Official 24 Season 9 Press Release

Disclaimer: This was an April Fools Day joke and isn’t real, but don’t you wish it was? Thanks to all those who shared this post and made it hugely successful. If you want to read last years prank, check out Justin Bieber joins cast of 24.

Update May 13, 2013: Two years after this April Fools prank, FOX has announced 24 is coming back as a limited miniseries titled 24: Live Another Day.

Surprising news – FOX has announced that 24 is coming back for another season. Here’s the full press release:

24 Logo

Emmy Award-winning series returns January 2012 with all new episodes

The innovative, addictive, Emmy Award-winning television series 24 resets the clock for “Day 9” with a special two-night premiere event beginning Sunday, Jan. 15 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. The season will unfold without repeats, airing all originals through the season finale in May.

Set six years after “Day 8”, Jack Bauer travels to Berlin to assist German Intelligence agent THEO STOLLER (Henry Ian Cusick) with his investigation of a former Nina Myers associate, KATARINE FISCHER (Franka Potente). The duo soon discover an imminent terrorist strike that could change the world forever in the explosive, special two-hour season premiere event airing Sunday, Jan. 15 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TWF-901/902) (TV-14 L, V)

Executive producer and showrunner David Fury said, “We originally planned to end the series with Day 8 but when it was time to record the DVD audio commentary, we couldn’t find a single cast or crew member willing to sit through the Dana Walsh scenes – not even Katee Sackhoff. So Kiefer and I both agreed that we would attempt to do one final, perfect season, this time without Howard Gordon’s poor ideas.”

“24 redefined the drama genre and created one of the most admired action icons in television history,” said Kevin Reilly, President, Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “Television simply hasn’t been the same without Jack Bauer and we are pleased to bring back a legend.”

“Playing Jack Bauer was the greatest experience of my life and I’m eager to get back into the role. I’m very excited about the new season being set in Europe as the fans there made this show a hit.” said Kiefer Sutherland.

The first promo will air during Game 2 of the 2011 World Series on FOX. A full-length trailer will premiere on November 6, 2011 – the tenth anniversary of 24 – exclusively at

FOX has also entered a licensing partnership with Red Bull to create “Bauer Fuel” a limited-edition energy drink that will keep “24” addicts adrenaline pumping all day long. Rovio Mobile will produce “Angry Bauer” a 24-themed version of popular mobile phone game Angry Birds.

24, created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, is a production of 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television. Jon Cassar will direct the season premiere. Production is scheduled to begin today, which is April Fools Day.


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Is this for real??

Holy Innocents’ Day -.-

April Fool

Very Good for 1st of April. Would like to hear some more German speaking from Jack.

This is a good one, it had fool me until the last sentence. I wish it was real and not just an April Fool :(

lmao at the Dana Walsh part, not even Katee Sackhoff wanted to watch her scenes, thats harsh! too funny.

@Wasi: As a native German speaker I certainly wouldn’t. :P
I haven’t been able to understand even half of what Jack Bauer said in German during that scene. :>

I know this is a fake joke post but Jack Bauer and Theo (aka Desmond from Lost) teaming up to find the Nina’s German employer in S1 finale would be kinda EPIC and tie in to the 2 best season.

That was just cruel.

it´s not even a fun joke, just cruel – cruel , cruel , cruel !!!!

all i’m saying, Franka on 24 would have been dope.

FUCK YOU how could you!

Why can’t it be real?!? Why can’t 24 come back? There are still alot of fans out there.

April Fool is supposed to be funny but thats just downright mean!!

Okay… Is this a joke? Oh come on! I want 24 back!
I cant believe… This is a joke! :O Is this?
I shared this page on my facebook profile, I said my brother ”24 will back” , I retweeted this on Twitter, I said my friend…
Bad and bad joke!

Jack Bauer on Red-Bull, haha, great joke. What Day is today?

Why??? It had me fooled for a second i was jumping and so excited !! But why???? :S:S:S:S:S btw Good storyline

Its an April Fools joke

i agree with some of the posts on here – that would be a great cast! too bad we didn’t have the franka potente and henry ian cusick story instead of the katee sackoff and freddie prinze jr. one. c’est la vie. ;)

Surprised at how many couldn’t tell its an April Fools joke, I admit I thought it was real at first but the David Fury quote and the Angry Bauer game part were dead giveaways to it being a prank. So many ppl on my twitter timeline got fooled haha

Amazingly done. I knew from the off it was an April Fool but you can tell you’ve been all over the press releases from the last few years. Very realistic!

ok. are they going to put out every april fools now that 24 is coming back? Wasn’t funny last year or this time.

That was the greatest few seconds of my life until I remembered it was April Fools Day! Love the quotes.

Dont do this dude :-D

Hmm. Is this really true? Come on, 1st of April? DX

There are actually lots of good ideas in your ‘press release’, like Theo Stoller coming back or Franka Potente starring. If the movie is made, it has to be set outside of the US (but not in Russia), so Germany would be great and they could please the fans with a plot like the one you wrote, tying things up with Max, Trepkos and Nina’s employeer. I would pay my ticket to see that.

Nice joke, it is well written.

fuck me- fuck you!!!!:) line from the confession

Wow this is incredibble so enjoying news, very big fan feel like a little child with her first lollypop. Hope (think they will) does rtl7 holland buy this serie.

Please no not a april foolsday eey

And what will next year’s prank be, news about the movie being greenlit?

Yep, next years will be movie related for sure. Thinking of doing a fake trailer or something.

How could You!!
Don’t ever do this again!! :'(

I got so damn excited as I read this !!! It was so amazing that tears started from my eyes from pure happiness !!! Then………………….REALITY !!! Just a gigantic let down !!!! We all miss you Jack !!

i first became very happy until i read 1st April fools that the end. never do it again!!!


