24: Legacy Episode 9 Ratings
24: Legacy Episode 9 Ratings

24: Legacy Episode 9 Ratings

Last night’s episode of 24: Legacy was seen by 3.19 million viewers. This is a decrease of about 108,000 viewers from last week and a new series low. But despite falling in total viewers, it increased slightly in the 18-49 demo to an 0.9 (up one tenth from last week’s series low 0.8).

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It’s a positive it grew in the important 18-49 demographic! While it went down slightly in total viewers, it improving in 18-49 rating which networks care about more than total viewers is good

How do they determine the demographics? Its not like they do surveys? Do they really look at which house is watching and who lives there? Even so how can they know who is really watching it?

Asian, I’m not an expert in this but I believe a sample of the country is given some sort of device (not sure what it’s called) that is connected to the TV which allows ratings company like Nielson to see how many people are watching each show. During sweep months, that sample size of homes is greatly increased. I assume the households tell Nielson in advance as to the demographics (age, gender, etc.) of the people who live in their home. It’s true that Nielson wouldn’t really know who in the house is watching what but I guess they have statistical predictive models that make certain assumptions with regard to that.

Here’s a really good article that explains exactly how being a Nielsen family works: http://www.vulture.com/2015/12/nielsen-family-what-its-like.html

It’s kind of similar to Netflix profiles in a way – before they watch TV they have to first “log in” by pressing a button. Each family member has their own button (number 1 through 8) which is how Nielsen knows exactly who in the household is watching and their demographics.

Excellent news! The ratings are getting better! There’s nowhere to go but up from here as the ratings will just keep getting better!

The 18-49 demo increased from last week which is what’s important and the only thing that matters.

24 Legacy will be renewed! Gary and Dana are huge 24 supporters and fans and they will give the show a second season and reimagine it!

I’m a bit lost mate, why do they need to reimagine the best season of 24 ever?

Great posts, Justin and Bauer!

This is positive news. There are only 3 episodes remaining and the ratings should improve even more.

Great posts, Justin and Justin!

Look how many Justin’s are sprouting!

Justin’s created more sock puppets than Homeland!

David Fury believes that the show will be renewed, as does Corey Hawkins.

Hey, Bauer and Fire! (aka Justin)

LOL!! By the time the final episode airs, Justin will have 24 different names.

I believe some posters are just playing it up, by sarcastically pretending to sound like Justin (while not sharing his mindset).

There are literally millions of 24 fans who agree with Justin and think like how he does. I’m one of them. This season has been amazing.

The 18-49 demo is what networks care about. It would be nice if this site can acknowledge this fact and not make it seem like the ratings got worse!

A .9 in the demo is still fractional, and barely an improvement. From the half hour breakdowns, it looks like it was closer to .85 than 9. With household ratings and overall viewership down, it may also adjust down later.

I still think and believe 24 Legacy will be renewed

Millions of Justins running around? That’s a scary thought in and of itself…O_o

Umm, hate to say it but a new series low is not good.

It did not get a series low. Total viewers do not matter man! 18-49 demo is the most important rating for networks and it improved from last week

You are correct as usual. 18-49 is what they look at mainly, not total viewers.

Less than 1Mil ain’t glorious for that demo. Sucks as it was a great episode.

An improvement is still a good sign. It could have dropped or stayed the same but it still went up a little! I can see the next 3 weeks rising

Hopefully. It’s our last chance before these characters are buried. Still think a Legacy renewal is the best chance of seeing Jack again.

I can see it getting renewed! I believe it will be back

Soz, didn’t mean to post that twice. :/

What is wrong with this Justin guy? Is it some kind of illness?

I stopped watching 2 weeks ago and I can say I am hardcore 24 fan… 2 sets of DVD boxes, mug, t shirt, Kiefers concert tickets, even the fucking tattoo on the hand (I was young and kind of stupid) but however hard it is to say, I have to… legacy is a piece of shit and I am hesitating whether to continue and watch or not … and I don’t understand the system with the ratings but it looks it won’t be renewed right?

