Kim Bauer probably not returning for 24: Live Another Day

Kim Bauer in 24's fifth season
Kim Bauer in 24’s fifth season

Question: Any update on whether Elisha Cuthbert will be back as Kim in 24: Live Another Day? —Jennifer
Ausiello: My sources insist the 12-episode revival will be Kim-free, but there’s reason to believe those insiders are spinning tall tales. Keep in mind, executive producer Manny Coto told us back in January that there “might be” a place for Jack’s cougar-bait daughter in this brand new day, but “it would be later in the season, and it would mean giving away a plot point.” In the meantime, I can confirm that Kim does play an off-screen role in the two-hour May 5 opener, which I’ve seen and found immensely entertaining. If you were a fan of 24, you’re going to love 24: Live Another Day. Chloe acolytes, in particular, will be very happy. BONUS SCOOP: A returning character is keeping a big secret (and it’s of the medical variety).

The bonus scoop is likely referring to President Heller. When members of the press visited the set last month, one of them managed to snap a photo of a pill bottle with James Heller’s name on it (see here).

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I wonder if the James Heller medical condition has anything to do with him falling into the revine in Season 5.

Not too fussed about Kim not coming back…but she needs to be involved someway or another for future seasons

Wasn’t it established that he had a heart condition in season 4? It was used for he and Audrey to try and escape, but it could have still been real.

I’m pretty sure it was real, because Audrey was panicking and begging the guard to help him, and it didn’t appear that Heller told her what he was doing beforehand.

Awesome memory; I didn’t even remember that…

I hope she’s back in a small guest role.
I expect Tony at the end of the season… hope i’m right.

Tony’s the best; I hope that him and Jack can eventually mend relations, even if he isn’t in season 9.

I hope Kim’s not in London if she returns this season. I’d like to see another emotional phone call between Kim and Jack again, (like in Season 2.)

Having Heller be sick is cool too; what would be cool is if Margot or the rest of the terrorists maybe try to pose as a medic or doctor that is checking him out after a collapse, or something along that line. That’d make for a really intense sequence.

I think that the Heller medical condition will be something like terminal, and it will put in question Jack’s actions to save him, because it will be like a waste.

Since it appears there aren’t any time jumps in the first 8 episodes, is there any chance Jack returns to Los Angeles for the final hour or two hours of LAD? On 12 hour time jump would make it possible.

I think that’s highly unlikely mainly due to budget/production reasons. Cool idea, though!

Good point, it would probably be impossible to assemble a new crew in the US just for the final episodes. I guess the most likely way to have Kim on the show is having Jack call her at the end of the season. Or maybe she somehow gets to London before the final hour.

What I think would be cool, (even if they stay in London all twelve episodes) is if the terrorist threat ended around episode 10 or 11 and then the final hour or two is Jack trying to get out of London, (with Chloe…or Audrey, possibly) while he’s being chased by the CIA. That’d kinda be a new take on things which would be cool.

That is an AWESOME idea and the perfect way to handle the time jump. If the terrorist threat is resolved in episode 10 or 11, the characters go home for the evening and everything seems finished. Then the final episode or two would be the “epilogue” where Jack’s fate is decided. I really hope they do it this way!

It would also have that ‘final season’ feel that Season 8 lacked, which I think they do need for LAD, just in case a movie or more seasons don’t happen.

Could go back to LA at the end as Kim is calling Jack and out of the shadows pops Tony, grabbing Kim.

What if Tony was actually helping get Kim to Jack, for like a final goodbye? That would be a cool way to have him and Jack mend relations with one another.

24fan, that is an inspired idea… let’s hope one or more of the ’24’ writers is reading these comments! It would also leave the writers’ options wide open for however and in whatever form ’24’ continues in next, be it a movie or another limited series.

Well done good sir.


Yeah, he comes out of the shadows at the end and you don’t know whether he is good or bad, he stares at her as she gasps, pulls a gun, shoots a few terrorists coming after her and then whisks her away, clock ticks down

What I meant was an inspired idea – and it is – was 24fan’s suggestion that the main storyline wrap up around episode 11, leaving the last episode to deal with Jack’s fugitive status… that would end ‘Live Another Day’ the way it should end; on a smaller, more intimate and personal character beat, HoGo said the emotional crux of the new series is Jack wanting to come home, that alone should be the focus of the last episode… and very likely will be.

I’m not one who subscribes to bringing Tony back, whatever his motivations in Season 7, he passed the point of no return in my book (for Larry’s genuinely disturbing and cold-blooded murder if nothing else) and deserves to rot in whatever maximum security federal clink he’s in…

I really wish Kim makes an appearance. Jack together with Kim on screen makes me sob almost always.

Dammit, I was hoping the cougar would be back and they would expand it’s role this time out, that cameo in Season 2 was so good, everyone’s still talking about it!

LOL! Only if Aunt Carol shows up.

I want Kim to appear! She is so hot! looks so good with long hair

I hope Kim appears as well. Did you guys notice Jack does not say dammit as much as he used to in the past?

No Kim please. I’m watching old seasons of 24 and remembering how painful it was to endure an episode with her in it. Was sooooo much better once they removed her from the show. Thankfully I can fast forward on these old ones and skip her ridiculousness. That character was definitely miscast. Please keep her away or if she must return, keep it to 5 minutes max.

I sooooo want to see kim back…..she’s sooo hot that it got personal for me lol….I agree with teddy….

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