Sheila Vand
Sheila Vand

Sheila Vand cast in 24: Legacy as series regular

Sheila Vand (Argo, NBC’s State Of Affairs) is set as a series regular opposite Corey Hawkins, Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits in 24: Legacy, Fox’s drama pilot that reboots the 24 franchise with brand new characters and cast.

Vand will play Nilaa, the campaign director of Sen. Donovan (Smits) who is driven and bright and won’t take a back seat to the judgment of Donovan’s wife, Rebecca (Otto). Teddy Sears and Anna Diop also co-star.

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I believe Dylan Ramsey and Saad Siddiqui are playing the terrorists Rashid and Malik, respectively: Ramsey at least has confirmed on twitter

To be fair, I’m not sure that we know that they’re terrorists? Like, yeah, yeah, we know the main threat we know of so far in Legacy right now would suggest there’s a fairly high chance that since the actors and character names are Middle Eastern and we are going to watch a show with Islamic extremists that the two are probably connected but I think just assuming off the bat is probably not a great idea. For all we know, one of them is playing Nilaa’s boyfriend or something.*

*This being 24, the boyfriend idea probably didn’t prove my point as all because everyone sleeps with someone evil. It’s a character requirement lol. But, yeah, you get my point.

Siddiqui’s a good actor, feels very “24”. You can watch some snippets of him here, if mods are cool with outside links (if not, sorry):

I’m going off the script that was leaked on reddit, in which they are definitely terrorists. The script seems legit as it predicted character names before they got announced

no keifer no 24

Kiefer will be involved as an EP! However if you are referring to Jack, 24: Legacy will be still great. Its called 24, that is the real time format which is the real main character. Haven’t we seen enough of Jack being pissed off! As Josh Wiggler said on PSR that 24 LAD was just replaying Jack Bauer’s greatest hits, now its left open for him to return sometime but for now we need a break and let someone else have a shit day!

The problem with 24, is that they kept giving Jack the same bad day over and over again. That’s why it got so stale and boring.

Jack was never the problem, it was the writers never going anywhere new with him. Before every new season, the producers would tease us with statements like “this is definitely not the Jack we knew”, then it would become abundantly clear by episode 4 at the latest that it very much is.

I wanted to see the writers give Jack a range of different, exciting and fresh bad days, but they just wouldn’t do it. After LAD so many have talked about the idea of the next instalment of 24 involving a rescue mission to Russia to save Jack, but we were kidding ourselves for thinking that could ever happen. Even if Le Kief had returned, the next hypothetical day would’ve had Jack back from Russia in a western city, with the new president on speed dial and Chloe cheat coding him through every situation as he fights cookie cutter terrorists once again.

Now with Legacy, all the same old boring shite is there – government agencies, pointless bickering and petty dramas between cloned characters we care nothing about and bacon dodger derrorisds. Except now… we no longer have Jack, who made great days of 24 even greater, and utterly shit ones at the very least watchable.

Geez, if you’re so bored, why are you here? You know if you’re here, you still heart it.

I disagree that the next season with Le Kief returning would involve Jack back and same old same old. Jack’s a mole for the Russian government right now and was basically left in this enormous cliffhanger with only the audience and Chloe really know what was up. I can’t imagine that Chloe thinks this is a great situation– that alone is going to create Jack and Chloe tension. This isn’t even mentioning that Kim has no idea what her father’s done and is continuing to do to keep her and her kids and That Hot Guy From The Vampire Diaries alive and we haven’t even hit the creme de la creme of dramatic tension that arises out of this… when Tony finds out.

Ohhhh, when Tony finds out…. *swoon*. We’re talking some epic role-reversals here and fun times with Tony as Jack’s conscience again and hopefully some fun flipping around of Day 7 interrogation scene and plenty of dramatic tension.

And that’s all part of a season that will have us then used to characters played by Miranda Otto and Jimmy bleeping Smits, whose characters will then get to interact with our old characters.

That’s basically a television equivalent to an exceptional O there, Mr. Jasonchrist. And you can’t get there without the Legacy foreplay, so…

Felipe Nogueira
April 1, 2016 at 2:24 pm
Is kiefer involved? I didn’t find any links confirming this and he has stated that he is not involved with 24: Legacy…
Moreover, he is involved with his new season Designated Survivor Also, he didn’t want to do more 24, after LAD, so that’s the resaon they proceed without him. I think Kiefer’s appearance on 24: Legacy is very unlikely, unfortunately…

He’s promoting it like a producer would at this point and I think JohnGormley’s referring to a very recent radio/podcast thing that I haven’t listened to yet myself but my friend did. She came away feeling that Kiefer was saying he was a producer when it gets picked up to series (which is basically guaranteed at this point.) They also might be trying to low-key his involvement a bit because then the inevitable next question would be “well, so, while you’re hanging out there producing and stuff, could you maybe grab a messenger bag and growl at the newbies and make eyes at Tony, so we can kick it old school *and* enjoy the new show at the same time because we’re all happily gluttons for this crazy show?” and that would be kind of an awkward thing for him to answer without being spoilery and all that.

