Jack and Chloe in the 24: Live Another Day Finale
Jack and Chloe in the 24: Live Another Day Finale

24 reboot a “total reset” with no returning characters

Two months ago we heard the planned 24 reboot would focus on a new male agent in his twenties working alongside an older more experienced female agent. At that time, the hope was for Kiefer Sutherland to still make an occasional appearance in the reboot. But today FOX revealed that it might not feature any returning characters at all – no Jack, Chloe, Kate, or Tony.

A reboot of 24 is still in development, according to Fox chairman and CEO Gary Newman, who offered an update to reporters during the network’s summer press tour.

Manny Coto and Evan Katz are writing the script, with longtime 24 producer Howard Gordon supervising. Though the network hasn’t seen the script yet, Newman said it will center on a new character in the absence of of Jack Bauer. Not that they didn’t try.

“Obviously we would love to have Kiefer [Sutherland] and we went to him first,” said Newman. “It isn’t something he wants to do at this point, but he encouraged us to continue and look for a way to bring the show back.” The network has been weighing the possibility of a Kiefer-less 24 since January.

The familiar clock will be chiming once again in the new series, but as for familiar characters, Newman admitted, “Honestly I don’t know whether we’ll see any old characters or not. It would not surprise me if it’s a total reset in terms of the characters.”

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I’m not sure a full 24 reboot would be received well by the long time 24 fans. I think I was willing to commit to a “pass the torch” show that featured KS less and had a new guy in it. The idea of no returning cast has me less interested. I’d rather they just leave LAD be the end of the series and that be it if this indeed is the path they will take.


My sentiments exactly – although any version without Kiefer would have been less interesting. I’m not sure I would have tuned in for a version where Chloe, Kate or some other returning characters show up but Kiefer doesn’t.

With the exception of the Chris Nolan ‘Batman’ series, Hollywood reboots usually turn out worse than the original version was and rarely succeed long-term. I would much rather that, if given the choice between a clean-slate reboot and accepting LAD as the series finale, fans be allowed to choose the latter. There are so many action / hero / spy movies and franchises out there – the time clock and multi-screen shots alone are hardly enough to set ’24’ apart from those. Writers are misguided if they think the original ’24’ series succeeded as much on their format of filming as it did on Kiefer’s portrayal of Jack.

Why not the other way around? Have them establish new characters with their own backstories and problems to solve, and afterwards you can bring in familiar faces. “Passing the torch” often times feels so forced and unnatural. And forced constellations and unnatural coincidences where a growing problem in the last seasons of 24 anyway (all the remaining cast members meeting in london and so on). Jack is not in a mentoring position anyway. Tony being in costody and offering his help is a great premise, but you cannot just have all these guys AND a new cast in more or less the same place to pass the torch. Imagine fresh faces who haven’t gone down that long road that jack and tony and cloe have. Imagine a working team like CTU in season one, consisting of people who are still intact. And then have them cross paths with tony or chloe or jack or Kate at some point. Or maybe with Rene Walker or the Palmer Brothers, given that you could easily go for a prequel or fill in some blanks. The more I think about it, the more I find that option preferable to a mere passing of the torch.

The show had great potential if some characters were back. Then it continues the same storylibe in a different point if view. This just pisses ne off. What was the point of Solitary if were not gonna get Tony. I am not at all excited about this l, of course I will still watch it but a complete reboot sounds like the shitest thing they could do right now leaving the other storyline hanging after 14 years.

WOOHOOO! :D great news. I can’t wait…hope it’s as good as I am imagining.

And with that news, the last vestiges of interest from myself fade from view…

I’m with Kiefer on this one, it’s time to give the character of Jack Bauer a much-needed break before it lapses into self-parody; how many bad days can one man have, how much death and loss can one man endure, and how many times can they re-arrange the narrative furniture to draw the character in before it all becomes a complete cartoon without any credibility?

I wouldn’t rule out Kiefer returning at some point in the future, but for now, it’s time to give it a break, good luck to the new version but I’ll be watching the new ‘X-Files’ instead… the truth is still out there!

I believe the answer to the question you asked in your second paragraph is…around the 4th season ish, and way past it by the 6th.

Can’t wait for the new X-Files!

Personally I think they ought to of led into the reboot by simply rescuing Jack whether is be by force or barter with something the Russians wanted. Then they can get him back and retire JB, to live with his family. If they don’t want him to come back permanently after that simply make it that he has a bum leg from abuse by the Russians and needs a cane to walk. Then if they ever desire to cameo him back in he can simply bring him in for an interrogation, Intel, or to run a mission from a command role.

me too! but I heard Mulder and Scully are no longer together releationship wise but can wait ethier way to see them and Skinner along with the others . 6 episodes though is not enough they should have gone 12 like LAD did

To the first question: “how many bad days can one man have, how much death and loss can one man endure?”, there were 3 month to 2 year lapses between the seasons. Jack had 9 bad days documented out of, what, 5-6 years as an agent and many more years in Special Forces before he joined CTU? That seems credible for law enforcement / military agents to have some high crises amongst their careers. It’s not like the 9 days we watched the show cover were the only 9 days of Jack’s career.

What I can see happening is that the total reboot idea with new characters/actors flops and Kiefer decides the legacy of the show is worth saving by returning himself – same as what we’ve heard Matt Damon is doing by returning for a 4th Bourne movie after originally vowing he’d never do another. The infill with Jeremy Renner was a dud and killed the franchise more or less. I think the odds are good the same will happen to ’24’ if this is how the writers are proceeding.

