Yvonne Strahovski attending “24” Comic-Con Panel

Yvonne Strahovski revealed to FOX 11 Los Angeles that she will be attending the recently announced 24 Comic-Con panel on July 24th in San Diego. Strahovski joins previously announced attendees Kiefer Sutherland and Jon Cassar. Mary Lynn Rajskub said she wasn’t invited.

“I don’t know about 24 living another day, who knows about that? But I think I can exclusively announce my attendance at Comic-Con. I’d like to say thank you so much for everyones ongoing support with 24: Live Another Day.”

Source FOX 11 Los Angeles


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Well, since she mentioned Comic-Con right after talking about 24 “Living Another Day”, I think that’s why Comic-Con is happening: TO ANNOUNCE SEASON 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah she held off the announcement until the finale aired. Hope that bodes well for a season 10.

Bummed that MLR can’t attend, but she does have scheduling conflicts during SDCC (standup at Caroline’s in NYC).

Angelika Kanis
July 18, 2014 at 3:18 am
Or a spin-off with Kate! :((((( No way!

yes!season 10 in russian

i now it’s a long shot but i hope Carlos Bernard is there…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohTzY9DvJN8 <— this is why :-)

I hope so!

I have a feeling Carlos will be there. This panel seems mostly aimed at promoting the upcoming DVD, and arguably the biggest incentive to purchasing the DVD is to see the return of Tony Almeida.

They are previewing a special DVD feature titled “Worlds Collide” at Comic-Con which to me kinda sounds like it’s referring to both Tony and Jack being in prison (this is complete speculation on my part though).

I have a feeling the scene might be Tony getting out of prison, only to be told he’s being sent to Russian prison on a mission.

I’m sure the Carlos piece will end up on YouTube and won’t need to buy the DVD.

Had no intention of buying it anyway. Cheapness from the creator begets cheapness from the viewer, this one at least ;-)

Wow, you are such a douchebag (ironically, in russian Хам means “jerk”).
This season wasn’t great, but you act like writers pissed in your tea, like they promised you to make Titanic and instead made home-movie in their backyard. You sound like the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

Had no intention of buying it anyway. Cheapness from the creators begets cheapness from the viewer, this one at least ;-)

Hope there’s better than her to come. No disrespect to the actress of course, she did a good job with the utter shite she was given. I just hope it’s more of a 24 retrospective as a whole (with maybe a look to the future) with a big load of fan favourites there, rather than circle jerking over what a *ahem* great job they all did with LAD.

I hope if we have another season, we don’t see her again – she’s turned in her badge let’s leave it at that. We all know very well what they’d do with her if they brought her back.

If Kate’s story is her coming back, becoming Jack’s love interest and then being killed to fuel another Bauer rampage, then yes, no thanks. But if they can come up with something really original for her, then I’m all for it.

I quite liked Kate’s arc, actually.

Same here. I thought she had a great storyline and was a very interesting character.

Not sure if people have seen this, but a TV Guide interview with Jon Cassar produced the following in regards to 24’s future:

QUESTION: So, Jack’s definitely not flying off to his death, right? Kate and Chloe have to go save him! Given the open ending, do you feel there’s still life in the franchise?

CASSAR: I wasn’t really sure there was life in the franchise after Season 8, and I proved myself wrong. It’s so hard to say, especially with TV audiences. Usually, there’s a real decline year by year of watching a show. Rarely do ratings go up; they usually go down. The fact that we came out after such a long absence and still struck a nerve and were relevant, I think it’s pretty exciting. In saying all that, it’s really hard to think we might not come back. It’s really hard to say, “This is it.” So, it’s always a possibility.


Sounds like a season 10 is more than 50-50. I guess it all depends on whether Kiefer wants to do one more season.

