Kiefer Sutherland on 24 movie: “We’re looking for directors”

Kiefer Sutherland promoting Touch in Madrid
Kiefer Sutherland promoting Touch in Madrid

Kiefer has said they’re searching for directors to film the 24 movie and that he remains “cautiously optimistic” they’ll be able to shoot it during the hiatus of Touch in May.

Personally, it seems unlikely to me that they’d be able to find an available director and shoot a big budget film on such short notice, but let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed he’s “cautiously optimistic” that filming will begin on the movie adaptation of 24 this spring.

The actor said the script for the big-screen version of the hit series is ready to go, but producers are up against the clock in the hunt for a director.

“We’ve got a script that we’re very excited about, we’re looking for directors right now,” he said.

Sutherland, who has returned to television with new drama series Touch, said he hopes to shoot the film after shooting on the show’s first series wraps.

“We’re trying to do this as quickly as possible so we’re ready to shoot in May because there’s a very small window between when I finish Touch and when I would start up again,” he explained.

“So it’s a juggling act right now, but I’m still cautiously optimistic.”

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I mentioned this on the previous news item comment board, but haven’t Imagine Entertainment and 20th Century Fox been quietly putting the ’24’ movie together behind the scenes? If so, once they actually hire a director (my first choice would still be Jon Cassar, my second choice would be Pete Travis, third choice is Daniel Espinosa), the pieces could fall together very quickly.

Of course, it would mean precious little prep time for said director, whose job on the movie would be more akin to a television series director, working in someone else’s pond and hired on a purely technical capacity, rather than stamping their own individual identity on the piece… but whoever gets the job, how much time they get to prep and shoot the movie, whether or not they actually manage to get it before cameras this year, and whenever it’s finally released (if they start filming in May, my bet is on a late November release), it’s the script that matters, and if it’s as good as Kiefer seems to think it is, the eventual movie will be quality, and that’s good enough for me!