August 6, 2015 at 3:44 pm
I’m open to a new lead, but no connections to the past at all is a bad move. All my excitement for this is gone really. I was really hoping for more Tony somewhere down the line.

August 6, 2015 at 3:47 pm
How to ruin a good show, This will kill the ratings, i was starting to accept that kiefer would be gone, but that some people would return, but a total reset, screw it.. 24 Ended for me with season 9.

No Jack Bauer and no returning characters should definitely be the end of 24. A new cast of characters for the new and improved 24 should work but I’m wondering if they’re going to cast Eric Roberts as one of the newbies.

Isn’t Eric Roberts older than Kiefer? He might be a decent villain or government honcho but as the action lead, he’s too old.

Fox, let it go.

pun intended?

Im out.

No returning characters is a STUPID idea.

Well let’s hope all movie plans and career choices fail for Kiefer so he gets back as soon as possible.

I think a 24 movie will come out as a prequel to the spinoff, or a spinoff will happen and then a 24 movie. A pitch for a 24 movie was made in September 2014 and Brian Grazer was keen on the pitch. So i can see Kiefer and old cast members coming back to the show for a movie when it’s done. Kiefer even said he sees this happening very soon

No Kiefer, no 24.

It’s that simple.

I’m less upset about Le Kief not returning, and far more upset about Evan, Manny and Howard returning to bore and disappoint those of us who desire something new and exciting.

The problem with Jack is that he has not and never will evolve. He will always be the self-sacrificing glutton for punishment he always was. Mander is right, there’s only so many bad days one man can have. Every season they come back and tell us he’s “not the Jack we once knew” but Seasons 6, 7, 8 and LAD have proven them out and out liars.

Would it have fucking killed them to explore a day which doesn’t revolve around Jack crawling back to a US agency and saving the world from terrorists? Would it have killed them to explore Jack being forced to chose between saving his country or his family?

I’m holding out faint hope that the new character will be something of a nihilist who doesn’t really care about society and “innocent people”, someone who believes society is not worth risking your neck for. That kind of character would be oddly heroic in a way.

Man, for someone who likes to complain about the show’s (alleged) unoriginality, you sure like regurgitating the same negative, trolling crap in every single comment you make here. You’ve said you’re done. Please follow through.

A true fan knows when to take off the rose-coloured glasses and avoid running of the cliff with the rest of the sheep herd.

All good points, XAM, but season 8 though? I thought we were in agreement about how good that ultimately was?

Season 8 was the 2nd worst in my opinion, after season 6 of course

August 7, 2015 at 8:36 am
I think only the last few episodes of Season 8 were good. I disliked the storyline of ”Jenny”

The last 6 episodes of S8 were among the best in the entire series run IMO – not only for the excitement the hunt for Jack had but it seemed to draw so much of the angst we fans felt for all the suffering Jack had to endure in seasons past. His vendetta run was therapeutic to watch!

While I disliked season 8 for dropping the Wilson story, and for being largely a rehash. I must say it is a very good rehash.

It’s not perfect by any means, Jack’s reasoning for being involved in the first place isn’t compelling enough. It’s certainly no day1/day 5, but as far as the even numbered days go (Muslim terrorists with nuclear weapons followed by White conspirators) it’s probably my favourite.

Those final episodes with Jack against a system that’s rotten to the core were some of the very best they’ve ever done.

The last episodes of season 8 were utter trash!

Those were some of the best episodes of 24 ever, wtf man

Your taste sucks hard

I actually really, really liked Live Another Day and was not disappointed at all: the show’s best outing since Season 5.

I take your points elsewhere, though.

The problem with Jack is that he has not and never will evolve. He will always be the self-sacrificing glutton for punishment he always was.

That’s precisely why fans love the character and followed the show – the suffering of a hero, against all odds, is a compelling reason in any action / dramatic movie for the audience to root for and follow a specific hero.

Hey, man, did you not see season 1? Your idea of Jack having to choose between his government and his family was done already. I really see other arcs I wish the show had explored. Why not bring back Chloe, Kate (yes, I liked Kate, and easy to look at), perhaps Eric or some other male character, and have them spending a good part of the day hatching an elaborate plan to break Jack out of the Russian prison? That way you do have a bridge from old to new, and Jack doesn’t have to carry the show, doesn’t even have to have any scenes until around the halfway point. Just makes sense to me, since LAD left that scenario wide open to explore.

See… this would be an exciting proposition. But there ARE familiar names returning, that’s exactly my problem! Howard Gordon, Manny Coto and Evan Katz, 3 burnt out hacks who haven’t got a fucking clue how to write anything new or exciting.

Since the original characters were killed off, they’ve never actually replaced them with new characters, just wrote the fucking old ones again with different names.

Each season it’s always the same plot and same old/new lineup of characters.

– Agent with a past
– Nerdy techhead to exchange snarky comments with Chloe
– By the book agency boss
– Dickish and ambitious politician
– President facing a dilemma
– Agency mole

24 characters are like photocopies, destined to be shittier and lower quality than the last with the more copies you run off, furthermore the more copies they make the less people give a shit about them. This time sadly, it’s Jack’s turn to be replaced by an inferior copy.

Sorry, but I think I’ll sit this one out.

