Mary Lynn Rajskub at the "Salt" Premiere in Los Angeles, 2010
Mary Lynn Rajskub at the "Salt" Premiere in Los Angeles, 2010

Mary Lynn Rajskub on another ’24’ season: “it’s more a matter of when”

Despite showrunners Evan Katz and Manny Coto saying “there are no plans to continue the show next year” series star Mary Lynn Rajskub seems more optimistic and believe another season of the show is only a matter of time – not a question of if, but when.

Can you give anything away about the series finale?
Oh my gosh. You’re so funny. You’re not supposed to be doing that, getting me to give away things… OK… erm… The world does not get destroyed, the planet does not blow up.

That’s a good spoiler. I know you’ve been asked this question a million times, but we’re still going to ask it: what are the chances there will another outing of 24?
That’s a question we all talked about on set and there is a lot of speculation. To me, it’s more a matter of when are they going to bring it back because it’s done well and people are excited about it. My hope would be that they do some more in a year so that enough time has passed. These 12 episodes have gone by really fast and fans are like, ‘we’re ready for more’! It comes down to the producers, writers, Kiefer and everybody getting together to agree on concepts. I don’t think the network would have a problem. Have you had a chance to talk to Kiefer?

Yes, at the UK premiere – he’s loved being back!
Yeah he was excited from the get-go and took it on as a personal challenge – we had to make this good, if not better than before because expectations were so high. Kiefer’s spirit has been great throughout the whole thing.

We were also wondering if you could help clear something up: what does Jack keep in his bag?
[Laughs] People are really into the man bag. They keep tweeting about it, but I’ve abstained from commenting. It featured prominently in the Wembley Stadium episode; he kept adjusting and touching the bag. A lot of things are in the bag – weapons, wine, juice boxes…

If you could bring any 24 character back from the dead, who would it be and why?
Edgar Stiles. He didn’t deserve to die. It wasn’t fair and it still hurts, even now.

The full interview has a bit more on her personal life with hidden talents, her son starting school, talking to Sheryl Crow, and being “perfect in every way.”

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Courteney Cox is now on my shit list.

Great interview, and great picture you used here. I’m going to have to find more pictures from this Salt thing.

Mary Lynn was funny on 2 Broke Girls.

I hope she’s not over optimistic…

She’s so hilarious :) MLR interviews are the best.

Wait, so, not everyone realizes that the JackSack is a Mary Poppins bag? He can pull a whole bedroom set out of that thing when he needs to.

Haha!!! Love it. :D

Ugh – I wish they killed off her character now. She’s a pretty horrible actress as well – just does the same ‘rolling eyes’ look every single time.

No offence to you Trevor.. but you are a little bit obsessed & I could see that Mary Lynn could be a bit creeped out by you.

Like seriously.. having all of these photos?

And that interview with you and Mary Lynn was just awful. I felt sorry for her having to deal with you – you gave no time at all to the other members who were participating.

No offense to you JohnB.. but you could see that I could be a bit creeped out by you going through what must be around 50 of my tweets to find that link. And especially since that was in an “@” reply to a friend of mine and not a status update, you had to have done a little more digging than normal! Little bit obsessed with me? You can see why I’d be a bit creeped out right now. No offense, of course.

But since you apparently read the conversation between my friend and I, you would know that I created that folder for him, as he is meeting her tonight and wanted a photo to print out. I don’t have a folder for Mary Lynn photos, but a folder for all things 24 and I whipped together a few MLR photos to give my friend some options. Not that I really need to explain it to you, because even if I did, who cares, but thought we’d get our facts straight. I actually have more photos of Kiefer on my computer, so maybe you can come back at me for that next.

I’m sorry you didn’t like the interview. Maybe you should watch it a few more times just to be sure if you actually hate it or not though. Might be an acquired taste kind of thing.

I don’t get why you feel sorry for Mary though. Why wouldn’t you feel sorry for ME? I mean come on, I had to sit there for a good 10 minutes while she was taking questions from other people! What’s that all about?


Damn it.

Lol. You are starting to sound like that guy Elliot Rodger.

Perhaps he seen your tweet earlier on today after searching for 24 related material. It’s hard not to miss your name because there has to be at least 20 tweets a day about MLR alone.

Shit… If I knew who Elliot Rodger was, I might be offended. Is this good or bad?

So he did a search for 24 related material and pulled up a tweet of mine to my friend containing nothing but a link? I’d love to know what keywords he entered in to the search bar for that one! Especially considering the conversation was not about 24. And regardless, he made this comment tonight whereas my tweet was over 24 hours ago. Meaning he really did have to do some digging, even though I was joking before.

That last sentence seems like an exaggeration. I’d say 19. Give or take a few.

And if my name is hard NOT to miss, that means I must be well hidden…right?

So I just looked up Elliot Rodger… You had to take it there? Really?

Stay classy, Jack.

“I’m going to have to find more pictures from this Salt thing.”

“whipped together a few MLR photos to give my friend some options”

Hm, yeah.. that really sounds like a well laid out counter-argument.

I never said I didn’t already have those photos, I said I whipped together a few pictures of just her into a folder for him.

And yes, I do want more pictures from this event because I too would like to choose what photo I am going to have her sign in a couple weeks.

Here’s what I think… Mind your own business.

What’s that? Mary Lynn is creeped out by me? Eat it JohnB!

Amazing how attractive she looks in that file photo compared to the vampire look she took on in S9!

I so wish ‘Live Another Day’ is the ’24’ swansong, but if the powers-that-be can convince Joel Surnow to come back and showrun an absolute, definite, we-really-mean-it-this-time 12-episode final series, then count me in…

I’m going to be honest, I prefer Bob Cochran. I’d like to see him showrun that over Joel.

I don’t think MLR has any other decent TV shows to do. So it’s obvious she wants the show back. But i must say she is a terrible actress. She can only do the same thing over and over.

I always wonder why Surnow doesn’t write anymore for 24 since season 7?

I think he tired of the unforgivably relentless grind of cranking out one 24-episode season after another for seven consecutive years, his contract with FOX was about to end, so he took avail of the situation and went off and did other things, although he remained and indeed still is an executive consultant on the show.

However ‘Live Another Day’ ends, I just hope the writers made their decisions based purely on what was best for the story and characters and not on leaving the door open for another potential season in future, although the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If the studio is up for another limited series, Kiefer is still able and willing, and the writers feel there is another compelling story to tell, then have at it, but if not, ’24’ should end, period.

But that’s the future, the present is the finale next week, and you just know it’s gonna be GOOD…

I love that pic of ML.