24 Legacy Ratings Ep10

24: Legacy Episode 10 Ratings

Last night’s episode of 24: Legacy was seen by 3.10 million viewers (down 132,000 from last week) and received an 0.8 in the 18-49 demographic. Both numbers are new series lows.

Looking at the ratings chart for this season should be cause for concern since it demonstrates a clear trend:

24: Legacy Ratings Chart - Episode 10
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Legacy has been consistently bleeding viewers. Only a single episode (Tony’s return) has shown a slight increase, with the rest all losing viewers week-to-week. The 18-49 demo figures tell the same story – all but two episodes have seen drops.

Fox upfronts presentation will be held May 15th in New York and that’s when we’ll learn the fate of 24: Legacy and the rest of their schedule.

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That’s what happens when Tony is in just 1 scene. 1 scene Tony

LOL! 24 Legacy has been a complete and utter blunder. Amazing. This has been the worst the 24 “creative” team has ever dished out.

Worse than the sixth season? And let’s be honest, that was a near-total trainwreck of a season…

If they want to get the ’24’ franchise back on course, they desperately need either a new writing team or a determination not to repeat themselves in the writing process, but above all else, they need to get Joel Surnow back as showrunner… even for one final limited season. The show was never better than when he was showrunner (was HoGo showrunner for the fifth season?), and let’s face it, he’s not doing very much these days, so he could potentially be coaxed out of semi-retirement to oversee and give his creation one last glorious go-for-broke finale.

And all but ignore the events of Legacy

Agreed about Surnow. And it can’t be a coincidence that the show’s most popular characters (with a few exceptions) were all created during the Surnow era.

Double agree about Surnow. Also bring back his cousin Micheal Loceff. Some of the best episodes were writtin by Loceff. Even going back to the “La Femme Nikita” days with Surnow, Cochran, Turner, and Cassar, Loceff wrote some of the best of that series. He could write a few episodes on school breaks from being a computer science professor.

Looking back now, Season 6 is a terrible season overall but at least it had SOME aspects of excellence (unlike Legacy which has offered nothing good in my opinion).

The first 2 episodes of Season 6, Powers Boothe, Tom Lennox, the Jack vs. Fayed fight and the Jack vs. Heller final scene all put Season 6 light years ahead of Legacy in terms of quality and enjoyment for me.

I think even season 6 was better than this. It had moments of true brilliance which Legacy lacks – the detonation of the nuclear bomb, episode 17, and the finale in particular.

The detonation of the nuclear bomb could’ve started quite a special, unique day of 24. The thing that Jack usually fights all day to stop had already happened at the beginning. Threatening us with more nukes was pointless in the extreme.

That said, I did love episode 17 and the final scene with Heller. I dearly wish that Cheng had got incinerated on that rig though.

Season 6 gets a bad rap, in my view. Yeah, it’s stupid but so was Season 7, 8 and LAD. Those seasons were all cheese sandwiches. Legacy is beyond stupid–it’s just flat and boring…on top of being stupid.

People always sh!t on Season 6 while turning around and praising the hell out of Season 7, the season that brought Tony back from the dead in a “Missed the artery” explanation and turned Tony into an evil terrorist.

Legacy outdoes them all though in terms of stupidity.

S5 is the top, and after that the show went downhill fast.

Agreed – up until they brought Philip Bauer in as the final villain, S6 was pretty strong IMO. I’ve always wondered why it’s so underrated and criticized while S1 gets praised like the invention of TV. The Drazen storyline wasn’t much better than the Fayed storyline – Fayed actually was one of the most believable terrorists on the series over the 8 years IMO. For me, S1 spent too much time on the Jack-Nina-Tony relationships at the start, then dwelled on Kim’s teenage romp and Palmer’s son’s scandal before full-blown annoying Teri Bauer coverage. The Jack-Gaines scenes in the beginning, all of Mason’s scenes/lines and the ending revelation of Nina as the mole were the only real highlights of the 1st season IMO.

I too have wondered what the heck happened to Surnow. After he and Bob Cochran left during production of season 7, it seems like he disappeared from the face of TV. I recall he did some political show for FOX News. Such a shame as he was part of the best of the show.

If FOX somehow brings this train wreck back, they need to drop Evan and Manny as showrunners. This season just didn’t work.

The only way there’s any afterlife for the franchise is if the series’ original star returns – and that doesn’t seem likely to happen. Sadly, as in life, all good things must end at some point – all we can do is enjoy the DVDs and savor the show for what it once was…

Once you factor everything else, the viewers jump to around 6 million.

As has been mentioned before, Fox takes everything into account.

The chances for renewal are looking good.

April 4, 2017 at 2:14 pm

Justin, is that you?

Your recorded message left out the usual comment about the DVR ratings and how much FOX relies on them, Justin……

24: Legacy has been incredible.

The reason a few frustrated individuals are complaining about the show is because there’s no jack, little of Tony, and no returning characters. Understandable. Some people don’t like change. But I feel that the 6 million faithful viewers of Legacy will keep the showing going for years to come.

Did you find a way to circumvent your ban, Justin?

The story is not good. It’s not about Jack. It about the writters.

Some people may not like change but most people don’t hate being bored or subjected to uninspired repetition.

to be fair the 1 scene Tony was in had potential. problem is there weren’t any other scenes in the ep last night to build on this 1 scene only with Tony and Sidra. and ratings hit a new low as a result

For a second week in a row I haven’t bothered to tune in to the show. Was skimming through the reaction thread and it sounds like once again Tony only had 1 scene? The promo for episode 10 really made it look as if he was being drafter in to the story in a larger role.
Can someone please describe what went down in last nights Tony scene?