I don’t think all is lost

This could all be a ploy knowing FOX

However, If Kiefer doesn’t want to continue on then fair enough

I just hope that we’ll see a post-Solitary storyline

Otherwise, let’s see what they come up with without the crew

However, If Kiefer doesn’t want to continue on then fair enough

That’s the sad reality – if the actor doesn’t want to do it, there’s nothing fans can say or do but accept it. I think everyone knows that when Kiefer reaches the end of his acting career 20 years +/- from now, no one will remember any of his other roles or work because of the icon he created in ’24’. He seems destined to fall more into the footsteps of the late great Peter Falk, who could never escape his iconic character, than in those of someone like Bruce Willis, who has been able to succeed in roles other than the ‘Die Hard’ character he made famous.

haha better to never become like Bruce Willis. Die Hard 5 was one of the worst sequels ever made.

Hopefully it fails to bring in ratings and they end 24 forever.

What bugs me is that all involved got greedy when it came to LAD and left the door open for more Jack Bauer storylines, when they should have just wrapped everything up.

What’s the point in bringing a show back after it had a satisfying ending four years prior only to give it a cliffhanger ending and never live up to servicing that?

I’m game for a Kieferless 24, but I must admit that you can’t just fucking start a new 24 after leaving old 24 the way they did. It’s just plain wrong and will lose you loyal fans.

To be fair, the quotes from Gary Newman are all speculation. He admits to not having seen the script. We don’t know anything more concrete today than we did yesterday.



I think that if Yvonne Strahovski was the lead that would attract some viewers

Yeah, mostly feminists and virgins.

Yvonne has moved on to bigger and better things since 24LAD. She can’t top Kiefer, and she can’t top her role as Sarah Walker, so what’s the point? It would be a career killer.

Whoever they cast in the lead roles will likely be unknowns or actors who are struggling for work.

What a terrible idea. I am out. It’s the Characters NOT the format of the show. They should just let it end as it did. Had they transitioned to Kate (Yvonne Strahovski) I was in. A new male lead is a really stupid idea.

Anybody content with just letting 24 die? I mean, I’m not actually against rebooting with a new character, but I just feel like there has to be some time where 24 finally ends. Maybe it’s time? Just asking.

I was really ready to let go after LAD is finished, but they decided to have a damned cliffhanger ending to torture me for eternity without ever closing the show properly. I was completely hyped that they were bringing back 24 for one final run with LAD, but that cliffhanger and this damned reboot totally ruined everything.

That and the Tony jail thing. If they didn’t have a plan for a new season then they should have ended it and not f***ed with fans

Why would they even release the special video with Tony after LAD if they won’t even feature him in the next season… which turned out to be a reboot shortly after the video was released… I was so excited after seeing Tony ’bout to escape Solitary and the possibility of him rescuing Jack from the Russians…. Now it’s all destroyed.. I guess everything comes to an end, 24 will be my all-time favourite show and as much as I love it, I won’t even bother with the stupid “reboot” especially with how there are still plot holes from the original show.

It confounds me that they’d even consider not following up on Solitary. It was the perfect setup for the next season. It’s something that would guarantee that people will tune in to Day 10 if we get to see Tony busting out of prison. They could so easily bring in a new crop of CTU agents to work the case of Tony’s jailbreak, and if response to the new characters is positive, then have them be the sole focus of Day 11 (and potentially beyond).

Maybe I’m missing something because I have no actual experience in the TV biz, but that seems like a far less risky way for FOX to invest their dollars, rather than taking a big gamble with a straight up reboot that doesn’t include any previous characters, and hoping that people will still watch it. As it stands right now, they’re doing a pretty decent job of alienating the audience they’ll be depending on to make the reboot a success. I daresay that even though plenty of people are pissed and uninterested if there’s no Jack, that a decent chunk of them would still tune in if other characters like Tony and Chloe were still in it. So to disregard ALL previous characters, just seems like a dumb move.

I say, have Chloe and Kate team up, they are working secretly with Tony (which explains Solitary), to break him out, because they know he’s the only one capable of assisting with breaking Jack out of the Russian prison. Kiefer gets his limited role, and we get our beloved characters. Win/win, and the storyline makes sense.

I’m really confused by fans reactions to this. This is a NEW SHOW, a completely new show….presumably you guys are not averse to watching new shows with new characters in? The only thing in common with 24 is the concept of it being set over a single day in real time. And presumably, if you are fans of 24 in the first place, you will agree that is a good concept.

So, it’s a brand new show using a concept you accept is good….but you are announcing now that you will not watch it, however good it may turn out to be?

Brand new show? lol fat chance. They’ll rehash the same old crap with new characters. Not saying it will be horrible, but it won’t be new.

But the reason that they have rehashed the same old crap in past years is exactly because of the fan reaction of “oh its different without Jack I refuse to watch it”. The fans don’t give them a chance to do anything different! This could genuinely be a new show, but it won’t get off the ground because of people saying they won’t watch anything new or different.

Sebastian Monroe
August 8, 2015 at 12:19 pm
The problem is that Jack Bauer has been a staple of 24 since inception. One could argue that the premise is not necessarily a “single day real time concept” but rather “one day in the life of Jack Bauer.” You remove Jack Bauer and focus just on the real time concept, then many people will automatically view the new show as inferior to the original because it lacks Jack Bauer. And if the show is from the outset already viewed as inferior, then it has (in my opinion) little chance of success.

Not necessarily defending those who say they won’t watch, since I would give the new show a chance, but I understand where they’re coming from and I certainly view it as a mistake to continue the 24 concept without ANY old characters.

