Jon Cassar to direct Person of Interest episode

Person of Interest key art

Long time 24 director Jon Cassar has announced on his Twitter account that he will be directing an episode of CBS hit new drama series Person of Interest. An exact air date is currently unknown, but it will be one of the first episodes of the upcoming second season (which is scheduled to premiere in September).

Series star Jim Caviezel had previously described the show as “24” meets “Bourne Identity” and revealed that Kiefer Sutherland inspired him to take the role.

Cassar will begin filming his episode next month.


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Cool, ‘Person of Interest’ is starting in the U.K. in July, can’t wait… and seeing as filming on the ’24’ movie has been pushed back to next spring, sign Jon Cassar up NOW to direct Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut!

This is great news. His experience will be a great asset to “Person Of Interest” and hopefully he will direct more episodes. As for a director for the “24” movie, I like to throw Oliver Stone into the mix. His film “Savages” looks great and having his name to direct the movie will get people talking and generate buzz. Going off topic and this is just a suggestion, but given the lack of “24” movie news lately, maybe this site should be reporting some “Person Of Interest” news to fill the void until some official news on the “24” movie comes out.

Interview with Kiefer- June 26 talks about the movie a bit. Didn’t know how to reach you otherwise.

Nice article there, Andrew, hope the Kief’ is right and they get the ’24’ movie done next year as planned, and by Kiefer’s statement of needing a director, it looks like they’ve let Antoine Fuqua go.

My own personal first choice for director would still be Jon Cassar, if not, then Joe Carnahan (‘Narc’, ‘The Grey’), and if not him, then Stephen Hopkins, who’s really a natural choice when you think of it, he was part of the series’ inception, helped come up with some of that show’s visual trademarks (the split-screen was his idea), was the lead director of Season 1 and got awards for it, and has extensive feature film experience into the bargain.

Give Hopkins a $40m budget, a thirteen-week production (amounting to about 72 days of filming), and shoot the film digitally (on the Arri Alexa, which has a more film-like look to it than other digital cameras) which would save nearly $2m in film and processing costs, and have it released early February 2014…

Joe Carnahan is a so-so director in my opinion. Narc was a good film but then he directed bad films like Smokin’ Aces and The A-Team which doesn’t inspire confidence and he’s set to do “Killing Pablo” and the “Death Wish” remake which makes him unavailable anyway. I still think that the producers needs to create a big splash and hire a big name director so it can get the general audience to take notice in “24”, so it won’t be forgotten like that other sci-fi tv show that was on the FOX network long time ago. But for some reason they can’t, then Jon Cassar or Stephen Hopkins will be fine.

And here I was thinking this show can’t get any better! Jon’s a great fit for this & with Michael Emerson under his direction, this is going to be nothing short of spectacular!