24: Legacy Episode 12 (Season Finale) Promo

Here’s the promo for 24: Legacy‘s season finale – airing at next Monday at 8/7c on FOX.

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I’ll be very sad if Rebecca Ingram gets killed off and I’m not so sure whether or not next week’s season finale is going to end up as a “series finale”.

Not sure what to think of this clip.

It dosen’t look so good.

Wow. I am getting that feeling of deja vu from day 8, when Omar Hassan was brutally murdered; I hope Rebecca doesn’t end up the same way.

I’ll admit, Hassan’s death is one of the most shocking death in 24. That was just heartbreaking.

Agreed. Hassan’s death and his family’s reaction was heartbreaking and very shocking. It felt very personal to me and made me feel like everyone failed. Powerful.

If you think about it, everyone really failed in Day 8 and nothing ever achieved.

I think the most heartbreaking failure was in Season 3 when they think they’re closing in on Saunders and then discover an empty room with a switching node, and find there’s no way to save Chapelle’s life before the deadline. The second half of Season 3 was some of the best parts of the entire show.

Probably why I rank 3 and 8 so highly.

Think the first half of S8 is the most boring crap in the series. And all that Dana stuff is worse than Kim.

The latter half of Season 8 wouldn’t have the same impact if it wasn’t for the first half (and Redemption / Season 7 when it comes to the character of President Taylor) laying the groundwork… which is why 12-episode seasons of ’24’ simply aren’t as effective, in my opinion.

12 hour seasons aren’t effective, because they’ve proved twice now that they don’t know what to do with them.

For Live Another Day, there was talk from tptb about time jumpS – plural. But they chickened out and gave us just the one, despite there being a number of opportunities for more.

In reality, they’re not showing a condensed 24 hour period, just 12 hours with an epilogue. In other words not living up to the name “24”.

underwhelming. very bad season of 24.

Here we go again another pointless episode why do I get the feeling Tony’s going to lose this season when he’s supposed to be highly skillful like in the previous seasons sigh*😡

seriously. THAT is the finale?

I bet you there isn’t a single person alive who thinks this lazy, sleepwalking garbage is better than season 5’s back end…or even LAD.

I’m confused… are you saying season 5 is bad or that LAD is good?

He meant both S5 and LAD were far better than Legacy.

What about Tony’s “redemption”? Even now it seems he’s driven only by profit and finishing the job for his reputation and not caring about killing a girl (or having her taken to a place where she would likely be killed).

It does feel anti-climactic that after having dozens of sleeper cells potentially launching attacks, now the finale is simply about having Rebecca. This is the opposite of Season 4 where the beginning was just about Heller’s life but then became part of a larger threat.

Maybe this season would have worked better if Rebecca got kidnapped in the beginning and the terrorists were able to get some information from her that allowed them to attempt a larger attack.

I reckon smaller, more personal threats are always more compelling. Which is why I feel the first half of season 4 is vastly superior to the second (aside from the incredible finale). The threat of war or millions of lives at stake don’t really make me feel that invested in the story.

The only time a wmd threat works is when you care about the people directly affected by it. The bomb threat in S2 worked because of George inhaling plutonium, and Jack being prepared to sacrifice his life to get the bomb safely away.

The virus in S3 worked, because it killed Gael, and we feared it might kill Michelle too.

The nerve gas in S5 worked because we saw it kill half of CTU including Edgar and Lynn McGill.

The drone threat in LAD worked, only because those drones were threatening the life of a character that was loved by many.

When the wmd/war threats don’t have any effect on the characters, I’m always glad to see the back of them to tell you the truth. As an example, S8 became infinitely better when the fuel rods were out of the picture.

yeah very good points there mate…Couldn’t have said it better than that. 24 has always worked better when the characters are directly affected or involved that’s what gets it more compelling . when people are tested

will the following take place between 11pm and 12noon? to justify 24 hours

They can have a blood bath for most of the characters but Tony better get out there alive.

Is it me or did they use the music from the LAD teaser for this?

just rewatched, and while it’s not the exact same music, it’s very much similar.

I could take this finale setup more seriously if it hadn’t come about by mistake. Naseri breaks into CTU to get Jadella out (a huge risk in itself) and they just happen to pick up Donovan on the way by complete convenience, he wasn’t even meant to be there.

Since then the stupidity has gotten out of hand with Jadella’s father being alive (and offering absolutely nothing plot wise) while the more interesting Naseri has had to share screen time.

It could’ve been a seriously compelling second half if Jadella had of died at the end of episode 8 with episode 9 showing us Naseri’s motives, that really he wants revenge for the American’s killing his daughter, that way the twist with her being alive and the grey areas with Sims would’ve been far more interesting. Instead there’s just been too many wasted episodes, Donovan being kidnapped was complete filler, why couldn’t they have just had Rebecca kidnapped in the first place and fleshed out more of this stuff? A serious waste to what could’ve been a series saving final 4 episodes.

On the subject of Sims I actually like what the show did for once. Rather then just being a generic mole what he did actually makes some sense.

I agree that when Naseri broke into CTU he just saw John Donovan and get him and he was lucky because it wasn’t in his original plan. Because of this I thought that maybe someone on CTU or one of the Main Character needs to be the mole in order that it will make sense – the mole told Naseri that John is in CTU.

DNI isn’t a mole at all he just did thing of the record that he doesn’t what people to know about this and also Rabecka did it with him.

And it isn’t new that people are kidnapping and using a terrorist child. Jack Bauer did it a few times like with Syed Ali family and he almost killed Stephen Saunders Duaghter.