24 Legacy has been amazing this season

Well said, Justin. This season has been incredible.

Nobody gives a damn whether you will watch Legacy or not. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

Also, speaking of illnesses., you tattooed yourself because of the show. Enough said? Somebody definitely sounds ill here, and it sure isn’t Justin.

Thank you for defending me Ken! I appreciate it man

How do you keep up with all these accounts! Also, your tweets at everyone involved with 24 legacy every 5 minutes is hilarious

No problem at all!

I really don’t understand why some people are so nasty towards you? You’re an optimist at heart, and a true 24 fan! You want the show to succeed! What’s wrong with that? You also state FACTS, which is what some of these haters who hate the show don’t like to hear!

Just realize that many millions agree with you. And when it’s all said and done, you will look like the smart one!

(not Ken but a Justin defender in another post)

Funny how every poster who defends Justin claiming to not be Justin writes just like Justin!!!!!! Similar writing styles!!!!!!

His repeated OPINIONS 100x a day about Legacy being amazing are facts? Maybe look up what an opinion is.

Forget it I’m probably talking to another Justin account Hahaha just realized he wrote no problem from the wrong account and had to correct himself.

You know what they say about opinions. Everyone has one. :D


How many names do you try to manage?!

He has like 50 different personalities inside his head … they worship this guy… ohh Justin you are not psycho-o-o-o you are a rea-a-al 24 fa-a-a-n and the only savior of the w-o-orld. And they talk to him like this all day all night in the head etc. And of course they defend him and 24 legacy, it is the purpose of “the others” in Justin’s head. Right weirdo? ;P
I have a question Justin, did you sacrifice the baby lambs today already? :D

They’re coming to take him away-ha ha–they’re coming to take him away–ho ho–hee hee ha ha–to the funny farm–they’re coming to take him away–ha-HAAAAAA!!!

Episode was ok still wasn’t much to me as the writing and character development hasn’t allowed me to care about the characters.

What I’m way more angry about – The use of Tony has been downright disrespectful

Agreed–Tony has been SHAT on this season. He deserves better than being some background extra with LESS screentime than the fcking CTU regs that no one cares about.

Unless Tony has a 3rd of screen time in these last 3 episodes, then it looks like Carlos Bernard only returned to collect a paycheck.

when tony is in only 1 scene of course you have low ratings

yes yes yes tony will have one more 60 second scene next monday on fox yes yes yes i can’t wait yes yes yes

Justin, coming up with obviously fake profiles (Bauer and Fire) just to immediately agree with your own comments is really quite sad. You’re not fooling anyone, especially not me since I can see this stuff from the admin section.

This is not the first time you’ve done this either (“24fan92”, the Dana Walden post where I quickly deleted them, etc). I’ve been extremely lenient with you, but let this serve as a warning to shape up quickly if you wish to continue posting here.

March 28, 2017 at 4:08 pm
Thank you kindly for exposing this circus for what it is.

Except this circus doesn’t have balloons, popcorn, cotton candy and the trapeze–it’s just a room filled with nothing but 24 Legacy merchandise. The “main act” will be an early viewing of a future 24 Legacy episode that will feature a one minute cameo for Tony involving him shaving his beard in a mirror before getting a call from CTU that will make us have to wait yet another week of hoping he’ll have something to do.

LMAO!!! *Facepalm* Wow…so, it’s true? Wow…

Bluetooth Group
March 28, 2017 at 7:13 pm
Its true……All of it.
hahahah lmao

LOL! Han Solo reference–nice!

First of all I am not creating other names on here! I would have to put my email down if I was to create another name. I can assure u I am not Bauer or Fire- 24 Spoilers. I was 24fan92. That was the only one name I used.

Justin is correct! I am “Fire” and we are NOT the same person!

