24: Live Another Day Extended Trailer

FOX has released a brand new “movie” style trailer for 24: Live Another Day and it’s probably the best one yet, showing lots of Jack Bauer badassery. Check it out below.

The season seems to start off with a level of intensity that hasn’t really been seen before. Much like last seasons final arc, Jack is laser-focused on a certain objective and absolutely no one is going to stand in his path.

Bauer is seen putting CIA field agent Erik Ritter in a headlock while still handcuffed, knocking out CIA agent Kate Morgan with a headbutt, and threatening to blow another agents head off. Just think – if this is how Jack Bauer treats the good guys, the terrorists are totally screwed this season!


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24 more days!

Oh yeah! 6 hours more, and there will be 24 days precisely!

That was the best thing I have ever seen.

Can’t wait! With only 12 episodes, the pace looks likely to be as fast and furious as the trailer suggests. God I’ve missed this show!

I’ve just seen the trailer. IT’S AWESOME!! The scenes, the music, the quotes, the explotions, the attacks, the great headbutt… etc

It looks like a movie. But far more longer: 12 hours.

Sorry about this, but LAD won’t be looked like tv series, it will be the movie some of us have waited.

Oh, by the way… My deductions were OK.


“Also… Look at the promo titles so far:

– The Clock Starts Ticking (about 24)
– Every Second Counts (about 24)
– Enemy (about Jack)
– Hero (about Jack)

The pattern is about to make a change. We don’t know what comes next…”

Now, we have a big problem: we still don’t know what comes next… This is excelent!!

“I’ve just seen the trailer. IT’S AWESOME!! The scenes, the music, the quotes, the explotions, the attacks, the great headbutt… etc”
Agree with every word. WHAT – A – FANTASTIC – TRAILER. I’m so so so excited for this seeing these images, so well put together in that trailer. There are already some classic quotes.

Seba, how the hell do you work that out? how on earth will Live Another Day be like a movie? a movie is just a 2 hour movie, well this is 12 episodes airs every week.

I know what you mean, Shaun Clark.

But look again, I said: “It looks like a movie. BUT FAR MORE LONGER: 12 HOURS.”
So obviously, I’m not making my point from the duration, rather the style of filming. You know that something is a movie not because you see that it takes 2 hours to watch… Rather, because all the little things that I said before, plus the cunning message in the begining: “The following PREVIEW has been restricted…” that show us that this is like a movie, a 24-like movie ;)


Stunning trailer! The cinematography looks unbelievably good here (hope to see an Emmy nomination for Jeffrey Mygatt). It really does look like a movie. It’s such a bummer that they’re going to finish one episode shy of making the Emmy deadline this year, because I think they’d have a serious chance at winning the best miniseries category (True Detective is competing as a drama series).

Do you think Almeida wil be back? i hope so!!!

I still miss Tony’s “yeahs.”

Here’s a really cool website, “Open Cell” which contains documents from Chloe’s Hacker group. Pretty cool stuff including Heller’s itinerary and spoilers about Kate Morgan’s husband, who was found dead in an apparent suicide (I would not be surprised if he was murdered though).


Best trailer so far…hypnotic editing…24 is really back !!

So at least from the trailer (which can be misleading), it looks like Kate Morgan is going to try to somehow use Audrey to lure Jack in/trip him up. I am curious how they could do that. She is the president’s daughter and I can’t imagine Heller or her husband agreeing to anything that would get her involved. And without their cooperation the CIA can’t do anything to her, since she is probably heavily protected by Secret Service. Thoughts?

I kinda think Jack will find some way to meet with Audrey before the season’s over, like maybe something as minor as posing as Secret Service or the Royal Guard or maybe more drastic like ambushing a motorcade, (hey, he did it with Logan.) Either way, I think the writers would be missing a huge opportunity if they don’t have Jack and Audrey reconcile somehow.

What would be even more interesting is if she doesn’t remember him, (since her husband said that ‘she will never hear the name Jack Bauer again.’) That would make things even more chaotic.

I am sure Jack and Audrey will have contact at some point during the season. It would be crazy for them to bring her back and have that not happen. But Kiefer indicated in an interview that it wouldn’t happen for a while.

Does anyone else find it odd that there have been almost no spoilers about Audrey, and she has not said a single word in any of the trailers? I think there is some big surprise regarding her character. I wonder if she and Jack have actually been in contact before LAD begins. That could explain the scene where her father says “I know that look.”

Woah, I didn’t even think about that they could’ve been in contact!

I’m working on a fanfic about that now. If you are interested, I will let you know when I post the first chapter.

Probably they don’t have anything other than wishy washy Audrey trying to make up her mind between her ex and her husband storyline because there are already so many characters who are more relevant to the counterterrorism plot than her. Heck, they did not even bother putting Kim Raver’s name to the credit roll in the latest trailer.

That doesn’t make sense. Why would they bring her back if they have no storyline for her? And I know it’s not just so her father could be president. To the contrary, something one of the producers said in an interview indicated that they made him president so that they could bring Audrey back.

I never got that impression from the interviews. Heller looks like the man, and Audrey is just a window dressing so far.

Or maybe she is the mole. Lol.

Check out what Howard Gordon said in an interview a few months ago:

IGN: How did you decide to bring Audrey back? She has a very big history with Jack, but things left off on pretty dramatic terms there as well.

