from mobile, access the social network links, swipe through gallery pages, and watch more videos than before.

Other Stuff

  • Music page now has larger album arts and we’ll soon have an audio player there where you can stream every track.
  • Cast pages now have widescreen images, Instagram profiles, and a sidebar that shows their latest posts. Much more to come with this later.
  • Sidebar now has trending and latest news combined in a toggle to reduce clutter. In addition to the newsletter mentioned above, there’s also a featured poll that will be updated every couple of days.
  • Speed. The design is extremely optimized and should load faster than before. And there’s still some optimizations to do on the server side which will make it go even faster.

This new design will continue to be tweaked and iterated on, and there’s most likely some bugs and quirks to work out. We cannot possibly test on every single browser and device out there, so if you come across a bug please don’t hesitate to report it and we’ll try to get it fixed ASAP.

Almost every other “24” website has either shut down or been inactive for years, but we’re committed to making this a great community for fans of the show. Everyone who posts comments, shares our posts on social networks, sends us news tips via the contact form, or just continues visiting, we’d like to say thank you!


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Really nice job. The best thing about the new site is how quickly it loads—and it wasn’t slow before, either!

I truly think you guys are responsible one of the best, most professionally run fan sites for any TV show I can think of.

August 4, 2014 at 9:54 pm
Great work, love this website. I hate how so many 24 sites have shut down, so this and the are about the only ones I visit regularly.

For anyone who’s interested there’s still a forum with some old members from the Fox forums, who all moved over to this:
It was basically dead for 4 years but saw a lot of activity while Live Another Day was on the air.

Loving the new design here and all the content. Without 24spoilers, I would have never been able to watch the Season 1 Deleted Scenes and listen to the Season 1 audio commentaries, so thanks for all the great work over the years and for always keeping up-to-date. Keep up the great work!

Congrats and kudos on the fresh coat of varnish for a wondeful site… looking good and long may it reign!

Hear, hear!

Great job!! all my best wishes from Spain, hope you never leave us!

The new look is great all we need now is another season to go with it

Great work !!

Great work 24spoilers, loving the new look.

All we need now is another season to go with the new look, any news yet regarding a season 10?

Keep up the good work with the latest news, this is the only 24 website I go on for my latest news of 24, its really sad that other 24 websites have shut down :(

Well done with the redesign. This website is the best, thanks for all the efforts. Here’s to many more years of 24 Spoilers.

They wouldn’t go through so much trouble if there won’t be more episodes… So, S10 confirmed! :D


24 Spoilers is in no way run by FOX; they don’t know if S10 is happening or not, & if they did, they would’ve posted it by now. And even after S8, 24 Spoilers completely redesigned their website w/ the last design.

Kiki Vanderway
August 5, 2014 at 6:44 pm
Its a labor of love and so well done.

For any fan of the show this site in particular has the largest collection of information about additional media related to the show (e.g. cast interviews in print and video, all the promos, DVD specials, and most of the panels) and information about the cast and post-24 information on them as well.

I believe 24 Spoilers has pretty much made it the site anyone can point to for a “how-to” manual on creating a lasting, completely relevant and timeless homage to a show.

Thanks Kiki (and everyone else too)! You folks are all very kind.

We’ll be continuing to add a lot more older stuff (promos, photos, text interviews, video interviews) and also transcribing all of the existing video interviews so that they’re searchable. Lots of cool stuff planned :)

Right on! We have a place to gather, share, and think out loud and hopefully not get dissed. Very seldom have I seen anything but support which is very heartening.

Nice article about ratings:

I think season 10 is more likely with numbers like that.

Really like the new design of this website. Hope 24 comes back for one final day and let Jack Bauer have a happy ending.

Looks promising for season 10, according to this recent link:

The best part of this site is that it’s a testament to the loyalty and fervor of the show’s fans and impact of it in their lives. I have to compliment the site’s managers for making it far crisper, cleaner and more user-friendly. I remember often opening the site 2-3 years ago and having all kinds of video card / graphic display issues on my computer – and it wouldn’t refresh easily after using the forum. Now it’s easier and faster to get the news and interact with fellow fans.

So, a big ‘thank you’ to the site creators for devoting your own time and energies towards a project that so many other fans can enjoy and participate in.

This place looks lovely :) Your new look is gorgeous. Thank you for keeping up such a great site for 24!

Hey guys, one more thing please fix it so one can get back into a posting to edit; I especially often need to fix a spelling error. :>( Needed to fix the one before here, in “Scrabble” terms I needed an “r” in one of my words. Darn!

Yeah, have been fixing typos when spotted, but eventually would like to support comment editing too. It’s a bit more tricky in this case because we don’t require commenters to register for accounts (that is how comment editing is usually handled).

It’s something that is being looked into though.

Glad to hear that, and thanks for putting the “r” in for me, I try to proof before posting but too often my eyes see what my head intended my fingers to write/type.

This will help because Monday nights just aren’t the same right now, and oh mercy when they killed off Audrey I almost committed to never watching “24” ever again and swearing off buying LAD when it comes out on DVD; frankly the jury is still out on that one. I was/still really mad with any and all involved in that nihilistic brain cramp!

That is good news – but very curious, given how much conviction Kiefer kept adding in his interviews during the season about wanting to make it the end for the show and how his age and physical wear-and-tear were adding up to the point where he was “done” playing the role. I think we all knew that the character and series left an indelible impact on him and suspected that he couldn’t give it up – especially after the drought his career produced once the series ended in 2010.

I hope like all of us that news comes in the next month or two of a 10th season next year.