24: Live Another Day Episode 8 Sneak Peeks

Here’s all six sneak peek clips from 24: Live Another Day Episode 8 directed by Jon Cassar. This is the 200th episode of the series, a fantastic milestone to reach!

Wake The Bitch Up

via FOX Broadcasting

Jack tells Kate about the President Heller situation. The only way to prevent Heller’s death is by finding Margot fast. He urges Kate to get a confession from Simone.

Margot Considers Destroying the Drones

via FOX Broadcasting

President Heller makes Margot an offer she may not be able to refuse.

President Heller Tells Jack He Has Alzheimer’s

via FOX Broadcasting

Jack learns the real reason why Heller is willing to sacrifice himself to resolve the situation.

Jordan’s Life-or-Death Struggle

via FOX Broadcasting

Steve Navarro listens to his agent’s plight.

Jack and Mark Put Aside Their Differences

via FOX Broadcasting

As the only two who know what’s going on, President Heller asks Jack and Mark to work together to hatch a plan.

Jack Gets A Presidential Pardon

via FOX Broadcasting

All charges from four years ago – and anything from today – will be dismissed.


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All I know is we will find out whether 24 will be renewed for season 10 possibly by the summer press tour next month or if not sometime by May 2015. Fox has said if another event series came along, it would air in 18-24 months after season 9 ended which would mean January-July 2016! A decision would have to be made before May 2015 so writers have a lot of time to craft the season.

Jack and Mark working together this will be interesting……….seriously he better tell Jack about the Russian wanting him as a friendly gesture

“Wake the bitch up!” gonna be a Bauer classic for years to come ;)

Absolutely! The venomous delivery was classic.

I have a feeling this is going to be a worthy milestone episode.

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 8:14 am
Holy angry one-liners, Batman—-They are certainly setting it up as a very memorable episode. Should be a kick ass evening!

These clips are awesome including clip #3. Jack and Mark don’t like each other but I don’t know if they can trust each other even if it means Audrey still wants Mark over Jack.

The incidental music in the first clip is the same used almost 15 years ago (!) in season 1 episode 1. Cool…

Just updated with new clips, there’s now six total.

how about making “wake the bitch up” video not private?

These are embedded videos from FOX’s YouTube channel, they made the video private for whatever reason, and we cannot control that. Sorry!

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode. The best if not one of the best episodes of Live Another Day to date.

Given the final sneak preview here, it looks like Heller is going to be killed off. The music, the pardon, the entire arc of the season with his illness…this is it for Heller. It might rival the Ryan Chappelle scene in Season 3. We’ll see.

I think that Jack’s pardon will be revoked because someone in the government will bring up the Alzheimer’s of the President.

Here’s another question. What about Chloe? Does she get offered a pardon too for helping Jack? I do believe that she is considered a traitor because of her releasing sensitive information.

Getting old-school chills from that last clip. The score sounds eerily similar to “The Bomb Explodes”.

Do we find out the identity of the VP tonight? Does Mark process the pardon? Episode 8 looks like a classic.

Considering Jack is a high-test action hero beast who used to pork Boudreau’s missus, I doubt Heller is stupid enough to trust him with the responsibility of processing it.

I’d think we’d see the VP tonight because Wembley’s about halfway through the hour, right? That’s kind of like Logan’s entrance– he showed up at the end of the episode with Novick after Keeler died.

Kiki Vanderway
June 16, 2014 at 6:48 pm
Uh oh, what is Mark going to do about the Russians?

Every time I check back here at the end of an episode, I’m just appalled at what they release before it airs. The pardon scene… Inexcusable for that to be a “sneak peek”. Really.

Yeah – I got pissed off whenever they released the second clip from here: (https://www.24spoilers.com/2014/05/09/24-live-another-day-episode-3-sneak-peeks/)

Basically completely spoiled the ending. It’s just so hard to resist though.

These I find very easy to resist. Never liked watching clips after the season premiere. They seem to be making a habit of releasing clips from the end. Jack taking down Rask, Jack shooting protestors, and Heller giving Jack a pardon.

What are they thinking?