Isn’t it sad that most of us are down to the point where we’re not even watching the episodes anymore and just asking for a recap of a fourth 1 minute Tony scene in a row? It’s sad but that’s what we’re doing. I’m in the same boat as you–I gave up watching after Tony’s disappointing return and only watched his scenes on the FOX site and/or just asked someone here. My, how far 24 has fallen…

I agree. I’m disappointed that it’s come to this. 24 was my all-time favourite show. I remember defending it to people during season 6. I stuck through it during the bad times but this is just too much.
The Tony debacle is enough to put me off completely. Looking through the comments people can’t even get their heads around what his character is doing on the show and nobody can explain what sort of a scene he had in this weeks episode. I’ll still dip in and out of this site to keep up to speed with the show but I have absolutely no intention of wasting my time watching these remaining episodes. It’ll only serve to annoy me.

Tony hasn’t really been given much of a role at all, he’s only being used to attract (dupe?) older fans into watching the show.

That’s why his return was announced and hyped up months before the season even premiered even though he’s been given a tiny part that could’ve easily been kept secret.

That’s why he was inserted into split-screens for the third episode promo, making it appear like he was returning that week when he didn’t appear until the seventh episode.

That’s why they continue to showcase Tony in every promo even when he has just one minute of screen time doing the most insignificant things (packing boxes up, getting a phone call).

Comes across as desperate. It looks like he’ll finally have something to do in episode 11, but by now the hype is kind of deflated.

Agreed. Tony has been a literal waste thus far. I keep saying this but it’s true: KIM BAUER has more to do in her returns than Tony has thus far….THAT is sad…

PS: “Duped” is right. That’s exactly what they were doing. The writers are acting as if they’re “so afraid” of stealing some imaginary “thunder” they think Eric Carter has. I mean–they won’t even MENTION Jack’s name–nothing. They honestly expected us to just embrace this new lead with open arms and go “Jack who?”. As a 24 fan, this is all insulting. I stopped watching after episode 7. I’ll start again next week with episode 11 but I wouldn’t at ALL be surprised if that Tony sequence is all at the last five minutes of the episode. In fact–I don’t expect any sort of “blaze of glory” redemption sequence for Tony either. I expect, that at most, they’ll have him kill one thug or something because “zomgz! wee cant lett tonee steel carterz thunderz1!!!!” that the writers think.

I think there’s a lot of meaning in the way Bernard worded it: “I wanted him to at least have a…CHANCE at SOME SORT of redemption.” That’s very telling. He’ll kill one or two thugs and Carter will take all the glory and Tony will go on being disrespected.

I’m actually p!ssed over this. I mean, damn–Tony deserved better. Us 24 fans deserved better.

I’d give 24 Legacy a 99% chance of renewal based on what my sources are telling me.

I am incredibly excited about the future of the show. This season has been splendid, and the best is yet to come.

Who are your sources?

And I hope that 24 Legacy will be renewed.

You don’t have any sources, fuck off Justin!

Barring an adjustment, 24 Legacy’s ratings have dropped 8 out of 9 times so far. The only other season to consistently drop from one week to the next was season 6 (Bauer family arc through the end).

Sebastian Monroe
April 4, 2017 at 2:44 pm
Did Justin change his name to Charles?

Either Charles is Justin or Charles is being very sarcastic.

Can’t be Justin… this guy has “sources.”

Yes, like I suspect, he doesn’t have any sources because if he has he would tell who are they.

And I think that Charles is Justin.

There was a big game when 24 Legacy was broadcast yesterday so because of this they probabley lost a few hundred of thousand of people in the rating, but the ratings doesn’t look any good.

It maybe renewed for a second season.

The reason the ratings keep dropping each week really has nothing to do with how much or how little Tony appears on screen. The show has been a total disappointment in every possible way. The story, what there is of it, is just awful. In reality, what is Legacy all about? Not much. Look at last night’s episode and think about what happened. Hardly anything!

The characterization is as bad as I have seen in any show in many-a-year. Seriously, does anyone from the viewership honestly care if any character lives or dies? Compare theses characters to the characters from all of the previous seasons. You really can’t! Then there is the acting. It is obvious that Cory Hawkins, who plays Carter, is trying entirely too hard to make the character into another Jack Bauer, and it does not work. Miranda Otto never changes her expression or tone of voice, and it is the same character as she played in Homeland. And as far as the actors who play the villains go….none seem very villainous!

The show is a 12 episode bust and has zero, and I mean ZERO chance of being renewed. Even if the remaining 2 episodes are, to the Legacy fans, fabulous, there will not be enough viewership to save this joke of a show that completely tarnishes the name “24”.

As for me, a fan of what I consider to be the best show ever, my only hope is that Jack, Tony & Chloe return for one final season, be it 12 or 24 episodes. However, I won’t be holding my breath.

”As for me, a fan of what I consider to be the best show ever, my only hope is that Jack, Tony & Chloe return for one final season, be it 12 or 24 episodes.”
With the added caveat of a new creative team surely?

Yeah, really. I’ve had it with this team. They’ve been phoning the writing in for years now and it’s now to the point where they don’t even care to TRY to get the timelines correct anymore. Seriously? Tony had a relationship with Ingram AFTER the events of Day 5 and before Day 7? Tony was in Yemen a year ago when he should have been in Solitary a year ago?

They don’t even care anymore.

Yea, now I’m confused. Tony was stabbed by Henderson, then IMMEDIATELY TAKEN by David Emerson’s men and then started running Emerson’s crew after that and then that lead to Season 7. Season 7 ended with Tony being arrested. The only possible time he could have had a relationship with Rebecca was after he was broken out of prison right? So it should have been between Solitary and Legacy???!!! What did I miss?

It seems like the writers really cared a lot more about character development while Surnow was showrunner (seasons 1-4). Since then the show has relied too much on killing off characters for shock value, constant rebooting of the cast and repetition of storylines.

I think the Surnow years were also less obsessed with Jack as a tragic figure too. When Howard took over in season 5, everyone started getting killed off at an alarming rate. That’s not a criticism, just an interesting observation.

