24 Season 8 Recap: Episodes 23 and 24 (Series Finale)

The last of these animated recaps, for 24 Season 8 episodes 23 and 24. Also known as the series finale. Damnit!

YouTube Link: For Your Eyes Only – animated recap of the Series Finale of 24


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[..YouTube..] they’ll probley make a movie

[..YouTube..] no i was about to be the frist to comment!

[..YouTube..] Um this was really annoying animated recap, and what an annoying voice also. Video failed.

[..YouTube..] does this mean there wont be anymore of these? can i have the animation if theres not?

[..YouTube..] @CABEZADEFLECHA u were the first to spell first wrong lol

[..YouTube..] “Hey America, I hate 24, but I love For Your Eyes Only! PEACE!!”

[..YouTube..] these are always in my subscription box and this is this first timw i watched one…..wish i watched the others :/

[..YouTube..] @ps3addict1 wat wrong?

[..YouTube..] @CABEZADEFLECHA the word “first”

[..YouTube..] God the end was sad :(

[..YouTube..] @CABEZADEFLECHA too bad i’m bad ass!!! lol

[..YouTube..] @ps3addict1 tue cuz L fet ike speeing frirst wrung!

[..YouTube..] @KevinLuhrs wat to be a bad ass seriously im not that retarded as u think and sub back!

[..YouTube..] @CABEZADEFLECHA it was joke lol

[..YouTube..] Pilar crying xD