24 Season 8 Episode 13 Promo (4:00AM-5:00AM)

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×13 (4:00AM – 5:00AM) Promo HD


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[..YouTube..] Renee at 0:21.

[..YouTube..] DAMNIT!!!!!

[..YouTube..] oh shit fox has faked everyone out jack dies next week oh boy

[..YouTube..] “…where anything could happen.” What? Are Chloe and Hastings hooking up??!!!

[..YouTube..] This is why this season stands out. The past few seasons, Jack would have a gunfight almost every episode.
The show is spacing out their action sequences this year which makes them have more excitement and bigger impacts.

[..YouTube..] OMG you’re right!!! Some Jack and Renee gunplay is in order!!!

[..YouTube..] jack is not going to die, come on this is 24

[..YouTube..] thats dana or jenny or wahtever

[..YouTube..] jack has died like 3 times in 24 already

[..YouTube..] What is going to happen next? Will Renee hook up with Jack finally!?

[..YouTube..] I saw that brief clip of Renee on 0:22. Let’s see how next week is.

[..YouTube..] thats epic xD

[..YouTube..] That last episodes promo had we looking at the times they mentioned in the clock and in the last fifteen minutes my heart was punding like crazy. If a show that I have watched for eight years can still do that, then it deserves a ninth season. I think I might be one of the few who really likes this season a lot because it is like season 1 where they were more focused on a good story rather than huge action sequences. I loved the show because of the suspense and this episode had a ton in it.

[..YouTube..] Wow, you are really fast in getting these previews up! Thanks!

[..YouTube..] UGh! Can they Kill Dana already?

[..YouTube..] That was Chloe not Renee

[..YouTube..] That was definitely Renee. No one else has a rack like that.


[..YouTube..] Sort of seems like the writers are running out of ideas… Season 1 and 2 were my favs out of them all i think. Everything felt right, i enjoyed all the characters despite mrs. palmer and jack’s wife terry. This season just feels so…. meh.

[..YouTube..] I disagree. The show was never about action as it was about the characters mainly Chloe & Jack.

This season started out okay, then got lame with the undercover Renee & Dana Walsh subplots but is now picking up to speed.

Too bad the season didn’t start out as interesting as it is now.

Either way, I will never own it in my DVD collection unlike the first 7 superb seasons

[..YouTube..] Dam it, last night episode, absolutely the best as far as season eight goes

[..YouTube..] Damn it, last night episode, absolutely the best as far as season eight goes

[..YouTube..] Just finished watching the last episode and I have to say that I’m looking forward to this next one more so than previous episodes.

The EMP brought an element that 24 has never done before. Okay, it has already pulled the “CTU is down” card before. But, it is difficult to do originality after 8 seasons and the EMP FELT original for some reason!

And as soon as Renee and Jack “got together”, I knew she was gonna get it before the season’s end!

[..YouTube..] This Is Going Be Good Best Season

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos

I totally agree with you about the beginning of the season. But now, it’s starting to pick up. And if they keep that up for the entire season, then it really is worth getting it on dvd. Then season 8 is superb.

[..YouTube..] Jack sacrifices his safety again- ‘i’ll give them something to shoot at’- that last shot looked like it was heading for him! Poor Jack.

[..YouTube..] Delicia de promo :p

[..YouTube..] It’s not Renee at 0:21 – to me it seems like Chloe.

I never thought that I could be suprised by watching 24 anymore. But what the hell! The season has shot in the air like a missle!

Now these people that stopped watching early this season regret they did!

Please get rid of the Dana Walsh character PLEASE

Agreed, Swami. But the rest is starting to really rock!

[..YouTube..] finally a really good ep =D

[..YouTube..] What does Prady say a 0:19 please ?
And then Jack at 0:23 ?
I dont understand it. Thanks !

[..YouTube..] Nah, I think that it’s Chloe we see at 0.21

[..YouTube..] The EMP’s a first for me personally. Normally when CTU’s attacked it’s always been explosions in order to dissrupt further activities or killing personnel within CTU…..I didn’t expect to see that coming after watching last night’s episode.

[..YouTube..] the best show on earth baby……

[..YouTube..] The only season where Bauer had a gun fight every episode was Season 3, 4 or 5 (all which are considered the best seasons).

Season 1 he rarely killed anyone & is the most realistic season as a whole. It’s T.V. at it’s best!

