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’24’ Jack Bauer Prequel series in works from original creators Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran

Jack Bauer’s next chapter may be an early one.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the next chapter in the 24 franchise will be an ongoing prequel series that tells the origin story of how Jack Bauer became Jack Bauer. Original series creators Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran are said to be teaming on an idea for the character originally played by Kiefer Sutherland. Executive producer Howard Gordon is attached to the project and is working with Surnow and Cochran on the idea.

Surnow and Cochran are co-writing the script for what sources say could be an ongoing series rather than a closed-ended limited series like the most recent incarnations in the franchise, 24: Legacy or 24: Live Another Day. It’s unclear when the series could be on the air, though there had been some rumors in May that Fox could launch the new installment for midseason. Casting has not begun.

Source The Hollywood Reporter


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Will it be called Better Call Jack?

Le Kief has a very iconic, and uniquely shaped head so it’s going to be VERY difficult to cast a young Jack.

That said, I’m am genuinely intrigued! Better idea than that female lawyer shit by a long way!

Terrible idea.

If they recast Jack Bauer, my pick would be Alex Pettyfer From “Magic Mike” and “I Am Number Four”. He’s a underrated actor in my opinion. It would be a tough act to follow but I think he can pull it off. I wish that FOX had made the 24 movie because “24 Live Another Day” ended on a sour note in my opinion. Kiefer Sutherland deserves to go out on a high note.

I think this is a great idea! A prequel works for Better Call Saul, Sheldon Cooper, Taken it worked for!

This is way better than 24 Legacy! This can lead to a Jack Bauer return as well! So many story opportunities here for this new 24!

And Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran are back after 10 years! Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran are back involved with development and creatively again! Remember Joel and Bob are the brains behind 24 and wrote the best seasons of 24 during its original run. People said 24 lost steam after Joel left. Joel and Bob took 24 to win Emmy awards with their writing.

Joel and Bob are smart people, and they shouldn’t be discredited. Plus none of the 24 Legacy creators are here, so this will be way better than 24 Legacy IMO!

The two creators who came up with 24 before 2001 knows the 24 series inside and out! Joel can recapture the magic of the origjnal series! How can the two creators who everyone loved from 2001-2008 come up with a bad idea? I think this could work and get a whole new audience and old fans might come back to check it out!!

Looks like this could premiere at midseason on Fox, meaning casting and filming would have to begin soon!

Howard Gordon told me in an email this past weekend, that he thinks Fox will announce officially at their press tour this week

Shut up you blagging cunt!

This is probably an unpopular opinion around here, but I wish they would just end the series once and for all. How many times can you try to revive a series that had a long run to begin with? I never even watched Legacy and still don’t plan to.

I agree with this statement from Deadline!

NBC and EuropaCorp recently did a TV series prequel to the Taken movie franchise with a younger version of the character played by Liam Neeson in the films, which was developed by a TV writer-producer. The 24 situation is different as the potential prequel series is being developed by the same creative brain trust — Gordon, Surnow and Cochran — that led the original series to a drama series Emmy, and all three of them know the Jack Bauer character inside and out. (The series also also earned Sutherland an Emmy.) This is somewhat reminiscent of CBS’ Young Sheldon prequel series, which hails from The Big Bang Theory team of Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro.

So, they can do a story with Jack Bauer, who for all intents and purposes, is considered the heart of the show, but don’t have to involve Kiefer.

Talk about having your cake and eating it, too :)

Wouldn’t mind seeing a season about Operation Nighftfall.

The idea is intriguing but I just cant see who they could cast that could really replace Keifer S., even in a younger role.

No no no – this is going to flop like Legacy

First they copy Legacy from the Bourne series because that was the ‘thing’ to do back then
Now because pre-quels are popular, they’re gonna go with that.


Bourne Legacy: 2012

Better Call Saul: 2015
Young Sheldon: 2017
Taken: 2017

24: Legacy: 2017

July 31, 2018 at 1:24 am
Two sides to this, the good side is we’ll get to see more Jack Bauer and maybe it’ll add another layer to the character we never saw before. Other than that I find it hard to imagine this won’t be just another terrorists filled season, it would have been cool if they tried something completely new with the 24 hour format – but there’s still time for that. Excited about the original creators returning, hope they do a good job.

