24: Legacy Premiere Discussion
24: Legacy Premiere Discussion

What did you think of the 24: Legacy Premiere?

The long-awaited premiere of 24: Legacy just finished airing tonight. With the Super Bowl as its lead-in, this is almost guaranteed to be the most-watched episode in 24 history. The episode was written by Evan Katz and Manny Coto and directed by Stephen Hopkins (who also directed the first episode of the original series).

So what did you think of the new cast and show? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments below.

Thoughts on 24: Legacy Premiere?

If you missed the episode, you’ll be able to watch it online and in the FOXNOW app tomorrow. FOX is also airing an encore of the premiere episode this Saturday. And don’t forget to tune into the second episode tomorrow at the regular time slot, Monday at 8:00pm!


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I’m hooked!! Can’t wait until the next episode.

Pretty much what I expected. Same old 24 but without any of the gravitas.

I’m already hooked on Legacy. Can’t wait to see what happens next for the rest of the high octane action and suspense and it still has the same old formula from the original. Best moment – Rebecca Ingram tasing Keith Mullins and Ben Grimes is “crazy like a fox”.

I thought the episode was good but if i had to nitpick is that Corey Hawkins is the weak link. I’m sorry but he’s so boring. He has zero charisma. If 24 Legacy get renewed for another season, the producers should consider to recast the role. Someone like Omari Hardwick who’s on the Starz show “Power”.
He’s got a great screen presence in my opinion. He could make Eric Carter a memorable character like Kiefer Sutherland did with Jack Bauer. I know I’m going to piss a lot of people off with this comment but that’s the way I feel.

BMAN, I’ve not watched the premiere yet, but since the first images was clear to me he was not that good. In fact, there is one outdoor image with him trying to make a bad-ass look, but it just doesn’t work. It looks like a kid who is pissed off because someone else took his toy.

Justin Urciuoli
February 6, 2017 at 6:23 pm
It was fantastic

I don’t have any real issues with Corey’s performance like some seem to. However, thinking about it a bit, I do wonder if alot of the misgivings people have about him in this role may be a result of him being so young and fresh faced looking? I mean, one look at Kiefer in character as Jack, and you saw someone who has seen far too much in life, and he’s fought against it for so long, and he’s carrying the weight of the world. But Corey looks so…unblemished (? trying to think of the right word and not sure if that’s it), no where near as world weary as we’re accustomed to with Jack. So however tough and savvy Eric Carter may act at times, that baby face makes it harder for people to buy into his performance. Perhaps?

Totally agree on the Hawkins comment – for me to forget the original series, the lead character doesn’t have to be clone of Jack Bauer but he does need to come off as a believable action hero and someone that could be viewed as capable. So far, despite the makeup artists’ attempts, Hawkins isn’t very compelling – which will be a drag if the storylines get better but he’s not a character one wants to root for or believe in.

Ssekweyama Ben Kenneth
February 6, 2017 at 12:46 am
I’ve always complained Jack Bauer is irreplaceable am sorry for producers they wanted to create something different but unfortunately don’t workout.. Bring back Jack Bauer period

Justin Urciuoli
February 6, 2017 at 6:22 pm
Eric Carter is awesome

Um or just cast somebody else entirely as the lead including a new character…… the first episode wasn’t bad but it didn’t feel thrilling either. If this doesn’t get picked up it’s because it’s their fault. bottom line for me I feel like they were pulling a lot of jack Bauer without jack Bauer.cory hawking sorry Eric is not thrilling I somewhat thought boring still watching for tony but if this doesn’t get picked. Please kiefer come back and just save this show. I believe Carlos Bernard is the only one keeping this show above water. I mean it I don’t care about the new cast. Not the best casting in the history of the show.

Justin Urciuoli
February 6, 2017 at 6:22 pm
Corey was awesome as Eric Carter. Give him time for goodness sake.

Lol, i thought this show came out last year!! Didn’t wanna watch it then and don’t wanna watch it now!!

Nobody cares about you not wanting to watch it.

Just want to clarify that I was X first (I think). The post saying ‘Nobody cares about you not wanting to watch it.’ is not me.

Needs work on certain things (dial down the exposition a bit), but I really liked it. The camerawork & editing feels very Season 1 (like the oner from when Eric & Nicole leave the house, get into the car & drive off; as well as the split-boxes which slide across the screen, as opposed to direct cuts).

Does anyone no when this airs in the UK pls. As I’ve looked on my sky on fox and it’s not showing there.

It’s on FOX UK this season, starting Wednesday February 15th at 9pm.

My favorite moment was the construction scene melee fight at the end. The way the music stops so you can hear the punches landing (similar to Jason Bourne flicks), them fighting in a cloud of dirt and sometimes just seeing silhouettes punching each other through the sunlight, then Eric killing the guy with rebar. Really cool sequence.

The split-screen at the end with Andy and Rebecca dragging Keith’s body through a hallway and stuffing him into a room was unintentionally hilarious. Most CTU employees are completely oblivious to all the crazy shenanigans that happen there.