I think you’re mixing up the quality of the show, and how successful it is. Two very different things. I agree that without Jack it would not be as successful, but it would hopefully be better quality because without trying to court stupid fans who want the same thing time and again and refuse to watch anything that strays from the formula, they might actually make something decent. Like when they made the first season.

Sebastian Monroe
August 8, 2015 at 12:54 pm
Certainly a good point. By removing Jack Bauer I think it does open the door for new and creative ideas. But whether the writers bring such ideas to fruition is another matter.

It’s not a new show. Manny Coto, Evan Katz and Howard Gordon. 3 men equally creatively bankrupt are not going to create anything new. It’s just going to be 24 by numbers, without Jack.

I am indeed open to a brand new show using the real time concept I just have zero faith in the the 3 shitheels running the show, and if Jon Cassar gets back into the directors chair then god fucking help us!

I’ve never been part of the “Jack is 24 and 24 is Jack” crowd, but for them to end Jack’s story in such a pitiful way at the end of LAD, and then get peoples hopes up for a continuation of Tony’s story with Solitary, and THEN to just drop it all and say “fuck it, let’s start again” shows a total lack of respect for the audience and their own work. One dick move too far imo.

I’m trying to optimistic about it, though. I believe they’ve been creatively shackled by the studio who want to please the fans above everything….like bringing back Kim for season 2, in case it upset the Kim fans leaving her out. Bringing back May Lynn Rajskub time and again so as to appease the Chloe fans.

However, it looks like they’re finally giving a mighty middle finger up to the braindead fans who want the same thing and getting rid of Jack…which makes me optimistic that they might be coming up with something truly different. However, I doubt the studio will go for it…

They’re not doing a complete reset just to give the “braindead” fans – which ones are they precisely? – the bird, they’re doing it because Kiefer isn’t coming back for more, period. They should at least do something with Tony, and maybe they still will, but it’s out of necessity they’re resetting/rebooting/whatever… and don’t think for a moment it’s anything other than that.

I know it won’t happen at this late stage but a 24 movie to wrap up Jack’s story would be ideal, and I’m not talking a mega-budget film either, something like a $35m budget (keeping the above-the-line costs at a minimum) and shot entirely inside the U.S. would produce a pretty good and profitable last bow for Jack… then they can reboot to their little heart’s content.

Just my own final thoughts for what they’re worth.

I agree 100% XAM. I am really pissed off with the Solitary storyline

Sebastian Monroe
August 8, 2015 at 5:12 pm
XAM is right. We can debate all we want about whether “24 is Jack/Jack is 24,” and we can certainly debate about the writing staff of the “new” show. But what’s unfathomable to me and others is how they end LAD with Jack Bauer’s storyline unfinished, and then basically tease us with the continuation of Tony’s storyline, only for them to drop both storylines.

Agreed, it was one dick move too far indeed

Agreed, XAM. If they permanently drop the ‘Solitary’ story thread (like so many other story threads in the past), I’m abandoning the show.

What a cheap, shoddy thing to do. ’24’ without Jack or at least Chloe and Tony, is not ’24’.
Typical corporate ‘think’… they are assuming that they will profit off of fans of ’24’ with
something that bears little or no resemblance to OUR ’24’. No Jack?? I am not watching
a pale shadow of the real thing. Fox…. start another series that doesn’t try to guarantee
it’s survival off the loyal fan base of ’24’. Call it something else if you have any integrity.

I’m really astonished at the negative reaction. I love Kiefer and Jack is an astonishing character but he’s nearly 50. Carlos is over 50. And the show has always thrived on renewal. Palmer went but we got Logan and Taylor and Heller. Audrey was a great love interest but without her we got Renee.

When S4 cleared the decks of cast, it was hugely controversial but we ended up with new tentpole characters for the show — Audrey, Heller, Curtis, Edgar, Buchanan, Logan — and ultimately, having given the new crew their space, they re-integrated all the old faces as well anyway. This set the stage for the hugely successful S5.

Starting with a new cast doesn’t necessarily mean the old cast are abandoned forever; simply that they need to be given time and space to establish themselves in their own right. Nobody’s saying they’ll never have Jack back — in fact they’ve already said the opposite.

I think it’s exciting. “24” is a magnificent format and now, with 16 years to think about it, we’re going to try it with the mystery and excitement of a new lead character — one who isn’t functionally immortal like Kiefer has been for a good 15 years now. If the show re-establishes itself, you can be your bottom dollar that we will see old favourites again — there’s never been a season of ’24’ which hasn’t brought back at least some of its stars. But it’s also going to focus on the new and that’s as it should be.

But there is always some old characters back. I would be happy if there is a new main with a few of the recurring characters back Tony, Chloe ect. to continue the 24 storyline in a different direction. At this stage there is due to be no returning characters, featuring a new (probably a replica) storyline. This just throws away the dedication of fans who want to see how real 24 ends. All the excitement at the end of Solitary just thrown away. This is the worst possible time they could reboot the series. They really had potential with the new main and the recurring characters but this is just bullshit!

When S4 cleared the decks of cast, it was hugely controversial but we ended up with new tentpole characters for the show — Audrey, Heller, Curtis, Edgar, Buchanan, Logan — and ultimately, having given the new crew their space, they re-integrated all the old faces as well anyway. This set the stage for the hugely successful S5.

All of those were ancillary characters – the anchors of Jack, Tony, Chloe and Michelle were still there.

That’s a big difference compared to the reboot without any recurring characters.