July 31, 2018 at 1:27 am
Wonder how far back in advance this will go as well. Hope it’s not gonna go back to a college Jack Bauer as that would be just cringy. At most I’d like to see 10 years so it can have still some relevance to the series but I’ve a feeling they’re gonna show his whole training process.

We already saw how Jack Bauer became ‘Jack Bauer’ over the course of the original run.
He’s not all that interesting a character if you strip him of all of his failures and losses, that’s ultimately what drives him.


I definitely disagree – I thought over the course of the run he turned from Jack Bauer into some kind of indestructible superman. I would relish the thought of the more human version of the character.

I agree! I hope they really think about this

While we’re at it, let’s do a prequel series of “Sam The Butler” from Season 6.

Stupid. 24 is all about suspense. Where is the suspense in a prequel? You know exactly what can and can’t happen to any character that has appeared before. And they have gone on and on and on about how many bad days can Jack Bauer have, and yet they can give him another one in the past? Crap. I hope Disney cancels this garbage right out of the gate.

True – it’s not like the risk of Jack dying in any prequel series is there like it was each season of the original run.

Still, a prequel around the same character is a lot better than the earlier reports about a law&order format with a female lead that sounded ridiculous as a ’24’ adaptation.

I can’t believe several people in here are in favor of this. Sure, it’s better than that female lawyer drama crap, better than a Legacy Season 2 and better than some unknown character spin-off but…what’s the point?

Kiefer’s show was cancelled. They have a GOLDEN opportunity to get the band together one last time and FINISH THE STORY. Why are they not making that their top priority? They need to provide closure for this “Tony working dark ops to clear his name” crap by having him rescue Jack on orders of the government, give them one final team up season together and END IT. It’s a bread and butter concept. Why are they not going for that? Kiefer even said recently he’d be open to do more if they had a good story.

Yet another misfire.

To be honest, I wouldn’t at all be opposed to a prequel…if they FINISHED the story first.

No, I don’t consider a retread of Season 5’s ending to be be a conclusive ending. It’s a sh!t ending. It’s worse than just killing Jack off.

…Ugh. I really didn’t think about the last two words of my post when I hit that “reply” button.

July 31, 2018 at 6:25 am

I must have missed the news – I had no idea that ‘Designated Survivor’ got canceled or that Kiefer has expressed willingness to resume the Bauer character after he said repeatedly that he was too old to continue the role.

THAT’S the big idea they’ve been keeping under wraps for the last year… that??? A five-year-old could have come up with that idea during potty time!!!

What made jack Bauer who he was is what he experienced, suffered, and lost over the show’s 13-year run… not crammed into some forced and contrived prequel that nobody asked for, particularly wanted, and that the producers once said they would never do.

Haven’t you guys learned anything from the recent Han Solo movie flop?

I would have said at one time that I’ll keep an open mind and give this a chance… but I won’t even do that anymore; this is a shitty and creatively cheap idea that has no dramatic purpose other than to keep a lucrative franchise going.

So long 24… you were great once.

Sebastian Monroe
July 31, 2018 at 9:01 am
The comment left by Supes is correct. The character of Jack Bauer that we all know and love is the product of 8-9 seasons of tragedy. Season 8’s climax doesn’t happen without Renee getting killed; Renee’s death doesn’t affect Jack the way it does were it not for the deaths of Teri and his failed relationship with Audrey. Jack doesn’t go to Africa were it not for his torture antics in earlier seasons. The list goes on and on. When you remove Teri’s death, Chloe’s friendship, Tony and Palmer’s bromance, Chapelle’s death, you strip away all the layers of the character that made him so intriguing. Season 1 was great but basically at that point Jack was a married man with a child going through a difficult time in his marriage with a couple of missions under his belt. The idea of maybe doing an Operation Nightfall prequel could maybe in an ideal world under the right circumstances work, but not sure what else.

Truthfully if they’re going to be doing 24 spinoffs i’d be more interested in doing some sort of prequel story for Mandy. I think she’s 24’s version of the Joker; Jack’s nemesis who gets away and who has no real origin or backstory. I’d be interested in watching a series about her story. But I digress.

