24 Season 4 Press Releases

Marianne Taylor 24 Season 4 Episode 8

24 Season 4 Episode 8 Press Release (2:00PM – 3:00PM)

JACK AND HELLER SEEK A TRAITOR AT CTU, PRESIDENT KEELER ADDRESSES THE NATION ON “24” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7, ON FOX Jack alerts Secretary Heller that there is a turncoat CTU agent in their midst. Meanwhile, President Keeler addresses the nation, saying the National Guard needs to evacuate six U.S. cities in the episode “Day 4:… View Article

Tony Almeida 24 Season 4 Episode 7

24 Season 4 Episode 7 Press Release (1:00PM – 2:00PM)

CTU RACES AGAINST TIME TO STOP NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS, JACK REACHES OUT TO AN OLD FRIEND, MARIANNE DRAWS SUSPICION ON “24” MONDAY, JANUARY 31, ON FOX CTU races against time to prevent the terrorists from melting down nuclear power stations across the U.S. Meanwhile, Jack reaches out to an old friend for help; and Sarah gets… View Article

James Heller and Jack Bauer 24 Season 4 Episode 6

24 Season 4 Episode 6 Press Release (12:00PM – 1:00PM)

JACK ATTEMPTS TO RESCUE HELLER AND AUDREY BEFORE BOMBING, BEHROOZ FACES DIFFICULT ORDER FROM HIS FATHER ON “24” MONDAY, JANUARY 24, ON FOX In a race against time, Jack attempts to rescue Heller and Audrey before the military bombs the terrorist compound and kills everyone inside. Meanwhile, Behrooz faces a difficult order from his father… View Article

Jack Bauer 24 Season 4 Ep5

24 Season 4 Episode 5 Press Release (11:00AM – 12:00PM)

JACK IS FORCED TO MOVE IN ON KALIL, OMAR THREATENS GREAT HARM TO AUDREY ON “24” MONDAY, JANUARY 17, ON FOX Jack must track a new lead to Heller after the police make a crucial mistake with Kalil. Meanwhile, Omar threatens great harm to Audrey unless Heller signs the confession in the 24 episode “Day… View Article

Omar threatens to kill Audrey Raines if Heller doesn't sign the confession in 24 Season 4 Episode 3

24 Season 4 Episodes 3 and 4 Press Release (9:00AM – 11:00AM)

JACK CREATES A HOSTAGE SITUATION, BEHROOZ SEES THE RUTHLESSNESS OF HIS PARENTS IN PART 2 OF THE SPECIAL TWO-DAY, FOUR-HOUR “24” SEASON PREMIERE EVENT MONDAY, JANUARY 10, ON FOX Aisha Tyler Debuts In Recurring Role Jack goes against Driscoll’s order and creates a hostage situation to monitor the trained operative he’s been tracking for finding… View Article

24 Season 4 Premiere Event Expanded – Two Nights, Four Hours

NEW SEASON OF “24” EXPANDS PREMIERE WITH SPECIAL TWO-DAY, FOUR-HOUR EVENT SUNDAY AND MONDAY, JANUARY 9 AND 10, ON FOX FOX’s award-winning series 24 will give viewers even more action as it kicks off its fourth season of clock-stopping suspense with an explosive two-day, four-hour season premiere Sunday and Monday, Jan. 9 and 10 (8:00-10:00… View Article

24 Season 4 kicks off with 2 hour premiere

NEW SEASON OF “24” KICKS OFF WITH SPECIAL TWO-HOUR PREMIERE SUNDAY, JAN. 9 ON FOX Series Moves to Monday Nights Beginning Jan. 10 FOX’s award-winning series 24 will kick off its fourth season of clock-stopping suspense with an explosive two-hour season premiere Sunday, Jan. 9 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). This special Sunday-night broadcast will air on… View Article

24 Season 4

24 Season 4 Press Release

FOX’s award-winning dramatic series “24” returns for it’s fourth season of clock-stopping suspense beginning with an explosive season premiere of two back-to-back episodes airing Sunday, January 9, 2005 (8:00-10:00 PM). The series will then move into it’s new timeslot Monday nights at 9:00 PM beginning Monday, January 10. In season three of 24, Jack, who… View Article