EXACTLY! I’m glad to hear someone else finally say it! Season 5 onward seemed to play the “woe is me” violins for Jack to obnoxious levels. I’ve said this for years and so many fans basically told me to fck off.

Jack became like a tired old whore, who keeps complaining to her gay best friend about how her pimp (in Jack’s case the US gov) keeps smacking her about, at first you sympathise… but as she keeps going back again and again for more abuse you start to feel contempt.

I felt that way with Jack, by LAD I grew to hate him. I always wanted Jack to go past the point of no return, to a place where it would be impossible for him to be back doing what he normally did… but he did pass that point of no return… twice!! and both times they had a chance to do something fresh: Jack on the run, Jack breaking out of prison, Jack trying to escape a foreign country within 24 hours ANYTHING but no, somehow they always come back to the usual, tiresome back-on-a-provisional-basis-with-some-government-agency-because-attacks-are-happening-again. And you know what? With cunts like Howard Gordon, Manny Coto and Evan Katz at the helm, they’d sure as shit do it again (so forget about any possibility of a Jack in Russia story).

That’s why I was so livid about Live Another Day, and still hate that season with the (David) Fury of a thousand suns. It was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Within an episode I KNEW that Jack would have Chloe cheat coding him through every situation, and I knew that the agency relentlessly hunting him down would soon be told to “give Jack whatever he needs”.

I think most of us agree that -best case scenario- we’d prefer to be watching a fresh, original story with Jack Bauer. But considering they went for a more traditional type of day for Legacy, I have to say that I’m actually enjoying it for what it is PRECISELY because Jack isn’t in it.

*prepares to dodge things*

I agree with you 100%. The fact that LAD was set in London led me to believe that they might even do away with the tired US President story-lines that the show has been faffing about with over the years (Post Logan they really struggled to find something for the President to do)
The show was so unbelievably good in it’s first 5 seasons because it kept trying new things. From 6 through to Legacy they’ve blatantly been ripping themselves off and recycling character archetypes and storylines and getting away with it. So lazy.

Exactly. Seasons 1-4 had an ensemble cast and consistency. After that? Not so much…

Completely agree, besides for the last 5 minutes NOTHING happened last night.

These writers are also a complete joke, they again screwed up Tony’s timeline – How was he in Yemen with Rebecca a year ago if he was broken out of prison six months ago? Disgusting what they’ve done with Tony they should’ve never brought him back to do this to what was once a great character.

It really comes down to what kills most TV shows after 1 season: weak casting + boring storylines = lack of interested viewers over a long period of time.

If FOX was so eager to do a revival/reboot of the series, they would have been better off doing a 2-hour TV movie like preceded S7. The ratings would have told them what they’re learning now – they didn’t have a show that could sustain a full season, much less a half season of 12 episodes.

Really hope 24: Legacy is “one and done” after the finale on April 17th.

Even if it gets renewed, I won’t be watching – I only recorded the episodes this time because of all the teasers / inferences the writers (and Kiefer) were leaving last fall in interviews about Jack and some former characters returning possibly. As everyone noted, they didn’t do Tony justice in screentime or story role – and it seems now a given that Kiefer won’t reprise the role again.

Without that carrot dangling, there’s nothing compelling to watch….

I love the confusion regarding Tony! It adds mystery and intrigue to his character and raises a lot of questions. Is Tony lying? Is Rebecca lying? What really happened in prison? The writers are doing the right thing.

Most fans haven’t even seen 24 Solitary, though…. which means it’s as good as non-canon.

I’m loving what the writers are doing. More mystery and questions, the better!

24: Legacy has been a decent show to watch, but I’ve been disappointed. I hope they come back, but in the right way. Got to take into an account that 24: Legacy was competing with the NCAA Championship. Yes 24:L Started at 8pm and the game at 9, but most people were out partying, as myself, since I am from North Carolina, and had to watch this morning.

24:L is going down, yes, but there was a big game on last night so the show was expected to go down in ratings a little bit. I think it’ll go back up next week, but I’m thinking maybe a 0.9 at best and maybe a small tick in overall viewership IMO.

I went and checked and 24’s ratings have never really dipped against the NCAA’s before. Even when the show aired at 9PM against the game in all timezones.

It’s a new time though. More channels now then back in 2007,08,09,10… but I understand your point.

The final ratings last night adjusted up to 3.2 million viewers against basketball, dancing with the Stars, voice and Big Bang theory. And had a 0.8/3 which is not a series low for 24 Legacy as two weeks ago had a 0.8/3 as well. Anything lower than 3.2 million viewers and a 0.8/3 would be considered a series low. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/monday-final-ratings-april-3-2017/

Given these latest developments- the admin should edit what he wrote.

The ratings are stabilizing, and many millions more have seen the episode all things considered.

Great show! Looking forward to these next two episodes and season 2!

The previous low rating was .83 in the demo and 3.223million. Episode 10 appears to have stayed at .80 and 3.220, so technically that’s still a series low.

Sorry meant to say it adjusted to 3.200, which is 23,000 viewers lower than the previous series low of 3.223 million. It’s still a series low.

It is a series low, though by not much and still stable if u round the numbers and don’t include all the numbers. The drop wasn’t huge by the looks of it

Don’t be ridiculous. The ratings are practically the same! Actually, they’re even better because one can only imagine how many viewers 24 lost due to the basketball game!

And as Charles earlier said…they take everything into account.

24 didn’t air against the game in two timezones and DVR viewers in the other timezones who watched last night were counted. I also checked and 24 had historically never dropped against the NCAA Championship. The fact that Legacy continues to be fractional and has dropped all but once is not good.

That was during a different landscape of TV as well. With no Kiefer this season, it’s doing okay IMO.

I believe the show has a shot at a renewal IMO. Could be wrong but I am hopeful. We’ll wait and see.