Just do the damn 24: Prison Break crossover series and be done with it.

Maybe if she was more sympathetic than a one dimensional Sociopath that would blow up a plane of innocent people for an ID card, didn’t care for how they ended her story, I’m sure they intended to bring her back, but just one of many loose ends on this show.

Just stop already! Weren’t we torched enough with Legacy!

24 is my all time favorite show but it’s time for it to end. This is NOT a good idea in the slightest, and unless Kiefer Sutherland wants to return, (unlikely) leave 24 alone.

Loathsome idea.

I’d take a second season of Legacy over crap like this. I hate sounding purist about things but, really, season one was the origin story of Jack Bauer. Everything that happened before (Operation: Nightfall included) was a mere footnote, a stepping stone to “the lognest day” of Jack Bauer’s life.

If 24 is fundamentally a tragedy and the story is about Jack Bauer as a fundamentally tragic figure, you couldn’t possible tell a Jack Bauer story before the events of season one without breaking the continuity of the series or altering its underlying ethos.

And that’s to say nothing about recasting one of the most iconic characters to ever grace the television medium – an actor whose modus operandi became an inextricable part of the show’s DNA.

This is a creatively bankrupt endeavour and a cheap cash grab. I will not be watching.

I’m curious how much talking they have done to Kiefer Sutherland about him coming back for another season, he must enjoy having 24 to fall back on, I know he has his music touring to do now. Having Jack in a Russian prison is a pretty weak ending to his story in my opinion, and having Tony’s story end with him being a free mercenary is unsatisfying also.

August 1, 2018 at 9:21 am
I’m genuinely a huge 24 fan. I love rewatching the first 9 seasons over and over again. But Jack Bauer is Kiefer Sutherland. Sorry guys, but I don’t want Jack Bauer to be like James Bond who gets played by a different actor every decade.

There already is an origin story for Jack Bauer, it’s called Season 1.

If you really want to make a prequel to season 1, then how about a videogame with Kiefer voicing Jack and doing motion capture? Doing a young Jack Bauer in live-action is just a horrible idea to me.

The reason Better Call Saul is so great, is because we didn’t really know much about Jimmy/Saul during the Breaking Bad time, so the writers had a clear canvas to work with and be creative. Also, they actually have Bob Odenkirk still.

A 24 prequel really isn’t necessary.
Make a sequel to Live Another Day to tie up loose ends with Jack and Tony, or let it rest.

August 1, 2018 at 9:25 am
In addition, in my opinion Kiefer owns the character of Jack Bauer.
No one else should tamper with that.

Good idea to watch young Bauer and may be Operation Nightfall and the beginning of his relationship with Nina…but but ..they have to find a charismatic actor…not very easy!

How hard can it be to get Kiefer back on one last time and make Jack sacrifice himself for all humanity this time, instead of just Chloe, they would have to bring Tony, Chloe and a couple of faces still alive for the whole shebang and it could be pretty good.
Then they could do the shitty prequel of whatever they want to do because i think nobody cares.

The 24 franchise needs to stop. DAMMIT!!!

Jack said at the start of every episode in season 1 “today is the longest day of my life”, the prequel mustn’t be very memorable for him then.

August 2, 2018 at 6:03 am
Excellent point. The prequel should be cancelled based on this alone.
He also said in season 1 that he’s never been as scared as on that day before, so whatever goes on in the prequel can’t affect him too much.

I mean I know Jack’s had many missions before, but still… let’s not ruin how special season 1 has been for him. For all intents and purposes season 1 IS the prequel to how he became the person we know him as.

How about this: If Kiefer doesn’t wanna come back, then ignore that one novel where he dies and bring back James Badge Dale as Chase Edmunds as the new protagonist for a sequel, where he runs into Tony.

Seen that folks asked for Nightfall to be the prequel, but the thing is that took place only two years prior to Day 1. And we see pictures of it in Day 3, with Jack & Saunders, both played by Kiefer & Paul Blackthorne. Kind of hard to pull off that one with a new younger actor, I would assume, since it has been established that’s how Jack looked like back then.