Oh what a coincidence lmao

He can see whether they’re you or not as the admin of the site LOL (I’m assuming he can see the IP address or something like that)

You might have to post from multiple houses to keep your operation going

Nah, he’ll just handle this situation like he handles 24 Legacy Ratings: staring the truth in the face and saying the opposite. It’s what he does, after all.

Yeah, it’s mere coincidence that you all respond within three minutes of each other every time. Yeah, we’ll go with that…

PS: The admin himself stated that he knew they were all you. You wouldn’t be calling the admin a liar now, would you?

You’re the GUY!!!! Thank you for the proof.. my theory was confirmed.. he has all those people inside!

Btw I am a fan of 24 spoilers past few years I don’t know how many and I really appreciate what you do. Thank you Mr.

Justin is also obviously “Ken” and “Jonathan”

Justin, calm down dude. I appreciate that you love the show and defend it but seriously calm down.

I am not Ken or Johnathan either

These accusations need to stop! I am Fire and I am not Justin! I’m just a 24 fan like he is!

Yes people should not accuse me of being Ken or Jon or fire or anyone without proof or evidence. I admitted I used one different name one time called 24fan1992. Either than that I always use Justin. A lot of people here are bullies to be quite honest. I have been nothing but nice, respectful, polite and positive and have never attacked anyone like people r doing to me. I am entitled to my opinions and facts just like you all are on here are entitled to your opinions which are not right or wrong.

Its happeninggg

Justin, just keep listening to those voices! They will guide you through! :D and keep telling yourself… the numbers are great, the numbers are great because the episode was fantastic… trust me, it helps a lot!!!

So, what will Tony’s role be next week? Ordering a pizza? I bet that promo was just spliced together to make it LOOK like Tony was on the phone with CTU but, when the episode airs, it will just be Tony on hold waiting for a pizza. I mean, we shouldn’t really expect Tony to be involved with the plot at this point, right?

The week after that, Tony will have an extended 5 minute scene where he’s looking for his Chicago Cubs mug only to realize that he was holding it the whole time.

Bluetooth Group
March 28, 2017 at 7:14 pm
chicago style deep dish to be exact. lol

Tony opens the pizza box and sighs. “I told them no anchovies…”

Cut to commercial: 10:34:01…10:34:02…10:34:03…10:34:04…

It’s interesting that ratings have been pretty steady in the demo (ranging from .83 to .98 in the past 5 weeks), but that overall viewership continues to drop. Maybe longtime fans who potentially watched all season anticipating Tony’s return are disappointed with his lack of screentime and have tuned out.

While it’s difficult to compare the ratings of 24 Legacy to the original, this season has dropped more viewers week to week than other seasons. The last season to consistently drop week after week was season 6. Season 7 improved on that (Tony’s return must have made a difference).

Yeah I think that’s probably the case.

It would explain why the ratings barely increased when Tony returned (because those fans were already watching and waiting for him) yet had a massive drop off the very next episode (when those fans realized how insignificant his role was and gave up).

Looking back I think it was just a lost cause to expect any kind of world-shattering plot developments when it came to Tony, no matter how significant his role was. None of the characters with whom he has history are here, and a show that’s supposedly courting a new fanbase isn’t going to pick up a story arc that we last saw in 2009. Making the second half of the season all about an original series character would’ve been unfair to the new cast and a tacit admission that the new story couldn’t stand on its own merits.

It is rather telling how many seemed to be watching only for him, though. Three episodes left but I think we should expect more of the same, hopefully he’ll have more to do at least.

He will have a significant role the next three weeks judging by previews

Every week:

24spoilers: “Legacy hits new series low”
Justin: “Great figures! It’s definitely getting renewed!”

24Spoilers: “Tony was only in one scene and all he did was take out the garbage.”

Justin: “That scene was epic! Better than his Season 4 intro scene!!!”

Lmao!!! Thank you JD, that was a great laugh

LMAO! From me too.