If Chapter 24 was built nine poor thing, please send to my email thanks. [email protected]

Email Watson who knows?If you know send me a email. [email protected]

April 6, 2011 at 8:58 pm
24 temporadas assim seria mais “real” (mentira). Sera que o Jack Bauer teria sobrevivido por tantos dias.

if it’s not a joke,we are very excited and waitting the season 9….hope it will be a brilliant season!!!Great job 24 team and we are waitting the 9th season!

paddy "jack bauer" cheeseman
April 10, 2011 at 3:16 pm
ooooooooooooooh so real. i couldn’t believe that they were going to do another 24, i thought it was real then i saw the disclaimer at the top. made me feel like jack. might even change my name by deed pol. I am Jack Bauer.

paddy "jack bauer" cheeseman
April 10, 2011 at 3:21 pm
i hope they set part of the movie in Grimsby and Immingham. great, Scunthorpe, mmmm maybe around the steel works. could be good.

Oke` first things first if we EVAR want 24 back we must do the following :
1: EVERYONE buys 24
2: Hire Kiefer Sutherland and get some protest boards ready :
3: Lets get 24 more and MORE awards

if that wouldnt work i dont know what will

guys check out sleeper cell, strike back, and 24 season 9 is already out check to download. 8gb.

It’s not funny, I wish that they will make a season 9, I really miss 24 especially Jack Bauer.. :(

umar a galtimari
April 14, 2011 at 11:34 am
it could have been my last day too,but jack has make me alive now with his season 9

i just love you kiefier, i can’t w8 til that moment.


nice joke u bastered

24 is my favorite TV serie, I can’t wait to watch the season 9. That ‘s a good for me.

SEASON 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice season 9 coming soon i really love 24 i can’t wait for watch the season 9 really

Shame shame! But you never know. The movie could be such a success that they may reconsider series 9. Heres hoping anyway.

Wooyoo! You are the man for bringing the 9th season on soon. JB you are hot.

I cant wait to see JB back again to complete and conclude what he started.

Yep it would seem if we are to get a season 9 it would be happening if Keifer Sutherland has a say, and he was the producer of the series too wasn’t he? I think these days it comes down to the network and whether the show will draw ratings. I haven’t even seen season 8 and I can’t wait. I live in Australia and I believe it has just come out on DVD here, so will be heading out to get that soon. I really think the 20th Century Fox would make a season 9 if enopugh people got behind it and there was a network that was willing to pick up the series. Can’t wait for the movie; any idea when we may get it in Australia?

WOOOOWWWWWW.There is no thing in this world that will make me miss this season 9, this 24 has being a big success i love this 24.plsssss i can not just wait to watch this now season 9…. and i hope that this will not be the end of it? i will be very happy if it up to 15 season….

Thanks so much!!!Can’t wait for Jan 15!!!

Cant wait. What a soothing relief!!!

I’m still hoping that a miracle will happen and they will change thier minds about season 9. Puleeeeze; it would be awesome. THere’s little to watch in OZ at present, Grey’s is almost done, and I have to say, I’m a huge Grey’s fan however, this season lacked something.

imaje ogbeche
May 13, 2011 at 7:51 am
I seriously can’t wait 2 watch this season I wish it does not end in season 9 it should even go up 2 season 24 am so much in love with the series……………….

Pls make sure at least Bauer is honoured not leaving quitly. let patriots feel that at last they will die for something worth remembering.

Jack Bauer is an amazing actor.

hi there jack,so glad ur coming back for a new season cant wait,ty for being such an amazing actor,ty so much.

Dzikamai Muraiwa
May 15, 2011 at 2:37 pm
Thank u for bring back 24 season 9. We love to see Jack Bauer back in action.

sabiu el-nafaty
May 15, 2011 at 6:05 pm
this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. To see jack back in season 9


men i can wait ohhhhh, pls let jack be involved in all the activities.

Please give us more of 24, just in any form so far it stars Chloe and Jack being what are have been since they both join the movie.. PLEASE SEASON 9.. we are dying for the series.. the best have ever seen in my entire life… Jack please come on time or someone might shoot your precious Chloe and Please FOX, let nothing happen to Chloe or i might cry.

Bamidele Orefuwa
May 18, 2011 at 9:42 am
Wow! I can’t wait to watch it.

People!!!! READ the last few words of the article.!!!

At first i was like “:D” but then i read the first lines I was like “:'(“

Kiefer Sutherland (JB) Great actor, i learn alot from his action, tnx Jack

love it. love it. i really love to see another jack bauer. ur a legend.

love it. i really love to see another jack bauer. ur a legend.

hey fuck you very much for this !



Abiodun Olayinkah
May 25, 2011 at 2:32 pm
Wow, i can’t wait for it to get out because i really love it. From all the season movies i have watched 24 is my no 1, thanks to jack beur.

wow dis is great i cnt wait 2 watch season 9, i’m a die hard fan of 24

Patrick Mugai
May 29, 2011 at 5:41 am
Am a die hard 24 series fan. This was the most cruel April fools day joke in history.

i get goosebums just by tha mension of 24 :bring it on jack!!!!!!!!!!!

I have neva watched any series so btiful like 24. oh jack bauer, jack bauer, what a great actor. he is a scientist, an engineer, psychologist, etc. if jack bauer is sentenced to prison instead of being honoured, then rules exist to kill.

I never enjoyed watching series in my life like 24. Jack, you cannt describe him. He have all the personnalities

24 It’s the best, can’t wait to watch the season 9.

please!!!!! end the suffering of all 24 die hard fans.. and bring back the BEST series ever 24 and JB.. WTF!!! bring 24 back :)

24 remains remains the best detective movie ever directed in the world of movies. I can’t wait to watch the ultimate season 9.

this is the best series in the world.and i want to say kiffer plays his part very good i love him and i love 24

jack i cant wait to watch the season 9 i love u so much.

June 5, 2011 at 3:57 pm

am happy that the season is coming soon this is the best series in the world

terribly waiting till season 9.
I really addicted to it…

i have been disturbing my CD vendor since about 3-4 months ago for season 9! dont let us wait till Nov 6 plssssssssssssssssssssss

I can’t wait to see the season 9 of 24! JB you the best. I love you

24 is the only movie i enyoy watching, cnt wait 2 watch season 9.

Hello 24 is a great drama if there is going to be a season 9 its awesome news prob be last thougth keifer sutherland was only contracted for 9 I love show thanks matty

I heard that 24 season have been terminated by the us govt. Pls can som1 explain this? Cos i cant take this, i am worried Jack. Thanks.