Are episodes 2,3 and 4 engaging, compelling and intriguing? Or are they boring? I know there is less action and it will be slower but did u find them really good still with twists and turns and character development? Have u seen episodes 5-12 yet?

I was very happy with the episode. Got a bit distressed when it looked like Nicole would become the new Kim but that didn’t last for long. Think she did well, the mirror thing was kinda cool. A few other plot lines I don’t care for – but Cory’s doing a fine job.

1 thing I wish they did which I wonder could of worked – have the Belcheck instead of the Ben Grimes character keeping the rest about him the same. Then Eric could be indirectly working with Jack.

We didn’t know much about Belchecks back story – this could of added more to his character which I loved in LAD.

I don’t believe that Belcheck could have been believably substituted in for Ben. There’s no way that Belcheck would have the same connection to the story, and I can’t imagine him with the paranoid PTSD persona either.

My headcanon is that wherever Chloe is these days, she’s keeping tabs on Jack as best she can, then she relays the intel to Belchek, who is always in close proximity to Jack. And God willing if Tony survives this day, then in the future we can see him and Belcheck going to save Jack. The dynamic between those two, given both of their relationships to Jack, is something I’d love to see play out.

Thought it was great, by the way corey is good, cut him some slack.

Hmmm… okay. Yeah. The biggest twist of the episode was that it was good.

Whoa! Pigs have flown today

To be fair, my expectations were the lowest they’ve ever been going into an episode, so it wasn’t that difficult to exceed them.

Having said that though, wherever Carter’s story is going I think I’m intrigued enough to stick around and find out.

Someone needs to save this tweet for posterity.

message, not tweet. Damn. :D

Lol, no shame in being wrong lad… at least so far anyway.

With the usual suspects at the helm writing, anything can go wrong.

Terribly wrong.

Well, I hated LAD in the lead up to it. Liked the first episodes… and then quickly grew to hate the fucking thing again. So it’s early days.

Thought it was a horrible cliche crap version of 24.
So redundant with the CTU / White House stuff.
It’s so overplayed to the point of parody.

The Eric Carter scenes were the only gripping parts. Should’ve just stuck with him through the entire runtime instead of following the most boring bull that is a copy of a copy of the tired 24 formula without the entertainment.

I love the old CTU/White House stuff – that’s what makes this show what it is.
If you don’t like the formula, then don’t watch it.

Not a bad start overall, I hope Andy is the mole

A good start to the season. I thought the Andy and Keith characters were a little weak but they may surprise me later. I did love the construction site shootout scene when the giant drainage pipe rolled over a terrorist and crushed him. Did you notice that on the next revolution of the pipe there was a large wet spot on the pipe presumably part of the remains of the terrorist! A classic 24 touch. I was disappointed in the score – it did not add that much to the excitement like it does in the original series especially during the big episode ending split screen that shows all of the sub-plots in crisis.

If we ever want to see a return of Jack and Chloe, this must be successful so everyone keep on watching.


It was as good as I had hoped, little weird without jack but edger was mentioned so least there not pretending the original did not exist. It’s a must watch for any fan of the original 24 and hope it will just get even better.

Justin Urciuoli
February 6, 2017 at 6:20 pm
Tony Almeida is coming back


Really bad for me I’m afraid!

Pace was far too fast. It was like watching a trailer! *2 lines of dialogue of characters explaining their own backstory to each other* *storyline races ahead*

I thought the writing was pretty weak, and the acting also pretty bad (which may be due to the material they were working with).

What has happened to Sean Callery’s score? It was some sub-par “The Dark Knight” rip off.

And why all the swooping crane shots? I liked the long takes, until they decided to swoop up into the air.

That is a fair criticism, but the first episode had to introduce over a dozen new characters (and backstories) and set up several different storylines in the span of just ~40 minutes. It’s tough to do that in a natural way. The next two episodes are slower and spend more time on the characters.

It was the pilot so had to be fast paced I guess

Why though? Why is that a prerequisite?

Hard to tell

On one hand, people want fast-paced action – kinda like Batman vs Superman
on the other hand, people also want a slow build-up unlike Batman vs Superman

For a pilot, and in this case, a pilot with a pre-conceived idea, I’m thinking the writers wanted to create something with the same look and feel of an average ’24’ episode to ensure it was compelling to the viewer – to ensure more episodes would be made and a season signed off!

Justin Urciuoli
February 6, 2017 at 6:19 pm
Tony Almeida is coming back

I have a feeling that was a teaser to keep fans of the original series on board long enough for ratings to level off – it wouldn’t surprise me if the Tony storyline ends up on the side and not extending beyond one episode.

He is in more than one.

I don’t think anyone mentioned this yet, but I absolutely loved the Eric Carter/ end credit theme! But overall, great episode. I just hope it brought some new fans to the series.

I loved the episode, though some of the bad guys are too obvious to pick up. The school storyline is a waste, UNLESS they link it to Tony.

