24 Season 8 Episode 13 Promo (4:00AM-5:00AM) #2

“CTU is paralyzed and their only weapon left is Jack Bauer. There’s a reason why critics call 24 TV’s best thriller ever.”

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×13 (4:00AM – 5:00AM) Promo #2 HD


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[..YouTube..] Where’s Renee?!

[..YouTube..] Cool. 24 is the best series of tv!

[..YouTube..] @Phoenixfalconer Pause it at .03 seconds….that is not her coming around the corner, is it?

[..YouTube..] @Phoenixfalconer dont worry about it shes gonna come back

[..YouTube..] I gotta sleep
but this is an awesome commercial

[..YouTube..] Worst season yet but this might be the only good episode of an otherwise forgettable & unenjoyable season.

Goodbye “24.” You used to be my favorite show & now you’re the biggest abomination since LOST & HEROES!

Please get off my T.V. set & improve your self on the big screen so you can rival the likes of Die Hard, Rambo, Terminator, Bourne Identity or even James Bond

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos No offense, but you’re an idiot. (ok you can take offense by that)
Last 3 episodes have been great again and especially the last (the 12th hour) was excellent.
I agree the rest of the season has been mediocre

[..YouTube..] You’re a nimrod. None of the characters are well-developed like previous seasons & since half of them are idiots it doesn’t help.
Kiefer looks bored, Chloe & President Taylor are hardly seen anymore.

The terrorists aren’t scary & how many times has CTU had trouble adapting to threats.

They’ve already dealt with EMP bombs before but to them it was all something new.

Critics & fans both think this has gone downhill so you’re in the minority.Fuck you guys. You obviously haven’t seen every season

[..YouTube..] no YOU obviously haven’t seen other seasons.

Season 6 was WAAYY worse than this so by your logic the show should’ve been off the air then right?

But season 7 was awesome regardless of how bad s6 was. And this season has been pretty mediocre but the last few have been great so fuck you

[..YouTube..] I HAVE seen the other seasons. I hated Season 6 when it first aired but I always liked the action in the beginning & ending episodes, it’s the middle that sucked.

Everyone likes Season 7.

The last few have been better but couldn’t in a million years make up for the overall suckiness.

Season 6 at least had cool fight scenes & menacing bad guys. It was the Bauer relatives being terrorists that was a huge flaw.

Season 8 lacks anything that made “24” work in the first place.

You fail.

[..YouTube..] @Phoenixfalconer Don’t worry. I know from an Annie Wersching interview that Renee will be back WITH A GUN in this hour. Finally. Should be awesome.

[..YouTube..] oh i understand. So basically you only watch for the action judging by what you just said?

So you most likely have ADD, in which case there are tons of movies (transporter, I would recommend for you) that will satisfy your itch for action.

The thing that made 24 work was the suspense, the real time and the twists. Action is just used to enhance the experience, not BE the experience

[..YouTube..] Renee sucks. Worst idea since Audrey & Kim were introduced on this show

[..YouTube..] You’re a dumbass who clearly can’t read.

The show was all about the character development & the action scenes weren’t even needed because it was so well-done.

However, neither of those elements are done well in season 8.

[..YouTube..] It used to be the best show on T.V.

Then season 8 came along & now it sucks.

I hope they cancel it & make the theatrical movie they’ve talked about doing for years

[..YouTube..] Michael Irby from TV Show “The Unit” is coming to 24 in episode 15 and 16.

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos well there’s been worse, season 6 for example, I was losing hope with season 8 but the last few episodes have been getting better. I’m gonna give it time and see how it turns out.

[..YouTube..] Awesome!

[..YouTube..] How dare you! This great show is now ruined.

Let it die because NBC always cancels or ruins every other show.

Let this show die & go to the big screen!

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos You really need some help.

[..YouTube..] You’re a tool who spends way too much time chit-chatting on FaceBook with assholes you don’t even know.

Jack Bauer would fucking shit down your throat if he knew a dickhead like you.

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos

I can’t read? Allow me to quote you:

“I hated Season 6 when it first aired but I always liked the action in the beginning & ending episodes, it’s the middle that sucked.”

“Season 6 at least had cool fight scenes & menacing bad guys”

Sounds like you watch for the action. Sorry bud.

[..YouTube..] Those were the positives.

Sounds like you hate 24 based off saying it’s a good season.

Season 6 also had good acting & while the family subplot was shallow, the direction, writing & overall positives made up for the flaws.

Also, like all the other seasons, it stood on it’s own while Season 8 relies too much on what you know from previous season & if if it wasn’t related to 24, it would have been cancelled

[..YouTube..] @DillonB1234, you didn’t mention anything else I said because you’re getting pissed off that I’m right & have yet to come up with a substantial point.

It’s fun arguing with trolls like you though so keep at it

[..YouTube..] yeah IM a troll even though YOU go around on ever 24 promo and say how shit it is.

Whatever I don’t have time to argue with losers like you. cya

[..YouTube..] That’s right. You’re a troll with nothing to say.

Why else would you reply with a blank comment?

Please do the world a favor & let Jack Bauer end your pathetic existence

[..YouTube..] Learn to spell you hypocrite

[..YouTube..] were could we watch this for free online

[..YouTube..] this is cumin out in europe in 2 dayzz boizz! :D