It’s 2017 and times have changed!

The ratings are solid and Legacy will be renewed!

You r entitled to your opinion. I wouldn’t say they r that solid. They r okay. They could be better. This season has been okay as a whole. Not the best. Times have changed, yes. I think a renewal is 50/50. Can’t worry about something not in our control. Let’s see in May

TV Series finale has updated the official adjusted ratings: 3.198 million viewers, .80 in the demo. So a drop of 35,000 viewers. The show has lost nearly 1/2 of it’s live audience from the second episode.

Someone predicted that the show won’t be cancelled, but possibly shelved for a year or two until either Kiefer wants to do one more series, or they retool it completely.

LOL!!! Shut up, Justin. XD

Renewal? Maybe….

….but they better come up with some better ideas next year. 24 Legacy should end at this point unless there is room for one of the characters to continue on

They really need to up the ante here and build the 24 brand up again – cause it’s a bit tarnished after this.

They need to freshen things up

Agreed, if it’s renewed, then hopefully they do something completely different (cops hunting a serial killer, hostage crises, etc.).

Definitely stick with a terrorist plot of some sort

Fuck no. That wouldn’t be 24.

Cops hunting a serial killer wouldn’t be 24.

Cops hunting a serial killer would be even less original television than what they’ve been doing for the last 16 years.

BUT they do need to do something fresh. 24 should be a thriller set within a 24 hour period – with no further restrictions placed upon the format. I’m tired of the writers thinking CTU, terrorist attacks and moles are necessary, they’re not!

The backstory surrounding Eric’s team going to get Bin Khalid could’ve made a more compelling day than what we ended up with.

Maybe they can make next season be about an organized hate group (domestic) committing terror attacks against certain people and places based on race or something.

Maybe attacks on blacks? Attacks on Muslims? Attacks on illegal aliens? Dunno. But there are some possibilities here

Nobody cares about blacks, muslims or illegal aliens… or whites for that matter. People pretend to care about certain groups to score “look at how non-racist I am” virtue signalling points.

Identity politics should be kept out of stories, it doesn’t make people think, or challenge them, it just pisses them off.

Mostly everyone realized this already, but Justin is circumventing his ban and posting under several fake identities – Charles, Dan, Asdf etc.

I don’t have time to deal with it right now, so just keep that in mind for now. At least he’s being more reasonable and commenting more like an actual human rather than some Fox spambot.

LOL! Yeah, Justin is the real star of 24 Legacy. Forget Carter–JUSTIN is the one we’ll all remember. LOL!

That’s actually really really sad

Way to ruin our experience here dude….

and by dude, I mean Justin

Indeed, Marlon, indeed…

April 4, 2017 at 10:02 pm
Bet he’s going to deny it again. hahaha

He can deny it all he wants, he always leaves behind some very obvious patterns (especially on the admin side where I can see email and IP address, number of approved comments etc).

I’ve just added an additional measure that should hopefully put a stop to his current method. Probably won’t keep him out completely but will make it a lot harder.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and we all know by now that Justin is nothing if not persistent. You think he was bad here, you should have seen his behavior on IMDB when it was still running: spamming on a daily basis for over a year…across FOUR different 24 forums over there. O_o

If this wasn’t a remake of season one I would like it. They just keep using season one twists. Zzzzz

I honestly believe Legacy has a pretty good chance at renewal. I do think if that happens , there will be some major changes (hopefully to the creative side more than anything).

I’ve enjoyed Legacy overall, but ever since Tony returned, most of the episodes almost feel like 100% filler. That is a huge mistake. And the timeline stuff really irks me too…Do your homework!

lol, Prison Break is currently the #1 trending topic worldwide on Twitter and the trailer had millions (like, 12 million) more views on YouTube than the 24 Legacy trailer. It’s going to be sad how badly I’m predicting PB is going to decimate 24 in the ratings.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s going to do very well. Who would have thought…

Good for Prison Break! Always loved that show.

Prison Break did extremely well in the 18-34 demo (1.3) last night. 24 Legacy did a .4 in that demo. I think that’s why PB has such a strong social media presence.

If Fox cancels 24 Legacy they will probably give it a two year break and re tool or wait til Kiefer comes back. If they renew it will be due to a personal decision from the executives. If they cancel it, then that would hurt future seasons of 24, so retooling next year would help as the show needs momentum as all these breaks could be hurting the franchise too. We’ll see what happpens. The writing has been weak this season and so has tony’s story. The acting has been bad too.

I mean if it comes back like this then who even wants it back?

I definitely know one person that does!

“That scene in episode 10 of Tony taking a phone call was EPIC! Better than his interrogation of Nina in Season 3! Better than the phone call he took in Season 4! Better than the Cubs mug! EPIC! 24 Legacy will DEFINITELY be renewed now! ZOMGZ!!!”

Not me. I won’t even bother watching it next year if they keep this sh!t going. There’s no reason to.

I have to say, the story of Legacy is too lame. Designated Survivor has both Kiefer and better plot.

FOX needs to face it, the only people who are watching this show are the fans of the original show. I can’t imagine that this show is attracting “new fans”.

If this show was originally called “Eric Carter Saves The Day” and removed the ticking clocks, real time format gimmick, and any reference to 24; the show wouldn’t attract any viewers with the exception of the people leave their TVs on all day and night for background noise and die-hard Carlos Bernard fans. But even the die-hard Carlos Bernard fans would tune out due to his lack of involvement.

I wonder how much Carlos is being paid to be in this series? If he is getting $50,000 an episode, this is a REALLY GOOD DEAL for him! Carlos would be getting more per minute than Rush Limbaugh or Michael Jordan.

Anyone know how to get my hands on a Region 1 copy (english dub) of the Indian adaption of 24 staring Anil Kapoor? Even if they slapped a halfway decent english dub and put THAT on FOX, it would likely attract more viewers than this train wreck.