Am I wrong, though? ;)


Bluetooth Group
March 28, 2017 at 7:24 pm
The biggest problem the show runners made with this season was bringing Tony back when the season was 2/3 over. If he was going to be a part of the this new event series he needed just as big of role he had in Season 7. The show runners took the fan base’s loyalty for granted when they announced before the season started that he wouldn’t be brought into the story until after the new series had “legs of its own”. That was an immediate red flag for me. They should of made Tony a series regular or not involve him at all. If he was featured in all the promo materials more than Eric Carter before the season started i guarantee the ratings would have been a different story. They should of hyped up Tony as a series regular and as a redemption story for him

Agreed. Before this show aired, I was hard-pressed to find any trailer with him even in it and all I could find was one that was nothing but 24 Solitary stock footage and the other which had him in three scenes. They needed MORE trailers like that. Better yet–they should have just made Tony the lead. Seriously…why couldn’t they? Carlos is in EXCELLENT shape for a man his age and arguably moreso than Kiefer. He could have rocked it in a main role.

Why do people even want to see more of Tony?

This isn’t the same Tony we saw in seasons 1-5. This is a completely different character who just so happens to look like Tony and have his name. I’m also afraid that he’s beyond redemption after what happened in season 7.

I don’t want to see more of past characters like Chloe either.

Bluetooth Group
March 28, 2017 at 7:57 pm
only way he receives redemption is by sacrificing himself(suicide mission) to save lives

Agreed. It’s a shame, though. I want him and Jack to share a handshake or something and reconcile before his sacrifice.

Amen to no more Chloe!

I second that! Especially that “Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” Chloe from LAD. *Shudder*

I love the way they justified giving her that look “to show what she’d been through” instead of… you know… just using acting.

I know! Also, isn’t it a bit corny and cliché to pull the: “Oh, I lost so much, so I’m going to turn goth” bit?

Actually, this is almost EXACTLY the same Tony as the one from seasons 1-5. 7 gave us some strange villain that looked like Tony. 24 Solitary and Legacy definitely gave us the old Tony back…they just didn’t DO anything with him.

Bluetooth Group
March 28, 2017 at 8:00 pm
translation he will sacrifice himself saving Rebecca Ingram in the finale

What do we all say to Justin if this shit actually gets renewed?

I’m glad you can enjoy more of whats become a shitty show?

And all of Justin’s accounts have suddenly gone realllll quiet since 24spoilers called him out lol

LOL! Yeah, all his “friends” disappeared as well. Hmmmm….what a MYSTERY.

actually I did not comment the rest of today cuz I do work in Master Control for two tv stations

These accusations are crazy. I am SHOCKED to learn that we are apparently the same person.

I am not Justin!

Eh.. it will probably be renewed, but you know the writers are gonna take stuff off from here and the things that went wrong and apply that to season 2, i think it will be renewed and show Dana Walden what they will do differently to make it better. Idk who knows… Just my observation…

I said something kind negative, you think Justin will yell at me. …SHIT.

I think they have about a 50% chance of being renewed. It depends on whether Fox increases their reality slate, likes their new pilots and brings back the X-Files. They may also renew it to save face. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bigger name actors in one of the lead roles if there’s a season 2.

Of course it will be renewed!

This is 24 and because of it’s name alone, it’ll be renewed. Do these ratings really matter? I’m sure there are other cult shows that are still airing that have worse ratings

Just give it a different timeslot

Wow this thread is crazy with all of the Justins.

“Gary and Dana are huge fans of 24 and the ratings aren’t bad. Tony is awesome and Legacy has been awesome and it has been the most amazing season ever. It’s classic 24. Feels like season 1. Why are you guys so down on it?”

I can assure u everyone else on here sharing my opinions are not me.

Tell them, brother! This is insane! We are not the same! I’m just a 24 fan.

Pretty crazy you guys respond within moments of each other.

Were about to get a full fledge attack from all the Justin accounts brace yourselves

The timing always seems to coincide doesn’t it?

