24: Legacy Episode 8 Promo

Here’s the 24: Legacy episode 8 promo – airing at next Monday at 8/7c on FOX. Jadalla tries to force Andy to repair the list, Tony begins his enhanced interrogation of Henry, and DOD is launching a strike on their location.

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Thank you, a bit late this time though.

Pfft who cares

I see now the fake footage included in these promos is extending to past episodes of Legacy….who do they expect to fool with that?

Basically seems to be a rehash of 24 Season 4 Episode 6 when Richard Heller was undergoing “enhanced interrogations” and there was an imminent air strike on the terrorists which would’ve killed their own people too. And the CTU tech guy being tortured/forced to activate a device for the remaining attacks (Morris in 24 Season 6 Episode 8)… Yawn.

I hope the twist would not be Andy or Issac steals the flash drive and tries to launch another attack, then that would be a rehash of LAD.

Justin Urciuoli
March 14, 2017 at 5:23 pm
I am sure they will add twists and turns to freshen it up though. And the Legacy of 24 is using old storylines from the original but making them fresh by adding something cool to it

Nope nothings been added

I hate to say this, I think Justin is correct. Here is an example:

1. Season 3, Jack and Chase are captured by the Salazar’s. They givea gun to Jack and force him to prove his loyalty by shooting Chase. Jack points gun at Chase’s head and pulls the trigger – the gun is not loaded. Jack and Chase survive.

Season 4, Dina and Jack are captured. Marwan gives Dina a gun and forces her prove her loyalty by shooting Jack. Dina points the gun at Jack at first but quickly points the gun at Marwan and pulls the trigger. The gun is not loaded. Then Marwan has Dina killed.

In Legacy, Eric and Ben are captured by Gabriel. He gives Eric the gun and tells him to shoot Ben. Eric hesitates and refuses to kill his Ranger comrade. Gabriel complements Eric for his loyalty and then has Ben shot.

Same scenario as season 3 and 4, but a different resolution in a surprising way.

For heavens sake, if your show is an anti-terrorism show, there are only so many types of field operations or scenarios that you can use. A long running show will likely exhaust all those scenarios over time. Just because they are reused doesn’t bother me as long as they are resolved in new and different ways.

I’d rather 24 was simply a real-time suspense thriller and open itself up to a multitude of exciting possibilities, rather than pigeonhole itself as an anti-terrorism show.

But alas, headstrong fuckwittery will always prevail so…

Like Homeland?

Must confess, I’ve never actually watched Homeland.

Mate – it’s six seasons

You could say the 1st three are more about Damian Lewis’s character and how Claire Danes handles it

The next 3 seasons focus more on conspiracies within the American government and how Clare Danes handles that along with a dose of Americans vs a Middle Eastern country terrorism stuff

Highly recommend

Really hope Eric and Andy should run for their lives before that air strike drops a bomb on them.

I have no clue what the Senator says 11 seconds into the video. The guy mumbles.

The information that is presented in these previews completely inoculates the purpose the show. We learn:

#1 Isaac and Eric’s wife get back to CTU despite the threat in episode 7.
#2 Eric regains control of the situation at the terrorist camp.
#3 Ingram is found out by her husband.

I can see myself saying “Needs more Tony” each week from now.

One of the things that made 24 great, which Legacy is lacking, is that they constantly put the charaters in a position where they had to make choices between bad options. The writers would lay out all sides of the options and show the concequences of the charater’s choices, like Jack choosing to let Paul Raines die in order to save the bad guy so he could get the intel, then showed his personal consquences for making the choice he did, or Tony compomising CTU to save Michelle. So far, in Legacy I’ve seen none of that.

I think we’re about to see that with Rebecca having Tony torture Henry knowing that her husband is not going to approve of it and that she will probably never be able to face him again after this, if she’s not the one to send him to prison. I’m definitely looking forward to the interrogation scene too. Looks like John’s not going to respond well to seeing his father tortured, knowing he is a traitor, but it’s not like its a secret that CTU does enhanced interrogations, not after all the hearings with Jack in Season 7. Now that its his father John cares, even though he admits there’s no other way to get the information out.

Some people say that the toughest choice was choosing between Jack going to personally save Audrey from Cheng’s men vs going after Cheng, though he did send Kate to rescue Audrey. I don’t know if it would have made a difference if Jack went himself.

Looks like TOny’s name is NOT cleared yet given how Mullins still refers to him as a criminal and how he isn’t operating out in the open. Looks like he has his own mercenary team that specializes in these interrogations, similar to Mark Bledsoe in Season 8. And it would have to be a non-legally sanctioned group in order to do these interrogations on US soil. So it looks like CTU has been forced to be more politically correct over the years because in Jack’s days the enhanced interrogation would take place right on site.

I sense a reverse play on Graem Bauer here with the Father/Son thing. It did not work well in Season 6. Perhaps we are going to explore this well once again!

Interesting (spoiler) tidbit: Moran Atias’ character is apparently
a Mossad agent
: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQQaHpRgV2Q/

Also from the ep 9 press release Oded Fehr is joining the cast. Possibly an indication of the second act? Assuming that the flash drive nonsense wraps up next week that is.