Best action series ever!!
Cant wait for this new season!!!!

mohammadreza malikhan
June 21, 2011 at 12:23 pm
oh my god… jack bauer is back!!!!1

please, let it not stop at season 9. Lets take it to season 24. Pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse

Please let it not stop with season 9, lets take it to season 24. Pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse!

Hey people, there’s a disclaimer at the beginning of this article!!!
I wish it was true though.

So excited about Season 9!! It doesn’t matter if anything is repeated from previous episodoes, just change the way it all comes about. I have no doubt that it will still be the best TV Seriers ever! LOVE 24

Am a fan of Jack Bawer from Nigeria.I love Jack Bawer,and I wish him success in the forth coming season 9 series.24 is the most thrilling american action movie I’ve ever wacthed.Jack Bower is realy a legend and a hero.I wish to be like hime.

I am glad that 24 season will be out.coz i am a big fan of 24 in nigeria

season 9 @last

tone lise sveine
July 2, 2011 at 7:57 pm
I`m so happy right no=) I`m such a huch fan of 24.. it`s so itense… I`m loocking for to it..I`m so glad they are going to have 24 new episodes;)

The best way to conclude 24 is 24hours,24episodes & 24seasons.So Jack Bauer you have a long way to go.You have set the standard of all movies & seasons.Please dont remove Sutherland,24 is not 24 without HIM.

i have never love any film like 24 hour.i love jack beaur ad clore.i wil like to meet wit them am frm nigeria ad my cell phone number is 08034963030 mtn.

24 made me to love american movies. Jack bauer is wonderful and am eager to see season 9 of 24. From Nigeria

Yessss !!! I love 24 . It’s the best TV Series ever

July 9, 2011 at 9:04 pm
muy bueno regresa Jack Beaur el mejor………………………………………………………………

hope that the season 9 will be out today

how mean to tell me that there ia a season 9 ………… isn’t a very funny april fool’s joke :o(

dis guy is d bomb please wat ever fox can do don’t playing jack baur

Plz ℓ̊ will be very Hapi seeing it real

no movie like 24,not now,may be not ever

محمد فرحزاد
July 15, 2011 at 8:11 am
ریدم به این سریال لعنت به استکبار جهانی درود بر خامنه ای

behold the the return of the second saviour of the world jak bour.

Ah man, if only this was true. I absolutely love 24. Jack Bauer and Kiefer Sutherland! Nasty joke though, but hey, life goes on! Now I am going to sit in a corner and cry. I miss Jack!

I lov d movie 24 jack bauer is a great man with clore dis is my 1st time 4 me 2 love a action movie,am waitin 4 season 9, i wl lov 2 meet jack bauer dis is ma cell +2347065134157 am 4rm Nigeria

from enugu, nigeria: do u know that a lot of peoples’ I.Q level changed as a result of well scripted , high level suspence in 24. Pls tell bauer somebody is dying 2 see more of him again

words cnt really xplain hw 24 should affect nt only our watching desire but our lives and decision,i urge all presidents in the world to watch 24,jack ur great,why not become the president in season 9,it will be fun if u do that!

List of best actors and actresses in the world: jack bauer,david palmer,agent pierce,bill buchanan,mike myers,tony almeidia,ryan chappell,chloe’obrain,….u guys are great!i’ll never forget ctu!

Fiyebor K.David
July 22, 2011 at 11:20 am
24 is the best series film i have watched so far in all the series i have watched and cannot wait to see season 9…………………..NIGERIANS LIKE 24.

Fiyebor K.David
July 22, 2011 at 11:25 am

I am Iranian……. I see it dubbed the Series 24.Chapter 4 and still am
I was pleased with the continuation of the series did not end.

I can not understand English well.It was a joke or serious?

Please give me answer

happy that season 9 is back!

that the best news i have heard today because it really didnt make much sense with the last season ending on the edge.

jack,clore i love u both.gud work jack.clore dat level of seriousness is gud.looking forward to seeing da 24 team

waaaaahhhhh..i was fooled…i had all my excitement burst into a halt at the last sentence..TT I wish it would be true though, it would definitely be a hit ^^. nice bluff,

I think some one here got it right, 24hrs, 24 episode,we need it to be 24 seasons with Jack Bauer playing the main character, but hey, no one should leave Chloe out of any season.I wonder if any season will make sense without these two. Meanwhile give me that season 9.

i don’t get why this website let people post in foreign languages. anyhow, using google translate, one could not only detect the language but obtain the translation. not very nice, mr. Komeini!
I am addicted to “24” and i am rooting for season 9 even though i kind of not believe it will be another one. there were only eight volumes. very hard a screenwriter could keep up with this novel. hope it will be though.

Yes I Agree Whit All .. u Should Make 24 Season From 24 … Everything SHould Be 24 … Nice job Man .. Dont Stop It

i can wait to see 24 hrs season 9.

24 is a real bomb hw wish we ve some one like jack in nigeria to deal with those fool call buko haram.any way lookin 4ward 4 season 9


Jeffrey F Jambalos
August 3, 2011 at 5:26 am
im a fan of 24…

im excited for season 9..

Goodluck Jack Bauer

oh interesting am very excited to hear season 9 will fanilly be out,am also a fans of 24 and jack bouwa.looking farward to the day 4rm Nigeria.

Zaid Gheidan JOrdan
August 3, 2011 at 8:12 am
Happy for new season and i love 24

desprate to watch 24 season 9 please

well,i still believe 24 hours is the best nd finest among time tested pearls series on t.v today…and jack bauer undoubtedly,the most commited nd best actor in the entire universe…i can’t wait to feed ma eyes!!! season 9….akwaaba!!! kudos to all da entire crew…,tonny,bill nd david palmer…wit luv from Ghana

i hate watching TV series, or film but when you talk of 24 i am extremely passionate about it, and i hate to miss every single second of the 24, i didnt believe that was all even after reading 99999+ internet pages and blogs concerning that its cancelled, i still wouldnt believe. though this blog is an April fool joke…i still love it cos it keeps my hope alive for season 9.Jack&Chloe you’re actually the Bomb…Computer science student from Nigeria

i hate watching TV series, or film but when you talk of 24 i am extremely passionate about it, and i hate to miss every single second of the 24, i didnt believe that was all even after reading 99999+ internet pages and blogs concerning that its cancelled, i still wouldnt believe. though this blog is an April fool joke…i still love it cos it keeps my hope alive for season 9.Jack&Chloe you’re actually the Bomb…Computer science student from Nigeria.