اگر جک باور نباشه من اصلا دانلود نمی کنم
من عاشق جک باورم
بدون جک باور چرا ببینم24

Pros … Great “24” with its ticking clock, real-time format returns! The “24” world of sinister plots, malevolent characters, fast-paced and addictive one hour stories, multiple crisis and the “bad vs good” tug of war make for outstanding television.

Cons … No continuity? That makes zero sense. Until more details are released, I won’t buy Newman’s full statement about this being a “total reset”. There will likely be familiar characters returning, even if they are cameo roles. Yet I’m shocked like most of you that “Solitary” wouldn’t be used in some way to jump start a new limited series. As for Jack … bummer, but as I’ve commented before, the absence of Bauer alone wouldn’t stop me from watching “24”.

Kiefer said he wouldnt mind returning as a guest in the future. So why not go withe the Solitary storyline with a new lead and sone framiler recurring characters. This would be a perfect end to the series (as long as they dont

… screw it up along the way) it would be a great series ending with Kiefer returning as a guest in the last episode. Two and a half men didnt do it so 24 should!

The Problem: its too soon. In another 5 or 10 years sure, why not. Spinoffs can happen and make sense during or even a year after an original show. But a Reboot in 2016 or 17 when the original aired in 2014? A couple of years later is just weird. This is why networks get actors to sign five year contracts when they sign an actor. Networks need a plan if things work so they can’t be held hostage by an individual. If they made Sutherland sign a long term deal, LAD would probably have never happened. So they sign him for a “limited series”, it goes well, fans are happy, network is happy and wants more. Kiefer, Since early 2014 was saying he is done. For Kiefer, the roll of a lifetime, a solid paycheck and perks most actors could only dream of. If that’s not enough to make him return, sadly its over… for now. After Solidarity, fans second choice was Tony. Why they haven’t tried a spinoff with him yet or plan to is beyond me. A reboot now is too soon because the original is still too fresh in our minds. The new characters would inevitably be compared to their counterparts on the original. If they wanted a reboot, or a spinoff for that matter, they should have conclusively ended the series and settled Jacks fate. They had over a year to get their “ducks in a row” before the season and failed. LAD itself was entertaining but it was repetitive and do we want that with a new cast? If they got a new cast they could justify rehashing old plots and character themes. Maybe that would be fine in 2024 but not 2016. Its just too soon. Seriously, most of the original actors are still active and looking for work!

Well…at the very least the reboot should bring Mandy, Charles Logan and the anonymous cabal from season 7 to justice. The new cast could be the instruments of justice.

Like we saw between 2010 and 2014, Kiefer’s career outside of ’24’ has hardly set the industry on fire or made movie studios rich. He’s been vocal about his age and the physical demands of the role being too much for him to handle anymore but, after another 4-5 years of dud movies like ‘Pompeii’ and probably another crack at TV series like ‘Touch’, I’m sure he’ll get the itch again to latch onto a known success formula and reconsider another ’24’ effort.

Of course, then he’ll be closer to 60 than he is to 50 and it will be even more far-fetched to think of him in an action role.

As long as they don’t bring back Freddie prinze jr.. I will watch it :) Also if they do the solitary storyline with tony.. They should bring back Michael madsens character to help tony/jack out.

So it’ll be like Heroes Reborn then…..new characters and some old ones hanging out in the background

The thing is there might be no old characters returning.

‘might be’ not won’t be

I’m sure they’ll go in with options
perhaps start with new characters and if the ratings are shit then add some old ones in

Surely continue with Tony and Solitary….Surely

Hopefully, not surely!

Whatever they are making, i am sure its gonna be a waste of effort without the main lead in it. Fox will finally find out the exact reason of their show’s high ratings…

What a terrible idea. I’ve seen every episode of 24, bought multiple DVD sets (including the overpriced LAD) and was a faithful fan of the show every season.

Put simply, I won’t be watching this. And I’m in the core millennial group those advertisers want.

If I was the people running this show, I would hire back the characters of Tony, Kate Morgan and Chloe. You could even try and bring fan favorites like Aaron Pierce back and introduce some new characters. The show could be about some new terrorist threat while also hinting at Jack’s missing status.

If Kiefer didn’t really want to return for even one episode, you could at least hire Elisa Cuthbert to film one scene at the end of the finale showing her and her family safe and living their happy lives and have Chloe interact with her in some way.

There’s still so much potential with the old characters and fans have been attached to them for 14 years. Why reboot the show? Pointless.

It’s almost as insulting as the reboot of Prison Break and “ignoring” the sad finale that had him dead.

How about, “24: The Musical”?

I’d watch a Jack Bauer TV series that existed without the ’24’ real time format.

I wouldn’t watch a ’24’ real time TV series without Jack Bauer.

MacPherson Delacroix
August 27, 2015 at 9:56 pm
I’m all for this new series of 24, but what I would really like to see is that this new series takes place in the same universe and canon already established by 24, and that the show eventually leads us to the rescue of Jack Bauer from a secure Russian prison, and an eventual linkup with Tony Almeida escaping from Supermax. I mean how cool would that be?

