24 Season 7 Episode 20 Promo (3:00AM – 4:00AM)

Promo for 24 Season 7 Episode 20. “My name is Jack Bauer, and right now, I’m the only chance your wife and daughter have to stay alive”.

YouTube Link: 24 Season 7 Episode 20 Promo


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[..YouTube..] AHHHH…can’t wait another week! This season is just jaw-dropping. I can’t believe Tony is bad..

[..YouTube..] DAMMIT TONY!!

[..YouTube..] Tony fail, u wont get no where. How is Jonas Hodges still alive, if he took the pill that the hot chick gave him,

[..YouTube..] ohh that mean Larry s really dead..Tony fucker…..


[..YouTube..] This is the best season yet. Tony is much more interesting when he’s evil. I love it

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer The Immortal.

[..YouTube..] AWESOME!

[..YouTube..] tony he is so sexy

[..YouTube..] i was thinking of eighter the presidents daughter or her ex advisor i forget his name is behind this cause how did hodges know all the codes and shitttt to get into the white house when they did the attack also why dosent she (the presidents daughter) want hodges to talk

[..YouTube..] Oh-My-God!!!
-Who are you?
-My name is Jack Bauer!
I can’t wait!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Four words : THE-BEST-SHOW-EVER

[..YouTube..] well…jack seems better. much better..

[..YouTube..] i hate u tony

[..YouTube..] it’s just a tv show, chill out.

[..YouTube..] wow! I think jack is feeling worst emotionally than physically after the truth about Tony.

[..YouTube..] Love your channel 24TVSC, thanks for uploading for us.

[..YouTube..] WOW! “My name is Jack Bauer” …..sounds like he means to get that info! LOVE 24

[..YouTube..] yeah ..I agree “gazmendbabiii”..I think president’s daughter is behind all these…

[..YouTube..] ‘gazmendbabiii’, Hodges knew the codes because of Senator Mayer’s Chief of staff, Ryan Bernett (he’s the one who got tortured with the taser by Jack). Regardless, i also think the daughter may still be behind some of the stuff too.

[..YouTube..] Exactly, well said!

[..YouTube..] i dont think a senators chief of staff can have codes to the white housee i think its some one closer to the president

[..YouTube..] well apart from the daughter, the next closest is Ethan

[..YouTube..] thats actually who i was thinking too he always seemd fishy

[..YouTube..] Aside form Bill’s death 6 hours ago Chloe is definitely coming back on this episode. Jack is gonna have to go through with Chloe every step on how Tony was able to go rogue 12 hours before being a wanted covert hero to this country. I honestly don’t know if Larry and a couple dozen FBI agents lives were necessary for this country safety if Tony is performing another one of his saving the country operations. You just should know Tony was great on episodes 3 through 7. Tony is even more wanted!