Howard Gordon teases final 6-8 episodes of 24

The April 9th issue of Entertainment Weekly (as part of a larger article titled ‘The Clock Runs Out on 24’) has some interesting comments on the finale from 24 showrunner and executive producer Howard Gordon.

Death to Bauer is clearly not an option–though the producers did consider a tragic ending for TV’s favorite antihero. (Hey, stranger things have happened. Tony Almeida did come back to life in season 7, after all!)

Ultimately, Gordon and his crack team of writers ended up penning a finale that will tee up the movie but still provide a definitive end to the action franchise. “All that has happened in previous seasons weighs in, particularly in the last six to eight episodes,” Gordon teases. “We took some risks, and I think the show has earned the chance to take those risks. It definitely feels like a series ender.”


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Okay, I am officially pulling my hair out now!

oh my god me too
why isn’t it may 24th already -_-

@lau @K Do you guys want 24 to end??? I don’t about you but im really sad its not gonna be on our screens anymore after May 24th!

Ok taking risks better not mean that Renee, Chloe or Kim dies …. They are to important to kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All that has happened in previous seasons weighs in??I’m glad to hear that,so that may mean all Alan Wilson Gruop conspiracy will be revealed in the lat 8 hours.

Darren : NO I don’t want 24 to end never if i had any control 24 would never end…
I’m gonna cry on may 24th for sure
I’ve been following 24 since forever
but reading spoilers makes me go crazy
I’m so afraid of how it’s going to end i’M freaking out….
I love 24 and lost they are the only shows worth watching and they are both ending in may… i wish 24 wasn’t ending but I love this season and I can’t wait to know the ending because these spoilers are killing me.
I hope Renée doesn’t die i want to see her in the movie.
I want Jack to have the“happy ending“ he deserves
The last 8 hours sounds so good I can’t wait thats why I can’t wait for may 24th !
Not because it’s ending but because everything that has happened in previous seasons weighs in.

The wait for the movie is going to kill me -_- !

ps : english isn’t my first language so sorry for all the mistakes.