August 6, 2011 at 10:33 am

Dominic kambi2
August 7, 2011 at 8:19 pm
Hey !who said day nine is the last day of 24hrs no way u re remaing with 11days.jack u just ve to live longer for u to meet our demands,24 season of 24hrs should b yo end game i love u man,cloe continue running CTU.there cant b 24hrs without u guys in it.when is tonny getting out of prison anyway?i wud like to meet u guys im from zambia this is my number +260966307791.24hrs is for life i cant wait to c jack in day nine

pls i want to know when season 9 will be out

Wow, great. i wait for season 9. I love 24.

omoregie omoruyi
August 11, 2011 at 9:25 am
I can not waits to see JACK agains


Haha, hey. GIANT DISCLAIMER at the top. How do so many people miss it. This is fake, but great

mishael richard
August 15, 2011 at 10:03 pm
why don’t you just do a season nine and 10 of 24, do a part in nigeria’s niger delta region on kidnaping, i bet you wont regret it at all.

best movie of forever. Oh i wisi the series will just continue.

Seriously…will be d ninth season continue???

Can’t wait for season 9.. Keifer, you guys did a greater job in upholding the thrills of this mouthwatering drama series

Very Goooooooooood Season 9

Ooooh Jack, when r u coming back. Seriously waiting for season 9, 10, 11.

I wish this was real :(
We all want 24 season 9 !!!

pls i cant wait

jack bauer where r u ….dammit .we with for season 9…..

Honestly 24 hrs is the best of all detective series movie and it’s really not pleasing because upto now I have not yet watch season nine. So please sutherland produce for us season nine soon that we may continue. And don’t drop cloy o’brian because she is my best computer wizard and make fast enough

hi jack……… we are waiting ……. for season 9


Hello, is season 9 out. Tell kiefer i love him

hello jack
we are waitting for season 9
we think 24 is a best movie that we already seen
thanks for yor work @your team
best regards
mohsen and friends

jack 24 hour is my best movie when season 9 will be out please make in fast.

yr series is d best. i’ve learnt alot about life nd people generally through d help of ur series. my dad luved it so my. regards 4rm my family 2 u all. keep up d good work.

Hi jack, since I watch your series,I can’t wait to watch your next season.You make us proud in all your actions.My family and I are all your fans. We need someone like you in this world to better this abode.N.B: Jack never you leave Chloe O’Brain in your next season. I love you Jack

Please jack when ever your next series is on board please halla me on 08165057653. I miss you. I can’t forget Chloe O’Brain,Michelle Desler,David Palmer,my lovely Sherry Palmer and Nina Myers. Love you all.thanks

Hi Jack I feel like watching your next series just now. I love you Kate of season 3, Martha of charles Logan of season 5,Aeron(agent pierce)and Tim Wood.

He we oll love it b4 it comes out, keep the good work Chloe O’Brien your the best in 24

jack my idol please do the season 9

from manila request for the season 9

24 is the best movie. I can not wait for season 9!!

hey jack
I love you jack
I miss you
please…come back to us
I am waiting for season 9 and….
jack??i live with your name
you are my king
king of my heart
i say again
i love you jack

yeah 24 is the best movie.
i want see tery
kiefer sutherland is the best man
my lovely man
i can not live with out you ,jack!
please com back to us

and jack???
im from iran
you have partial from iran
you are the best player
Please continue to make 24
I will wait for the next series of 24 films

Allow 24 season 9 to cover Boko Haram and Kidnapping saga in the Niger Delta region. Also set up CTU in Maiduguri,Bornu State all in Nigeria. From me Abdul Bauer. Sounds cool rite cheers guyz.

AbduI reporting from CTU Nigeria. over and out can u read me jack.. i mss chloe O Brien, kim wood, mishal tony almeda i can wait to watch season 9 ( 24 ) is d best movie world wide. jack when u turn ur sitelight to nigeria u can get me on +2348037834240.

But we’ll wait to watch Season 9
guys???Please start a countdown.The reality is that you tell me?I mean, Chapter 9
However, we will wait again.All techniques used in film and video work is excellent.

Jack, u are my star. You are be best guy for the role you play in 24hrs. What I do not understand is that I watch you in other movies but you role in those movies are not attractive as in 24hrs. Why is it so? is it that your role and actions depend on the directors and writers? All directors and writers should watch 24hr and check your potential before using you in other movies else it will discredit you show.

Jack when u come in 9, try a miracle of bringing Bill Buchanan back to life like u did to Tony. We want him back! And be snappy about 9!

Dear Kieffer,
You are a great actor and producer. Love your movies and series. I really hope that season 9 is not the end. I have so many ideas for other stories. I only wish i could participate in the creation and developpment of them. Thanks for putting sunshine in our lives. And i dearly hope that you will turn something in Quebec city one day.

why dont you try the concept of the season 9 make here at the phillippines, jack bauer attack the abu sayaf group link to al queda,

that is so great… But wat happens 2 Jack? Coz he killed most of d russian operatives workin 4 president Yuri Suvarov whch is an act of war. How wil Jack get over it?

Jack B,your agreat actor and producer.cant wait 4 season 9.pliz make sure chloe doesnt miss

Hi,Jack Bauer ur 24 movie is the best movie so far in this world and am looking forward for season 9,may God grant u long life.

…come on Jack,dont make it hard for me than it already is.please do the 9th season,10,11,12,13,14,15……..everday im dreaming about when are you going to do the 9th season…plssss Jack….

Hi Jack, we are all waiting for another exciting moment, pls make it fast. We expect season 10 tooooooooooo.

Hello! Jack, Am not a movie type bt d very moment I set my eyes on d 1st action of d 1st episode of season 1 of d movie d 24hrs, den I watched it til d last action of d last Episode of season 8. 24hrs is d best movie eva, pls bring on d 9th season we can’t wait.

This will be very good having season 9 back because this T. V series is the best ever produced in the history. Am also looking forward in bringing Tony Almeida back into play and never drop chloe O’brian because I wonder how good she will be in real life behind keyboards. And as for jack bauer the guy is just perfect DAMMIT

Copy that!!!

fuck the fake …………………fucking post, fucking site ………………….. Get fuck from 24 Jack bour

why dont make a petition for season 9 ?