24 Spoilers, this is going to be bold of me, but can you just ban this pestilence?

Please do so!

I don’t know how you honestly think you’re fooling anyone, I’ll politely ask that you stop this charade Justin/Bauer/Fire (and the rest of your army), and at least stop flooding every single thread with the same multiple repeated opinion again and again.

You probably won’t but at least I tried to help everyone else by asking, other than that I’ll allow the admin decide what to do when he sees this.

Lol ok good luck to you guy(s) let’s just let the admin handle this

LOL don’t hold your breathe..

I’m done arguing with this Justin army as I said, carry on

I don’t care if I get an apology or not but these accusations are un called for

I do not have more than 1 account

Also the ratings dropped due to Dancing with the Stars having more total viewers than Bachelor. And due to March Madness. Nothing about Tony Almeida. Dancing with the Stars does worse in 18-49 demo than Bachelor but has more total viewers. Voice dropped the last few weeks as did CBS comedies, Taken and Quantico

I can see DVR ratings shooting up a lot for episodes 7-9 as many Tony fans are old 24 fans and would want to watch 24 Legacy without commercials. Many old 24 fans know 24 is a binge worthy type of show and do not watch live.

Thank you very much

Also I agree with Bauer. There are a lot of 24 Legacy fans who are just as passionate as me and share the same opinions as me. Just visit our FB page. We have over 6000 fans of 24 Legacy, plus there r fans on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and YouTube.

So I agree, stop the accusations.

I am using my real name and email. I have nothing to hide with my opinions and facts

Also I defend 24 Legacy because 24 is like a good friend of mine. And when our friends in life get bullied by haters we defend them and stick up for them. I have an emotional attachment to 24. Its always been there for me when I needed it the most. I also love Howard Gordon, Kiefer and the writers!

I also have an emotional attachment to many other shows like The Apprentice, Walking Dead, Seinfeld, Fuller House, Breaking Bad, Designated Survivor, House of Cards, Its always sunny in Philadelphia, and Better Call Saul!

Bauer, Ken, Fire what email are you using? Since an email is required?

Also 24 Spoilers, Bauer, Fire, Ken are not me cuz an email is required so unless someone stole my email, hacked my email or found out what my email address is than that is crazy. I have posted my email on the 24 FB group pages so unless a member on one of the FB pages is using my email which is possible and using a different name, I can assure u I am not the above names.

Noticed a couple of comments have been deleted. Apparently the admin has had enough of this shitshow.

Yep, getting real tired of this nonsense. Almost everyone here follows the rules and is totally cool, but there’s a few bad apples that are spoiling the bunch. Some of those people are going to be put in “time out” for a bit.

Why did you ban Justin from posting, 24 Spoilers?

Let Justin back!

Dear God!

Are we not allowed to have an adult conversation and critique the show in this forum?

If you can’t handle that then please feel free to continue to pester David Fury and Manny Coto on Twitter and leave us alone.

This spamming behaviour is unwarranted and quite frankly, a little disturbing.

Kinda like Mark Wahlberg from Fear disturbing….

Exactly. I used to have this problem on IMDB a lot: people would bash and flame me for criticizing the writing of episodes. There are 24 fans and then are the 24 Fanatics. Those fanatics try to shun ANY negative criticism of 24. They can be almost cult-like with their love for it.

This is the first time, since episode 1 way back in 2001 that I’ve skipped on watching 24 live.
I really couldn’t be bothered with Legacy. I feel so deflated from it.

I was hoping to catch up with it later on in the week but judging by the comments Tony is only in this episode for a minute or so. What a crushing disappointment. He could be in every frame of the next 3 episodes but it still wouldn’t make up for wasting him so cruelly for the last few weeks. What a major letdown.

Tell me about it. I won’t even bother with Episode 9. I have zero interest in this season and Tony was the only thing that reeled me in at all and they barely gave us any of it. I’ll watch Episodes 10-12 though as Tony’s role is supposedly set to “ramp up” in them. We’ll see.