Carter does look promising and it sure’ll b as successful as the original 24, having said that, I loved Eric’s cool attitude to killing baddies esp the part when he ‘rebar’ed a terrorist.

I thought this was a good well written and directed first episode. The main purpose was to introduce the new characters, and they did a good job of that. I went back and watched the very first episode of 24, and this was on par with that one.

One thing I’m not sure about is whether Cory Hawkins has the ability to pull this off or not although, his is a very fine actor and I hope he can. To me, he doesn’t appear to have the look, presence, and voice to porrtay the intensity and indimidation this role requires. I was dissapointed at the very begining with his voice over of, “The following take place…”. It was weak and sounded like someone lacking confidence. I think Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits’ characters will be very strong and well protrayed.

I find it interesting they made the new, “uneducated”, analyst Edgar Stiles’ cousin. This may be a mechanisim to link Chloe into this story. Since Chloe and Edgar were very close, Mariana may seek out Chloe’s help in running some sort of rouge, off book operation. Who knows.

The only thing I did not like was the obvious and purposeful effort to appease the politically correct crowd, like the comment Carter makes early on about protecting the 1%, and the casting casting of white males in only clueless, crazy, or bad guy roles. I always felt 24 was above that and, no I am NOT a white male.

Overall I liked this opening and think it be a very good program and has the potential to be a great show.

I thought the first 15 minutes was solid but then it got mediocre at best. I am now re-watching season 2 of ’24’ and almost everything about that season (excluding the Kim Bauer scenes) is more exciting, intense, and smartly written compared to what I saw last night in ’24 Legacy’.

Justin Urciuoli
February 6, 2017 at 6:19 pm
Tony Almeida is coming back

I already miss some of the folks this site from when LAD was airing; Clayton, Gerry, Mary.

First of all, I hope most people enjoyed it, because it is far more rewarding to like something as opposed to not liking it. That being said, I thought it was just awful. The Carter character was totally weak, as were the other main characters. I was bored from start to finish. Kiefer as Jack was just so fabulous for over 200 hours, as was Mary Lynn as Chloe. Had the original 24 been just okay or pretty good, then I may have been able to accept this new version. But the original was, for me, the best show ever. I can’t bring myself to watch a completely watered down version of greatness. But that’s me. To each his/her own. Enjoy.

Justin Urciuoli
February 6, 2017 at 6:19 pm
Tony Almeida is coming back

And you posted that 4 times…

…doesn’t really do much to change your reputation for spamming does it?

I just re-watched Ep 1 a second time online and it was even better the second time. I take back what I said earlier about the music score being a little lame. Last night I watched it Live on a TV with a 5.1 sound system but for some reason it sounded better when I re-watched it online on my PC with Bose stereo computer speakers. Figure that out?


I thought I’d leave this here for a certain someone…

Great performances by the new leads. The character of Eric Carter shows great potential.

But on the writing side, it delved into clichéd (not classic) 24 too much, too quickly.

Mole? Check. Thousands of lives at stake? Check. Islamic terrorists? Check.

The later promos revealed this much. But the original trailers set it up to be a close-nit, deeply personal revenge story, which would have been much, much better IMHO.

tl;dr —- They had a chance to reinvent 24 for a modern era. They didn’t. They just recycled it with a new cast.

Wow! Such a great start to the continuation of the original series! I won’t give away too much, but I do have to say that the new pilot calls back to the good old Days, with the classic multiple split screens and digital clock-beeping SFX. Even one (or perhaps two) of the plot twists are very spine-chilling, but do pump up your adrenaline and anticipation. I’m also not disappointed at all with Jack Bauer’s absence; doesn’t mean I’m happy that he’s gone. It allows the new set of characters (with the forthcoming return of Tony Almeida) to receive a warm welcome to the 24 universe and have the opportunity to make a solid transition; the rest of the season looks perfectly promising from my point of view. And to sign off, let’s give a round of applause to co-creators Manny Coto and Evan Katz!

What exactly was Edgar teaching his cousin about being a counter terrorism analyst when she was like 12 years old?

Yeah, that struck me as odd.

It was dumb.

It was a classic premier….I loved the camera work I bet that was Stephen Hopkins doing his thing like in day 1….the characters are very good and the story is fresh which is exciting…..This feels more of an origin story for Eric Carter which I like a lot because remember season 1 never gave us a background to how jack joined CTU, he was director when season 1 started so I like how they have played with that factor in Legacy……episode two was a definite hit….bring on episode 3 already………..#damnit

February 11, 2017 at 2:22 pm
RE:What did you think of the 24: Legacy Premiere? – 24 Spoilers Валок Агромастер Нариманов

Hawkins is fine. The issue is that the script is stale, the writing is contrived, and some of the other performances are downright wooden.

A shame.

Amir Ghazizadeh
March 1, 2017 at 1:52 am
24 Spoilers
Please tell us about Jack character that might appear in Legacy ???
Thank You so Much
Best Regards
Amir Ghazizadeh [ IRAN ]