Gordon: This is where — to get back to what I said — Jack having very few people in the world who mean something to him and for whom he would do something for. The people who matter to him — who are still alive — are Kim, his daughter, Chloe, Kim Raver — Audrey. So when you look at these players on the board, because of the real-time aspect of 24, there’s a shorthand; there’s an instant history, even though we only have snapshots of each day of Jack’s life — eight days of Jack’s life — we have to understand him. Eight days! It’s a crazy concept. So Audrey really was this character who we always knew she’s still alive. Theirs was a tragic parting, really, and it seemed like something that would give Jack and rooting interest wherever he was and no matter what. Then we realized that even James Heller is still alive. We were like, “We thought he’d plummeted off a cliff!” We literally had to watch and go, “Oh yeah, he’s still alive! He could be the president! That’s how nuts this show is.”


That’s what leads me to believe that they decided to bring Heller back in order to bring Audrey back. It seems like they were trying to find a way to bring her back and then remembered that they had only pretended to kill her father off in season 5.

They really do seem to be keeping Audrey’s role pretty secretive. The only main cast member we’ve seen less of is Gilles Matthey’s character.

The new trailer is great and proves that 24 can easily be a feature film if FOX film studio wasn’t so small minded but I’m not going waste my time talking about the whole 24 movie drama. I’m just glad Jack Bauer is back…… If the limited series is a huge success maybe FOX will reconsider about making the 24 movie but I’m not going hold my breath waiting for that to happen…. Oh well

I’ve always thought ’24’ could work as a feature film, but that ship has sailed and whether it returns to port sometime in the future remains to be seen… it’s irrelevant for now, we have this new series and that’s where ’24’ belongs, and I hope stays should ‘Live Another Day’ prove a creative and commercial success!

Oh, and nice trailer…

Movies suck horribly nowadays anyway. 10-15 years ago, people would say about their favourite shows “wow, it’s like watching a movie every week”, now it should be the other way around when watching a movie “wow! this is just like watching a television show”.

It’s really amazing how far television has come in the past decade or so, with 24 paving the way for serialized dramas. So many action/thrillers seem like such a letdown after watching 24 or Breaking Bad. The best part is seeing so many great film actors now doing television roles (like Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective and Kevin Spacey in House of Cards).

Plus movies based off of shows have almost as bad a track record as movies based off video games, they almost always suck. So I hope the movie never gets made. 12 episodes is waaaay better.

The ’24’ movie would not be like the series, that much is sure, it’s a different canvas with different rules and applications, but it wouldn’t necessarily be inferior, it would just be different. I disagree with FOX Television head Kevin Reilly’s statement last year that ’24’ compressed to a two-hour film is not ’24’; with a great script and a tight final cut, ’24’ could be very effective as a film… but the only way to do it right would be as a single, self-contained story, not the first part of a proposed trilogy as was the case with the 2012 screenplay, it would serve as a fitting finale to the ’24’ saga if it happened, although whether FOX Filmed Entertainment would give it a sufficient budget to do it right is another question!

All that being said though, whilst I would love a ’24’ movie, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it never happened, ’24’ seems to be doing pretty well remaining a solely television entity, and considering the pretty dire creative state of studio features right now, plus the fact that television is currently leading the way in substantial storytelling, maybe it’s for the best that should ‘Live Another Day’ prove a resounding success, they stick to the 12-episode limited series format.

Just my own humble opinion, for what it’s worth.

I really hope that there will be a movie made in the near future and if the limited series is a success then maybe FOX will take a chance and make the film. If FOX is willing to pay Liam Neeson $20 million for Taken 3 then there’s no reason to give the 24 movie a reasonable budget. I know I’m beating a dead horse but I really want the 24 movie to happen….. Just my opinion.

But why? What possible value would a film have for a franchise whose strengths are inextricably bound to the television format?


Liam Neeson is only getting a $20 million paycheck for Taken 3 because the franchise has proven to be massively successful. It’s not like that was his starting salary – we was able to demand a lot more money for the sequels.

The budget for the first Taken movie was just $25 million (Neeson’s salary was $1m). If I remember correctly that was in line with what FOX offered Kiefer for the 24 movie.

Yeah Kiefer was still riding off the high of being the top paid actor on tv for the time, making what? 20 million a season I think it was there at the end. He didn’t want less money for the movie and Fox didn’t want to increase the budget. Now different story.

As I said if they continue this after it’s first run A movie doesn’t really matter.

I’m so excited

I’m thinking Movie Trailer as it this trailer is shown before movies in the cinemas?

Anyone else notice that Kim Raver is not listed in the trailer while other cast are? anyone else have this feeling that Audrey is going to be killed of this season? maybe Kim Raver just returned for a guest stint and not all 12 episodes as that is why she is not in a lot in trailers.

Maybe something bad happens to her and she dies? but I could be wrong.

I sure hope not. Not only because I am a huge Audrey fan but because they have already killed off two of Jack’s love interests. It would be very repetitive if they killed Audrey, and I am not sure what new spin they could put on that.

No, she is a principal cast member. Several others characters were also omitted from the trailer.

But why would Kim Raver not listed when she is a old character from other seasons? just doesn’t make any sense at all.

It’s surprising that her name was omitted and she’s barely been featured in any of the promos either.

Perhaps the marketing team at FOX simply felt Audrey didn’t have any catchy “quote worthy” lines to be featured in a promo. Kim Raver was shown in those scenes, she just didn’t have her name listed.

This trailer was heavily focused on Jack Bauer, and since Audrey’s storyline is probably separate from Jack’s for at least a few episodes, there probably wasn’t any Jack-related material to use.

I get the feeling that Jack Bauer and Kate Morgan will join forces at some point, President Hellar in the trailer said “I won’t you to bring him here” maybe he want’s to let bygones be bygones, he want’s Jack to take charge in stopping the drone attacks he also knows Jack will put his life on the line trying to protect others.