Recall reading in the original pilot script (can’t find a link anywhere online for it now), that Jack was 35 years old when the series began. Kiefer was 34 when the pilot was shot (March 2001). Not sure how much younger can they go from here.

The tie-in stuff with regards to the character’s dossier, mentioned that he served in the military, the LAPD SWAT unit, & the CIA.

If it were to cover any of those tenures he had, they’d probably cover a specific military mission or a police operation over the course of 24 hours. Instead of terrorists, it would presumably be against organized crime, foreign military, or maybe even serial killers. I don’t think you need the real time conceit for that. Without that gimmick, it could or would play out just like a regular procedural, albeit one which gives insight into the character over the course of a season across a long period of time, while casting the clock aside (which I don’t know if they’d be willing to do).

Or hell, back in 2002, when FOX was still doubtful over whether to renew it for a second season, they had Joel Surnow & Michael Loceff write a sample script where each episode would encompass 24 hours, rather than one hour in real time, so that it can be more accessible to viewers. But, they chose to renew them with a format intact, and the rest is history. They could try revisiting that idea. Each episode covering 24 hours, but set across different periods of time in Jack Bauer’s life (where the time passing between each episode could be as little as week or as much as four months or two years), which really shaped him up to the man you first met on the day of the California Presidential Primary.

Top of that, it would presumably be set in the late 80s and across the 90s, right? That way, I think they could probably explore the world in a pre-9/11 setting. The horrible events of that day nearly 17 years ago, forced them to write the show differently. They just wanted it to be a straight-up thriller set in a fictional world, but this tragedy rooted them in a very real world & what you saw over the course of the original run was a reflection of that (Surnow even said so in a Paley Center event in 2003). They might see this as an opportunity to maybe tackle what they may originally have envisioned back in the day, but couldn’t do so due to being informed by this unfortunate development.

Just thinking out loud :)

Kiefer was the show’s great strength, not Jack per se. Jack without Kiefer — and, in effect, decanonising everything that came before (unless it’s set in the 90s which would also be difficult)– seems like a disaster. I’m interested in the lawyer story. Do something radically different with real-time.

It’s possible Kiefer could be in the prequel and kind of do it like a Better Call Saul show that is both a prequel and sequel. It traces back as Saul Goodman becomes Saul but also takes place in the Breaking Bad Universe.

So they can do that with 24 and somehow tie Jack’s Russia story to the prequel.

August 2, 2018 at 8:33 pm
Pretty sure when Teri is at home before Tony saves her life, we see photos of a young Kiefer-Jack Bauer, among the many pictures in the house. During her amnesia phase.

So many “exciting” prequel possibilities:

24: First Day of School
24: Jack’s First Job
24: When Jack Met Teri
24: The Wedding
24: Kim’s Birth
24: Jack and Nina’s Affair
24: Henderson Gets Fired
24: Operation Nightfall
24: The Sunday Before You Killed My Wife

‘First Day of School’: Jack tortures the resident bully who snatches other kids lunch money at recess, with magnetic tape from an educational video collection at the school’s AV Club.

Small correction: The right chronological order would be Operation Nightfall -> Henderson Gets Fired -> Jack and Nina’s Affair.

Nice touch with ‘The Wedding’, as that was Surnow & Cochran’s original plan on what the 24 hours would encompass :)

I could definitely imagine young Jack doing that. Good catch on the order of events and the reference to the 24 wedding. :D

Maybe they can even go further back and show toddler Jack saying his first word, “DAMMIT!!!”

If it’s not about Jack breaking out of Russia, it’s a waste of time. Period.

Yeah, I agree… they tried spin-off with Legacy. It didn’t word, bad exuction.
Young Jack…very dificult character to cast. Yet the sequel idea is a way better than the Legal one , which is not 24.

Why they keep trying 24 spin-offs? Is FOX so needed of a good show and they’re trying to old-ones (that are not old because are spin-offs)?

They should focus on writing a great script for Jack Breaking out of Russia. Pinch the idea with Kiefer and let the show rest if Kiefer doesn’t return.

