Janeane Garofalo interviewed on TV Guide

Janeane Garofalo is interviewed by TV Guide hosts Teresa Strassfer and John Fugelsang. It starts off about 24, then veers into politics, and finally comes back to an intriguing 24 question: when asked if she will return for 24 Season 8, Garofalo said “I don’t think so” and continued “Me personally, I don’t know that I’m gonna go back, only because I don’t feel that my storyline needed another season. I can’t tell you how it winds up, but I don’t think it could go on.”

YouTube Link: 24: Janeane Garofalo


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[..YouTube..] @UpeopleHaveIssues your comment has no factual basis. It is all hate-driven assumptions. I’m not a comedian and I much dislike the job Bush did as president. I’m also pretty sure Janeane isn’t gay.

[..YouTube..] Garofolo says: “I’d love to have a meaningful and lasting relationship with my dildo and turkey baster.”

[..YouTube..] Typical liberal bigot.

[..YouTube..] She sucked on 24 and should have been killed off because her character was so uninteresting.

[..YouTube..] Progressive activist Ha! how can she be an activist she can’t even act.

[..YouTube..] Hey jeneane your career is in the shithouse so your just plain mean. Thats typical of people like her she can,t hack it cause she is a no talent ass clown so she lashes out at hard working every day americans in the tea party.

[..YouTube..] @glendaweil Thats so true. She is a no talent assclown.

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[..YouTube..] Yah…she had doubts about playing the part on 24 because her politics are opposite of the shows…until…she realized she was going to get good pay for it…she is nothing more than the typical left liberal whore and will do anything for money even if it goes against her politics…oh yah, and I miss her and Al Franken on the radio going off on their four letter word tirades….yah…her mom and dad must be real proud…

[..YouTube..] Janeanne Garafolo is not only a left wing loon who is out of touch with reality…but she looks to me like a hairy beast. I bet if you saw her naked she would have a real garafolo going on.

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[..YouTube..] STFU all of you. 24 isn’t “pro-torture” it’s entertainment. Get a grip. Just ask the producers where they stand on torture.

[..YouTube..] Janeane, you should be more concerned with what you’re saying about the tea partiers beig racist than about what you’re wearing. You are disgusting and so wrong about labeling the tea party attendees as racists. We don’t give a rip what color our president is and neither do the tea partiers. I do, however, we do give a rip about the state of the economy and the future freedoms of America.

[..YouTube..] @SomnambulantZzzz FAIL.

We wouldn’t say the Teabaggers were racist if their problems with Obama had any discernible rational basis (taxes are lower for 95% of Americans), if they could explain where they were during 8 years of Bush (if they’re so concerned about out-of-control spending and the deficit), if people didn’t constantly show up at their rallies with explicitly or implicitly racist slogans misspelled on signs, etc etc.

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[..YouTube..] Get a job in a tatoo parlor…..your ugly…oh, yah you’ll do anything for money…won’t you….politics or not….

[..YouTube..] Garofalo is a typical racist “progressive” that would (and did) slander and insult whole populations of people, calling them “rednecks”, simply because they want to protect their homes and jobs.

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[..YouTube..] yeah she might be attractive if it wasn’t for that not being clean thing ,she smells like sweat, cigaretts and garlic, wait that’s a turn on!

[..YouTube..] garofalo’s a skank. and as far a racism in the tea party. the last one i seen had MLK’s granddaughter as a key speaker! but i guess that don’t count since her grandfather (MLK) was a registered REPUBLICAN! for this cunt to bash the leftest media we have today shows stupid she is, media is what got this socialist elected!

[..YouTube..] @TACMAN518
So you combat repulsiveness by being repulsive yourself?

[..YouTube..] @shelton705 Very perceptive of you.. May I call you and ask for your permission to comment the next time I want to comment on a video? Thank you very much!

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[..YouTube..] Damn, she’s stupid…and a skank! Your “non buffoon” is just starting his run for 2012. He will be visiting all 57 states.

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