24 Series Finale (23/24) spoilers including final line

Many surprises, but no surprise appearances by Naked Mandy, Mike Novik or anyone else in the #24 finale. Hints on how it ends at @HercSpoils [Tweet via @hercAICN]

Click through for the full list of tweets (cleaned up for easier reading). They lean more towards minor spoilers/teases – no deaths or major twists are revealed, mostly some quotes and intriguing teases (there’s a season two homage for example).

Episode 23:

First shot: Manhattan skyline. Second shot: a focused Cole Ortiz.

“If anyone can talk Jack down, it’s Chloe!”

Eriq LaSalle’s in this one – LaSalle is the last name in the opening credits

As we learned in last week’s episode, Ortiz is headed for Jim Rickers’ lair while Chloe is on her way to the UN.

“He knew what he was getting himself into.”

8.23 written by Shauna McGarry & Geoff Aull

Out in the field, a CTU agent addresses Chloe as “Director O’Brien” and hands her an important-looking folder.

“Do you really think we can trust him?”

2:07pm “Chloe, we can’t stand by and let Jack assassinate the president of Russia!”

2:09pm “I think it’s time she knows everything.”

2:10pm “But the good news is Bauer doesn’t know that.”

2:12pm A smug Charles Logan: “Thank you, Jason. It’s been a long road, but we’re almost there.”

Ha! Great reveal with Pillar (Reed Diamond) at 2:12pm.

2:23 Weird to see everybody jumping to execute Chloe’s orders for a change instead of arguing with her!

2:24pm Darkly funny and unexpected Bauer command

2:25pm “I am judge and jury!”

2:26pm Yikes! After the Subarov staff bloodbath last week, it’s impossible to know now where, if anywhere, Bauer is going to draw the line!

2:31pm “President Taylor needs to know!”

2:36pm Hardball!!

2:44pm “Can you really take that chance?”

2:47pm Homage to season two!

2:49pm “There’s nothing left for either of us to say.”

2:55pm Eriq LaSalle plays the UN Secretary General with spectacles and one thick accent.

2:57pm Tense end to the almost-last hour! “Who else knows??”

2:58pm Another signature Bauer tactic I don’t think we’ve seen this season!

2:59pm “Which means you have to do exactly what I say. Do you understand? Do. You. Understand??”

8.23 ends with Bauer smirking a very dark smirk.

Episode 24:

“The following takes place between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Events occur in real time.”

3:03pm “Because you helped her come to that understanding.”

3:07pm “Send him in.”

3:11pm Whoa!!

3:18pm ohshitohshitohshit

3:25pm very suspenseful! (where is this going??)

3:32pm “No. I don’t suppose he will.”

3:42pm I am reminded here of, of all things, “Survivor’s” tribal council!

3:53pm “I’ve already done that.”

3:58pm “I don’t know what else to say.”

3:59pm “Shut it down.”

Source: http://twitter.com/HercSpoils


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mmmm i’m very confused

@EvertonMc confused is exactly the right word for it. Sounds very intriguing and bloody stuff seems like it’s going down too.

Last words, I think is “Jack its over”

It is a shame to end this TV show! NOTHING can take it’s place. This MONDAY I hope we see FIRST LADY DALIA stand by her guns that NO INTERVIEW with MEREDITH means NO SIGNATURE to this PEACE TREATY. It is time for PRESIDENT TAYLOR to be confronted with TRUTH!! Also after RENEE’S shocking death they said there would be two more deaths, one emotional and one ‘who cares’. WHERE are they?? So many have been killed but they were ALL, including DANA, ‘bad guys’ so WHO CARES??
In the future, on any PROMOS but out by the media, I would hope for the people who struggle with hearing disabilities they would be compassionate to make CLOSED CAPTION available so we can understand WHAT IS BEING SAID!!

The last words as revealed is obviously “shut it down”, but what is “it”… What is being “shut down”, and why is Chloe telling Jack to shut “it” down… Could “it” be the peace treaty, or could “it” mean Jack’s hunt for justice as he is “Judge and Jury”…

Definition: cease to operate or cause to cease operating.

According to various sources, there won’t be a lot of deaths, which implies that Logan lives to see another day… My guess is that Pillar dies after being kidnapped by Jack.
Also, I believe that Yuri Suvarov lives to see another day too…

My wishlist for deceased: Logan, as he was responsible for the deaths of Palmer and wonderful Michelle… Suvarov, but as we know, he’s too powerful even for Jack’s scope..
Pillar, get rid of him..

The producers have already discussed a future spin-off with Freddy so Ortiz lives, Chloe lives too, same goes for Taylor, Aldo, Devon, Kayla and Dalia.

So potential realistic deaths: Logan, Suvarov, Pillar, Reed, Ricker, Linley, Berkov and Ivan(Petrone).

The RUSSIAN PRESIDENT is NOT a Head of STATE!! He is a terrorist and the Head of the terrorists that wanted to destroy the PEACE TREATY and threatened to do GREAT damage to part of AMERICA with the dirty bomb he supplied. CTU is a COUNTER TERRORIST UNIT formed to TAKE OUT TERRORISTS so let JACK do his job and FORGET the infighting among CTU people. Would we protect OSAMA BIN LADEN if he showed up in the U.S.A? I SURE HOPE NOT!!
LOGAN has proven over and over that he CAN NOT be trusted. Give JACK a third shot at the liar.

How the hell was Herc able to see it before it actually airs? :(