Why does everyone keep asking for Jack to be broke out of the Russians’ custody? It’s a fundamental misunderstanding of Live Another Day’s final scene and Jack’s rationale for doing so.

It’s also probably the ‘happiest’ ending they could have given him considering everything he’s been through; he won’t be tortured like in China, he saved the world once again (as well as Chloe), he can finally rest and not have that knock on the door/phone call/subpoena that drags him back into ‘the game’ where he can expect even more death and mayhem and loss and suffering laid upon his weary shoulders, and he knows that the best thing for those he loves the most is that he stays the maximum distance away from them to ensure their present and future safety.

As Brad very rightly states above, 24 is a fundamentally tragic story, Jack is ultimately a tragic hero… and if you look at both myth and literature, those type of heroes almost never get conventionally happy endings.

I’m fine with how Live Another Day ended… and if it’s Jack’s swansong, I’m good with that too.

That’s where 24 ends for me, short of Jack returning one last time in a film or final limited season (neither of which are likely at this late stage).

Again, so long 24, you were great once… we’ll always have the memories.

I was under that the Russians would torture Jack when he was in prison, which is why I kind of had an issue with that ending, as it was, like you said, exactly like the Chinese.

If it was just a lifelong prison stint without any kind of abuse like that and he’d just simply succumb to old age as a prisoner, I suppose that fits with the tragic tone of the show. There’s no chance of normalcy for him in the outside world anyway, as almost everyone he cared for is gone.

My take is, if they are going to do a follow-up story for Jack, it must be the last chapter, culminating with his death. Sacrifice himself to save whoever he has left, and go out like a hero, rather than go through another endless cycle of misery.

I think it was an intended and logical expectation of viewers to think that Jack would face retribution from the Russians – not just through imprisonment but torture similar to what the Chinese did.

It’s pretty amazing that after 24 Legacy flopped that Fox is still determined to turn 24 into the next NCIS, CSI or Law & Order Franchise (or James Bond). There just isn’t any interest or demand for it.

Fox probably feels there is a whole new generation of viewers out there and if the new 24 is fresh, old viewers may come back since Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran are back and created the best 24 seasons! 24 was great under Joel Surnow seasons 1-5. Howard Gordon ran season 6 and Joel Surnow left after season 7. 24 hasn’t been the strongest since Joel was around. Joel and Bob gave 24 its Emmy awards!

These two new 24 idea’s are getting more positive reactions than when Legacy was annouced!

And I can see Kiefer starring in one of these 24 iterations as he is pitching idea’s directly and involved as a producer

IMO, Law and Order, NCIS, CSI all had successful reboots and spinoffs and prequels. 24 can do that with the right cast, compelling writing now that Surnow is back with Bob and Howard and the creative team from Legacy are gone! Surnow understood the magic of 24 and what made it work since he and Bob came up with the concept.

24 Legacy failed cuz it wasn’t fresh or compelling at all. Hopefully Howard Gordon who said they are only doing 24 if they get it right and who is watching old 24 episodes with his 13 year old son right now is making notes on what worked and what did not.

August 3, 2018 at 9:51 am
Instead ofJack breaking out of Russia, I always kind of liked the idea of there being a threat to the Russian people that the Russian government finds out about and they tell Jack “Look, if you help us stop these terrorists, we’ll forget about this whole mess. If these people succeed, the world will never be the same.” Jack helps them, but only for the sake of the Russian citizes.

Jack gets teamed up with the best man the Russians have, basically a Russian Jack Bauer. Jack is kind of rusty the first few episodes and the Russia guy is in control. But then Jack gets his groove back and Russian guy starts being impressed by Bauer. They become a good team and uncover a huge conspiracy to launch terrorist attacks all over Russia. Suicide bombers, detonations of public places, crashing trucks into crowds of people, etc. A few attacks succeed, a few Jack and the Russian manage to stop.

At some point Jack gets in contact with Chloe via phone.
He needs help, it’s too big. Chloe sends Tony Almeida and his girlfriend Sidra to Russia.
There is conflict between the Russian and Tony, but in the end they manage to stop the horrible attacks, but Jack sacrifices himself for the Russian people. Some kind of scenario where he has to be in a specific location to stop something, with no way out.