I’m a pretty big 24 fan, but Good Lord this season has been a huge disappointment. I had really high hopes when Manny Coto and Evan Katz took over the reigns from Howard Gordon. They showed a lot of promise when they ran Live Another Day, but man it’s like they have gotten lazy with their scripts. Nothing that I’ve seen in this season has been fresh. It’s just the same re-hashed crap from the worst of the Howard Gordon era. I think it was a huge mistake to re-introduce yet another Middle Eastern Terror plot on U.S. That has been done before and poorly. Barring a miracle, I think the franchise will be dead and buried after the “Season Finale”

Hey 24spoilers no big deal, but can’t post from my work computer. I can from home though and mobile. I guess that means that your fix prevents us from posting from different IP addresses?

Sorry about that. I don’t want to go too in-depth about the fix I created, but essentially it blocks a specific type of traffic from accessing the comment reply form (and only the comment form). The rest of the site, including all comments, will still be accessible – just not posting. I think this is a decent compromise.

Unfortunately it’s not a perfect solution and there will likely be some false positives like this, but they should be very rare (mostly in corporate/work environments as you mentioned). Sorry, it’s only temporary.

No probs! Love being part of this community – try not to post too much anyway and just laugh

People like Justin are the reason why IMDB was shut down. Fcking spambots who try to ruin the internet experiences of others just because…they can.

Having said that, I can understand your plight as a moderator and don’t blame you for doing this. This solution (even if it might limit some of us) seems the best if it lowers the spamming.

Also, has anyone noticed on Jon Cassar’s Twitter feed that he’s stopped talking about the show. He’s right now only focused on promoting his After Camelot miniseries for Reelz? Seems like after he fulfilled his contract to direct the 6 episodes that he did, he’s washing his hands off the show.

Wondering anyone here also watches Designated Survivor? What do you guys think of that show?

April 5, 2017 at 5:00 am
I think it’s amazing. Hope it gets a few good season out of it. A few eps in the middle I found slow, really picking up the pace now.
Kiefer’s doing great.

Love this show and Homeland

Designated Survivor feels more like a typical TV show I guess – 40 minutes long, great writing, compelling and all the conspiracies we love about 24

Homeland is just next level. 1hr long, even better writing, and conspiracies you wouldn’t even think of! They had to rethink things after season 3 but has certainly picked up since then

Very true about ‘Homeland’ – there was a lot of skepticism if they could endure after killing off Brodie. Yet the writers reinvented themselves, gave each subsequent season a different locale and villain and also have woven real life news and issues into the stories that make them relatable to viewers.

And while I love Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin as actors, they’re the two that seem to have become the most predictable characters on the show. The real magic in the show is the supporting cast the show brings in to add depth and new interest.

Unbelievable what that sick fuck Justin does.
I love his sick comments sometimes. 24 legacy was amazing yesterday! Wow great ratings! It will surely be renewed! .. the thing is, when Legacy is over, I won’t remember anything from this tv show and the only things about Legacy series that stuck in to my head will be Justin’s comments from here and nothing else.

Legacy is really really bad and unentertaining..

Btw i think that Justin guy is really sick and needs help. Justin if you read this, please search for a doctors. They will help you. I know it must be hard for you to accept that you need help, but if you do, your life will be much better and you will be happier person. Good luck

He used to spam IMDB with these 24 Legacy articles on a daily basis for over a year. Spammed all four 24 forums that IMDB used to have over there–even the 24: Solitary forum (yes, there was a forum for that one).

He even spread lies, saying: “Everyone, don’t worry–24 Legacy will close Jack and Tony’s stories.” and go on a long diatribe about how Cory Hawkins will be the next best thing since sliced bread and blah blah blah…you get the point.

People like him are why IMDB shut down: spammers and trolls ruining the fun for everyone. Now he’s trying to replicate that EXACT SAME style of trolling here. Seriously…that guy needs to just shove the 24 Legacy dvd set up his a$$ when this comes out on DVD and call it a day. Good God…

See…this is what happens when creators pull this retarded: “Let’s shoo away the old fans and cater to a ‘new generation’ of fans instead”–it almost ALWAYS fails. Examples of such failures:

-Total Recall remake

-Robocop remake

-The Bourne Legacy

-Ghostbusters 2016

-A Nightmare on Elm Street remake

All pushed as “something for a new generation with a few nods and winks to the old fans” vehicles and all were underwhelming or, in the case of Ghostbusters 2016, utter failures. Yet Hollywood keeps doing it, anyway…

24 Legacy had nothing red flags waving all over it from the start yet still they persisted in this doomed to fail idea…


All valid examples – but one can also point to comic book franchises or the Bond franchise to see how many remakes or revisionings succeeded whenever new cast were brought in. So it can work….

I just think the 24 writers missed the boat when, in their zeal to give a facelift with all new characters, they ended up with an uninspired cast across the board. The acting on this series is the biggest area of dropoff from the original 9 seasons of the show IMO…….and main reason the show is floundering towards apathy.

Bluetooth Group
April 5, 2017 at 10:58 am
you know things are bad when some new showed called Taken that airs @ 10pm gets higher ratings in the demo and overall viewers. Please don’t renew Legacy. I would much rather see a non real time show based on a Tony Almeida or Jack Bauer Origin story and not broadcasted on FOX either, but with the quality of acting and writing on Homeland.

I still think that the only way for ’24’ to have another season is to have a prequel season which occurs time – wise between seasons 2 and 3 (or 3 and 4). That way they can bring back Jack, David Palmer, Michelle, Mike, Aaron, etc. They would need some serious makeup to make these actors look younger but I think it could work.