Absolutely, I can’t blame you for wanting to see it through, especially haven come this far with it.

Yep I can’t believe the role they’ve given Tony so far they’re hardly even acknowledging his role on the original 24 it’s crazy

Yeah, what’s the point of bringing an old 24 alum back if all they’re going to do is relegate him to the background and not even have his involvement (so far) benefit the plot?

I’ve also realized another problem inherent with Tony’s return…he’s the only original 24 alum! With no other originals to play Tony off of, he feels…hallow.

By following the progress of 24 Legacy’s here, I wish to express my thoughts.

24L is a fresh take on introducing newer characters in the 24 universe, because you can only do so many storylines invovling Jack Bauer, etc; hence why season 8 and LAD were hard to pull off in the writing department. (According to various interviews, featurettes at the time)

As I am glad that 24 is a continuation rather than a reboot, some plot scenarios I noticed are familiar. It somewhat took away from the high suspense factor from past seasons. The characters themselves are interesting, especially Eric Carter reminding me of the Jack Bauer from season 1. With Tony’s return, I wished that he is intertwined more into the plot. Hoping that the next three episodes, we will see him more in action. I am actually anticipating him and Eric teaming up, which would be cool!

I am hoping that a season 2 would happen, to develop and explore more avenues to help 24L come to complete fruition. This is where I partly wish that 24 would go back to the full 24 episode season, as opposed to the 12-13 version, allowing more time to develop storylines, characters, while actually taking place in one entire day.

One question I have, I wonder who is the current president in 24L. The only season that didn’t indicate that information.

Apart from Season 1

if Tony was in more of the episodes the ratings would be higher. tony is a 24 legacy character. tony isn’t a fresh face in its first season ever on 24. and still waiting on how and why Tony escapes prison.

Bluetooth Group
March 29, 2017 at 12:00 pm
i would of much rather of seen the Tony/Ingram storyline as the main focus instead of the “Welcome Back Carter” storylines

It would be better if 24 Legacy was a full 24 episodes. This way you can flush out Tony’s story more. 12 episodes isn’t enough for Tony’s story having meat on the bones

Bluetooth Group
March 29, 2017 at 12:54 pm
especially when they don’t bring him in until the 7th episode of a 12 episode season

Andy & Bluetooth Group, I didn’t see these messages when I was typing out my fan theory on the Tony/Rebecca subplot. I agree that having a full 24 episode season allowed more time to fully develop characters/storylines. FOX needs to bring back that non-stop season, 24 episodes Jan-May.

Bluetooth Group
March 29, 2017 at 4:07 pm
I wouldn’t even mind if they had to split the season up. Having the first 12 episodes in the fall, and the final 12 episodes in the spring, much like they do with Gotham, Walking Dead etc… Just have the threat take place in the first half, then you have the conspiracy angle in the the second half. I believe this is how they showed it in the first season.

Acer4666, I forgot about that. S1 deserves a rewatch for sure!

Andy, I am wondering the same thing myself. Tony and Jack both tie first place spot in my book. I only wished Solitary explained that more, so the transition into 24L would make more sense. Just as when the prequel DVD shorts that would lead into the next season of 24.

Bluetooth Group, nice name, I remember those guys! Same here, the Ingram/Almedia subplot does deserve to dig into the backstory more. Considering the inconsistenty concerns it caused here and on the official FB page. I have my own theory on that actually:

Rebecca was the director of CTU DC , while Tony was living in the shadows in the same town; all occuring between day 5 and continued during day 6, and the time before 24: Redemption. When it was revealed Tony is alive, and CTU DC was dismantled, no way of linking them both on day 7.

As day 8, during and between LAD took place, CTU DC was likley reinstated with Ingram perhaps resuming her position as the acting director?

