24: Legacy Finale Deleted Scene – Andy and Rebecca’s past

Dan Bucatinsky has shared a deleted scene from the 24: Legacy Finale which explores Andy’s past with Rebecca Ingram and how he was recruited to CTU. This scene was supposed to take place as the ambulance was transporting Rebecca to the hospital, but it was cut.

Show Transcript
Andy: You know when Rebecca recruited me, I was coding for this start up in Boston. I wasn’t even looking to leave. She found me. I wasn’t even unhappy or anything. I actually liked my job. But Rebecca, she said I’d be happier at CTU.

Mariana: Was she right?

Andy: Yeah, she was. That start up? Went public 18 months later. My shares would have been worth something like $20 million by now. But I never regretted coming here, not for a minute. Well, maybe a minute.

Mariana: That’s a good story.

Andy: It’s all true.

via EW

And here are the script pages from this scene.

24: Legacy Finale Deleted Scene Script
24: Legacy Finale Deleted Scene Script - Page 2

Source EW


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what about THE Almeida 24 Legacy extra bonus scenes that weren’t shown on 24 Legacy?

My guess is that they will include the Tony Almeda backstory in the deleted scenes, however in the director’s/writer’s commentary indicate that there was a problem with it (e.g. too dark, convoluted, confusing, didn’t present Tony in the correct light, generated more questions than answers, etc…)

My assumption is that the writers/directors lurk on this website and gauge the reactions to certain things (e.g. the Rebecca/Tony past relationship timeline) and perhaps realized that they mucked it up and didn’t want to further the damage by expanding on it, nor wanted to re-shoot to patch the timeline so it would be consistent with Tony’s available time between Season 5 and 7 AND consistent with Tony’s Legacy remarks.

i WANT THE Almeida 24 LEGACY Deleted Scenes NOW

Bluetooth Group
April 21, 2017 at 4:58 pm
There are no Tony deleted scenes guys. get over it. His scenes were cut before they even shot them. The re wrote the script.

Get over it? This is THE Almeida we’re talking about and NOT Carter. And we deserve THE Almeida Bonus 24 Legacy DVD Scenes RIGHT NOW we deserve 2 C THE Almeida DVD Scenes NOW