WOW…. you guys are gulible… There is no season 9…:-( There IS a movie coming out to wrap up the cliffhanger at the end of Season 8…There was supposed to be 10 seasons/10 years of 24, but thanks to the writers strike, the producers and everyone behind the scenes on 24 went with the loophole in the contract with FOX and did just the 10 years…which was up several months after Season 8 aired and finished… there was only about 7 months left in the contract, not enough time to film, produce and air 2 more seasons, so the people of 24 accepted a buy out from FOX and plan to use the funds for a 24 MOVIE to wrap the series up….Kinda like the 24 Movie in the middle “Redemption” that came out… Sure wish I had the power to make them make 2 more seasons!!!!!!!! They would be the best!!! bring back MANDY, still don’t know what ever happened to her, she was great in the couple seasons she played in….Tony is still alive, but in prison, chloe and many other people who have yet to return lately… Remember Meagan, the little girl Kim babysat in season 2 ???? Well both of her parents are dead and even though Kim was trying to save her, Meagan, who is a well grown adult by now, could come back with a vendetta against Kim, be a terrorist and look for revenge on Kim and her family……………………oh Hell I could keep going!!!! **sigh*** Wish I had money cuz’ I would talk these guys into doing 2 more seasons!!!!!!!! LOLLLLL

bauer, i cd say i had a wonderful time the last eight years punctuated with missing work alot but i dont regret it at all, and wd even miss jst for 24. all am left with it to always rewatch the past few seasons jst like other addicts cd be doing. jst save us the burden and fire up day nine. chloe, almeida u all made my last few years. i guess when 9 is out, i will resign from the bank. am ready 2 b at home.

we nigerians cannot wait. we need the seasons to continue for life.

no other film I love most.nigerians are waiting

Come and season 10 in Nigeria because Nigerians take 24 as the best dramer series in the world.

Pls don’t stop at season 9 we need more seasons



This is the best movies i have ever watch, Pls dont stop at 9

Jack plz come back i cant which any other movie again,i have never on my tv since i fisnished season 8,so sombody shud plz talk to jack and chloe to plz come back from me richard

from thailand /// wait for season 9

pls jack baur im waiting 4 season 9,10,11…24

hi jack we miss u dammit came back to us bring chloe w u

Hi, I am one of the greatest fans of 24 and specially Jack Bauer, and I am waiting for 24 season 9, please inform me when will this greatest show redefine.
It my greatest ambition to have a chance to work on 24, with Kiefer Sutherland, if you give me a chance I will do it God willing.
and Mr.Kiefer Sutherland I love you a lot.
Sincerly, your best friend & your best fan Muhammad Haroon Azizi.
Address: Kabul, Afghanistan, Pule-Surkh.

Am frm Nigeria. 24 is the best movie ever i have watched in my life. Jack i love u. I can’t wait to see season 9

FUCK YOU NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you rock… Jack, want to see day 9……………………..

asiegbu uchenna michael
October 23, 2011 at 6:50 am
i love what jack is doin, iam his gr8 fan. I can wait 2 c season 9.

amazing!!!!! this is i was waiting since, because 24 is my only favorite and best films i wish to be watching all day long

I really need to watch season 9 of 24 hours. Please let full version season of 9 comes out.

Its 24 guys, not only 24 hours but also 24 days. so Jack you have done only 8 out of 24 there is still 15 remaining seasons. we still waiting for them..

oh almost forgot please Jack dont let Cloe O’Briane die

amazing…this is what I waiting for. this is my favorite show ever since. I am excited of the pilot episode.

amazing…this is what I waiting for. this is my favorite show ever since. I am so excited of the pilot episode.

muritala ridwanlahi muhammed
October 31, 2011 at 7:44 am
up 24.up jack baeur i beg of u please dont stop at 9

oh am really crazy i just can’t for get dis movie pls kifer make it to happen

Akanbi Olubunmi
November 2, 2011 at 5:14 am
Keifa sutherland,you are my idol in world movies industries.infact,i have saw numbers of movies but when i saw 24 series it was fantastic,innovative etc…Jack is not just a man but an engineer,psychologist,scientist and every good subject i know.infact,Mr.Bouer is perfect.i love the man,i see no reason why 24 should not continue until season 50.please i love to see jack,clhoe.Ameder etc in action again.i cannot wait for season 9 in January.

Wish what was writing on april 1 was not a joke.jack ur role in the movie played a great thing in the life of we nigerians,the move increases the iq of we youth,we ur fans will be happy if you give the public seanson 9.thanks

damn it!!!! Jack do u copy

Please I have an idea on a movie titled “Security Complications” and i would real like ‘Jack Bauer’ to be a main actor,he is very serious with his job, i do like to watch 24seasons and i’m stil on waiting…………………………. Thanks

in this world,there is no film or season film that is great,interesting and make sense than 24 hours in this world,it’s my favourite and best film in this universe, i really love 24 hours,and if the season 9 is out pls keep me in touch.

How could this have been a joke, I have seen a pirated DVD of season 9. Pretty much like this story but varying here and there.

how could u?


wow im so excited and waiting for it:X

naipenda 24

keep it up JACK. WT 4 SEASON 9

Hurry up………….

Well done Jack more grace to your elbow you really try in the movie is a well done package, am from Nigeria and i really enjoyed the movie. We are expecting season 9. Best of Luck.

Great news if 24 is back..To all 24 staff from Director and crew thank you for creating this series love it..honestly i learned alot of things what you are been created..go jack,tony and chloe..more power from Philippines

Wow I was almost dead by waiting for Season 9
this is what i was expecting
we need more 24 more and more forever

Sampath Thushara Gamage
November 17, 2011 at 2:27 am
Wee neeeed mooore 24

damn you Jack, it is 24 series. it should end up with 24 seasons

how i wish there is season 24 of 24

i wish they make 24 series every season for every year for 24 years. i think i really enjoy my every year of my whole life! btw.. i’m 35 right now.

thank god you back jack. i herd you. copy that. it’s nice to see you again and forever

Wud luv 2 watch 24hours over n over. Pls give us more

if u r short of ideas,i think i got samthing.233244147761 pls i cant wait to help get this action started.logan,martha,suvarov,almeida,mrs hassan ,ethan coming back for logan nd jason pillers,baur goin for d russians and etc pls lets get sarted.

