Amira in 24: Legacy Episode 5
Amira in 24: Legacy Episode 5

24: Legacy Episode 5 Ratings

The early ratings for 24: Legacy Episode 5 are in. Last night’s episode got 3.97 million total viewers (down from 4.40 million last week). But on the more positive side, it finally showed signs of stability by matching the 1.0 in the 18-49 demographic from last week.

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Updated March 11th: Live+3 Ratings
With three days of delayed viewing, 24: Legacy’s 18-49 demo increased by 0.5, or 50% (from 1.0 up to 1.5). source.


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It showed signs of stability against The Voice as well. Which I thought would be even more tougher competition. Ratings should be stable for the rest of the season now since competition will remain the same, Bachelor ends in a few weeks and Dancing with the stars starts in a few weeks. Dancing with the stars does worse in ratings than Bachelor and Voice and CBS comedies in 18-49 rating. In total viewers it gets between Bachelor and Voice. 24 Legacy also held steady against CBS comedies last night and Bachelor. With the show getting more intense and Tony coming in at the end of next week and for the remainder of the season he should be able to hold these audience or grow them a bit.

It’s also important to note 24 Legacy has grown by about 2.8-3 million viewers when you factor in DVR + 7 day ratings and grown 0.8-1.0 in the 18-49 rating with DVR + 7 ratings, so if the rest of the episodes continue on this track, the show will be averaging actually higher in the ratings and Fox takes everything into consideration, not just live ratings. They also take into consideration, online, on demand ratings, if there is more story to tell, budget, their relationship with producers, how its performing against other shows and its matching most other shows in live ratings, and how it performs in the other 160 countries. So live ratings are not everything these days and do not measure the full success of a show.

It is not pathetic. It is positive that ratings are stabilizing. Very good news. Judging by previews for next week, the show looks to get very intense and Tony comes in at the end of next week and for remainder of the season.

Yeah , it sucks.

There’s a reason why 24: Legacy went down in numbers is that it was because of the return of The Voice.

Even against The Voice, it held onto most of its viewers total and steady in the 18-49 rating.

Pat – How is it pathetic? this is very good ratings compaired to other episodes. It looks like things are starting to improve with 24: Legacy and also the return of Tony due very soon.

It was steady in the demo, but dropped 10% from last week in total viewers. Every episode that has aired has been lower rated that the previous one. It appears DVR ratings for episode 3 have also dropped (it wasn’t in the top 25 in any category).

It actually did drop in the demo as well. According to TV series finale, it was 1.04 in the demo last week, and 1.00 this week. But the final ratings aren’t in.

But it’s not good that ratings have dropped for every single episode.

Total viewers do not matter compared to the 18-49 demo. Also DVR ratings have always been low for DVR ratings past 3 days. 24 Legacy always grows 2.8 million or more when 7 days of DVR ratings are factored in. So 24 Legacy episode 3 will grow to about 7.9 million viewers, episode 4 will grow to 7.2 million viewers and episode 5 6.8 million viewers. I base this trend on the first and second episode. They both grew over 2.8 million when DVR ratings after 7 days not 3 days were factored in. These ratings do not include online or on demand either.

It being steady in the demo is a positive. And it was only 0.4 million drop in total viewers. It was the least drops of all the drops this season. 4 million is still a majority of the 4.4 million from last week without The Voice. So its positive like 24 spoilers wrote that 24 Legacy has stabalized. Ratings will only rise when Tony comes in next week and the next 7 episodes and as the show gets more intense.

I like some of the spin on this thread, but I don’t see how anyone can claim these ratings to be good.

These ratings are good when DVR, online and on demand ratings are factored in. Live ratings do not tell the full story of the success of a show anymore

Now I understand why people mention you a lot around here… O_o

Exactly. I mean, if a person wants to like this thing then more power to them–but to pretend these are somehow good ratings is a whole different matter. For a “new direction” with “a new hero” revamp, this ratings are terrible and don’t bode well for continuation down this route.

I won’t at all be surprised to hear news down the line that Hawkins won’t return and that Kiefer is set to reprise his role. This will be a situation similar to the Bourne series.

This show is major FLOP…tick…FLOP…tick…FLOP…tick…FLOP…tick…

These number are even more pathetic than last week.

I’m liking it so far, but doubtful we’ll see a second season.

You’ll see a second season…with Kiefer Sutherland back in the role. There’s no way–NO WAY this “new direction” will continue with a second season with ratings like these.

24 was not meant to be a spin off dispite it being in the same universe. & jack being in a guest spot……. should he’s show designated survivor fail which chances are it might. The 10th season if u will should have kiefer back in the driver seat to close things up. Which they keep implying. If this doesn’t get renewed who cares. I’m only in it for tony if they didn’t bring any of the original characters back not one I wouldn’t even bother watching. I moved on to other shows since kiefer chose to leave. If they continue his story after this crap I will gladly watch again. But this isn’t Star Trek this is a thriller which I’m not thrilled by.