I’d find it would fit the tragic nature of Jack’s whole story if he ended up sacrificing himself for a foreign country that tortured and imprisoned him. Because no matter what country it is, he can’t let innocent civilians die.

You Mr. should send your CV to creators of the show and send them these lines. I think this is far the best idea I have read or heard about the sequel and ending the 24 once for all.

I said almost the same a couple years ago, Jack wouldn’t let random innocent civs die, he always instinctively tries to do the right thing even if it means sacrificing something, saving Russian citizens and possibly their country seems like the logical next step on his story. Plus we could get to see Jack on snow. And because Tony is all over the globe with his PMC he can definitely show up as well. He should end sacrificing his life though in my opinion to fit with the rest of the series and give the ultimate closure.

I love this idea,
People always want Jack to break out of Russia, the problem with that is that the Russians never will stop hunting Jack.

I just one final season with Jack, Tony, Chloe and Kim. And hopefully a happy ending for Jack, that would be refreshing.

Off topic: but my 24 DVDs don’t work on the DVD player I bought so then thought about why it isn’t on any streaming service like Netflix or Stan here in Australia.

Any one here know why 24 isn’t available to stream down under?

And I thought the real star here is a real time format not Jack Bauer :D ok it sounds pretty shitty, however I still kind of hope it could work. But first of all it would have to be set in 80’s-90’s with a real good atmosphere, and the plot can’t be about some bomb virus etc.. there is also problem with actor, it is hard to find somebody w/ Kiefers swag :D.. and it is a Fox production.. fuck this is gonna be an epic fuckup. Something like McGuyver

Hi guys,

Do we know if the first spin-off Fox talked about (prosecutor having 24 hours to save a sentenced to death) is abandoned ? Or is Fox going to develop the two stories in the same time ? I don’t think so but, as Fox didn’t say anything about the first spin-off, that’s unclear.

Sorry for my english.

You know it’s very possible Kiefer could be back in the 24 legal thriller idea!

Kiefer wants Jack Bauer to get closure and has pitched that Jack Bauer die.

What fresh and original way to get Jack Bauer back on 24?

Having Jack in a Russian Prison, ready to be executed but his attorney comes across a conspiracy learning Jack maybe innocent of his crimes! But something happens where the attorney can’t prove his innocence and sadly Jack dies in the last episode giving fans closure and keeping the stakes high and emotional throughout the season. This would be the first season of the Anthology season! Then the second season could move into the medical arena or firefighter arena or any other profession. Makes sense why Kiefer is involved as producer, pitching and brainstorming and why Fox is not ruling out his return. This would also get Jack back for the shows 20th anniversary!

Then they continue on with the prequel of 24

Sebastian Monroe
August 6, 2018 at 8:52 am
“His attorney comes across a conspiracy learning Jack maybe innocent of his crimes.”

Did you watch Season 8? What exactly could Jack be innocent of?

I love how Fox says 24 has a lot of legs and power left and they love the show and want to reimagine 24 cuz they feel 24 is unique and still relevant in today’s political climate of security.

It sounds like Fox wants 24 to be like James Bond, Jack Ryan, Law and Order, CSI, NCIS, Chicago Fire and have the 24 brand have more than 1 version on at the same time maybe!

Kiefer could be involved with the prequel as well if Joel and Bob change the format of 24 to what they were gunna do for season 2 and have each episode stretch 24 hours and they can have it be a prequel and sequel! That would be fresh for 24


Get a job or get a life or get a gun and shoot yourself Justin. You psycho creepy motherfucker.

Milo should be banned from making comments like that or the admin should delete his comments .. IMO

Maybe since Fox is also developing a season 6 of Prison break and they have a 24 legal thriller in development maybe they can do a crossover between 24 and prison break! That would be a very cool event series!

Prison Break is at the script stage of development rn.

Justin is basically a trump supporter except trump was replaced with 24. Everything he says is senseless and not worth responding to.

A 24 prequel is a horrible idea and will fail worse than Legacy. You can’t just re-cast Jack Bauer with a younger actor and expect anyone to watch it. My guess is Fox will pull a Kiefer-gimmick and have him in the first episode only.

