Yvonne Strahovski reveals character’s past “emotional scarring” to HLNtv

Actress Yvonne Strahovski who plays new character CIA Agent Kate Morgan spilled some secrets about the upcoming return of “24.”

“She is hunting Jack Bauer when we first meet her. She has a little bit of a past, some emotional scarring that I get to play with here for this character, that’ll make it a little different than anything I’ve done before which is fun.”

Source HLNtv.com


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I have a strong feeling that her character’s role is bigger than Kim Raver’s Audrey Raines.

“Agent with a troubled past” How original! Whatever that past might be, keep it the fuck out of the plot. How I hope they’ve learned from the Dana Walsh disaster of 2010.

She does look rather lovely though.

This should be interesting…

You guys should check this out – I passed it onto 24Spoilers and they’re still deciding on whether to post these types of things as they may not be entirely newsworthy due to the fact that it only applies for a few hours and a lot of the people are from locations other than London.


Nice find, Jack! They picked a good location there.

Here’s hoping for some action in the north west of England. Manchester would be an awesome location for 24.

Omg…. she’s completely GORGEOUS!! I’m watching ‘Chuck’ from pilot just because of her, and she’s so, so hot! Can’t wait for watching her in 24LAD!

And thanks Jack, that’s a nice find, it’s a pity I live in Spain, soo far away!

Her face makes me very happy! She’s one the hottest women alive! I can’t really take her seriously as a CIA agent hunting jack Bauer because I’ll be thinking about her body and other good stuff