I agree. I will go on record as saying that they changed the original ending / their original idea for the ending based on the ratings and positive response the show received so that they could make another season. In the interview, he also compares the 24 LAD finale to the finale of Season 8 in that they are both “open” and “Jack Bauer is still out there.” And since we know Season 8’s finale was designed to make way for a movie (i.e. was not meant to be the END), I think we can assume that the writers have at least some idea for what another season would bring.

Nevertheless, you’re right. All depends on Kiefer. I personally can’t believe that he would decline to do another season if the writers have a good, original idea for one, but even so it does depend on him. I really don’t think a Kieferless Season 10 would work.

I personally can’t believe that he would decline to do another season if the writers have a good, original idea for one,

Haha! Good one! :-)

Listen brah, I get it. OK, I get it. You think the writing sucks, you think this season sucked, I GET IT. No need going onto every thread and making some backhanded comments about how abysmal this season has been, you’ve done that endlessly thus far. At this point, your wisdom in the realm of television show critiquing has been proven. No need to try and impress me or anyone else anymore. OK? Again, for the record: I get it. Everyone gets it. Now cut it out.

lol I agree whenever XAM comments it’s seems he only has negative things to say about the show, I can’t remember the last time I read a comment of his that actually praised something from the show.

I was actually full of praise for the opener and episodes 6-9. I don’t criticise LAD just to be a contrary fuckwit you know? The writers and Jon Cassar being incompetent, uninspired shithouses does have SOMETHING to do with my dislike of the season. I don’t hate it for the sake of hating it, hell I don’t want to hate it at all.

I care about this show a great deal, and I just want it to live up to its potential. While I’m not confident season 10 will be any good, I’m sincerely hoping that it will be.

Why don’t you get a life. And a girlfriend. And a friend. Y’know, things that are more important in life than some tv show that apparently makes your life miserable? Just trying to help your pathetic existence:)

Wow! You can really tell so much about me and my life because my opinion is different to yours?

That’s incredible! You have a promising career as a CIA profiler ahead of you.

if you’re requesting I never respond to you again, I will graciously agree to that – I have nothing to say to people who use the word “brah” anyway.

If you’re suggesting I should stop posting my thoughts altogether, well then you’re going to be very disappointed!

Even if constant talk of Kate Morgan spinoffs and how LAD is “better than every other show on television hands down” pisses me off, I recognise I don’t have the right to be a twat and tell people to stop saying such things. It’s a DISCUSSION forum you see? Both good and bad.

I get the point of the whole “discussion” forum, but there’s a big difference between discussing what you disliked about the show/season in a civil and objective way, and stating as you so eloquently did that “The writers and Jon Cassar [are] incompetent, uninspired shithouses.”

And if it wasn’t obvious, my use of the word “brah” was intentional in order to highlight my sarcasm as I praised your TV-show critiquing wisdom. Just remember brah – I get it.

Why are you taking it so personally, Matt?

But you see, there’s a comment policy which states, among other things, that excessive language is not allowed.

i have been aware of this COMIC CON thing for at least a couple of weeks and I just can’t hold it back any longer. NOTHING AGAINST COMIC FANS, but WTH does 24 TV series have to do with Comics? Why that forum?

Comic con isn’t only about comics, more about movies and series…


Go to the section that says Renewal/Cancelled? In the status section, it says RENEWAL EXTREMELY LIKELY. I mean, nothing confirmed, but…

Fingers crossed!

July 17, 2014 at 7:31 pm
It’s so marvelous that Yvonne Strahovski will be attending the 24 Comic-Con panel on July 24th in San Diego. I hope and also think that it will be announced on July 24th at the San Diego Comic Con that there’ll be a tenth season of 24. I don’t see any possible way that FOX would allow Jack Bauer’s story to end like that. In my opinion, FOX would never allow Jack to get killed off and FOX would never allow Jack to get permanently imprisoned and tortured by the Russians for the remainder of his life. Season 10 of 24 would need to take place in Russia, only in Russia. China sent Jack back to the USA in Season 6, I don’t want Russia to do the same thing.