August 11, 2018 at 7:14 am
In a Russian cell, getting waterboarded: “Hi. I’m Jack Bauer. You’re probably wondering how I ended up here. Well. It all started when I was 12 years old. I’d just had my first erection. I blame it on this girl Teri at my school.”

So this is their master plan? What a joke.

Yea, I’m sure people are dying to watch a totally different actor play a very young Jack Bauer. Do they seriously believe any of this will interest people? This will tank a lot harder than Legacy did.

This also isn’t a comic book. So what exactly do they mean by “origins” of how Jack Bauer became Jack Bauer? He’s just a man who has experienced a lot of tragedy and does what he thinks is right, which we saw starting from Season 1.

Either give us a fitting conclusion to this show (which means Kiefer/Jack returning and wrapping up the story for good) or just put this show out of its misery.

Hi I am a different kind of Justin. And pretty much I can surely tell the new 24 prequel will be a kind of shit. Btw do you guys remember animated prequel to 24? It was a shit also. Gary and Dana and Harry and Howard are so so excited about this very fresh young Jack Bauer idea, but but once again they are kind of retarded as the original Justin, so I believe we should be looking forward to see one hell of a disaster tv show.

Who’s Harry?

Not so sure about the answer here.. I guess just some random guy oooor I think he is a lover of original Justin :D I still can’t remember what was this 24 day zero prequel about but I found it on YouTube so I give it a try

The justinnator 😳 harassment day stalkment day😳😏come with me if you want jack to live. Anyhow I’ve Always liked the idea of seeing jack maybe being in survival mode in Moscow/ resourceful . Which is why I don’t mind them doing season 10 with kiefer. But there talking about doing things they said they’d never do with the franchise & that’s where the fan base will deplete rapidly they wanna treat this like the the next James Bond? But without jack? What? But replace him with new hero’s every few years? & this would be like that how? Someone please explain this.

A ’24’ prequel would have been a good idea if they did it after season 5. They could have brought back David Palmer’s character and revealed what occurred leading up to and during Operation Nightfall which was the backstory of season 1. And we could have seen how Nina became Nina including how her affair started with Jack. To do a prequel now with different actors just doesn’t seem appealing to me. And even if it was, I don’t have any confidence that FOX could make it entertaining. If I want to watch an entertaining ’24’ type of show, I go to HBO, Showtime, FX, or AMC. If I want to see a dumbed down version of that kind of show, I go to FOX.

Which show of HBO, Showtime, FX or AMC is a ’24’ type of show?

Maybe Homeland, Berlin Station or Deep State or even Designated Survivor :D

Homeland is 24ish with more character development. Fauda (on Netflix) is 24ish. And then there are other exciting serial shows like Fargo, Breaking Bad, The Americans, etc. which are great shows.


What I have always wanted from this show was for them to realize that the real draw is not espionage, but the clock. The murmurs we’d read about adapting this format to other backdrops such as medical/legal, got my hopes up.

This news comes to me as a massive disappointment.

Fucking stupid. This sounds about as exciting as Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I emphatically declare that you should all watch new BBC drama “The Bodyguard” to fill that 24 void.

Just bingewatched The Tin Star w/ Tim Roth. Reminded me a 24 a little. Great series though.

Alcoholic cliches aside, Tin Star was a great series! Season 2 is in the works I believe.

Netflix has saved Designated Survivor, so no chance of him doing 24 for at least another year or two.

Wow, I went two months without seeing this news.


This feels like a nightmare.

If they finally do the prequel, I think a fantastic actor for the job would be Peter Sarsgaard. For me he looks like Kiefer a lot! Only 4 years younger, but he is aging much better than Kiefer.

Peter Sarsgaard looks nothing like Kiefer. The only other actor that sort of looks like Kiefer is Jason Sudeikis.

I agree with the idea of a Jack Bauer’s beginnings, but do it as a Different universe timeline. Also, my casting Choice would be Luke Bracey as Jack Bauer, based on his performances in “The November Man” & “Point Break(Remake)”.

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Neither the legal take or the Young Bauer prequel are moving forward.