Mary Lynn Rajskub: “I was shocked at the ending”

Mary Lynn Rajskub 24 season 8

Mary Lynn Rajskub was on WCSX’s Morning Show with Ken Calvert today to talk about the final episodes of 24.

“I was really put off at first because I was shocked at the ending,” she said. “But then when I went back and re-read the scripts, it’s pretty cool…it does kind of lead into a movie, but it’s a cool ending.”

She also talked about her character Chloe’s relationship with Sutherland’s character Jack Bauer in the final episodes.

“Jack and Chloe’s relationship is…crazy. I can’t even believe this stuff that I filmed. I’m not saying she dies or doesn’t die, but I’m saying the way her character wraps up is pretty awesome”.

You can listen to the full audio interview (8 minutes, 33 seconds) here. It’s a good listen as Mary Lynn is surprisingly candid when asked about the (crappy) Dana Walsh storyline among other things.


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Insane guesses:

-Chloe and Jack hook up.
-Chloe dies.
-Chloe kills someone. Maybe some people.
-Jack convinces Chloe to do crazy stuff (surprise surprise).
…or maybe she does it herself? She does seem to be taking initiative this season.

Did anyone else listen to that interview? Mary Lynn sounded WASTED the entire time. It was funny.