My daughter is 14 and is now obsessed with the earlier seasons of ’24’ just as I was. She even liked season 6. I rate the seasons into these categories:

Awesome: Seasons 2, 4, 5
Very Good – Seasons 1, 9
Mediocre- Seasons 3,7,8
Bad – Seasons 6, 10

Awesome: Seasons 1, 3, 5
Great: Season 8, 2
Okay: Season 4, Legacy
Shit: Seasons 6 and 7
Fucking Dreadful: Live Another Day

Best Season: 5
Awesome Seasons: 7, 4, LAD, 8, 2
Very Good Seasons: 1, 3 – the second part of season 3 is way better than the first part
Good Season: Legacy – the writing is mostly the problem
Worst Season: 6 – The evil Bauer famely plot was the worst thing in 24 history by far!

I know the ratings are bad, but if anyone wants a second series of 24: Legacy then please sign my petition as it’s being sent to FOX to hear our views on why we want a second series, I know it might not help but it’s worth a try.

To sign my petition, here is the link: https://www.change.org/p/fox-broadcasting-company-24-legacy-season-2-06c344dc-122c-40a1-88bf-c5160cc56f6a?source_location=minibar

I really hope it return next year for a second series :)

OMFG, there is only one person who would go to this length to get a 2nd season for this crap, and we know who it is, regardless of whatever name you use. This is getting beyond ridiculous.

Abc – My name is not Justin, why do you all keep thinking that everyone is Justin, yeah I read some of his comments and I can’t understand what have you got against him, he is being positive about the show and so am I and many other fans on 24: Legacy facebook page, I will prove it’s me (Shaun Clark).

If you look under 24: Legacy – Season 2 – look at the country (Burnley, Lancashire United Kingdom) and Justin lives in the US. so how the hell can it be Justin, also I will post my facebook profile as well.

It’s not just Justin who likes Legacy you know, I like 24: Legacy, it’s fresh and new from the original series of 24. I think you moaners are moaning because no Jack Bauer is in. Ahh, you feeling sad because Jack Bauer is not back, ahh want a dummy??? big babies!!!

Proof that it’s me, shaun >>>>>>>

Also, another proof, Justin is not gay, I am if you look at my Facebook profile picture and Bio !!!


I don’t care who you are–your “you just don’t like it because it doesn’t have Jack” assertion is garbage. A lot of us simply don’t like this season. Simple as that. Hell, Jack’s not even my favorite character of this show–I wanted Tony to be the new lead. All I wanted for Jack was an ENDING, which is what a lot of us wanted.

People have given a plethora of reasons for not liking this season. You like it–that’s your right–but many of us don’t and Jack is certainly NOT the forefront of most of our reasoning so come off it already.

The complaints about this season have been sound and fair: full of rehashes, boring, uninteresting characters, etc. Jack doesn’t even enter into the equation there so come off it with your “You just want Jack back” nonsense.

PS: Even IF someone hated this season because it lacked Jack, it’s a fair argument AS WELL because he’s been the main character of the show for nine seasons straight, had his story left hanging in the wind unresolved and we then unceremoniously had a Jack clone thrust upon us out of nowhere.

These are legit complaints whether you would agree with them or not.

Well that is your opinion. I think 24: Legacy is good. I am even going to buy it on DVD when it comes out to complete my 24 collection. It just shows I am a huge fan of 24 even without Jack Bauer!

Good for you. Enjoy it.

PS: If complaining about poor writing, poor characterization, poor usage of characters (Tony Almeida), rehashes, etc is “being big babies” in your eyes then I’m proud to wear that title as a badge of honor. :)

In my eyes this is a turd season with turd writing…..goo-goo ga-ga.

Shaun Clark is actually legit, he’s posted here since the LAD days at least. I can confirm that he’s not Justin.

The fix I put in place yesterday appears to be working well so far at keeping that certain someone out.

Then Shaun Clark, I sincerely appologise. Please accept it as I hope you understand that things on here has truly been messed up by the actions of Justin.

Again, my sincere appologies mate and good luck with your petition.

Abc, I can understand and apology accepted and thanks. :)

Just cut it out with the “You guyz juzt wantz jax” nonsense. That’s the sort of crap that trolls like Justin have pulled time and time again and I’ve never perceived you as a troll.

I have no problem with people liking this turkey–I just don’t want to hear this “ur juzt madd about jax” crap anymore. To hell with Jack–bring on Tony as the new lead. I’d support the HELL out of that if the writing was decent.

The ultimate clue that Shaun isn’t Justin is this: “Yes, the ratings are bad”. You can always spot a Justin alt by looking for some idiot blindly praising the ratings.

Shaun took ownership and accountability for this season’s reputation while simultaneously praising the season. While I found his Jack Bauer comment rather obnoxious and offensive, he’s actually a fan of this turkey, unlike Justin who is just trolling.

So, good for you, Shaun.

Bluetooth Group
April 5, 2017 at 4:12 pm
that Justin guy is like Negan. they are all Negan. lol

Who’s Negan?

Said it before. They tried pushing this show as New Hero, New Day, New Era bullshit but in reality they just did the same things from the original series. But they’ve done it in a lame and lazy way.

I predicted that it would be Rebecca’s whose being exchanged for in the finale. For 24, viewers should not be able to predict what will happen in 2 episodes in advance by just reading the press release. Sadly, that’s what happened with this series. Predictable, lazy and lame rehash.

24:Legacy – Rest in Pieces, please.

Should have gone with the tagline:

”It’s the same old Jack, back to stop attacks, only this time now he’s black”

Just want to ask. What is the general plot or aspect that made Season 6 widely regarded as the worse? For me, I hated the whole family affair with Jack and his brother, father, ex lover and then finally Audrey and her doctor or whoever it was. Best part was when Jack shaved his beard. Hahaha

The Predictor
April 5, 2017 at 1:19 pm
Jack shooting Curtis in the neck was pretty bad. But the Jumping the Shark moment of ’24’ occurred when it was revealed that the master mind villain of season 5 who was pulling all of Logan’s strings was none other than Jack’s brother. That reveal turned the show into a cheap comic book show/movie where the main character is the hero and the main villain is the hero’s childhood friend or family member. And then the show doubled down on that by having Jack’s dad be the main villain as well. Horrible. Imagine if a show like Homeland had the main villain of a season be Carrie’s long lost brother. It would completely make the show lose all credibility which is what it did to ’24’.

