Miranda Otto as Rebecca Ingram in 24: Legacy Episode 9
24: LEGACY: Miranda Otto in the Ò8:00 PM-9:00 PMÓ episode of 24: LEGACY airing Monday, March 27 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX

24: Legacy Episode 9 Promotional Photos

Photos from 24: Legacy Episode 9.


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I guess no Tony in this episode?

Tony appeared in 6 episodes after episode 7 and according to IMDB. Still, I don’t know what’s happening about Tony.

He’s in the promo TV spot.

According to press release, Tony isn’t in this episode. Why do you tend to trust IMDB rather than the press release?

Because the press release still has Ben Grimes appearing in every episode

Ben Grimes is also appearing in the rest episodes on IMDB.

why is there no tony promotional episode 9 photos?

we want tony we want tony we want tony we want tony we want tony

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TV Week 25 Ratings

24 Legacy
Live 0.9 3.697 viewers
Live+7 1.6 5.791

Designated Survivor
Live 1.3 5.891 viewers
Live+7 2.8 11.694

Fox now has their answer to the question “Who is the star of 24? Real Time or Jack Bauer/Kiefer Sutherland.”

24 Legacy without Kiefer – 5.891 million viewers

Designated Survivor with Kiefer – 11.694 million viewers


24 Legacy had 5.791 million viewers after 7 days.

Designated had 5.891 million viewers live/same day.

Designated Survivor’s ratings are very impressive.

To strengthen my theory about the father being
Logan style bugged/wired (season 5), in the 10th photo of this group, you can clearly see the son reaching into the father’s vest. I believe that he is revealing to his dad that Tony and Rebecca planted a wire on the father before he left the outpost and that the father’s statements about ‘not finding a trace’ that we saw in the promo was caught on tape.

While that’s a solid theory, it looks to me more like
John is simply re-buttoning his father’s vest. In the 7th photo you can see Henry sitting on the couch alone all disheveled looking, then it appears that John sits down next to him and comforts him / tidies up his appearance. I think it’s just a nice gesture.

Though I suppose it could be a bit of both. Maybe as John is buttoning his father’s vest he notices some kind of recording device was planted on him. Will be interesting to see if your theory pans out.

I guess what also adds weight to that theory is that it’s a recycled plot line that’s been done before, so is probably pretty likely :P

Happens quite a bit in the show:

Season 1: Tape recording with Keith and the guy trying to set Keith up about the rape issue.

Season 5: Bauer/Logan interrogation followed by the confession to his wife.

Season 8: Bauer planting the wire on Logan in the tunnel post Bauer’s limousine attack.

I am sure there is a couple more times this happened where I can’t think of it.

I definitely think the interrogation at the outpost was a ruse as the stakes were too high just to let the guy with all the critical information to go home. I think Tony, Rebecca, and Senator were in on it. I thought it was a plan B.

We saw this with Kate/Jack in Season 9 with Steve Navarro’s interrogation. We also saw a little of this when Logan and Palmer conspired to show the cabinet ‘who was really in charge’ in Season 4.

a solid theory is tony almeida