Either that or…they just fcked up the timeline. In fact, that’s the likeliest reason, considering THESE writers…

JD, I agree. With how many writers on board, I would think they would have caught that, even going down the “spin off” route. As far as I can remember, when 24 had an entire 24 episode run, the timeline was more accurate; even moreso when it would premier in Jan with the 2 night 4 hour special, airing non-stop until May. That was epic!

Yep. 24 was at its finest then. It worked for LAD well enough because it was more of an epilogue for Jack in many ways. I was fine with it. But now it’s just stupid.

24 will never be as great as it once was. I’m convinced that even if they did a 24 episode season of Legacy it would still be crap. 24 was the best during the first few years.

Reply fail, someone was writing let Justin back a million times

Hey Dave26, I am not Justin. This is a different user altogether. I wouldn’t do what he did, I have seen that too many times on imdb! (Laughs)

Haha I believe you! Its pretty easy to tell who’s another Justin account and yea he’s all over the place (Facebook, IMDB, on Twitter harassing the writers all day)

Dave26, that is good to know. I consider that a pure internet troll, I’ll keep an eye out. (Laughs)

What are your thoughts on 24L so far?

I read that Justin goes by different screen names?

Legacy’s been pretty disappointing to me honestly. Its been the same old usual 24 twists and turns (although mostly the weaker ones) but the character writing and development has been so weak that I hardly care about any of the new characters. I was at a point in one of the first episodes where I literally couldn’t pay attention out of boredom thats never happened to me watching 24. The last couple of episodes have had some better action but again because of the weak characters and bad writing it doesn’t really matter.

I thought/hoped the return of Tony would help somewhat but thats pissed me off even more. Its been 3 episodes and they haven’t even explained how/why he’s out of prison or why he’s all of a sudden a “good guy” again. The fact that they’re hardly even acknowledging what a big part of the original he was is even disrespectful.

I was re-watching the end of season4/ beginning of season 5 and its crazy its on a whole other level. Seems like a completely different show lol

Dave26, I see what you mean. The overall development of the characters does leave more to be desired. Only if FOX decided on a full 24 episodic season, it would have left more room to develop said characters to allow viewers to immerse more effectively in the events.

On a personal level, I would vote the first episode of 24L my favorite, because Stephen Hopkins directed (as his involvement is noticeable). He was the head director of S1, which made 24 was it is today, by him coming up with the split screen concept during phone conversations, and pursued to cast Kiefer as Jack Bauer.

The earlier seasons were different by comparison, more intense to say the least. I wonder if the absence of Howard Gordon and some key writers & producers is the reason of 24L being a little weak in the writing department. I was actually expecting a similar feel as Live Another Day had. I hope that a second season is greenlit, to improve on this issue.

Yep the first episode was noticeably different, the only way I want a 2nd season is if Jack’s back in it. It’s just not good enough like this with this writing.

Wow! I see “Daren” a few posts above, didn’t see all the others before they were deleted. It’s sad, really!

where is tony?? i thought he would play a larger role than just a few minutes of screen time

Designated Survivor spoiler:

Off topic here but a great reference to 24. They have the actor who played President Keeler in S4 in Designated Survivor.

The character comes in as an ex-president giving Kiefer advice in the latest episode.

Yes! Geoff Pierson! I noticed a few others too.

Reed Diamond – head of the FBI (DS)
/Jason Pillar (day 8)

Kevin McNally – General Cochran (DS)
the Russian agent who took Bauer in (Live Another Day)

Kal Penn -Seth Wright (DS) / Ahmed Amar (day 6)

I wonder who else will show up?

Don’t forget that the actor who plays Brian Hastings also made an appearance earlier in the season.

Just a quick heads up: Justin was banned last night and it should be obvious why just by looking at this comment thread (it was even worse last night before I deleted like ~30 comments). He’s had numerous warnings both privately and publicly (including in this very thread) which have gone ignored and I don’t have the patience for it anymore. Let’s all move on, don’t even mention his name going forward because it will be blacklisted soon.

Everyone else should familiarize themselves with the comment policy located just above the comment form. It’s all common sense stuff. Most people here already follow the rules so there should be no issues.