I cant wait till January 2012 for the next season and please dont stop we want 24 till season 24, Jack more grease to your elbow

Malaysians are waiting for season 9,Don,t ever let us down. We are die hard fans of 24 with JB.

Pliz January 2012 is too far i can’t wait so long.I want Jack Bauer to do his Job terrorists are puling us down. Zimbabweans are desperate for seoson 9 pliz advice me the moment it is released using my mail


plz kiefer sutherland, and jb, we need dy9 as soon as possible. kenya a fertile ground for evxents men!!!!!!! al shabab??????????????? kam on men

In all american movies i have been missing 24. wellcome back Jack Barue

If it is real, we will appreciated it.

24. The best among the bests.

I love 24 with a passion.I don’t ever want the seasons to stop coming out.

i pray its real oooo.

i cant wait to see this movie comes into reality. i ve been waiting for dis movie long time ago. baur, i love u soooooooooooooooooooo much

24hrs, the greatest experience in film watching. This film made me to understand me terrorism better and how to deal with it. Thanks to jack bauer.

Please shot African exprience especially Nigeria on going terriorism.

O God stop it

I really love 24! thinking what Bauer will be doing today, what i am thinking is this time if season 9 appear, i think Jack will be runner in stead of fighter, cause you know those Russian, surely all the KGB agents and all Russian gangsters will pursued Jack,
Whenever i think about the look of Russian President face when Madam President deny to sign the peace contract, i know he will do whatever it take in his power to make sure Jack Bauer dead. So if the next season come out, it can’t be that smooth like we hope, it will be extraordinary hard for Jack even to breath,
Love to watch the 9th season

Rugambwa Thomas Aquinas
January 9, 2012 at 8:26 am
People, cud someone give us a hint on what 24 ses 9 is gona be? I just cant wait but have sleepless nights watching Baur on the move. “with all the due respect Mr. president………………………….

Rugambwa Thomas Aquinas
January 9, 2012 at 8:30 am
It shd be out b4 I die

now that 24 is gone for good, what movie is nearer to 24 or prison break, with lots of action

i can’t wait to watch season 9

I don’t know what to say but here in TANZANIA we are crazy
about 24 Please JACK make it happen

i always in page of kiefer on imdb and waiting to see whats happening to 24 movie or series there is no different ofcourse series are better:D but im waiting for kiefer and jack to do some action!!

C’mon Jack i got heat brocken when the season 8 ended, i will really love to watch 24 season 9.

C’mon Jack i got heart brocken when the season 8 ended. I’ll really love to watch 24 season 9.

This some bull Shit man, bring jack back.
There is no series that comes close to 24
South Africa

January 13, 2012 at 5:20 pm
Today is 15th january, I hope 24 season 9 has been released. B‘cos we lost fund.

I HATE DAMN April Fool’s Day!Why it cant be true?At first I was like: YES!Jumping and yelling and I couldnt describe my happiness…then I say it to my friends and they tell me…’s April Fool’s Day.Fuck!I have at least 60 years of life and I’m going to live without Jack?

Zainab Abiola Ajibola
January 15, 2012 at 2:27 am
I love dat

good news for me about 24 season 9 . i love that show one of a kind keep it up jack

Skul boi frm okopoly
January 17, 2012 at 7:08 pm
Pls giv us jack we cant wait 2 c jack again,i luv kim am frm okopoly 9ja

Skul boi frm okopoly
January 17, 2012 at 7:22 pm
U son of a bitch i hate dat joke dammit,copy dat!!!!!!.kim i luv u somuch.Frm Nigeria07067580928.i knw dat 24 is gone 4 gud,i wish i wil cee u in real life kim.

Damn this joke! I skipped the yellow box at the top that says it is fake, so I believed it until I read the last line. I can’t wait for the movie though. I’m going to name my kid Jack.

24 is the best series in the wold very very very good, Keifer is the best we believe in is role thanks for all the people be part of the series unbelievable one word… wow… you make all of us dreaming because it is super good keep going whit it, it is look like real life, they have justice an conspiration… yes sire

Guys pls tell me about season 9 cous i can’t wait to see j b my man

24hrs remains d best movies in d world, i can’t wait 2 c season 9 of dis movies. From adejare johnson. Nigeria

24 is the best show i watch in my life the whole cast is greet keep it up jack



24hours z d best…tankz 2 jack bauer,i lyk d guy nd i fink dz season9 shld gv him a perfect rest cos d guy needs 2 av a family @ last…

why would you FUCKING TEASE US LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!

jack man u da best + chloe u killing me wid what u do…… keep it locked. waiting 4 season 9

what channel broadcast in India any 24 seasones.Pls let me knw.Plzzzzzz.I like to watch it,Plzz

I thought this was real and nearly had a heartattack! Now im Sad but still looking forward to 24: The Movie which i think will bring on more of 24 Movies or the show returning!

I wold like to see season 9. when will it be released?

i wish that i want to see seasone 9 of 24 i wan to see jack again
it is verry and very good serial

please releas the season 9 as soon as you can you know that all the poeple witing for it


Best ever movie. Please give us one more season

There is no season 9. wikipedia is supposed 2 be updated. go check dat .

Hey guys from 24.i rily lik how u guys do it in yo series,u mak it so real n guess wat m now intrested in readin novels that have som’ to do with the white house,secret service n staff.u deserve some punishment over lying to us about this season 9

i do really really hate the 1st April

mhammed fedlaoui
March 15, 2012 at 1:55 am
have 9 season please????????????????

hey jack 24 is my best series – pliz we are waiting 4 season 9 and hpe will continue upto season 24 – jack u are really killing die hard fans of 24

Hey jack stop killing us – pliz give us season 9 and continue to season 24 we are waiting.

I hate you for disappointing me like that

Let there b season 9 for real please!!!!!

Certainly along with you 100%. I’d question, to begin with, on the other hand feel it not worthy of referfing to.

