Yvonne Strahovski: 24 finale “changed a bunch”

Yvonne Strahovski
Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski revealed to THR that the 24: Live Another Day finale changed a bunch and there were multiple versions of the scripts. This backs up Mary Lynn’s interview where she said the writers were changing things “up until the last minute.”

What can you tell us about the finale?
It actually changed a bunch. There were a few different versions floating around of how this was going to wrap up. There is pressure to make something that is pretty special. It’s definitely shocking. I think fans of 24 have grown to expect the unexpected. It’s safe to say not everyone makes it out alive.

Yvonne also discusses her big scene in the tenth episode:

You recently had a great episode where Kate finds out her husband was set up by Navarro. What was shooting that like?
I remember reading it and being excited and nervous at the same time. It really allowed me to do something very meaty. Especially that scene at the end of that, when I threatened to put a bullet in his head.

How did you prepare for that?
We talked a lot about where Benjamin [Bratt] was going to be physically and talked about how I would approach him and put the gun to his head. “I’m going to put a bullet in your head” was not scripted. You have to be prepared to ad-lib on this show. It was hard not to swear in that scene, since it’s not a swearing show — but a few swears came out.

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I would like to see the alternative version on dvd/blue ray

Yeah that’s what they done with season 1

It doesn’t sound like they filmed multiple versions, it sounds like it was simply the script that kept being rewritten and changed.

I would like to find out what they were even if they not filmed

Me too! I really hope that either they filmed them and we get some good deleted scenes, or they release the scripts.

I think she mainly meant alternative scripts, not actual scenes. But I’m sure there is a few extra scenes too, but not necessarily with a different ending.

In alot of shows, the writers are justifiably praised for their creations – on 24 though it’s mostly the actors who deserve the lions share of credit. Aaron Pierce was nothing more than an extra who said “yes Mr. President” a couple of times – it was Glenn Moreshower who made him so much more than that. On paper, Kate Morgan is quite a boring, uninspired character Yvonne Strahovski really made the best of her and truly turned her into something great in episode 10 – so yeah, those ad libs do explain alot!

While I still don’t see her as a series lead, she should definitely have a place on 24 in the future. The fact she likes a good swear increases her cool points for me as well.

Swearing isn’t necessarily a “cool” thing in this case, it’s more an emotional / intensity thing. Curse words exist for a very good reason.

i will miss you agen morgan….. Two thumbs….. You are so great in session finale