Sorry it came to this but you certainly did the right thing. Thanks very much!

Much appreciated, 24 Spoilers! It’s a shame that the site has been tarnished by this. Your work does not go unnoticed!

Thank you, sir!

Thank​ you!

Thank you, 24Spoilers! This guy spammed the hell out of IMDB before it was shut down and even told lies: “Jack and Tony’s stories will be closed in 24 Legacy” and would spam that message over and over and over and over again for over a YEAR on IMDB on a DAILY basis. He was ruined these comments sections so I thank you VERY much for removing him.

Looks like Tony gets the most 24 Legacy screen time in next week’s episode. It is frustrating Tony didn’t appear til about halfway through 24 Legacy. Since Tony is the only 24 character on 24 Legacy that’s probably why we see very little of Tony. To see more Tony there would have to be more episodes. With less focus on new faces and more focus on Tony. That’s a reason why there’s low ratings. Carlos Bernard should be the lead actor on 24 Legacy. If Tony was I know ratings would be so much better and so would the episodes if Tony was leading the charge like he did when Tony ran CTU with Michelle on 24.

Thank you 24spoilers for doing this. I don’t need to call CTU to find the mole who is doing this annoying trolling.

Or Jack Bauer himself.. He hates trolls! LOL

I helped a friend of mine run a site back in the day I was the moderator not the admin. But we helped with the forums & what not. Making sure people followed rules & that they were just cool with other people making the site enjoyable for everyone. Maybe this is what this site needs so it doesn’t happen again.

Exactly. I despise spammers and don’t understand the apparent appeal is has to the people doing it. Attention-seekers, I guess.

JD, Ah those type of people. I have seen this first hand on various forums. Attension, yes. Also, it is to reinforce their perspective or opinion on a subject, forcing it upon others.

Yep. I mean–it’s one thing to love a show and be a fan of it but it’s never a good thing to try to FORCE it onto other people who accuse them of not being “true” fans just because they hate a writing decision. “True fan” is not in my vocabulary. It doesn’t exist.

I agree JD, I experienced a good amount of that. By being compared to a so called “True Fan”, by how many CDs/DVD or merchandise is purchased and so on etc; making it seem you are smaller than them. Not a cool spot to be put in.

I don’t agree with that word either, fans express appreciation in different ways. I refer fans of 24 “Real Timers”, after someone asked me that.

Out of curiosity, how did you find out and became a fan of 24 JD?

Watched it on TV back in 2001. Yep, I’m one of the originals. Heard about it on the radio and thought the idea to be ridiculous. Thankfully, the show ended up being one of the most unique television experiences I’d ever had up to that point.

I am also an original Real Timer since the beginning, back in my college days. I remember seeing the all the ads on FOX, since it was my go-to network at the time. Thanks to my love for The X-Files, lol.

Until one night I burned the midnight oil doing homework, I took a break by channel surfing and stumbled across FX, as it was re-airing the previous episode of 24. My eyes glued on the TV for that hour, I ended up going to bed late…. I was hooked since then.

Yep, X-Files was the reason for me, too. This and X-Files were THE go-to shows for me. Now I can’t help but notice that The X-Files revival was a MILLION times better than either of these 24 revivals. How sad…

24 was once my FAVORITE show. My absolute FAVORITE.

Live+7 ratings have just been released for Tony’s first episode. Total/live ratings are higher, but DVR ratings were lower than episode 6. So I think some of the fans who usually watch on DVR watched live for Tony that week.

Episode 7:
Viewers: 3.899 million live, 2.083 million DVR, 5.982 million total
Demo: 1.0 live, .6 delayed, 1.6 total

Episode 6:
Viewers: 3.697 million live, 2.094 million DVR, 5.791 million total
Demo: .9 live, .7 delayed, 1.6 total

Is it just me or does anyone else get Justin flashbacks whenever someone posts ratings now? O_o