Justin Urciuoli
March 1, 2017 at 8:27 am
For people who think 24 Legacy will be cancelled due to live ratings. Always remember this. U will see here Fox does not renew their shows based on live same day ratings anymore. They take into consideration DVR + 3, DVR + 7, online numbers which are never released, on demand numbers which are never released, and multi platform ratings after 30 days. So again the future of 24 Legacy is more complex and deep than the live ratings. This is why I am optimistic on the future of 24 Legacy!

Justin Urciuoli
March 1, 2017 at 8:28 am
And yes it was meant to be a spinoff series as Kiefer was never coming back to 24 as the lead after season 9. He was always down as a guest star or in a smaller role like movie or TV movie but never as the main lead anymore

you guys still don’t get it….same day ratings are a thing of THE PAST……and its not only FOX that is abandoning them everyone is following suit….we are in a different world of entertainment and television

The ratings that the networks and advertisers rely on are the C+3 and C+7. This includes live ratings and anyone watching on DVR who watches commercials. Considering the budget and that advertisers likely anticipated higher live, C+3, and C+7 ratings, it could impact Fox’s decision on whether to renew.

It may still get renewed, because Fox’s ratings are so terrible, but there’s also a chance that they could replace Legacy with X-Files next season.

Fine by me. I quite enjoyed the new season of The X-Files and we can’t leave things on such a major cliffhanger like that.

Honestly, they need to give Jack, Kim and Tony a conclusive ending and put 24 to bed.

Yup. Any ending to the original 24 requires those three characters. Plus Chloe, I guess.

Loving how people here use the word ‘pathetic’ to describe low TV ratings.

It’s a TV show FFS

Referring to ‘pathetic’ show, not the low rating.

Eric Carter is pretty cool as well as his wife, but the violence in this show is disgusting. While Tony Almeida may save the day, this will never match the original 24

The violence in the original was beautiful?

Yes you must be unfamiliar with the original. I actually hope Carter learns he needs to enhance the interrogations. I would love to see him or CTU torture a terrorist. I was kinda wish they had taken Gabriel alive and tortured him for info.

Good for u Justin 😩

& to jd & brads point about ending 24 if kiefer doesn’t come back as the lead that’s probably never gonna happen.

Would make a good Friday show. Monday is clearly not a good time slot at the very least. Moving to Netflix would be an amazing thing as well.

For me, if they can’t get Jack back for Season 2, then get the next best thing, which is Tony. Try link him up with Eric for the next time. Atleast you’ll be getting the past and presen together. Tony leads, Eric co-leads. For a whole season. Get them to save Jack or something.

I like the first part of your suggestion: having Tony lead. As for Carter? I’d rather he just stay away. Let Tony save 24. If anyone could do it, it’s Tony.

24 Legacy’s DVR numbers dropped for episode 3. Episode 2 had 6.224 million live and 2.803 million DVR viewers for 9.027 million total.

Episode 3 had 5.142 live and didn’t make the top 25 in total viewers gained, so it’s gain is unknown. With the 25th ranking show gaining 2.336 million, Legacy gained less than that. So the best it did was 7.47 million viewers total for 7 days.

The live+7 demo dropped from 2.3 to 2.0 (gaining .8)

Chlojack, on 24 Legacy Wikipedia, Fox added the 2.0 live+7 demo for episode 3 to the ratings chart. However, for both the DVR viewer gain and the Total viewers, Fox had to leave the boxes as N/A. Talk about embarrassing!!

Yeah those ratings aren’t good. I’m curious what the total viewers were for the episode. I’m guessing around 7.3 million, which is a big drop off from the 9.027 million who watched episode 2.

Justin Urciuoli
March 5, 2017 at 12:13 pm
Those are still decent ratings for 24 Legacy in this day and age. Season 1 in 2001 pulled in those ratings and got renewed. And that was when there was no DVR or online or on demand ratings

If kiefer refuses to return jack is going no where……..

Justin Urciuoli
March 3, 2017 at 12:49 am
24 Legacy episode 3 rose from a 1.2 in the 18-49 demo to a 2.0 in the 18-49 demo! Very good news.

Episode 3 had 5.142 live viewers. After 7 days and DVR viewers added on, how many TOTAL viewers gained?

They gained less than 2.336 million. Also the live+7 rating of 2.0 is not that great. 24LAD’s third episode had a live+7 rating of 3.0.

Here’s how 24 Legacy’s third episode compares to the third episodes of Designated Survivor and other recent reboots.

Designated Survivor: 3.5 in the demo, 14.327 million viewers
X-Files: 4.5 in the demo, 12.932 million viewers
24 Live Another Day: 3.0 in the demo, 9.597 million viewers
Heroes Reborn: 2.7 in the demo, 7.363 million viewers
24 Legacy: 2.0 in the demo. Total viewers unknown (less than 7.47 million).

The 2.0 in the demo is much lower than the others, including Heroes Reborn, which was cancelled. However, given Fox’s bad ratings, it still has a chance for renewal. I think it will definitely lose it’s Monday slot. Perhaps moving to Thursdays or Fridays.

Some main factors that may help renewal chances is if ratings go up with Tony’s return and Prison Break, however unnecessary, does better. That will show Fox that fans want the characters that drive the show, not just some real time format BS.