March 31, 2016 at 7:36 am
No tony no 24

Yaaaaaaaaaaas. #TonyFour.

Kiefer Sutherland’s New Music Video!

I like his music a lot but I like this one least of all his songs. “All She Wrote” is my favorite– very bluesy and the live videos of it are awesome.

Shit!! Haha! He’s actually really good. Wasn’t expecting that at all. Right on Kief!

Felipe Nogueira
April 1, 2016 at 2:22 pm
I believed they just had the contract for one episode, the pilot. But it’s stated on the news that this actress is a series regular, giving the impression they already have a contract for a season. Anyone could clarify things a bit?

My understanding is that once they’ve figured out what characters they’re going to need for the season for the most part (the big characters or the ones that are around the most), they have to make sure that they have the actors contracted to be available to do it. They can’t cast, say, Miranda Otto as Rebecca and have her film the pilot but then not be available in the summer to film the rest of Legacy S1/Can’t We Just Call It Day 10?. Most contracts for series regulars are also for multiple seasons so that the network doesn’t have to renegotiate every year. This means that the actors they’ve announced as regulars are going be major characters in the season and/or are needed for a lot of episodes. (“Heavily recurring” or “recurring” is a similar thing but to a lesser extent.)

Pilots are cast with the assumption that the pilot is going to be picked up to series. If it’s not, the actors are no longer under contract and can go work elsewhere. The story is figured out to an extent ahead of the pilot, though, in order for them to cast for characters they’ll need to stick around the most. Bear in mind that sometimes it’s an availability thing more than a really active role. (Think: Live Another Day and how Erik Ritter was needed for stuff throughout the day but wasn’t exactly a major character, yet the actor was a series regular.) Most of the time, though, it just means the main cast. In this case, it means we’ll see a lot of Sheila Vand, which is great because she was awesome in Argo. :)

Felipe Nogueira – that is what I am confused about, if the actress is a series regular then I am sure the series has already been picked up for a full season, if it was just the pilot then it wouldn’t have said series regular but I could be wrong?

It’s been informally picked up for a season. The major networks do this thing in May called Upfronts where they present to potential advertisers what their programming will be for the next season or so. This is why you hear about a lot of renewals of existing shows in the late April/May time of the year. It used to be that almost everything was renewed or cancelled around this time because pretty much nothing new was on in the summer. Now, television has become a more year-round business but for network television, the biggest time of the year for renewals of old stuff and pickups of new stuff is just ahead of or at the May Upfront events. Most networks will renew some old stuff ahead of the Upfronts in May and then have presentations on new shows coming up to get the interest of the advertisers. It’s a lot easier to sell an existing brand than it is to sell something brand new, which is one of the many reasons why Legacy being picked up is a near certainty. Chances are, they’re waiting to announce it near to or during the May Upfront event– that’s May 16th. We’ll likely get some more information about Legacy around then, too, if it follows a similar pattern to what they did for Live Another Day.

Not for nothing but another indicator is that Trial By Fire, the next 24 novel? If you look at the description of what it’s about, it’s a pretty clear thematic tie-in to Legacy (I know the site is 24Spoilers but, just in case, either look at the announcement bit here on 24Spoilers or put it into Amazon, if you don’t know but want to) and it’s also set to be released on August 23rd, which is pretty splendid timing, marketing-wise, if they’re planning on airing Legacy as a fall show.

i read the script her name was cynthia they must have change her up i imagined blonde on the role but im cool with it. she is classic girl on the side specially when his wife is busy deadling ctu emergency allday

Kathryn Prescott in Legacy in an unspecified recurring role. This show casts the best young actors.

BTW, I have no idea how significant this is, but Mary Lynn recently followed Kiefer and Yvonne Strahovski on Instagram, and Jon Cassar did a #TBT recently with Kate Morgan. Not saying that means Jack, Chloe, and Kate will appear in 24: Legacy, but it’s possible, right?

It probably means nothing, but we can hope for the best.

Hell No to Kate Morgan returning. I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t think she was that great. Yeah she was hot, but come on now.