Season 6 completely went off the rails right after the nuke was set off, it felt like the writers had no plan beyond that and were just winging it (more than normal).

The “Bluetooth guy” being Jack’s evil brother who shortly afterwards is killed by Jack’s evil father. Everything relating to Marilyn and Josh Bauer. Morris alcoholism subplot. Karen Hayes was gone for like 6-7 episodes only to be told that her flight was cancelled or something? Gredenko was a crap villain. Charles and Martha returned but were given a weak, short-lived plot. And then it was just rehash after rehash – raid on a consulate, 25th amendment, potential WWIII, suspected mole/interrogation, attack on CTU, ZzZ. Complete mess.

It did have some moments that were legitimately great though. I actually think S6 is better than Legacy (so far). Legacy has all the same flaws – lazy rehashes, poor stories and writing, weak new characters and weak character returns, etc. But without any of the high points.

Bluetooth Group
April 5, 2017 at 4:09 pm
The writers actually admitted in an interview when promoting season 7 that they painted themselves into a corner in Season 6 with having the nuke go off so early. They talked about how good the strike was it gave them time to write and film the entire season before it aired.

What would you consider the high points of Season 6, out of curiousity?

Bluetooth Group
April 5, 2017 at 7:06 pm
only parts of season 6 i thought were compelling was the political drama between Noah Daniels, Wayne Palmer, Karen Hayes, and Tom Lennox, and the final scene between Jack and Heller. Thats it. The rest was trash IMO.

Perhaps “high points” was a poor choice of words on my part, since I feel like these moments never lived up to their promise, but…

I liked the initial suicide bombers threat, though they rushed through that way too fast. I thought the Hamri Al-Assad character was very interesting and they could’ve done a lot more with him. The nuke going off in Valencia felt like one of the series biggest moments and could’ve led to a very interesting season had they actually dealt with the aftermath. Charles Logan’s return scene was cool and got me hyped for the next episode and all the possibilities, even though that too ended up being disappointing.

The rest are mostly small scattered moments – Jack’s vampire throat bite in the premiere, kicking the suicide bomber out of the train as he exploded, suffocating Graem with the plastic bag, Fayed torturing Morris with the power drill, Jack bursting through a wall like the Kool-Aid Man and shotgunning dudes in close quarters to save Morris, etc… The episodes as a whole were mostly horrible, but they usually had at least one or two cool moments.

And there were a few moments that fell into the “so bad it’s good” category like the unintentionally hilarious “I’m not Ahmed, it’s ACCCKMED!” scene and Jack telling Marilyn how to use a gun (“point and shoot”). These were memorable for the wrong reasons, but at least they were memorable :P

There’s probably only three things in Day 6 I would consider great without any qualifiers – Peter MacNicol’s performance as Tom Lennox, the 17th episode where Jack takes out Fayed, and Jack’s conversation with Heller in the finale.

Season 6 had some brilliant moments and some really good individual episodes, but the previously-successful strategy on writing the season on the fly blew up in their faces that year, for sure, although I think the writers had some factors working against them; like Kim Raver moving on to another show and Alexander Siddig leaving during that season, when the writers wanted his character to remain longer.

But nothing excuses the catastrophic decision to make Graem be Jack’s brother, or to let Donald Sutherland slip through their fingers when he was willing and available to do the show that year. Even Howard Gordon has said the decision to escalate the Bauer family drama was the worst mistake they made during that show’s entire run… and he was right.

I also don’t think it helped that they were writing the movie or that both Joel Surnow and Manny Coto were also simultaneously working on a (short-lived) political satire show at the same time.

But they largely recovered with Redemption/Season 7 and the hugely underrated Season 8… and they certainly didn’t disgrace themselves with Live Another Day, so the universe balances itself out again

the only thing i disliked about season 6 was the marilyn / josh storyline… and curtis being killed & acting out of character.
The rest i did kind of like actually

Jack vs. Fayed or Carter vs. Jadalla……….

Yeah, I’d say S6 was lightyears better than Legacy.

what can anybody tells us about what Tony does and what happens to Tony in 24 Legacy episode 11?

Carter needs his help. Tony is stuck in the drive thru, ordering a burger. They get the sandwich wrong. Tony drives back up to the window to get it replaced. Episode ends.

Nest time on 24: Hostages Exchange

Tony: Sidra, how are you?

Sidra doesn’t answer.

Tony calls to Rebecca.

Tony: Sidra isn’t talking again.

Rebecca: I don’t have the time for this, The terrorist kidnapped me.

Tony: I thought that they kidnapped your husband.

Rebecca: Yes’ that was a hour ago and now they got me.

Tony: So let me understuned it, Carter’s wife and brother got kidnapped by the terrorist and then Carter and Andy exchangeג themselves to free them and one hour ago the terrorist got John and now they have you?

Rebecca: Yes.

Tony: all right, I’m coming to get you.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Tony: Oh my god!

Rebecca: What?

Tony: I’m more than one minute in this episode it’s to much for me, I must go. I will save you next week. So for now bye, and have a good time with Bin Khalid.

Rebecca: Tony? Tony?!

0:00:03, 0:00:02, 0:00:01, 0:00:00


Still feel like Netflix should try and purchase it. Having the whole season released at the same time for a heavily serialized drama is much better nowadays

seriously, what does tony do and what happens to tony next week? and how and why did tony escape prison?