Jack ur just man of the millenium we are waiting to see more seasons ahead thank we love you

Damn, Please give us season 9!!!!!! And make it quick. Kiefer/Jack is getting older as we wait. PLEASE!!!!

I’ve never been thrilled by any season movie since 24hrs 8 am glad its back with 24/9

ademola lawal
April 4, 2012 at 1:42 pm
pls kindly reactivate cultis live and let us see he survive ur short………his good 2 be a partner of urs……..i admire him so much just like U….gud luck jack

hey guys, we have CD of jack bauer complete season (1 to 8) its so nice 20hrs per cd/season.

Wont take dis 4 a joke. I will take it as a promise from fox. Am sure i wont be disappointed. I will be waitin fox.

when will this 24 hours season 9 be release please be
specific. Thank you.

Please continue the series “24” … Please.

Jack, you were hound down by some Russia mobs on the command of President Alison and ex-President, Charles Logan. You were asked to leave the shores of the United States by President Alison.
I think It’s unjust and unfair that should happen in a Country like the united States that was suppose to uphold truth and fairness.
Who are these Russia mobs?
Who asked them into the United States?
Why wont they be arrested for have possessed weapons when they are not US securities!
Would Jack Bauer stay in another country of not his origin?
Late ex-president, Charles Logan is not the only in these whole mess! there must be others who also has hand in the messy deal against the DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS of the United States. And until they are brought to justice, SEASON 9 must resume.

I can’t wait for the last season of 24hrs, i am always waiting for season 9, thanks for bauer and chloe, these two are my mentor

Jack bauer come to nigeriar for ur refuge pls as u escape with the chopper

Steven onyebueke
April 24, 2012 at 11:07 am
Jack, Kim, David palmer, tony almeide, Allison Taylor, Ethan kanin, renee walker i love u all iam wetting for season 9. Steven onyebueke from NIGERIA

So where does jack goes after he fled in the last episode of season 8. I think you should continue producing season 9 because audience and customers including you favorite viewers are not okay with the 8 season being the end of the 24 SEASONAL MOVIE.


a lot of things haven’t been explored like Cheng who said that he wouldn’t be abondoned like JACK BAUER or TONY ALMEIDA who is still alive , something can still be explored or what JACK did or found before Africa .
I had always believed that in the last season we would find a link between all the season.
We’ve never heard about Jack mom’s maybe she was behind it all ,the one that nina spoke to at the end of season 1. Or TONY discovered something on that subject between season 6 and 7.Or maybe JACK’s commander in chief when he was in the army ,is part of the plot.


jack have come up whit something we would never have though of.

Jack, i luv u and am waitin for Day 9. Pls keep the series going cus i can’t stop watchin 24. Murphy Hogan from Calabar, Nigeria

Jack, i luv u and pls don’t miss to bring in Kim and David brother. I wish d season to contiune to Season 24. I luv 24 and i luv the very crew. Thanks Murphy Hogan from Calabar, Nigeria

Oh my God :)

Just 24 !

I’m really waiting 2 watch Jack in action again.

I have not seen season 9 as promised. I am tired waiting for such a great film. please update me. Jack Bauer.

I was so interested with season 3 and 8 jack you so great guy keep it up and god be with you

استکبار جهانی
May 31, 2012 at 12:37 pm
محمد فرحزاد جان کیرم بهمراه خایه هام تو دهن بابات و رهبر ت
کیرم و خاییه ها دولپی تقدیم به زن رهبر

بابا عجب ابلهی هستیا
اگه اینا که معنی شو بفهمن
میگن این ایرانیا عجب خری

I hope there’s a 9th season. Right now i’m watching the whole series again, for the 2nd time. It’s a great one. Bauer is the best role of his carreer. The Confession and Touch are real nice shows, but nothing even close from 24.

Nipuna Wickramanayake
June 19, 2012 at 12:13 pm
This is the greatest TV series I have ever watched after the prison break , I was addicted to this, Well successful TV series , I can’t believe it is over ,But it’s the reality but hoping for a film from 24… Jack Baur , Tony Almeida, CTU, Aron Pierce, David Palmer, Wayne Palmer, Kim Baur will remain in our minds for ever…..
Executive producer(s) Joel Surnow,Robert Cochran,,Howard Gordon,Kiefer Sutherland did a great job…

Umar Mohammed Ahege
June 21, 2012 at 10:26 am
Alot of thing have not been sort out of 24 in season 6,7&8 respectively, so i believed their is need for season 9. Yes Nigeria will be a good sight for season 9 & maiduguri & Niger delta region. Boko haram will engage in killing innocent life in the northern region while the militant are will be busy in kidnapping and other insurgences. Common jack we’re giving you guys clue to include it in your script free of charge. Just have a talk with Nigerian Government and your request will be granted, we never say NO western countries especially America. Nigeria is a country that everything’s go or are you guys afraid of real terrorist, hum Nigerian terrorist are different from the rest of the world, they thing upside down

The fist act to califonia
ilike th move.

I’m so happy there’s gonna be a new episode of 24….amma best fan of your season film,24…..wish it doesnt have to stop…..

hey guy’s we have a CD complete series of 24.

from seasion 1 to 8.

Tyler Kellett
July 21, 2012 at 9:02 am
They need to make another one it is soooooo good plz plz make another one it would make everybody happy well kiefer Sutherland if u r reading this plz think and try to make another 1 for me and everybody who is missing it if u did much appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually i also thought there would be a season where Theo would get his revenge on Jack, and many other thinghs were left unsolved, in the series finale… there should be a new season, even if most characters dont come back all we need is Jack and Chloe

Jerry Obaze Osakwua
August 6, 2012 at 9:09 pm
hmmmmmm u had me there, buh i really wish there is season 9 and more seasons. there is not suppose 2 be and end to the 24 series cos of d story line. c’mom plsssssssssssss

don't forget Bill Buchanan and ameida in season 9
August 7, 2012 at 5:13 am
I can’t wait watching KIM, CHLOE en JACK back in day 9 with CTU. Jack u’re just great! Middle East bows down asking Allah to save then from Jack Bauer. Just come back with day 9 – day 24, otherwise we are living a year without Jack, It’s so boring.