Justin Urciuoli
March 5, 2017 at 12:14 pm
The real time format IMO is the real star. Also Manny Coto has already stated that renewal chances are very likely, so did Howard and a show cast member said a season 2 will be filming in Atlanta this year. They were told by the crew

Real-time is the star, you say? Even though the writers have consistently ignored the real-time constraints for the sake of convenience and expediency?

Yeah, and let’s not forget how Legacy is only 12 episodes and doing a time jump later in the season. Yeah, the “real time” is the star, alright, LOL!!!

Yeah, well, Coto and Gordon sound like total idiots just trying to ignore the elephant in the room. The creators don’t care one iota for their fanbase. They proved that when they refused to end Jack’s story in both Seasons 8 and 9 and proved it the most with this stupid Legacy idea. Tony’s inclusion has NOTHING to do with caring about the fans–it’s them getting cold feet over this “new direction” and throwing Tony in as a last minute decision to hopefully boost the ratings.

And real time being the real star? Is that why Legacy has the lowest ratings of the show’s history and is doing worse than even LAD? Yeah…I’m feeling the “Love” for the “true star” there…LOL!

The other issue to is this not all on fox kiefer Sutherland dilberatly made the choice to leave. Fox made the choice to continue without him. & kiefer gave them his support to move on so imho their both to blame for this spin off that has taken a dive in quality. I mean season eights casting was even decent. Fox is just working around kiefers absences. Which is hurting the show.

Justin Urciuoli
March 5, 2017 at 12:18 pm
Kiefer made the choice not to return to 24. The producers then were planning on coming up with another new thriller show idea. As they talked about their new idea, they figured their new idea should be real time hence 24 Legacy. They were also planning to bring Tony back for a later Jack season but decided his story was better for Legacy. If producers who were thinking about another thriller never decided their idea for this season would not work as 24 Legacy, there would not have ever been no Tony or Jack ever. At least re starting 24 as Legacy allows for the possibility of Jack and Chloe down the line in the series, movie or TV movie. Fox did not ask producers for a spinoff either. So 24 Legacy was very natural and meant to be. It’s like the Law and Order, CSI and Chicago franchises. They have spinoffs, with new casts, they crossover with their originals sometimes. They are expansions of their originals. Just like 24 Legacy is

All indications point toward Tony’s inclusion as a late idea after the creators started getting cold feet over what the reception of Legacy would be.

Justin Urciuoli
March 5, 2017 at 12:40 pm
Fox also considers ratings for 24 Legacy how it does on Hulu and Fox now. If the premiere added an additional 568 000 viewers from those platforms in addition to DVR and on demand, ratings for episodes 2 and 3 are a little bit higher than reported by Nielsen.

This is still the best show on TV now. I heard Designated Survivor is some typical liberal Hollywood propaganda where the bad guys are anti-government militias even though in real life the biggest threat to America comes from Islamic terrorists, drug cartels, and illegal immigrant gangs.

Now “Six” on History Channel is really growing on me, and I love the patriotism and political incorrectness of the show, they even have the black SEAL wear a “Black Rifles Matter” ribbon and they are not afraid to portray ISIS, Boko Haram, and Chechens as evil even though I wish there was more action. Plus because its sponsored by the military they’re not allowed to have Jack Bauer type interrogations. There still hasn’t been a scene where the SEALs force intel out of a captured terrorist.

I hope Eric Carter gets tougher and tortures a terrorist, and becomes more like Jack, though I hope he has a happy ending unlike Jack.

Hey, why doesn’t Carter just march right into CTU and shoot up the whole place. Then he can interrogate and torture himself.

The best show on TV right now? I can think of several off the top of my head better than this right now: Better Call Saul, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Crown, etc.

Justin Urciuoli
March 6, 2017 at 8:25 am
The future of 24 Legacy sounds very positive. She is feeling mixed. A decision will be made in May! But the show is averaging 7-8 million viewers over 7 days per episode! She admitted, its not terrible! She said its a really good show! She admitted their launch strategy was over ambitious. She admitted the first episode ran late, and then it was off to the races for the second episode the night after and people got confused when it was on as messages get mixed up during games like that. There was little time for catch up. She is very proud of the show, creators and cast. She is wondering if broadcast can sustain a serialized drama like this and she said she would love nothing more than to bring the show back. It depends on the pilots that come in, how it performs and they will weigh all the info in May. Read the article below.

March 6, 2017 at 9:14 am
Actually, her comments sound like what you would diplomatically say about one your shows that will get cancelled – unless of course the remaining episodes have a big turn around.

That’s exactly what it sounds like. Regardless, it’s NEVER a good thing when a show’s ratings compel a person to speak defensively about them. 24 used to rock the house with ratings. Now it sounds like the show is on life support with the doctor kindly breaking the news that it needs to be removed from life support.

Dana walden says Fox abandons live overnight ratings and advertising deals are based on DVR + 7 day ratings as well as rating research is based on 7 day ratings as well as online with Fox Now and Hulu and on demand.

You can say it 1,000 different ways but, at the end of the day, the fact remains that these ratings are HORRIBLE for 24 standards. I really don’t care one iota how they are for FOX standards. For 24 standards, they are awful.