Justin Urciuoli
August 29, 2015 at 3:49 pm
I can totally see next season’s reboot of 24 set up a movie version of 24 where Jack Bauer is rescued from a Russian Prison and meets up with Tony Almeida. Kiefer hinted in a recent interview that the series and movie could eventually feed off of each other and said it could happen soon. This is where Kiefer will reprise his role as Jack Bauer. I think both of these will be announced in the new year. Plus back in September 2014, Imagine Entertainment was keen on a 24 movie pitch.

linda dombkiewicz
August 30, 2015 at 4:48 am
Watch the 24 series all the time and see the greatness in every episode. Without Jack Bauer and what the character brings to the role, the show is not worthwhile because his character depicts an American hero that the country is always longing to see. Sure, other good characters come and go, but the writers and producers must understand from the audiences’ point of view that story line, conflict, and great acting make the viewing experience most rewarding and gives viewers a lot to think about. Who but the hero Jack Bauer with all his qualities and failings gives the viewers the “stuff” of real life experience in a way that is so believable and who validates what it means to be a complex human being. Viewers can identify with him. No one can replace that character, so don’t even try.

a 24 reboot is a terrible idea and it wont work…

24 is Jack Bauer and 24 without Keifer / Jack.. it will be The Office without Steve Carell or the last season of Scrubs except much much worst. ( those are the only shows i can think of off the top of my head that had such a drastic change)

and im afraid the ratings will be so bad without Keifer that we will never get another season with Jack Bauer in it and that will be it for 24…

I know this site will be updated once there’s news but is there any news?

Any progress on this?

This is HG’s latest interview I can find. He is saying it is [still] early stages if development.
They are still writing that darn draft. I think they are just waiting for Kiefer to come around and taking it relaxed until then.
I hope they get iff their arses and write based off the solitary storyline combineing with a good new one. If Kiefer wants to come back later for a guest which he said he would be willing to do. Then gi with that. Dont spend 5 months writing a futile draft just waiting for KS to change his mind!


Did anyone get 24 – Rouge, if so what is it like?

Is Fox having second thoughts on this Bauer-less 24 spinoff?

24LAD: First announced May 9 2013, Officially greenlit on May 13.

First announced: January 2015. Officially greenlit: March 2015

Prison Break reboot: Development announced: June 2015. Officially greenlit: August 2015.

24 Reboot
January 2015: Bauer-less spinoff in development
June: New spinoff with 20-something male lead and female veteran agent co-lead announced.
August: No returning characters.
Still nothing official.

Are they holding out for Kiefer?

I bet it is all a cash grab. Wait until Jan 2016. I read somewhere that the contract agreement is in affect until December 2015, so he’d have to do it for the pay he did the last miniseries for. Come Jan 2016 he can up the pay.

Interesting, so Kiefer could be holding out until the contract agreement is up? So if that’s the case, we could hear something at the TCA’s in January.

After so much backlash, the fanbase will be ecstatic if they announce that Kiefer and Carlos will headline the next season of 24. Mary Lynn might not be available though if her Amazon pilot is picked up.

Mary Lynn will be in it someway. I can’t imagine them not bringing her back!

Yeah, she’d probably find time to be in it. Kiefer is holding out for more dough. Wait until Jan and then we’ll see stuff moving, hopefully.

I think that just comfirms if Kiefer does come back Jack Bauer will die.

Good news if true. They can’t leave Jack’s story open-ended like that. A TV-movie or miniseries would be awesome. Hopefully they’ll bring back lots of the old characters too.

I would not like a TV Movie. If they were going for a movie style I think a full feature movie is the way to go. As tge movie geanre is a different market ti the TV and if done it could attract bew fans of the show.

It needs to be another miniseries if anything. 24 movie on the big screen will never make a profit, it’s time has passed for that. TV movie would be far too short to weave in Jack and Tony’s story, if they were to go that route.

Another miniseries would be perfect. Fall 2016 or Winter 2017 are probably the most realistic airdates. It’s probably too late for summer 2016 though.

Yeah, it is too late for summer 2016

A 24 movie could still work now in my opinion if they get a writer who actually gets the material and a director with a great visual style and can elevate the franchise. Ericson Core who directed the Point Break movie remake would be a interesting choice. I have no idea how the movie is going to turn out but the trailers is visually stunning in my opinion. But FOX film studio has to roll the dice and take a chance and make the film instead of making another Fantastic Four movie. I know the movie may never happen but I’m sure Kiefer Sutherland would rather make the movie than do another limited series run. I wish both sides can work something out and make it happen.

Oh, it can be done and maybe even done well. Anything would be better than that fantastic four piece of crap. But it won’t make enough of a profit to justify doing. And that is what it all comes down to for Fox.

The movie could make a profit if the movie is actually good and doesn’t cost a fortune to make it. $50 or $65 million dollars budget is not unreasonable considering that superhero films cost twice as much to make. Then release the movie at the right time, maybe in the fall or early winter. But that’s just my opinion.

lmao $50 or $65 million? Not a chance. The reason they didn’t make it before when the show was in its prime, or at least still current in people’s minds as Fox was only offering $20-25 million to make it. No way they’d pony up that kind of money. Superhero movies have bigger budgets because they generally make money. For $65 million a 24 movie would have to make $150-200 million to break even. Never ever gonna happen.

Die Hard 5, a total piece of crap, cost 92 million to make and only made 303 million worldwide. Of that, maybe 50-75 million was profit, I stress the maybe. All a numbers game, sadly. Numbers may look big but when you factor in budget, advertising used, theaters taking their cut and other costs, doesn’t add up to a whole lot of profit for studios.

I know that your right, it’s just so frustrating that FOX is not willing to take a chance to make the movie. The studio has no balls now. They just want to play it safe and make comic book and alien engineers movies.