Why do you think we know the answers to this? We know as much as you do

Another Tony post. Let this seep in…episode 11 is the first time Tony actually holds a GUN this season. His FIFTH episode in and he only THEN finally holds a gun and gets in on the action…wow…

I’m sure Tony does more than hold a gun in ep 11 on 24 Legacy. Problem is we don’t know what else Tony does in ep 11. And we don’t how and why Tony was able to escape prison either. We don’t really know anything about Tony since 24 S7

I actually liked season 7 8 was slowish but still good. & I really liked the idea they had for the movie which I still think those ideas should be put into a 10th season or whatever u wanna call it. Don’t ditch the terrorist idea entirely but since he’s in Russia now have the season be about his survival & resourcefulness & less about a national threat. Now they tried the fugitive idea in season 9 but it didn’t last long & it really wasn’t a huge theme of the season.

Kiefer is NOT coming back to 24!!!! When are people going to get this through their head. Kiefer has moved on with his life. Designated Survivor is a hit and will be renewed for season two. Kiefer is the star of the show. He is executive producer and has final script approval. ABC is paying him an unprecedented amount of money. When he gets breaks from filming Designated, he performs concert shows with his band. He is NOT coming back to 24!!!

Patty – You know that for sure do you? Kiefer Sutherland has confirmed he could return to 24 in the near future. !!!

Kiefer Sutherland has confirmed he could return to 24 in the near future. !!!

Yeah, but not to save the franchise, nor to be the protagonist for whole season. He just wants to give Jack an appropriate conclusion.

And if he cares about his career, he would not return to a show written so poorly.

Was this a recent statement or are you basing this on one of his interviews over the months where he kept floating the possibility of coming back one day?

No, no….. No statement, no interview….

Just think about it. Kiefer has said once he believed Jack deserved a better conclusion.

AND it makes no sense to quit Designated Survivor to return to this not-anymore-well-written-series.

Am I guessing wrongly?

Patty…relax. LOL!

JD, I’m relaxed, cool, calm and collected.

Remember when most of the people thought Kiefer was going to make this famous “cameo” in Legacy? Well, nobody talks about that cameo anymore because they now realise it’s not happening. People will finally realise that Kiefer is NOT coming back at all in any capacity. Wait and see.

lol – Kiefer is not making an “unprecedented” amount of money.

It would take a lot to save 24. The creators took the same path as always, it was the first wrong thing when creating Legacy. The second was the cast. Third was that they didn’t give a shit about the scripts of episodes…

Now to save the 24 the change of the way of thinking and restart the show on the every level is needed.. I remember the original series weren’t perfect but I always was willing to oversee all the wrong stuff because I really liked Jack Bauer.

Dialogues were always kind of “not smart” compare to cable shows (Homeland, Breaking Bad, GoT, House of Cards, The Wire, The Shield, etc…) I would say the dialogues should be more intelligent. I think the quality of dialogues was sufficient in ’01-’06 but we have a new era of TV and the quality of TV shows indeed evolved a lot.
Many characters including Jack acted without any logic and were so inconsistent so many times and I would say it was because lazy writing..

Also many plots were so stupid even back then.
Does there also have to always be mole in the agency? Sometimes more than one?
Does there have to almost always be the attack on the government agency? If they shoot something like this it should be at least bit credible! White House attack was so so funny (5 Africans killed all presidents men… and got to WH thanks to a drilling a hole …wtf?!)
Do we have to see some kind of the attack on the country? (Worst cgi ever when Jack was escaping on the car and dodging the missiles from the drone)

And there is also one more thing that pisses me off… why the fuck do have the foreign terrorists have to have the accent?! Remember the Russian cop in season 8? He had the American accent and as soon as it was Revealed that he is the terrorist he changed his accent to the Russian one.. wtf?!

BIG Change needed to save the 24.

Now when writing this, someone might say that I don’t like the 24, the opposite is the truth… I had a wonderful time watching first five seasons (yes even Kim cougar storylines) and very good times with the rest with the exception of legacy…
I would add one last thing. I had a great time with the last Part of season 8 after killing Rene. I was so happy the season 8 had this last revenge terminator part because first half was disappointment for me.

Sorry for English guys.. :)

24 Legacy’s 7 day ratings are now lower than 24 LAD’s live ratings:
2LAD episode 8 live ratings: 1.43 demo, 5.628 million viewers
24 Legacy episode 8 live+7 ratings: 5.315 million viewers.

If 24 Legacy is cancelled, it will likely be due to low live+7 demo. Scream Queens averaged a 2.0 and Rosewood averaged 1.8 in live+7 in the demo. 24 Legacy has been below those numbers since the 4th episode.

Designed survivor is no hit & there’s is no news absolutely none about its renewal….. what is this more sucking up spamming????

Joshua, I hate to spoil your big plans for rescuing Jack Bauer BUT Jack never made it to that Russian prison. When the helicopter landed in Russia, Belcheck and his Serbian mob buddies surrounded that chopper, kicked some ass, and got Jack out of the country. Jack returned to Los Angeles to spend time with Kim and his grandkids. Then one day he heard about a casting call for a new television show. Jack auditioned for the show and was hired on the spot!! A man with absolutely no acting experience!! Jack was SO excited. He even went down to the Courthouse and legally changed his name to Kiefer Sutherland. The rest is history. He is now playing President Tom Kirkman on a tv show called Designated Survivor. His Jack Bauer days are over.

Bluetooth Group
April 7, 2017 at 1:44 pm
As messy as LAD was, I still think it had the best Jack Bauer one liner ever. “Wake the Bitch Up !”
hahahahah lol

I don’t think LAD was ‘messy’. It was exceptionally well plotted. I just think it was a tad uninspired for a show that had been off the air for four years. It also wasn’t as outwardly conclusive as many hoped. I actually think it’s getting better as time goes on. Episodes 1, 7 and 8 in particular were top notch shit.

Although I wonder to what extent Legacy may be inflating my view of it. Food for thought.