24: Legacy Episode 1 Promotional Photos

Check out some promotional photos from the first episode of 24: Legacy airing Sunday February 5th after the Superbowl.


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Garbage, I hope this shit gets cancelled quick.

Hope it’s one and done after a season long 12 episodes.

Entertainment Wankley has published an article about Tony…


Cue an article people actually want to comment on for once :)

January 10, 2017 at 6:55 am
So “24 The Raid” is out, the VR Prequel to Legacy. Can someone put it on YouTube in normal video form?

New trailer featuring our friend Tony Almeida at the end

No new clips – just solitary but you can see Ingram and whatshisface talking about him

Bauer V Logan: Dawn of Justice
January 14, 2017 at 12:37 pm
Maybe “Solitary” takes place during “LEGACY”. They obviously need him for something, but can’t legaly get him out of Prison, so they sent someone to help him break out… maybe

Sounds good. I hope the reviewer is correct and those on the fence or even those who have jumped to the other side of the fence give it a chance and can be won over. Remember the best chance of us ever seeing the Jack Bauer character on the screen in the future is if there is a successful 24 show (in whatever form) on the air.

… so the voice behind “The following takes place between…” is not Keifer. Disappointed in that because it would have shown some continuity with the old series and would signal Keifer’s approval of the new series.

It looks like several TV reporters are getting to watch Ep 1 in order to write a review.

From http://www.empireonline.com/tv/24-legacy-episode-1/ :

“Ultimately, it’s a strong opening with plenty of returning elements to make up for what’s missing. And by the time former CTU chief Rebecca Ingram (Otto) tasers her (possibly compromised) replacement before stashing his unconscious body in a holding cell after he discovered her illegally running a covert surveillance op, you should be hooked again.”

..Hummmm….sounds sumilar to what Jack Bauer did to George Mason in Season 1.

New promo w new footage of the guy from Simon and Simon as well as our friend Tony


Tony radiates charisma and cool-as-fuckness from every pore… but I’m picking up serious “don’t give a fuck” vibes, not from Tony because he’s lost everything… but Carlos as an actor because he’s bored off his tits.

Gerald McRaney being in this was news to me. He’s got “the man behind the man behind the man behind the hit on Palmer” written all over him.

Is that cos of the clip of Tony holding him hostage?

In general though, I feel like the clips released are giving away too much so far. I can pretty much reconstruct how the pilot is gonna play out not actually having watched it.

Barefoot and Buckwild
January 27, 2017 at 2:45 am
While I really wanted Jack to return (or better yet had Live Another Day give good closure to his story)…..I’ll say this about the new spinoff.

1. They should remember its a new character so they don’t HAVE to make him a tragic character like Jack who suffers endlessly. It will be okay to have a happy ending this time!!!

2. I still do hope, though, that Eric Carter also knows some enhanced interrogation techniques!!!!!

I’m watching “Six” on History and since the military helped make that show it has to be politically correct. There was a scene where the SEALs capture a terrorist who knows where their kidnapped friend is being held, but they didn’t get the info because they didn’t interrogate him Jack Bauer style.

On a real world note, so glad President Trump is supporting Gitmo.

Carlos Bernard will only be in one episode as Tony Almeida on 24 Legacy .
On IMDB for the cast list , it only has Carlos for one episode !!!!
That sucks !!!!! Was really excited to see how they would transform Tony’s character .
Not that excited anymore about Legacy !

Don’t trust the imdb cast list, Tony will be in the last 6 episodes of the season.

Hope Tony Almeida should finally bit the dust on 24: Legacy. He’s been cheated death way too many times.

How do you know this ?

One can only hope for Almeida to live on after this series and be asked to lead a secret mission by Ingram or whoever to Russia to bring Jack out of prison

Here is my guess on how Jack will be freed: I am hoping Jack will be released by the Russians without the need for a prison break because Chloe has retained a copy of incriminating evidence against the Russian government while working for Adrian Cross in Open Cell. Chloe then gives this to the US government to use to blackmail the Russians to release Jack.

Like it!

Maybe a segway to Legacy 2 – maybe Jack Bauer would be involved in a small arc rather than the whole series?

Trevor Barnette
February 1, 2017 at 4:38 pm
How come this site hasn’t been updated in weeks? Show premieres in four days… hope the site admin is okay

That is what I like to know since Legacy is close to airing and no updates, I can’t understand that the admin been posting Legacy news all the time, but now that it’s nearly here, no updates for months.

Although, maybe the admin has got some personal issues going on that we don’t know about!

Who will be the voice that will say the following takes place between 12 and 1pm?

As I understand from a recent article, the voice will not be Kiefer Sutherland.

:-) OK !

what the hell happened to this site? the show premieres in one day and it’s way fucking behind.

Would like to apologize to everyone, I’ve been going through a lot of things in my personal life that have kept me extremely busy recently. And since this site is a one-man operation, it has unfortunately been neglected this past month (if anyone would like to volunteer to help out, please get in touch).

Going to try and get the site updated over the weekend. Sorry once again, doing the best I possibly can at the moment.

No need to apologize. Thanks for all you do on this site. This site will be hoppin’ starting Sunday night.