FOX would only pony up $30m for the 24 movie back in 2012, whereas Imagine Entertainment felt it needed around $40m+ to do right. If they got a great idea for a new 24 movie that gave Jack a proper ending, and shot it entirely in the U.S. in a tax-friendly state, they could still do it for $30m… and have it be a profitable venture too.

Kiefer would still jump at the chance of a 24 movie, despite what he’s saying of late, it’s whether FOX would still want to do it is the main issue probably…

Don’t know why it won’t let me reply lower.

Very true, not many studios, if any, have balls now a days. It’s reboots, remakes, redos, tv shows to movie or movie to tv shows.

Was it 30 million? I read 20 million at one point. Hell, if they got all of that they could do it for 15 million, if it weren’t for the greedy actors.

That is another reason why studios have no balls because in order to get a so called bankable star they have to pay them 10-50 million a movie. That eats up a crap ton of any budget right there.

Did you hear the news? FOX is developing Die Hard 6 with Len Wiseman. How crazy is that?!!! FOX is out of their minds!!!!! Another stain in the Die Hard legacy and yet FOX pass on the 24 movie because it was too risky and Kiefer Sutherland is not a bankable star and the budget was too high. Hollywood can be depressing at times.

Yeah, I heard it, Die hard is already so far into the ground it is pathetic that they are making any more. Stupid flashback nonsense too.

Kiefer on the open ending to 24LAD…….

“Speaking about season 9, Live Another Day, the 48-year-old said: “It didn’t have the conclusiveness that I think on some level we promised when we announced another season.

“(But) it’s a character I really love playing, so the idea that there may be another opportunity to play him again someday is always kind of comforting to me.”

“It was left open for a variety of reasons, and there certainly was discussion about really closing it off and potentially killing him.

“But … they always wanted to reserve the right to bring Bauer back. Now there’s talk that they will reboot the show and recast other parts.”


Recast??? No please no!!! No recasting please!!! I hate recasts it just would feel weird. I hope he means bringing in new characters. But please FIX No Recasts

He’s changed is tune from “never” to maybe. As for recasting, never ever do that, stupid. only reason to ever do that is if the actor playing the part dies or becomes ill.

Still at that recast is a bad idea.

Don’t think they would recast any major roles. He could have meant they’re starting over with a new cast.

Hopefully If they get someone like Aston Kutcher to play Tony Im Out. I would love to see new characters just not new actors playing old characters. An actor I think would be a GREAT adition to the show is Jonathan Mangum from WLIIA and LMAD. He would bring something new and fresh to the show that I think would be ideal (NPI)

There should be a comma after hopefully at the start

i suggest FOX can create 1 or 2 movie to continue Jack and Tony story (conclution) then close 24 project for the future. Please do not make re-boot
Not all Re-boot is success

Minority Report just bombed in the Monday 9PM slot on Fox. Calling Jack Bauer.

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The most amazing thing about that is you replied to my post exactly 1 day after I posted it!

MaryLynn Rajskub is on Brooklyn 99 Tonight!

Yes. It is all over the net. I don’t care what they do in the future. 24 is my favorite show of all time. No more Kiefer…no more Ronnie.

Was this interview during the Toronto Film Festival? This contradicts everything he said about playing Jack again in the future.

Kiefer admitted the ending of LAD was unsatisfactory. Why can’t they at least do a TV movie finale and resolve his storyline (and Tony and Chloe’s)? It would take a month or so to complete. He has an open schedule right now so why not?

‘Show me the money’ and I’m sure he’ll turn up in a cameo role

He can’t be that old to not be able to play the role of Jack Bauer

So regardless of what the media is telling us, I’ll wait and see what really happens when it happens

Well … seems the mood and enthusiasm of “24” fans as represented by this site and a few more represents the mood at a morgue or funeral parlor. I don’t really know if a new version of “24” will come to pass, but I do know the powers at FOX are social media savvy enough to understand the majority of “24” supporters want Jack Bauer to return, especially to close the loop on a disappointing open-ended finale last year. If Sutherland keeps his word and doesn’t appear at all, even in a short cameo, then the odds of “24” ever returning likely approach zero. I’ve been a proponent of bringing “24” back regardless of Kiefer’s status as the storytelling and breathless format have the most appeal to me (use different writers and actors). However, many of you would rather see the show expire without Bauer and I respect this point of view! With little to no comment coming from FOX and Kiefer’s bearish comments, I’m resigned to seeing “24” reside in the same Russian gulag shared with Bauer and with the same result … a lifetime sentence of oblivion. Next up, this site will likely go the same way unless some creative material is added fast. I suggest setting up 24 Spoilers as the ultimate “24” time capsule with archiving of video, audio clips, behind the scenes info, fan comments and more. Some of that is already present. Let it be so!

Looking back over the archives of this website in website archives. The design has improved so much over the years. Well Done you guys please continue updating the site! Archives can be found here: https://web.archive.org/web/*/www.24spoilers.com

Justin Urciuoli
October 5, 2015 at 9:02 pm
I still think Kiefer Sutherland will be back as Jack Bauer at some point in the future on 24! Kiefer just said 24 is definitely over for him *now* and I emphasize now as now I think means for the moment in time. He never said, he is done playing Jack Bauer forever or did not say that he will not play him again in the future. In this interview, Kiefer said that Jack Bauer is taking a nap. A nap is short lived. He did not say he is dead or sleeping. Kiefer even admitted that he was disappointed with the ending last season and that he is happy that another opportunity could arise to play him again. Thats why they left Jack Bauer alive instead of killing him.