Dear Keiffer,

I am Rwandan. I tell you the truth you are very appreciated in many African countries, especially in Rwanda because of your 24h films. So, we are waiting with curiosity the 9th season of 24h.
Thank you

The best movie that i see ever!

from romania :)

where are you jack?

We need 24 back for season 9 otherwise we really gonna get bored

just finished season 8 today… and 24 cannot end like that! Season 9 where are you?! please? <3

Dear Kiefer. I am your fan.English is not my first language.When you speak secretly I could not understand what you are talking.In Day 8 CTU chief speak clearly.most of your team mates are firing words.but they are very good actors. i wish the Day 9 team.

This is unfair, I just found out today that is was a joke, how can you be so wicked.

Eagerly waiting for season 9, 10, 11 ………….. and even more and more seasons. I don’t want this drama to end. Jack where are you?

24 infinito plssssssssssssss
September 26, 2012 at 11:24 am
24 infinito plsssssssssssss irania and im not terrorist.and 24 its good movie s.tnx for s9.

Great news, me and my husband are the veryvseriousbopfan of 24 series, we enjoy watching it specilly jb roll its great we can not wait ti see season 24 please tell the time of release.thx

wow am really happy to hear that.
please bring jack back ooo

kingdom rush hacked
October 29, 2012 at 1:01 pm
Definitely believe that which you said. Your favourite reason appeared to be on the internet the simplest factor to keep in mind of. I say to you, I definitely get irked at the same time as other people think about issues that they just do not realize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing with no need side-effects , other people could take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thanks

kiefer firidaus
November 1, 2012 at 5:03 am
wow its what i have been waiting for.because jack is my best actor and 24 is my best movie,yes\ i wish i can also be included in it and i act,but also jack took longtime to release season9 of 24.nocese jack stop leaving us in an empty room.

kolawole olanrewaju
November 16, 2012 at 9:39 am
really 24series has to continue, jack need to brought the chinese consolate to justice for what they did to him in china and also AUDREY. what really happen to her, what about KIM did she finally unite with her father(jack) aron pierce ehat happen to him, and jack mum who knows if she has been behind these. pls mr jack bauer i hope you COPY THAT… 24season 9 needs to continue

COPY THAT damn it i miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss u jack but i don’t like to release another episote because i miss u agian and actualy i don’t have time too watch that plz don’t release another episote jack

Well,i know there is a movie coming in 2013 and season 9 in 2014,so you can all go and FUCK YOUR SELF’S MOTHERFUCKER’S.

I love jack bauer i love come back tv i happy 24 is coming back for another season

ammmnn, you had me fooled. buh I still want to see day 9 in cinema and market cus we need to know d faith of the Madam President, The Traitor and stuff like dat.

Damn it chloe i need d building schematics now ………..CHLOE: a second jack……sending it to ur p.d.a now ……JACK..copy dat. we mis u jack 24 hs been a thriller ever since i hv been watching it jack. i wept wen u were leaving chloe nd kim behind, Tony almeida is nt there to protect dem jack secret service cant do ur job jack ..dnt let chloe die u are my mentor a role model hope to meet u in person wen i will be workin wit d US marine. we are waiting for d next season jack ……….. wilson okonta frm NIGERIA

Damn it chloe i need d building schematics now ………..CHLOE: a second jack……sending it to ur p.d.a now ……JACK..copy dat. we mis u jack 24 hs been a thriller ever since i hv been watching it jack. i wept wen u were leaving chloe nd kim behind, Tony almeida is nt there to protect dem jack secret service cant do ur job jack ..dnt let chloe die u are my mentor a role model hope. to meet u in person wen i will be workin wit d US marine. we are waiting for d next season jack ……….. wilson okonta frm NIGERIAy

wish there is season 9..

I agree with a lot of peoples comments fox scrapped it because of rating is that because a lot of people got ripped off by sky packages why not put it on channel 5 gauranteed to get ratings or give the rights to channel five to keep it going jack is spending all his time concentrating on getting others back we need to get jack back on tv

I with it was true l miss it could

actually iam happy 2 hear dt 24 series9 will.this is the best ever season.ilove u all

hi my name is atal monga pls give us a new season 9

hi pls we are stil waiting for 24 season9

I every time emailed this web site post page to all my
associates, as if like to read it then my contacts will too.

I am a damm mad fan of 24 series…I can not accept 24 to be stopped someday….A season like this is very brain storming and cost effective I know that but this should and must continue starting from 24 season 9….plz response….

pls we need that serie jack bauer we beg on you

dont u ever do that again

why do u said my friend cally dnt say again pls jack bauer pls we are waiting for it

Today, I went to the beach with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the
shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit
crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back!
LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to
tell someone!

Josephine Edgar
April 11, 2013 at 2:07 pm
It wil be very nice to Bauer and ctu again

I’m so sad, Im addicted to 24 and they ruined my likes, I am really wanting a 24 out

jack bauer is my best actor

jack bauer is my best actor i like u so much

Chawanangwa Daka
April 30, 2013 at 3:50 pm
oh 24 i miss u,,Jack Bauer we miss u,i wish u r goin to b back

Jack is the best actor in the whole world,And his actor teaches people how to get rid off greed people in power and to deal with terrolists.
I wise would be true it could catch some african leadrs who don’t want to leave power for others and are corrupt.
Iwise the african leaders should be watching such movies so that thy learn more from there, when will it the season 9 be released. i don;t get bored watching jack movie.i just like u jack and o brain, toni ameda,madam president toylor.

I’m glad we’re finally getting a S9. lol Suck it to this April Fools Joke!

Jack is the best tv serie ever seen when is the serie 9 stating i have all 8 seson and a want to buy seson 9 plz let me know when its for sell i want to be the first to buy it ty for the best serie 24.

Hopelijk is seizoen 9 snel in de handel. Zal direct tot aanschaf overgaan. De serie is geweldig.

Please Jack come bak now with season 9…. Miss the trailer..

OK….I missed the start of day 4…..the first episode is day 4 from 7 to 11…..first aired June 6….how many episodes have I missed

As far as i am concern 24 remains the best season so far and i not going to compare it with any season.

FROM UGANDA EAST Africa! Cant wait for season 9. 24 is a series that just keeps u on the edge all the time, wanting to know wat happens next. 24 crew, u guys are the best!

i wish this was real