July 17, 2014 at 7:38 pm
If there’ll be a Season 10 of 24, I hope that Yuri Suvarov would still be the President of Russia during that season so that Jack could finally kill him off. Kate Morgan, Chloe O’Brian and maybe some others could help break Jack out of the Russian prison early on and the rest of the season could be the Russians trying to get Jack back into their custody.

Well, in Season 5, which takes place in Sep. 2011, Yuri Suvarov has been President for less than a year (and if you account real-life laws, the President of Russia can be President for a maximum of 12 years consecutively, then sit out for 6 years, and then can become President again), so Suvarov became President in May 2011 (let’s just say it’s a year off from real-life for some unknown 24-Universe discrepancy). Plus, he was probably impeached by the Russian Federation Council & State Duma after the Day 8 conspiracy which he lead. So, even if he wasn’t serving time in prison for successfully conspiring to assassinate a foreign President (Omar Hassan), and on the off chance he kept his job as President [unlike Allison Taylor, WHO DID DO JAIL TIME (confirmed by Manny Coto/Evan Katz)], he will have left office in May 2023: 8 months after Live Another Day. However, assuming the average 24 “skip between season” procedures (2.31375 YEARS) occurs between Seasons 9 & 10, the time between September/October 2022 will be January/February 2025 (INAUGURATION DAY 2025, ANYONE)

P.S. If there is a new POTUS, I’m calling it now…
KEITH PALMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 3rd President Palmer!!!

JACK: Mr. President, I served your father and uncle well. I won’t let you down.

I’D LIKE TO RETRACT MY EARLIER STATEMENT!!! With research, I’ve discovered that in 2011, Russian laws made you only serve 8 year maximum as President, which means if he served out his term, Suvarov would’ve left office in MAY 2019… 8 MONTHS AFTER DAY 8 & 3 1/3 years before LAD!!! So, everything I just said is wrong.

But I’m still calling Keith as being inaugurated in Season 10.

Maybe the IMDB plot wasn’t wrong, and since the episode kept changing, the plot was no longer relevant, so Vice Preisdent Keith Palmer did become President after James Heller resigned post-Day 9 because of his Alzheimer’s and the grief of
Audrey’s death :(
. And now, legally, he ran for his last term as POTUS in 2024, since he would’ve become POTUS in 2022, and he could only serve 10 years if he became President in 2023. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And, I think Chloe & Kate, with ***Aaron Pierce*** & Belcheck, are gonna break Tony out of prison in the DVD featurette as the Day 10 Prequel.

No way Aaron will do that, except Jack ask him to do it.

Don’t know what Kate Morgan will do next but I’m very proud of her throughout the entire season of 24. Wonder if Kate Morgan is going to save Jack Bauer when she arrives in Moscow for the not-yet-to-be-renewed season of 24.

I didn’t like the Kate’s character till…the last episode, I was really moved by his performance when she lost Audrey. Frankly more moved than Kiefer’s one, of course is a great actor, but I’m used to his despair when he lost his lovers: Teri, Audrey season 6, Renee, Audrey again !

And by the way I’ve read the things got hot here :) So I would say that it was a real pleasure for me to read all that comments even I don’t agree with all of them. The comments are always hight level (not as other forums full of “haaa Kiefer is so handsome” lol)

I think Kate will be at CTU, they have put it back together, using only a few people..Chloe and Tony out of jail. They will be the small group working to bring Jack back, while the fans (us), will be the larger, louder group to bring Jack back..simply said..24.. Best. Show. Ever!!!

She never came.

Yvonne was at Comic-Con but for whatever reason it appears not for the 24LAD panel.

Yvonne has done a “Conversations for a Cause” panel at Nerd HQ in aid of operation smile and Zachary Levi did mention that this was the only reason for her attending Comic-Con this year.
While it was a shame that she hasn’t been on other panels it was great to see her giving of her time for such a good cause.