I posted this in the “what did you think of episode 11” but I’ll put it here as well:

For the last episode, Tony’ll probably blow down the door, but I doubt Carter will know who Tony is. Maybe Carter will be able to tell Tony that they need Naseri’s daughter alive for the exchange to save Rebecca and he’ll back off now that he’s been paid and because of his history with Rebecca. Then Tony will flee the Swat team arrives. This will probably be Tony’s “redemption”….

Bluetooth Group
April 11, 2017 at 12:16 pm
wouldn’t call that redemption. Only way Tony can be redeemed at this point, is to make the “ultimate sacrifice” while save Rebecca. Nothing else will qualify as redemption at this point.

That doesn’t seem like much of a redemption either, if you ask me. He knows this woman–they were lovers at one point–all he would accomplish is his own selfish desire to save a woman he still cares about. Not good enough, if you ask me.

The press release of episode 12 said: “Rebecca’s deal to save Donovan doesn’t go as planned.”

How can she deal to save Donovan if Bin Khalid has her?

I think it should be: “Donovan’s deal to save Rebecca doesn’t go as planned.”

Have critics screened the finale yet? I remember there being a lot of tweets and spoilers for the 24LAD finale released ahead of time.

I doubt it. Fox sent the first four episodes to critics ahead of the premiere, and when the initial reviews came back mostly negative/mixed, they haven’t sent any since.

Bluetooth Group
April 11, 2017 at 12:24 pm
Here’s my prediction for the finale. Carter convinces Tony to back down, as they need Naseri’s daughter to have any hope of facilitating a trade for Rebecca. As Rebecca is about to be killed, Tony shows up to facilitate the trade, but Naseri demands someone pays for the kidnap. Tony then tells Naseri, ” Its me you want, I kidnapped your daughter”. Carter grabs Rebecca and takes off. Tony and Naseri talk back and forth with the live broadcast going on. Then Tony opens up his coat to reveal hes strapped with C4, he then blows himself up taking Naseri and and Khalid down with him. Naseri’s daughter was able to escape in time.

I almost like this but it needs to be more than just saving Rebecca–he needs to do this because he truly wishes to stop the threat and save lives–not just Rebecca’s life. If he does this only for Rebecca then it’s not good enough for “redemption” if you ask me.

Bluetooth Group
April 11, 2017 at 1:03 pm
there lies the problem though. There is no threat anymore. The sleeper cells have been taken out. All that’s left for Naseri and Khalid is to stage the public execution. Much like Hassan in Season 8.

Then it’s just not good enough in my eyes. He has a history with this woman–it would make sense for him to stick his neck out for someone he cares about. Saving someone he cares about isn’t good enough for redemption as he killed DOZENS of innocent people in the past. Sacrificing himself to save someone he cares about is meaningless in comparison to his past crimes.

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April 11, 2017 at 1:28 pm
I agree, the writers have once again painted themselves into a corner. This really is the best we can hope out of Tony. They really screwed the pooch when they made Tony bad by suffocating Agent Moss in Season 7 and everything after that. He character was awesome classic Tony in season 7 up to that point. This is why realistically there is no return or redemption for Tony. I mean just last night he shoots the dude right in the forehead, and is now trying to take out Carter, and the other lady in the house.They couldn’t of just left well enough alone in season 7, and have Tony of been the hero after blowing up Starkwood.

Of course not–all they think about is the next “shocker” and they don’t care at WHAT expense that shocker is achieved.

PS: I haven’t watched the episode yet–can you describe that kill scene? Who was it? Was the man innocent? Why the hell did Tony kill him?

None of this jives with Solitary–none of it.

Season seven should have ended at episode 18 minus the helicopter chase of the Starkwood agent. It should have ended with Tony going to jail at a drastically reduced sentence at a luxury prison. The Alan Wilson story was unnecessary.

He killed a random agent that was guarding Naseri’s daughter. Random agent was working for Sims…and Sim’s not innocent. So I’m going to give Tony a pass for killing him.

Bluetooth Group
April 11, 2017 at 5:00 pm
uhhh, giving Tony a pass for killing an unarmed man that was laying on the grass with his hands tied behind him? I don’t think so. Some of you guys need to open your eyes. The Tony character has been ruined for good. Hes just a piece of shit mercenary now with no regard to human life. This wasn’t his first rodeo last night. It was made quite obvious he’s been doing this type of “clean up” work for quite some time.

I looked at the clip again..it didn’t look like the guy’s hands were tied. In fact his hands were by his side after he was shot. Only looked at the part where Tony shot the guy in the head so maybe it’s a production snafu. I didn’t like that guy anyway. But yea, not much room for redemption though I will always like Tony.

That’s how i see it as well. Tony has gone too far to become “good” again. Michelle murder scarred him forever and he never truly recovered from it. He basically has become David Emerson 2.0. A selfish and greedy egoistical mercenary

The way he killed that unarmed agent in EP 11 was cold and without any hesitation. He has gone off the deep end and turning him back in the finale would be far fetched.

Well, the only reason many of us are still talking about Tony’s redemption is for two reasons:

-What he said about Michelle in Solitary

-The fact that both Howard Gordon and Carlos Bernard himself mentioned redemption.

We’re still talking about it because we’re confused and wondering if we’ve all been duped.

I wonder about the agents at the house. They supposedly work for Sims, but Simms didn’t just order them to take Naseri’s daughter to the black site. Simms wanted Tony to kill everyone at the house.

I still don’t see how Tony can be “good” unless Carter convinces Tony to help him get Naseri and Bin Khalid, though Tony did help rescue John at the football field.

Bluetooth Group
April 12, 2017 at 11:53 am
He did not knowingly help rescue Donovan. He was doing the exact opposite actually. He was helping CTU to locate her phone so they can capture Rebecca so she doesn’t try and rescue Donovan and get herself killed or captured.