Also Kiefer has said after season 8, that he was done with 24 and he came back 4 years later! Kiefer is just taking a break and doing other things. I think once Kiefer sees what the writers have in mind, a script then he will commit to it. He probably does not want to commit to it until he sees what the writers have in mind for him. Give it time, Kiefer will be back at some point. He loves to work and probably will not find any more successes like 24! He even said he loves the show, loves playing the character and he loves how the 24 medium reaches a lot of people! He wants us viewers to miss him and then he will surprise us and come back eventually when we least expect it.

You may be correct in assuming that there is a possibility that Kiefer will change his mind sometime in the future and return to 24. However, from what he has recently said, I honestly believe that, at this point in time, he does not want to ever return. If I had to bet money, I would bet that he will never return to 24 in any capacity.

Just like Harrison Ford would never return to Indiana Jones and Han Solo in any capacity?

Do not compare returning to a role in a 2 hour film to a season long television show. Harrison Ford has done Indiana Jones for about 8 hours. Kiefer has played Jack for close to 140 hours.

Yes, he has is certainly one of the longest-serving actors for one particular character. I think I heard Kiefer talking about Jack as being in his blood at this point. He also said he found it comforting knowing he could play Jack again. So maybe he would agree to play him again for the equivalent time as a movie because it is less of a time commitment… and he enjoys having his work be watched by so many.

It could work like this: We start season ten with Jack in Moscow for the first ten minutes, seemingly working for his Russian captors. He then gets on a plane headed for LA in which they plan to attack the US. 12 hours later, they arrive but we find out that Jack is really trying to stop the attack from happening. By the end of episode four, Jack has prevented the attack but is shot in the process. Kim reunites with him, introduces him to his grandson, and watches him die from his gunshot wound.

Now that would make for the most powerful, emotional, shocking episode 24 has ever done. It would also allow Fox to continue the franchise successfully as the audience is already invested in the story and the new characters that are introduced in episode one. I am of the opinion that 24 has always had many character ensembles over the years and, coupled with its unique format, lends itself to continue telling stories in an innovative way after finally getting closure over what happens to Jack Bauer.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHGlVsHyiuw&feature=youtu.be Uploaded This To My New Channel For Classic 24 Clips. Please Send Me Suggestions For Clips Either Here Or Twitter @JohnGormleyJG

New West Virginian
November 2, 2015 at 11:17 am
If they can’t get Kiefer to return and reveal what happens after he was taken to Russia (I was hoping for full closure in LAD) they they can find a younger actor to play a young Jack Bauer in a prequel that takes place before Season 1 and shows how Henderson recruited him into CTU, or a story that took place when he was in the military like I wrote as a fanfic story.

They sure are taking their time on this “spinoff” aren’t they? They’ve spent almost as much working on this draft (10 months) than they did on the entire production of 24LAD (14 months counting preproduction and filming).

Is it possible that Fox never intended to make this spinoff at all? A lot of things seem suspicious:

*The open ending to LAD
*24 Solitary promising Tony’s return
*A spinoff being in development for almost a year and going nowhere
*No returning characters supposedly being in the spinoff.
*Kiefer going up and back with his comments about whether he’d play Jack again.
*A new male lead and female co-lead being announced 5 months ago, yet no casting rumors of any kind have started.
*No directors (Cassar or anyone else) have come on board the spinoff
*No production listings for this so-called spinoff in Production Weekly (not even listed in the development stage)

Are you saying 24 is never coming back? I am sure it will be back at some point to give fans closure. The ratings for 24 Live Another Day were great! Fox loves 24 as the current executives have a long standing relationship with Howard Gordon, Evan Katz and Manny Couto. Also I am thinking Kiefer will agree to do the show once a script is complete.

Back in January 2015, Fox has said they want to take their time with this show as next season would be another event series. Look at how long it took for 24 to come back after season 8 ended. Fox did say last year their intent was to bring it back in 2016. So I am guessing we will get some sort of an announcement between January-May 2016 for a winter/spring 2017 return after the Superbowl. It is also possible they may wait til 2018 and give it another 4 year gap..

Also I did hear a 24 movie was in development again, so the writers could be developing both a movie and TV series to feed off one another. This could also be why its taking long.

Thanks Justin

After the backlash to the spinoff idea, I think there’s a better chance that Fox will wait until Kiefer is ready to come back. So instead of them rebooting the series full-time with a new lead, I think they’ll do 24 every 3-4 years starring Kiefer.

Winter/spring 2017 would be the ideal time. They’d have all the Super Bowl hype leading into the next event season. It was perfect for 24LAD too.

Justin Urciuoli
November 9, 2015 at 1:52 pm
I know a 24 script was turned in for consideration to Fox in September! So I think Fox is taking the Fall to review the script. Script rewrites will take place over the next few months and I am guessing an official announcement will be made either January 2016 or May 2016 or July 2016. And it will be out in 2017 after the Superbowl. Fox did say they will bring it back in 2016, meaning IMO that they will announce in 2016 and premiere in 2017.

Was this script for the spin off?

yes script was for the spinoff

Do you know any other info on this script (returning characters ect.)?

That info came from this article:

“A script for a new take on “24,” this time without the Jack Bauer character, is expected to be turned in for consideration within the next month.”


Thanks! 👍

I think Jack Bauer can be replaced by Ben Mckenzie from Gotham!

Your choice for a replacement looks an awful lot like my choice for a replacement.