The Confession Episode 6

Episode 6 of Kiefer Sutherland’s The Confession is live on Hulu.

The Confession – Chapter 6 (6:19)


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I remember that there was the speculation that he was there to kill the Priest. Could it be that he is there to kill himself?

@K : I’ve just read that somewhere else. That would be so great actually. I hadn’t even thought about that.
But how could there be a season 2 (if they do one) without the hitman… ?!

@Virginie: Good point. Maybe the Priest will just have to save him??

@K Some people also say that the Priest could be the hitman’s father. But I doubt it. They would have recognized each other… or the hitman would have had a certain reaction when talking about his father, but he didn’t. There are a few theories out there and I’m glad I don’t know which one is correct. ^^ Just wait and see!
One thing is certain : I’m really enjoying that webseries.

@Virginie: Agreed! No matter what, it has been a great ride so far. Kinda fun being excited for Mondays again. :P