Mary Lynn Rajskub Geek Monthly Photo Shoot and Interview

Windows Vista DRM – Good or bad?
It’s outstanding. No, fair. Actually I don’t use a PC—we’re all on Macs. Is that weird?

What’s your favorite Linux distro?
The purple one?

Do you think the increase in performance between the Intel Duo and the Intel Core Duo is worth the price?
It’s a little expensive—overpriced.

What is a mouse?
The one I have at home is squishy—but on the show it’s just big—I have to work it with both hands.

In one episode you had to reboot the routers. Why did you have to do this yourself? Don’t you have patsies to do that stuff?
It’s like I have to do everything myself—no one else is to be trusted.

Source: Geek Monthly Magazine