[..YouTube..] Agree although the first 5 seasons were what mainly were considered the best (I agreed with the fans & critics), then it got too violent & cliche in Season 6, then the Redemption movie & Season 7 made it interesting again, now it’s just repetitive & bland yet watchable.

Either way, season 8 is the worst of the seasons, Season 1 is the best season.

[..YouTube..] Jack’s not going to die, remember earlier this month Kiefer underwent surgery and fox “Continued to shoot scenes that didn’t require Kiefer”, thus saying there are scenes that involve him late on in the season…

Definetly Renee @0.22 Looking forward to next episode.

[..YouTube..] The girl running is Renee…… At 0:21 I mean Renne was the only one wearing a grey shirt, remember? So no, that’s not Chloe…

[..YouTube..] Renee Walker warning ! @0:22 = bad guys will die:)

[..YouTube..] It’s Dana you blind fucks……


[..YouTube..] Finally Renee gets back in action!

[..YouTube..] How does Renee come into this? How did the terrorists locate Ortiz and Bauer? Does Bauer make it out alive (of course he does, it’s Jack, he’s the main character for crying out loud lol)? Bring it on you terrorists, Jack’s a weapon you’ll NEVER be able to destroy. 24 ROCKS!! :D

[..YouTube..] except in season 4 they did it, but not to CTU

[..YouTube..] haha never seen him run!!!

[..YouTube..] different clothes… and danas at CTU

[..YouTube..] sooo not Chloe

[..YouTube..] Yes at 0:21 it is Renee but at :22 it’s not.

[..YouTube..] @MrAllynChaos ok don’t cry if he dies ok

[..YouTube..] if it werent for the f*ckin walsh story this season i could say comes very close to season 5. right now i have it as the 4th best hopefully these next 12 episodes which seem to be awesome will change that.

[..YouTube..] nope, its renee running outside, right after the shot with dana

[..YouTube..] Renee is waiting at home, laying in bed nakid waiting for jack to come back and roin her.

[..YouTube..] what exactly is a emp i kno its a bomb but whats da difference between a emb and da rest

[..YouTube..] its renee but how she end up where jack at

[..YouTube..] yep that is renee

[..YouTube..] Your mom at 0:21

[..YouTube..] hey Renee’s gonna come back in the next episode? I really hope so. I’m losing interest on 24. Seriously! Hopefully Jack and Renee can rock the house!

[..YouTube..] @cheekymonkey0770 LOL

[..YouTube..] omG…..it’s Renee….. …. can’t wait!!

[..YouTube..] no, it’s definitely Renee… look at the person, the way she’s running, the hairstyle, the clothes. Def Renee. After last ep’s EMP and Dana’s shenanigans, I doubt they’re going to let her leave CTU anytime soon.

[..YouTube..] Maybe Renee saves Jack and Coles’ asses? Now that would be interesting…

[..YouTube..] Prady- “I’m going to nail your ass to the wall” (to Dana, I think)
Jack- “We need to give them something to shoot at” (to Cole, referring to himself)

[..YouTube..] Every Monday night at 9, Osama Bin Laden hides in his cave in a fetal position and cries for one hour.

[..YouTube..] Hey Look Your Girlfriend At 0:21

[..YouTube..] electric mineitc pulse its a bomp that fries electrics for miles

[..YouTube..] well of course it isn’t her at 0:22, because they quickly change to a different scene for the preview lol! ;)

[..YouTube..] well of course it isn’t her at 0:22, because they quickly change to a different scene for the preview lol! ;)

[..YouTube..] Still a good show haven’t watch Season 8 yet just downloading it in HD

[..YouTube..] Who the hell is that guy at 0:24? Tony??

[..YouTube..] @kenn0255 That is Cole Ortiz, new guy this year.

[..YouTube..] Hey, anyone who wants this show to have a season 9, join the Facebook page for a renewal.

Go to Facebook and type in “Renew 24 for a 9th Season – Jack Bauer”

[..YouTube..] EMP = Electromagnetic Pulse
It disables electronics.

[..YouTube..] That is Cole Ortiz

[..YouTube..] He obviously going to miss look at the video again and he is pointed way right

[..YouTube..] Looks like Dana’s a Mole!

[..YouTube..] holy smokes, dana walsh is working with the terrorists! That was such a sick twist plot!

[..YouTube..] The only good episode this season

[..YouTube..] Renew for (th Season-Jack Bauer

[..YouTube..] We know that Jack lives. It would have been better if Cole was there, so that we might think he won’t survive the attack!