Ross McCall cast in 24: Live Another Day

Ross McCall
Ross McCall

Scottish actor Ross McCall has been cast in the upcoming 24: Live Another Day miniseries set in London. He was on set today, which was the first official day of production. Scenes were filmed in Waterloo Place.

McCall’s most notable role is Joseph Liebgott in the 2001 HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. He’s also guest starred on BBC’s Luther and recurred on USA Network’s White Collar where he played Matthew Keller, an old rival of Neal’s.

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One of Judy Davis’ executive goons I’d guess. Good choice!

Looks like there will no Carlos Bernard( Tony Almeida)
They’ve already begun production and we most certainly would have heard something by now .
It’s too bad because Carlos has been with 24 since season one and he is the second most popular character on 24 next to Jack.
I’m still happy that 24 is coming back, I can’t wait !!!
Who knows, maybe they are keeping Tony under wraps for a big surprise sometime during the season .

They will keep that under wraps because when he does come back it will probably be the last few episodes, so they will try and hide it, unlike they did with season 7. He won’t need to be there for a while to shoot anything.

So what role is he playing? With the government? With Jack? Good guy? Bad guy? Or did I miss something?

Not sure about his role yet Judy, only that he’s part of the show. We will update this post as soon as we get confirmation on what character he’s playing.

Don’t really know the actor but I must say that wow, he is very sexy indeed. good casting 24 producers :)

Looking forward to what role he will be playing.